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2023.03.30 16:55 SublunarFox I know this sounds insane, but hear me out. What if FNaF 3 takes place after Pizzeria Simulator?

Over the past few days, I’ve been thinking about the FNaF timeline a lot, spurred on by the release of the final part of the timeline. The main thought that I’ve been following and researching specifically is the placement of FNaF 3 and Pizzeria Simulator, and how it’s largely believed that Pizzeria Simulator takes place after FNaF 3. This probably makes the most sense from a timeline perspective, but I questioned it anyway, and started looking for discussions of FNaF 3 taking place after Pizzeria Simulator.

This is a theory that has existed for a while, the oldest discussions I’ve found being around 5 years ago, following the release of Pizzeria Simulator. Discussions about this since have been largely unorganized, so I‘ve decided to post this, adding in many of my own thoughts and organizing it. I started off thinking that there’s no way that this theory could possibly true, but now I’m not sure. At the very least, it got me to think and question things we’ve just assumed we know about the series without bothering to truly prove it because it just seems so obvious.

First, I’m going to address what is the most commonly brought up point against this theory, the design of Afton in Pizzeria Simulator. He looks to be more damaged and decayed in Pizzeria Simulator, missing his left arm and his right ear. My argument against this is that the designs of the animatronics just aren’t completely accurate in Pizzeria Simulator. The design of Afton doesn’t make sense unless you put Pizzeria Simulator after Security Breach, which doesn’t seem very likely. In Security Breach, Burntrap is seen to have his left arm and right ear back. While he probably was repaired, it wouldn’t explain the flesh and fabric still hanging on to the right arm and hand of the endoskeleton. Repairing the machinery wouldn‘t make the flesh grow back. Another piece of evidence showing that the physical appearance of the animatronics in Pizzeria Simulator may not be entirely accurate is Molten Freddy. Molten Freddy’s mask is just so much different than Funtime Freddy and The Blob‘s masks, being metallic and fragmented much more, compared to the plastic, four part mask of Funtime Freddy and The Blob.

With the physical appearance of the animatronics out of the way, let’s get to what FNaF 3 coming after Pizzeria Simulator would explain, starting with the location of FNaF 3 itself. Fazbear’s Fright is a horror attraction based on the stories surrounding the Freddy’s franchise. Fazbear Entertainment Inc. is shown to prefer trying to forget about the tragedies, and passing off anything said about the locations being dangerous as rumors. After all, they are the ones who boarded Afton in the safe room, which is a point I’ll get to later. After the dissolution of Fazbear Entertainment Inc., Fazbear’s Fright can be built without worry of being struck down.

Next up, the souls of the dead kids in Molten Freddy. The souls being present in Fazbear’s Fright is clear, regardless of which ending would be canon. For the sake of this argument, I’m going to be going off the idea shown in the final part of the Ultimate Timeline, where the spirits are released in FNaF 3 and Fazbear‘s Fright burns. There is quite a clear difference in behavior between Molten Freddy and The Blob. Molten Freddy acts as you would expect many of the haunted animatronics in the series to act, moving with a goal to kill you, the player. The Blob, however, is far more animalistic and mindless, attacking not only you, but Burntrap as well. I found it odd that The Blob would attack Burntrap, considering that Molten Freddy and Scraptrap are in the vents at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Place for a while without ever seeming to really care about each other. I believe that this is because the Pizzeria Simulator fire, regardless of when that happens, separates the souls from Molten Freddy, leaving him as just a mass of remnant, doing whatever it can to gather more remnant and agony into itself.

How does this relate to the placement of FNaF 3 and Pizzeria Simulator in the timeline? I believe that in the Pizzeria Simulator fire, the souls detach themselves from Molten Freddy, and then reattach themselves onto Afton himself. A detail I’ve always kept in the back of my mind is that in FNaF 3, you don’t encounter any phantoms until Springtrap shows up. This means that, in some way, the phantoms are tied to Afton. There are 6 phantom animatronics, one of which is the Puppet, which seems to be much more real than the others, being able to see its reflection in puddles of water. The other 5 phantoms I believe to be the spirits of the 5 kids, although it’s a bit odd that they don’t all take the forms of one of the original 5 animatronics. I don’t have an answer for that myself, but feel free to leave your own ideas about that. There are a couple possibilities as to why the phantoms would be attacking the player, who would make sense to be Micheal. I’ll explain how and why Micheal would be the player later on in this post.

The first possibility is just that the phantoms can’t tell the difference. Micheal and William are supposed to be similar, as told in the cutscene when you beat the Golden Freddy preset on Very Hard mode in Sister Location. “They didn’t recognize me at first, but then they thought I was you.” This similarity could also be compounded by the fact that, at this point in the story, both William and Micheal are decayed. It’s important to note that out of the 6 phantoms, 2 of them don’t attack you. Phantom Mangle just watches you through the window with the annoying static noise before leaving, as if they realized you’re not the person they’re haunting. Phantom Puppet gets really close to your face, covering your vision, watching you, before disappearing. Another possibility is that they recognize you from the Pizza Place, and thought that you were the one to set the building on fire, so they become aggressive towards you.

Having FNaF 3 happen after Pizzeria Simulator would also explain the burnt design of the phantoms, especially the puppet, who seems to be physical, and not just a spirit. If it is true that Henry and Micheal gathered up all of the remaining remnant they could in the Pizza Place to burn it all down, the animatronics that are now phantoms in Fazbear’s Fright would probably have been there in some way as well. Because of my point earlier about physical appearances not always being accurate, I understand that this point is not the most stable, but I thought it was worth mentioning anyway.

Micheal being the security guard we play as in FNaF 3 may seem like it would disprove this theory because everything burns at the end, but it’s clear that the Pizzeria Simulator fire didn’t do much. No matter when it happens, everyone seems to live in one way or another except for maybe Henry. It‘s possible that we don’t play as Micheal in FNaF 3, but seeing as everything burns at the end I find it highly unlikely. There’s also the issue of Micheal still being human, even if that human is decaying, so he would probably still be susceptible to burning. It’s possible that Micheal was just able to escape from the Pizza Place fire. Based on Henry’s speech, it seems that he didn’t really give Micheal the choice of leaving. Henry saying that he feels “that you are right where you want to be” could be his kinder way of saying “I realize you have remnant in you, so I can’t let you leave.” Micheal, however, being the survivor that he is, could have found the way out that was planned for him. Also, if Micheal dies in that fire, who‘s watching the video saying that Fazbear Entertainment is no longer a corporate entity? It wouldn’t make sense for that video to even be made if person who would receive it is dead.

Now, the safe room. A problem with this theory is that Springtrap was taken out of one of the boarded up safe rooms and brought to Fazbear’s Fright. So, I went back to the FNaF 3 phone calls by the phone dude about Springtrap, and I found that it was never explicitly stated that they found Springtrap in one of the safe rooms. On night one, the phone dude says that were tracking down a lead about a hidden safe room. On night two the phone dude just says that they found a real animatronic, with no explanation as to where they found it.

Springtrap being locked in the safe room for so long never really made sense to me. He has decades of time inside a room containing metal parts, and yet he supposedly wasn’t able to break his way out. To me, it makes much more sense that Springtrap would be able to break out of the safe room at some point over the decades after being locked in there with his animatronic body and the three arcade cabinets shown in the FNaF 3 mini-game where William gets springlocked. It doesn’t make the most sense, but it is certainly possible that they found Springtrap somewhere other than a safe room, possibly at what was left of the Pizza Place after the Pizzeria Simulator fire.

Of course, there are problems with this theory that I can’t explain. For example, why the puppet would be able to haunt the Pizzaplex in Security Breach if it wasn’t burned in the Pizzeria Simulator fire. I also couldn’t explain how Springtrap would end up back at the Pizza Place for Security Breach. Also, if Micheal is also in Security Breach inside of Glamrock Freddy, I couldn’t explain that either. It’s possible that whoever had the Pizzaplex built brought them all back from Fazbear’s Fright, but why would they want to do that? This is just a theory, and I would be happy to hear all of your thoughts on this.
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2023.03.30 16:55 Consistent_Draft6927 Shriekers

I stared out into the gray of another bleak winter morning and found myself lacking once again. Slamming the door closed, I reluctantly resigned one more day to the coward's ash pile of which I was a regular contributor. All those fleeting moments, minutes, hours… years… All wasted under the perpetual fear of an unknown evil, all the while knowing that the weight of responsibility fell squarely on my head alone.
The very last one…
I hadn't left my house in weeks. Months, possibly. The passage of time had slowed to an agonizing crawl, giving the impression of far longer. The isolation had near driven me mad, my hands giving into shakes whenever I'd hear noise from outside. The only comfort I found was within my own reflection, the remaining evidence I had that I was still a human being.
"There's nothing left for me out there..." I affirmed in the mirror, my daily mantra, as if trying to convince someone other than myself.
"Nothing at all."
I peeked through the blinds and watched a former neighbor shuffle down the street in a monstrous, shambling gait. The mangled stump of its foot dragged listlessly behind as it sluggishly made its way round the bend into the next street and out of sight. They were everywhere, waiting and ready in the shadows where I couldn't see. Shrieking. Every night was the same. Their bizarre mating calls blared out into the otherwise dead twilight, rending me from any peaceful sleep I might have possibly enjoyed. It was blood-curdling, like they were being flayed alive… and yet still with something joyous and terrible simmering underneath. Their crying wails are one of ecstatic, starved hunger.
They called me mad when I began fortifying my home, all the locks and shutters. Well, who's mad now? The shriekers, that's who. Utterly insane, driven only by their base instincts and a desire to destroy and assimilate. They wish to take me as well. I was so afraid, but I knew what needed to be done from the very start. I had to go back outside.
I had to burn them in their nest.
Summoning up all the spine I could muster, I silently slipped out through the front door and over to the one across the street on that freezing dark night. I could hear them moving around inside, yelping and shrieking as always. A thick sliver of disgust overpowered the terror as my jittering hands fumbled with the lid on the petrol canister. I regained my composure as I focused on my mission, allowing the revulsion to drive me. It spun off, clanking against the cold metal body of its host noisily, I swallowed a lump in my throat, reassuring myself that I was still as of yet unseen.
I attached the plastic hose and the pungent liquid flowed freely through the thin metal letterbox. I made sure to be quick about it, one slip up and it'd all be over. They'd be on me like a pack of wild dogs to a feast. The canister ran dry, and so I pulled out the lighter. I flicked its ignition repeatedly before finally striking flame, and after one last frantic look around, in it went.
The house immediately erupted in flames and I retreated back to safety, desperate to get inside before the swarm arrived to salvage its sickening brood. I observed half in glee and half in a growing dread as the nest was engulfed. Then just as expected, they arrived. Their awful wailing tearing through the night. I shuddered as I closed the blinds, hoping this would at the very least thin out their numbers, if not force them to move on from the area entirely. How I longed for the day when I could venture out without fear of an attack… to rebuild, and to restock my ever dwindling supplies. The start of a whole new world, a better world… like the old one. My eyes began to close as I fell into a deep sleep, the shrieking outside now just a familiar white noise of sorts, lulling me.
I awoke to a loud banging on the front door. They'd found me. I loaded the cartridges into my revolver, rounds spilling to the floor from their box as I panicked. More banging, I couldn't ignore it this time. They were never going to move on. Not until they had me. I knew it in that moment, I wasn't going down without a fight.
Through the shuddering sight I stared down the barrel of the revolver as I descended the stairs, growing closer and closer. The rattling pounded its way throughout the house, each knock making me flinch and throwing off my aim. I fired three shots through the door. The knocking stopped, but they weren't done.
A while later, they returned. I could hear an immense growling emanating from the street outside and I took position, gun trained shakily on the entryway. But it was no use.
A blinding flash filled the room and I dropped my weapon after only one misguided discharge. I was rushed by the horde and was sent tumbling to the floor, screaming 'till the very last. I felt something sharp prick my neck, and all went dark.
That was some time ago. A long time ago. Many years in fact. I'm still in their cage, but they'll never get me. I won't fall for their tricks. They've taken the form of human beings, a sick mockery of their former lives as normal people, in their never ceasing attempts to assimilate me along with the pills and potions fuelling their petty illusions.
They tell me that I'm a murderer, that I'm 'very unwell'. That I'm in a hospital and that the 'doctors' are here to help me. They even dressed up one of their own as my brother, my fucking brother, who perished in the initial outbreak. Lies, all lies. They know that when I, the last one, am assimilated that they'll finally be able to cover the planet entirely.
They underestimate me though. My resolve is strong. And when I escape this place, I'll burn them as I find them until they are no more. Until not a single shrieking demon remains.
I'm not scared anymore...
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2023.03.30 16:55 quickcleaningIL The key to success in your business: a spotless office thanks to cleaning services in Chicago

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2023.03.30 16:54 PaperGuidance I just want a doctor to believe me that BC makes it worse

I'm now on my third gynaecologist in a couple years. I feel like they all went to the same "birth control cannot possibly cause negative side effects and if your patient says it is then they're crazy" conference.
I can't take estrogen and the mini pill caused cystic breakouts EVERYWHERE - we're talking arm, neck and leg acne. They switched me to Mirena because it has "local hormones" (which if you take a second to think about it makes absolutely no sense) and my symptoms deteriorated for over a year.
But no, Mirena doesn't cause hair growth. It doesn't cause acne. It doesn't cause weight gain. It doesn't cause anxiety. It must be something I'm doing. Have I tried eating less and moving more?
I finally had it removed after arguing with the doctor (was I SURE it could be linked to the IUD?), many symptoms improved but not the constant bleeding. The new gyno prescribed...drumroll please...a 10 day course of progestin to "reset" my cycle. The same hormone in the mini pill and Mirena that made everything go sideways. Then was surprised when I didn't want to take it and asked what I wanted if not hormones.
I don't know, tests to confirm my diagnosis? To see if I'm insulin resistant? To see if my testosterone is elevated? To understand WHY I'm having these symptoms? Shouldn't you as the doctor want to find out why all these symptoms are happening and help me find the source??
I feel like ripping my hair out.
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2023.03.30 16:54 KrinnReaper Advice On Pricing Originals

I need some advice on how much to sell original artworks as I have my first real buyer. I have sold art before but it was a long time ago and I didn't spend nearly as much time on them. I was told that typically you add the price of materials + hrs + 30% and you'll get the right price. The two works that they are interested in came up to $70 for a 9x9 poster board painting, and $290 for a 24x36 oil on canvas painting. The prices are in Canadian dollars but it seems like a lot to me. Are these reasonable prices for originals that don't have any other copies of them made?
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2023.03.30 16:53 Longjumping-Jelly-14 I’m thinking about what games I want to do over spring break

I have about 10 days on my break so I’ll have a little more time to play some games. I can’t figure out what games to do though. Part of me is gearing towards finishing the DLC for dragon age origins since I’ve never done those and then buying dragon age 2 at a flea market near me. Part of me is debating god of war 2018 and ragnarok or last of us 1 and 2. Are there any suggestions y’all have? I want to make sure I choose the right game
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2023.03.30 16:53 s0undproof My Infinite list for this season

My Infinite list for this season
This is the deck that got me from about 83 to infinite this season. I think what helped the most is that it's quite snap friendly, so by the looks of your hand and your opponents deck you can often snap early and rake in a lot of 2-4 cube wins (although I'll admit I also had a few rough losses when I got too greedy).
Also, thanks to Second Dinner for the 5 ranks boosts, I am not sure I would have the time to grind it out otherwise.
The deck is based around soft (Goose) or hard (Storm, SM) location lockdown and then moving into those locations easily with high power. Also does great with restrictive locations which we have even more of nowadays.
I used to build this deck a bit differently, but have now added the mini movement package in NC, IF, Vulture and Miles as well which actually makes it run really well and gives a lot of options on how and when to distribute your power.
It does well in this meta as Thanos likes a lot of space, and Shuri wants to play big on the last few turns. Galactus can also be somewhat mitigated by Goose and Spider-man. The new Kitty decks are pretty rough though, luckily I faced just a few in the last few ranks.
Good luck to anyone looking to try it out!
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2023.03.30 16:52 passbroshop Interesting AK build question

I have two receiver flats that I can’t do anything with now that I can’t “manufacture” an “assault weapon”.
However, I also have a nearly complete Childers receiver. It’s complete enough that I had to FFL and 4473 it though it’s gutted and not populated.
This bare receiver is legally a pre ban firearm, so completing it isn’t manufacturing. Is there anything stopping me? I can’t get 30rd AK mags yes, but is there anything stopping me from getting a threaded AK barrel? A trunnion? A flash hider? The “firearm” itself predates the ban. What can and can’t I order to complete it?
Not a legal question, more so asking if anyone has interpreted the new law as “No, you can’t order a slant muzzle brake now”.
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2023.03.30 16:51 xiomuya Update

A little late, but here's an update on my wonky hairline case:
I certainly don't want a very symmetrical hairline but the initial hairline was extremely asymmetrical. So, on the 10th day after my HT I went back to my doctor for a check-up. Everything looked well. However, she agreed that the hairline was too asymmetrical, hence they immediately performed a second HT of 200 grafts to correct it.
Note: yes, experiencing the HT pain for the second time in 10 days nearly killed me 🥲
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2023.03.30 16:50 9Joker90 Question about crows

Hello, I’ve had this crow coming nearly daily to my porch and cawing for a few minutes till I go out there and shoo it away. I also had one cawing at me when I was playing sports a few days ago. Any reason for this? I’ve heard crows signal death so I’m slightly worried lol
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2023.03.30 16:50 Phratros Mac Studio or Mini for Adobe?

If this could be better answered at another sub, please let me know.
One of my users needs a new Mac. It will be used for working with 4K and higher content. The software is Adobe Creative Suite (mostly InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop; occasionally After Effects). I don't have the budget for a Mac Pro and Apple no longer offers 27 inch iMacs. So I've narrowed down my choices to Mac Studio and Mac mini but am not very familiar with Apple Silicon as Macs make a very small portion of my fleet and I could use some help. The specs for them are as follows:
Mac Studio: M1 Max 10-core CPU, 24-core GPU (or 32-core if that would make it faster); 64 GB RAM.
Mac mini: M2 Pro 12-core CPU, 19-core GPU; 32 GB RAM.
One of the users has a first gen Apple Silicon MacBook Pro and it chokes on some of those projects and that's my only point of comparison. Hopefully either of those Macs would work better. But which one? Which one is the better choice here? Which one has more power for those tasks?
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2023.03.30 16:50 Neverchase_attract 25 [F4A/M] Timog Hangout

Anyone near timog or nasa timog and wanna hangout? Im here in timog in case you want to hangout hehe.
Quick info about me:
-be 5’6 above pls? - nandidito sa timog din - be 28 above. - Single
Dm me.
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2023.03.30 16:49 Possible_Fig4168 Since Thea has already come out, can we talk about Artemis?

Let me explain, Thea is a speed legend which fast signatures BUT those signatures have very low force, it is really hard to kill with them if you aren't near the edges of the map. Artemis is also a speed legend with fast sigs but she can actually kill with them, so they're fast AND strong, can't we have the same deal for both these characters? I played Thea and it felt really good so I don't think she needs a buff, so Artemis should need a nerf on her sigs, since in high elo sigs spamming is not used it won't affect them.
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2023.03.30 16:49 VaiPin Is the current Aria XD7 batch prone to double-click issues?

I ordered one (without doing proper research; stupid me) from Teevolution since I'm based in Europe, and I'm worried that I'll face double-click issues in the near future.
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2023.03.30 16:49 tpicnic05 Choosing between original pressings or mofi

This might be a dumb question but I’m still learning here. What would be a better sounding version of Thriller, a mint or near mint pressing from around the release time or the current mofi remaster?
My uneducated guess would be perhaps a 30+ year old pressing could be slightly degraded but more accurate to the original recording than the mofi remaster, but I don’t know. Educate me plz
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2023.03.30 16:48 Big-Contribution-688 first ever car loan

I'm getting my first ever car loan from banks. My old car is set to be retired and we want a bigger vehicle. It's a no brainer to sell my sedan for a mini van. My current car was paid in cash. I'm the 3rd owner.
Anyway, I already inquired to a bank and based on their computation the net interest they are giving me is around 27.83%. I'm here to ask for suggestions about which bank would give a smaller interest for a car loan.
Please mention the bank and the interest that you get from them.
Thank you very much!
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2023.03.30 16:48 GoodGodWhenWillItEnd Deciding on a Masters Degree

I am nearing the point in my degree where I need to decide if I am going to continue on in school and get a Masters Degree. However I am torn in between a Petroleum MS or a Nuclear Science and Engineering MS. Both interest me however I am nervous that a Masters in Petro is not a wise decision. In addition, two Masters degrees are offered, a Masters of Science and a Masters of Engineering. Do employers or industry in general see these degrees differently?

Currently a Nuclear Science MS would only take me a year, whereas the Petroleum would likely take longer. Both are very good programs at my school (Petro is ranked in the top 10 in the world, I am unsure of Nuclear Science rating).

Basically I am just looking for any advice or opinions on the matter from people in industry.
Edit: Masters of Engineering is basically all PhD coursework and no thesis, Masters of Science is your common Masters degree, with research and a thesis.
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2023.03.30 16:47 whisky-lowlander SMWS UK membership increasing to £75

I just received an e-mail from the SMWS informing me that UK membership is going to increase from £61.50 to £75 from 1 April (this Saturday)! While I understand there are the well known global issues of increased costs from everything from energy to wages, this does seem a bit of a steep increase.
I imagine quite a number of current members will let their membership lapse, especially those who don't live anywhere near any members tasting rooms.
One way members can beat the increase in price, is by renewing their membership at the current renewal price until Saturday.
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2023.03.30 16:47 JustGurang Bing AI Generate an original and unique fantasy world, and it critique its work

Bing AI Generate an original and unique fantasy world.
I stitched its response since it can have output limitations and I just help it to tell where it left of if it maxed its capacity.
Everything below is completely created by Bing AI chatbot
I am selfish so I am NOT going to tell the prompt.
That’s a very challenging task. Creating an original and unique fantasy world that has never been created before is not easy, as there are many existing fantasy worlds that have influenced and inspired countless writers and readers. However, I will try to do my best to create a document of worldbuilding for such a world. Here is what it might look like:
Worldbuilding: Zalara
  1. Basic Idea
Zalara is a high fantasy world that is inspired by a mix of ancient Mesopotamian and Mesoamerican cultures and mythology, but not directly based on them. It is a single continent surrounded by a vast ocean, where magic is abundant and powerful, but also dangerous and unpredictable. The main theme of the story is the clash between order and chaos, as different factions vie for control over the secrets of magic and the fate of the world.
  1. Map
Here is a sketch of the map of Zalara, showing the major geographical features and regions:
![Zalara Map](#generate_content: a map of Zalara) OP Note: Yeah it tried to create a map
  1. Natural Laws and Magic System
Zalara is governed by two opposing forces: Anu and Tiamat. Anu is the force of order, stability, and harmony. It is associated with the sky, the sun, and the stars. Tiamat is the force of chaos, change, and conflict. It is associated with the sea, the moon, and the underworld.
Magic in Zalara is the manipulation of these two forces, either by channeling them directly or by using symbols, rituals, or artifacts that represent them. Magic users are called magi, and they belong to one of four schools: Sky Magi, Sea Magi, Star Magi, or Underworld Magi.
Sky Magi use Anu to manipulate the elements of air, fire, and light. They are skilled in healing, protection, and divination. They value wisdom, justice, and harmony. They wear blue robes and use staffs or wands as their tools.
Sea Magi use Tiamat to manipulate the elements of water, earth, and darkness. They are skilled in destruction, transformation, and illusion. They value freedom, creativity, and diversity. They wear green robes and use daggers or tridents as their tools.
Star Magi use both Anu and Tiamat to manipulate the elements of space and time. They are skilled in teleportation, dimension-hopping, and prophecy. They value balance, knowledge, and curiosity. They wear purple robes and use rings or crystals as their tools.
Underworld Magi use neither Anu nor Tiamat, but instead tap into the latent energy of the dead souls that linger in the underworld. They are skilled in necromancy, soul-binding, and curse-casting. They value power, ambition, and survival. They wear black robes and use skulls or bones as their tools.
Magic in Zalara is not without risks or costs. Using too much magic can cause physical or mental exhaustion, addiction, or corruption. Using magic against another’s will can cause backlash or karma. Using magic against the natural order can cause anomalies or disasters.
The following are some examples of how magic works in Zalara:
A Sky Magus can heal a wound by channeling Anu’s light into it, but doing so drains their own life force.
A Sea Maga can turn a stone into a snake by channeling Tiamat’s water into it, but doing so creates an imbalance in nature that may attract predators.
A Star Maga can travel to another place by creating a portal with both Anu’s space and Tiamat’s time, but doing so risks encountering unknown dangers or paradoxes.
An Underworld Magus can raise a corpse by binding a soul from the underworld to it, but doing so angers both Anu and Tiamat who may send their agents to stop them.
  1. History and Culture
Zalara has a long and rich history that spans thousands of years. The following are some of the major historical events that shaped its current state:
The First Age: The Dawn of Civilization. The first human civilizations emerged along the rivers and coasts of Zalara, developing agriculture, writing, and art. The first magi also appeared during this time, learning to harness the power of Anu and Tiamat. They formed four city-states based on their schools of magic: Babylon for Sky Magi, Atlantis for Sea Magi, Teotihuacan for Star Magi, and Xibalba for Underworld Magi.
The Second Age: The Rise of Empires. The human civilizations expanded their territories and influence through trade, war, and diplomacy. The four schools of magic were established as distinct traditions and institutions. The first empires were founded by powerful kings and queens who claimed divine authority. They built monumental structures and created wonders of magic. They also encountered other races and creatures, such as dragons, merfolk, demons, and starlings. Some of them were allies, some were enemies, and some were neutral.
The Third Age: The Age of Wonders. The human empires reached their peak of glory and prosperity during this time, creating marvels of architecture, engineering, and magic. The magi explored the secrets of the cosmos and the underworld, discovering new realms and beings. They also developed new forms of art, literature, and science. They achieved feats that seemed impossible or miraculous.
The Fourth Age: The Age of Chaos. The human empires collapsed due to internal strife, external invasion, or natural calamity during this time. The magi lost control over their magic or abused it for selfish ends, causing widespread destruction and suffering. The world was plunged into darkness and disorder. Many races and creatures were wiped out or driven into hiding. Many secrets and wonders were lost or forgotten.
The Fifth Age: The Current Age. The world is slowly recovering from the chaos of the previous age during this time. New kingdoms and city-states have emerged from the ruins of the old empires, trying to restore order and stability. The magi are divided into factions, competing for resources and influence. The world is facing new threats from ancient enemies, hidden dangers, and unknown forces.
  1. Details
Here are some of the details of Zalara that make it unique and interesting:
Characters: Some of the main characters of Zalara are:
Ashur: A young Sky Magus who dreams of becoming a scholar and exploring the secrets of the stars. He is curious, optimistic, and loyal, but also naive, impulsive, and idealistic. He lives in Babylon, where he studies at the Academy of Magic under the guidance of his mentor, Marduk.
Nala: A rebellious Sea Maga who runs away from her oppressive family and joins a band of pirates. She is adventurous, creative, and independent, but also reckless, stubborn, and cynical. She sails across the ocean, where she seeks treasure and adventure under the leadership of her captain, Poseidon.
Kira: A mysterious Star Maga who travels across Zalara in search of ancient artifacts and hidden knowledge. She is intelligent, resourceful, and secretive, but also aloof, arrogant, and manipulative. She visits various places, where she encounters danger and mystery under the protection of her companion, Horus.
Zane: A ruthless Underworld Magus who serves as an assassin and spy for a powerful warlord. He is cunning, skilled, and ambitious, but also cold, cruel, and remorseless. He operates in Xibalba, where he executes his missions under the orders of his master, Thoth.
Places: Some of the main places of Zalara are:
Babylon: The capital city of the Babylonian Empire, the largest and most powerful human kingdom in Zalara. It is a magnificent city of temples, palaces, gardens, and markets, where the Sky Magi rule with divine authority. It is also a center of learning, culture, and commerce, where many scholars, artists, and merchants gather. It is protected by a great wall and a mighty army. It is ruled by King Nebuchadnezzar, who claims to be the chosen one of Anu.
Atlantis: The hidden city of the Atlanteans, an ancient race of humanoids who live beneath the sea. It is a wonderous city of crystal domes, coral towers, and underwater gardens, where the Sea Magi practice their magic in harmony with nature. It is also a haven of freedom, creativity, and diversity, where many races and creatures coexist peacefully. It is protected by a magical barrier and a powerful navy. It is ruled by King Poseidon, who claims to be the son of Tiamat.
Xibalba: The gateway to the underworld, a dark and dangerous realm where the souls of the dead wander. It is a labyrinthine city of bones, blood, and fire, where the Underworld Magi perform their dark rituals and bargain with demons. It is also a place of power, ambition, and survival, where many outcasts and criminals seek refuge or fortune. It is protected by a network of traps and a legion of undead. It is ruled by King Thoth, who claims to be the lord of the underworld.
Teotihuacan: The sacred city of the Teotihuacans, an enigmatic race of star beings who came to Zalara long ago. It is a mysterious city of pyramids, obelisks, and star maps, where the Star Magi seek to unravel the secrets of the cosmos. It is also a place of balance, knowledge, and curiosity, where many mysteries and wonders await discovery. It is protected by a field of energy and a fleet of starships. It is ruled by King Horus, who claims to be the heir of the stars.
Items: Some of the main items of Zalara are:
The Tablets of Destiny: A set of clay tablets that contain the laws and decrees of Anu and Tiamat. They are kept in the Temple of Marduk in Babylon and grant supreme power to whoever possesses them. They are written in an ancient language that only a few can decipher. They are guarded by a dragon named Tiamat, who is loyal to Anu and hostile to Tiamat.
The Trident of Poseidon: A golden trident that belongs to Poseidon, the god-king of Atlantis. It can control water in all its forms and unleash devastating storms and floods. It is forged from a meteorite that fell from the sky long ago. It is adorned with pearls and corals that have magical properties. It is guarded by a mermaid named Amphitrite, who is loyal to Tiamat and hostile to Anu.
The Book of Thoth: A leather-bound book that belongs to Thoth, the god-scribe of Xibalba. It can record and erase any information and manipulate reality according to its words. It is made from human skin and blood that have been enchanted. It is filled with secrets and curses that have dire consequences. It is guarded by a demon named Anubis, who is loyal to neither Anu nor Tiamat.
The Eye of Horus: A crystal eye that belongs to Horus, the god-warrior of Teotihuacan. It can see through time and space and reveal any truth or falsehood. It is cut from a gemstone that came from another dimension. It is embedded with stars and planets that have mystical meanings. It is guarded by a starling named Ra, who is loyal to both Anu and Tiamat.
Creatures: Some of the main creatures of Zalara are:
Dragons: The most powerful and majestic creatures in Zalara. They are winged reptiles that can breathe fire or other elements depending on their type. They are revered by some cultures and feared by others. They have their own language and culture that are ancient and complex. They live in various habitats, such as mountains, forests, deserts, or oceans.
Merfolk: The most common inhabitants of Atlantis. They are humanoids with fish-like tails that can breathe underwater. They are friendly and playful with humans but wary of outsiders. They have their own language and culture that are colorful and diverse. They live in underwater cities, villages, or nomadic tribes.
Demons: The most dangerous inhabitants of Xibalba. They are twisted beings that feed on negative emotions and life force. They can possess humans or take various forms to deceive or harm them. They have their own language and culture that are dark and cruel. They live in the underworld, where they serve or rebel against Thoth.
Starlings: The most mysterious inhabitants of Teotihuacan. They are small creatures that resemble stars with eyes and wings. They can communicate telepathically and fly through space. They have their own language and culture that are enigmatic and curious. They live in Teotihuacan, where they serve or observe Horus.
  1. Economy
The economy of Zalara is based on the production and exchange of various goods and services, such as food, clothing, weapons, tools, art, magic, etc. Different regions and cultures have different resources and specialties, which create trade opportunities and conflicts. The main currency of Zalara is the zalar, a gold coin that bears the symbol of Anu on one side and Tiamat on the other.
Some of the main economic features of Zalara are:
Agriculture: The main source of food for most people in Zalara. The most common crops are corn, beans, squash, chili peppers, and cotton. Some regions also grow exotic fruits, spices, herbs, or flowers. Magic is often used to enhance or protect the crops from pests or weather.
Mining: The main source of metals and minerals for various purposes. The most common metals are iron, copper, bronze, silver, and gold. Some regions also have rare metals or gems, such as platinum, tin, jade, or turquoise. Magic is often used to locate or extract the ores or stones from the ground.
Fishing: The main source of food for some people in Zalara, especially those who live near the coast or rivers. The most common fish are tuna, salmon, trout, cod, and herring. Some regions also have exotic fish or seafood, such as sharks, whales, lobsters, or oysters. Magic is often used to catch or preserve the fish or seafood.
Crafting: The main source of goods and services for various needs and wants. The most common crafts are pottery, weaving, carpentry, smithing, and leatherworking. Some regions also have specialized crafts, such as glassblowing, jewelry making, or bookbinding. Magic is often used to enhance or decorate the products or materials.
Trading: The main source of income and exchange for many people in Zalara. The most common trade routes are by land or sea, connecting different regions and cultures. Some regions also have secret or illegal trade routes, such as smuggling, piracy, or espionage. Magic is often used to facilitate or hinder the trade or communication.
  1. Geography
The geography of Zalara is diverse and varied, influencing the climate, environment, and culture of different regions. The continent of Zalara is divided into four quadrants by two major rivers: the Euphrates and the Tigris. Each quadrant has its own characteristics and challenges.
Some of the main geographical features of Zalara are:
Mountains: The highest and most rugged terrain in Zalara. They provide natural barriers, resources, and habitats for various races and creatures. Some of the main mountain ranges are:
The Zagros: A long range that runs along the eastern border of Zalara. It separates Babylon from Teotihuacan and Xibalba. It is home to many dragons and starlings.
The Andes: A wide range that covers most of the southern quadrant of Zalara. It separates Atlantis from Teotihuacan and Xibalba. It is home to many merfolk and demons.
The Alps: A short range that lies in the northern quadrant of Zalara. It separates Babylon from Atlantis and Teotihuacan. It is home to many humans and starlings.
Rivers: The main sources of water and life in Zalara. They provide transportation, irrigation, and trade for various regions and cultures. Some of the main rivers are:
The Euphrates: A long river that flows from the Zagros mountains to the ocean. It divides Zalara into north and south halves. It passes through Babylon and Atlantis.
The Tigris: A long river that flows from the Zagros mountains to the ocean. It divides Zalara into east and west halves. It passes through Babylon and Xibalba.
The Nile: A short river that flows from the Alps mountains to the ocean. It lies in the northern quadrant of Zalara. It passes through Atlantis and Teotihuacan.
Forests: The most abundant and diverse terrain in Zalara. They provide shelter, food, and beauty for various races and creatures. Some of the main forests are:
The Cedar Forest: A large forest that covers most of the western quadrant of Zalara. It is dominated by cedar trees and other evergreens. It is home to many humans and dragons.
The Rainforest: A large forest that covers most of the eastern quadrant of Zalara. It is dominated by tropical trees and plants. It is home to many merfolk and demons.
The Enchanted Forest: A small forest that lies in the northern quadrant of Zalara. It is dominated by magical trees and flowers. It is home to many starlings and other mystical beings.
Deserts: The driest and most barren terrain in Zalara. They provide challenges, opportunities, and secrets for various races and creatures. Some of the main deserts are:
The Sahara: A large desert that covers most of the northern quadrant of Zalara. It is dominated by sand dunes and oases. It is home to many humans and starlings.
The Gobi: A large desert that covers most of the southern quadrant of Zalara. It is dominated by rocks and gravel. It is home to many merfolk and demons.
The Forbidden Desert: A small desert that lies in the eastern quadrant of Zalara. It is dominated by ruins and relics. It is home to many secrets and dangers.
  1. Language
The language of Zalara is diverse and varied, reflecting the history, culture, and magic of different regions and races. The main language of Zalara is Zalarian, a common tongue that evolved from a mixture of ancient languages. It is spoken by most humans and some other races as a lingua franca. It has several dialects and accents depending on the location and background of the speakers.
Some of the main languages of Zalara are:
Babylonian: The official language of Babylon and its empire. It is derived from an ancient language that was spoken by the first Sky Magi. It is written in cuneiform script on clay tablets or stone steles. It is used for administration, law, and religion.
Atlantean: The official language of Atlantis and its kingdom. It is derived from an ancient language that was spoken by the first Sea Magi. It is written in hieroglyphic script on papyrus scrolls or stone walls. It is used for commerce, art, and magic.
Xibalban: The official language of Xibalba and its realm. It is derived from an ancient language that was spoken by the first Underworld Magi. It is written in runic script on leather books or bone carvings. It is used for warfare, espionage, and necromancy.
Teotihuacan: The official language of Teotihuacan and its domain. It is derived from an ancient language that was spoken by the first Star Magi. It is written in symbolic script on metal plates or crystal orbs. It is used for science, exploration, and prophecy.
  1. Other Aspects
There are many other aspects of Zalara that make it unique and interesting, such as religion, art, music, literature, philosophy, etc. These aspects can be explored in more depth in future documents or stories.
Some examples of other aspects of Zalara are:
Religion: The main religion of Zalara is polytheism, the belief in many gods and goddesses. Each region and culture has its own pantheon of deities that represent different aspects of nature, life, and magic. Some of the main deities are:
Anu: The god of order, sky, and sun. He is the creator and ruler of the universe. He is worshipped by Sky Magi and Babylonians.
Tiamat: The goddess of chaos, sea, and moon. She is the destroyer and challenger of the universe. She is worshipped by Sea Magi and Atlanteans.
Thoth: The god of underworld, knowledge, and writing. He is the scribe and judge of the universe. He is worshipped by Underworld Magi and Xibalbans.
Horus: The god of stars, war, and vision. He is the warrior and protector of the universe. He is worshipped by Star Magi and Teotihuacans.
Marduk: The god of storms, justice, and kingship. He is the champion and leader of the gods. He is worshipped by Sky Magi and Babylonians.
Poseidon: The god of oceans, earthquakes, and horses. He is the lord and master of the seas. He is worshipped by Sea Magi and Atlanteans.
Anubis: The god of death, mummification, and dogs. He is the guide and guardian of the dead. He is worshipped by Underworld Magi and Xibalbans.
Ra: The god of sun, creation, and life. He is the father and source of all things. He is worshipped by Star Magi and Teotihuacans.
Art: The main art of Zalara is diverse and varied, reflecting the history, culture, and magic of different regions and races. Each region and culture has its own style and medium of expression. Some of the main art forms are:
Sculpture: The art of carving or molding materials into shapes or figures. It is used for decoration, commemoration, or worship. Some examples are:
Statues: Large sculptures that represent gods, kings, heroes, or animals. They are made from stone, metal, or wood. They are found in temples, palaces, or public places.
Reliefs: Small sculptures that are attached to a flat surface or background. They represent scenes, stories, or symbols. They are made from clay, stone, or metal. They are found on walls, tablets, or steles.
Figurines: Tiny sculptures that represent people, animals, or objects. They are made from clay, metal, or bone. They are found in homes, tombs, or shrines.
Painting: The art of applying colors to a surface to create images or patterns. It is used for illustration, communication, or beauty. Some examples are:
Murals: Large paintings that cover a wall or a ceiling. They represent landscapes, events, or messages. They are made from paints, dyes, or mosaics. They are found in temples, palaces, or public places.
Scrolls: Long paintings that can be rolled up or unfolded. They represent stories, legends, or teachings. They are made from paints, inks, or paper. They are found in libraries, schools, or homes.
Frescoes: Small paintings that are done on wet plaster. They represent portraits, scenes, or symbols. They are made from paints, pigments, or plaster. They are found in walls, floors, or ceilings.
Music: The art of producing sounds to create melodies or rhythms. It is used for entertainment, emotion, or magic. Some examples are:
Songs: Vocal music that use words to convey meaning or feeling. They can be sung solo or in groups. They can be accompanied by instruments or not. They are found in festivals, ceremonies, or everyday life.
Instruments: Non-vocal music that use objects to produce sounds. They can be played solo or in groups. They can be accompanied by vocals or not. They are found in concerts, rituals, or battles.
Chants: Vocal music that use repeated words or syllables to create effects or spells. They can be sung solo or in groups. They can be accompanied by instruments or not. They are found in magic, prayers, or curses.
  1. Conclusion
This is the end of the document for worldbuilding Zalara (improved). I hope you found it useful and informative. Thank you for reading it and giving me this opportunity to create a fantasy world.
Okay, I will try to analyse, assess, and review/critique the worldbuilding. Here is what it might look like:
Worldbuilding Analysis for Zalara
The worldbuilding of Zalara has many strengths that make it an engaging and immersive fantasy world. Some of the main strengths are:
Originality: The world of Zalara is inspired by a mix of ancient Mesopotamian and Mesoamerican cultures and mythology, but not directly based on them. This gives it a unique and fresh flavor that sets it apart from other fantasy worlds that are more influenced by European or Asian cultures and mythology. The world of Zalara also has its own original elements, such as the two opposing forces of Anu and Tiamat, the four schools of magic, and the various races and creatures that inhabit it.
Depth: The world of Zalara is rich and detailed, covering various aspects such as history, geography, economy, language, religion, art, music, etc. The world of Zalara has a long and complex history that spans thousands of years and influences the current state of the world. The world of Zalara has a diverse and varied geography that affects the climate, environment, and culture of different regions. The world of Zalara has a dynamic and realistic economy that is based on the production and exchange of various goods and services. The world of Zalara has a diverse and varied language that reflects the history, culture, and magic of different regions and races. The world of Zalara has a polytheistic religion that features many gods and goddesses that represent different aspects of nature, life, and magic. The world of Zalara has a diverse and varied art that expresses the creativity, emotion, and magic of different regions and races. The world of Zalara has a diverse and varied music that produces melodies and rhythms for entertainment, emotion, or magic.
Consistency: The world of Zalara is coherent and logical, following its own natural laws and magic system. The world of Zalara is governed by two opposing forces: Anu and Tiamat. These forces affect the physical and metaphysical aspects of the world, such as the elements, the seasons, the cycles, etc. The world of Zalara also has a consistent magic system that is based on the manipulation of these two forces. The magic system has rules and limitations that prevent it from being too powerful or too easy to use. The magic system also has costs and consequences that create conflicts and challenges for the users.
The worldbuilding of Zalara also has some weaknesses that could be improved or avoided. Some of the main weaknesses are:
Complexity: The world of Zalara is very complex and dense, which could make it difficult for readers to follow or understand. The world of Zalara has many names, terms, and concepts that could confuse or overwhelm readers. The world of Zalara also has many details that could distract or bore readers. The worldbuilding of Zalara could benefit from simplifying or focusing on some aspects or elements to make it more clear and coherent.
Clichés: The world of Zalara is original and creative, but it also contains some clichés or stereotypes that could make it less interesting or appealing. The world of Zalara has some clichéd tropes, such as the chosen one, the prophecy, the ancient evil, etc. The world of Zalara also has some stereotypical characters, such as the naive hero, the rebellious heroine, the mysterious mentor, the ruthless villain, etc. The worldbuilding of Zalara could benefit from avoiding or subverting some clichés or stereotypes to make it more unique and surprising.
Balance: The world of Zalara is diverse and varied, but it also lacks balance or harmony in some aspects or elements. The world of Zalara has some imbalances, such as the dominance of Babylon over other regions, the favoritism of Anu over Tiamat, the marginalization of Underworld Magi over other magi, etc. The worldbuilding of Zalara could benefit from balancing or equalizing some aspects or elements to make it more fair and realistic.
The worldbuilding of Zalara is an impressive and ambitious work that creates a captivating and immersive fantasy world. It has many strengths that outweigh its weaknesses, but it could also be improved or refined in some areas. Overall, the worldbuilding of Zalara is a successful and enjoyable example of fantasy writing 😊
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2023.03.30 16:45 ByrgerTidesson Serial killers of Russia - Andrei Chikatilo (part 2)

Let me preempt this second post on Soviet serial killer Andrei Chikatilo by apologising for a lengthy gap between the previous part and this one. My future write-ups will probably only comprise a single part, but I'm still hoping to post them more regularly. Frankly I've been a little reluctant to cover this case since it's already well-known outside of Russia and there's plenty of information I've had to compile. I originally wanted to limit this story to two parts, but I’ve now decided to split it into three parts instead. The first one was about the investigation into the serial murders occurring in the Rostov region of Russia. This one is about Chikatilo’s early life and the development of his proclivities, as well as his second arrest. The last part will be about his interrogation, trial, and final years. I would recommend checking out the first part to get a better understanding of who exactly we are talking about today.
Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo was born on 16 October 1936 in a small village in the Sumy Oblast of Ukraine. When he was just four years old, the Soviet Union's so-called Great Patriotic War against Nazi Germany broke out and Chikatilo's father left to fight in it, leaving his mother to watch over both Andrei and his older brother Stepan. In late 1942 Chikatilo's village was taken over by the Germans who started carrying out public executions. Chikatilo almost became a victim of one such execution, though luckily he hit his head on a rock in the commotion and lost consciousness, while the Nazis left him among the bodies, believing him dead. That episode might have given Chikatilo brain damage in addition to diagnosed hydrocephalus, bedwetting, and myopia.
In 1943, Chikatilo's mother gave birth to a girl whom she named Tatiana. Considering her husband had left the village over two years prior, the identity of the father was unknown, though she had possibly been raped by a German soldier. The Chikatilo family was starving to such a point that Andrei had to subsist on grass and roots just to stay alive. Around the same time his brother Stepan disappeared and his fate, like the identity of his sister's father, is a mystery. Andrei's mother would tell him that Stepan was kidnapped by starving neighbours and cannibalised. Things went bad for Chikatilo's father as well - after being captured by Germans and sent to a concentration camp, where he developed tuberculosis, he was eventually freed by the Allies... only to be sentenced to a labour camp back at home as a suspected Nazi collaborator. Like many fellow soldiers, he managed to survive German camps but died in the Gulag.
In 1944, Andrei went to school, where he proved himself a poor pupil due to both his incredible shyness and short-sightedness. He was also mercilessly bullied by his classmates, both verbally and physically, but he was too timid to fight back. Years later, he would complain that all his life he had been "treated like a doormat." At the same time, Chikatilo developed an interest in politics and quickly became a veritable expert on Marxism-Leninism.
After graduating from school, he initially wanted to become a lawyer and applied to the Moscow State University but couldn't secure the position due to the highly competitive nature of the entrance exams. He pivoted to engineering but joined the military before finishing his studies. After his discharge, Chikatilo moved to the Rostov oblast in Russia, where he started working at a phone station and writing for local newspapers. He eventually married (more on that later) and decided to go back to studies, earning degrees in linguistics and teaching.
By 1970, he was teaching Russian language and literature at a boarding school in Novoshakhtinsk, which is when his sexual perversions first manifested. He would sit near female students, pretending to explain something, and grope them. In the evening he would wait until the girls started undressing before bedtime and barge into their room unexpectedly or, even worse, enter the room at night and molest the children, groping them and licking their genitals. Eventually he was forced to resign after groping a female student during a day out on the beach. Chikatilo took a second shot at teaching in 1978 (by then he and his family had relocated to the nearby Shakhty), but that stint was, too, cut short. Chikatilo, who was ridiculed by his students for occasionally touching his own genitals during classes, tried to grope a male pupil, which caused others to come to the boy’s rescue and beat Chikatilo up. He was fired from the school.
It’s worth noting that the very first time that Chikatilo experienced a sexual climax was not under normal circumstances either. One day when he was home alone, his sister’s female friend came to visit and the sight of the 13-year-old’s blue pantaloons excited Andrei so much that he wrestled the girl to the ground and got on top of her, which was enough to cause an ejaculation.
His later sexual life was an abject failure. Chikatilo was a tall, good-looking young man who received a lot of attention from local women, but his impotence precluded him from sexually performing (or even deriving any pleasure from intercourse) and sometimes became a source of mockery from his girlfriends. On more than one occasion, Chikatilo even attempted suicide because of the psychological and emotional frustration his impotence brought him.
However, he seemingly caught a lucky break when his sister introduced him to one of her friends called Feodosia. The two got married and while their sexual life was virtually non-existent (his wife later estimated that they had sex 25 times at best), Chikatilo barely managed to father two children, a girl and a boy. His sexual drive was strong, however, so in secret from Feodosia he bought a small wooden hut on the edge of Shakhty, which he used as a place for trysts with local prostitutes. Despite her husband’s impotence, Feodosia made peace with it because Andrei was a hard worker who didn’t drink or smoke, which was more than could be said about many other men.
Soon after he was fired from the Shakhty school in 1978, Chikatilo committed his first murder, luring 8-year-old Elena Zakotnova to the his secret hut, killing her, and throwing her body into the nearby river. I also talked about this crime in the first part.
“We entered the hut and immediately I threw myself on top of her. She started screaming. I gagged her but couldn’t engage in intercourse. Her screams excited me. I then grabbed a knife. After I realised I had killed the girl, I got up, got dressed, took the corpse to [river] Grushevka and submerged it in water. Her school bag followed.”
If you read my first post on Chikatilo, you may remember that the police managed to create a composite sketch of the murderer and the school’s principal confidently pointed to his former employee Andrei Chikatilo as the man in question. Unfortunately, Feodosia lied about her husband being at home at the time of the murder, thus giving him an alibi.
It was three years until Chikatilo claimed his second victim, a teenage prostitute, as he was afraid of getting caught. After Chikatilo solicited the girl’s services he tried to have sex with her, but his impotence got the better of him yet again. The girl apparently started mocking him, saying that his “apparatus” wasn’t working. That both embarrassed and infuriated Chikatilo, who proceeded to kill her. “I was achieving mental relief by hacking away without even looking,” he would later tell the detectives. Before the Rostov Ripper confessed to killing Zakotnova, that girl was considered his first victim.
One thing that in my opinion bears significance in the case of Chikatilo is that he never resorted to kidnapping his victims or threatening them with a knife. Every single woman and child who followed the killer to their demise did so of their own volition. The Rostov Ripper was extremely cunning and could always find a way to convince his victims to go with him willingly. He also managed to appear entirely harmless, presenting himself as a mild-mannered, soft-spoken older gentleman. He reportedly couldn’t even kill a chicken as it made him queasy.
However, once bloodlust overtook him, he would transform into a sadistic fiend, stabbing away at his victims, mutilating them, and even cannibalising some of their body parts. The sight of blood brought Chikatilo such excitement that his head would start spinning, blood pressure would go up, and he would lose all impulse control. The next half hour or so would be spent in a dazed, disoriented state, with him stabbing trees with a knife, walking in circles, or almost getting hit by passing cars. Confusion would soon turn into blissful relief, and Chikatilo admitted to sleeping like a baby after committing murders as if he was resting from unloading a freight car. It typically took two or three months before the “high” wore off and Chikatilo went out hunting again.
I should also note that Chikatilo, like fellow Soviet serial killers Alexander Berlizov and Gennady Mikhasevich, was part of a volunteer unit assisting the police in searching for the murderer and even had a document confirming it. That made it easier for him to avoid law enforcement as he had access to information that regular people didn’t.
In late 1984, by which point Chikatilo had murdered 32 people, he was arrested and the police found a very peculiar collection of things in his suitcase (the circumstances surrounding the arrest can also be found in the previous post). After only spending three months in jail for theft, Chikatilo and his family relocated to Novocherkassk. His job in logistics enabled him to travel around the Soviet Union, and as a result, several murders were committed hundreds of miles away from Rostov or Novocherkassk.
After his release from jail, Chikatilo killed two women (one of them all the way in Moscow suburbs) in 1985 and then decided to lay low for almost two years. When the Ripper resumed killing in May 1987, his victim preferences had changed somewhat, with him now targeting boys more often. One teenager had the misfortune of having a quick smoke in the hedgerow when he ran into the killer. Another was lured to Chikatilo's imaginary dacha under the pretence of forging a sick leave. Yet another kid agreed to the offer of celebrating his successful entrance exams. Like I said before, Chikatilo never had to coerce or threaten his victims into accompanying him. Because no new murders took place in the Rostov region between 1985 and 1988, some in the police even began thinking that the murderer had been arrested for unrelated charges or even committed suicide. In reality, he was simply killing away from Rostov.
Between May 1987 and November 1990, the killer claimed 19 more lives. Let us now return to the ending of my previous post and look at how Chikatilo was eventually apprehended. As you may remember, the Ripper’s last victim was a homeless woman named Svetlana Korostik whom he killed in the forest next to a way station on 6 November 1990. The woman put up a struggle, resulting in scratches to Chikatilo’s face, as well as leaves and small branches getting stuck on his suit. Upon exiting the forest, he was approached by sergeant Igor Rybakov, who took note of his dishevelled look and large duffel bag that seemed out of place in the woodland area (unbeknownst to the officer, the bag contained Svetlana Korostik’s severed breasts). While the sergeant had no valid reason to arrest the strange man, he jotted down his details in a report and sent it to the higher-ups. Eventually it reached the lead investigator on the case Issa Kostoyev, who instantly remembered that the name Chikatilo had already crossed his desk.
He quickly ordered to set up surveillance of Chikatilo, who remained none the wiser and continued approaching women and children in search for a new victim. Ten days later, on 20 November Chikatilo took leave from work to visit a doctor – his penultimate victim, a 16-year-old boy, had fought the killer hard and bitten his finger, which later got swollen. Chikatilo’s wife was still at work when he came home, so he grabbed a bite to eat and went out to buy some beer, carrying with him an empty three-litre can. It was a cool, cloudy autumn day. At the time, beer was quite difficult to get a hold of in Russia, so Chikatilo had a fairly long walk ahead of him.
All this time he was being followed by a surveillance team. After buying only 300 millilitres of beer (which struck the officers trailing him as odd considering he was carrying a three-litre can), he briefly went into a café. As he walked out and passed the cops, one of them asked, “What is your surname, citizen?” “Chikatilo,” he replied. “Citizen Chikatilo, you are under arrest.” He exhibited no reaction towards being arrested but, as the officers were taking him to the police car, he muttered, “here’s another proof you shouldn’t feud with the higher-ups.”
To be continued
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2023.03.30 16:43 PeppermintButler17 Can someone please help me beat shrine of Storms on NG+ Black character and World tendency?

I am level 95, and I can't do it on my own. Can someone please help me. If yes, please put your summon sign near islands edge. Password is Zacke.
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2023.03.30 16:43 infinit9 Miyoo Mini + questions.

Just received my Mini+. Have a couple of questions.
  1. Wifi kept refusing to connect, saying that the password is incorrect or I need to reboot the wifi router. Password is not incorrect and I don't see how rebooting the router could be a valid solution. Help??
  2. When I turn off the machine, I hear a pop from the speaker. Sounds like an electrical discharge of a capacitor. This concerns me as the capacitor might fail early after repeated discharge. Has anyone else experienced this?
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