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2023.03.30 16:31 Low-Morning3358 Ode to destruction

The beginning:
  1. Me, before the relationship with the BPD demon. Super confident, successful, funny, positive, present and at peace at all times. My business was booming, my routines were amazing, body, mind, social life. All on point. Had 0 issues making friends or meeting girls. A social motherfucker. No mental issues or baggage. Enter her.
Chaos Arc :
I met her at the gym. A day I will forever regret. She left me her number. We went out. You've experienced this before. Everything is going amazing, you're mesmerized by how similar she is to you. How she makes you feel, how she does everything for you. Yes, the love-bombing. She put me on such a high pedestal, I could do no wrong in her eyes. I was treated like a god. Like I've invented the universe. For a moment I thought, this must be what real love is like. Despite me being a guy with plenty of experience with girls, I fell for it. Slowly I dropped the other girls I was seeing and committed to her. It all went amazing for a year or so. The fun, the vibes, the affection. My boundaries were solid, and when she tried crossing them over I pulled back. She'd constantly say how happy she is and I'm the best thing that happened to her. Joy.
Then one day out of nowhere, she says I'm not making her happy, that I'm horrible and she wants to break-up. This is where the tables turned. We stayed together, but I wish we didn't. I genuinely believed I am not doing enough and need to do better. So I started giving in more and more. The chaos grew and grew. The blaming, the irrational accusations, the yelling, the splitting, the treats to breakup over anything minor, the instability, the gaslighting, the projections, the anger, the mean words, the loving you one moment and hating you the next. Not knowing whether a phone call would be lovey-dovey or her mentally screaming for 30min over something minor. Me being the reason behind all bad in her life. My life was constant chaos. I was never good enough. I was made to believe I'm the biggest villain in the universe, and she's a poor little victim. I bought into it. After all if she's crying and in pain saying I caused it, it must be true right?
Slippery slope:
My mental health was going downhill. The anxiety. The panic attacks. The pain. I got to a point where the brain fog was so bad I couldn't form a sentence. The worse my mental health got, the weaker I was, and was trying to please her more and more, still believing I'm at fault for everything. She made me believe it after all. She would cry and scream how I treat her badly, not give her enough attention, not being affectionate enough. Nothing was ever enough. The more I tried, the worse it got. I was the root of all her pain somehow. I was a ruin of the man I once was.
Then she started disrespecting me even more. Pushed my limits more and more. Yelling in public. Starting arguments and screaming for hours like a 5 year old kid. Saying I'm not man enough. Tantrums over anything. How she feels like the man in the relationship. Hiding her phone. Going out every weekend with her friends partying. I wanted it to end so badly, but I couldn't do it myself.
The discard:
5 months ago she discarded me. After 3 years together. She blamed it all on me, said I'm the worst person ever and how I constantly hurt her and treated her like shit. Played games on the phone for a month or so after the breakup. Taunting me and making fun of me. Said I will never find better than her. I still blamed myself for everything. Found out she moved on with a new guy 2 weeks after we broke-up. Said he treats her better than I ever could. Destroyed me even more.
Great, here I am thinking: I lost the best girl that I ever could ever have, and now she's happy with some other guy who treats her better. I'm such a horrible person.
The Rebirth?:
Then, I slowly got a bit rational thinking back. Finding this subreddit was on of the big ones. Every story resonated with me. Realized how fucked up it all was, and how I almost did nothing to deserve it.
I hoped after the breakup that I'll recover quickly and be back to my old self.
But, it only got worse after the breakup. It's like I've internalized the things she was saying about me.
I've tried everything, and I'm still in this haze, fog and unreality. I have no idea who I am anymore. There is just pain, emptiness and anxiety. Hard to sleep. Impossible to be present or enjoy anything. I can't hold a 10 second conversation. Mind is blank. Constant overthinking. Heaviness. Not sure what to do anymore, or how to get out of this.
Despite rationally not wanting to ever see her again and knowing how bad she was, emotionally I feel mixed. Part of me still blames myself, and if I could've done better? Like I definitely wasn't the best boyfriend either. Part hates her for destroying my mental health and moving on in 2 weeks and blaming me, and another one misses the good times. The duality of her being a super sweet girl one moment and yelling at me for the most random shit the next.
A big part of me is scared I'll never recover and be present in reality like I once was. How do I find myself again?
Was I at fault? Why do I still care about her? Am I going crazy? Is there hope?
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2023.03.30 16:28 STMARV My thoughts on the new album PORTALS (Spoilers)

Just to clarify before listening my ranking for her albums was Crybaby, K-12, After School
Anyway, to start I'm gonna say that DEATH is a really good opener and links to WOMB with its message of life and death so that was a nice detail. Looking back I think death is in the top half of rankings for the album
VOID was amazing - the pacing and structure of the song was really good + Mel's vocals were the left autotuned on this song so that was nice. My one criticism is that I wish on the 2nd chorus or half of the song the instrumental developed more to have a more profound impact
TUNNEL VISION was really good and I think one of the best produced songs on the album (obviously due to One Love lol) - also I feel like the song is very atmospheric and the instrumental is unique
FAERIE SOIREE was the first song that I wasn't completely liking. That goes for most of the album for me, every song has DROP DEAD AMAZING MOMENTS/VERSEs/CHORUSES but sometimes choices in the rest of the song undo that for me. I liked the ending of the song structually but the autotune once again is too jarring also I thought the outro of TUNNEL VISION was actually the intro for this song and was a bit suprised
LIGHT SHOWER is just a chill, vibey song however i feel like it did drag out a bit, the instrumental should have developed more IMO. Also the kettle on the stove lyric was a bit goofy ngl. Apart from that lyrics were good and finally a NON Toxic love song. Also the ending of this song is really cool and atmospheric. AND THE AUTOTUNE ISNT TOO HEAVY so that a positive
SPIDER WEB definitely had good moments. The verses were really good and the chorus beat drop was not abrupt like the one of DEATH so that was really nice. Once again my only issue is the heavy autotune
LEECHES definitely has the most atmospheric instrumental but I feel like it could've developed better. Also, i\I noticed that with a lot of these songs on the album, there are no bridges which I feel would have been good because the songs become repetitive and would have benefited from a shift
BATTLE OF THE LARYNX was really GOOOD, the instrumental was on point and the chorus was really powerful, however once again the autotune was a bit heavy at times. Beautiful lead into the next song too, I wonder who the people in the back are and what they're doing??
THE CONTORTIONIST is probably top 3 on the album and is really AMAZING, the verses are unique and the instrumental pops off, everything about this song is perfection - the pacing, structure, instrumentals, vocals, and lyrics, 10/10 for me. I like how the bone cracks are incorporated throughout
MOON CYCLE for me literally just sounds like a filler track if I'm being honest, although I love Mel is touching on these taboo topics some of the lyrics are a bit goofy and out of place. The instrumental was very laid back and I think it could have done with more development, especially in the chorus
NYMPHOLOGY is probably my least favorite song - I feel like the 1st verse is so good and ethereal but the autotuned chorus ruins it. The spelling thing really caught me off guard too. Like I feel like her goal was to remove herself from Crybaby by killing her off, but this spelling chorus sound too similar to her crybaby aesthetic and is out of place on the album. also, I was a bit sad that the outro wasn't the intro for EVIL - I like the vocal effects on the rapping, and the heavy drum fill at the end would have been cool if it featured in EVIL
EVIL is such A GREAT SONG, the instrumental is really solid and the chorus is so powerful and rewarding to sing along too, also the lyrics most likely reflecting people who leak her songs is a nice touch because i feel like that was something that needed to be said. I love when Mel experiments with these punk pop/rock sounds because IMO it suits her voice well
WOMB to me didn't have an album closer energy, also it was very similar sounding to LIGHT SHOWER and LEECHES. I loved the link to DEATH with the "life is death" and it really ties the theme of the album together. Also a line in the song "And I know my brotheHe'll make the journey later on" is making me think Mel is referencing Crybaby's brother who we didn't see after dollhouse.
Overall, I think this album definiety had AMAZING moments, no song was bad, songs like Faerie Soiree, Moon Cycle, Nymphology and Leeches are not bad songs but a songs with both good and meh moments which with little instrumental quirks and structure tweeks would be really good.
Also my biggest issue with this album is the AUTOTUNE - so many of the songs I mentioned in the parahragh above were really suffering from this - Crybaby, K-12 and Afterschool handled autotune well and it wasn't too confronting however PORTALS was too much imo
As always I love Mel's unique lyric formation and every song is written well, however some songs do suffer from goofy/cringe lyrics. The atmosphere of this album was great and the transitions to each song really tied it together and made it cohesive
As of now after listening my new ranking for Mel's albums is Crybaby, PORTALS, K-12 and Afterschool
My top 3 songs were THE CONTORTIONIST, EVIL, AND VOID Let me know yours??
Also this is JUST MY OPINION so don't give me hate lol
Final Rank on first listen in 7.5/10 (and I'm sure this will increase overtime)
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2023.03.30 16:27 Emotional-Narwhal930 My review of God Of War (2005) - A Perfect Introduction

My review of God Of War (2005) - A Perfect Introduction
About 2 month ago, I took it upon myself to play all the GOW games. For anyone interested, I will post reviews on each one of them. Probably overly long, and probably not well structured, so that's my warning.
Starting with God Of War 1, which I played on the GOW Collection for the PS3 (Normal difficulty), I had completely fallen in love with the franchise by the time the game ended.
Considering some other games that came out in 2005, it absolutely blew my mind when I saw how great this game's cutscenes look for a ps2 game (granted, it's a remastered version, but still, not much was changed). Even in-game, the sense of scale and size of the maps and locations was absolutely insane to experience. The first time I saw Cronos crawling through the desert towards Kratos I knew I was in for something special.
I knew about God of War 2018 and how everyone said that that was the game that made Kratos a deep character, and I hadn't played it yet, but I just knew that statement was wrong about halfway through the game. Kratos is a great character, and if the first game was the only game, his story would be a tragic one, but certainly not a shallow one. I was invested in him from the very start, I felt his rage and his sadness, in no small part thanks to the voice acting by TC Carson, and the writing. Again, this isn't the only game, but if it was, the idea of Kratos being literally pulled from death in order to become the thing that essencially cost him his family forever is heartbreaking.
The story is relatively simple if we're just considering the game itself and not the fact that it's the beginning of a massive franchise. Still, it's simple, but effective, and the main anchor is Kratos. If nothing else, the game needed to make you care about and understand Kratos, and it did. I love the greek setting and the use of the mythology for the story, it helps creating different types of enemies that are based on myths, like the minotaur and the medusa. I certainly did not expect to spend as much time as I did on Cronos' back exploring the temple, and though it did come to a point where it really seemed like it was never going to end, it certainly was fun, and again, it did wonders for the sense of scale, since once in a while we would go outside the temple and see the background moving, or even see Cronos crawling under us.
Getting habilities from each God was a great way to introduce them to us, and other minor side characters, like the Gravedigger (who turns out is the big man himself), the Body Burner at the entrance of the temple, the Oracle, all had their minor parts, and I really liked their little interactions in a game that is otherwise solely about Kratos. Again, for a 2005 game about an angry guy who kills monsters, the dialogue and the characters did not need to be as good and deep as they were, but they were, and that's how you now you are playing a game that was made with actual tought and care behind the scenes.
The gameplay, surprisingly, still holds up very well, The combat may be repetitive after a point but the amount of weapons and abilites make up for it. I maxed out everything by the time I got to hell, and I felt like a beast going through the enemies (not so much that spinning tower with spikes, that made me feel like a bitch). That being said, this game can be VERY frustrating. It's not that enemies are that difficult to beat, but there are just so many of them. The game has specific parts where it really feels that the developers said "You know what? Let's throw everything we have had so far at Kratos and see what happens". It's cool in concept, but let's be realistic, I can only do different combos to watch Kratos kill people in varied ways for a while, because by the time the 4th wave of enemies comes along, it's square square triangle all the way. These little sections are something that the second game improved vastly, but I will talk about that when I write about it. For the time being, yes, some of these parts are incredibly frustrating, even on normal difficulty, but this was the first game, the test run, so it's understandable. The platforming was fine, but overly long in some parts. Puzzles were okay, some of them were better, others were so painfully obvious that they had me searching for more complicated ways to do them.
As frustrating as the final battle with Ares was, it was incredibly humbling to get stripped away of everything, just for Kratos to defeat Ares purely based on his skill as a warrior, and to have him defend his family against clones of himself was really meaningfull. The other boss battles were challenging as they should be, and all of them were very entertaining in their own right. Future games would up the spectale in a CONSIDERABLE way going forward when it comes to boss battles, but considering this is a 2005 game for the ps2, and the first of the franchise, it laid the foundation perfectly for what was to come.
The soundtrack was also really good, the main theme has been stuck in my head since I first heard it.
Ultimately, I think this game is not perfect, but it really ended up being a perfect introduction. As my first God Of War game, it made me love Kratos, it introduced me to Athena and the other Gods (and more importantly, their relationship with Kratos), it showed me how the combat and gameplay can be fun, but also frustrating, it gave me a fantastic soundtrack, among other things.
I was more than ready to play the next game by the time the credits were rolling, and I will share my thoughts on it on another review for anyone that is interested on the opinion of a newbie. I am currently playing through God of War 2018, and let me tell you, that game would NOT hit half as hard if I hadn't played the other games first, starting with this amazing game.
A solid 7/10.
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2023.03.30 16:26 Bozzaholic Colchester man who littered outside London train station is fined £458

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2023.03.30 16:25 _voyaka_ The difference between sex in porn and real life

There is a big difference between sex in porn and real life, and it’s not only about size of the dick. It will be also useful for men, who haven’t had experience in sex.
  1. First, and, as for me, the main difference: as a rule, in porn the structure of seducing is upside down. There is two models of seducing in porn: woman seduces man (undresses in front of him, gropes his penis, depicts a blowjob with his mouth); second - man just shows his dick or jerks infront of woman and she is excited. Of course, you might understand, that in real life, men should seduce woman, if he wants sex with her, and it’s not about just showing your size. Man should make a date, make a conversation, flirt with her, etc… Even if you know it, your brain resist it. So, it becomes quite hard just to talk with real women.
  2. Light. There is a lot of light on the stage, and you see all sides of woman body. As a rule, in real life people have sex in the darkness or in dim light.
  3. Prelude. In porn almost each sex starts with the blowjob. As a prelude, you may see 1-minute kisses, and… that’s all. If you would try to do it in real life, it will probably your last night with this woman. Especially, if you will cum fast. Normal sex includes long prelude, and man should enjoy it. Women love long prelude, kisses, touch, biting.
  4. Duration. Sex in porn lasts about 20-40 minutes. You are quite enduring, if you can penetrate a girl for so long. I’ve had an experience, when I’ve been with the girl in the missionary, and a drop of sweat from my forehead fell right between her eyebrows, because it has been our third position. Funny, but revealing moment.
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2023.03.30 16:25 ankur-verma Experience Thrilling Paragliding At Nandi Hills With Flying Clubs In Bangalore: All You Need To Know

Experience Thrilling Paragliding At Nandi Hills With Flying Clubs In Bangalore: All You Need To Know
If you are an adventure enthusiast, then Bangalore is the perfect destination for you. The city is home to several flying clubs that offer thrilling paragliding experiences to everyone, from beginners to experts. One of the most popular paragliding destinations in Bangalore is Nandi Hills in Karnataka. Let's dive into the details of flying clubs, the price of paragliding, and Nandi Hills.
Flying Clubs in Bangalore:
Bangalore has several flying clubs that offer paragliding lessons and experiences. These clubs have trained and experienced instructors who ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants. Some of the most popular flying clubs in Bangalore are Bangalore Aerosports, Temple Pilots, Fly Nirvana, and Wind Chasers.
Bangalore Aerosports is located in Jakkur and offers various aviation-related courses, including paragliding. The club has certified instructors and state-of-the-art equipment that ensures a safe and thrilling experience for everyone.
Temple Pilots is another popular flying club that offers paragliding courses for both beginners and experienced pilots. The club is located in Kamshet and is known for its picturesque location and experienced instructors.
Fly Nirvana is located in Kamshet and is known for its fun and adventurous paragliding experiences. The club has trained instructors who provide comprehensive training and ensure that the experience is safe and enjoyable.
Wind Chasers is located in Hoskote and is a great place for beginners to try paragliding. The club has experienced instructors who provide comprehensive training and ensure that the experience is safe and enjoyable.
Price of Paragliding:
The price of paragliding in Bangalore varies depending on the flying club and the level of experience of the participant. On average, the cost of a basic paragliding experience in Bangalore ranges from INR 2,500 to INR 5,000. This includes the cost of equipment, training, and the flight.
However, if you are looking for a more comprehensive package that includes accommodation and other activities, the cost will be higher. The price of paragliding at Nandi Hills, for example, ranges from INR 3,500 to INR 6,500, depending on the flying club and the package you choose.
Nandi Hills, Karnataka:

Nandi Hills karnataka bangalore is a popular paragliding destination in Bangalore, located about 60 km from the city. The hills offer a picturesque view and provide an ideal location for paragliding. The takeoff point for paragliding is near the Nandi Hills arch, which is at an altitude of 1,350 meters. The flight takes approximately 20-30 minutes, depending on the weather conditions.
In addition to paragliding, Nandi Hills offer other activities such as trekking, cycling, and camping. It is an excellent place to spend a weekend getaway with friends or family. The hills also have several resorts and homestays that offer accommodation.
Bangalore is a great place for adventure enthusiasts, and paragliding is a must-try experience. Flying clubs in Bangalore, such as Bangalore Aerosports, Temple Pilots, Fly Nirvana, and Wind Chasers, offer safe and enjoyable paragliding experiences to both beginners and experts. Nandi Hills, located about 60 km from Bangalore, is a popular paragliding destination that provides an ideal location for paragliding. The cost of paragliding in Bangalore ranges from INR 2,500 to INR 5,000, depending on the flying club and the level of experience of the participant. So, pack your bags, head to Bangalore, and experience the thrill of paragliding at Nandi Hills!
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2023.03.30 16:24 RipMcStudly Rifftrax's Deal Of The Week Buyer's Guide: Oblivion 2: Backlash

Terror and death sweep across Cyrodiil! Mehrunes Dagon, Daedric Prince of Destruction, has instructed his followers to assassinate Emperor Uriel Septim VII in order to breach the planes between Oblivion and Tamriel, and only you can stop him from reclaiming his original domain...
Wait, no. That sounds wicked fun. OH! That's the plot of The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, one of THE GREATEST GAMES EVER MADE AND I WILL ACCEPT NO ARGUMENTS TO THE CONTRARY ON THAT POINT. This is Oblivion 2: Backlash, another crap ass Charles Band produced scifi western. Oh well.
This wretched turd takes place just after the first movie has settled, it seems. Sheriff Stone (Richard Joseph Paul, no stranger to low tier movies) has the town of Oblivion mostly under control, with help from mildly offensive stereotype Buteo (Jimmie F Skaggs, bit player, Star Trek alum) and Stell Barr (Meg Foster, Star Trek alum, also played Evil Lyn in live action and the infamously recast Chris Cagney actress). Their only real problem is Lash (Musetta Vander, Star Trek alum, also played Sindel in the MK: Annihilation movie), who is still murdering people for penis based maps despite the death of the last movie's big bad. This changes, through, when legendary bounty hunter Sweeney (Maxwell Caulfield, a praised stage actor who did Chicago on Broadway and West End) shows up to track down a woman of uncertain appearance who is supposedly a legendarily evil criminal.
So yeah, there's a plot. But lots of movies have a "plot". Dangerous Men has a "plot". That doesn't make things good, and this is NOT A GOOD MOVIE. It bad. It make feel bad. Like Oblivion 1, (made back to back with this one) this is really less of a film and more of an attempt to generate rental cash by cramming tons of faded stars into embarassing performances. The only thing that has really changed is who embarasses themselves the most. George Takei's Doc Valentine, the agonizing shame star of the first movie, is less grating here (and I really am starting to wonder if he's imitating Shatner on a bender or something), but Musetta Vander's Lash and Julie Newmar's Miss Kitty get more screen time, and that time makes quite clear that they know exactly what kind of movie they are in and what kind of effort it deserves. You could definitely argue that Vander hams things up with a knowing wink at the camera, I'd say, and Newmar apparently said in Starlog that she got a kick out of the whole thing, so I don't know if you need to feel too bad about either of them. This time around, I'd say the anger you'll most definitely feel upon watching this movie should be pointed squarely at its creative team. They march Sweeney around as a super dandified jerk who is also 10x more powerful than M. Bison, Shao Khan, and surströmming all combined, there's a whole plot about a mine of MacGuffinite that is vital to the story but also seems to go nowhere even when going somewhere, and as a crowning insult, they actually just take the baddie from the first movie Red Eye (Andrew Divoff professional Russian thug player, best known as Kravchenko in CoD: BLOPs these days) and put him in this movie as his character's brother. Just watch man try to deliver his lines in his inflexible and ill fitted lizard face mask, watch his teeth move, and know irritation.
Probably best to move on to the riffing, and y'know, the guys do give it the ol' college try. They are clearly very upset about this movie and the things it does, though, so this is a decidedly mean spirited riff. Kevin literally tells George Takei to eff off at one point. But although they do pick at bad accents and frustrating characterizations, they do get some good riffs in too. There's some fun as a turtle gets a voice, a great comment about a saloon girl's baffling and possibly offensive costume, and an all time great zinger when Divoff's lizard face storms into the movie. The problem is just that there's so much crap, from zany fast motion to entirely too much of Lash's butt on display (and there was apparently a sex scene cut out of this thing at some point, yikes) and the sum of it all is just too much of a burden to really lift the riff up. Some people may even be particularly frustrated by several riffs on a 2017 allegation of sexual assault by George Takei (an accusation that probably came out around the time they were writing this riff or shortly before, if my understanding of the Rifftrax pipeline is correct) that doesn't seem to have ended up going anywhere. I don't know how that situation ended up, but they do make two very clear references to it at the end of the movie. Take that as you will.
As far as ratings go, I hate this movie and the first one, and would not watch them if I didn't have to do this. Which I don't, come to think of it...that seems like its on me. Anyway, I know 100% that someone out there is going to say this is the best riff they've ever seen, and some folks just want to watch them trash terrible movies, so I'll say it's SOLID based on that. Basically, if you can get through the trailer without wanting your soul escaping, you may like this.
Get Oblivion 2: Backlash if you like: direct to video zaniness, scifi western weirdness, or CAMEOS CAMEOS CAMEOS!!!
Skip Oblivion 2 if you don't like: hammy, "I know this movie is garbage" acting, aggressive reuse of sets and costumes, or movies that feel like they're over several times before they're actually over.
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2023.03.30 16:24 No-Conversation- My wife is requesting an polyamory relationship after 5 years and we have two young boys

Hello everyone,
I have no great outlets for help, and I've been swirling around with emotions the last four days after my wife asked if we could have a polyamory relationship. She was asking if could date other people while keeping each other as the Primary family/relationship. My wife is 27 and I'm 32 years old. We have two boys 3 and 1 that we love with all our hearts. We have always loved being around each other and we fun every chance we get. We seldom get to go out on dates without the kids (Once every 3 months). I spend a lot of time at work during the week and she's in nursing school. We have about 3-4 hours during the week together with the kids and the weekends. We live in Florida with no other family in the state and we rely heavily on each other to make sure we and the kids have everything we need.
Day 1, 3/28/23 My wife would have liked a better setting to present this information, but I pushed her to tell me what was on her mind. I could tell she needed to share something with me. I had no clue what she was about to say. She let me know that for two years she has been desiring to have the feeling of going on a first date and having a new emotional connection with someone new (New butterfly feeling when you first date someone). Something I cannot provide her. She has battled with this for a while and prayed for the feeling to leave her. The day before she told me our very close friend (For clarity he is gay, and we are all close friends since before my wife and I met. He introduced us) was in town and she shared with him her feels. He's very emotionally entuned with himself and his feels and was concerned why she didn't feel safe sharing this information with me first. Later she told me that she didn't what kind of affect this would cause our relationship. She loves her life but is also young and desires the feeling of a new emotional connection and that excitement. She has stated that she's 100% in love with me and doesn't want to lose what we have. (It's hard to explain to most but my wife and I have had several moments in our lives where we should have died but God has saved us) We fully trust one another and when she tells me she wants to keep the life we have but add in another layer of short term excitement. I must trust that is what she's asking for. We've never needed to lie, and I can tell she is being honest (It's still unclear the extent of excitement she's needing, and I feel that can be a slippery slope from dating to sex). She's informed me this is something she wants to experience while she is still young and very desirable. We get pregnant quickly and she was only 23, and now she wants to have that fresh feeling of dating (That's my understanding).
Initially, I took several breaths to fully understand what I was hearing my head started to pound as my blood pressure increase. I looked at the women that I married, the love of my life, mother of my beautiful boys, and the person I trusted above all others. I deeply felt the pain in my bones. What had I done to trigger this request. Was I inadequate to meet my wife's desire, what did I do to cause my wife to need someone else in her life. - The emotions alone could fill the pages. Primarily it was a feeling of sadness that I was not the man my wife thought I would be and that I could never be what she needed to be filled all the way up with happiness/desire.
After taking some time and learning more about what she was asking it was time for bed.
Day 2 - I didn't sleep well and woke up using all my might to get the boys ready for school and to head to work at 6:20AM. I felt as though I was an empty shell of a man walking around work. I spend the next three hours reading articles on understanding open/poly relationships to help me better understand how we could compromise and what I could do to save my marriage. I was having troubling finding if this was something I could allow myself to handle. I was imagining my wife out on a date with someone else while I was at home with the kids. We rarely get to spend time together without the kids and now some lucky man is out with my wife hearing her beautiful laugh and seeing her smile. Taking in the beauty she shares. I ended up leaving work early sick to my stomach and having trouble functioning. I went straight to the gym to help combating the heavy weight of anxiety for the future and depression tempting my memories of our relationships. The gym helped but I found myself spending time looking at perfect pictures of our family and the doom that was to come in the next few weeks or months.
That night we talked about ground rules and specifically what she was looking for. One major obstacle was that she thought she could get what she needs without having sex with someone else. This gave me immediate relief and made me feel better about my insecurities and fears. She told me maybe two dates ever six months would satisfy what she was needing. This would be equal to the number of dates we get to have with one another.
Day 3, 3/29/23- Another night with little sleep, but after a few hours I was down after taking some helpful sleeping medication to aid my racing thoughts. Again, waking up thinking I was in someone's life and this couldn't be happening to me and my family. I went to work and spilled the beans to the only person I could trust at work. A highly educated 30-year-old male that has a mother and sister doctors OBGYN and physiatrist. I couldn't hold in the pain any longer and had to talk. He looked me strait in the face and said, "I'm so sorry man". He knew for most people wife asking for an open relationship that the end was right around the corner. I took his statements in stride he didn't know what my wife and I had been through. We'd both lived lives that were filled with risks and near death experiences. We were previous IV drug users and should have died many times before (Many of our friend had). Our cornerstone of 5+ years in recovery was honest. We knew without that we were surely not going to stay sober. He later came back into my office mentioning he spoke with his mother and sister and let me know in most cases like these the partner has already cheated. This challenged all the work I put into understanding my wife request the last two days. This was a minor setback and I let him know right away I 100% trust my wife and when she told me she has not acted on the urges it's the truth no further explanation was needed. I did greatly appreciate him checking in on my and letting me know several people were praying for us. (I do not recommend talking with strangers this early. It clouded my thinking and understanding of my wife's communication. It also added doubt into the mix that did not need to be there)
I got ahold of our mutual friend who my wife originally opened up to. He was very understanding in my feeling and let me know the shock will wear off and to give myself time to process these emotions (He too told us he was in a working poly relationship and he would try to keep his insight as unbiased as possible). I let him know by trying to set up parameters/ground rules and making this possible was severally impacting my soul. I believe now this was a little catastrophizing of a statement as I'm working towards finding a way to keep our family together. God sent me two much needed signs this day.
The first one a gentleman who had been terminated from work this day was walking by saying farewell he didn't mention to me at that time it was his last day but he looked at me and asked what was wrong. Apparently, I was noticeably hurting. I didn't tell him the specifics but that I was having trouble at home. "He said trust in God always." That had a lot of meaning for me. It helped me to keep pushing on and to trust in God always.
The second sigh when I went to get my medication the pharmacist provided me a Narcan inhaler. This of course helps bring you back once you're overdosing from opiates. I have recently had a shoulder surgery and knew the most peaceful way to go would be to overdose. This was only a fleeting thought among millions I was wrestling with over the last three days, but it was a profound sign for me to keep fighting. Believe me I have so much to live for. This was just a short-lived fleeting thought but God still extinguished it right away. "Trust in God always."
My wife and I didn't have much time to talk today her father was in town and I wanted to mix things up. We got the small mini pool and slide out for the kids and set it up in the back yard spraying water on the kids and watching them play. It was fun and my wife and I made fajitas. Later that night just before bed I had a few questions I wanted to ask her and I let me emotions and fear get the best of me. I let her know that in this moment If she feels as though she should be dating someone else then she should, but that we will no longer be in a relationship. I shouldn't be so direct in a situation that's extremely volatile. My wife is wanting to communicate with me and assured me we have nothing we need to do right now and multiple times now she's mentioned "everything will be okay. We will be okay." I felt bad for telling her this, but it was how I truly felt in that moment.
That night I felt like I had done something wrong by telling my wife how I felt. I don't know how to navigate these emotions nor do I have experience with taking through delicate situations like this. This is the first big ticket item my wife and I have not been able to tackle together in a day or two.
Day 4, 3/30/23 - I'm looking for advice to help me understand the benefits of poly and how I can train myself to accept my wife's request and to find happiness in her happiness with someone else. I feel as though neither of us have the best delivery on information and I don't want to make her feel bad for coming out and sharing with me.
I know for myself I will have trouble dating other people. I get all I need from my wife. I do have fantasies about others, but I could never actually see myself doing anything sexually. Emotionally I would not be interested in an emotional connection I do not long for those feeling.
Thank you for reading I want the best for my family we truly love one another.
This is the first time I've shared online, and I think there is therapy in writing down my feeling and concerns. I hope this helps other to see that they're not alone and these things happen. I will fight for my wife and our children and do my best to find a way to make it work. If it doesn't work out, I will do my best to copartner with my wife and take care of our little ones. Life is short and my wife deserves to have the things she desires as do I.
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2023.03.30 16:23 _voyaka_ The difference between sex in porn and real life

There is a big difference between sex in porn and real life, and it’s not only about size of the dick. It will be also useful for men, who haven’t had experience in sex.
  1. First, and, as for me, the main difference: as a rule, in porn the structure of seducing is upside down. There is two models of seducing in porn: woman seduces man (undresses in front of him, gropes his penis, depicts a blowjob with his mouth); second - man just shows his dick or jerks infront of woman and she is excited. Of course, you might understand, that in real life, men should seduce woman, if he wants sex with her, and it’s not about just showing your size. Man should make a date, make a conversation, flirt with her, etc… Even if you know it, your brain resist it. So, it becomes quite hard just to talk with real women.
  2. Light. There is a lot of light on the stage, and you see all sides of woman body. As a rule, in real life people have sex in the darkness or in dim light.
  3. Prelude. In porn almost each sex starts with the blowjob. As a prelude, you may see 1-minute kisses, and… that’s all. If you would try to do it in real life, it will probably your last night with this woman. Especially, if you will cum fast. Normal sex includes long prelude, and man should enjoy it. Women love long prelude, kisses, touch, biting.
  4. Duration. Sex in porn lasts about 20-40 minutes. You are quite enduring, if you can penetrate a girl for so long. I’ve had an experience, when I’ve been with the girl in the missionary, and a drop of sweat from my forehead fell right between her eyebrows, because it has been our third position. Funny, but revealing moment.
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2023.03.30 16:23 Bladeocity_ 22 [M4F] - Virginia / Online / Anywhere - Looking for That Player 2 To Spend Those Long Cozy Gaming Nights With❣️🎮

I've only posted on this subreddit a few times before and I have been going back and forth on it for a long while now. I think maybe it's because of the fact that if I did, I would be fully admitting to myself just how lonely I actually am. But there's really no point in trying to mask and run away from the glaring truth, so, here I am again. Taa-daah!
As most people on here are, or I assume, given the context of the subreddit, I am a person who's unfortunately lived the forever alone lifestyle, well, for most of my life. The last person I was close with was way back in the 6th grade (I'm a fourth year in college), and the closest connection I've had since then was those types of people that would talk and hang out with you during class time, but the second the bell rings, instant transmission, they gone now. And if we're talking about my love life, well, let's just say the fact that I still haven't had my first kiss yet, should paint a good picture (or lack thereof I suppose) of that.
But I'm not trying to make this some sort of pity party for me, but rather to shed some background as to what I hope, fingers criss crossed, twisting and turning, and looping around each other, for what I want to potentially get out of this. Of course, having a partner would be spectacular, but the companionship beyond the romance is just as important, if not even more so. I'm tired of getting up everyday, doing college work, video editing (small time Youtuber), watching YouTube and playing video games, going to work (if I have a job at a given time if I'm not focusing on university), and going to bed, and rinse and repeat all alone.
I want that to change. I want to spend time watching stupid things with someone, having my butt kicked in Smash even though I've been playing it for years, arguing over which anime opening is better than another for no reason other than it being a means to spend time hearing each other's voice. To go out dates, to laugh, to explore, to cuddle, to do the things that come after that if you catch my drift (or technically before the cuddling, or both), and so much more. But every attempt I made well ehhhhh, well its led me to here.
Here's a little bit of description about me 😁:
https://imgur.com/a/KDvNYqx (A few more face pics are avaliable in the link provided)
My hobbies and interests ❤:
I feel like a bit of an ass writing this next part, as if I'm placing some kind of order on what kind of people I accept or don't accept, and that is not my intention in the slightest, but there are things that I am looking for in a person, just so I know that we can get along quite well, instead of me ending up talking to someone I have very little likelihood of jiving with. I don't waste anyone's time, including whoever is reading this.
Some of the things I'm looking for 🔍:
And that's about it for now. Like I said before, I've only ever posted on here a few times before, so I don't know if I checked off everything that I should have said in a post like this, but hopefully (man I've been saying that word a lot here), this was enough to catch your attention and be willing to give a potential connection/relationship with a guy like me, and if not I understand, and hope you find whatever you're looking for in someone else here. But if I have caught your eye, feel free to message me. It's been a long and lonely 22 years, and you'd probably make a wonderful change of pace.
Until then, bye! 🤗
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2023.03.30 16:22 PresidentRaggy [MATCH DAY AT THE BRIDGE] Chelsea W vs. Lyon W, 30/03, 20:00 (WCL)

Date: Thursday, 30 March 2023
KO: 20:00 UK time
Competition: Women's Champions League - second leg of QF
Venue: Stamford Bridge, London
Welcome to the /chelsealadiesfc match thread for a massive match in the Women's Champions League! Chelsea hold a 1-0 lead from the reverse fixture in France.


A brilliant night of Champions League football is in the cards at Stamford Bridge tonight, with the Women's European champions arriving to play a second quarter-final leg against Chelsea.
The gauntlet Chelsea have been running is typical for this time in the season: as we are still involved in the hunt for silverware in three competitions, the Blues have to shift focus from a bitter 2-0 defeat to Man City in the league to planning how to get ever closer to clutching the Champions League trophy. Getting to the semi-finals again means dispatching perennial favorites Lyon, who have won the trophy six of the past seven times. That year they didn't win was when Chelsea were beaten handily by Barcelona, 4-0.
Shorter write-up as I'm on the clock, but LET'S GOOOOOO!
Millie Bright, who was injured in the reverse fixture, could be a late entry to the team.
Lyon's Ada Hegerberg may return, per the Guardian.
As always, the CFCW Twitter account will provide live updates.
The game will be broadcast on YouTube via DAZN.
Announced approximately one hour before kickoff.
Nothing yet…


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2023.03.30 16:21 Flukester69 Getting SUPER ANNOYED. Not even logged in. Bell, you already got a session. No I don't.

I am getting so annoyed. Go to Bell, go to Bell people said. It's been total garbage. I have no email address, still unresolved (MONTHS LATER). Their information takes you to a screen doesn't even have a button. Others stating they have the same problem. No resolution. Just some BS that they are looking into it. Now I cannot even log into Bell to post for support. Says I have session open. No, I don't. Wasn't even able to sign in, but says I have a session open. You login with valid credentials, but it doesn't log you in. My IP is like someone who's juggling. Literally every week it goes up and down and I get constant new IP addresses which forces me to update my security software constantly. SUPER ANNOYING! And who the hell as an ISP juggles peoples IP anyway like this. I mean this isn't even a once a month thing it's like random all over the place. I mean totally ridiculous. I'm also pretty sure my IP will change again before end of day because my IP is completely different than it was. Like I was moved to another segment. I am to the point I'm about to throw money down and get rid of this garbage I am so pissed off. Think they told me at my door soliciting this stuff they cycle your IP constantly? Of course not, told me everything else I wanted to hear but not the important 'little' details. Man I thought Rogers was bad, but you make them look good Bell. Your network infrastructure is a shambles.
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2023.03.30 16:21 ThatOneLoser21 Explosion Based Devil Fruit

I’m stuck on a character again but this time he’s a chef whose based on Demoman from TF2. For those who haven’t played he’s a drunken Scottish man who has a fierce personality but is more on the comedic side. He’s going to be a main fighter and I may give him a rocket launcher if his devil fruit isn’t ranged.
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2023.03.30 16:20 GriZeBone The starting segment for my longest storyline of this year in Universe mode

Let me know what you guys think. It starts after WM of 2K22 and FYI Gunther wasn't used last year in my universe.
The boss comes out to the ring to talk with the WWE Universe! "Hello WWE Universe, I came here today to say that I hope this year will look even better than the previous year! We at the WWE do the best to give you the best superstars every single week and we look foward to doing this in the future as well. This - GUNTHER'S music hits and the Ring General comes to the ramp "I am sorry to interfere, but I have a big problem with what you said, and maybe this is the best place to sort this out. 'Bring you the best WWE superstars', that's what you said, Yet for the entirety of last year, I was not featured in a single match! And I am not alone." He comes to the ring "I spoke to numerous wrestlers backstage and they also feel neglected and underused. What is it that you need to do to get a match here?" Vince replies: "Well Gunther i'm upset you're feeling this way, and I wished we could've done this behind closed doors, but I guess it's too late now. The answer to your question is that you have Raw and Smackdown, each with their Championships and matches. I'm sorry but I cant give everyone a match just because they want to, and if I need to be brutally honest, I rather spend the tv times with people who are more talented than you." Gunther angrilly replies "Who is more talented than me?! I am the best wrestler in this company!" Vince:"Oh! how surprising! A superstar who talks about being the best!" Gunther:"Well it's not like you're giving me a chance to show it are you?!" Vince:"I said it and I'll say it again, If you want to pay for another weekly show and run it you can be my guest, but im guessing you can't pay a price like that- Out of nowhere, Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase's music hits - The Million Dollar Man is back! and comes to the ring Dibiase:"Well! I heard you were saying that if someone wants to he can buy and run a whole show, didn't you?" Vince: "For who? For this Guy?" Dibiase:" Exactly! Gunther, I agree with you. Some talented WRESTLERS are being underused when they're under you Vince, and I think It's time for them to shine. So i'm gonna make a move, and i'm gonna Make a new show, and we're gonna make everything you've known fly away, like a TORNADO! HAHAHAHAHAHA"
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2023.03.30 16:20 Equal_Data_5721 I was lied to about what I saw.

So as a child and an adult. I saw, heard and sensed things that weren't there. I even would get images in my head of faces and scenarios. I always knew who was calling or if someone was at the door, before the knocked and could guess if it was someone close to the family or strangers, spam. If it was important, I was just labelled "a good guesser" (premonitions, apparently). I would tell my mom as a kid and as an adult, but she made me seem like I was crazy. Even going as far to put me in a psych ward because "it wasn't real". Here are a few real life examples
1) I saw shadow people as a child and spoke to them. I would tell my mom things, specific things about them and she told me they were imaginary
2) I would be yanked out of bed by my legs while sleeping. I would see and hear a girl who seemed to be from the late 1800s. She was one of the more vivid apparitions I saw. I remember the ribbons, and plaid puffy dress she wore with the lace trim at the bottom? I guess that's what I would say to describe it. Her hair was dirty blonde and her eyes I believe we're green. They definitely weren't brown., she had on white socks with the trim as well and buckle shoes and would laugh at me when she saw me, she looked no older than me. Maybe 8-10. Mind you I never saw anyone like this, the clothing or person. I had only seen about three white people in my life at that point. We didn't have tv for another few years, radios, yes. My town was small and filled with POC. My mom never believed me.
3) I saw a shadow child while walking my dog, it was around 10pm He was not there before and he laughed behind me. I jumped when I heard him. I turned around and said I didn't notice him. He said hello, I said hello and went back to walking, until I realized I didn't see his face. I thought I did, as I could've sworn I saw his face. I saw the short blonde hair, blue eyes and overalls he was wearing. I looked back quickly to see he was never there. It wasn't that dark that I couldn't see him clearly. It's like I saw his appearance through my head and saw nothing but shadows through my eyes. I told my mom again, she made it seem like nothing was real and I needed help.
4) I've woken up speaking different languages in my sleep. While she was there and I only know English. She made it seem like I was crazy. I've done it with my younger brother too. He never slept with after that experience. I woke screaming silently with my eyes rolled back and spoke to him in what he thought was Spanish.i stared at him, not through him or just forward, but my body shot up grabbed his arm very hard, looked directly at him, and spoke. I fell down afterwards in the bed and he ran out screaming. That entire experience at that house was strange and lasted a while. Things went missing. I had marks on my body I couldn't reach, doors, cabinets opened and closed in my house without touching. I heard my mom calling me for her not to be there. I actually heard people in the home. The dreams I had were terrifying. I wasn't eating and was terrified to sleep. She got me put on psych meds AND She called a pastor to come into the home? So did she believe me it not? I didn't like him at all in that instance. I'm not going to bore you with that, but I felt better after being with him for awhile. I still saw and heard things, but that experience was behind me. I told her the mess weren't working, all they did was make me gain weight.
5) I've had flashes in my mind of when and where I would find money, talk to someone or where something bad would happen. I've went near places and just had strong emotions come over me that told me to stay away. Once instance is an abandoned school where kids were killed in a shooting I think. We were riding by I was lost in my own thoughts and headphones until panic, anxiety and fear filled me out of nowhere. My heart was racing and I felt I was going to cry,, just pure hopelessness. I wanted run and hide in a closest or something. I don't know, I was scared. She asks me what is wrong. I said I don't feel good, next thing you know she looks over and says this is the school where those kids were murdered its so sad, then on my right I saw the unkept area and the abandoned school. My mom made me feel so insane for so long.
6) going into detail is a lot of work.im just trying to sum a few of these up. I've dealt with an incubus, I saw it as a small like goblin in the corner of my room before things actually happened. I started to believe my mom after awhile and I ignored these things. I saw a small goblin-shaped thing in the corner of my room and just tried to focus on my tv. Then I felt tingles all over my body feeling aroused and almost high. My body felt weak. I laid down on my bed and felt small footsteps on my bed like a cat. I felt like I was high, everything was blurry and just felt good. I then saw a man with beautiful pale soft features and long white hair. He looked like an "angel" he looked like he was glowing. He asked me could he have me. I felt bewitched this guy was amazing. I said yes and he pleasured me with his mouth and it was so good(fucking embarrassing) I passed out afterwards and woke up like I couldn't move. This kept on for like half a year, or abit more than a year. It was exhausting.
7) I've went to her job where she works with the elderly and told her I've seen people she would say maybe I need my meds increased. I've had OBE, and even dreamed of past lives although I can't really say they were past lives until I get proof, but thats what they felt like. They were vivid and made too much sense plus I felt the sensations. If you want to hear them I don't mind telling you, but i'm trying to get to my point.
It was after one dream that I stopped taking the meds and my mom was actually honest with me.i dreamt I was playing bingo and I went into the bathroom and as I was washing my hands I looked up to see a blue woman. She was like blue flames, her eyes were a hollow white, no pupils and she didn't wear clothes. She just looked to be a blue flame of a woman. I was terrified. I ran(spedwalked) out of the bathroom. Trying to calm myself, before I looked to my left and jumped because she was there. I was looking around in my dream, someone had to see her, but she told me. You are the only one who sees.me. She didn't open her mouth. She spoke into my head, her words echoed in my head. Her voice was something unique, different but beautiful. I couldn't describe it. She told me to stop running and embrace who I was as well as something else I cant remember. I looked at her eye to eye for the first time. She was so beautiful and different looking. Like if she had normal skin, eyes and hair. She'd be a gorgeous. I asked her who was she and she touched the center of my head between my eyes., I flinched, because I felt the pressure of her hands, but it wasn't hot or cold. Just the pressure. She said "I am apart of you, as you are of me." I told her I didn't understand. She ran one of her hands around my skull while the other stayed in between my eyes. She said " I live in your subconscious, we are one" then I woke up. I still heard her voice and saw her vividly. I even felt the pressure too. It was like her hand was still there.
When I called my mom to tell her the dream. She was honest, after 26 years of life. she told me the truth, that she saw those things as well. That her mom and my grandma died because of those visions and she said they were of the devil. My grandma killed herself and my great-grandma raised my mom. She said that she has been seeing things as a child and thought if she told me to ignore them or that they weren't real and I wouldn't see them as often, she said it's like things flocked to me. She was scared I would die like my grandma, so she lied. Every time I told her something new it would frighten her. We even saw or felt the same things.
She knew something was in each of the houses, she knew the old people I saw were real and some were people who had recently passed and didn't acknowledge it hoping it would go away. She wanted to convince me nothing was there and that I was crazy. She said she even sees them now, but only sometimes because she ignores them. At work she sees them and they are even in her car sometimes catching a ride, she can see them in the mirror. She even saw shadow people.She scarred me in the most major ways, instead of telling me why to ignore them. She had me drugged up and made to seem insane. You can believe me or not, but I just wanted to share this. When I moved out she would constantly ask me if im seeing things or having weird dreams, this was before this final conversation and me getting off of my meds. I told her no, but the truth is it never stopped, after having this conversation I do feel better, but at the same time betrayed. She is more honest with me regarding what she sees now. I think it lifted a weight off of her chest. I feel we are abit closer, but still the things I went through in the past can never be reversed. Thank you for reading, if you did
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2023.03.30 16:20 _voyaka_ The difference between porn and sex in real life

There is a big difference between sex in porn and real life, and it’s not only about size of the dick. It will be also useful for men, who haven’t had experience in sex.
  1. First, and, as for me, the main difference: as a rule, in porn the structure of seducing is upside down. There is two models of seducing in porn: woman seduces man (undresses in front of him, gropes his penis, depicts a blowjob with his mouth); second - man just shows his dick or jerks infront of woman and she is excited. Of course, you might understand, that in real life, men should seduce woman, if he wants sex with her, and it’s not about just showing your size. Man should make a date, make a conversation, flirt with her, etc… Even if you know it, your brain resist it. So, it becomes quite hard just to talk with real women.
  2. Light. There is a lot of light on the stage, and you see all sides of woman body. As a rule, in real life people have sex in the darkness or in dim light.
  3. Prelude. In porn almost each sex starts with the blowjob. As a prelude, you may see 1-minute kisses, and… that’s all. If you would try to do it in real life, it will probably your last night with this woman. Especially, if you will cum fast. Normal sex includes long prelude, and man should enjoy it. Women love long prelude, kisses, touch, biting.
  4. Duration. Sex in porn lasts about 20-40 minutes. You are quite enduring, if you can penetrate a girl for so long. I’ve had an experience, when I’ve been with the girl in the missionary, and a drop of sweat from my forehead fell right between her eyebrows, because it has been our third position. Funny, but revealing moment.
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2023.03.30 16:20 _voyaka_ The difference between porn and sex in real life

There is a big difference between sex in porn and real life, and it’s not only about size of the dick. It will be also useful for men, who haven’t had experience in sex.
  1. First, and, as for me, the main difference: as a rule, in porn the structure of seducing is upside down. There is two models of seducing in porn: woman seduces man (undresses in front of him, gropes his penis, depicts a blowjob with his mouth); second - man just shows his dick or jerks infront of woman and she is excited. Of course, you might understand, that in real life, men should seduce woman, if he wants sex with her, and it’s not about just showing your size. Man should make a date, make a conversation, flirt with her, etc… Even if you know it, your brain resist it. So, it becomes quite hard just to talk with real women.
  2. Light. There is a lot of light on the stage, and you see all sides of woman body. As a rule, in real life people have sex in the darkness or in dim light.
  3. Prelude. In porn almost each sex starts with the blowjob. As a prelude, you may see 1-minute kisses, and… that’s all. If you would try to do it in real life, it will probably your last night with this woman. Especially, if you will cum fast. Normal sex includes long prelude, and man should enjoy it. Women love long prelude, kisses, touch, biting.
  4. Duration. Sex in porn lasts about 20-40 minutes. You are quite enduring, if you can penetrate a girl for so long. I’ve had an experience, when I’ve been with the girl in the missionary, and a drop of sweat from my forehead fell right between her eyebrows, because it has been our third position. Funny, but revealing moment.😅
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2023.03.30 16:19 Aegi_K The standard meta is so much healthier

Just my two cents, wanted to share a bit of positivity in these trying times. Still very early on in the meta so this may absolutely change.
I was part of the doomsayers who were certain that rotation was a bad omen for the game, and I still am to some degree. But man, it's only when three quarters of the aggro decks are gone that you realise just how frustrating it was to play the game before.
Noxus aggro, pirate aggro, spiders, fearsome, they're all gone. Red Gwen and Elites got crippled just enough that they aren't so prevalent anymore. And it feels incredible to be back to the days of the Beta, when you could actually set up during the first three turns or afford a poor hand without automatically losing to someone unplugging their brains playing units non-stop. Then there's Samira of course, it wouldn't be Riot if they didn't introduce power creep right after they tried to get rid of it. Hopefully we see nerfs soon.
It really sucks to have your favourite champions kept out of the curated meta. But man, I think I don't regret the change.
Also, aggro users can stick to the same format as it was three days ago in legacy and still enjoy being meta-defining. Honestly feels like a win-win situation.
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2023.03.30 16:19 Choice_Muffin2233 What is the meaning of this dream..

Before i starts sorry for my bad english my english is not good.
last year I had a dream and until now my dream continues, it's about a flaming eye with a ring and wings and on its wing there are small eyes around it but before that in my dream I was there in a grass that there are many trees and on the side of that there is a stream and in that stream there are people shouting but because I am far away all I can understand is that they are shouting for help and it seems random to listen because I am far away... I try to approach but there is a man there with wings but he doesn't have a face because he is covered with a blue and black robe and he is holding a cane... I asked him if what is going on here why there are so many people stuck in the creek but he answered me that "you can't go here because it's not your time yet, and the people here are the ones who didn't pass because of the test of faith" and I was surprised because he pushed me so hard and I just saw that I changed places in the woods and then I saw the flaming eyes with a sounding trumpet and like lightning that is incomprehensible but good to listen to the ears... I hid because of fear but he saw me and said " why are you here you can't come here! " that screamed and then I ran and ran while he was following me and suddenly I bumped into a small eye with a sing sing and a lot of wings and he pulled me up even though he didn't touch me then he said at the same time " why are you here who gave you permission to enter the clock of life? "then because I was so scared I threw a stone at him but he didn't hit him and he kept saying things I couldn't understand except for a few words like "I am the one who watches over time and life, I am the one who crosses life and death, I am the one watching over him" then suddenly the place moved to the house and I opened our door and then looked for something that I could throw at him until I didn't see him but when I was approaching my room I saw an old man who was very perfect to the point with no flaws in his appearance then he didn't let me near my body until I took a pair of scissors and stabbed him in the head but he cursed because the color of his blood was different like light yellow white which was very hot in my hand then when I stabbed him he pulled my hand on his head and I pulled his hair then when I woke up there was a yellow liquid on my hand but after a few seconds that yellow liquid disappeared but I felt very tired and my tears kept falling... I just let it go until I calm down for a few hours until you fall asleep again because I'm just thinking it's a dream or im having a sleep paralysis. and I fell asleep again.
and according to my dream I see my body falling asleep but I'm flying high as if I'm free.... I enjoyed myself as in but I saw the old man I stabbed and he changed form with eyes that were burning and he is very wise but the trumpet and lightning are still playing around... I asked him "who are you why are you following me?" he answered me that "I am the clock of life, I am the one who gives orders to people like me, I the one who will watch over him" but now he seems to be neutral towards me... until he asked me "do you want to see where I live?" but I hesitated and said no but suddenly I changed place and saw the garden it's so beautiful but this time it's different that I see it's a big place that's all white with lots of plants and a lot of trees that are very dazzling to the eyes and have fruits that you can't see here in our world... but while I was walking I heard what the eyes say (that's what I named him until now because I always see him and with him while I'm there in my dreams) "wait, im hungry) then he suddenly changed to huge eyes with a sing sing and he was full of wings then he suddenly reached for the flying one that looked like a square with wings and ate it, he was filled with a yellow liquid that looked like their blood and when it was all gone he returned to his human figure then I was sitting in fear but he just told me "don't be afraid because you chose this thing, you can't get out of it even if you want to" then he says a lot that I don't understand idk what dialect that is but I've searched and searched and still can't find it...
This is what I'm going to tell you because I want to know what does this dream means.
I have a lot more to follow here because I want to understand what's going on because I feel like I'm going crazy (I'll tell you why next time) if anyone ever knows about this please reach out to me I need help.
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2023.03.30 16:18 imBRANDNEWtoreddit Why exactly do people complain so much on Reddit (the times where it’s not something extremely obviously horrible)?

For example imagine a clip out of context where someone accidentally drops a cup and it breaks, there’d probably be a number of people complaining how clumsy the person is, etc. This is one example but you see it all the time on Reddit - incessant complaining (akin to the stereotypical grumpy old man downstairs who complains every time he hears a bump)
What exactly is the enjoyment factor of complaining so much though? I’m not here to complain about the fact that they’re complaining, I’m genuinely curious what they get out of it; it doesn’t really seem productive at all. Nothing concrete happens out of making a comment on Reddit, if they’re against some sort of act or action wouldn’t it be better to actively try to make a change in person?
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2023.03.30 16:15 Slyrunner Dungeons & Dragons: HAT perfectly captures what an actual D&D session is like (no spoilers)

Holy shit, where do I start.
First off, I'm not going to do spoilers; I'm fundamentally against spoiling things for others. But I just NEED to talk about this movie.
Loved it. Definitely on a list of mine, somewhere. And frankly speaking, given how, in my opinion, I've been inundated with disappointing movies these last few...many years, this movie was an incredible breath of fresh air. It was the only movie I've seen in theaters since...those...star wars movies...
This movie isn't going to win any Oscars. It wasn't genre defining. It certainly isn't a earth shattering. However, what I will say is that it is definitely fun and genuine.
Sincerity, when it comes to adaptations, I think is something that is lacking across the board. But this movie knew who it's audience is and it knew what it wanted to be and what it wanted to accomplish. And it did it in spades.
You can tell everybody in the cast was having a fucking blast. The acting was actually pretty decent; it did range from slightly flat (sorry Michelle Rodriguez. But she does do an excellent badass barbarian) to incredibly charismatic (Chris Pine and the conman...I forget his name).
The bad guys in the movie were so. Fucking. Cool. I loved their super serious and evil tone to the movie,l. However, take the heavy stuff and juxtapose your typical D&D session with your friends; the story is heavy, serious, there are sad parts...but somehow, the party remains optimistic, flippant and so. Fucking. Funny.
This movie had me giggle and cackling 75% of the time. AND THIS IS COMING FROM A BIOLOGIST WHO JUST HAD A VERY. VERY. BAD DAY AT WORK. And it STILL lightened my mood.
The movie is the perfect encapsulation of a D&D session/campaign. It was a fucking blast, it was funny, it was cool, it had me on the edge of my seat a few times ...man. I'm definitely getting the 4k Blue ray whenever that comes out.
Final notes; the movie knew what it was, knew what it wanted to do, and achieved it. It's so rare for a movie to know its audience. I may be swayed to think it was slightly fan-service-y, but I would argue because they knew the audience, they didn't have to point it out every time "there's a thing!!!!" on the screen. The movie almost assumes you know what you're seeing.
Anyways. I highly recommend this movie. I would give it a 78/100. Maybe MAYBE 80/100.
Goddamn I want to see it again
Edit: the SFX budget obviously went to the spells/magic to make them look fantastic and impactful. That budget can be felt in a few shots, but those were inconsequential. The important part is they made the magic visually awesome
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2023.03.30 16:15 IronKing_art I am incredibly lost in life, I don't know who I am, and I am ignored. A comprehensive autobiography of my life thus far (not really, but be prepared for A WALL of text).

So hi I'm Darren, 22 years old, and wanting to pursue my dreams as an Artist, working on concept art and illustrations, but whenever I hit a wall and found nonconclusive solutions, I try to ask for help and get ignored. And with a lack of any resources to better improve my craft, I don't know what to do and I get stuck. I do not have a good relationship with my parents, because we have very different values they do not agree with, and very much disallow me from putting my focus on art. They spent their entire lives working, trying to have a "better" life. They have this mentality that as long as I have enough money for my family to be comfortable and nothing else, it is enough and my children should be eternally grateful for it. As much as they have sacrificed their time for work, I didn't understand why they chose to slave away at work than spend more time connecting with me and my brother, but that may partly be that I was considered a "demon child", often getting on my parents' nerves.
My self-esteem has taken a lot of hits throughout my life, partly due to abuse in my early years as a child. My mother was stressed at work and would not be available to me when she got home, and would often beat me severely whenever I misbehaved or didn't act according to how she would like me to. My father, who I thought was the man of the house, has never stood up for me when I had to suffer an onslaught from my mom. (In recent times, the more I reflect the more I start to resent his lack of action in the past as well, not acting as a role model for me, but I know I cannot change my father. But I feel incredibly disappointed and find it hard to take him seriously or respect him. However, I love him dearly and try to accept his disposition.)
And from there I grew to fear and wanted to be feared, becoming a bully (though it was not my intention at all to do so, it was just an outlet for my misplaced anger, which I wished I could have put all that energy into martial arts and combat sports (Super Important)). But later down the line, in my teens, I discovered that I love art, and enjoyed creating and deconstructing everything, it was like playing god and my character's story, mine to determine. But then during my 1st year of middle school, my grades plummeted, out of nowhere. This was because something within me had clicked. and I no longer gave 2 shits about education and understood it was all pointless if the information learned was merely to qualify my worth as an academic and how I would fit into society (I don't know how this happened, I can't even regret it, it didn't even felt like it was my will to control, but maybe I'm just giving an excuse. There is no definite answer in my mind.)
This has caused me immense grief and suffering, and I had fallen into an incredibly deep depression. My teachers were not understanding, and due to the culture here in my country, I was considered a hooligan. (Part of me thought so too, but it was just an attempt to fit in with other rejects and escape my prison of education.) I got kicked out of plenty of school clubs and was generally disrespected, and I often reciprocate with violence and intimidation, because I am a coward and would crumble if I did not do so otherwise. But during this stage of grief and uncontrollable and unmanaged anger, I had a huge heartbreaking fight with my mom (funny that I can't even remember what it was about) When my mom tried to give me a hug, I moved away and strode back into my room in anger.
As time goes on in high school, I grew downright suicidal, constantly muttering about killing myself, but was much too much of a coward to do it. Everyone around me thought the same as well. (But this worked well as a coping mechanism) And being so depressive, my art no longer spoke to me anymore, and without any device to explore the internet, nor any resources really, to inspire me, I was trapped. But during my final year, I managed to pull myself and got passing scores across the board, earning me my certificate and graduation.
Chapter II
After graduation, I worked in a small little food stall and was humbled by the hard work (was still a general, but subtle dickhead) moved on to study for a Diploma in Animation, since it was cheaper but still art related. This made my mother furious, as she completely did not understand my connection with art and its importance as my lifeline in life, for without it, I would've ended myself.But I could not express this to my mother clearly, due to the cultural difference (This may seem incredulous, but I myself do not have a complete understanding of these circumstances, as is)
My first year in college, however, was the best year of my life socially. I moved to a new city, and a clean slate to work with, I have more family members here, and just experiencing things that I could not do due to my parent's careful nature with how they spend money and transport availability. Things may seem great but I had built up a facade during my time here because I wanted to experience the most in my life, and that meant being all that I am and that I am not. (Thought there were some experiences that had benefitted me from this).
The Second year into the third, however, the world saw its 1st global challenge which sparked mass hysteria and tore down all I had built the past year... it was the coming of Chri-
It was COVID, and the world was certainly not prepared for it. Right before the knowledge of this pandemic's existence, my parents, unfortunately, decided to move to the city where I had been studying, since it was their hometown. Moving back with them into their old home, it was incredibly far from downtown where the institution was located. Which now had severely limited my options for transportation, and I would need to buy more own car, we will return later on this. During this period of self-isolation, all of the self-doubt, crippling depression, the low worth of self had set me back from all of my efforts to build and improve. I was so down emotionally it would bleed into my surroundings, gave my peers non-intentional death glares, ruined all my friendships, and pushed plenty of people away. The quality of my work was sloppy, made horrible decisions, wanted to tackle group projects alone because I was resolute that I would drag everyone down with me, which would later bite my ass, and I was back to how I was in high school, miserable and lost.
It was my final year project that really ate me alive because animating as a 1 man crew is miserable and unforgiving if you weren't well-equipped and true to heart on the goals one wants to achieve from it. My friends ghosted me, everyone was busy, and I made a fool out of myself trying to salvage what little dignity I had left me (I at the time was a real piece of work, sheesh) But I had slogged through everything, and through the grace of my professors and a LOT of corners cut, what should've been me failing a year turned out to be saved, and without my professors help I'd still be studying and amassing huge debts.
After graduation, I was still stuck between a rock and a hard place, and took me half a year of self-isolation and suffering in silent rage for me to move back to my home town, and found work in a local sign craft workshop as a designer, which then management decided to chuck me into manual labor because I was not a designer and did horrible in that class, and the work environment was awful and unsafe since we had to climb dangerous heights with no safety gear. I decided to quit, and yet again moved back in with my parents, now figuring out what in the world am I going to do.
So, my current dilemma, I have no definitive goals in life, and I am left as a wee baby adult, to figure that out alone (Albeit with a roof over my head), with restrictions due to parental standards.
I always wanted to be an artist, since it is what I had grown up with that had gotten me through my worse of times. But in recent years I have gotten heavily into Mixed Martial Arts by way of the UFC, and I had fallen in love with the sport. I would constantly imitate the greats of the sports and practice on moves, techniques, and understanding of the sport. To a point that dreams had been seeded within my depressed noggin, of fighting in and bloody glory of the octagon basking in the light and a crowd so electrifying it makes my skin crawl.
Not only was this sensation thrilling, but the people that do this for their work are also the most inspiring, motivating, and downright baddest people on the planet! It gave me a breath of much-needed air that brought me back to my senses within this world, and what it had to offer, but it was not mine for the taking, not yet in all my hope at least.
But to give context, I live in Malaysia, a country of heavy and blatant corruption (sorry for bringing up politics, but the economy has tanked for many decades, relevant) I need a car, buying a car and putting a down payment requires a super stable job, and the training I am able to afford is merely through the internet with no coaching. And even with a proper arsenal to compete, the nearest promotion in Singapore, and compare the competition here to the guys in the promotion, they are some scary mfers, so the difference in training quality is something to be said.
That said, the solution would be to fInD A jOb U lAzy 5hEaD. Bad experiences and living in a place, which was said to be by foreign workers, filled with lazy people, I will never be able to get ahead in this environment that does not support the individual, but the utilitarian nature of industrialism. And to those that would argue that I am just weak for quitting only 3 months into the job, I planned to quit 3 days in, stuck around a few months' worth! Applicable on 3 jobs I had found myself in. After these experiences, I find myself dreading the idea of working under other people, as it is incredibly impersonal, and my soul dies bit by bit every time I do find work, corporate or labor.
However, this pattern does make me think, perhaps I do lack willpower... I guess currently, what I'm looking for are answers and help, because I can't seem to find it wherever I go, not a lot of people think like I do where I'm from. Like-minded people are few and far in between, especially in the eastern region of Malaysia.
Currently, I'm looking into freelancing if it's a possibility, and some tips on gaining a following for work opportunities would be greatly appreciated. Do give me a follow if you are kind enough <3: erlo_trix on Twitter, iron.king_d.c on Instagram (Do tell me to remove this section if it is prohibited to share, I am understanding)
Sorry for taking so much of your time, reading a dumb kid's, stupid post about being self-absorbed, privileged, and unappreciative of what he has in life. Such are my woes but do know that I had an incredible amount of fun and reflection while writing all this down, might give me some ideas for becoming a writer as well in the future!! Though again I feel like I need to apologize since this isn't necessarily an orthodox post.
If you had read thus far, I thank you and bid you adieu.
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