Ben roethlisberger on antonio brown

The Receiving End Of Sirens

2014.06.03 02:12 ManWithoutModem The Receiving End Of Sirens


2022.01.01 03:45 sunzusunzusunzusunzu Lina Khil, MISSING - San Antonio

Lina Sardar Khil, 3, was last seen at 5pm on 12/20/2021 in the 9400 block Fredericksburg, San Antonio, TX. She is 4'00", 55 lbs, with brown hair, brown eyes and was wearing a black jacket, red dress, and black shoes. She has straight shoulder length hair that was last seen in a ponytail. If you have any information regarding this abduction, call the San Antonio Police Department at 210-207-7660.

2009.08.17 21:09 Logik The Pittsburgh Steelers

The Official Subreddit of the Pittsburgh Steelers football team. Discussions about the latest team news, players, highlights, and more!

2023.06.08 11:11 PollutionOpen2220 DISCUSSION: Would You Hate Edpedo445 Even If He Wasn't A Creep Or A Predator?

At This Point It's Infamous But I Was Really Wondering If You Guys Actually Would Hate Him If He Didn't Do The "Cupcake Incident." Here Is What I Think About Him Even If He Wasn't A Creep.
It's Been Said That He's A Racist Towards White People And That Makes Me Not Like Him Because Even Though I'm Browned Skinned I Still Don't Like Racism To Any Other Form Of Race. But Another Reason Why I Don't Like Him Is That It's Been Told That He Doesn't Like The LGBTQ+ Community And In My Opinion I Think That Just Makes Him More Hateable Because Although I'm A 14-Year-Old Boy And I'm Not Gay, I Feel Like You Shouldn't Be Rude Or Mad Towards People's Sexualities And Interests.
Even His Videos Make Me Feel Kind Of Upset Or Just Mad Because Of The Way He Acts. For Example His Constant Curse Words And Erratic Behavior. I Was Never A EDP445 Fan Nor Have I Ever Heard Of Him Until The Exposé But When Watching His Videos I Didn't Like The Fact He Would Shove Shirts In His Butts And Twerk On Camera. 🤢🤢🤢💀💀💀
Overall, I Still Wouldn't Like Him If He Wasn't A Pedo Because He's Just Not That Good As A Person. But Since He's An Actual Creep I Don't Like Him, In Fact I Hate Him. 😊😊😊
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2023.06.08 11:10 silvergreen17 Seeking advice for monstera albo cutting

Seeking advice for monstera albo cutting
I jumped on the bandwagon and purchased a monstera albo cutting (I justified the cost by it being on sale)! I've never propagated anything before, so I hope I'm doing this correctly. It's been almost 3 weeks and I would really love to know if the it's making the right kind of progress based on the pictures.
The monstera cutting was larger than I had imagined it would be and so it ended up in my grandmother's old crystal vase, but I'm told that monstera roots like propping in the dark so I might look for something solid or darkly tinted instead. I have been replacing the water every few days with bottled mountain water and I give it a quick mist most days. I have it placed in a room that faces southeast, out of direct light. I also dipped the calloused ends into candle wax before placing it in the water.
On day 5 I noticed two white nubs budding from the stem (woohoo!). But it's now day 20 and I feel like it should have made more progress than it has? The nubs look larger but have also turned brown in colour. I have fears they're starting to rot. However, I have also noticed the aerial root has also started sprouting similar white buds - is this a good thing? I assume these roots cannot be used to sustain the plant in soil and are only there to support the plant until it grows true roots... Someone, anyone, please guide me. 😭🙏
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2023.06.08 11:10 Rough-Soft-4277 The Art of Longevity podcast

Dear all, we've had a ton of indie guests on The Art of Longevity discussing their latest projects, career ups and downs and survival in the music business. This season (7) we've just had Ben Folds, John Grant, Joseph and Rickie Lee Jones, but check out all the seasons. We're sort of mostly an indie podcast, so it makes sense you will find an artist on there you'll love and start with that ep! Thanks for listening! Keith (creator and host)
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2023.06.08 11:04 PM_ME_YOUR_THEORY What does generally cause these brown marking on the leaf? Only one leaf has it.

What does generally cause these brown marking on the leaf? Only one leaf has it. submitted by PM_ME_YOUR_THEORY to plants [link] [comments]

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2023.06.08 11:00 Zalnash What deliberately inaccurate mental picture of characters do you hold on to ?

Though I generally try to imagine characters as they are described, some images/archetypes have carved themselves in my mind over the years, and I simply cannot accept some of the factual descriptions that are given in the books.
The chief offender is Dancer - I have him burned in my imagination with long black and wavy hair and a short beard or goatee. Unfortunately, he is often described as having his hair hacked short or brooding over the forthcoming necessity to shave or cut his hair. Outrageous.
Likewise, I see Fid' as being bearded with long-hair, though I'm rather certain they are described as being short (the unkempt beard is mentioned if memory serves, however).
Kellanved is a bit of an odd one as I'm certain that ICE particularly deliberately gives varying account of the character's height and age to suggest that his appearance is more the product of a maintained illusion than it is reality, with him being a black-skinned Dal-Hon being the only consistent trait described. As a result, I imagine him as alternating between very small (almost gnomish at times) or of medium size and bent, sometimes youthful, sometimes elderly with a shock of white hair that appears receding. Very confusing stuff.
For some reason I imagined Caladan Brood as being dark skinned, but after seeing a few fanarts over the years, it would seem to be an assumption of mine built on no actual in-text description about the color of his skin ?
For the longest time, I couldn't help imagining Trotts as Azog from the Hobbit movies, which makes no sense at all (something about his cruel smile, that is emphasized in GotM), especially since I had no trouble at all picturing other Barghasts as a token war-painted, fur wearing human barbarians.
I just cannot imagine T'lan Imass (my close favourites with Jaghuts) as being squat though it is unquestionable that Imass are meant to be of a shorter and broader stature than their human descendants. I always thought of Tool and Onrack as tall, taller than most indeed, and cannot bring myself to think of them otherwise.
Tayschrenn is described as clean shaven, yet I imagine him as wearing a beard on top of his long braid of hair streaming from his otherwise clean shaven skull.
I just cannot accept Bokhara'la and Nachts looking like anything less than baboons with winged arms, only winged in the same way suger gliders are winged. They're described as "monkey-like" in the books, but baboons are just much cooler.
For some reason, Kruppe will always be in my mind's eye identical to Varys from Game of Thrones, only smilier and good-natured as he is.
I imagine "hounds" as looking wolfish, with long snouts and triangular upraised ears. I know the term hound is rather general, but for some reason, in another context, I'd imagine hounds as looking like Mastiff dogs, which are intolerably ugly to my sense and unsuited to be the noble beasts and light and shadow.
Krells are just brown orcs from the warcraft movie, and Fenn, Thelomen, Tartheno and Toblakai as well, only much taller. Including Karsa.
... The rest, I'd say, matches book descriptions.
And you ? How and when do you deliberately ignore the writer's own words to picture your favorite characters mentally ?
submitted by Zalnash to Malazan [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 10:58 Yakut5892 My [21 M] white girlfriend [ 21 F] said that I moved up the social ladder for dating her and I'm lucky for a brown guy.

Okay guys, I'm using a throwaway cause my girlfriend seems to know a lot of people. Sorry, if it's a bit long and winded. Please bear with me.
My girlfriend (Jennifer; not real name) and I are both college students in a mostly white university. It's known for having a great engineering program and thus has an influx of brown South Asian students including me (Mostly male) come in.
Now, I am a Christian Indian born and raised in America, who comes from the stereotypical, traditional family who came to this college for engineering. My girlfriend is white who was apart of a sorority when she started college here for about 2 years until she had to leave due to time commitment issues. I met and started dating her about a year and a half ago when she was in the process of leaving. I had actually started liking here before I knew about her sorority past. (Just putting that out there)
Jennifer still keeps in touch with her sisters and also knows many guys and is still very social. I, on the other hand was nothing like her at all. She is the first girlfriend that I have had. I, like most brown guys it seems, was a shy, socially awkward nerd who didn't know how to talk to girls in the first year. I met a "friend" in one of my classes who seemed to gravitate towards me because I guess he knew I would be willing to help him out in class and help him with homework answers and perhaps he may have used me. I didn't care, because I was willing to do anything to make friends. In return, he invited me to hang out with him and his friends and in a short amount of time he taught me a lot of things when it came to the social scene, parties, clothes, and talking to girls. (I actually was able to get a hand-job from a girl who did it through pity for the most part)
Eventually, I met Jennifer at a party that my friend invited me to. We hit it off and we started dating. Everything is swell. She introduced me to her friends who didn't mind me at first. I introduced her to my friends both white and brown. I still made friends with the brown guys because that's my people, if that makes sense and helped them with their social life.
Now, this happened a few days ago and I haven't seen my girlfriend in person yet. Well, we were both talking about a Greek hosted party that we were invited to and encouraged to invite anyone we could. So, me being a friend wanted to invite a few of my brown friends to the party just as she wanted to invite her own friends. When my gf heard that I was going to invite other brown guys, she came up to me and asked me nicely "Is it alright if you didn't invite your friends?
I asked her why? She said "not all of them, just a few." I asked again which ones? She basically listed off all of my brown friend and none of the white friends that I was planning on inviting. (My list isn't that big btw). We went back and forth about it until she dropped this bomb.
"Well, let's be honest you went up a notch socially since we've been dating. You don't see Indian guys dating white girls like me at all do you? I did agree with her on that part regretfully. My girlfriend is a very hot and attractive girl like most sorority girls and does have guys eyeing her. I guess I agreed, because honestly every brown guy that I have seen with a girlfriend has been either overweight or just not attractive at all and I assume they are settling for a brown guy because no other guy will take them. So, I felt like the luckiest brown guy in the world since dating my girlfriend. I know this makes me a douche bag and I hate the fact I think like this and it doesn't help that Indian men are the least desirable by most women including Indian women :/
Anyways, I told her so are you dating me for some exotic thrill, pity, dare, or because you actually love me? She said "of course I love you. I wouldn't be with you with this long if I didn't". After, some loving words, we had sex and she went back home and we left the question about the friends up in the air. The party isn't for nearly 2 weeks, so there's time.
Now, I don't what to think or position to take from this exchange. On one hand, I feel very hurt emotionally as I could never measure up to my girlfriend especially when another dude could snatch her up easily. I'm also hurt because I am not ashamed of my heritage and should never be, but my girlfriend goes and says this. I love her so much and she may be my first everything for the most part, but I feel so close and understand one another on the same wavelength. I don't know if this could be get in the way of our relationship.
Tldr; My white girlfriend says that I should be lucky for dating her as a brown guy after getting into argument about inviting brown friends to a party and now I don't know how to feel about this and where I should I go from here.
EDIT: Thank you everyone for all of the advice and encouragement I received from you all. I decided I'm going to talk to my girlfriend and ask her about where she sees us in the future. I will also go more in depth for her reason for dating me and her views on brown people. I will make sure I update you all. It'll either be good or bad. I'll let you all know either way.
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2023.06.08 10:57 another_secret_prof 37 [M4F] London, UK/Online - University prof looking for chat buddies of all sorts

Hi, I'm a normal-ish British guy looking for random chats with people. You can be anywhere and almost anyone, but I'd particularly like to chat with ladies in my timezone (UK/Europe) or people interested in students and academic life. I'm a professor at a UK university who teaches and does research, but it can be a bit solitary and I'm working at home a lot. I'm mostly looking for random chat and I won't put pressure on you for anything more. (I suppose I'm not against that if we get on well) Looks are not too important, but I'm 6'1, white, brown hair and scruffy beard. I have a typical English accent and like voice chat. We can chat or message on here, but I also have apps. I come and go on reddit, and I know that people are crappy at responding properly, ghosting etc. I understand if real life gets in the way. But if you message me I will respond and I think I'm a good conversationalist. If things aren't working or I have to disappear, I'll tell you first. I do appreciate thoughtful replies and proper sentences etc. What else am I into? Well I'm curious about lots of things including you! I love travel and have done a fair bit myself and lived abroad. I'm interested in science, history, politics, current affairs etc. And fun stuff too! I probably haven't seen what you are watching, but I do like movies and books and music. If any of this sounds interesting, let me know and maybe we can start something!
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2023.06.08 10:53 theVanityDctr Why has H became almost impossible to get in the US?

So im from the UK. I dont use H . I mainly just stick to my prescribed oxys however this whole Fent/Tranq Epidemic sounds so crazy you guys in the states are having. So in my country for as long as i can remember our H has always been a light Brown powder that when placed on foil and heat applied turns into a thick but runny liquid . They call a beetle i think! It runs down the foil giving off smoke and u just chase it with the tooter. It smells lile Vinega fish and sometimes it varies in colour when its melted. Isnt this what ppl refer to as Afgan #3? Also is it Hydrocloride based? Can u snort it? Ive never seen black tar Heroin . I think thats an american version of H. Needless too say why has the H run dry and all thats available is this horrible mixture of fent and xyalzine? Does fent have any Euphoria to it? There must be some reason people keep using it! Also what is the reason the tranq shits now been added in?
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2023.06.08 10:53 AutoModerator Latest 💋Videos of Overtime megan Leaks Video Mega Pack Folder Link, overtimemegan leak, megan eugenio & Antonio Brown Snapchat Leaked

Latest 💋Videos of Overtime megan Leaks Video Mega Pack Folder Link, overtimemegan leak, megan eugenio & Antonio Brown Snapchat Leaked submitted by AutoModerator to gnhjgjr4 [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 10:53 AutoModerator Latest 💋Videos of Overtime megan Leaks Video Mega Pack Folder Link, overtimemegan leak, megan eugenio & Antonio Brown Snapchat Leaked

Latest 💋Videos of Overtime megan Leaks Video Mega Pack Folder Link, overtimemegan leak, megan eugenio & Antonio Brown Snapchat Leaked submitted by AutoModerator to gfgfh5r4 [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 10:53 andandetcetc Is Division 1 easier than 2,3 and 4? Player quality bottle necks etc.

First thing to say is I’m a relatively casual player. For most of the year I feel like my team has always been two steps behind the power curve until TOTS where I’ve had a bit of luck and got Bernardo Silva, Varane and Dias fairly early on. However, even with those players I was still struggling to get through division 3 and 2, with games being either extremely attritional sweat fests or absolute demolitions (you know, when you score/concede three instantly).
In recent days things seemed to have suddenly changed and I’m not quite sure why. During Ligue 1 TOTS I had pulled Mendes and Clauss and liked using them while trying to do the cup grind. Sissoko and Fofana were also cheap and dominant in the middle but I wasn’t a fan of all the others I was able to access such as Cavella, Mavididi. My aim was to try and find a full chemistry squad build which I could afford that featured Mendes and Clauss, because I seemed to do better than when using Cole and Cancelo (TOTY). I couldn’t afford any of the beastly Ligue 1 French strikers and so struggled to get full chemistry with the prem players mentioned above. But then everything changed when I pulled Ben Yedder the other day with my red rewards that suddenly appeared in the store! I actually pulled Ben Yedder twice. I’ve never used his card but he was the missing link I needed.
In terms of how my team ended up. I use 4-3-2-1. Allison GK, Clauss RB, Dias and Varane, CBs, Mendes LB, Alonso CM, Sissoko CM, Bernardo Silva CM, Kaka (91) left CF, Salah (out of position) right CF, and Ben Yedder ST. My tactics are basically balanced, with direct passing, Sissoko as the defensive midfielder, Salah and Ben Yedder as the strikers (in this formation Salah’s attacking AI is excellent) and Kaka sort of operating as a floating left winger. The wing backs are overlapping but I tend to play them as inverted wingbacks with build up starting with Alonso or Bernardo. Although maybe not the best you do get some nice authentic feeling play. Typically I’ve struggled against players who know the mechanics that short circuit the AI, e.g. those stupid early crosses, or pinged through balls to Mbappe. Having said that my defence AI is pretty good at negating all but the worst cheese.
As I said I’ve always been struggling to get into division 1, but since assembling this team I’ve experienced a complete turnaround. I easily passed through Division 2, often dominating games in passing, chances and possession with so many attacking options to enable excellent moves and authentic feeling build up play. The combination of Salah, Ben Yedder and Bernado, even though small kings, is genuinely game changing compared with my previous attacking options such as Torres, Forlan and others.
However, the most surprising thing I’ve noticed is that I am absolutely flying in Div 1. I played five rivals games last night and easily won all of them. Most of the teams appeared better than mine or level (eg Zidanes, Vieira all over the place), but my squad is always competitive. What I can’t work out is whether the competition is just weaker in the league compared with previous leagues or I’m just experiencing the feeling of having a meta team that suits my game style (which is depressing given how it shows the advantage pay to win players will have). However, I do doubt the latter because I am sure every player in my team could be replaced by a better player. So I’m wondering whether this reflects a more general experience where divisions 2,3,4 are bottlenecks on progress, while division 1 has mild difficulty drop before hitting the top players in Elite?
submitted by andandetcetc to fut [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 10:50 StripeyTiger1 59 [M4F] #UK, England, (Northants) - seeking young breeding partner (long term)🍆💦🤰

Can't really explain why, but I feel much more attracted and devoted to someone much younger than me, so I really want to find someone who is okay with having an older long term partner. As far as I'm concerned the younger you are (legally of course) the better.
I'm open to various styles of relationship. Whilst I'd like to find someone who wants to be a "homemaker" and look after the house (and me!) whilst I work, if you want a part time job, career or to continue education I'm open to discussion.
More info here
I live in a large village but it has a railway station just 5 mins away on a direct line to London.
I believe that in a relationship I should help you achieve your goal in life, whether it's a career or being a stay at home parent, but I'm there to be a partner, not baby you 24/7. Similarly, although I want someone younger, you're not my slave (except in fun roleplay!).
I'm quite vanilla sexually and my primary kinks are the age difference and potential breeding (with associated kinks such as cream-pies, breastfeeding etc). I'm not an exhibitionist but if you want to have sex in the woods, fields or anywhere else its certainly up for discussion. I'm not really into anal sex but butt plugs and other sex toys are fine with me.
I'm really turned on by the idea of filling your young fertile pussy with my seed and whilst I won't push you about it, I'd really like you to stop birth control and hopefully get pregnant so I can enjoy feeling our baby grow inside you and your breasts fill (which I hope you'll let me milk too). I'm not looking to use condoms, so whether you get pregnant or not will be entirely your decision. If you're horny and your partner is asleep, its okay to start things unless they tell you to let them get some sleep. I like spooning, ideally with my cock at the entrance to your wet full pussy. Whether you do it deliberately or have a birth control failure I will be happy if you get pregnant. I am pro-choice, so all decisions on whether to have a baby are entirely yours.
I believe in spontaneity and "free use", so after agreeing to have sex the first time, you don't have to ask to start things next time, however "Stop" and "Not Right Now" are valid! Also valid is "OMG, This team meeting is so much better with you playing with my cock!" 😈

Due to the prevalence of people who are just looking for fun {fine 👍} or fake 👎, I apologise to those who are seriously interested in that I will have to continue looking until I am in a committed physical relationship with someone!
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2023.06.08 10:44 shayney13 Came to Broadway from Down Under! 7 shows in 6 days!

Came to Broadway from Down Under! 7 shows in 6 days!
I was super lucky to be able to visit Broadway for the second time in my life (never thought it would ever be possible!) - I will give a quick rundown of the shows I saw and what I thought!

Thursday 25th May - &Juliet - 9/10
I got Rush tickets for &Juliet which were front row and honestly not too bad! I almost didn’t see this however had watched a slime tutorial back from when it was on the west end and had loved it and even though I have just moved to Aus from NZ and will hopefully be able to see it here I wanted to go into the tony’s seeing most of the nominated shows. The cast were excellent - especially betsy Wolfe and Melanie La Barrie and it’s just such a fun show! I’m not usually a huge fan of Jukebox musicals but I love the book of &Juliet and think it’s just very clever. It doesn’t take itself too seriously but also doesn’t feel like the songs are just chucked in there. I got to stage door and met most of the cast too who were all lovely!

Friday 26th May - Funny Girl - 8/10
Was great to see Lea Michele on broadway and she was absolutely phenomenal! I really enjoyed the show, thought the cast was great, I quite liked the story and the music as well so overall really enjoyed it. I got to meet Lea at stage door and she signed my playbill :)

Saturday 27th May - Kimberly Akimbo - 10/10
I was absolutely blown away by this show. It was hilarious and heartbreaking and the show that has stuck with me the most from this trip. The character depth, the themes, and the plot were all fantastic. I loved the score and the cast so much too. I had to stage door after my final Saturday show because I didn’t have time after my three show day but I got to meet Victoria, Bonnie, Justin, and Steve who were all lovely. I really hope this show sweeps the Tony’s because it’s phenomenal.

Saturday 27th May - Titanique - 8.5/10
This show was hilarious. I laughed so so so much. It was a great story, and a great time at the theatre. I don’t feel the score added much but maybe because I didn’t know all of the Celine Dion songs some things may have gone over my head. Overall an absolute blast!!

Saturday 27th May - Some Like it Hot - 8/10
I really enjoyed this show, despite not having super high expectations. This felt like a Broadway show, the dancing, the sets, everything about it was super well done. The cast were great and I enjoyed the story and found myself laughing a fair bit. I’m a big fan of SMASH so felt a little let down by the score - some of the songs felt like SMASH rejects or just blended in with each other but there were definitely some standouts. Overall a very very fun show! After rushing to the booth theatre to stage door there, I was able to come back and met Adrianna Hicks who was so lovely and J Harrison Ghee who looked like they would rather be anywhere else than there lol.

Side note: Three show day was hectic but doable! Even though KA started a little late I was still able to make it to Titanique, pee, and have plenty of time before it started (especially because it also started late) and then make it back for SLIH.

Sunday 28th May - Shucked - 8.5/10
I think I had my hopes a little too high for this show and ended up getting let down a little. On paper this show is right up my alley because I love the songwriters and country music (especially Kacey Musgrave’s, Maren Morris etc). Overall I enjoyed the story of this show, but I think the absolute high point is the score which I don’t hear many people talking about. I definitely may be biased because I love the songwriters but I adored the score it is absolutely beautiful. Alex Newell was phenomenal as well! I think the rest of the cast were also fantastic!
I think it was funny but no where near way funnier than most of what else I’d seen on Broadway and the other shows didn’t have to rely on one liners to do it. When Shucked was funny, it was funny, but when it fell flat you could tell. I don’t think this is inherently an issue but when it’s marketed as being the funniest show on Broadway, I was expecting it to be funnier than Kimberly Akimbo and SLIH which it was slightly, but not enough.
I don’t think this is an issue with the show, as much as my expectations and overall I had a blast and have Walls, woman of the world, friends, and independently owned on REPEAT. I was also very tired as had had a busy morning and was also stressed about getting to Taylor Swift after the show so that may have added to me not being in the best headspace for the show!
I stage doored and got to meet Kevin Cahoon who was lovely, Grey Hanson, also lovely and Traci Elaine Lee who played Maizy and was FANTASTIC!

Monday 29th May - Got to see 54 sings Kelly Clarkson which was iconic. My two loves, theatre and Kelly Clarkson coming together was amazing. And bucket list moment to go to 54 below!

Wednesday 31st May - Parade 8.5/10
Not sure why I picked the saddest show to end my trip, but I really enjoyed Parade. Michaela and Ben were phenomenal, as were the rest of the cast and the show was heartbreaking but wonderful. I really enjoyed it. Surprised this was the show that had the worst audience behaviour, people on phones, as soon as the show ended two 60ish year olds were prepping to get in a fight, all very distracting :(.

Overall I had an absolutely amazing trip and felt so privileged to get to see all these shows!! (Also got to see Ham4Ham with SLIH, Shucked, and Parade!!!


Bonus: My shows from my last US trip

Dear Evan Hansen 10/10 - Saw this two weeks before it closed - had been wanting to watch it for forever and I absolutely loved it and wasn’t let down. I know the show has it’s critics but honestly I love it.

Hadestown 10/10 - Loved this show so so so much don’t know what else to say

The devil wears Prada (in Chicago) - 5/10 - Honestly don’t remember much, the music wasn’t very memorable and the show was ‘fine’ I guess. Hopefully they’ve managed to make some changes!

Mean Girls tour in Houston - 6.5/10 I enjoyed the show when I wasn’t incredibly anxious I was getting permanent hearing damage from how loud the sound was. Nothing crazy to write home about but I enjoyed it!

The Prom on tour in LA (twice) 9/10 - I love this show so much - it was beautiful, hilarious, so much fun. You could tell the budget for the tour wasn’t too high because the sets were pretty lacklustre but I loved this wee show and the cast were amazing.
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2023.06.08 10:40 Bongololona123 Lily's musical journey

Lily's musical journey
In the heart of a bustling city in America, amidst the cacophony of daily life, there lived a young woman named Lily. With an adventurous spirit and a passion for exploring different cultures, she found herself drawn to the mesmerizing sounds of world music. Among the various rhythms that captivated her, the beats of Indian drums resonated deep within her soul.

One fateful day, Lily attended a cultural festival that celebrated the diverse traditions of the world. As she wandered through the vibrant event, her ears were entranced by the rhythmic melodies of the Indian drum, known as the tabla. The enchanting sound seemed to beckon her towards a small stage bathed in sunlight.

There, amidst a group of talented musicians, stood a man who radiated an aura of captivating energy. His long, dark hair cascaded down his back, gently swaying with each movement. His golden brown skin glimmered under the sun's rays, highlighting the intricate tattoos that adorned his arms. The muscles in his arms rippled as he skillfully played the tabla, his hands dancing across the drums in perfect synchrony.
Lily stood at a distance, her eyes fixated on the Indian man's mesmerizing performance. The combination of his physical beauty and his musical talent stirred something deep within her. The way he effortlessly merged with the music, his entire being immersed in the rhythm, ignited a longing within her to understand the essence of his soul.

As the performance reached its crescendo, Lily felt an invisible thread connecting her heart to the music, drawing her closer to the enigmatic musician. She made her way towards the stage, her steps guided by an irresistible curiosity. When their eyes finally met, she saw a spark of recognition in his gaze, as if he too had felt the invisible thread that connected them.

After the performance, Lily mustered the courage to approach the Indian musician, whose name was Dev. Their conversation flowed effortlessly, bridging the gap between their different backgrounds. Dev, too, was captivated by Lily's genuine appreciation for his culture and the artistry of his music.

As their connection deepened, Lily found herself falling in love not only with the Indian man but also with the rich tapestry of his heritage. Dev shared stories of his family, their traditions, and the spiritual significance of the tabla. Through his words, Lily gained a deeper understanding of the music that had originally enchanted her.

Dev's passion for music and his reverence for his cultural roots mirrored Lily's own appreciation for art and exploration. They began to create their own harmonies, blending the melodies of their hearts into a beautiful symphony. Lily's admiration for Dev's long hair, glistening muscles, and golden brown skin evolved into a profound love for the man he was, the way he nurtured his traditions, and the love he held for his family.

Together, they embarked on a journey of discovery, weaving the fabric of their lives with threads of love, respect, and shared aspirations. The sight of Dev playing the tabla with sun rays falling upon him became a symbol of their connection—a reminder of the moment that brought them together and the enduring love that blossomed between them.

As Lily and Dev continued their journey, they encountered challenges and triumphs, but their love remained steadfast. They embraced the fusion of their cultures, celebrating both their American and Indian roots. Their story became a testament to the beauty of cultural exchange, reminding others that love knows no boundaries, and that when two souls find solace in each other's arms, they create a harmony that transcends time and place.

The memory of Dev, with his long hair flowing, his glistening muscles moving to the beat, and his golden brown skin shimmering in the sun's embrace, remained etched in Lily's heart. Their love was a

testament to the power of music, the enchantment of cultural exploration, and the transformative nature of embracing the beauty found in the diversity of our world.
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2023.06.08 10:36 appleparkfive Danny Brown on the Detroit Accent (in defense of AB)

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2023.06.08 10:30 Henry_Zero "Sweet spot" search writing test on my LAMY 2000 EF.

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Overtime megan Leaks Video Mega Pack Folder Link overtimemegan leak megan eugenio & Antonio Brown Snapchat Leaked Latest Overtime megan Leaks Video Mega Pack Folder Link, Overtime megan Lea submitted by AutoModerator to nimi67445 [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 10:30 Mammoth-Recession I think my gauge is blowing out?

I got my ears pierced around a week ago. I was planning on getting a 16- 18 gauge and stretching, but they told me I could go right to 4, and ended up taking a hole punch to the ear lol.
I’ve been cleaning with saline solution and they’ve been fine with just some bleeding, but this morning I woke up and one was halfway out the back. I panicked and ended up shoving it back through and out came a chunk of flesh with some brown/ yellow stuff inside. I cleaned the area as best I could with saline, but it’s now hot and swollen and the back has a slight raised skin ring under it.
I’m unsure what the best course of action is now. My current job is going to be a month camping/ in the woods, so I really don’t want to have to deal with an infection. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.08 10:29 PseudonymFanfic [Other] My MC, Beckett. My Adventures in the Devildom.

[Other] My MC, Beckett. My Adventures in the Devildom.
This is the first time I've made something for my own MC. "Dear Love" refers to my IRL partner, whom I pretend to write to about my adventures in the Devildom.
I play the game as everyone's platonic friend. I am asexual and enjoy Queer Platonic Relationships for myself. I also play matchmaker in my own Devildom universe.
My attributes: average height. Black hair styled with a medium hold matte pomade. Brown eyes. Beauty mark under my nose. Dimple on one side of my face. Clothing: Prefer formal wear over casual. Suspenders over belts. Monochromatic colours or loud ostentacious patterns, no in-between. Comfy dress shoes in black or brown but open to other colours to match outfits; I'm wearing leather monkstrap shoes in the picture. Metal accents like tie clips are crucial. Got laser eye surgery but sometimes wears fake glasses to feel something on my face. Satchel contains good pens, quality paper, and workstation. Fitbit on my wrist to count every step I take to solve the problems of the day. Personality: wry and dry humor. Workaholic. Lifelong learner. The Parent Friend. Always happy to help. Frontline tendencies. Skills: technical writing, sewing and clothing construction, trades and mechanics, hair cutting, musician (piano and guitar), singer and actor (theatre), novelist, artist Likes: obtaining new skills and making new friends. Justice. Equity. Dislikes: misunderstandings, situations that could have been handled effectively but weren't. Unclear communication. Occupation before I got Isekai'd: director of operations Character I relate to the most: Lucifer Character I would date if I was inclined: Diavolo, because he reminds me of my actual partner. The reason I ship a certain ship so hard: I love my partner the most and this is a mirror to that, right down to situations and actual conversations we have had in real life.
My MC and OM Characters in my Devildom:
Lucifer: would smugly tell me that I've used a comma splice and I'd tell him to "shove a semi-colon in it". My bestest friend in the entire Devildom. We go to cafes and bookstores and go shopping for office supplies. I tell him to stop working so hard and he stares at me like "You're the one telling me this? The audacity." I needle him about possible his crush and he tells me to fuck off but his face is red.
Mammon: my other bestie but in a wildly different way. He brings out the shit-disturber in me. We play billiards together and play for treats. I disapprove of his gambling but am all-in on the shopping. He takes me out to all the best food places. "Try this, Beckett, you'll really love it." Meanwhile it's some sort of Devildom Atrocity, but somehow it's still good.
Levi: my nerd friend. I bring him offerings and leave them outside his door. We play games often with Mammon and I kick their butts at fighting games, but get wrecked when I have to make choices. We stay up hellishly late and I wake up with chocolate on my face. "Lets do this again: ive got the hottest new dating sim to try!" We are both groggy and destroyed and i have to go to work, but I agree to come back tonight.
Asmo: my favourite boy toy. He's stylish as hell and knows what looks good on anybody. Hes my personal stylist. I cut his hair in exchange. Just like with Mammon I go shopping with Asmo, except he knows all the good places for clothing and knows where all the thrift stores are. "It doesnt have to be new and expensive to look good honey!" I agree. I cuddle with Asmo the most because he loves touch.
Satan: my boy thirsts for knowledge and I do too. We skill-trade and fan over cats. Unfortunately I'm very allergic, but I appreciate them from afar and draw cats for him to hang in his book-filled room. "Do you want to come to the cat Cafe with me?" Oh Satan. He's his father's son alright, but he's just as much of a shit disturber as Mammon. He teaches me fun curses to use on people but I'm content with just knowing it.
Beel: when I'm tired Beel carries me back home and talks about the science behind calories and energy retention in relation to demonic body types. He enjoys cooking and I love testing recipes on him, but I have to swat him away from eating it before it's done. We do exercises together and buff up together. "I can almost see your six pack, haha".
Belphie: he's my sleepy boy. He can be irrational sometimes but I put a blanket over his head to shake him out of it and he snuggles closer. I play him songs on piano and guitar and sing him to sleep, but then I also end up quite sleepy. He's like a son to me and I lecture him often. I try to keep him and Satan from screwing with Lucifer too much. I'm a double agent in the anti Lucifer league lol
Diavolo: i enjoy it when he regales me with Devildom laws, traditions and customs. He speaks of how the executive branch and legislative branch operates in the context of his kingdom and I suggest to strengthen certain areas of his constitution to bring his vision of equity and interrealm relations to the forefront. I am also a shit disturber and needle him about his possible crush. "You are asking beyond your means, Beckett. Forgive me if I don't answer." Hm... yes, of course. Sorry.
Barbatos: I learn how to be the most efficient I can be from someone who is the most efficient. He is skilled in everything and I must learn from the best. I'm his best student and I'm a teachers pet so i love to hear it. He's been and seen everything and he is an excellent linguist. He is poetry personified in the every day. "Don't let Solomon ruin you too much." I won't!
Solomon: I use my knowledge of mechanics and trades and recontextualise it to be an artificier and create magical items. He is also one to bring out the shit disturber in me and I have almost become Thirteen just from the incidentally nonsense stuff I make. "Oh that's an interesting effect. I wonder what will happen if I give this to Barbatos". Solomon, dude. Do you want to get murdered. Is that what you're into.
Simeon: he is my sweetest and chillest boy. My bestie to talk about justice and relationality with. When I'm insecure and feel like people don't like me as much as they do, he reassures me and tells me stories of his own relationships. "There is nothing wrong with stepping back. Once you've regained your sense of self, you'll be able to pursue the path of friendship again and people will be ready to receive you."
Luke: he is like my son. I make sure he doesn't get nightmares because he seems to have a hard time acclimating to his demonic environment. He teaches me how to bake so that I can make some cakes that look like real inanimate objects and eat them in front of people, to their shock.
Mephisto: I am like Lucifer 2.0. He doesn't really like me but I have no hard feelings toward him.
Thirteen: my Bae. She's a delight but I have to make sure her shenanigans don't cause too much damage in the area or accidentally kill me. I would date her after Diavolo if I was inclined to do that.
I hope you enjoyed seeing my experience and interpretation of the game from my point of view. Everyone's MC journey is very personal to them and I do not believe there is a wrong way to enjoy the game. Thank you for reading. :)
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