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2023.06.08 10:02 Competitive_Text1914 Hells Kitchen 6th Place Season: Episode 12

Chef Gordon Ramsay said that now we were down to the final 8 that there would be no excuses and no one to hide behind anymore, saying that Santos left due to not being able to hold down the fish station by himself. Chef Ramsay also announced that the next challenge would involve a chef from each team making a crepe and Antonio was worried having not had that much experience with crepes but Nikki was pumped having made many crepes. The blue team were struggling at actually making crepes in the beginning with Antonio and Ed constantly breaking them with Giovanni having to guide them on making crepes but they eventually finished their crepes. First up was the battle of the breakfast crepes and despite Nikki’s confidence, Kanae’s bacon and eggs crepe beat Nikki’s smoked salmon crepe and Kanae said beating Nikki was huge as she usually killed it in challenges. Elizabeth and Giovanni were next up with the lunch crepes and both were praised and awarded a point by Ramsay, and the red team tied up when Van’s scallops and crab crepe beat Antonio’s pork crepe which didn’t work at all. Tara and Ed were last up with the desert crepe and Tara’s had completely fallen apart while Ed’s was far too sweet so Ramsay said that neither of them got a point! As the teams were tied, Ramsay said the best crepe would win the challenge and announced that Elizabeth’s was the nicest to win the challenge for the red team! Elizabeth said this was her best moment in Hells Kitchen ever and Giovanni was fed up of punishments with the blue team only winning 3 challenges all season.
While the red team partied, the blue team knew black jackets were coming up and Ed felt that the team were being too focused on themselves and was worried about service tonight. Ramsay excitedly announced that tonight was French night with a crepe appetiser and some different entrees as well as frogs legs for garnish. Giovanni on appetizers said nothing would be sent back on his station and his risottos and flatbreads came out perfect with Ramsay telling Giovanni it was his time to lead tonight. Antonio on the fish station did not get off to a good start however and served boiled scallops before bouncing back and Antonio said he couldn’t allow any mistakes for the rest of the service. Giovanni continued to have a great service on appetizers and had no issues with the crepes saying this Italian guy can make crepes and the blue team moved onto entrees. Kanae wanted to lead the team on the garnish station but despite Ed getting off to a strong start with perfect wellingtons and duck, Antonio served raw salmon and Ramsay said that Antonio was out of control and needed to get it together. Ed said he was going to drag the team through service but Ed then managed to serve raw fillets which further set the blue team back and Ed couldn’t believe his mistake. Kanae then started to get behind on garnish due to having to redo garnishes and burnt Brussel sprouts with Kanae screaming at Giovanni to not help her but to help Antonio as he was the one sinking the kitchen. Antonio was getting behind on the salmon orders and Giovanni came over to cook salmon for him but also brought it up raw as Antonio angrily took over at basing the salmon but when he took it out the oven, Antonio realised the skin had come off the salmon and asked for an extra 6 minutes. Chef Christina angrily told the blue team to get their shit together but the communication continued to break down as Antonio asked for 2 more minutes on Ed and when 2 minutes were done, Ed served overcooked fillet and Antonio’s turbot was raw and Ramsay finally had enough and kicked the whole blue team out! Ed said that service was a joke and Kanae said she felt bad for the salmon and turbot that died only be ruined by Antonio.
The red team wanted to get off to a stronger start but Elizabeth instantly had issues with the crepes despite having the best crepe on the challenge, ruining her first two. Van came over to help out and realised that Elizabeth’s hands were shaking so he took over the crepes while Elizabeth cooked risotto and flatbreads and Nikki’s first scallops came out well. Elizabeth got her confidence back to take over the crepes but Nikki brought up 2 orders of scallops rather than 3 and after being told by Ramsay to get it together she had her pans too hot and served burnt scallops for the ticket. Ramsay told Nikki to wake up and she did bounce back to get the next scallops out and the red team did finish appetizers. Van on garnish wanted his ladies to get it together for entrees and Ramsay praised Vans leadership which saw Tara’s first fillets and chicken fly out as well as Nikki’s turbot. Tara though started to struggle and cut into her wellingtons and realised they were raw and asked for an extra 3 minutes with Van telling Tara she needed to communicate better before Tara fought back. Despite Van’s best efforts the communication continued to break down as Tara got behind on chicken, saying she needed an extra 2 minutes but when Tara brought up her chicken it was RAW and Ramsay said he couldn’t deal with anymore mistakes from the red team. Nikki and Tara did try and communicate but Nikki continued to have problems cooking fish and brought up overcooked turbot to the pass and Tara then brought up duck with burnt skin. Ramsay was apoplectic at this point saying “THE DUCK’S BURNT” and with the dry turbot he kicked the red team out of the kitchen as well!
The blue team were spent after service and Antonio accepted he should go up but said he was going to fight for his place while saying Kanae should go up with him for overall performance. Kanae was quick to say that Ed had a worse service though and Giovanni agreed that Ed should go up for his mess on steaks but Ed said the blue team wouldn’t be completing service without him. The blue team realised they had to come to a consensus and Antonio finally agreed that Ed should go up with him. The red team were torn as well as everyone decided Tara was the 1st nominee for sinking the meat station but Nikki and Elizabeth voted each other which left Van with a tough decision. Tara was fuming saying that she was actually fighting back until Nikki and Elizabeth fell apart halfway through service but Elizabeth pointed out this was twice in a row on the meat station she had gone down and Van was left with a tough decision, eventually deciding that Elizabeth should go up with Tara for overall worse performance. Ramsay sent Elizabeth and Ed back in line before finally eliminating ANTONIO for his disaster on the fish station but told him to keep his head up. Ed was annoyed at being voted up for 1 bad service but said tomorrow is another day and Elizabeth felt that improving in service seems to mean nothing when people go on past services.
Next episode will have a double elimination as only 5 Chefs will make it into the black jacket lounge.
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2023.06.08 08:53 dekajaan Do you have some universal recipe that you do usually, but it doesn't have any name, and you came up with it?

So I have such one it could be broken down to components and a few simple steps: Veggies: onion + 1-3 of following(carrot/garlic/bell peppepotato /aubergine?) Meat: small pieces of beef/chicken/grounded beef. Spices :salt+black pepper+ 1-3 of following (coriander / garlic/ginger powdepaprika/red peppeturmeric / carry blend) Liquid flavour: combination of following tomato paste, soy sauce, vinegar sometimes, broth any. Side dish: pasta(small spirals or spaghetti) /rice/buckwheat.
The procedure is always the same with few variations: Fry meat->add onion and then other Veggies -> add spices, stir->add liquid flavourings to scrape bottom->wait a bit then add on top of veggie meat mix one of the side dish->cover with water-> wait min 20. Dish is done The recipe is easy and can use anythe you have at home, the recipe can adapt to missing ingredients. If this dish has a name tell me please. But I came up with it gradually across 7-8 years.
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2023.06.08 08:46 MummyCroc I am a government employee in Zimbabwe and I turned 34 this week (TW: Mentions of suicide)

Occupation – Government employee
Age – 34
Location – Zimbabwe
My salary – $500 (paid monthly)
Side Gig Income – $0
Other income – negligible amounts from dividends received from my stock portfolio that I re-invest
Housemates – 4 (husband P, 6 year old L, 4 year old E and nanny F. My nephew M is around and makes appearances too)

Assets and Liabilities

Equity $60,000 fully paid off
Retirement Balance ?? I contribute monthly, and employer matches fully. But because of changes in currency and hyperinflation, I don’t really count this as an asset
Savings $1700 (went down due to travelling trying to get my passport done since it expired)
Current account balance $660 Includes my mum's money since I'm managing her financial affairs while she's abroad
Loan from employer $130 I took a personal loan from work, because the interest rates are lower than rate of inflation and repayment is over 18 months. Loan was used to make improvements on our house, and what wasn’t used, I bought shares on our stock exchange, due to hyperinflation, the amount I owe in US$ has gone down
Investments (shares in various counters on our local stock exchanges) $1,186
Car $4,000 Based on current resale value. Car was bought secondhand for cash

Income progression- (

This year, my husband and I decided that he would take on the bulk of our expenses since I do most of the domestic work/childcare. Expenses I pay will be indicated. My salary is now for my expenses, my investments and my savings, and spoiling the kids. Husband caters for the family basics. There was a point last year when I felt my husband wasn’t as invested in the family because he barely did anything financially. By having him cater for all expenses, he is now definitely involved and invested. My husband’s income is just about the same as mine, slightly higher at some times.

My Expenses
Expense Amount /period Note
Car insurance and licensing $300/annum This is due in March, and I pay for the entire year
Petrol $60/month
Electricity $10/month
Airtime/data $20/month
Groceries $60/month This is for additional groceries such as bread, veg and fruit bought during the month
Kids’ clothes $40/month I’m trying to build up their winter wardrobe so I try to buy them something each month
Makeup/clothes/toiletries/ supplements/hair $30/month I do not us this much monthly though
Water $15/month Based on last bill received in April. We do not get water consistently so bills are infrequent
Donations $20/month Ad hoc donations to a soup kitchen, and maternal health fun
Stock market investment $50/month May invest more or less, but I do try to buy shares every payday

Household Expenses (paid by P)

Expense Amount /period Note
Groceries $200/month Bulk grocery shopping of staple food items and toiletries
LP Gas $30/approx. every 2 months We buy when it runs out. Usually every 2 months depending on how bad the power supply is
Medical $15/month For OTC meds (painkiller, cough syrup, antacid stocked for emergencies) and any prescriptions
Pet expenses $60/ twice a year For vaccinations and checkups for 4 dogs. Pet food is covered under groceries
School fees for the kids $347/ term One kid has fees paid every month, the other every 3 months
Nanny $80/month Less than before as both kids are now in school fulltime, and nanny is there to get them ready for school and care after school for 3 hours.
DSTV subscription $37/month
Transport for kids to/from school $60/month L gets picked up and dropped off at home daily, E is dropped off after school

Previous MDs - ( and (

Did you participate in any form of higher education? If yes, how did you pay for it?
Yes, I have a BSc in Accounting, a Masters in Accounting, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Taxation. My parents both have Masters degrees, and in my family, the bare minimum acceptable for education was getting a Bachelors. My mother paid for my undergraduate degree, and I paid cash for my postgraduate studies.

Growing up, what kind of conversations did you have about money?
My parents divorced when I was very young. My dad is the wealthier of the two, my mum has always been middle-class. My mum brought me up with very little financial help from my dad, he only covered tuition and healthcare until I turned 18. My mum catered for everything else. My mum taught me how to look for bargains, how to save and invest, and also how to sometimes enjoy your money.

If you have, when did you move out of your parents'/guardians' house?
I would say I moved out at 26 when I got my current job. I had moved out when I got my first fulltime job, but moved back home when that contract ended

At what age did you become financially responsible for yourself? Does anyone else cover any aspects of your financial life?
At 26 again. That's when I earned enough to cover all my bills without needing help. My husband P covers some aspects of my financial life, and my mum occasionally helps out with stuff for her grandchildren.

What was your first job and why did you get it?
I worked as a receptionist at my mum's law firm after finishing my A Levels (age 18) while waiting to start university. My mum gave me the job to keep me occupied and out of mischief, lol.

Do you worry about money now?
I worry about building generational wealth for my children. I want to make sure they will be set for life as adults. I do worry about money because hyperinflation is eroding my earnings and retirement dramatically. This is my second time losing my retirement. My mum and in laws are losing their retirement for the third time, so honestly our old age looks bleak if we do not invest outside of work pensions.

Do you or have you ever received passive or inherited income?
I receive negligible dividends from the shares I own, lol.

Day 1
0430 – I’m woken up by loadshedding. I sigh, rollover, and sleep some more
0600 – Alarm goes off. I turn it off, enjoy cuddles from P and finally get out of bed. Our water tanks ran out 4 days ago, and council has not yet deigned to give us water, so we rely on P’s parents and friends to give us water. I get my water that was warming up on the stove, and take a quick bucket bath. I moisturize, do my brows, throw my lace wig on (I cut my hair in January, and I’m at a really awkward stage where my hair looks bad when I wear it out all day) and get dressed. It’s cold in the mornings so I put on winter stockings and a black and white chevron patterned dress, nude ballet pumps plus my warm jacket. I get E from the couch where he was watching Cocomelon and my lunch bag out of the kitchen and we head off to his school. After dropping off E, I go to the office. No electricity means no elevator, so I go up the stairs. I see my boss’s boss and greet him as we do the ZESA (local electricity company) sponsored workout. I log in to the work register, fill up my kettle, and settle down to check out my work email. Nothing urgent came through overnight, so I go into my personal email. The wig company I patronize has given me a code for my birthday, and I’m wondering if I should pull the trigger on my cart. I decide to do a report while thinking this through.
My mum is currently working out of the country, so I am managing her local finances/obligations while she’s away. I remember I have to buy the prepaid electricity token for my childhood home as well as for the house she lives in when she’s working in the country. I spend $23 on electricity for both houses (mum’s money so doesn’t count)
1030 – After doing some firefighting and office gossip I have my breakfast. Today its rice, peas and 2 fried eggs. I sprinkle some peri-peri Aromat on top since I don’t have a sauce/gravy ad I have been craving spicy food lately. I also pop my multivitamin and supplements. I check my team’s work and send back anything that needs correcting. I also generate the multiple reports my boss expects from me. I suddenly remember I need to claim my allowance for performing a role that is higher than my actual position at work. I quickly complete the form, and send it to my boss for his signature. The extra money from this is what I use to fund my stock market investments. I also remind my team to send a report to me for consolidation by noon.
12.00 – I do a major push of all my work due today so I can relax after lunch. I compile my reports and set them ready to send. I also finish my first 2 litres of water of the day, and cue up the next 2 litres
1300 – Its lunchtime, and my work bestie and I head out around town**. I find shorts that L would fit and buy 2 pairs for $10**. We head back to the office and I have caramel popcorn for lunch. Then I remember I forgot to have my afternoon meds, oops. Anyway, more work before heading to an audit meeting
1630 – The audit meeting is finally over, and I rush to shut down my computer, pack up my things and go home. I have an agreement with my manager that as long as I make up for the hour, by either coming early or skipping lunch, I can leave work at 4pm. I had a total hysterectomy end of last year so I still can’t manage driving in heavy traffic. I arrive home, make the bed (P had not made it when he went to work), and harvest chilies from our garden that have ripened. I also harvest a local herb used as a flu remedy and lemongrass, so I can brew up a tea/tisane for the flu affected people in my house. I also pack L’s lunch for tomorrow, a pie, a naartjie and juice. It’s also F’s payday, so I give her US$80 (P gave me this money).
E says he is hungry so I feed him sadza and sour milk by his request. I multitask covering L’s school textbook while supervising his homework and watching Married to Real Estate and the Great British Bake Off. I then have my dinner of sadza, greens and beef. I have a chat with the kids about their day at school. P gets home.
1900 – P and my nephew M go to fetch water from P’s friend’s house. The city council still hasn’t opened up our water supply. I do some French on Duolingo while the boys wreak havoc in their playroom. I read L and E their bedtime stories and put them to bed. I decide to do my hair in cornrows while watching Masterchef Australia. They get home and I help them carry water indoors. I remember that when power comes back I need to boil tripe on the stove, so I cut it up, put it in the pot with water, salt and garlic, and place it on the electric stove. We have serious loadshedding these days, so we have a gas stove and solar power to tide us over. I take a quick bath and change into my pyjamas. While P watches TV, I read Wild Sweet Love by Beverly Jenkins and continue to do my hair in cornrows.
2200 – My arms are tired and I’m only halfway through with the cornrows. I give up and go to bed with P.
Total spent - $10

Day 2
0600 – I hear crying. E is in a bad mood today. I turn off my alarm, and go to see what’s wrong. E does not want to get dressed for school. I sigh, and help F dress him while he throws a massive tantrum. E is dressed, so I go do my morning routine of shower, moisturize, contact lenses, and eyebrow makeup. Today, I wear a green dress I took from my mum, black tights, nude ballet flats and a black and white coat. E gets put into the car by F, and starts crying for porridge. We are already late, so he learns that the consequence of refusing to eat his porridge on time is to go to school without having his porridge. It’s not a big issue though, as he gets fed at school. So I lock the doors and windows and drive him to school as he throws a tantrum for the entire 10 minute drive. I shove him into the school gate and head to work.
It’s another ZESA sponsored stair workout today. I log into the register, and fill up my kettle with water. I switch on my computer, check my work email and send off client emails to my team for their response. My personal email has an annual report from one of the companies I have shares in so I check out if there’s a dividend this year. I own a negligible number of shares in the company though, but 28c per share is quite impressive. I check to see if my stock exchange wallet has been credited with the money I transferred there so I can buy more shares. It still hasn’t so I send a follow up email o the enquiries desk at the stock exchange. I do have a stockbroker, but I prefer doing my trades myself. I also do some French on Duolingo before 8am.
0830 – Our HR is in a tizzy because people are late for work. I don’t make a big deal out of it usually, because salaries are shit and people are demotivated. As long as my team shows up and does some work, I’m ok. I approve some work, and warn my team about coming in a bit too late. I also tell a teammate that she will have to cover for me on Monday as I am taking the day off. Our internet connectivity is shit so I can’t log into our system to check some stuff. My work bestie gives me avocados from her house. I almost cry because I have been craving avocados, but been too cheap to buy them.
1000 – I have a really bad sore throat. I am also hungry since I haven’t had breakfast yet. I jot down my shopping list for the weekend and head to Pick ‘n’ Pay to buy carrots, green peppers, tomatoes, lemons, cheese, polony and bread. I also buy my breakfast/lunch, which is rice, beans, ox liver and egg salad**. It all cost $10**. I leave my shopping in my car, and go to the office to wolf down my food, and take my multivitamin and painkiller. I also receive my wigs that I bought in May. Perfect timing, as I want to wear a new wig tomorrow for our girls’ day out.
I do some more work, and remind my team to send me the information I need for my daily reports.
1300 – I go out to buy a few items I didn’t find in Pick ‘n’ Pay earlier**. I go to Spar and buy peas, eggs, soft drinks for the outing tomorrow and a sausage roll. Total cost is $10**. The outing has been deemed kid friendly, so I needed drinks for the boys to have tomorrow. I get back into the office, and spend the rest of the lunch hour working.
1600 – It’s finally time to go home. I send my email to handover work issues for the person who will take over my role on Monday while I am on leave. I also send my out of office email, and head home. The kids are at their grandmother’s, so I take a leisurely bath, put on my pyjamas and eat dinner. Then I watch Masterchef Australia until P and E get home. I also get in some French Duolingo practice
2000 – P goes out with his friends, so I snuggle up on the couch with E and watch TV. I put E to bed, read him his bedtime story and kiss him good night. I finally finish season 13 of Masterchef Australia, and move on to My Kitchen Rules Australia. I love Australian reality shows, ngl.
2200 – I go to bed P gets home and tells me some bad news about a friend of ours. I feel very sad for him. He cuddles me and we sleep.
Total spent - $20

Day 3
0700 – I wake up feeling like a truck ran me over. I get out of bed, and get ready to hand-wash our laundry. We still have no running water so we can’t use the washing machine. I play music while doing my laundry to keep me motivated
0900 – Laundry has been hung out to dry. F has cooked potato curry, so I boil eggs and water. I have my breakfast of potato curry, egg, multivitamin and coffee. Once I’m done, I give E a bath and dress him. I also bath, moisturize, do my brows and get dressed. I’m wearing jeans and a t-shirt today as my friends and I ae supposed to take our kids out for a playdate. Then I receive a message that the outing is cancelled since one of our group is really sick. I try to think of something I can do with E, since L is out having fun with his grandmother. I do my Swahili Duolingo practice.
1100 – The welder comes to do some work on our garage door. I monitor the work for a bit, and then my nephew takes over. E starts really bugging me to go out. So I put on my headband wig and sneakers, and pack a cooler bag with snacks and drinks. We head into town and I buy myself some ciders for $9. These are for me to drink when the mood strikes me. E wants to go to a resort by the lake so I oblige him. We pay $8 for our entrance. He goes to play on the swings, and I take pictures of him having fun. Another family turns up, and one of his classmates is among them. He’s so happy, and goes to play with his friend. I watch him running around.
1500 – I get a call from my friend that she’s in town with my cake. This cake was meant for the cancelled outing. I pack up our stuff, hustle E into the car and drive back into town. I let out some colourful swear words when I realise I forgot to get our change of $2. Anyway**, I meet up with my friend and get the cake, and pay her $30**. It’s so pretty. I call my MIL while still in town to find out what time she will be there so I can pick up L. She says it will be an hour, so E and I head home to drop off the cake so it doesn’t melt in my AC-less car.
1600 – We are back in town waiting for L and MIL. E wants an ice cream so I buy him one for $0.50 using money I had in my Innbucks wallet. MIL calls and asks me to head over to where she is to pick L up since she can’t leave yet. E and I get there. MIL gets me sadza and goat tripe stew, which I eat a bit of to be polite even though I am not hungry. When I’m done, I pack up the kids and drive home. I bath and change into my pyjamas.
1800 – I feed the kids, and we play until their weekend bedtime of 8pm. I read them their bedtime stories and tuck them in. I watch TV and iron my morning laundry while having a gin and juice until 9pm, and head to read in bed. P and my nephew arrive home from their amateur soccer league match and subsequent outing with the boys. I fall asleep soon after.
Total spent - $49.50

Day 4
0700 – I’m woken up by L demanding that I come and play with them. I am still sleepy so I fob him off.
0900 - F knocks on the door and tells us she is off to church. I finally get out of bed and get dressed. I see the boys playing relatively peacefully so I let them continue with their antics. In the kitchen, I find F had cooked breakfast, and since I’m starving, I heat up water for coffee. L surprisingly isn’t hungry so I serve up breakfast for P and me. I have my daily multivitamin. P heads out to go fetch water, while I bath, change and hang out with the kids. I also do my French Duolingo practice for the day
1200 – I have played with the dogs and kids, and I am exhausted. I collapse onto the couch and watch MKR Australia. P gets home, and naps on the couch. I give the kids haircuts and baths.
1700 – L is hungry and really wants cake, so I feed the kids a dinner of sadza and sour milk. Then some cake for dessert. I also pack L’s school lunch, which will be a polony sandwich, a cupcake and juice. The kids play until its bedtime at 7pm. The usual routine, bedtime stories and tuck in is done
2000 – P and I watch a movie while having some alcoholic drinks.
2200 – Bedtime for us
Total spent - $0

Day 5
0600 – It’s my birthday today. I am going all out celebrating myself since TW I tried unaliving myself twice in the past year. L wishes me a happy birthday before he goes to school. I get birthday messages from my mum, dad, SILs, and friends. I also get a call from my brother, his wife and their son, and they sing to me. I feel very loved today. P goes to drop off E at school today so I can sleep in
0800 – I am finally up and hungry. I cook a quick breakfast of boiled eggs, and a bean curry. P takes my car to get serviced, while I bath, moisturize, contact lenses, do a full face of makeup and get dressed for the day. Today I wear a tie-dyed cutout mini-dress and sneakers, and my wavy headband wig
1300 – P is home and he drives me to a hotel outside town near a renowned tourist site in our country. We have a platter of fried fish, chicken strips, pork strips, fries, and a salad to share and multiple Savannah Drys while there. It’s really nice getting to reconnect after a very tumultuous year in our marriage. P pays.
1700 – We drive around the area, before heading home. Once we get home, P and my nephew go on a hunt for water, while I feed the kids. P and I head off to take our showers. I remember why I don’t do a full face of makeup when it take a long time to get the makeup off my face.
1900 – The family sings happy birthday, and we eat cake. Birthday gifts were gin and chocolate. I hustle the boys off to bed. No story today, as they went to bed later than usual. P watches TV while I read my novel.
2100 – Bedtime for the grownups
Total spent - $0

Day 6
0530 – I wake up and lie in bed for a bit. Then I read my novel some more.
0620 – I am up, and take my bath, moisturize, do my brows and get dressed. It’s cold this morning, so I wear a yellow dress with black polka dots, black tights and ankle boots. I pack up the cake I’m giving to my colleagues, as well as my water bottle. E and I head out. I drop E off at school, and go to the office. I log into the work register, turn on my computer, and check my emails. There are a few pressing issues I need to get up to speed with. One of my colleagues gives me $50 as a birthday gift. I also hand out the cake to my team.
0900 – Work is pretty quiet today, so I update my MD. I also receive news that one of my nephews is getting married. He is not that much younger than me, and could be my younger brother, but it makes me feel so old.
Note on my family: In our culture, even distant relatives are given close relationships so the large number of nephews/nieces is from those relationships. It’s a big thing done to maintain close family bonds. I have 4 actual (in a Western sense) nephews and nieces who are all under the age of 6.
1000 – I head to the supermarket and buy bread, onions, carrots, pork chops, pork trotters and my breakfast and lunch. This costs $25. The meat is the main cost driver here. I have a sausage roll, my multivitamin, supplement and milk for breakfast. I remember that I need to check if my stock exchange wallet was credited, ugh. The website is refusing to load and I’m very frustrated. I finally log in and see the amount is still not credited. I email and send a tweet to the stock exchange. Hopefully the tweet will get them to start moving.
1200 – My boss is mad. One member of my team left his desk without informing me and there’s an urgent matter. I was about to go downstairs to give P the groceries, so I stick around for a bit before committing the same offence as my subordinate, lol. I quickly get back into my office and check on work, sign some papers and letters, and clear out my emails.
1300 – My work bestie has to run other errands at lunch so I decide to stay in the office. I check my personal email and see I have received a dividend of $0.27, lol. The share price will probably drop soon, so I will buy more shares in this counter if I can get them to increase my shareholding. My goal for this year is to breach the 10,000 share mark for one counter. I suddenly remember I have work to do, so I use my lunch hour to do the work, and then take a quick break to eat my lunch of fries and a sausage and do some Swahili Duolingo practice.
1500 – I am thinking of going home when one of my team members calls me to deal with an angry client. I go to the office, and find out it’s a surprise birthday party from my team. I am so happy, lol. We have more cake, and there’s also fruit and juice. I head home feeling so appreciated with even more cake.
1700 – P and my nephew go out to get water. I warm up my bath water, and give the kids their dinner. Today its rice and croc meat. I make L’s lunch for tomorrow, a toasted polony sandwich and juice. I also pack my lunch, rice, a fried egg and peas. And some cake for my work bestie’s kids. I take my bath; change into my pyjamas and hound E to eat his food. If we let that kid be, he would probably live on the bits of our souls he sucks out daily by being stubborn. I am feeling nauseous so I have plain rice with a bit of avocado. The kids watch cartoons, while I do some more Swahili on Duolingo.
1900 – Bedtime for the kids. Today, there’s no demand for a bedtime story, so I just tuck them in and tell them I love them. I read my novel as increasingly feel more nauseated. I end up going to hurl my guts out. P comes home and finds me lying limply on the bed. He gives me a cuddle, and goes to eat his dinner. I get up but smell fish, and run back to throw up. If I hadn’t had a hysterectomy, I would be doing a pregnancy test ASAP.
2100 – I go to bed, and lie in bed for a bit, before finally drifting off.
Total spent - $25

Day 7
0500 – I wake up feeling nauseated again. Ugh, this reminds me of having hyperemesis while pregnant. I put my water on to heat and get back in bed to read some more.
0600 – E comes to lie on our bed. I get out of bed, and go throw up. I get my bath water, take my bath, moisturize and put my contacts in. I look like a reanimated corpse this morning. I do my brows to try bring a bit of life to my face and get dressed. It’s very misty and cold today so I put on warm brown tights, a long black dress, my warm jacket and ballet flats. I grab my lunch and the cake, pop E into the car and head out. Visibility is extremely low, so I drive slowly. I don’t know why people like surprising other drivers by having their cars pop out of the mist without switching on their headlights. I successfully avoid the drivers who hate life and drop E off at school before heading to work.
0700 – I am in the office, and I log into the register, before turning on my computer and checking my work email. Not too much in there, so I check my personal email. My stock exchange wallet has finally been credited with the $100. I also ponder whether I should pull the trigger on a V-part wig.
I do my weekly report, and start doing some boring work in the system. I realise I didn’t save the work I did yesterday, so I have to re-do it, so I can have the list of error messages to send to ICT.
0830 – Everyone is in the office, so I do some reshuffling of duties, so that essential areas are covered while one of my colleagues is on leave. I give the cake to work bestie, who tells me how much her daughter was excited over the cake yesterday. It’s now time for me to put my head down and really focus on knocking out the system work today. I also log into an online training, and I listen while doing my work. My mum also deposits money for my birthday gift and to spoil her grandkids.
1000 – I log into my stock exchange account and buy shares for $99.14 (doesn’t count as spending, as the money was moved before the MD started). The deadline for other departments to submit their weekly reports to me for consolidation has passed so I start following up. One department is a big problem as they always send their report late. Le sigh. I draft a very passive aggressive email to them. I also decide not to buy the wig and instead ask the person making me my custom earrings that I got myself for my birthday to bill me the rest of the money so I can pay and move the remainder of the money in my account into savings. Our currency has taken an enormous hit in the last week, and is free falling dramatically. I’d rather keep USD cash than money in my account at this point. The training finally ends.
1100 – I’m getting hungry so I go warm up my lunch, sprinkle on peri peri Aromat and dig in. Yum. I also have my multivitamin and supplement. A lady who sells local snacks comes in. She persuades me to buy maputi (corn nuts mixed with roasted peanuts) for $0.50. I buy them for my afternoon snack. I end up sending the report with missing statistics, and tell the department to send directly to the compiler, as they were late. That was a very aggressive email tbh. I’m still hungry, so I munch on my maputi, leaving the peanuts because I don’t feel like eating them lately.
1200 – I see a missed call from a number I don’t know. I call and it turns out they had sent money to my mobile wallet mistakenly. I check the mobile wallet and it shows it had an extra $11. I send the money back to the person. Times are too tough to keep people’s money
1400 – I snack on a few skittles instead of having more food. I just want something to entertain my mouth, I’m not hungry at all. I review more work and drink more water. The jeweler has sent the payment request for the earrings. I pay $100 (total spent on the earrings comes to $200, which is worth it for sterling silver custom made Jewellery. I use $50 of the birthday money from my mum to cover for part of this expense)
1600 – Finally time to go home. I shut down my computer, and drive home. Once I’m home, I put on my bath water, and help L do his homework. Then I do some Swahili Duolingo practice and pack L’s lunch for tomorrow. He requested maize (corn on the cob), a boiled egg and a naartjie. His wish is my command for once. I also pack my lunch, a boiled egg, peanut butter sandwich and a bit of birthday cake. The jeweler sends pictures of the final product. They are absolutely gorgeous. Happy 34th birthday to me!!!
1800 – I serve the kids their dinner, and go to take my bath. P sends a text that he will be home late as they are working late today. I have my own dinner while persuading E to eat his food
1900 – Bedtime for the kids. I read them their bedtime stories, tuck them in and tell them I love them. Then I go to watch TV. I’m catching up on Married to Real Estate, Food Factory and Man Vs Food. You can tell that reality TV is my jam.
2100 – I decide to have some decaf black coffee and cake as my bedtime snack. P and my nephew arrive home. They are later than they thought they would be because nephew dropped his phone in the middle of the highway and they were searching for it. Because nephew’s ancestors were on the job, they found it intact. It’s a big deal because this is a major highway and huge trucks use that road constantly. I chat with P as he has his dinner and takes his bath.
2200 – Cuddles and bedtime for us

Total spent today – $100

Total spent this week – $204.50

Spending by categories
Food & Drink – $84.50
Home & Health – $0
Clothing & Beauty – $110
Transportation – $0
Fun & Entertainment – $10

Reflections on this week’s spending
The spending is pretty much about normal for me tbh (excluding the cake and earrings). I had quite a bit of petrol in the tank so I didn’t need to top up my tank this week. The converted US$ prices are a bit inaccurate since our currency had a big drop this week, and most of my spending is in local currency. I could reign in my spending a bit, and focus more on investing. However, I do enjoy using my money to bring joy to my kids and myself. Particularly myself after the absolutely shitty year I had.
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2023.06.08 06:49 India360_canada Memories are made around the table: Create unforgettable moments with our incredible food.

Memories are made around the table: Create unforgettable moments with our incredible food. submitted by India360_canada to u/India360_canada [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 05:35 sk8outtacompton Food aversion

Sorry, its kind of long and most details are probably irrelevant. I'm 23F.
I posted here the other day, and it was so comforting to get multiple responses from people who understand and want to help, so here I am again. As said in my last post, I don't know that I'm on the spectrum as I'm undiagnosed. No ones ever expressed they thought I was, and I only started to connect some dots after seeing stuff on tiktok a while ago. The only thing that ever gave me pause growing up was my picky eating. I have lots of issues with texture, taste, and smell. Vegetables mostly. I can't eat pretty much any vegetable. I only like raw baby carrots, and I can tolerate celery and onions when they are chopped fine enough and cooked soft enough that I can't feel them. It's disconcerting to bite i to something soft like taco meat or hashbrown casserole and have that unexpected (crunch?) of an onion.
Anyways, the current problem is that my boyfriend of 5 years does not have these picky eating issues and gets frustrated with me that we can't eat anything besides chicken fingers and fries and noodles (a simplified/shortened list, but not by much.) I've been trying my hardest because its not like I LIKE not being able to eat normal stuff; it's embarrassing to be at lunch with coworkers or dinner with boyfriend's parents when I can only order off the kids menu.
Several weeks ago, we started getting HelloFresh. It's teaching us to cook, portion, and giving us already set and easy to cook meals 4 times a week. I hate it. There are some meals I like, and my boyfriend has always said we don't have to put everything in the meal if I don't like certain ingredients. But most dishes I feel like have to be cooked a certain way, or its just bland. I also feel like I agreed to HelloFresh so I could help myself expand my diet, and getting rid of the stuff I don't want is just cheating. All meals have multiple vegetables, almost always green onions. Even pasta dishes which are normally safe for me are always supposed to be covered in tomato or mushroom sauce, which I don't like the taste of.
I don't even really know what I'm asking here. I guess, is food aversion (especially texture) curable? Like will I ever be able to eat vegetables and not cry and have to hold my hand over my mouth so I can't spit it out? Or is this just something about myself I need to give into? Does anyone have any tips or suggestions?
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2023.06.08 05:04 FairlyBaggy I'm a picky eater and it negatively impacts my life

I'm a 21 year old man and I've been a picky eater all my life. Since childhood i would eat nothing but a few select foods and would refuse to try anything else. I have gotten better but not by much. I like chicken nuggets, french fries, cheeseburgers, macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches, greek yogurt and pasta. I like bananas and oranges but thats it. I hate just about all vegetables. I cannot tolerate seafood no matter how much I try to and the smell makes me nauseous. I cannot eat anything that is green because it reminds me too much of vomit. One time I was at a party that served tortilla chips with guacamole and I could not physically bring myself to eat it. The thought of eating it made me nauseous.
I am a normal weight but my eating habits have caused me unintentional weight loss at times. I have no desire to lose weight. My eating habits have turned away women I've dated. I will not go out to eat at a restaurant that doesn't have the food I desire the most. One girl wanted to go to a mexican restaurant but I absolutely hate mexican food. I think mexican food is some of the worst food out there. I can tolerate tacos as long as it has no lettuce but thats it. I don't know how to cook many meals and I am embarrassed about that.
I don't know what to do. I dislike most foods and I don't have a desire to eat them but I hate being a picky eater.
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2023.06.08 04:27 Responsible-Crow-985 Had a lot of onions, made a French soup

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2023.06.08 04:06 boughtsomemore Dean’s French Onion Dip with Fritos Honey BBQ Flavor Twists .

Dean’s French Onion Dip with Fritos Honey BBQ Flavor Twists .
My boyfriend and I crushing these for dinner tonight. Try it guys, we’re only tipsy.
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2023.06.08 03:53 chewbaccasmomm My favorite flatbread BBQ chicken pizza! 480 cal

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2023.06.08 03:51 konorsacks1 The fish or the vegi?

The fish or the vegi?
My only options are the fish or the vegetarian. I'm thinking fish, just seeing if anyone has had it and if it's not good
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2023.06.08 03:36 yoshibike Vegan Vendor Options

I've gone through the list of food vendors and done my best to compile all the vegan options. Menus are subject to change, and I'm sure I missed some stuff - such as the various french fry options! I also didn't really check any of the coffee places as I'm sure in 2023 they'll all have plenty of plant-based milks.
Ahli Babas Kabob Shop
Likely Vegan:
Falafel w / Hummus (Tahini sauce likely not vegan)
Pakora served with salsa
French Fries
Sweet Potato Fries
Maybe Vegan:
Greek Salad (Ordered without feta, unsure about "house dressing")
Asian Sensation
Vegetarian Rice
Vegetarin Lo Mein
(There's also "Vegetarian Spring Rolls" that don't appear to be vegan)
Bulldog Burgery
French Fries
Potato Chips
Sliced Watermelon
Kettle Corn
Cheese Street
Fruit Medley
Assorted Chips
The Coconut Bowl And Grill
Acai Bowls
Guacamole Bowls
Curry Rice Bowls
Breakfast Bowls
Banana Coffee
(these all appear to be easily made vegan)
Dank Nugs
Minto Mango Lemonade
Likely Vegan:
Veggie Nugs - Tempura battered cauliflower and broccoli (Could be something nonvegan in the batter)
El Campeon
Likely Vegan:
Piña Colada
Strawberry Colada
Mango Colada
Festi Bowl
All veggie :-)
Fire & Rice Paella
Vegan Paella (Seasonal Vegetables, Imported Saffron, Bomba Rice, Roasted Red Potatoes, Saffron, Roasted Red Peppers, and Peas)
French Fries
Possibly vegan:
Fried Oreos (sometimes they get battered in nonvegan stuff)
Higher Taste
All veggie :-)
Hippie Dips
Smoothies (+ add ins like protein, granola and chia seeds)
Island Noodles
Just order without chicken!
King Of Pops
Some of the popsicle flavors are vegan! Looks like the fruit based ones mostly
Pizza Nova
Vegan pizza!
I can't find specific items but possible vegan options? As indian food often is veg
Vegan poke bowl
(Hopefully boba tea too!)
Rice Rice Baby
Possibly vegan:
Customized bowls
Veggie Potstickers
Tempura Veggies
Pita Chips
Potato Tornado
Space Fruit
Nitro Smoothies / Smoothie Bowls
Those Sugar Mamas
I see vegan macaroons on their insta!!!
Wookie Dogs
Listed as having vegan option on Bonnaroo's website :-)
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2023.06.08 03:12 kassiekie Potato Bar - Mississauga

A baked potato bar - Fully halal
A wide variety of topings and condiments including but not limited to olives, corn, carrots, green onions, peppers, guac, sour cream etc....
Protiens include chicken, beef, sausage, tuna etc
3525 Platinum Dr, unit 119, Mississauga
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2023.06.08 02:55 Froggoz-And-2-Antzz songs I like and that you may like when you listen to them

Habits - Genevieve stokes
Not Another Rockstar - Maisie Peters
Blonde - Massie Peters
Cold Cold Cold - Cage The Elephant
LEMONS ( with Cavetown ) - Brye, Cavetown
La seine - French Café Ensemble
Art hoe - Call Me Karizma
I Miss Having Sex But At Least I Don't Wanna Die Anymore - Waterparks
Girls In Bikinis - Poppy
Cooler Than Me - Mike Posner, Big Sean
Rebels - Call Me Karizma
Queen Of Broken Hearts - blackbear
Onion Boy - Issac Dunbar
Rule #4 < Fish in a birdcage - Fish in a birdcage
Under My Skin - Jukebox The Ghost
Blah Blah Blah - The Oozes
Bye now :)
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2023.06.08 02:36 tpfang56 Stouffer’s - French Bread Pizzas

Stouffer’s - French Bread Pizzas
Cost: $3.99 (on sale, $4.99 off)
Someone asked me how these compare to the Red Baron french bread pizzas when I posted my review of those, and honestly these are almost as good.
Not quite as tasty as Red Baron’s. However these actually have a tomato sauce, so they offer a different experience and are more like a traditional pizza rather than a cheesy garlic bread.
The tomato sauce is a little sweet but the cheese offers a nice contrast. Remember to finish these in the air fryer for a nice crisp. I do 1-1.5mins in the microwave and then 3-4mins in the air fryer at 400F.
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2023.06.08 02:24 zombiegamer87 IBS/Crohns shopping list HELP??

Hey guys I'm undergoing tests atm for stomach/intestinal issues, the last 2 weeks have sucked and I've been so bloody nauseated and fatigued it's been driving me nuts. Turns out my "healthy" diet was causing me to flare up so I've been googling and making a shopping list that I can eat/partly enjoy...its a bit mish mash atm...I'm gonna paste it below. Please give me feedback and ideas for meals. Also I love hotdogs, burritos/enchiladas...give me alternatives if you guys have any. I'm not amazing with dairy products I can handle small amounts of cheese or American slices but cant drink regular milk. If you have any meal ideas based on the list please feel free to chime in I'm not a fussy eater at all just struggling to find foods/meals I can eat that won't cause me pain.
I'm 36 and have never had to really worry about this before, it's a bit of a system shock having to be so careful with my diet tbh and I'm not exactly ecstatic lol but I want to avoid flare ups like this as I feel like absolute crap atm.
List is mish mash as its the same order as the shelves in the shop I go to lol.

IBS/Crohns Shopping list

-Potato (possibly frozen)
-Carrots (possibly frozen/tinned)
-carrot swede mash
-Cooked chicken
-Pro biotic drinks (keep eye for cramping)
-Lactose free milk/Almond milk
-Yoghurt unsweetened (keep eye for cramping)
-Fish sticks/crab sticks.
-margarine/butter alternative spread.
(Cold meals/snack type food suggestions??? I have ADHD and I HATE cooking lol)
-Few packs of ramen (Test without the flavour satchet and just use soy sauce when not cramping and see how I react.)
-chicken mushroom Pot noodle (Test when not cramping as its an old convenience food i like lol)
-Tinned plum tomatoes (possible trigger)
-brown rice
-Tinned mackerel
-Tinned sardines
-frankfurters/hot dogs (eaten in moderation)
-Bbq sauce
-American mustard
-powdered ginger for capsules capsules
-powdered tumeric for capsules
-Frozen chicken
-Frozen fish
-frozen chicken burgers or meat free burgers?
(Best sauces to have with fish? I'll try gravy granules with the chicken that don't have onion or garlic etc)
-low fat beef mince 5% small pack to test when not flared up. Homemade burritos chopped tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, a little bbq sauce. Meat cooked in spray oil, Paprika, salt and pepper on the beef. Bland as hell burrito better than nothing...
-Smooth unsweetened peanut butter.
-porridge oats with some dried cranberries and banana.
-White Bread (this the best option right?)
-White wraps (ok for ibs?)
-White buns
This is all i have so far. Fed up of stomach cramps and fatigue now so any tips are welcome!
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2023.06.08 02:07 daremo007 Cheez Whiz

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2023.06.08 01:50 ARatNamedClydeBarrow This is all I have in my kitchen. Not sure when I’ll be able to afford groceries again. I need ideas for what I can make with this.

This is all I have in my kitchen. Not sure when I’ll be able to afford groceries again. I need ideas for what I can make with this. submitted by ARatNamedClydeBarrow to povertykitchen [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 01:25 Indian_Chef Indian Food Edmonton - Indian Chef Exclusive Takeout

Indian Food Edmonton - Indian Chef Exclusive Takeout submitted by Indian_Chef to u/Indian_Chef [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 01:20 mangobutter6179 Will freezing a paste made from very dry fried onions, almonds and cashews keep it preserved?

I am trying to meal prep a chicken curry recipe, the main two things that take up time is preparing the fried onion paste and green chili paste so that's why i want to freeze . the green chili paste i know would freeze well, it's cilantro mint and chili.
The fried onion paste however i have not tried freezing before
the fried onions are premade store bought ones, and i would blend it with some water, the cashews and almonds. For freezing maybe if i blend it with some oil instead of water that would be better?
and in general how is it freezing yogurt based things? like if i wanted to freeze yogurt marinated chicken or yogurt based soup (
if anyone has any insight that would be great
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2023.06.08 01:14 Holiday-Appearance74 dealing with thin parents who used to be fat

(potentially triggering content vis-a-vis growing up fat)
does anyone else have fat-to-thin parents and feel like you’re a disappointment to them due to your size? my parents would never say it outright, but i imagine they’re quietly wondering why i couldn’t lose the weight while they could. my mom is the best but knowing how she speaks to herself, i can’t bring myself to wear anything tight around her because i imagine her picking me apart in her head, even though she gasses me up endlessly and tries to feed me like a christmas ham when i visit once a week. my dad teases me about being physically lazy but there’s no venom behind it…and also he’s kind of right, i take walks and camp often but i love laying down.
i’m not really looking for advice, just wanted to write about something that has been on my mind lately and see if anyone has had a similar experience because i feel alone in this.
my mom was a fat teenager during the 80s/90s, lost weight around middle of high school via atkins or something along those lines, and has been thin ever since. she still has a lot of body dysmorphia and goes on and off crash diets. i think being fat during that period of her life was extremely traumatic, she describes having to cut open the arms of all her shirts because her arms were too big to fit. my dad similarly was always a big guy and hovered around 300+ lbs until i was at least 10, then dropped most of the weight and got SUPER worryingly thin, and recently has gained a solid amount back. my grandma on my mom’s side has been fat since she was in her early 20s.
i was a chubbier kid— looking back on photos, i was very clearly just in that “storing up fat before puberty phase” but my family shit their pants about it. when friends came over, my mom would give them ice cream and then give me fruit salad without thinking about how strange and isolating that would feel. it was just a lot of little actions that added up to a whole lot of body dysmorphia for me— i was also (and still am) VERY hairy so i really just felt like this big fat monster. i struggled (still do) to make friends and this was definitely a huge part of why.
i also HATED veggies or anything that wasn’t chicken nuggets, basically. i grew out of this and now i love every kind of veggie— turns out they’re great when you roast them and season them instead of steaming them in a microwave, lol. this bothered my dad a lot and one of my worst memories ever still kind of haunts every interaction i have with him. i don’t tell this story to anybody, even my loving and supportive partner because it was just so humiliating. i was no more than 6 years old and my dad shoved corn in my mouth with his hand and kept it there until i choked because he was so pissed about my picky eating. later that night (or maybe a few days later, i was 6 who knows) i went into his room and he started taunting me, only i didn’t understand what he was doing until much later. he was like “of course you want a snack, let me guess— deep fried chicken nuggets? french fries?” i don’t even remember exactly what he said, but the tone was so nasty and sing-songy. he talked to me like i was a pig. i’ve NEVER brought this up with either parent but it’s my worst memory. i have a good long-distance relationship with him now but it still weighs on me.
i love my body, or at least try to. i am the largest i’ve ever been and i feel so sexy and feminine when i put actual clothes on. it bothers me that my parents are probably assuming i hate myself, that i’m trying and failing to lose weight. i would love to hear your thoughts and feelings if you’re in a similar place!
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2023.06.08 00:53 No-Negotiation-1860 Jersey Mikes apparently there’s a coupon code, plus there’s also $6 peak pay in the area.

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2023.06.08 00:41 nickhoude21 Adding and removing toppings on the BK app makes it like like burger King has no idea what goes on a chicken sandwich

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