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2023.03.30 15:54 gimboarretino Is there an "hobbesian" argument for an "ancient social pact'" between humans and animals?

Men "agreed" to feed, protect from predators, provide shelter from freezing winters, care for and, if possible, ensure a quick and clean death to domesticated animals.
Animals, in return, "offer" their services. Guarding, companionship, pack. In the case of livestock, food and meat.
The bargain is somehow fair. Humans gain many benefits and the burden of responsability, while animals renounce their natural freedom in order to be protected from the cruel and uncertain state of nature.
According to this interpration, humans would violate the pact not if they kill/eat livestock, but if they treat them inhumanely and cruelly (for example intensive farming and thier horrors i could raise ethical questions).

Is there some philosopher or doctrine that argue something like that to morally justify our behaviour with animals?
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2023.03.30 15:52 madgirafe Trying not to blow myself up.

So i've been growing for a bit and had a very larfy plant that i need to do something with. It looks like butane extraction is the best for minimal equipment, but the whole blowing your house up thing worries me a bit.
Basically, i'm good as long as there is no open flame or sparks right? I live in the woods so it's no problem going outside where I'm sure there's no ignition source. Pour the butane through the pvc pipe contraption stuffed with bud and collect runoff in a pyrex dish, cover it outside till it evaporates a ton and finish up in a double boiler till there's no bubbles left in the mixture.
Dunno. I tried bubble hash with the ice and separate straining bags with one run and didn't really like the results. Looking to up my game without exploding.

Edit: Scrolling down this subreddit and holy cow christs everyone's stuff looks insane. I gotta look more into this...
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2023.03.30 15:52 scumdium If you could be in an anime as the main character, which one would it be?

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2023.03.30 15:52 GammaSpite 29 [M4F] UK/anywhere, day off relaxing my afternoon away, join me!

Turned 29 yesterday, one step closer to 30! Got the day off work today and just spending my time chilling with music and relaxing the day away.
Fancy keeping me company through it? Come share some thoughts and stuff with me, let’s have an enjoyable afternoon together!
• Animal lover, had pets all my life. • Food lover, love to cook for others. • Film lover, Lord Of The Rings being my favourite trilogy. • TV shows that are fantasy/sci-fi based mainly, also love comedies. recently anime (who knew I’d like it). • video games like most nerdy people I guess? • knows weird facts about useless things that are still yet to be of use!
We can chat about anything, I’m an open book, single, pretty much very nerdy, flirty and just a fun guy in general.
Be at least 21+, any younger feels somewhat weird to chat with as an almost 30 year old.😅
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2023.03.30 15:51 Dedmanalive2006 Please give Dead Mount Death Play a watch.

Dead Mount Death Play is a reverse-isekai anime which airs on April 11. Here's what the synopsis on MAL says about it:
"It's a showdown for the ages as the legendary hero takes on the corpse god necromancer, but when the dust settles, something isn't quite right... In the final moments of their epic confrontation, the corpse god's final gambit shot was wholly unexpected -- reincarnation magic! Across space and time, a boy named Polka Shinoyama awakens feeling...not quite himself...... Who could've expected that the climactic battle between good and evil would turn out like this?? "
From the synopsis and all the PVs and Key visuals we have got, The studio is promoting it like another edgy reverse-isekai anime -
Which DMDP partly is, but mostly not. Let me explain.
To give a somewhat true synopsis of the show, It is basically Durararara!! with magic and gore. It is written by Ryohgo Narita, who is the author of Baccano!, Durarara!!, and Fate/Strange Fake.
Here's the thing: The story does start out as an edgy reverse isekai, and it takes about 8-10 chapters before it reveals it's true colors.
In reality, It is a very fun Urban Fantasy with Gangsters, Police, Magic Users, etc etc. It is basically everything you want from a Narita story.
This is basically a recommendation post , considering on how few to-watch lists this show is on. I would suggest to at least watch it for 5 episodes to see if you really like it or not.
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2023.03.30 15:51 Nafuwu What the fuck is this subreddit

Im new to rainworld and like the lore n shit. Then I see someone repost this subreddit so I take a browse through and its all fucking porn. Yall need god or some shit you cumbrained animals. I mean to be fair the only thing I would excuse is goreman plopping that fat fucking ass and testicles on my face but this "rivulet" shit needs to be stopped
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2023.03.30 15:51 Tarnishedrenamon Anime fans, what is a Western criticism or shallow parody that not only the anime medium addressed, but utterly destroyed, or did a better parody of?

Here's an example: An often trotted out cliche of a criticism is "transformations take forever", only that it was shown time, time and again in dozens of anime and TV shows like Sailor Moon and Tokusotsu the transformation is faster then a blink of an eye, a lot of the stuff we see is pure tv fluff. Though there was a cute parody of the long transformation in an UFO ramen and where it took so long the villain walked away disgusted.
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2023.03.30 15:50 tweedlefeed Affordable multipack without inserts?

Hi everyone, I have an almost 2 year old, and I just need a few more pocket diapers to tide us over until we're ready to potty train. We have mostly alvas that were hand-me downs when we started, and they're all getting stretched out and a bit done. I don't have time or inclination to replace the elastics on these. We have a TON of prefolds that we've been stuffing with and that works great for us so far.

I need a few more fresh pockets, but don't need more MF inserts to throw away. Is there anywhere CHEAP I can find pocket covers without the inserts? I can buy individually but I was hoping to just buy a set of 6 or so. The alvas online come with the inserts and I'm trying to avoid those. Color or pattern doesn't really matter to me.
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2023.03.30 15:50 LeUndercoverMermaidd is studying internationally worth it?

I'm an 11th grader from the Philippines and have started looking into colleges/universities that offer animation programs. I've been in a huge dilemma over whether or not I should apply to schools abroad, specifically Canada, America, or Europe.
I'm most likely going to apply for a scholarship, but I'm having doubts over my skills. Aside from that, despite being from an upper middle class family I'm hesitant knowing how expensive studying and living abroad is.
I'm afraid of taking the gamble of studying abroad, since I might end up in more debt plus studying abroad isn't a guarantee to getting great jobs. But I also know that it'll most likely raise my chances of getting gigs in both foreign countries and in my home country compared to if I study here.
My other plan is to study here in the Philippines and move abroad once I save up enough. I don't really know which of the two is the wiser decision, so I'd love to get advice on the matter 🥺
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2023.03.30 15:50 TelephoneComplex3879 Elden rim mods

I come here to ask for help and information.
Here I wanted to know if people here have ever managed to make the Elden rim mods work properly on Skyrim.
Let it be Elden Rim
I’ve never been able to make them work properly.
For the first one, it works half for me, some animations appear, others not.
For the second, nothing works.
I have all the prerequisites (MCO, Nemesis, etc).
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2023.03.30 15:50 Entgrove The complete timeline of the Void

The complete timeline of the Void
Screaming into existence with the birth of the universe, the Void is a manifestation of the unknowable nothingness that lies beyond. It is a force of insatiable hunger, waiting through the eons until its masters, the mysterious Watchers, mark the final time of undoing.
The Void
Origins of the Watchers
The Watchers originated from the Void, a vast canvas of nothingness, in which the concept of its existence is a mystery, even to themselves.
Look at the nothing ^
The Watchers did not know why they or the Void existed, only that it perturbed them that something, that something being our universe, existed in the vast blackness of nothing.
The Something
The first Voidborn
In their curious and spiteful intent of understanding the material universe, they reshaped matter within it into conscious extensions of themselves tasked to collect information and knowledge in their behalf, becoming the prototype of the current and modern Voidborn.
Iceborn of the Freljord
The Watchers were immensely powerful and transformed humans of the Freljord into the immortal Iceborn. The Iceborn were given great gifts, magic, and immortality in return for their eternal loyalty.
The Frotguard Citadel
They conquered for the Watchers and built them a great civilization, including the bridge and fortress looming over the Howling Abyss, which eventually amassed into an enormous empire, all in preparation for the inevitable destruction of all existence.
Frostguard Citadel
War of the Three Sisters
Avarosa, believing that their servitude to the Watchers was worse than death, led the Iceborn rebellion against the Watchers. Avarosa and Serylda marched against Lissandra, who had pledged their people to serve the otherworldly Watchers. This culminated in to a long bloody battle across the bridge known as the Howling Abyss.
The Three Sisters
Fall of the Watchers
The boldest of the Watchers tore open the veil and hurled themselves upward, only to be horribly disoriented by the sudden shift between the abyss and the corporeal, linear nature of reality. In an instant, there was time, heat, and pain...
The Watchers Emerge
As the Watchers emerged from the ground, Lissandra realized the true nature of these abominations and weaved a spell to sacrifice armies of Iceborn, including her sisters, to entomb the Watchers in a glacial prison of True Ice underneath the bridge. The Watchers had no concept of what had happened, yet they knew they had been betrayed.
![img](dfu6yammpvqa1 "Lissandra turns on the Watchers ")
Erased from History
While many believed the Watchers were dead, they were merely imprisoned in a magical stasis of True Ice under the Howling Abyss. Lissandra fears the day they return, with each nine runic seal that holds their prison slowly fading away.
Bridge Spanning the Howling Abyss
Icathia Defys Shurima
The city of Icathia, once part of Shurima, grows in power and influence, eventually defying Shurima's rule.
The Void War and Icathia's Fall
Icathia turns to the dark powers of the Void in a desperate attempt to fight off Shurima. The unleashed Void ravages Icathia, leading to the city's destruction and a lasting threat to all of Runeterra.
Icathia Void War
Bel’Veth, of void but against all
Bel’Veth is one such example. She is like a dark cancer that has metastasized within the heart of the Void, through which all of Runeterra will be consumed and rebuilt in her own twisted image. She hungers for new experiences, memories, and concepts in vast amounts, devouring whole cities and their populations before repurposing the information into a sprawling alien landscape known as the Lavender Sea. Yet even the Void is not safe from her voracity as she spreads within it like a primordial ocean, forcing all before her to submit to her world of want... or be destroyed.
Modern day Voidborn - Kha'Zix, Cho'Gath, and more
Voidborn are Runeterran beings constructed by the Watchers of The Void. Their reason for existing is to accept, consume, and learn all the information about Runeterra necessary enough to aid for the eventual return of the Watchers. Voidborn are shown to vary greatly in intelligence and development: Vel'Koz and Cho'Gath are highly intelligent (In due time Kha'Zix may as well, but required to assimilate other organic creatures.), while Kog'Maw is rather primitive (This may be due to fact that he is an infant) and Rek'Sai is primeval and non-sapient, more akin to a wild animal.
Modern Day Voidborn
The Darkin War
Bereft of purpose and scarred by what they had endured in facing the Void, many Ascended became twisted in body and mind, naming themselves "Darkin" and raising hordes of mortal warriors to conquer the world. Eventually, the Aspects who had inspired their creation were forced to intervene, imprisoning the Darkin within their own accursed weapons.
The Darkin War
Ne'Zuk and the Monolith: A Heroic Stand Against the Voidborn Hordes
The Ixtalan people, part of the Shuriman empire, faced a rapidly spreading corruption from Icathia's ruins. Ne'Zuk of the Ascended Host was an Ixtali elemental mage of colossal power. He created the Monolith, a floating fortress, to battle the Void and its Voidborn hordes. The monolith was eventually destroyed and the Ixtal mages used their power over nature to hide Ixaocan away from the Void within the Jungle.
![img](4l85yqfbrvqa1 "Ne'Zuk Lost Tomb ")
The Hall of Nine is melting
The Hall of The Nine, or Hall of The Nine, is located inside the Howling Abyss in eastern Freljord. It is below the Bridge of Sorrows, Bridge of Shadow, and Bridge of the Lost. We do not know much about the nine, but we do know they keep the watchers trapped within the True Ice deep within the Howling Abyss.
The Hall of the Nine
The Watchers Stir
Each year, on the vernal equinox, a handful of Frostguard from the Keepers Lodge descend into the Howling Abyss. We learn on the most recent decent that the nine have grown weaker over the millennia and now barely hold back the Watchers. It is only a matter of time before they escape.
The Watchers
Follow for more league of legends lore posts! Plans to do a consolidated timeline for each zone.
Something missing or requiring further explanation? Let me know, and I may edit it!
All Zone Timeline Posts: Shurima - Targon - Ixtal - The Void
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2023.03.30 15:49 Cats-and-dogs-rdabst Serious question

What are your ideas on how to keep the plastic bags you get from the store out of reach of your animals? I have 2 obsessed plastic loving cats. Any ideas?
PS I keep them tucked away but they seem to somehow find a way into the plastic bags. I have tried redirecting and spraying her but it does not seem to help.
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2023.03.30 15:49 bakedMinotaurs What’s the conspiracy behind names?

I feel like this is the most overlooked conspiracy. I mean think about it, no animals in the wild call each other by a “name”. When someone calls your name, it breaks your attention from whatever it is you were doing.
This isn’t a serious post, just wanted to try and lighten someone’s day with this wild thought I had while stoned laying in bed. Hope you all have a good day 😁
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2023.03.30 15:48 Jimbo-Darkness Illustration from Hiromasa Ogura, art direction from the famous 1996 anime movie Ghost in the Shell. I want to replicate it, but all the intersecting lines are intimidating! How do I begin to learn to draw this?

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2023.03.30 15:48 MacaroonConfident155 Warning: what i am going to say is going to be a bit of a Hot take

so one time i decide to do saber story in the single player mode what i didn't realise is that i need to beat hisui(alone), kohaku(alone) and red arcueid story first and after beating the crap out of micheal roa (i'm not saying his last name) in red arceuid's story, she was doing her laughing animation once that i won the second round. and IDK about why but i find arcueid doing diabolical laugh to be more cute than anything in her enhanced state. am i the only to had this thought?
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2023.03.30 15:47 SmartMistake501 stable diffusion generated image doesn't show up, how to fix this?

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2023.03.30 15:47 notmytruth APRIL UPDATE

Lammbbssss!!!!!!!!!! A library den sounds awesome too!
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2023.03.30 15:47 ActR40 XXX Porn video - Stuffing The Student

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2023.03.30 15:46 joev1025 Mammoth meat. Stone. Eat.

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2023.03.30 15:46 Lonewolfe47 [Discussion] Hello All, I live in the U.S., I'm wondering the best way to collect the anime physically. I see there are multiple versions of blu ray sets. Which is the best?

Hello All, I live in the U.S., I'm wondering the best way to collect the anime physically. I see there are multiple versions of blu ray sets. Which is the best? (Also, While it's not a requirement, i would like for it to also have the dub.)
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2023.03.30 15:45 BPDWithDreams My mums just gone too far

Since things happened between me and my brother it’s always been brushed to the side. I’ve learned to cope even in his presence because I just had to. I know it isn’t right but that’s a topic for another day He’s been with us all day because his dog is at the groomers near us. Because I care a lot for animals I’m the one who booked him in and I’m going to pay for it as well as my brother “can’t afford it” So I’ve put up with him being around for a few hours and kept acting my part of “happy sister” or whatever. My mum came to me and said “you’re going to have to go with him to pick up the dog” this lead to a short argument of me saying “I want you to come with me” and her saying “I’m tired” eventually she said “I’ve done enough” and I thought yes that’s true. My mum does everything for everybody and I know she’s tired. I said “but I want you to come with me” then my mum said something that left my stood in the kitchen not moving for 5 minutes just silently crying “I’m not coming with you, you’re a big girl now you’re 21” She doesn’t know this so it’s not her fault but one of the times it was happening he talked about how I was a big girl. I feel sick even thinking about it. I was 4. Eventually I composed myself and started going upstairs just for my mum to say I didn’t have to go and she would go. I imagine she realised and felt guilty but as they say, the damage was done. I’ve been sat in the bathroom hyperventilating and crying as quietly as I can. My phone screen in literally blurry so I apologise for any mistakes. I have no one to go to. He’s still here and that’s fine but I feel like my souls just took extreme damage. I feel like that child who didn’t understand why this is happening again. I don’t know why it still hurts so much.
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2023.03.30 15:45 Creative_Strawberry6 Appalachian Horror

This story takes place in the early 1990s:
I was 18 years old and starting my new life as a college student. It was an exciting time to be away from home for the first time, and my best friend and I both committed to West Virginia University... we were ready to party like no tomorrow together. We weren't the brightest and were just going to college because that's what was expected of us, so WVU was the perfect fit. We chose to be in a quad room, meaning we would have two other roommates. Both were random, and this was a time before cell phones, so we wouldn't meet them until move-in day. Being from NJ, this was the furthest from home I would be, and the change from an NYC suburb to the middle of nowhere West Virginia would be shocking.
Moving day came, and my friend and I set up our room. Our first roommate joined us that day, and we all clicked really well. He was from a really small town in Western Virginia, and although we had almost completely different lives, this was someone you could tell would be a great friend. The next day, our other roommate came, and we all got to know each other. The story revolves around the first roommate from Virginia, so I'm going to focus on him.
Throughout the semester, my best friend, the roommate, and I became a trio and would go out together all the time, and we all even shared the same friends. We really spent all our free time with each other. Things remained amazing for both semesters of our first year, and we really wanted to keep in touch over the summer break. My home friend and I were so intrigued by the third roommate's stories of his hometown that we all agreed to visit him for a week over the summer and live with his family.
When that time came, me and my friend hopped into my car and drove the roughly 12-hour trip to his house. About an hour after passing through the suburbs of DC, we realized how remote Western Virginia was. When we would stop for gas or to use the bathroom in these small towns, we felt like we were in an old western movie. I have never seen so few people and so little urbanization; it was really eye-opening. We arrived at his house by dinner time, and when I tell you this town was small, I mean it. Each house was at least half a mile or more apart, and it took a 25-minute drive from his house to get to the center of town, where all the stores and restaurants were. Honestly, although it was an extreme change from what I was used to, I pictured this trip being a relaxing one, removing me from the hustle of the east coast.
Three days into our six-day stay, our friend wanted to bring us hiking through the mountains. I was really excited as I have been loving the outdoors here and really wanted to embrace nature. We started our hike at about 9 am, planning to eat our packed lunches around 11 and return to his house by 5 in time to eat dinner at home and before it started to get dark. Midway through the hike, a little after we ate lunch, I spotted a no-trespassing sign in the middle of what seemed to be nowhere. I asked my friend about it, and he told us there was a house in there that everyone knew to keep away from. He told us that where we were hiking was designated as a park and, therefore, no one could live there, but this family had been here for so long that after refusing to move numerous times, the state just gave up.
This was so intriguing to me, and I really wanted to see the house. My friend kept telling us it was dangerous because it was someone's property, and they could shoot us if they saw us. The way he was telling us this thought felt a little insincere as if he didn't really think that was the problem. I interpreted this as him just thinking they wouldn't shoot us without warning us to leave the property first, so I begged and begged. After pulling the usual, you only live once or were best friends, we need to do this we finally convinced him to lead us towards the house.
We had walked for about 25 minutes when we noticed a clearing in the trees. My friend told us once we saw the house were going to stop because, at this point, we were about 3 hours from any road in any direction, and it was really dangerous if we would be seen. We started to whisper and walk slower, waiting for the house to appear. Suddenly, we hear a little scream, like a child when they're playing a game or happy. We froze and started to inch closer to the noise. Soon we saw an old rustic house that looked like it should be condemned, with rusting metal tools and wheels in the front yard. And then we saw a little boy running in circles laughing. We watched for about 5 minutes and noticed that the boy wasn't playing with anyone else. It was odd that he was playing this long and this intense by himself, but we didn't think too much about it.
My home friend wanted to get closer, but even at this point, I felt scared. The friend from here told us it was really dangerous to get any closer and that we should start heading back now, as it was around two and we needed to stay on schedule. My home friend wouldn't budge, he said he wanted to see if other people were on the property and what they were doing. We agreed to stay at our distance but move to the side to get different angles of the house and hopefully see someone else. That's when we notice a tall, heavy man walk out a side door and scream at the boy. Not a scolding scream, but like an animal scream. This was a sound I had never heard a human make before, and I couldn't even imagine what it meant. The boy screamed again in this animalistic howl and ran inside the house. We all looked at each other like, wtf did we just witness?
Then, like out of a horror movie, another scream erupted but this time behind us. We whipped around and saw a boy behind us, probably 12 or 13. We were caught. My heart started pounding so hard I could feel it in my skull. Another scream came from the direction of the house, and we saw the tall man coming for us. He didn't have a gun, though, so we all felt he was about to scold and not kill us. We decided to act lost and just ask him for directions to town that way, and maybe he would go a little easy on us. When he got close enough to hear us, we all started pleading with him, telling him we needed to get home soon and asking if he could help us in any way. He just began at us, and the young boy behind us pushed my friend forward like he was telling us to move. We started to inch up, and the tall man started to walk back toward his house, and we all assumed he wanted us to follow him.
Now we are a couple of yards from the house, and the whole family went outside to look at us. There were two very old women, two middle-aged women, and one middle-aged man, three young men probably in their 20's, and like eight kids. We could tell they were all related as they all had this sandy blonde hair and deep blue eyes. No one said a word to us. We were so scared and confused that we kept pleading, but they didn't even look like they understood us. The tall man from earlier throws us a makeshift plastic carton of water, and everyone starts making their way inside. We took this as him letting us know he wasn't mad at us, but it was time for us to go. We picked up the carton, and it was disgusting. The dirt on the cleawhite plastic stained it brown, and the water looked septic. As we turn our bodies to walk in the other direction, we all notice four girls tending to plants behind the house. These girls weren't outside with the rest of the family staring at us, and I assumed they were workers there. I know that makes no sense, but they looked nothing like everyone else, and I thought it was weird they didn't join the family before.
They all had brown or black hair and were considerably paler than the family. As we continued walking into the woods, one of them yelled at us, in incredibly broken English in the thickest hillbilly accent you could imagine, "Don't come here more, daddy kill you." We were shocked. This was the first time anyone tried to talk to us. We yelled back that we were so sorry and ran into the woods. It was around 3:30, and we were terribly behind schedule. Our friend's mom would pick us up at 5, but there was no way we would get back to the road in time. During the whole walk/ jog back, we discussed what had just happened and how weird that entire affair was. We were all so baffled, and the local friend interjected that growing up, there were always so many scary fables about that house and family. He said some people said they were here since the 1800s and have only ever interbred, and they're all like genetic horrors now, and others said they were cannibals. He told us he brushed all these stories off as tales, but we all agreed that the inbreeding one could be a real possibility.
Finally, at almost 7 o'clock, we make it to the road where we see our friend's mom's, dad's, and brother's car. They were all in a circle talking, and when we greeted them, they said they were worried sick and were about to go looking for us. We apologized and got in the mom's car while she laid into us. Screaming and crying, she told us how scared she was. My home friend apologized and told her how we got caught up at that house. Immediately the whole car went silent, and the local friend looked at us like why would you say that. I thought he was mad because we admitted to trespassing, but now I know that would have been a godsend. His mother sternly said, "you didn't speak to them, did you?" At this point, we just told her the whole story, and she sat silently the whole time, not asking any questions nothing. She told us we’d have to go home tomorrow, cutting our trip two days short, and that we seriously put ourselves in danger by doing what we did.
The next morning, we packed and got ready to leave after breakfast. The mood had visibly changed, and my friend barely spoke to us. I was still feeling a little cheated out of my vacation, wondering what we did that was SO bad. We left a couple of hours later, and that was that.
The next semester we all decided to room together again, with the exception of the fourth roommate, which we tried for a new one. A couple of months into the semester, we were all drunk on a Saturday night and ended up talking about a memory from our summer get-together. With a lot of liquid courage, I brought up the event again and asked what we did that was so wrong. My friend tried to blow off answering, but my persistence and his inebriation finally gave us an answer.
What he said changed me forever: Apparently, that family really had lived there since the 19th century in that exact house. Soon they got shunned for revoking their religion, and the town didn't really mingle with them anymore. This led to the start of their inbreeding. At first, they only wed cousins, but by the 1950s, when the state had claimed the whole area as a park, and this was the only family to remain for miles, the inbreeding got worse and involved siblings and parent/child relationships. The police did a few welfare checks on them in the 60s to confirm this, but there was really nothing they could do about it. In 1971 a local girl from the town went missing. After weeks of search and rescue turned up nothing, it was assumed she had died hiking in the woods. Eight years later, another school-aged girl went missing, this time the sheriff's daughter. Again, after weeks of looking, nothing turned up. The police decided to go to this family's house and ask if they saw her, being that they lived in the forest, it was thought the girl got lost, and to the sheriff's surprise, his daughter was there living with the family. Apparently, the sheriff also recognized the first missing girl, who was now pregnant. This part is now all folklore with no actual confirmation, but many of the locals believe it to be true. Apparently, the sheriff found out that the family was desperate for some outside breeding to help clean the gene pool and would kidnap young women and rape them. Luckily the sheriff's daughter hadn't yet been impregnated, and the sheriff took her back on one condition. He had to allow the family to take young girls, mostly from other towns, and the sheriff would look the other way. Some people in the town believe that if they mess with the sheriff that he would approve the kidnapping of their children, and because of this, many adults in the town appease the sheriff's office at any expense. Since then, there have been reports of missing girls from other towns, but no one knows if they simply got lost in the Appalachians or really have been taken. This is why our friend's mom was so mad at us, she was worried we would mess up the relationship between the sheriff and the family, and somehow, they would have to pay for it. I'm not sure if I believe any of this, and it still boggles my brain to this day. I just hope it's not true.
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