Where more Americans get their mtg news than from any other source

2015.03.07 23:22 MrPractical1 Where more Americans get their mtg news than from any other source

Here is a subreddit to discuss the website MTGSalvation.Com - the site that rose to prominence after rancored_elf left WWW.MTGNEWS.COM back around early 2005. Many people have gone to that site for over a decade to get spoilers for new Magic: The Gathering sets, discuss decks, formats, magic in general, etc etc

2013.02.05 01:09 CanGreenBeret TCG card collation and mapping

Box mapping is the process of reverse engineering the printing, collation and packaging process for trading card game booster packs. We use recordings of boxes of boosters, and other known information to create a map of how certain cards appear in the boosters. This map can then be used to more efficiently open future boxes, only obtaining the desired cards.

2008.10.03 17:04 Magic: The Redditing

A diverse community of players devoted to Magic: the Gathering, a trading card game ("TCG") produced by Wizards of the Coast and originally designed by Richard Garfield. Join us discussing news, tournaments, gameplay, deckbuilding, strategy, lore, fan art, and more.

2023.06.03 09:33 genieus /u/genieus presents: Strip Magic: The Gathering

Inspired by the great Booze Cube and this version of Strip Magic featuring all dead links, I embarked on a fool's errand to produce my own take on Strip Magic. Based on the duel decks and planeswalker decks of old, it consists of two themed decks of almost all custom cards, one blue and one black.
Here's the complete set for the blue deck, and here's the black one. Just slap those dot png images into Tabletop Simulator and you're good to go. There's also a Google Drive folder containing individual card image files, a .pdf for printing and Magic Set Editor files.
The following design maxims were used in the creation of this experience:
I'd like to eventually make decks for the other three colours for the full Game Night experience, and maybe add actual art so that I could post this in /custommagic. It turns out that AI art tools are completely incapable of making a Dominos Pizza™ logo.
If anyone is insane enough to actually play this, please tell me how it went in great detail, as believe it or not I haven't had many opportunities to playtest this.
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2023.05.28 17:54 Agnara U tron from a returning player

Hi, i've been playing/contributed to U Tron on and off for about 9 years now, and recently played a few leagues on mtgo. I figured since i got a 5-0 in one of them there are probably people curious about my card choices.
Link to my most recent list:
The deck has several pet cards I have long posts on on the mtgsalvation forums (same username) for. The main tech i want to share this time is the use of Inscribed Tablet to reduce land count. The deck loves to play land every turn, but it is really easy for us to get flooded. So the ideal card to replace a land with is something that allows us to keep hands with very few lands. The tablet allows us to keep hands with only one land since not finding any other land for use with Treasure Maps is very unlikely. It also helps completing tron for less mana than a Treasure Map. It curves very well with Talismans by allowing us to cast it turn 1, and activating it turn 2 off of a talisman. The effect of using two Tablets is that the deck can stay on 27 cards that find/are lands while safely reducing the number of actual land cards.
The singleton Karn, the great creator is because i realized that despite previously playing a big wishboard the artifacts i pulled didn't actually vary that much. I either needed a Walking Ballista to clear small creatures, an Ensnaring bridge to stall big creatures or a Liquimetal Coating to generate value. None of these are that great in larger quantities so having more Karn cards to fetch them have decreasing value.
The singleton Emry, Lurker of the Loch is pretty new, but has been performing quite well. With how the deck is currently constructed she will be able to recast a card from the GY worth 1 card every single turn until killed. She allows for a mindslaver lock with only 10 mana (while drawinh you into the last cards you need for a full lock). She's castable on turn 2 if you've started with a 1mv artifact and a talisman, and can return anything thrown in the gy with Thirst for Knowledge. Being able to recast Tablets several turns in a row almost guarantees quick tron. Together with Minamo, School at Water's Edge she can be activated twice each turn allowing for quick card advantage.
The singleton Conjurers Bauble is to have a 1 mana cycler for Emry, as well as a way to return other singletons like Karn and Shark Typhoon back into the deck.
Cityscape Leveler has been nice as a way to get rid of permanents through countermagic.
I hope these thoughts are useful to some of you! :)
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2023.05.26 23:13 action__andy How close can I get to Kaito Shizuki on SAM?
Some of the Allagan stuff gets pretty close to the chest. The problem I'm having is with the rope belt--that would typically be part of the chest piece in FFXIV. Any pants like that?
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2023.05.19 17:25 Soarel25 Have we ever seen Malakir? What does it actually look like?

Malakir is stated to be the largest city on Zendikar (before the Eldrazi, at least) and described in terms that seem to indicate it is a “proper” city, with streets and large buildings and districts. The original Planeswalker’s Guide to Zendikar, gone from WotC’s website, but archived over on MTGSalvation describes it as an “opulent city” despite also stating it is relatively small compared to other planes. Let me pull over how it’s described in that:
Malakir is the most well-developed city on Zendikar, although still small and simple compared to metropolises on other planes. It is built amongst the swampy lands near a massive ruin known as the Hagra Cistern. It has a reputation for debauchery and decadence, as befits the hedonistic ways of the vampires. The city is divided into five districts, each named after the vampire family that controls it:
Nirkana District is built on the water and can only be traversed using the rancid canals that wind through the decrepit buildings. The Nirkana lineage are notorious assassins, including a group called the Lacerators who are feared by vampire and non-vampire alike.
Kalastria District is located on the highest ground in the City and doesn't depend on the dams and levees to keep it dry. It is the oldest, wealthiest part of the city. The Kalastria are the wealthiest family, and refer to themselves as Highborn.
Emevera District is in a low point in the city, but it is well protected by giant stone dams built by the family Emevera.
Urnaav District is a mix of stone-paved roads and narrow canals, lying between the low point of Emevera District and the high ground of Kalastria District.
Ghet District is a currently impoverished. The family Ghet suffered a major setback in political fighting that resulted in Emevera diverting water around their dams and flooding Ghet. Ghet has built temporary dams, but the damage to their holdings was significant.
From how this is described, you’d expect a “proper” city, if a relatively small one, but this city is nowhere to be seen on the cards. 16 cards make mention of Malakir in some way, but only two seem to show anything of the city — the BFZ printing of Dutiful Return, showing the interior of a building that seems to be built into a cave, and more prominently, Malakir Familiar from the same set, that does seem to show buildings in the background. The rest are in swamp environments rather than urban ones, without a building in sight.
Is Malakir Familiar the only art we have portraying the city of Malakir at all? Do we have any detailed descriptions of it anywhere?
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2023.05.11 19:27 dylantheham Tempo Decks Discord Server

Hi everyone, I'd like to invite all enjoyers of tempo decks on Arena/MTGO/paper to join a new Discord server dedicated to discussing and improving upon the archetype in ANY format.
Reddit is great, but threads get buried fast so it's difficult to have a running conversation and maintain a sense of community. Gone are the glory days of MTGSalvation, where I personally frequented the Modern Mono Blue Tron thread daily and used it to improve my deck and gameplay.
I'm no mythic grinder. I've gotten to unnumbered mythic a few times with Standard Mono Blue, including last season and during the heyday of Pteramander, but I don't have the time to really focus on the climb. I've tried to make tempo work in Standard repeatedly, including prior to SNC when Ascendant Spirit made Geistlight Snare a lot better. In short, I'm a huge partisan but far from an expert.
However, what I have is passion for the archetype and a desire to bring all of its fans together to discuss its past, present, and future. In Standard, Mono Blue isn't in a great spot right now (Lithomantic Barrage, Duress in the 60), but I'm confident that it'll rise again.
I have to admit I'm quite ignorant of other formats, but I do know that Mono Blue Spirits is a thing, and there are always various flavors of tempo making a go of the metagame.
So let's talk about them!
The server doesn't have a rigid format. It's not going to be a sweaty top-down bureaucracy with ranks and pretentious roles. Just tempo players talking about tempo, and possibly tempo-adjacent decks and topics. Post your decklists, post your gameplay, invite others to spectate and help with gameplay. Theorycraft with new spoilers. The sky's the limit.
If you're interested, the door's open.
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2023.05.03 17:21 Charming-Garage-9304 Weird MTG drama? any answers?

I was scrolling through some rules forums on MTG Salvation (The old mtg forums) and found some disillusioned guy claiming some weird outrageous things, but it was just a little too real to me that I feel like he's right. The way he speaks about the MTG salvation staff is creepy,

Here's the link, his name is Mathew Bristol Bryant, and Im sure you can find his walls of text. With the bit of research I've done so far all I know is this [email protected] incident DID happen, but I am just looking for answers. What is this all about?
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2023.05.03 17:12 Charming-Garage-9304 Weird drama on MTG salvation

I was scrolling through some rules forums on MTG Salvation (The old mtg forums) and found some disillusioned guy claiming some weird outrageous things, but it was just a little too real to me that I feel like he's right. The way he speaks about the MTG salvation staff is creepy,

Here's the link, his name is Mathew Bristol Bryant, and Im sure you can find his walls of text. With the bit of research I've done so far all I know is this [email protected] incident DID happen, but I am just looking for answers. What is this all about?
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2023.04.29 15:57 buildmaster668 Looking for criticism/comparison of two pieces of Magic: the Gathering art

I know this isn't the usual type of content posted here, but I had an art criticism related question and thought this would be a good place to ask.
In the game Magic: the Gathering there is a card called Monastery Swiftspear which was recently reprinted with new art. When the reprint happened, some people criticized the reprint for having worse art than the original. I wanted to post here to see what more art-educated folks think of the issue.
Here is the old card: full art - on a Magic card
Here is the new card: full art - on a Magic card
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2023.04.24 11:07 Assalto89 Some image are loading and some are not

Hello to everyone, I have a strange behaviour, maybe I made a mistake.
Some Image are loading correctly some are not.
For example, this is loading correctly:
But this is not loading:
Am i missing something?
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2023.04.14 04:29 redleader388 Help me make Klothys fireballs better

So I've gone through more than a few versions of this deck. At one point it was mono red with [[Squee, goblin nabob]] as the general that had to get him to the graveyard somehow to start breaking the symmetry of looter effects. I'm currently playtesting the current Gruul version and I've made some revisions, taken out cards that didn't work out the way I would have liked, shored up weaknesses etc. But l still feel like sometimes I'm just a bit slower than the rest of the table. Or play my lands/ramp and just durdle doing nothing. But then there are other games where I outinteract the blue player(actual qoute from an actual blue player)

So my basic gameplan is to ramp and double mana into a giant [[earthquake]]/[[hurricane]] to end the game. Along the way l try to disrupt the rest of the table with my spells to survive with a high enough life total. My enchantments that ping people soften them up for the coup de grace.

There are cards I'm not sure about in here.

[[Primal order]]. So far every time I've had it ij my hand it hasn't been profitable to cast. I'll be sitting on 3 non basics and on average somebody has 4, someone else will have 2 and the last player will be playing mono color and have 0-1. The one time I did cast it it ate a beast within(it was 100% not the biggest threat on the table either) after dealing a total of 6 damage.

[[Double vision]]. Do l have enough instants/sorceries(38 atm) to profit from this consistently enough?

[[Scapeshift]]. The valakut combo is cool but maybe the tweaks to the manabase to run it isn't worth it? Conflicts with primal order as well.

[[Klothys, God of Destiny]]

5 Creatures

[[Dualcaster mage]]
[[Eternal witness]]
[[Brash taunter]]
[[Stuffy doll]]

Spells 56

[[Rolling earthquake]]
[[Sol ring]]
[[Tamiyo's safekeeping]]
[[Constant mists]]
[[Fault line]]
[[Heroic intervention]]
[[Molten disaster]]
[[Moment's peace]]
[[Nature's lore]]
[[Roiling vortex]]
[[Squall line]]
[[Three visits]]
[[Tibalt's trickery]]
[[Beast within]]
[[Chaos warp]]
[[Deflecting swat]]
[[Delayed blast fireball]]
[[Glacial crevasses]]
[[Jeska's will]]
[[Komada's reach]]
[[Ancient runes]]
[[Song of the dryads]]
[[Valakut exploration]]
[[Wheel of fortune]]
[[Conduit of worlds]]
[[Chandra, torch of defiance]]
[[Fury storm]]
[[Gauntlet of might]]
[[Nova pentacle]]
[[Primal order]]
[[Skyshroud claim]]
[[Well of lost dreams]]
[[Wild ricochet]]
[[Double vision]]
[[Reforge the soul]]
[[Caged sun]]
[[Chandra, awakened inferno]]
[[Fiery emancipation]]
[[Mana reflection]]
[[Koth, fire of resistance]]
[[Blasphemous act]]

Lands 38(2 MDFCs)

18 [[snow-covered mountain]]
2 [[snow-covered forest]]
[[Demolition field]]
[[Cinder glade]]
[[Glacial chasm]]
[[Highland forest]]
[[Maze of Ith]]
[[Sheltered thicket]]
[[Spinerock knoll]]
[[Stomping ground]]
[[Strip mine]]
[[Thawing glacier]]
[[Valakut, the molten pinnacle]]
[[Wooded foothills]]
[[Yavimaya, cradle of growth]]
[[Valakut awakening]]
[[Bala ged recovery]]


Forks are great. Blue mage [[time warps]]? Do it too! He countered your spell? Tell him no! Green mage casting a ramp spell? Go fetch those mountains. Plus this format is full of giant sorceries that are just asking to be copied such as [[genesis wave]] or [[rite of replication]]

Dualcaster mage
Wild ricochet
Fury storm

Protects my stuff

I like stuff. I like it when my stuff sticks around

Wild ricochet
Deflecting swat
Tamiyo's safe keeping
Heroic intervention
Tibalt's trickery

Protects me

Because I like not dying. And the earthquake win is easier at high life.

Glacial crevasses
Constant mists
Moment's peace
Nova pentacle
Glacial chasm
Maze of ith

Creature removal

Kills critters dead

Rolling earthquake
Squall line
Molten disaster
Delayed blast fireball
Chandra, awakened inferno
Chandra, torch of defiance
Koth, fire of resistance
Blasphemous act

Removal for other permanents

Need a few of these to deal with the things you can't simply burn to death

Song of the dryads
Beast within
Chaos warp
Strip mine

Burns everyones faces

How we win

Rolling earthquake
Squall line
Molten disaster
Delayed blast fireball
Roiling vortex
Brash taunter
Stuffy doll
Chandra, torch of defiance
Chandra, awakened inferno
Ancient runes
Primal order
Scapeshift(fetching valakut and s fist full of mountains)

Spell and damage enhancers

Double vision
Fiery emancipation


These get your best spells back for round 2

Eternal witness
Bala ged recovery
Conduit of worlds

Ramp and doublers

We're pretty mana hungry. These get us there

Sol ring
Chandra, torch of defiance
Nature's lore
Three visits
Skyshroud claim
Kodama's reach
Gauntlet of might
Caged sun
Mana reflection
Jeska's will



Chandra, torch of defiance
Koth, fire of resistance
Wheel of fortune
Well of lost dreams
Valakut exploration
Valakut awakening
Jeska's will
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2023.04.03 01:30 ZanesTheArgent Refining the Color Wheel - a player's take on the rotation's design direction

A quick TL;DR metaphor is that the more slices you cut the Pie in, the thinner they get, and Runeterra now has essentially twice the slice count it used to have. But do sit, if you wanna go in-depth.

Topic 1: Baking a Color Pie

For those who don't know, a Color Wheel or Pie is an abstraction of all the core mechanics of a game, how they are separated by each faction that can use them and how they crossinteract, as well themes and methods. Take MTG's pie for a visual notion. Themes are clear, unique and concise, even tho there are overlaps and shared aspects between them. This matter of uniqueness will sting hard later on.
The issues of Runeterra starts at the matter of number of regions and thus identities attached to them. In its release state it was a pretty bog-standard CCG at 6 colors: Demacia opposed SI, Noxus opposed Ionia and PZ opposed Frelj, forming the coalition of Big Body Regions vs Big Brain Regions. But as more regions were introduced things began to slowly smudge, as they felt amalgamate in order to have reasons to play with the previous colors: What was Bilgewater? Noxian aggressiveness? Zaunite opportunism? Demacian fightpicking? Freljordii mana play? Shadow-Ionian slipperiness with minor heal play? At first it was ok, but then came Targon, feeling it could do everything. Then came Shurima, feeling like it could do everything. Then came Bandle, feeling like it could do everything. Suddenly there was no more a pie but a giant layered cake of poorly organized concepts stacked on top of each other.
Is there being thematic overlaps inherently a problem? No. Vladimir was there to show us how much pushed costs you need to justify healing in Noxus, for example. But with every region being able to do a bit of everything, it stops being a matter of who does what and becomes who does everything hardest. The fact that Runeterra also uses Heartstone Mana (aka no difference between resources) also highlights that there is almost never a reason to use a card with lower mana efficiency than its offregional counterpart..
In this sense, Rotation was partly introduced to reassess regional uniqueness by trimming off the thematic overlap excesses as well some themes it shouldn't have had anyways. When Freljord loses its healing tools, it exists to instead ramp people towards SI big drain/lifesteal or Targonian celestial abuse that would be seen as too slow. When Shurima loses landmark burn, it actually allows Landmark decks to focus on ticking down and Predict ones to focus in hunting key combo pieces.

Topic 2: Dead from the start

No small amount of rotated cards were concepts that were so unpractical or underappreciated that were dead by principle and never worked to begin with, such as most bandle birregionals, all the mageseekers and Malphite's rock-counters. Most allegiance cards were joke fodder unless extremely pushed, and even champions had extremely counterproducive interactions to their own packages such as Draven and Rumble, often becoming menacees by ignoring their own tools. These are archetypes that if they were to be reworked to functionality and viability you'd effectively just be deleting old cards and printing new ones in their place anyways. You would be complaining that you lost your champion again much the same as people complained of Aatrox becoming Boris.
So instead of risking the backlash of "but i preferred the old version", you just push it down to Eternals and print the replacement so players can have and eat both cakes. You can kinda already sense some of that in how the three new champions feels like a fused-but-watered down version of the ones they replaced (Samira does feels me like a mix of Kat and Draven) and i expect roughly the same in the predictable releases for the next patches.

Topic 3: Let things breath

Many old staples didn't allow newer concepts to exist at all. You don't even to go much far, as Twin Disciplines was often enough in its flexibility to make ionian quickattackers immune to most forms of rebuttal, both by removing them from removal and counterattack range. Timelines had to destroy entire metagames to provent stuff like Dreadwaydros or TimeKahiri. Spectral Matron and Trundle didn't allow anything of high cost to exist in good state. Partly with regions doing way more than they should be allowed to run, this has frequently set us to see a world where fun effects can't be printed else it gets combo'd with some ancient monstrosity.
Cutting of these older effects opens space to actually use tools that previously would be seen as bad taste jokes - like we just saw Taliyah Malph changing gears to landmark acceleration, we could talk stuff like Azir Kennen actually running the sand soldier-generating spells without being bashed with "but blade dance just does it better"

Overall it feels me a a gigantic bitter medicine because Riot had to at least internally admit that they overscoped the whole ALL OF THE REGIONS appeal of the game. Now that we have a full roster the game has to actually account for having way too many identity blocks to work from and essentially rebuild itself from scratch, as if THIS was the first actual season of the game after two long years of Open Alpha, at least for me. Which isn't in itself a problem, but it is understandable that it all in the end feels like a rug pull from their part.
I hope this rambling makes some sense to you, as they are what essentially keeps me at peace with changes this drastic.
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2023.03.25 19:56 SpiceTrader56 Wacky Races is my new favorite mtg format and I want you to know about it.

A friend of mine recently found a page written on mtgsalvation in 2016 by user Perodequeso. It details the rules for a format they called Wacky Races, whereby three or more players build decks around vehicle cards and race one another to be the first to pass the "finish line" with ten laps. It easily became a new favorite for my play group and is quickly spreading to others nearby.
We have all gradually stopped playing edh and instead have built a dozen Wacky Races decks between us. Games often have nail-biting conclusions that make it feel like Mario Kart with cardboard. If you haven't heard of this format before now, give it a try!
The rules we use are as follows:
  1. 60 card deck minimum with card copy limit 4.
  2. Players attack an object on the field called the Finish Line and gain 1 lap point for each successful attack with a vehicle that would deal damage. (Double strike will get 2 laps)
  3. The first player who reaches 10 laps wins.
  4. Players can only attack and block using vehicles. Only vehicles can be used to block attacks from other players' vehicles against the Finish Line. Vehicles can attack planeswalkers but not other players.
  5. Not having a library when a player would draw during their draw step does not cause that player to lose.
  6. Effects that would cause a player to win/lose are ignored.
  7. Dropping to 0 life does not cause a player to lose the game.
A good ratio for beginning racers to start building their decks with is 16 vehicles, 16 crew, 8 other, and 20 land.
I encourage readers to give this a shot. It works especially well if you build a deck with some funny theme in mind to keep in the spirit of the original Hannah Barbara cartoon its name is borrowed from. WR is meant to be a casual format. However, keep in mind that there are easy ways to abuse certain strategies and quickly dial up the skill level if that's what your group likes. Play with the rules and see what works best for you!
Original page by Perodequeso
One deck I've been working on is called Race Knights. Let me show you its features.
4 [[Embereth Shieldbreaker]]
4 [[Inspiring Paladin]]
3 [[Silverblade Paladin]]
4 [[Worthy Knight]]
4 [[Dragonfly Suit]]
2 [[Goliath Truck]]
4 [[Heart of Kiran]]
4 [[Imperial Recovery Unit]]
Other Artifacts:
3 [[Energy Chamber]] (Cut for Steel Overseer)
2 [[Tempered Steel]]
2 [[Apostle's Blessing]]
4 [[Boros Charm]]
2 [[Clifftop Retreat]]
6 Plains
6 Mountain
2 [[Sunbaked Canyon]]
4 [[Tournament Grounds]]
Energy Chamber and Tempered Steel really shine in this deck and have sat in a box for years before now. Wacky Races is a perfect opportunity to blow the dust off some old cards that otherwise wouldn't see play. What silly, fun, or overpowered decks can you conceive? Give it a try and let me know what you think!
Edit: Energy Chamber doesn't work the way I thought, so ignore that. I'll replace it with something like Steel Overseer. Thanks to a post below for the suggestion.
Edit2: WackyRacesMTG is live, so please come join us!
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2023.03.23 11:14 Ok_Lingonberry5392 The history of Gisa and Geralf

After I've read the new side story on Innistrad I wanted to take a look at the history of those characters, I think that many of you will learn new things.
In 2011 after the failure of the Quest for karn and Test of metal the new set, Innistrad was about to come out without a book, Doug Beyer was releasing articles to cover the gap but he wasn't the only one that premoted the set release, this is were Josh Brauer come, I found a great article that cover this. Tldr: WotC created a fake person that "leaked" letters from Innistrad, those letters will form the story "the cursed blade", a really great story that I highly recommend. this is the first time we meet Gisa and Geralf who will be on flavor texts of cards through the whole block. Their role in this story isn't a major one but they're really great here, it's the only story that we actually see necrowarfare and during the story Geralf make the rule of no magic swords (for a good reason), it's worth noting that the Cecani's parents are still alive during this story although we never see them.
It's very unclear what was the plan for the Cecani siblings but they shortly return in Avacyn's restore this time as a major force in the story (read it here). Tldr: the Cecani siblings are teaming to attack Thraben and kill Mikaeus they hold Thraben until Thalia burn the Cecani's army, Geralf manege to escape and meet with Liliana Vess but Gisa is captured as we see in [[hunted ghoul]].
So far we can say that the characters of Gisa and Geralf are a kind of a mystery, we only see their letters so we don't know what they're actually thinking other then that they're both completely insane. I think it's make their characters very unique and that uniqueness is what make them so much interesting.
The siblings will later get cards of their own in commander 2014 although their fate in the story is unclear at this point.
In Shadows over Innistrad the Cecani siblings return, again the story is written as a collection of letters. Many things have changed from last time. Geralf is joining with Ludivic and isn't interested in necrowarfare, while Gisa is helping Nahiri to build the Cryptoliths, also the Cecani parents apparently died it's unclear how. The siblings will also get a teamup card in eldritch moon but it's unclear what is the story of it, because them teaming up was never mentioned in the story.
This story is great sequel in my opinion, we get a really good character growth from the siblings and they feel very natural.
In midnight hunt we see the siblings again, this time the story actually give as a first person of Gisa, a change that I personally dislike the change as I think it ruins the gimmick of those characters.
I think this story like all of midnight hunt failed to show the reaction to the events of eldritch moon, it's especially problematic here because Gisa actually helped summoning Emrakul but we never see acknowledge of that. Also Wilhelt is here he's kinda interesting but the story didn't give him much.
Now in the present we're in march of the machine and the side story of Innistrad is all just Gisa and Geralf against Phyrexians. I think this is absolutely awesome, Mom is definitely here to give the enfranchised players what they want and I'm all for it. The story is very well written and has plenty of references, the author did a fantastic job.
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