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2023.03.30 16:49 PhilipCMS Enterprise Group Announces Results for Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2022 (TSX: E and OTCQB: ETOLF)

Enterprise Group Announces Results for Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2022 (TSX: E and OTCQB: ETOLF)
Enterprise Group, Inc. (TSX: E) (OTCQB: ETOLF) (the "Company" or "Enterprise"). Enterprise, a consolidator of energy services (including specialized equipment rental to the energy/resource sector), is pleased to announce its Q4 2022 and FY2022 results.
(1) Identified and defined under "Non-IFRS Measures". (2) The Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy and Rent Subsidy Programs ended in October 2021. To provide further comparability to pre-COVID operations, the Company has presented adjusted gross margin and adjusted EBITDA to reflect the results of operations without any subsidy programs.
  • The 2022 year has been one of the strongest in recent history. Higher capital spending in the energy industry combined with increased customer activity levels in has resulted in improved results. During the year, Enterprise secured additional supply and services agreements with three of its tier one clients which contributed to the improved operating results. Revenue for the year ended December 31, 2022, was $26,892,249 compared to $18,732,335 in the prior period, an increase of $8,159,914 or 44%. Adjusted gross margin for the year ended December 31, 2022, was $10,879,928 compared to $4,982,731 in the prior period, an increase of $5,897,197 or 118%. Adjusted EBITDA for the year ended December 31, 2022, was $8,147,223 compared to $2,959,020 in the prior period, an increase of $5,188,203 or 175%. Revenue for the three months ended December 31, 2022, was $8,734,471 compared to $5,730,978 in the prior period, an increase of $3,003,493 or 52%. Adjusted gross margin for the three months ended December 31, 2022, was $4,157,875 compared to $2,091,874 in the prior period, an increase of $2,066,001 or 99%. Adjusted EBITDA for the three months ended December 31, 2022, was $3,283,612 compared to adjusted EBITDA of $1,547,549 in the prior period, an increase of $1,736,063 or 112%. Increases in gross margin and EBITDA for the year and the quarter are reflective of increases customer activity in 2022 while maintaining the overall cost structure of the Company.
  • For the year ended December 31, 2022, the company generated cash flow from operations of $5,910,830 compared to $3,500,869 in the prior year. This change is consistent with the higher activity during the year. The Company continues to utilize a combination of cash flow and debt to right-size and modernize its equipment fleet to meet customer demands. During the year ended December 31, 2022, the Company purchased $5,569,011 of capital assets primarily for natural gas power generation, upgrading the energy efficiency of existing equipment and meeting specific requests from customers. During this same period, the Company also sold property, plant and equipment and received proceeds $1,216,724 of which were re-invested in new equipment.
  • During year ended December 31, 2022, the Company purchased and cancelled 1,799,000 shares at a cost of $714,614, or $0.40 per share. These shares had a carrying value of $1.36 per share for a total of $2,445,077 which has been removed from the share capital account. Since the initiation of the share buyback program, the Company has purchased and cancelled 10,057,500 shares at a cost of $2,391,560 or $0.24 per share. These shares have a carrying value of $1.42 per share for a total of $14,289,151 which has been removed from the share capital account over the entire share buyback program. In addition to the share buyback program, during year ended December 31, 2022, management exercised 4,881,000 options resulting in net proceeds of $901,070 being reinvested into the Company, creating a management ownership position of 40%. Enterprise has renewed its normal course issuer bid through to August 29, 2023. The Company believes its stock remains undervalued as the Company's book value is $0.68 per share. In addition, the Company has available tax losses of $0.17 per share and is in the process of developing a consolidated tax plan to utilize those losses. Management will continue to be aggressive in acquiring its shares.
  • In April of this year, Enterprise Group officially launched a new wholly owned subsidiary, Evolution Power Projects, Inc. ("EPP"). EPP is the leading provider of low emission, mobile power systems and associated surface infrastructure to the Energy, Resource, and Industrial sectors. The Company's innovative methods are delivering to its client's low emission natural gas-powered systems and micro-grid technology, allowing clients to eliminate diesel entirely. A significant portion of Enterprise's capital expenditures for 2022 was for additional natural gas-powered systems, including turbine generators. EPP can now provide mobile micro-grid technology in the 1-megawatt range which has allowed EPP to expand its services into water pumping and drilling support, further eliminating the use of diesel power. Also, EPP's systems are equipped to deliver real-time emission metrics providing its clients the assurances necessary for them to accomplish their ESG reporting and objectives.
  • In the prior year, the Company benefited from the Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy and Rent Subsidy Programs ("CEWS" and "CERS") which ended in October 2021. To provide further comparability to pre-COVID operations, the Company has presented adjusted gross margin and adjusted EBITDA to reflect the results without any subsidy programs. Utilizing the CEWS and CERS programs, the Company recorded $nil for the three months ended December 31, 2022 (2021 - $28,586) against direct costs and $nil (2021 - $31,624) against EBITDA. Utilizing the CEWS and CERS programs, the Company recorded $nil for the year ended December 31, 2022 (2021 - $1,649,087), against direct costs and $nil (2021 - $1,908,866) against EBITDA.
  • After year end on January 23, 2023, the Company's common shares began trading on the OTCQB Venture Market under the ticker symbol ETOLF. In addition to the listing, Enterprise's shares are now eligible for electronic clearing and settlement with the Depository Trust Company for trading in the United States. This listing will help to increase Enterprise's visibility and accessibility to a growing audience of U.S. investors.
About Enterprise Group, Inc.
Enterprise Group, Inc is a consolidator of services-including specialized equipment rental to the energy/resource sector. The Company works with particular emphasis on systems and technologies that mitigate, reduce, or eliminate CO2 and Greenhouse Gas emissions for itself and its clients. The Company is well known to local Tier One and international resource companies with operations in Western Canada. More information is available at the Company's website Corporate filings can be found on
For questions or additional information, please contact:
Leonard Jaroszuk: President & CEO, or Desmond O'Kell: Senior Vice-President [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) 780-418-4400
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2023.03.30 16:49 PhilipCMS Enterprise Group Announces Results for Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2022 (TSX: E and OTCQB: ETOLF)

Enterprise Group Announces Results for Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2022 (TSX: E and OTCQB: ETOLF)
Enterprise Group, Inc. (TSX: E) (OTCQB: ETOLF) (the "Company" or "Enterprise"). Enterprise, a consolidator of energy services (including specialized equipment rental to the energy/resource sector), is pleased to announce its Q4 2022 and FY2022 results.
(1) Identified and defined under "Non-IFRS Measures". (2) The Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy and Rent Subsidy Programs ended in October 2021. To provide further comparability to pre-COVID operations, the Company has presented adjusted gross margin and adjusted EBITDA to reflect the results of operations without any subsidy programs.
  • The 2022 year has been one of the strongest in recent history. Higher capital spending in the energy industry combined with increased customer activity levels in has resulted in improved results. During the year, Enterprise secured additional supply and services agreements with three of its tier one clients which contributed to the improved operating results. Revenue for the year ended December 31, 2022, was $26,892,249 compared to $18,732,335 in the prior period, an increase of $8,159,914 or 44%. Adjusted gross margin for the year ended December 31, 2022, was $10,879,928 compared to $4,982,731 in the prior period, an increase of $5,897,197 or 118%. Adjusted EBITDA for the year ended December 31, 2022, was $8,147,223 compared to $2,959,020 in the prior period, an increase of $5,188,203 or 175%. Revenue for the three months ended December 31, 2022, was $8,734,471 compared to $5,730,978 in the prior period, an increase of $3,003,493 or 52%. Adjusted gross margin for the three months ended December 31, 2022, was $4,157,875 compared to $2,091,874 in the prior period, an increase of $2,066,001 or 99%. Adjusted EBITDA for the three months ended December 31, 2022, was $3,283,612 compared to adjusted EBITDA of $1,547,549 in the prior period, an increase of $1,736,063 or 112%. Increases in gross margin and EBITDA for the year and the quarter are reflective of increases customer activity in 2022 while maintaining the overall cost structure of the Company.
  • For the year ended December 31, 2022, the company generated cash flow from operations of $5,910,830 compared to $3,500,869 in the prior year. This change is consistent with the higher activity during the year. The Company continues to utilize a combination of cash flow and debt to right-size and modernize its equipment fleet to meet customer demands. During the year ended December 31, 2022, the Company purchased $5,569,011 of capital assets primarily for natural gas power generation, upgrading the energy efficiency of existing equipment and meeting specific requests from customers. During this same period, the Company also sold property, plant and equipment and received proceeds $1,216,724 of which were re-invested in new equipment.
  • During year ended December 31, 2022, the Company purchased and cancelled 1,799,000 shares at a cost of $714,614, or $0.40 per share. These shares had a carrying value of $1.36 per share for a total of $2,445,077 which has been removed from the share capital account. Since the initiation of the share buyback program, the Company has purchased and cancelled 10,057,500 shares at a cost of $2,391,560 or $0.24 per share. These shares have a carrying value of $1.42 per share for a total of $14,289,151 which has been removed from the share capital account over the entire share buyback program. In addition to the share buyback program, during year ended December 31, 2022, management exercised 4,881,000 options resulting in net proceeds of $901,070 being reinvested into the Company, creating a management ownership position of 40%. Enterprise has renewed its normal course issuer bid through to August 29, 2023. The Company believes its stock remains undervalued as the Company's book value is $0.68 per share. In addition, the Company has available tax losses of $0.17 per share and is in the process of developing a consolidated tax plan to utilize those losses. Management will continue to be aggressive in acquiring its shares.
  • In April of this year, Enterprise Group officially launched a new wholly owned subsidiary, Evolution Power Projects, Inc. ("EPP"). EPP is the leading provider of low emission, mobile power systems and associated surface infrastructure to the Energy, Resource, and Industrial sectors. The Company's innovative methods are delivering to its client's low emission natural gas-powered systems and micro-grid technology, allowing clients to eliminate diesel entirely. A significant portion of Enterprise's capital expenditures for 2022 was for additional natural gas-powered systems, including turbine generators. EPP can now provide mobile micro-grid technology in the 1-megawatt range which has allowed EPP to expand its services into water pumping and drilling support, further eliminating the use of diesel power. Also, EPP's systems are equipped to deliver real-time emission metrics providing its clients the assurances necessary for them to accomplish their ESG reporting and objectives.
  • In the prior year, the Company benefited from the Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy and Rent Subsidy Programs ("CEWS" and "CERS") which ended in October 2021. To provide further comparability to pre-COVID operations, the Company has presented adjusted gross margin and adjusted EBITDA to reflect the results without any subsidy programs. Utilizing the CEWS and CERS programs, the Company recorded $nil for the three months ended December 31, 2022 (2021 - $28,586) against direct costs and $nil (2021 - $31,624) against EBITDA. Utilizing the CEWS and CERS programs, the Company recorded $nil for the year ended December 31, 2022 (2021 - $1,649,087), against direct costs and $nil (2021 - $1,908,866) against EBITDA.
  • After year end on January 23, 2023, the Company's common shares began trading on the OTCQB Venture Market under the ticker symbol ETOLF. In addition to the listing, Enterprise's shares are now eligible for electronic clearing and settlement with the Depository Trust Company for trading in the United States. This listing will help to increase Enterprise's visibility and accessibility to a growing audience of U.S. investors.
About Enterprise Group, Inc.
Enterprise Group, Inc is a consolidator of services-including specialized equipment rental to the energy/resource sector. The Company works with particular emphasis on systems and technologies that mitigate, reduce, or eliminate CO2 and Greenhouse Gas emissions for itself and its clients. The Company is well known to local Tier One and international resource companies with operations in Western Canada. More information is available at the Company's website Corporate filings can be found on
For questions or additional information, please contact:
Leonard Jaroszuk: President & CEO, or Desmond O'Kell: Senior Vice-President [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) 780-418-4400
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2023.03.30 16:47 scooby12821 Some MLB pick parlays I put together using Ron from Pickdawgz. Just throwing some skin in the game. ⚾️ I threw together a hitter combo

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2023.03.30 16:40 Pretzels4Algernon Feeling Different. LO is a small potato. Making room for bigger potatoes

I don't feel a euphoric high when LO texts me. I do smile. I spent all last year imagining he hates me & @ the same time that he secretly loves me. I was beating myself up and overthinking every message I sent. Longing for him, crying, needing him to say I'm pretty, I'm sexy. I had just been dumped by my LTR fiancee whom I thought I loved.
Last night LO called me on Instagram. He wanted to hookup, like he always does. I'd been feeling anxious because he didn't message me back for a week, but I also didn't message him either. A week is a record for me lol He said he never recieved the text from a week ago and I just realized that... I have a super negative thought process over this dude. I think I've been wrong about so much.
We talked for a little while. I don't really believe anything he says per say, but I like that he's in my life & seems to want me in the periphery of his life. We will not be best friends or date and thats boring for me. This last week I was so tempted to send a declarative, dramatic text slamming shut the door on him. But I didn't, because it's a door we both continue to open back up. So I didn't touch the door, I tried to focus on my true life!
I'm practicing abstinence and staying away from him. Idk. I woke up this morning with less of a need to control the situation, I think him not rejecting me is giving me some sanity. Maybe the rejection has always been me rejecting myself, on his behalf. Maybe I do that with any guy I feel inferior to. Because I did feel inferior to LO, actually, I just felt insane with him. I was at a low point.
So, idk if moving forward with him in my life as a bit player is me lying to myself about LE or if it's good for me. But I think I'd like to make room in my life for something real, someone who wants to have everything with me, build an empire. I also really want to make baked salmon with asparagus, squash and mashed potatoes. So I'm going to do that.
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2023.03.30 16:39 Jaded_Strain_1226 6 Technologies that will Impact the Future of Trucking

"…cars and trucks in which human drivers are never required to take control to safely operate the vehicle. Also known as autonomous or ‘driverless’ cars, they combine sensors and software to control, navigate, and drive the vehicle."
—Union of Concern Scientists, USA (USCUSA)
Is this what the future of trucking looks like?
For a few years, electric trucks were mainly being worked on by startup companies, while the large tech companies were mostly silent on the issue. This all changed around 2017. Tesla unveiled its all-electric autonomous truck in 2017 and the early customers of this product are Walmart, UPS and PepsiCo. Then, Daimler unveiled the electric siblings of their most popular trucks, Cascadia and M2 as eCascadia and eM2 in 2018. At the ACT Expo in 2018, Roger Nielson, the CEO of Daimler Trucks, said that the time has come to contemplate the post-internal combustion engine. The production of Daimler electric trucks will begin in 2021. In April 2019, the Nikola Motor Company, a tech startup unveiled its semi-truck powered by hydrogen fuel cells. Anheuser Busch, a beer making company has planned to buy 800 units of Nikola’s hydrogen fuel powered semi-truck.
Uber has also acquired a startup company, Otto which is working on autonomous trucks. In October, 2018 Otto completed the first shipment in the world from a self-driven truck. The cargo hauled by it contained 51,744 cans of Budweiser.
Any technological advancement requires large investments. According to a report from CB Insights, $2 billion has been invested in startup trucking companies as of 21st May, 2019. The investments in tech startups jumped a huge leap from $114 million in 2014 to $3.6 billion in 2018. The growing interest in the future of trucking has increased the scale of investments. The costs of electric trucks are quite higher than that of a diesel truck. Nielson went on to say that the business scenario at present will not allow a sane fleet operator to buy an electric truck. The industry needs to find ways to carry on research and make batteries that are half the current size and price. Also, it must double the energy density. In the meantime, partnerships and grants can make production of electric trucks possible.
The 6 major technologies that may impact the future of trucking are:
Electric Trucks
Autonomous Vehicles
Shipper Platforms
Blockchain Trucking
Artificial Intelligence

Electric Trucks - Future

The depletion of the conventional sources of energy have made researchers seek alternative sources to power vehicles. Additionally, vehicles need to be designed and structured in such a way that is compatible with alternative sources of energy. Thus, conservation of nature has been a driving concern behind a lof of the recent innovations.
Since trucks were first used in the late nineteenth century, they have come a long way. The future seems quite exciting as truck manufacturing companies are aiming to build electronic and autonomous trucks. Trucking had altered the way America did business and a lot is set to change in the coming years as well. With Tesla, Volvo, Daimler and other truck giants about to launch electric trucks in a few years, the future of trucking never seemed so promising and exciting.

A Brief History of Electric Trucks

The first crude yet viable electric motor which could power a tiny car was built by ÁnyosJedik, a Hungarian priest in 1827. 28% of vehicles running on American roads in 1900 was actually powered by electricity. Milburn electrics was the vehicle used by President Woodrow Wilson and his team of secret service agents to travel around Washington, DC. Once charged, the vehicle could travel a distance of approximately 60-70 miles. Though, initially electric vehicles did not have rechargeable batteries. The first electric carriage was invented somewhere around 1832-1839 in Scotland by Robert Anderson. It ran on primary cells which were non-rechargeable. The nickel-iron battery was one of the kinds of rechargeable batteries.
Of the many companies that produced and sold electrical vehicles, Baker Electric, Detroit Electric and Columbia Electric were quite notable.

Why did electric vehicles lose their prominence?

Cars powered by internal combustion became cheaper. Also large petroleum reserves were found in Oklahoma, California and Texas. Additionally, roads outside urban areas began to improve. Due to the availability of better roads, cars with internal combustion engines became a more popular choice.
In 1913, Henry Ford introduced a line of gasoline-powered vehicles. These vehicles were mass produced which lowered the price. Gasoline vehicles became more and more popular. The electrical vehicles began to lose ground, only to come back with a bang after nearly a century.

Why do Electric vehicles seem like a promising option in the present day?

There are a number of reasons behind the growing popularity of electric vehicles:

Can use electricity generated by non-conventional sources

Electrical vehicles need electricity to recharge batteries. Apart from fossil fuels, this electricity can also be generated from renewable sources like solar, wind and tidal energy.

Leaking oil from conventional engines

The conventional engine may leak oil. If not detected in time, this can lead to damages. Electric vehicles do not have this fear as they run on rechargeable batteries.

Regenerative braking

Regenerative braking is one of the key advantages of plug-in or hybrid electric vehicles. In a hybrid vehicle a conventional way of propulsion is often merged with an electric one. This braking system helps an electric vehicle gain back the kinetic energy which is usually lost as heat during friction braking. This recovered kinetic energy can be stored in the vehicle’s battery as electricity and give a small recharge in that way.

A step towards autonomous driving

It is an easier integration for full self-driving capabilities to happen with an electric vehicle rather than a traditional engine.

Less noise while operating

Vehicles that run on electricity cause less noise in comparison to a combustion engine. Emitting less noise means that a truck can run in suburban areas at night without causing any disturbance.

Fewer service and maintenance needs

Electric vehicles have fewer service and maintenance needs. This is because there are 30% fewer movable parts as compared to a conventional vehicle with a combustible engine.

No tailpipe emissions

As electric vehicles do not run on conventional sources of energy like fossil fuels, there is no smoke emission. Hence, it can be driven in environmental zones as well.

Energy efficient

As electric trucks use rechargeable batteries to function, the energy consumption of the truck is maximized.

Types of Electric Vehicles available

Electric vehicles can recharge batteries from a number of energy sources:
Based on the type of energy used, electric trucks can be classified into four categories:

HEV or Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Instead of using only a traditional engine, a HEV or Hybrid Electric Vehicle, adds to the engine an electrical option. By using regenerative brakes, HEVs convert kinetic energy into electric energy as mentioned above. These vehicles use both electric energy and use gas or diesel to operate.

PHEV or Plug-in Electric Vehicle

A hybrid electric vehicle which has a battery that has the option of being recharged by plugging it into an external source of energy is called PHEV or Plug-in Electric Vehicle. These vehicles use electricity for short distances. When the battery is over, the driver can switch over to the conventional combustion engine. This type of vehicle allows the driver flexibility that ensures high fuel and energy utilization. The use of electric energy to run the vehicle saves fuel costs. The emissions from the tailpipe are also minimized.

BEV or Battery Electric Vehicle

This type of vehicle uses chemical energy stored in its rechargeable batteries. This is a pure electric vehicle. Being battery operated, BEV vehicles do not have a combustion engine. Instead, it uses electric motors along with motor controllers.

FHEV or Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle

This type of vehiclehas an electric motor, that is recharged by the chemical reaction of oxygen and hydrogen. It is true that some emissions are created while the hydrogen is produced for the fuel cells. However, water is the only waste product while an FHEV is driven.

Autonomous Vehicles

The advancement of electrical vehicles in recent years calls for another futuristic feature in trucking: autonomous driving. The concept of autonomous driving began with the notion of ‘driver assistance’ or ‘assisted driving’. It aims to have completely driverless vehicles or a vehicle where the people inside are passengers. Undoubtedly, the concept of autonomous driving demands an advanced technology with superior sensors. P C Mag has defined an autonomous car as, “A computer-controlled car that drives itself.” Autonomous trucks can save a lot of money too. Morgan Stanley estimates that if American trucks are made autonomous, $168 billion can be saved each year. Though, we are still many years away from full autonomous driving as of now. Autonomous driving has been set to five stages. The fifth stage is considered the most technically and mechanically advanced one:

Stage 0 – No Automation

Vehicles controlled by human drivers and without any sort of support from computerized driver assistance system is considered stage 0 or ‘No Automation’.

Stage 1 – Driver Assistance

Vehicles in ‘Driver assistance’ level or stage 1 are jointly controlled by the driver and a computerized automated system. There are a number of ways in which this system can work. A driver usually always controls the steering, while the automated system may have certain control over the brakes and speed of the vehicle when required. At times the engine power is controlled by the automated system which ensures that the vehicle can maintain a specific speed. At times parking assistance is also available with this automated system. Here, the speed of the vehicle is controlled manually while the steering is done automatically. However, the driver has to be alert and ready to take up the control if any problem arises. This type of driving is also called ‘hands on’ driving.

Stage 2 – Partly Automated Driving

In stage 2 or the ‘Partly Automated Driving’ level, the driver monitors the driving process while it is conducted by the automated system. If in any situation or condition, the automated system cannot do its job or fails to respond, the driver has to take up manual controls immediately. This stage is at times called ‘hands off’. In this stage it is mandatory for the driver to keep hands on the steering wheel at all times. This mandate is for safety purposes. Having the driver constantly holding the steering wheel means that immediate manual control of the vehicle can be taken up during any situation.

Stage 3 – Highly Automated Driving

The ‘Highly Automated Driving’ level is commonly called ‘eyes off’ level. This means that the driver is not required to constantly monitor the driving or look at the road ahead. The automated system will be able to perform on its own and without any human interference. If any problem occurs, automatically the emergency brakes are applied. Though the driver can usually do personal work while the vehicle is on the road, during adverse or critical conditions human intervention may be required. These situations will be specified by the manufacturer before-hand.

Stage 4- Fully Automated Driving

In the ‘Fully Automated Driving’ the human driver is allowed to take their ‘mind off’ in most of the situations. The driver may sleep or do other work in other part of the vehicle as the vehicle is capable to look after its own safety. This type of vehicle is capable of completing the journey and park itself. However, during traffic jams (which falls under ‘special circumstances’ category) or tight-spaced areas, the vehicle has to be operated by a human driver.

Stage 5- Full Automation

In a vehicle having ‘Full Automation’, the steering wheel is optional. Hence, it does not require any human intervention for any aspect related to driving. Through this type of vehicle, full automation is achieved.

What is our present stage in Truck automation?

Volvo’s VNL and Pleton’s Platooning System are examples of trucks that are available in the trucking market today that have Stage 1 automation. Under the Stage 2 automated truck category, the new 2020 Cascadia will be the first truck in Northern America according to Freightliner. It will begin production from July, 2019. Embark and Starsky Robotics are the two other Stage 2 automated trucks that will be available in the future but at present are in pre-commercial stage. Freightliner Inspiration and Uber Otto are trucks that fulfill the criteria of the Stage 3 automation. However, at present they are only available in prototype retrofits. The Freightliner Inspiration was the first automated truck to be licensed to operate on the highways of the country back in 2015.
At the CES electronics show in Las Vegas on 7th January, 2019, Daimler trucks announced that it will invest more than half a billion dollars and create 200 new jobs in its global endeavor to launch Stage 4 or highly automated trucks in about 10 years. The switch from Stage 2 to Stage 4 is natural and hence the step of conditional automation is being skipped as according to Daimler, conditional automation will not provide any extra advantage to the truck drivers. In the 3rd stage of automated driving, drivers can go about doing other work but have to take immediate control if the system cannot tackle the situation. The mental and physical switch from leisure to prompt action may not be as quick as required thus, it is judicious to skip the Stage 3 altogether. Additionally, Stage 4 will ensure optimal utilization of the trucks. They will be able to travel at night and avoid traffic congestion by smart route management. Future of trucking is looking very promising with autonomous vehicles.

Platooning in Trucks

Another trucking innovation in the near future is platooning. Platooning is the coupling of two or more trucks to form a convoy through the use of automated driving support system and connectivity technology. The ways in which platooning works is:
Peloton Technology plans to commercially introduce a platooning system that is partially automated. This system at present allows two trucks to work in a close chain. Peloton technology’s PlatoonPro is already being used in fleet operation by six of its clients.
The features of Platooning system by Peloton Technology:

Usefulness of platooning

Platooning is said to have a number of benefits for the future of trucking:

Improved safety

Truck platooning is said to improve the safety of the convoy as the brakes of all the trucks can be applied automatically and immediately. It has been seen that during truck platooning, automated brakes take one-fifth of the human time to analyze the road condition and apply the brakes.

Efficient performance

There can be optimal utilization of roads in the platooning system, increasing the range of the roads and avoiding traffic jams. As a consequence, goods can be delivered quickly and efficiently.

Cleaner environment

During truck platooning, the Carbon Dioxide emissions can be reduced along with fuel consumption. The air-drag friction is also considerately reduced as the trucks drive close to one another.
However, Platooning is not really as fuel-effective as it is being claimed by some. Daimler has said that during testing of the platooning system its fuel savings are less than estimated even in perfect conditions. These savings are further reduced if the platoon is disconnected and have to be accelerated again to get reconnected.

Shipper Platform: Uber Freight and Amazon Freight

Freight brokerage connects shippers with the appropriate carriers. Recently, technology is playing a role in this aspect as well with Shipper Platforms.
The Trucking business was taken by storm with the introduction of shipper platforms like Uber Freight. Shipper platforms connect shippers with small fleets hauling freight via a load-matching feature. Uber Freight launched its load-booking app in May, 2017. The main intention behind the launch of Uber Freight was automating the manual processes of shipper selection and increasing market visibility. It was also intended to relieve shippers from time consuming legal proceedings and the anxiety of getting the best possible deal. This is one of the many ways on how owner operators can find loads.
The features of Shipper Platforms and how they may impact the future of trucking:
Uber also reported that the freight division has a network of more than 50,000 carriers and mentioned that some of the largest carriers in the country are users of the app. However, it has not been all great for Uber Freight since its launch. Uber Freight posted a loss of $64 million in the first quarter of 2020. According to CNBC, Uber Freight gives 99% of the revenue generated to the trucking companies, which leaves little room for profitability.
There may also be a few other reasons why Uber Freight has not been fully able to live up to its vision:

Rudimentary features

With the growth of GPS tracking and ELD devices, merely providing shippers the details of the truck’s location is not unique. Shippers also need to know the route the truck is taking and the HOS data.

Not so reliable in fleet and driver selection

In Uber Freight there is not a lot of barrier to sign up. All carriers do not have to provide basic requirements like an active DOT/ MC number, proper safety ratings or proof of insurance. A shipper may not feel comfortable about doing business with such carriers.

Shortage of drivers

Uber Freight provides drivers a number of perks. In spite of this, driver shortage is quite a problem. Drivers will want a steady job that ensures a good livelihood. Hence, many drivers will prefer to work with a trucking company with regular pay, rather than rely completely on Uber Freight.

Focus on shippers rather than carriers

While launching the load-booking app, the shippers’ perspective was given a lot of importance as the price transparency feature shows. However, the carriers are an integral part of the trucking business too. Apart from the loyalty program there has not been a push to ensure that carriers get steady and constant work through Uber Freight.
Uber Freight is not deterred from their path though, and mentioned recently in 2020 that their focus is still there to grow the Uber Freight business.
Amazon has also launched its own freight app, ‘Amazon Freight’. Amazon Freight was released quite quietly some time in 2016 or 2017. This app allows truck drivers to take up jobs of hauling Amazon packages in Prime-branded trailers across the country.
Fleets can sign up through the website and hauling assignments get allotted accordingly. There are a few requirements which drivers have to fulfill:
Amazon tried to use the truck drivers base and enhance its business via the Amazon Freight service. However, truckers do not see a good livelihood coming from only hauling Amazon trailers. Anecdotal evidence says that the payment is fairly low. It can be kept as an option, or can be opted as back-hauling. Doing business exclusively with Amazon Freight is said to not be fully profitable. In spite of the initial setbacks, Uber Freight and Amazon Freight are changing the future of the trucking business.
Amazon launched its freight app ‘Relay’ in 2018. It operates in 5 states—Connecticut, New Jersey, Maryland, New York and Pennsylvania. Its aim is to give truckers additional freight information. It has features like route tracking and expedited checking procedures at the warehouses. It has been designed to help truckers get faster entry and exit at the Amazon warehouses. It is Amazon’s first attempt at automating the truck delivery process.
How does the Relay work?
In these 3 steps:
Amazon also intends to build an app like Uber Freight that will match cargo shippers with truck drivers.

Blockchain Trucking

The trucking industry in general has certain inefficiencies. Deals can take time to get finalized. The related paperwork is again, time-consuming and hectic. The trucking industry needs an open platform where shippers and carriers can view each others profile, get the selection process done in less time and get the load rolling. However, how will this be possible? The Blockchain is kindling hopes of achieving a seamless and frictionless trucking system. First, let's understand the basics of blockchain and how it can make the trucking space a community where work can get done more efficiently.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is an open digital ledger. It is a business network where transactions can be recorded along with tracking of assets. Blockchain technology is inherently based on cryptography, a complicated branch of mathematics. Blockchain is also decentralized. It depends on the consensus of a peer network spread across the world to function. This digital ledger is made up of a series of ‘blocks’. The blocks are the bundles of transactions which are connected together in an open ‘chain’. The data entered in the blockchain is considered to be true and valid. As being a decentralized forum, there is no single authority to verify the facts. Everyone is always on the same page. It is impossible to change or modify the data in a block as that will modify the entire chain and will need consensus from the entire network.
The whole community associated with the blockchain will be able to validate the data entered by an organization as blockchain technology is an open-to-all ledger. It leaves no room for speculation, assumption and data falsity. Hence, a holistic trucking ecosystem can be developed through a blockchain network. After all, organizations can be rest assured that the data they have been provided is authentic and validated.

How will blockchain be used in the future of trucking?

The trucking industry can definitely benefit from blockchain technology. One of the obstacles of the trucking industry is that it is largely fragmented. There’s no open knowledge about which shippers are currently looking for carriers or which carriers are open to haul shipments. Blockchains open ledger will open up the trucking industry. One of the problems it will most definitely solve is matching appropriate truckers with shippers. In the longer run blockchain technology can function as an open network for truckers.
The trucking industry largely depends on paperwork. Due to this, administration and processing costs have gone up to 20%. However, blockchain technology allows the sharing and easy distribution of documents on the open ledger. This sharing facility makes paperwork between shippers and carriers quite unimportant. Easing out the hassles of documentation will make payments possible in less time.
Some trucks, especially refrigerated ones, carry medical shipments. These are at times detained at customs for large periods of time. This mostly happens when trucks exceed the allowed range of temperature. A blockchain enabled refrigerated truck-trailer made by the Swiss Tech company, SkyCell, lowered the temperature-deviated rate to less than 0.1%. With the use of smart approvals, clearance at the customs checkpoints can be made smoother and more efficient. Moreover, a refrigerated trailer has to be closely recorded at every step. It has to pass through more than 30 organizations which require more than 200 different pieces of information. Any miscommunication can either delay the shipment or the shipper may lose track of it. A blockchain network will ensure that communication at every step is clearly noted. This ensures the shipment reaches the respective facility on time.
The e-commerce industry has developed in such a pace that same-day and 2-hour delivery options are provided to customers. For a parcel to be delivered in the same day or in 2 hours, the technology should not have any glitch. The traditional trucking technology largely relies on paperwork at every stop can not be suitable for such a fast-paced delivery. The blockchain technology with its immediate access to order tracking and authentication ensures that the delivery takes place in the required time.
At times, trucking companies order spare truck parts and also old trucks. The tracking of these spare parts or old trucks can be pretty exhausting as no proper forum is provided for constant tracking. However, the blockchain network will enable the efficient tracking of the supply chain as well.
These are the different ways that blockchain can impact the future of the trucking industry:

Efficient Freight Tracking

As mentioned above consumer expectations are ever-increasing along with demands for same-day delivery and two-hour delivery. Blockchain will not only take care of the tracking of the shipments but also help in authentication.
In order to ensure consistent improvement in trucking operations, authentic data has to be provided to transportation companies. EDI or electronic data interchange and API or application program interface leaves room for data manipulation or misinterpretation. Blockchain has the backup of the entire network to contribute information and authenticate the data. Hence, there is no scope of data tampering. Blockchain also improves the efficiency of temperature controlled and refrigerated trucking which is reliant on on-time delivery by giving data backup at every step.

IoT (The Internet of Things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) enhance monitoring efficiency

Carriers and shippers can detect the total space taken up by a shipment in a trailer with the help of IoT. This helps to determine the expense of the shipment and all the information can be transmitted to the blockchain. This aids in maintaining the transparency of the freight cost. SkyCell had created containers for air freight. These containers monitor humidity, temperature and location for transporting biopharmaceuticals that require refrigeration. Its cloud platform is also utilized by SkyCell for recording every document of the shipping process, from start to finish. As these cargos travel through various check-points, all the required documents available at hand make the transportation process easy and efficient. Thus, the blockchain technology ensures that valuable cargo is transported intact and has the backup of all supporting documents that might be needed along the journey by using IoT and AI.

Maintaining vehicle performance history

While it is very important to have fleet tracking records for future use, the tracking records of a vehicles performance is also beneficial for the future. A vehicles performance records include its maintenance history and past performance. When considering used trucks, buyers are usually interested in the past history of the truck. However, that leaves a grey area of speculation. With blockchain technology, a prospective buyer and seller will have all the information validated by the entire network easing any intermediary speculations.

Ease of new carrier onboarding

While taking on new carriers, it is quite difficult for freight brokers to find all the adequate information on that carrier. It is quite time consuming to get all the required details together and that also leaves room for speculation. However, with the blockchain system all the necessary details of the new carrier will be provided by the decentralized network. This network stores all the data of the carriers operating in the transportation and freight industry. No new carrier will be able to give false information in an open network.

Vehicle to vehicle communication via the Internet of Things (IoT)

Platooning technology uses vehicle to vehicle communication to enable vehicles to work together as a convoy. This communication via IoT can improve the vehicles efficiency and safety as the platooning system claims to do. All communication information can be stored in the blockchain and this information will be helpful for all the transportation companies using the blockchain network to operate their fleets better.

Improving reliability of load boards

In a blockchain network, all the loads can be verified by others and get time-stamped in the process. This will ensure that loads are not duplicated and the carriers get authentic information. The blockchain network will also be able to authenticate all the loads put up. Thus, the reliability of the load board is improved due to a blockchain network.

Smart Contracts

Smart Contract allows companies to program self-executing tasks in the blockchain network. The task gets automatically performed when certain criteria are fulfilled. For example, a carrier’s payment can be released when the cargo reaches the facility if the task has been set accordingly.
Those are a list of some potential benefits. The largest blockchain network at present is by the Blockchain in Trucking Alliance (BiTA). Its current members have exceeded 1000 in number. The members include mcCleod Software, UPS, DAT, Salesforce, Don Hummer trucking, Transfix. BiTA members are taking part in nearly 85% truck-related global transactions. Its blockchain standards have brought a uniformity and efficiency in the trucking community. Sweetbridge is another blockchain based technology that seeks to take care of the significant inefficiencies of the supply chain across the world. Some major problems it addresses are — supply chain operations, supply chain flexibility and supply chain liquidity.
The blockchain revolution has just begun. It must also be taken into account that to use a blockchain system, the trucking or shipper company must have the adequate resources like the required hardware and software, along with the technological know-how. In spite of all the speculated downsides, blockchain seems like a wonderful solution for many trucking problems. It must be nurtured with time and technical advancement. In the coming years, the trucking industry’s profitability and efficiency will reach new heights if blockchain trucking’s functionality continues along the same graph.

Artificial Intelligence and Trucking

According to the American Trucking Association, the US freight transport will increase to 20.73 billion tons by 2028. This huge growth by 36.6% from the freight weight of 15.18 billion tons in 2017 will need an advanced infrastructure. This will be able to ensure smooth operation of such a ‘healthy’ industry. Along with the existing challenges, fuel prices, increasing cost of operation, driver shortage and shortage of shipping capacity will be the crucial areas in coming years. Every American is virtually affected by trucking. Hence, smooth operation must be ensured so that the economy and the lives of the people maintain a steady pace. AI can be of real help to continue to roll the wheels of the trucking industry.
Some of the key ways in which AI can affect the trucking space are:

Cost reduction

AI will be able to foster predictive maintenance systems. This will help vehicles perform better. With constant monitoring, any mishap can be predicted beforehand. It can monitor by keeping in check the maintenance logs, IoT sensors, and other external sources. This will have a dual impact of reducing the maintenance costs and increasing the fleet performance. In other words, it can predict when a maintenance will be needed in advance of an issue occuring. So rather than being reactive with maintenance issues, carriers can be proactive.

Lower the numbers of highway fatality

AI along with IoT enhances vehicle to vehicle communication (V2V). V2V along with ADAS, or advanced driver assistance systems, can prevent nearly 40% of road crashes according to a publication by the NHTSA or National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The prevention of highway fatality will save a lot of money and more importantly lives. Cisco IBSG estimates that the savings can be $280 per crash.

Natural image processing

Trucking involves a lot of paperwork. The documentation has to be stored in proper folders as any information may be required for any purpose in the future. This process can be exhausting and time consuming. AI with its feature of natural image processing can recognize and retrieve any scanned document. This easy retrieving of documents will aid the manual task of computer data entry.

Predictive analytics

AI processes past performance records. This will not only predict the health of a vehicle but will also predict about the drivers. AI will also be able to analyze what conditions are preferred by drivers and what are the chances of driver retention.

Match carrier with shippers

While human freight brokers find it extremely taxing to connect the appropriate carriers with the shippers, AI can easily do so by matching facts and data.
With all the new technological advancements and more to follow, the future of trucking indeed looks promising and exciting. We are also a technology provider in this space and are always looking for ways to improve the life of truck drivers through technology. You can learn more about us - ELD Mandate.
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2023.03.30 16:34 Adventurous-Sun4927 Thoughts on bonuses/this situation I’m in

Hi all,
I’m seeking advice as this is my first time being in such a situation & I don’t really have anyone to discuss my options with. I work for a very large company… I am brand new to this industry but I have fell into my role with ease. I have been told MANY times by my leadership team that I am a top performer and I just blow their expectations of a new person in this industry out of the water. Reviews just came around and I got the highest marks, even though leadership told everyone that we would likely get “meets expectations” since our team is all brand new. Then came the meeting where my boss tells me what my % increase is. Let’s just say it was a total slap in the face. Her way around it was “I’m getting the highest percentage on our team”.. ya well on another call someone (I believe accidentally) mentioned they were getting record bonuses this year. So while 4 of our members may have gotten less then, they apparently still made out on their bonuses.
I think they feared losing me, so my boss started mentioning potential for promotion, she even mentioned our “department’s” CEO knows who I am. Another person in our leadership, much higher up than my boss, met me with me to say she’s fighting for me to get me into a salaried position because I deserve it. Of course none of this is guaranteed, they’re just “fighting” for it right now. She also mentioned there would be bonuses. I’ve never been in a position with bonuses so I don’t know a lot about it. My husband told his brother who advised against it and said bonuses are garbage since they fluctuate and aren’t guaranteed… he said if/when the time comes, I should negotiate higher salary with no bonus. And honestly, because I’m so new to this industry, I think they are going to try to really low ball me for the next position anyways (just a gut feeling based on the annual raise). I have been in positions where I’ve been promised pipe dreams and it never comes. I’m a talented worker and I just naturally exceed in any job that I’ve held. I’ve stopped believing what they say and usually put a cap on when my breaking point is to leave since it’s clear I’m being taken advantage of. While getting a promotion would be a huge stepping stone for me, I’m not willing to bust my butt while being given literally pennies as a thank you for your hard work!
Overall, my question is what are your thoughts on bonuses or how I can negotiate fair pay? I am trying to research more on this, and would like to go into this well prepared (should an opportunity come along). I am also completing my Masters in one month, so I do feel that should be part of the negotiation. I’m considering doing a bunch of research and providing a presentation on why I’m worth more despite my lack of tenure in this industry.
Sorry for so many typos, I’m doing this quickly from my phone.
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2023.03.30 16:26 Terra_Fanatic_22 Help! My succulents aren’t doing so well… what am I doing wrong?

Help! My succulents aren’t doing so well… what am I doing wrong?
I water once every week or two, usually with aquarium water because of the nitrates and extra nutrients in it. The soil they’re in is a combination of my arid terra reptile substrate from The Bio Dude and a “desert plant” soil I got from Lowe’s. There’s moss bark and leaf litter mixed into the soil. The enclosure also has isopods that help airate the soil and eat mold. The lights over the plants are a plant light and a UVB light from the bio dude. The lights stay on about 12 hours a day and the tank temperature stays around 85 in the back down to 70-65 in the front. Not sure what else I need to do to help these plants. These are my first plants I’ve ever cared for! Except for a snake plant I have in my window which is doing great.
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2023.03.30 16:21 kibblepigeon ⚠️ DEADLINE APPROACHING FOR "THE BIG FOUR" RULES ⚠️ ❗️ 31ST MARCH - TOMORROW ❗️Market makers are betting on you being too tired, unmotivated, or too clueless to submit your comments to the SEC. Don't let them win! Take action TODAY - ACT NOW!!

Wanna know what's got Citadel breaking out in a green, slimy, cold sweat?
SEC rule proposals are up for public comment, and we have the opportunity to use our voice to impact and influence much needed reform - transforming old, tired rules into a force to be reckoned with, that will protect our markets and our investments.
By submitting your comments to the SEC, we can make sure that regulations are put in place to level out the playing field. No more rigged markets in favour for market makers. And wouldn't it be just be so satisfying to see these Wall Street ghosts get busted for good?
Ohh yeah.
So, let's get to work and make history together! By submitting your comments, we can help create a financial market that's fair and transparent for everyone. And like every hero knows, the actions we take today will echo through time, and cement our place in the history - so be sure to make yours count for something good.
Who you gonna call?


❗️Submit your comments to the SEC today - don't let these green-bellied market makers haunt our markets any longer!❗️

File No. S7-31-22; Release No. 34-96495: Order Competition Rule

AKA - The Big One.

What the rule means (ELIA5)
The current rule allows brokers to send orders directly to Citadel's internal systems, giving Citadel control over the price.
However, the new rule states that Citadel cannot be the first to receive orders; instead, orders must go to a public auction where everyone, including pension funds, has an equal opportunity to fill the order.
This gives other market participants the chance to offer better prices, without taking a cut of the trade. As a result, Citadel may lose a significant amount of money, data, and influence.
Overall, this rule aims to create a fairer and more transparent market.
SEC Fact Sheet:




  • Copy/paste this title into the subject line: File No. S7-31-22; Release No. 34-96495: Order Competition Rule and send to: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]%22%20%5Ct%20%22_blank).

File No. S7-30-22; Release No. 34-96494; Regulation NMS: Minimum Pricing Increments, Access Fees, and Transparency of Better Priced Orders

- AKA - The Tick Size Rule

What the rule means (ELIA5)
The reason Citadel has an advantage is that they can trade at sub-penny intervals on their single-dealer platform, while everyone else is limited to trading in penny increments. This allows them to fill retail orders at slightly higher prices and makes them appear more skilled than other exchanges.
The proposed rule would level the playing field by allowing everyone to trade at sub-penny intervals, eliminating this unfair advantage.
Additionally, the rule would reduce the rebates that can be paid, making payment for order flow much less useful. Although the rule wouldn't ban payment for order flow altogether, it would significantly minimise its impact.
SEC Fact Sheet:




  • Copy/paste this title into the subject line: RE: File No. S7-30-22; Release No. 34-96494; Regulation NMS: Minimum Pricing Increments, Access Fees, and Transparency of Better Priced Orders and send to: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]%22%20%5Ct%20%22_blank).

File No. S7-32-22; Release No. 34-96496· Regulation Best Execution

What the rule means (ELIA5)
The proposed rule wants to make the stock market fairer and more transparent by promoting competition among different places where stocks are bought and sold.
So, say a company's stock is being sold on two different trading platforms. The proposed rule would make sure that both platforms have the same rules about how much the stock price can change at a time, so that neither platform has an unfair advantage over the other.
The rule also wants to make sure that brokers and wholesalers are being honest and transparent when they help people buy and sell stocks. For instance, if a broker has a deal with a particular trading platform, they might be more likely to send their customers to that platform, even if it's not the best place to get the best price. The proposed rule would try to stop that from happening.
Finally, the rule wants to make sure that Alternative Trading Systems (ATS) - which are basically platforms that match buyers and sellers of stocks - are following the same rules as regular exchanges. This would make the market more fair and efficient for everyone involved.
SEC Fact Sheet:




  • Copy/paste this title into the subject line: File No. S7-32-22; Release No. 34-96496· Regulation Best Execution and send to: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]%22%20%5Ct%20%22_blank).

File No. S7-29-22; Release No. 34-96493· Disclosure of Order Execution Information

What the rule means (ELIA5)
Citadel and Viru utilise a "price improvement scheme" to attract order flow by claiming to offer the best trades in the market. While their performance statistics seem to support this, they often do not provide the best price available, but rather a slightly better price. This allows them to gain order flow without needing to pay for order flow.
There is a suspicion that they selectively apply the price improvement to benefit themselves. The new rules aim to enforce legal requirements that should have already been in place and mandate more transparent disclosure of their practices to prevent deception.
This will help to expose any unethical behaviour and prevent them from taking advantage of the market.
SEC Fact Sheet:




  • Copy/paste this title into the subject line: File No. S7-29-22; Release No. 34-96493· Disclosure of Order Execution Information and send to: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]%22%20%5Ct%20%22_blank).
It's time to bring out the proton packs and bust these soon-to-be market maker ghosts. Submit your comments to the SEC and let's make it happens.

File No. S7-31 -22; Release No. 34-9649; Order Competition Rule
  • Support the new rule requiring Citadel to go through public auctions to fill orders and ban PFOF in US markets.
  • Brokers that don't accept any kind of PFOF route orders differently and provide better execution quality.
  • Robinhood's PFOF responsible for 70% of its revenue, but study found no significant price improvement compared to exchanges.
  • Dark pools should provide quotes and trades to consolidated market data for more transparency.
  • Remove middlemen from the market to improve prices for individuals and institutions, like pension funds.
  • Ensure fair competition, reduce monopolistic behavior, and remove profiteering middlemen from the market.
  • SEC should investigate conflicts of interest among market participants and improve enforcement with higher fines and license revocations.



File No. S7-30-22; Release No. 34-96494; Regulation NMS: Minimum Pricing Increments, Access Fees, and Transparency of Better Priced Orders
  • Strongly support proposed tick size regime and clear language to avoid confusion/litigation.
  • Establish zero or very low fee structure to eliminate trading for volume.
  • Implement variable minimum pricing increment model for fair and transparent pricing.
  • Reduce access fee caps and eliminate exchange rebates for enhanced transparency/fairness.
  • Accelerate implementation of revised round lot definition/odd lot dissemination for efficiency.
  • Enforcement matters - want higher fines/penalties.
  • Investors willing to pay more to avoid being routed through wholesalers with bad records.
  • Support harmonisation of tick sizes across all exchanges, no exceptions.
  • Broad definition of tick-constrained and inclusion of odd-lot information in SIP.
  • Dislike rebates and other inducements in marketplace, prefer fees reduced to zero.
  • Odd-lots should impact NBBO for greater impact on price/broker's duty of best execution.



File No. S7-32-22; Release No. 34-96496; Regulation Best Execution
  • Best execution is important in trade execution for individual investors
  • Clear guidance needed to read and interpret Regulation NMS Rule 605 reports
  • Brokers owe customers a duty of Best Execution based on common law principles and fiduciary obligations
  • Conflicted orders do not belong in a Best Execution rule
  • Without best execution rule, customers may not be aware of revenue arrangements and pay higher prices
  • Robinhood, Citadel, and brokers recommending mutual funds have faced best execution charges from the SEC
  • Quarterly reviews of execution quality would provide transparency and accountability
  • Proposed Regulation Best Execution would promote fair and efficient markets, protect investors



File No. S7-29-22; Release No. 34-96493; Disclosure of Order Execution Information
  • ATS should disclose detailed information on operations, conflicts of interest, and customer order handling
  • ATS should have policies to prevent fraudulent and manipulative practices
  • ATS should provide data on execution of orders, order routing practices, and use of dark pools to the SEC
  • ATS should operate consistently with broader regulatory structure of securities markets
  • Implement a variable minimum pricing increment model for NMS stocks to promote fair pricing across trading venues
  • Cap on high commissions or fees in lieu of PFOF charged by brokers
  • Competition is necessary to regulate markets and barriers to competition should be removed
  • SEC should prioritise creating a competitive market structure that benefits investors and encourages transparency.



Submit YOUR COMMENTS to: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]%22%20%5Ct%20%22_blank) with the correct title entered into the subject header.

Leave your mark on history, and make it count.
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2023.03.30 16:14 adventuremachinesc $60 (USD) to San Antonio (SAT) from Orlando (MCO) - (57 live dates, details in first comment)

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• Auto123 reviews the 2023 Porsche Macan T. Here's what you need to know.

• Fit, quality, dynamics and the driving experience are all beyond reproach, or just about.

The Porsche Macan compact SUV was updated last year. What didn’t change during that update is its fidelity to the Porsche brand’s sporty philosophy, this while the SUV offers more passenger and cargo space than the company’s legendary cars.

What's new for 2023?
Porsche has added a new version to its range. The Macan T (for Touring, not Turbo) is equipped with a Sport Chrono package that offers several driving modes as well as a hot start mode. Dark titanium 20-inch wheels add visual dynamics. Up front, the T's fascia is Agathe Grey, the same colour found on the contoured mirrors.

LED headlights are also standard and incorporate the Porsche Dynamic Light System (PDLS), which includes adaptive LED headlights that automatically adjust according to driving conditions. It allows for effective illumination of the road without the risk of blinding other drivers. There are also features such as cornering lights and automatic high beam function. The goal is to improve visibility and driving safety by adapting the lighting according to driving conditions.

At the rear, the four tailpipes and a large black diffuser are immediately noticeable.
The interior
Standard features include a 10.9-inch touchscreen, 10-speaker audio system and LED headlights. Overall, the standard equipment is limited, though. To get more, you have to open the big options catalog and start checking off items.

Our model had $10,900 worth of these options, including, among other things, heated front and rear seats, 20-inch wheels, a carbon elements for the interior, a dedicated fuel filler cap (at $190) and an adaptive suspension.

All that aside, the Macan is a beautiful, well-designed and well-built SUV. The quality of materials is impeccable and everything you touch is well-made. You're inside an exceptional environment and the materials, feel, comfort and soundproofing, even in this ‘lower-end’ Porsche, stand out from the competition.
Strong points

Quality of materials
Layout of controls
Soundproofing on board

Weak points

List of options
Narrow seats

The exterior
No change here since the introduction of the new model in 2022. The model is racy and gives off a fairly ‘sporty vehicle’ vibe. The wheels, which are firmly planted at the ends of the car, contribute to the model's sporty and rugged character.

Our tester had a very nice Speed Yellow paint job available only by special order... at $13,050! That's not cheap, and you should know that Porsche offers a total of 59 colour choices at that price. If you want to be a little more conservative, you can opt for two free colours that are white and black or 8 metallic colors at $790 each.
Strong points

Sporty character
Unique exterior design
Choice of colours

Weak points

Gaping mouth at the front
Backup camera located too low
Price of some colours!

Safety and Technology
As mentioned, the Porsche Macan is a sporty looking SUV, and that's the case inside as well. And as mentioned, the list of options is very long. So, despite the high price of the entry-level Macan, many options that are usually included in other brands' models are not included here.

So, while you get ParkAssist, cruise control, lane departure warning and hill descent control, that's more or less where it ends. For everything else, check out the options list!
The drive
The T version of the Macan is powered by a 261-hp turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. If you're looking for performance, don't bother. The S model with a 375-hp V6 engine is more for you.

That said, the Macan T with the base engine is very fun to drive. It has all the makings of a sports car. The 8-way adjustable front sport seats made of durable sport-Tex fabric and leatherette upholstery are very comfortable and supportive for front passengers. In the rear, the bench seat is also comfortable, although it’s not very deep. Legroom in the back is also quite limited.

Behind the wheel, however, there are many ways to have fun. The 7-speed PDK gearbox is a marvel! With the help of all-wheel drive, it's impossible to miss on dry roads. The little knob that engages the Sport mode available in the "T" version gives a boost to the 'little' engine.
We had the opportunity to drive through a storm that left nearly a foot of snow on the ground, and never have we felt as safe in such conditions as we did inside this Macan. With great tires, in this case Michelin Pilot, the car literally clings to the road.

We couldn't help but fiddle with the gas pedal to get the car going sideways several times on isolated roads where snowplows hadn't yet passed. There's no snow mode in the Macan, but the power is perfectly adequate on slippery roads.

Some of your questions about the 2023 Porsche Macan:

Which version of the Porsche Macan 2023 is recommended?
For us, if you want to drive a Porsche Macan, stay with the basic version and add the premium package to have at least the benches and the heated steering wheel. The rest is just accessorizing.

What is the fuel consumption of the Porsche Macan 2023?
Officially, the 4-cylinder Macan consumes 12.2L/10 km city and 10.2 highway. In our case, with winter temperatures and a snowstorm during our week of testing, we finished at 13.2L/100 km, which is frankly high for a 4-cylinder.
The final word
The Macan T model we drove came in at $91,150, which is still a lot to ask for a Macan. The $65,000 base model is just as likely to meet your needs, if you’re set on driving a Porsche.

All the elements that make the brand what it is are in the Macan. Assembly quality, refinement and a dynamic driving experience are strong points of this SUV. The only disappointment has to do with the engine, more specifically its output. You may find that 260 hp a bit lacking, and you joy would be assured if only that number could be in the neighborhood of 300. That would have positioned the T variant as a very good value proposition, right between the entry-level Macan and the fiery S.

We like

Ride and handling
Exterior design
Interior design

We like less

Fuel economy
Could use more horses
The competition

Acura RDX
Alfa Romeo Stelvio
Audi Q5 / Q5 Sportback
BMW X3 / X4
Genesis GV70
Infiniti QX55
Land Rover Range Rover Evoque
Lexus NX
Mercedes-Benz GLC / GLC Coupe
Volvo XC60
Source: Auto123
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2023.03.30 16:00 FriarBot Daily Chat - Mar 30 - Game Day

Today's Game

Colorado Rockies (0-0) @ San Diego Padres (0-0)

First Pitch: 6:40 PM

Probable Starters

Team Pitcher Record ERA IP H ER BB SO WHIP
German Marquez 0-0
Blake Snell 0-0

Broadcast Info

Team TV Radio
COL ATT SportsNet-RM KOA 850 AM/94.1 FM
SD Bally Sports San Diego KWFN 97.3,XEMO 860 (es)

Pick-The-Stick Top 20

Sign up at Be sure to get your picks in before the first pitch.
Rank User Points Total Picks Position Change

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“Come on, let's go,” Becca said.
“I’m self-taught. I’m glad you liked it. Anytime you want to try it again just let me know.”
When the computer loaded, however, a program called “Master Hacker” caught her eye. She clicked on the icon, and as it loaded up, she smiled.
To be polite, Zoe took another sip. It actually wasn't that bad; it certainly tasted better than what she'd been forced to drink that morning, but perhaps it was just the ambiance.
He did. Finally giving one last twitch he pulled his sperm covered cock out of Cynthia's cunt. His dick lay on her pretty patch, leaving some of his spunk in her hairs.
All of a sudden, as I’m pounding into Jamie hard and fast, I feel Melissa climb up on the bed behind me. I was so intent on Jamie that I’d already forgotten she was still there. Melissa leaned right into me from behind, onto my back, leaned her head on my shoulder, grabbed my hips with her hands, and started to join me in every thrust into Jamie. My mouth just dropped open.
“You fill me up so good baby.” She sighed contentedly, reaching out a shaky hand and touching my face.
“If you’re here to yell at me about something you might want to tell me the subject so I can decide if I should actually listen to you or throw you out for slamming my door,” the Old Man tells me as I sit in his only other chair,” Or this isn’t about me and the Union.”
2015-04-06 00:05:40
As if she had read her mind, Julia reached behind herself and, without breaking the kiss, unclipped the bra, pulling it forward and off, letting it fall to the floor. The younger girl’s hands trembled as she fondled the large breasts, surprise and wonder marvelled in her mind as she felt the hard nipples sticking up, and the sheer size of the areolas surrounding them.
"So what's stopping you then." We had moved closer and I was breathing in her scent. Cinnamon. It was intoxicating.
It was a hot summer day, and my sister and I were laying on the leather furniture, which was completely soaked in our sweat. It had reached 95 degrees in our area that day, and for some reason our air wasn't functioning. Our parents were both at work so we had nothing to in our incubator of a house. We dared not go outside, the sun would bake us alive if we stayed in it for long. To hot to move, we sat there in nothing but our underwear, moaning to each other.
“No, it’s not like that.” I defended myself. “I don’t want to get with her or anything.”
“Oh, God! Are you sure you really wanna do this?” she whispered back into my ear.
Flopping down on the couch, he turned on the television. Quickly finding there was nothing on, he decided to watch a pre-recorded Two and a Half Men while waiting for Shelby. Looking at his phone's clock, he was amazed at it still being only 9:45, time moving incredibly slow for some reason. Luckily, he heard the shower turn off upstairs, meaning breakfast would soon be started. He smiled at his fortune for having such an amazing relationship.
Awesome more?
After a few moments, he pushed his cock deeper inside of her so it was
Time passed and after about 15 minutes I heard someone at my door. I quickly switched tabs, not wanting to end up in the same situation again. Then, just as I looked over at the door, I saw my sister quickly grab something from my bed and run out of the room laughing. I looked over at my bed trying to figure out what she was up to, but I really couldn't figure it out so I stood up and walked over to my bed.
Riley was getting to his feet, looking more displeased. “Hey, you better watch how you talk to her, you worthless...”
“Yes, please help me”
Valur didn’t speak she just looked at her for a moment causing Miss Bradley to shy away for that instant. Valur turned her attention back to him and suddenly kissed him deeply. He was surprised and the groan in the kiss matched it. Yet as he felt her tongue slip into his mouth he felt the heat from it. He kissed her back, only moving his lips to drink in her heat. She broke the kiss just as suddenly as she started, “We know how to handle such matters Bradley. However, you shall join us. He needs all the warmth he could get.”
As she’s talking, she unbuttons her blouse, revealing a red lacy bra. She reaches behind her and unhooks it to let it fall on the floor. In front of you stand the nicest pair of tits you have ever seen. Not too big, not too small, perfectly shaped. You reach forward with both your hands and touch them both, caressing them gently and passing your thumbs over her nipples, which makes her shiver. You keep caressing them with circular motion, then move your mouth closer to one of the nipple before sucking on it, which intensifies her shivering and makes her moan lightly. After a few minutes of fondling with her boobs, she pushes you back and you feel her hands reaching for your pants, unbuttoning them and pulling the zipper down. With quick gestures, she kneels down and pulls your pants and underwear down at the same time, revealing your already hard cock. Without hesitation, she grabs it and moves her hand up and down its length. She moves even closer to you and puts the tip of your dick in her mouth, making quick circular motion with her tongue. Then she goes deeper, bobbing her head up and down, each time taking more and more in her mouth. Her mouth feels amazing around your dick and you realise that she’s trying to deepthroat you. It does not take long for her to manage that and you feel the tip of your cock bump onto the back of her throat. But she is not gagging, she’s taking it like a pro and keeps on sucking as much of your cock as she can. You feel your balls tighten and realise you will not be able to hold it much longer. Then she takes your cock out of her mouth and licks the tip as her hand in moving up and down, stroking it eagerly. She does that a short while and then goes back to her sucking, maoning as she does that. You are very close now, and as you tell her that, she speeds up her rhythm, using one of her hands to stroke your dick and the other one to touch your balls and you cannot hold it any longer. You cum so hard that the first stream of sperm almost chokes her, but she manages to swallow everything you throw at her, keeping stroking your dick with her hand and slowing down the pace. When you’re done cuming, she licks the length of your dick once again to clean any remaining bit of sperm, and then lets go as you catch your breath.
"What do you want?" I asked.
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I tried to push our conversation to the back of my head for the rest of the morning but I just couldn’t. John was almost six feet tall. He was lean, with nicely toned arms and a flat stomach that showed signs of developing abs. He was on the school’s basketball team, a national runner and top in the school’s long jump, javelin and shot-put categories. He was a great athlete, and all that exercise had definitely payed off. There wasn’t a girl in our school that hadn’t thought of him naked, I could swear my whole collection of Nicholas Sparks books on that.
‘What zee’s the matter ‘Arry?’ she asked concernedly as she closed the door behind herself and walked gracefully towards him.
“Stop teasing and suck.” He roughly said.
"But I don't! " I said opening my eyes.
“It’s not your fault Eve.” I said in as much of a calming voice as I could muster. Brook let go of my hand and I brought it up, pulling Eve down next to me. She gratefully lay down and put her head on my shoulder with a juddering sigh, arms wrapping around my neck protectively. I gently ran my fingers through her soft hair.
The next evening, I was on top of Big Rascal in his huge bed. He was rubbing his hands all over my tits. We were chatting a bit.
"I mean, for my family this place was an accident. We didn't mean to end up here and certainly didn't mean to be opening up to each other the way that we have been." I left it vague as to the ways we were opening up exactly. "What was it like for you guys? Were you always that..comfortable with each other?" I thought back to how her father had been stroking his hard on while watching Alex dance for me, and later how it pressed up against her naked body when she jumped up to give him a hug.
She looked down at me, and suddenly noticed I was still rubbing my cock against her leg.
"I'm sorry sis I thought..."
She smiled and said, "Oh, I think I can handle it. I may even play a bit, I just don't want to do it all." She was laughing as she got out of the car. I just shook my head. Driving home, a thought suddenly hit me. Mom. I suddenly was ten years old, and going to the bathroom during the night. I heard a noise, and looked down stairs. I saw Mom on her knees, and she was lifting up Aunt Marie's dress. I don't know why that popped into my head, but it did. As I drove home, my mind was racing. The time I waited for Aunt Marie to finish in the bathroom, so I could use it, only to discover half an hour later, that she was not in there. Where was she? Suddenly little bits and pieces made sense. Mom and Aunt Marie, all these years. I did not feel bad about it - if anything, I was happy for them. When I got home, Mom was watching TV with my Aunt. I smiled to myself.
“Yeah I know, but we figured this was a once in a lifetime thing, so we had to take it, plus I have a plan for that anyway.”
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“Well it’s either that or you starve, ‘cos I ain’t making you anything.” His mum shouted.
"Yeah, it was the same when we were kids." I laughed, "She always had the fun plans, and I just tagged along."
I grinned at him. “Oh, just watch me.”
She directed me to the men’s room. As I walked down the hallway, I passed several offices and conference rooms. As I passed one of the conference rooms, I noticed that the door was cracked. I could hear a man’s voice but could not make out what he was saying. I eased closer.
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“Bad idea, Seth,” Josh laughed. “I taught Tara to drive. That’s when my hair started going gray. Besides, we all know what happened the last time she drove. Don’t you let her near my car keys!”
"Nope, its the two of us." She commented as she gave him a kiss on the cheek.
I pulled the pizza box out opened it and sat her salad and the garlic knots on the open top, I grabbed a piece and took a few bites.
"Oooh." Dirk nods, mocking interest, "I'm really glad I'm here. Maybe I will finally figure out what I want to do with my life here, just like my folks want me to. I really think they had a good idea sending me here." Dirk again chats my mom up, it’s all a big joke to him. Mom smiles at him almost affectionately.
“Soon I will kiss you all you want but let me do this first,” Matty asks regaining her composure.
It wasn’t long that I too was beginning to feel the urges that any man would have and longed to excuse myself from the party as well. It was even apparent to most that the host of the party, Logan was no where to be seen, and had, more than likely gone off with Jubilation to have some Jubilation of their own, if you get my meaning.
When Mother heard me enter, she turned to face me, hands on her hips. “Quinn! You’re home later than normal.”
All I remember from that moment is my pussy burning and my body begging him to come back. Of course I couldn’t call out for him. We were in the middle of a crowded hall and no one knew that he and I messed around.
I am glad your father is no longer alive, I think he would kill the both of you.
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Theresa’s father said, “She’s just upset because I refused to do it in the street when she asked me too…but we did do it in the backyard at my house.”
“I fucking hate bowling!” Lexi roared in frustration as she got her second gutterball in a row. “Why did we even come here?? This place sucks!!”
“I know, how about I sleep over at your house tonight and we can sort this thing out because I owe you an explanation.” Madison replied. Molly thought about it for a few seconds and then decided it would be best since they could either sort it out, or Molly would at least get the chance to punch her in the face. Both seemed like satisfactory outcomes to her. Molly went down stairs and found her mother alone in the kitchen.
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You’re sure? Okay I’ll be there in a minute.”
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“I didn’t” I laughed. “I worked a lot of my spare time.”
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well I'm gonna go find Haymitch,Effie,and Katniss. See you guys after the show." Part two coming soon!
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