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for something (or someone) taking up a seat. big or small. kids, adults, small birds, big birds. you name it. if it's taking a seat it's fair game.

2013.05.02 00:01 Ricktron3030 Big Bend National Park

Welcome to /BigBendTX: A subreddit dedicated to Big Bend National Park and the surrounding area. This is a place to share experiences, photos, stories, news or anything else to do with Big Bend.

2023.03.30 17:13 RealMe521 Maximize Your Crypto Investment Potential with AdLunam's Unique Launchpad and Attention Rank System!

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This launchpad is shaking things up in the crypto world with its unique features. Investors can earn allocations based on their Attention Rank through the Engage to Earn Proof of Attention model. And AdLunam isn't just an IDO launchpad - it also offers a seedpad for access to deal flow at seed and private rounds.
For projects, AdLunam provides in-house advisory services, go-to-market support, and instant access to engaged investors. Plus, the Attention Rank system makes it easy to find ambassadors and influencers for your project.
Don't miss out on this game-changing platform - give AdLunam a try and stay ahead in the crypto space.
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2023.03.30 17:13 Hypn01 Lc and is this man’s model?

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2023.03.30 17:13 Putrid_Transition560 Should I take a free MakerBot Replicator+? It's from a closed down school

Ok, so before I get the "it's free, that's a dumb question" I know, total first world problem and why would I say no to free. Also, its not a exactly purchase advice question so im not sure it fits in the mega thread. I don't live in a big space and I'm worried this "free" printer will become a several hundred dollar project and a huge paperweight. It looks to be in decent shape, but I don't know how old it is and from past experience, used school equipment tends to be pretty abused. On top of that, I've read mixed reviews about the printer to begin with, but I am not sure how much that has to do with the price tag. I already have two Neptune printers which are plenty for my needs, so I'm not in the market for another printer, but on the other hand, it is free. Is it worth the potential project or should I pass? Any one with a potentially 6 year old MakerBot still like theirs?
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2023.03.30 17:13 HJenkinsRSN Triple H Apparently Made Big Change To Hell In A Cell Match

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2023.03.30 17:13 Spiritapo0 Pornstars Like it Big - Porn Store Pornstar scene starring Jenaveve Jolie and Keiran Lee

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2023.03.30 17:13 polyphanes Hermeticism, God, and the Gods

Ahoy everyone! I hope you're doing well.
When people read texts like the Corpus Hermeticum or Asclepius, what with all the talk of “God”, it’s not uncommon for them to think that Hermeticism is some kind of monotheistic spirituality, or some sort of "Christianity Lite". It’s a common-enough thing to wonder and ask about (especially as evidenced by a number of posts or comments on this subreddit), but a simple surface reading of part of the classical Hermetic texts doesn’t describe the whole situation accurately.
In truth, Hermeticism is a polytheistic form of mysticism, and the Hermetic texts are a product of a polytheistic people writing for a polytheistic audience; not only do the Hermetic texts explicitly state that multiple gods exist, but they outright encourage our worship of them. However, the focus in Hermeticism is not on the gods, but on God—and yet, perplexingly, God is not a god, and the reason why so much of the Hermetic texts talk about God is to try to make out exactly what God is if not a god. What Hermeticism is is fundamentally a form of monist mysticism, but it’s easy to conflate monism with monotheism.
To better explain these differences, I wrote a few posts on my blog exploring the nuances of how Hermeticism is fundamentally polytheistic, how that frames the monism of “the God”, and how that relates to otherwise exoteric polytheistic religion as well as how this is adapted to monotheistic traditions, as well as how we should better understand Hermeticism from the Hermetic texts.
I hope y'all enjoy the read, and I look forward to whatever comments you might have!
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2023.03.30 17:12 trebleimzadi What’s the point of AXS Premium tickets?

I snagged some yesterday, Houston show, floor B, row 25. Cost over 1k for two tickets and I saw there was a big “premium” fee tacked on.
Then I went this morning and looked up some VIP packages, and got Floor B, row 12 for less than what I paid for regular tickets on row 25.
I guess I’m gonna try reselling the row 25 tix now.
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2023.03.30 17:12 SomeoneInQld Even during a War - Ukraine is still meeting its Global animal health responsibilities.

When a country gets certain things happen to animals they have to report it to a central reporting authority. An outbreak of African swine fever virus (Inf. with) was found in 1 wild boar in Ichnia National Natural Park on the 2023/03/28, with confirmation (from lab) on the 2023/03/29 and reported to the world 2023/03/30.
These are generally contagious or killer diseases so neighbouring countries need to be informed.
As someone who has been monitoring this data for decades this is impressive, many countries in peace time average several days to several weeks to lodge the reports. Last I checked which was several years ago, many russian reports took up to 18 months.
(I suspect that the URL may change as it has in-review in the URL)
Slava Ukraini
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2023.03.30 17:12 trebleimzadi What’s the point of AXS Premium tickets?

I snagged some yesterday, Houston show, floor B, row 25. Cost over 1k for two tickets and I saw there was a big “premium” fee tacked on.
Then I went this morning and looked up some VIP packages, and got Floor B, row 12 for less than what I paid for regular tickets on row 25.
I guess I’m gonna try reselling the row 25 tix now.
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2023.03.30 17:12 Creighcray 1994. My bff and I. Senior year.

1994. My bff and I. Senior year.
Senior year. We both had just won the wrestling division championships a couple in our respective weight classes. We were on top of the world. He’s a successful dentist now. I’m an immigration attorney. I remember this day as if it were yesterday. Time flies.
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2023.03.30 17:12 Unhappy-Transition39 Best 4 IPTV services for Tivimate 2023

Best 4 IPTV services for Tivimate 2023

  1. IPTVGreat –
  2. IPTVRight-
  3. IPTVUnloack-
  4. IPTVresale-
Are you looking for the best IPTV for Tivimate player? This article is about the best IPTV for Tivimate. This will help you in choosing the IPTV service that is best suitable for Tivimate. IPTVTops supports the m3u for its users.
There are a number of IPTV services in this world. But, all are not able to provide the best services. So, you must look for the best IPTV service. But, finding the best IPTV service is not an easy task. Many unreliable IPTV services are available in the market. This article is to guide you in selecting the best IPTV for Tivimate.
Nowadays, we are interested in the Tivimate IPTV service player. So, let’s explore the ideal IPTV service provider for Tivimate. What will you learn from this article? The list is as follows.
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2023.03.30 17:12 Groenboys [Mobile Apps] How a horde of Jeremy Renners shut down the official Jeremy Renner app

Jeremy Renner. The actor, the artist, the influencer, the celebrity sensation, the legend. From the outside, he is mostly known as Hawkeye from the Marvel MCU movies, but on the inside, he is Jeremy Renner.
Jokes aside, Jeremy Renner is quite a respected actor who is also really successful, getting tons of recognition and even getting multiple Academy Award nominations. It is why when he recently got into a snow plowing accident which left him in critical condition, many were concerned for him (recently he updated that he is now okay I am genuinely glad he is). But even after this awful injury, all that people can talk about is the thing that has been haunting Jeremy Renner’s career for the past half a decade: The Jeremy Renner app. Designed to be an app to get Jeremy Renner more in touch with his adoring fans, it only took a week to turn into a massive laughing stock that quickly shut down. So how did the Jeremy Renner app start and how did it end so quickly?
There is no escape from EscapeX
Before we can talk about the Jeremy app, we need to talk about the people who made it first: the company EscapeX. The company was founded in 2014 and the year after was able to raise over 18 million dollars in funding. They put that money to good use as they started racking up celebrity deals all over the world, most notably famous Bollywood stars. They would then make a special apps that were basically social media sites entirely dedicated to the start the apps were named after. They had quite some success, as they reported that in 2018 they got 5.5 million dollars in revenue.
While their foot was mostly in Asian markets, they also had some notable western names they had made official apps for, like
The inner workings of Jeremy Renner
The official Jeremy Renner app launched in March 2017. So how did this app work?
Well, when you opened the app and after an exclusive video of Jeremy Renner explaining what the app was about, you would find Instagram but everything revolved around Jeremy Renner. All of the pictures were posted by Jeremy Renner, the posts you could reply to were that of Jeremy Renner, and you could pay Jeremy Renner money- wait what? Yes, the Jeremy Renner app had in-app purchases were you could buy stars and use those stars to boost your comment under Jeremy Renner posts and when you got enough starts to boost your comment into the top 3 you may could get a reply from Jeremy Renner.
Yep, the app was that simple: Replying to Jeremy Renner until maybe at some point in your life Jeremy Renner would acknowledge you. If this app sounds pretty lazy, it gets even lazier when you realise the Jeremy Renner app was just literally Jeremy Renner’s Instagram page. Every post Jeremy Renner made on Instagram he also posted on the Jeremy Renner app. He even copied the Instagram captions which created some awkward posts when he used hashtags or @’s people in posts even though the Jeremy Renner app had no hashtag or @ function. The Jeremy Renner app did include some exclusive Jeremy Renner content.. but almost all of it was related to his music career. Some might then say that the Jeremy Renner app was used to promote his music but my middle name is Some so yeah Jeremy Renner definitely used the Jeremy Renner app the most to promote his music.
While the existence of this app was absurd and the inner working even more absurd, the app was quite a success and it got many fans religiously using the app. There was an actual community on the Jeremy Renner app, with memes, events and giveaways. There were dramas about censorship and contest rigging which are too big to go into now, but overall the app continued to work smoothly for two years… until August 2019.
The One-Two Punch
While it is hard to pin down where it all went wrong, but I have pinpointed the two things that one-two punched the Jeremy Renner app into chaos.
The first punch was this comedic tweet. While the tweet itself didn’t catch a lot of attention, it did caught the attention of the youtuber Danny Gonzallez, who a few days later made a collab with Drew Gooden exploring the Jeremy Renner app. As you can see, the video was quite popular, and it exposed a lot of people to the Jeremy Renner app.
The first punch got the manpower, but the second punch gave the tools. On August 20th 2019, Jeremy Renner posted a picture with the caption “Have a rockin weekend everyone!!! What’s the plan ??? “. Comedian Stevan Heck then posted a honest comment:
I will be looking at porno on my computer
While there was an expected backlash from loyal Jeremy Renner fans and an expected ban, Stefan Heck did realise something: everyone who commented on the post got notifications from his comment, and the notification of the Jeremy Renner app was constructed that it looked like Jeremy Renner sent that porno comment. After Stevan Heck was banned from the app, he came the next day back on an account called JeremyRennerPornoTruth where he posted [a quote from Ai Weiwei](rca1i5knz91eczwgbbc3.jpg (965×1379) ( before he got quickly banned again. He posted his experience on both his his twitter and on an article he wrote.
An update Stevan added to the article says everything what happened after:
Update (Sept. 4, 5:58 p.m. ET): Oh no.
All hell breaks loose
It started out calm, with a few accounts changing their names like “Jeremy Renner’s Swedish Dog” or “Italian Jeremy Renner”, but quickly it spiraled out of control. So many people were flooding in the Jeremy Renner app with accounts impersonating celebrities. From Steve Jobs to OJ Simpson to Jeffrey Epstein to Jar Jar Binks to, ofcourse, Jerermy Renner himself. These impersonation accounts started spamming comments, memes and everything you would expect a troll raid to do. It got to the point that the earnest users did not even know which Jeremy Renner account was the real Jeremy Renner. The moderators of the Jeremy Renner app tried to put out the flames but the Jeremy Renners were too strong. Nothing could stop the horde of Jeremy Renners.
And that point Jeremy Renner, the real one, had enough. On september 4th, Jeremy Renner made one final post on the Jeremy Renner app.
The app has jumped the shark. Literally. Due to clever individuals that were able to manipulate ways to impersonate me and others within the app I have asked ESCAPEX, the company the runs this app to shut it down immediately and refund anyone who has purchased any stars over the last 90 days.
The Jeremy Renner app shut down shortly after that.
The Aftermath
After the Jeremy Renner app shut down and the countless articles were made, Jeremy Renner moved on to focus posting on his regular social media. Other than that, he continued being Jeremy Renner. EscapeX on the other hand met a worse fate. After the Jeremy Renner app shut down, they pretty much fell off the face of earth. All of their celebrity apps shut down (yes, even the Backpack kid app), all their socials haven’t updated since 2019 and their website is defunct. It is safe to assume that they won’t be coming back.
To most, the Jeremy Renner app is nothing more than a punchline. What was meant to be a new way for huge celebrities to interact with their fans became a joke that couldn’t handle its own scrutiny. Some still defend the Jeremy Renner app and a few even have fond memories of it, but today it is a funny curiosity that once in a moon someone goes “Hey, remember when Jeremy Renner had an app?”
Also, this post contains 60 Jeremy Renners.
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2023.03.30 17:12 TalkativeTaco2 How does starting in back office accounting roles for banks compare to Big 4 Audit?

For context I already have a Big 4 Audit internship and am currently being recruited for an internship with Goldman Sachs’ Controllers division. I was wondering what y’all think about prospects in either industry and what might be better long term?
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2023.03.30 17:12 CH4cows Birth control suddenly ineffective?

I have been taking Lo Loestrin for 8 years and it changed my life. I previously suffered from horrible, debilitating cramps with nausea, vomiting, and even blackouts. My periods lasted anywhere from 7-9 days with heavy bleeding. I was missing school almost every month, and had even been taken out of school in a wheelchair more than once because I had passed out in a bathroom while throwing up. When I started LoLo, my periods went away completely. I no longer had any cramping or PMS symptoms. My acne cleared up. I gained a healthy amount of weight (considering I was an underweight teen). My emotions stabilized. I’ve had no adverse effects or complaints about my Lo Loestrin experience over the years and I am a big advocate for it.
Now all of a sudden I’m experiencing random spotting, severe acne, and cramping (it’s minor but still). My body and face look more bloated. I’m gaining weight, despite the fact I’ve made healthy changes to my diet and started exercising. My emotions are more turbulent and my moods are erratic. I am chronically exhausted, despite getting an average of 7-9hrs of sleep a night.
Is if possible after all of these years Lo Loestrin is no longer working for my body? I started at 14 when I was 115lbs, and now at 23 I am around 160lbs. Is the pill’s effectiveness related to weight?
Note: I’ve taken several pregnancy tests and I am not pregnant.
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2023.03.30 17:12 PennyworthInvesting Copper vs Oil: The Great Disconnect

Copper vs Oil: The Great Disconnect
Copper is an important industrial metal and remains the key transitional metal in our view for the ongoing renewable revolution.
Historically, copper also has an almost unbeaten record for sniffing out economic strength and weakness before many other commodities. Fondly called Dr. Copper for this very reason, the copper industry is an essential part of the global economy and demand is closely tied to overall economic growth.
According to the Copper Alliance (a leading advocate for the copper industry), one tonne of copper is enough to build 40 cars, power 100,000 mobile phones, drive operations in 400 computers and bring electricity to 30 homes.
Historically, there has been a strong correlation between copper and oil, as both are affected by the same economic factors and market conditions. Energy costs make up a significant portion of the costs of copper extraction, smelting and refining, so there is a material basis for copper and oil prices to fluctuate in unison.
Oil is also a critical power source for economic activity, and quickly reflects falling or rising economic output. Oil accounts for about 3% of GDP and is one of the world’s most important commodities. Petroleum is essential to the manufacture of innumerable products from plastics and chemicals to clothing, and constitutes billions of dollars of transactions, even before considering its use as a fuel for transportation.
For a short video summary of this report, look here:
A decline or expansion of the world economy almost always results in an increase or decline of oil and copper prices. Forecasts of the respective prices and consumption of these two commodities, are generally set and revised with projections of global economic growth. Case in point, economists will often perceive a rise in oil prices as news of inflationary or recessionary tailwinds.
However, we’ve noticed something strange happening lately. We are seeing a decoupling of copper and oil prices, with copper prices rising dramatically year to date while oil prices are struggling amid global inflationary concerns and a worldwide banking crisis.
Oil vs. Copper Price (Year to Date %)
So why is copper holding up so much better than oil, when forecasters expect slowing economic growth, tightening lending standards and a potential recession within the next 12 months?
We think the answer all comes down to inventories…

Oil: A Story of Geopolitics & Supply
The International Energy Agency (IEA) states that in Q4 2022, supply outpaced demand by over 1 mb/d, despite a cut in OPEC+ production targets and disruptions to US supplies (due to winter storms).
Also, gains in energy efficiencies and soaring sales of electrical vehicles, will curb global 2023 demand growth by close to 900 kb/d in 2023. The market participation of Russia and China remains unpredictable, as sanctions have prompted Russia to seek new customers (at arguably reduced prices) for their oil, and the nature and speed of China’s reopening is still uncertain.
US Central bank policy has overshadowed China’s reopening, with the two week old banking crisis taking crude oil futures down by about $11/bbl, or 13% since March 3rd.
The US oil benchmark, Western Texas Intermediate (WTI) continues to slump as well as US crude stockpiles build. Overall, optimism is fading from the market.

Copper: The Uncrowned King of Commodities
Like Rodin’s the Thinker, copper sits above the rest in contemplation of the current tepid macroeconomic backdrop.
Copper is the best performer this year out of the industrial metals, rising more than 7% year-to-date, while other comparable metals have fallen in an environment of slowing economic growth expectations.
There is evidence that current prices aren’t reflecting expected supply deficits, which we’ll discuss below.

Very Low Inventory Driving Current Price Strength
We think the most likely explanation for Copper’s strength vs oil comes down to copper’s very low global inventory levels. As we’ve covered in previous articles, global inventories for copper and other industrial metals held at exchange monitored warehouses (i.e. LME & SHFE) are at record lows.
The situation looks like its gotten worse amidst all the economic worries not better, with investment Bank Goldman Sachs forecasting that the world could run out of visible copper inventories by Q3 this year, if current demand trends continue.
The re-opening of China, a major consumer of copper is a major contributor to rising copper demand expectations this year. Chinese demand rose strongly in February, the latest month of data. Currently, copper inventories are at the lowest seasonal level since 2008.
According to GS, Chinese copper demand rose 13% in February year-over-year; and they believe that the price could hit $10,500 a tonne as the Asian nation increases their post lunar new year industrial activity.
Copper Global Visible Inventories
One of the major factors affecting the strong copper price is the increasing demand for green technologies, more specifically batteries. McKinsey & Co. has identified that electrification is projected to increase annual copper demand to 36.6 million metric tons by 2031, and only rapid new mine development and the adoption of copper mitigating technologies, could potentially fill the looming copper supply gap.

Shortfalls, Slowdowns & Supply Gaps driving an Uncertain Future
A 2022 S&P Global study found that significant copper shortfalls will begin in 2025, as a result of increased demand from the energy transition and limited new copper supply. Their rocky road scenario assumes that if current conditions continue, there will be a 10 million metric ton shortfall by 2035. Even in their high ambition scenario, which assumes significant strides in technologies for extraction and recycling techniques, a shortfall will continue until 2035.
Forecast Copper Supply & Demand Balance
Unfortunately, the mining industry will not be able to meet this supply gap from new production without a frankly unrealistic increase in drilling capital expenditures.
Many of the world’s largest copper mines are facing dwindling reserves, depleted ore-grades and are slowing production due to capital-intensive major projects being moved underground in a bid to increase access to more ore.
Looking for new deposits (called greenfield exploration), is very costly and imposes inherit risks and difficulties. Not to mention, finding copper and putting it on production takes a long time.
The past decade has seen greenfield exploration slow dramatically, as the excess supply from 2006-2012 was worked down.
S&P Global estimates that new discoveries averaged 50Mt annually from 1990 to 2010. Moving to the present, discoveries have fallen by 80% to only 8Mt / year.
Current estimates expect a cumulative supply gap of 50Mt or over two years of global demand, between 2022 and 2030.
Mining project approval rates have stalled. During the first half of 2022, the volume of committed projects totaled just 260,000 tonnes of production per year.
Mining Project Approvals by Year (kt copper)
Three Ways to Invest in a Copper Shortage
Given the significant inventory shortages we have identified above, copper prices are poised to hold up better than other commodities if we are going into a period of economic weakness.
A resumption of quantitative easing by Central Banks or falling interest rates, could easily push copper prices to new highs under the current supply shortages.
We prefer three different ways to invest in these trends, bucketed by diversification and risk.
On the lower risk end of the spectrum is the Global X Copper Miners ETF (Ticker: COPX). The ETF is well diversified with 51 positions, and the top 10 stocks taking up a little over half of portfolio.
The diversification of COPX helps you avoid taking on company risk, the risk that one company does something stupid. COPX provides exposure to the price of copper with the potential for better returns than physical copper given the operating leverage copper miners have to the underlying commodity.
Top 25 Holdings of the COPX Copper ETF
Year-to-date copper prices are outperforming the copper miners 3.4%, though in early February the copper miners were up 18%, 10% more than physical copper.
YTD Performance of Copper vs COPX ETF
Our second preferred way to invest in copper upside is to own a high-quality large miner like Southern Copper (Ticker: SCCO). Southern Copper has a market value of $55bn and generates almost 80% of revenue from copper.
Southern Copper Footprint
Yes, Southern Copper is more expensive than large mining peers like BHP or Freeport-McMoRan, but it has outperformed them significantly this year due to its heavy copper weighting. Exactly the exposure and outcome an investor would want.
Forecast EV/EBITDA in 2023
YTD Performance
Our final investment pick to take advantage of the positive copper outlook is a small cap miner, with a unique value proposition. Investing in small caps does come with higher operational risks, but this is balanced by far higher return potential as smaller miners are often mispriced, especially at the beginning of a sustained period of stable to rising commodity prices, like we may be in today.
The company we’ve chosen has a truly unique operational footprint as it produces copper but does not need a mine to do so. The company Amerigo Resources (Ticker: ARG, ARREF), which we’ve written about before on Capital10x, provides significant leverage to copper prices without exposing investors to uncertainties that come from operating a complex copper mine.
Amerigo receives waste fluid (tailings) from El Teniente, one of the largest copper mines in the world. The company extracts the remaining Copper and Molybdenum from the waste stream, selling it back to the mine at the current global copper price.
Another risk mitigator with Amerigo is the company’s very low leverage. Cash exceeds debt which gives the company flexibility should copper prices decline for a period, if the world does go into a shallow recession.
Amerigo is trading on a trailing EV/EBITDA of 5.3x with Copper at $4.11/lb. The last time the stock traded at 5.3x EV/EBITDA copper was at $3.00/lb.
Amerigo EV/EBITDA multiple vs Copper Price
This tells us there is significant upside at current copper prices, especially seeing as EBITDA is expected to be $36 million at $3.60/lb copper which is in line with EBITDA in 2018, when the stock was at a similar multiple.
Bottom Line: Amerigo is pricing in $3.60/lb copper when prices are trading at $4.00/lb or 10% higher.

Commodity Prices Rarely Lie
Whenever we notice two economically sensitive commodities like oil and copper diverging in price, we take notice.
After looking at the fundamentals of each, it became clear there are huge differences that likely explain the divergence.
Oil investment may be low historically, but we can see demand weakening in real time through rising inventory levels in the US and elsewhere.
Copper in contrast has an acute supply shortage. The supply situation is so critical that even as global growth and demand are weakening, prices have been rising, telling us supply just isn’t there.
Copper has the superior short term and long term demand trends and continues to be our preferred commodity investment this decade, regardless of the chances we see of a global recession in the near future.
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2023.03.30 17:12 icebreak5253 This feels unfair

This feels unfair
If you see Nayanjoti being first. Has a clear advantage. And also has a big television.
How can they make such basic mistakes on a national television show is beyond me.
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2023.03.30 17:12 CH4cows Birth control suddenly ineffective?

I have been taking Lo Loestrin for 8 years and it changed my life. I previously suffered from horrible, debilitating cramps with nausea, vomiting, and even blackouts. My periods lasted anywhere from 7-9 days with heavy bleeding. I was missing school almost every month, and had even been taken out of school in a wheelchair more than once because I had passed out in a bathroom while throwing up. When I started LoLo, my periods went away completely. I no longer had any cramping or PMS symptoms. My acne cleared up. I gained a healthy amount of weight (considering I was an underweight teen). My emotions stabilized. I’ve had no adverse effects or complaints about my Lo Loestrin experience over the years and I am a big advocate for it.
Now all of a sudden I’m experiencing random spotting, severe acne, and cramping (it’s minor but still). My body and face look more bloated. I’m gaining weight, despite the fact I’ve made healthy changes to my diet and started exercising. My emotions are more turbulent and my moods are erratic. I am chronically exhausted, despite getting an average of 7-9hrs of sleep a night.
Is if possible after all of these years Lo Loestrin is no longer working for my body? I started at 14 when I was 115lbs, and now at 23 I am around 160lbs. Is the pill’s effectiveness related to weight?
Note: I’ve taken several pregnancy tests and I am not pregnant.
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2023.03.30 17:12 AutoModerator [Get] Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency Full Course Download Instant Delivery

Get the course here:
[Get] Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency Full Course Download Instant Delivery
You’ve stumbled across this page for a reason.
It’s not because you’ve heard of this crazy new business model called ‘SMMA’ and it’s not because you’re struggling to sign your first client.
It’s because you’re exasperated. You’re frustrated. And you know you can do better.
You’re stuck in a pair of “golden handcuffs”: running a mildly-successful agency but beholden to your clients, your staff, and your phone.
You’ve broken the one inviolable rule of running an agency and not kept a full pipeline.
You know that you can reach the upper echelon of agency owners making six-and-seven figures, whilst working less than six-and-seven hours a week.
You just don’t know how…
My name’s Iman Gadzhi and since 2017, I’ve run IAG Media. In this time, I’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, enjoyed six-figure months and made my clients millions.
I’ve also lost multiple clients in a row, been over-worked and chained to the agency that I started to give me freedom.
All the while, I’ve refined, tweaked and optimized my agency whilst also creating – the world’s largest education company for agency owners.
But in early 2020, I realised there was a problem. For every beginner agency owner desperate to sign their first client, there were three experienced agency owners desperate for guidance, systems and processes, and a solution to their broken agency model.
It’s why I created Copy Paste Agency…
…not so I can show you how to sign a client or perform basic outreach.
So you could take, copy and paste the exact methods I use in my own agency into your agency.
Copy Paste Agency students learn:
How I continue to run a multiple-six-figure agency from home with a skeleton staff and minimal expenses.
How to command higher retainers… and retain those clients for longer.
How to automate, delegate, and optimize every area of your agency from lead generation and sales to service delivery and client communication.
Plus get access to the latest tools and software used by my own agency, IAG Media such as reporting templates.
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2023.03.30 17:12 SuperBiscoitinho Taming has a lot more going for it than what you're led to believe.

TL;DR: Taking care of new creatures, new areas and interactions to explore, new ways of training with your companions, won't add power creep and is not too complex to add into the game and fit its lore. Here's why Taming is one of the best OSRS skill ideas!
Uuuuh... Summoning who?
I noticed that in the discussions of what skill pitch is the best, taming has received the shorter end of the stick, but today I wanted to rebate most of the points made against Taming and show how it might offer much, much more than what we are thinking.
To start off, here are the main points we should consider from the pre recorded live stream:
Now that we have these points highliged, let's talk about the main points AGAINST Taming:
. First of all... Taming and hunting are two opposite things. And while it's true that some hunting methods use other animals, I believe that only shows how much good Taming could do to the game and other skills in the game as its own skill instead of just an expansion. The idea of having all these old and new creatures coming to the game with their own personalities and preferences opens so many doors for new hunting methods, but not just hunting... Maybe even fishing, woodcutting, farming, agility, and many more! As they said in the blog, they have the fangs, the wings, maybe even the size to do things we are unable to do. So by letting this skill be its own thing, we open the doors for animals and other magical creatures to show us the way THEY interact with the world we play in!
. While that's understandable, we need to remember that the Devs have all ears on us. If we don't want the game to be overcrowded with pets, they can maybe show only in designated areas, maybe they only appear when you interact with them... we can make our voices heard about this. But I personally see potential with letting one of our companions walk beside us. As Mod Husky put it: These creatures could have their own walking and idle animation based on their personality and how loyal they are to you.
. This is a bit of a grey area right now. But if we don't want these companions to intervene in Combat, they won't. Maybe they could have their own combat system that would work with other companions as a way to interact with other players's companions all Pokémon style, who's to say! But from what I've seen, they don't plan on making combat be the focus of this skill, the focus is in creating a long lasting bond with your creatures.
. Thankfully the Mod team knows that this is not good game design, and plan on making it so that the caring part of Taming be its own activity that you engage with IF you want to. It won't punish you if you don't do it, like your cat leaving you just because you didn't pet it once every 5 minutes. We don't know how this new system will look like yet, but we can be assured that they won't make it the same as old Jagex did back in the early 2000's.
Well then, why should you vote for taming and not for Shamanism or Sailing?
With this said I believe I covered most complaints about the skill. Of course you can just not like the concept or the theme of the skill, that's perfectly fine. But even if you don't like it, I think it's important to acknowledge how much good Taming could bring to the game!
Being able to tame creatures, befriending them, training their abilities and seeing them interacting with the world in never seen before ways, doing their own activities or even aiding you on your own... The opportunities are limitless!
I hope I was able to convince you guys that Taming is a lot more than what some are giving it credit. Nevertheless, good luck getting the skill you wish for!
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2023.03.30 17:12 RobJHayes Self Published Fantasy Releases – April 2023

Self Published Fantasy Releases – April 2023
You can find the original post complete with all the shiny covers here.
If you would like to be kept up to date with the upcoming lists, please subscribe to my newsletter by clicking this link. I don’t send out letters too often, pretty much once a month when this list goes out… and occasionally if I release a book or something.
As always, this is not a comprehensive list, but only includes all the books I have heard about so far.
If you have a fantasy novel you are self publishing in April or beyond, let me know by filling out THIS FORM, and I shall add it to the page. There are but 3 requirements:
1) It must be a self published fantasy novel.
2) It must have a Goodreads page.
3) It must have a cover.

1st April – The Rascor Plains (Immortal Great Souls #2) by Phil Tucker

Scorio thought victory was within his grasp. He had bested the Final Gauntlet and overcome the treachery of Chancellor Praximar. But the Rascor Plains are full of peril, and his quest for truth has only just begun.
With his friends scattered and his reputation in tatters, Scorio must navigate a web of intrigue that stretches from the powerful House Hydra and the Fiery Shoals to the mysterious forces that govern the Plains. He will face foes both human and inhuman, and confront the darkest secrets of his world.
Beware the fiends, for they hunger for your soul. Beware your allies, for they may break your heart. And beware Scorio, for he will stop at nothing to uncover the truth.

1st April – The System Apocalyse Short Story ANTHOLOGY #2 by Various Authors

Dashing tales of heroics and everyday life abound in the second System Apocalypse short story anthology. Competing alien and human settlements clash, and a simple party planner is caught between in After Party. A New York trashman and his friend fight off loan sharks and exploit the System for gain, finding treasure among others garbage in Completely Trashed and a prisoner must decide between his humanity and humanity itself in WWMRD?
With over ten stories from exciting new voices and a few veterans of the universe, the second anthology highlights the lives and struggles of humanity’s best and worst years after System advent.
The second System Apocalypse short story anthology takes place between books 4 and 6 and covers years two to six during that period.

2nd April – Sul: From Gold to Iron and Rust (Sulaai #1) by Jacqui Davis & Katy Grierson

Epic Fantasy
A king destined to rule. A priest determined to protect his land. A demon out to Create chaos. A princess with her eyes on the throne.
When a demon murders the regent, young King Elmes leaves his island palace and sails north to conquer a frozen wilderness rich in resources his people have squandered –and of course, hunt down the demon. Elmes has no doubt he’ll prevail. After all, he is great like his ancestors.
But the land is already home to half-wild barbarians led by an immortal priest, who are used to weather more savage than any warrior. With a court losing confidence and a wife set on keeping the crown no matter whose head it sits on, the decisions at home prove the greater danger.
With mounting threats on all sides, Elmes wins his empire, but his arrogance leaves him cursed and trapped in the north. Without his armies, his magic, or even his own name, Elmes must face his selfishness and irresponsibility to preserve what truly matters: his young son’s life.

4th April – The Ruptured Sky (Gardens of War & Wasteland #1) by Jessica A. McMinn

Epic Fantasy, Grimdark, Sword & Sorcery
A dead goddess. A broken sky. A world wasted by magic.
Princess Amikharlia wants one thing in life: control of her own fate.
On the eve of her wedding, Amika flees her homeland, seeking the truth behind the mysterious magical abilities she’d kept hidden since childhood.
Taking up the life of a demon huntress, Amika uncovers a madman’s prophecy that would have her revive an ancient goddess—and destroy the world in the process.
Will Amika become a pawn in another man’s game or continue her fight against destiny’s shackles?
As a dark and dangerous power begins to rise, she must make her choice soon.
But is laying the world to waste truly the way to save it?

4th April – The Captain (The Last Horizon #1) by Will Wight

Science Fantasy
“To survive in this galaxy, you need a wand in one hand and a gun in the other.”
On a little-known planet, Archmage Varic Vallenar casts a grand spell to empower himself with the magical abilities of his alternate selves. The ritual works too well, granting Varic not only the magic but also the memories from six lives.
Including their gruesome deaths.
Now, Varic has power greater than any wizard in galactic history, but he knows that won’t be enough. The enemies he faced in those alternate lives were apocalyptic in scale. Terrors of technology and magic. Nothing that he, or anyone, can defeat.
Sun-eating extra-dimensional insects, shadowy secret organizations, genetically enhanced alien super-soldiers, ruthless mega-corporations, and hordes of cyborg undead all lurk in the darkest corners of the galaxy, and Varic knows that any of them can become a world-ending threat at any moment.
All these are beyond any wizard, no matter how many spells he’s mastered or how many interstellar warships he’s rallied to his cause. Hopeless, Varic finds himself trying to preserve what little he can from the coming doom.
Until he hears rumors of a mythical starship, an invincible vessel of heroes made to do battle against galactic threats.
A ship called The Last Horizon.

14th April – Gates of Hope (Aulirean Gates #1) by J E Hannaford

Epic Fantasy
The Watcher shattered the Gates.
Now hope must arise from the shards.
Darin and Suriin enter the Black Palace of the So’Dal, at a time when monstrous Edgelands creatures return to the skies over Caldera. After exhibiting magical traits thought lost, Darin is drawn into a secret society charged with keeping the Watcher’s secrets. Now he must balance learning to control his magic, caring for Star, his new companion, and finding a way to sustain the Howlers’ power for long enough to protect Caldera from the predatory creatures of the Edgelands.
Before she arrived at the Black Palace Suriin broke the ancient rules of the So’Dal to save the life of the person she loves the most. As her search for a cure delves deeper under the mountain, is there any price she won’t pay?
On the outer moon of Tebein, Elissa’s newly awakened magic will endanger her home and family. Now she must race to find help for those she leaves behind as she escapes those who want her, and all those like her, dead.
One wrong decision by any of them could return legends to life and end five hundred cycles of peace. Will they find the solutions they need in time?

15th April – The Captain (Battle Brothers #2) by Casey Hollingshead

Grimdark, Sword & Sorcery
“You wish to talk rumors? Where would I even begin? I have heard of direwolves, lindwurms, dragons, nachzehrers, webknechts, and a wiederganger at the hip of a black clad cultist. Hells, I once received a tale that the trees themselves came alive and skewered men dead with branches shaped like spears! Richter, please, the laity love to talk about all the ghouls and ghosts these woods hold, but until you see it with your own eyes…”
Now captain of a struggling mercenary company, Richter von Dagentear takes on a dangerous brigand known as Kantorek, ‘the King of Dragons.’ But bandits and thieves are not all that roam the forests. With a witch hunter’s hat atop his head and a sellsword’s blade at his hip, Richter must recruit and equip a ragtag group of fighters to not only complete contracts, but survive what evils lurk beyond the trees.

20th April – Twice Upon a Name ANTHOLOGY (Tales of Mix Ups and Mistaken Identities) by Various Authors

Double the name and double the magic, mystery, and mayhem
Once upon a time, a fairy tale name generator issued a challenge to a group of authors. Volume Two of these quirky stories brings double trouble.
In this clean YA anthology, spy on thieves discovering their princely identities, accompany villains seeking redemption along with accident-prone geese, and rejoice in the reunion of siblings separated at birth. Side with twins split between good and evil, giggle over mistaken identities, and discover the secrets of royal doppelgängers. When fates are intertwined by a namesake, mayhem and mischief are sure to follow.
Venture into this collection of adventurous stories by award-winning and up-and-coming authors and see if what happens once . . . happens twice!
Pssst…some characters from Once Upon A Name might make a comeback, but the two sets and all stories in them can be read as standalones.

25th April – Spire Climbers (Titan Hoppers #2) by Rob J. Hayes

Progression/Cultivation, Science Fantasy
Even Titans Can Bleed.
Iro and Emil have opened their first Gates, unlocked new talents, and proved the fleet’s Hoppers aren’t stalled. Despite leaving the rank of trainee, they find their training is just beginning.
Thrown into a new squad with an explosive Mage, a cursed Surveyor, and a Vanguard with shady motives, Iro and Emil will delve deeper into the titan than ever before. There are bizarre things in the depths; pitch black oceans, nests of swarming monsters, and Spires that rip through the hull of the titan.
But what purpose do the Spires serve and can Iro and Emil reach the top in time?

28th April – The Shadow Gate (Dragon Spirits #2) by L.L. MacRae

Epic Fantasy
Opening the shadow gate is the only way Fenn’s memories can be restored—and with them, his life and family.
It could also destroy the world.
Guided by dragon spirit Hassen and manipulated by the Myr, Fenn fights the corruption spreading through Tassar—and himself—in an attempt to find his family. Separated from his allies and unable to trust even his own mind, the arduous journey takes its toll.
Far from home and reunited with her sister, Calidra battles to keep her loved ones safe. But when the fickle loyalties of dragon spirits shifts, and darkness lurks around every corner, running from her fears is no longer an option.
And in the far south, consequences of the past catch up with those fighting for their freedom.

28th April – Elder Epoch (Gunmetal Gods #3) by Zamil Akhtar

Epic Fantasy, Grimdark
The protector of the land is dead.
A blood plague infests the soil and sea, eldritch angels vie for dominion over hearts and souls, and holy war boils between four gunpowder empires.
The line between truth and falsehood, the righteous and the wicked, hope and annihilation is buried deep beneath blood-soaked sand.
Space for more...
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2023.03.30 17:12 starlitgalaxies AITC for guarding what’s mine?

Is Nova (2f) the majestic void kitty, queen of the dormitory! But mama keeps getting mad at me…
So every so often she leaves the house with this BIG bag of good-smelling human-furs. They smell like mama and like me when she leaves, but when she comes back they stink like flowery chemicals! Nasty! But also they’re Super Snuggly Warm, so I like to lay on them when she sorts her furs. She lays out the top-furs along the bed, so I like to lay on the stack so they smell right again and so I get warm. But then she tries to take them! So I do a little growl and a little meow and then, if she doesn’t listen, a little hiss. But then she calls me BAD RUDE KITTY and flinches away from me! I just wanna make the furs smell like me and mama again! So AITC? Am I a Bad Rude Kitty for doin a hiss when she steals the furs I’m lying on?
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2023.03.30 17:11 Spiritapo0 Brazzers - Teens Like It Big - (Aubrey Sinclair Sean Lawless) - Show My step Dad Whos Boss - Trailer preview

Brazzers - Teens Like It Big - (Aubrey Sinclair Sean Lawless) - Show My step Dad Whos Boss - Trailer preview submitted by Spiritapo0 to Waedsr [link] [comments]