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Debunking the benefits of cutting off skin from your penis

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There is no benefit to cutting off skin from your penis.

2023.03.30 15:32 WaveOfWire One Hell Of A Vacation - Chapter 59

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- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Waking up after spending the night back in a cuddle-puddle for the first time in weeks was a surprising experience to his ‘night watch’ geared brain. He had awoken twice, a lethargic thought to check who was on watch so that he might relieve them being stunted by the bodies pressed to his own before he groggily buried his face in the nearest fur-pile and went back to sleep.
Sahari and Nalah had joined them, something that he was rather thankful for, if only for the return to normalcy, but Joseph had been mildly disappointed that there was nothing going on between them yet. It was just a matter of time, but, if they keep it up, he might channel Tel’s mischievous side and force the matter. He just needed to know how to. He mentally shrugged, deciding to ask the grey-furred female at some point since she had known the ex-Grand Huntress the longest.
He lazily rubbed his face into the soft fur he found himself resting on, a light touch of a paw playing with his hair from an odd angle making him smile. He wasn’t awake enough to really place who was where, and Tel had stopped scenting herself with peppermint, so he was forced to rely on his ability to tell their fur apart. It wasn’t a difficult task, but he wanted to just enjoy the sensations before he needed to be awake and address the world again.
A shift forward was met with fur on both sides of his face and Tel giggling, so that tipped him off enough that he knew he had reclaimed his pillow after yesterday’s... charged events.
After Harrow showcased her work and demanded base-wide music, they had spent some time checking to see if it would be possible. It would be, but it would require slightly more black magic since the two systems weren’t connected directly. The weapon fixing would take place sometime today, if it was as simple as he thought it was.
After that was hunting with Jax, then consulting Nalah after reassuring the female that he supported her romantic endeavours.
Which dragged his mind to Tel and Pan.
Pan put up no resistance to him wanting to introduce the assassin to their circle... It was still weird to think about that... But Tel had seemed to worry that she would. He couldn’t say he was disappointed with the result, the confidence of the grey-furred female was infectious, and Pan seemed more than happy with the arrangement. A private question revealed the answer that nothing of note would really change for her, and it would make him happy, so she seen no reason to mind.
Tel had already spent most nights with them, she constantly flirted with him anyway, and it would be a lie to say that he didn’t find himself returning the game of affection long before it actually crossed his mind to question if he meant it. Him and Tel actively acknowledging that there was somewhere for it to go was just a logical conclusion to her.
The only change that the actual openness had brought so far was Tel pulling back on the flirting with the vague reason that she wanted to make sure of some things, though if he was disappointed at the delay or relieved for the chance to acclimate, he couldn’t say.
Regardless, he wiggled his head into the soft fluff he found himself encased in, a wandering hand confirming that Pan was snuggled into his chest and quite content to remain asleep. Tel’s voice stirred his barely conscious mind.
“Getting impatient to take me, my male?”
He opened an eye to see what the hell she meant, meeting the reality of the situation with a blush.
He was currently using her leg as a pillow, Tel having curled on an angle at some point, her upper body facing the lower portion of the bed while his head rested high on her thigh, and he was presently in the process of scooting his way into where her legs met, the thin fabric of her shorts just barely concealing his unintentional destination. He swallowed back the intrusive thought that there would be no repercussions if he were to just lean forward, other than the obvious disturbance, and pulled away before he could give in to the urge.
“Sorry, still half asleep.”
She chuckled, fixing her posture to lay further on her back to free him of the temptation, though her paw continued to run through his hair soothingly as she rested in the reverse orientation of him. “Although it would be a fine way to start the sun, i believe it would be best for it to be a private moment, no? Though, if you insist...”
He snorted, the jolt of his suppressed laugh stirring Pan. “You were the one who suggested we wait.”
Her paw moved to his face, her pads gently stroking his cheek. “It must be memorable, no? I have my competition resting within your arms, after all, and i believe from your reactions on the subject that she has made quite the impression upon you.”
Pan pulled out of his chest at the mention, an adorable yawn working its way from her muzzle. A lazy blink turned into a smile as she met his eyes, a soft kiss given in greeting. Remembering that Tel was in the bed curled around behind her, she rolled slightly to look at the female over her shoulder, the warm expression just the same. “I hope the moon treated you well, Tel.”
The cook raised a brow at the affection in her voice, rolling her eyes when Joseph chuckled. “Besides my male being so wanting in his rest, it did.”
Pan giggled, stretching out her legs to work off the rest of her sleepiness. “Then all is as expected.”
“Hey.” The Human protested, receiving a smirk from both females. “I feel like I’m being ganged up on.”
Tel surprised him by sitting up to add her own morning greeting before slipping off the bed with a spring to her step, Pan quietly suppressing her amusement at his surprise as she got up as well.
The Blade winked over her shoulder. “One thing at a time, my male.”
He opened his mouth to retort, the action dying as he registered the other meaning. Pan paused in response to his failure to dismiss the thought quick enough, the shy glance to the ground doing nothing to discourage the secondary embarrassment. “What do i need to do today? It’s too early for me to remember.”
The white-furred female, more than happy to return to her familiar role of helping him arrange what needed to be done, and likely eager to also abandon the thought that Tel’s words imparted upon them, folded her paws over her lap and gave him a brief summary. “Jax has arranged time for you both to teach Violet, though Mama will regrettably not be able to attend this session, Nalah would like your considerations for a water heating system for the bath house, and there are several other things that can be addressed whenever you have time as they are not urgent in nature.”
He grunted as he threw his legs off the side of the bed, an absent gaze slipping over to Tel stretching out before she went to make breakfast. “It depends on how long those first two take, but i might not have time to do the rest. I need to help Harrow too.”
“No time for me?” The female asked cheekily, resting her chin on Pan’s head from behind once she noticed his complaining seemed to be more entertaining than cooking at the moment, her elbows bracing on the smaller female’s shoulders. Pan seemed surprised at the contact, though not particularly minding it. She glanced up in a fruitless attempt to look at the female before quickly returning her gaze to her bond with little concern for her re-purposing as furniture.
He eyed the two with a raised brow. “Until i sort out what i wasn’t here to work on, yeah, sorry. I’ll free up some time soon.”
The cook pouted, her display of disapproval stalling as she shook her head against Pan, her eyes turning down to address her headrest once a thought crossed her mind. “You are surprisingly soft.”
His bond blushed, a glance afforded to the male in the room who had started smirking in his confusion. “He prefers that i maintain my fur as such, and i find it rather rewarding to do so.”
Tel nodded in approval, an idea rolling on her tongue. “Show me some time.”
Having made her demand, the gunmetal-furred female sauntered off with her paws behind her head, her tail spinning figure-eights on her way to prepare food for the pack. Joseph caught himself watching a little too closely, the Blade neglecting to toss on something other than her sleep-wear giving him a bit too much to look at. He reluctantly tore his gaze once she passed into the hallway, clearing his throat to address his amused bond as she wandered to the table against the window. “You guys seem surprisingly close.”
Pan tilted her head, her paws in the process of fetching him the clothing she made for him with a small smile. “She makes you happy, that is enough for me to think of her favourably.”
He blinked at the plain answer, accepting the shirt she held out for him. “It seems more than that.”
“She has offered to teach me ways to be of greater assistance to you, and i have offered to assist her as well.” The white-furred female explained, sheepishly watching him replace his clothing. It was a black t-shit and a pretty decent pair of sweat-pants. Far from formal, but no one on the entire planet would really notice anything if he went out looking like it was his day off, so no shits were given. Not that he cared how he dressed now-a-days anyway.
He wondered what exactly she did to manage the soft material from just flora and some odd compounds she had made, but figured that it would involve a long answer that contained more steps of processing than he had attention span. The sewing room was staring to contain more barrels of things than he wanted to look into, so he just thankfully accepted that his girlfriend was magic. One of... Yep, still weird to think about. He shook off the odd feeling that his situation gave him to poke into a curiosity.
“Trading favours? Like what?”
Pan held a claw to her lips with closed eyes as she gently shook her head, the action far more endearing than it had any right to be. “It would be rude to our efforts to reveal the results before they are ready.”
He straightened out the shirt, the fit just loose enough to be comfortable, though tight enough to stay how it should. He weighed his responses, opting to allow them their fun as long as it wouldn’t have any major consequences. Tel was told directly about that, and he wanted to believe she would respect his wishes on the matter. “Fine, fine. Just to make sure; I’m not going to end up fed to wolves or anything, right?”
Pan walked up to him with a chuckle, her paw gently resting against his chest and the soft kiss doing wonders to wake him up. “All you will be fed is whichever meal Tel provides.”
He made a show of pondering it before tilting his head in concession. “She’s a good cook, I’ll give her that. I need to ask what got her into it some time.”
His mate walked out of the door with a passive smile at his pondering, holding it open for him on her way as they started their day.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
She got to her feet, picking up the blunted dagger that had skittered across the gym floor, her side sore from where the kick had landed. She readied her weapon, facing down the grey-furred female whom seemed more bored than critical at the moment.
“Move, disarm, remove.” Tel repeated, spinning her own practice dagger in the air and catching it in a reverse grip. A blur replaced the female, a sharp pain in Pan’s thigh was followed by her wrist being contorted to release the knife and Tel’s weapon pressed to her throat. “Those three will be etched into your bones.” Again, Tel disengaged, casually walking back to her starting location and tossing Pan her confiscated armament.
“Apologies, but i fail to see how this will help.”
The Blade raised a brow at her confession. “You must learn to react to ones such as myself.” She waved her dagger at the Paw. “You may have learned much of his unarmed methods, but your focus is bound by rules of sparring. Should one whom plays not by such restrictions seek to harm him, your end shall be the last he sees.”
Pan deflated, her ears drooping as she acknowledged the point.
“You train with Violet, no?”
She nodded, not really sure why it would be related.
Tel hummed, her expression contemplative. A blur originated from her resting arm, Pan’s conditioned reflexes slipping by the thrown knife and closing the distance to deliver a spinning back kick with her right leg from a more favourable angle once she had successfully dipped below the path of the blade.
The impact of a successful hit allowed her to use the recoil to bounce her weight in order to counteract the rotation, an arm held out to set her balance then pulled in to increase her speed. The same leg fired for the body from a new origin, the limb meeting empty air. Her instincts hauled the leg down with her body, the slight whistle of an edge whizzing over where her head was being a familiar sound.
The foot touched ground, her tail bracing the newly landed limb as she adjusted the other to launch vertically behind her, her aim being to break the guard of...
The disconnect between sparring her kit and the female who had taken a defensive posture caught her off guard, her leg halted from finishing the devastating kick to the jaw. The knife in her paw held blood.
Panicked, she righted herself cautiously, inspecting Tel for injuries that she may have accidentally inflicted. A cut along the female’s neck must have happened when she tried to stabilize herself, the weapon forgotten.
Tel eased, the looped end of her usual dagger facing forward as the flat side was about to be used to deflect the kick. She put it in her holster with the others, an analytical eye sizing the white-furred female up. She spoke with an interested tone.
“Where was that before?”
Pan clasped her paws in front of her chest, the weapon dropped as worry for the cook outweighed the thought of answering the question. “Are you okay? It was not my intention to harm you.”
Tel touched the cut, a grunt returned as she dismissed the injury. “Worry not, it is shallow. I had not watched your spars with the den-kit, so i had underestimated your training.” She glanced at the Paw. “Why could you not do as much before?”
Pan shook her head weakly, unsure why there seemed to be such a divide between the two extremes.
Tel approached slowly, her posture low as she inspected the white-furred female’s form. “What was going through your mind?”
She stalled, unsure of the specifics. “I was comparing the situation to training with Violet.”
The admittance raised a brow. “You attack your kit so violently?”
Pan shyly looked away. “She is skilled enough to require i do as such.”
“Hmm. Perhaps i should spar her as well. We never did get around to having her test her mettle against the pack, did we?”
She shook her head. “No, much occurred in short order, so Joseph didn’t feel it was appropriate to encourage such. None would know how to best avoid injury.”
“And you do?”
Pan blushed at her accidentally boastful phrasing, but nodding to agree anyway. She had trained with Violet since they were both newly introduced to competent combat techniques, leading to both growing with the other’s safety in mind. It also meant that, once they had reached a point in their development that they could be reasonably sure that they could stop any harm from coming of it, they could utilize the vulnerabilities they had found in spars.
Tel gave her a long look. “Kill me.”
“What?” The blink came at the same time as the word, her ear flicking in a vain attempt to ensure she had heard correctly.
The female reset her position, drawing two of her usual knifes instead of the practise blade she had been wielding previously. “I said; Kill me. More accurately, try to.”
Pan shook her head rapidly. “I don’t-”
The air shimmered as her tail bore some of her weight, the subconscious shift away from the sharp edge forcing her body into its habits. “And if i were targeting him?”
“Tel, i think we-” The slight skim against her neck triggered a reaction.
Throwing her weight down, she shifted it from her tail to her rear leg, lurching forward into the extended arm. Her front foot gained purchase, pushing herself up to encircle the target’s neck from under the shoulder. She reached with her other paw, capturing the wrist of the first and applying pressure while hauling the weight of her opponent over her knee, releasing the hold once the tipping point was exceeded.
A swift punch towards the throat was halted as the body impacted the ground, her reluctance to do more harm to the female causing her to pull the strike before it could build up too much speed.
Tel’s laughing stripped her of the haze, the female having used her tail to slow the strike further and redirecting it away from her neck with the flat of a knife, her free paw holding the second dagger outwards to stab at the ribs of the white-furred female.
“Perhaps i need not forge you from nothing.” Tel commented, releasing Pan’s limb once an effort to remove it was given. “Your only limitation now is that you lack a weapon in which to compliment your style, though i believe we shall have one in our paws soon enough. It would assist you greatly if you were to follow through, however.”
Pan offered the female assistance to her feet, the latter accepting without pause. “I do not enjoy having to react in such ways. Joseph has taught me much, but it would be against his wishes were i to wantonly embrace violence.”
Tel tapped her on the nose with her dagger before sheathing it, leaving Pan to rub her snout as the female spoke. “I suppose that is but one art he has ingrained within you?” The Paw’s refusal to meet her eyes answered for her. “Will you not act when one aims for his life?”
A pain became apparent behind her voice. “I wish to embrace his moral. I should not use his teachings to take a life unless there is no other option.” Pan’s gaze fell to her feet. “I have allowed myself to fall into those lessons rashly before, and i fear i would not be able to amend what i might wrongfully do.”
The Blade sighed, waving a paw to disregard the notion. “I suppose that we can say he has taught you enough for your function, though you are woefully insufficient in other ways.” Tel walked to the door, gesturing for Pan to follow. “We will continue our sessions, though it will be to familiarize you with weapons and methods that others will use. To be ignorant is to allow your Sheath to fall before your eyes, dull one. You would do them well to throw yourself to the Void before you make them suffer such inadequacies by your own paw.”
Pan frowned, the meaning of her declaration only partially understood. Tel paused in front of the sewing room, shifting her head to look back with an eye. “Apologies, i suppose it would be unfair of me to attribute your allegiances to my own. You seek to defend as his shield rather than eliminate as his Blade, yes?”
She nodded, not entirely sure where Tel was going with this, a sensation that continued to grow ever since the female offered to teach her ways that would keep her bond safe. It was as if there was a darker side to the one whom her bond had fallen for, though their interactions spoke to the fact that he has become aware of such and accepted her in spite of it. The Paw decided to trust in the dubious nature of the cook, placing her faith in the male whom has become her centre.
“Then we will focus on observation and threat appraisal for now. I can hardly allow my attentions to slip while none are able to supplement myself.” Tel proceeded into the room, her piece said with a somewhat resigned lilt.
A worrying thought crossed Pan’s mind as she followed. “Am i preventing you from confirming your affections with him?”
“I have more than yourself to worry about, fear not.” She gestured lazily to the stack of fabrics they had chosen together last sun. “I believe you require my measurements now, no?”
The Paw frowned, but figured that if she was inhibiting the newfound love from being fulfilled, then at least these efforts would assist further. She pulled several lengths of palm as Tel disrobed, considerations for what she would make specifically proving difficult to muse.
The nicks in the strips were made silently, Pan ruminating on her unintended effect in stalling their relations. Tel exhaled, eventually speaking in a voice devoid of the harsh edge she had adopted since entering the gym, the tone soft and weary.
“Could you tell me about him? I fear i know little more than the others.” A sadness took root in her voice. “I have harmed him with my lacking in such areas already. I wish to do him no more.”
Pan paused, glancing up to see the female fixing her gaze out of the window bashfully. An unfamiliar sight, to be sure. A smile formed on her muzzle, her motions as she continued to get the information she needed much more natural now that Tel had shown her again why Joseph would be taken with the female.
“I suppose i should start with his blood-mother, a female who dreamed of the stars...”
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
The growled incoherence from the Grand Hunter drew a chuckle from Jax, the Human’s struggle with the consonance proving to be rather amusing.
“This shit hurts my throat.” He complained, stroking the affected area and taking a deep drink from his water. Jax tried to keep the smirk from forming, though based on Joseph’s face, he wasn’t doing a very good job of it.
“Worry not, Grand Hunter, this is an expected hurdle to overcome.”
The Human glowered at him for a moment, his nostrils flaring as he exhaled forcefully. “Says the one who learned a language by listening to us talk for a while.”
“Violet has made great strides in learning such.” He gestured to the den-kit who was currently practising the alphabet for Joseph’s language. “She is endeavouring to master two, even.”
A sigh was returned for his argument, a satisfied smile overcoming his friend as the Human observed his kit apparently doing her task with great proficiency. “She’s doing better than i expected.”
Jax looked over the work, though could only comment that the lines were done more uniformly than the male’s. “Will she be able to communicate with you soon?”
Joseph blew air from his mouth as he rose his brows. “Maybe? It’ll depend on how she handles spelling. It’s a bit of a nightmare at times.”
“She has shown no struggle within our own script.” Jax offered, noticing the wince.
“Eh. We’ll see. It’ll be easy enough to go over basic phrases, in any case.”
Violet finished her repetition, displaying the result for her adoptive den-father to inspect. Joseph stroked the kit’s head while praising her for a job well done. The Atmo fetched a smaller tablet in which to scratch on, showing Jax the result with an excited bounce.
[I am improving!]
The Lilhun felt his chest rumble with the chuckle he encouraged. “You are, Violet. We are both very proud of you.” The sight of the Human looking at him longingly drew his attention. “You have denied my affections before, Grand Hunter. Do you wish for me now that i am displaying how useful to your kit i may be?”
“Welp, it was nice while it lasted.” The male deadpanned, extending his middle finger towards Jax, the Lilhun waving a paw in return.
“You will have similar exchanges in future, i am sure.” He reassured casually. “Perhaps it will be me whom looks on in envy.”
The Human smiled wistfully at him, the gaze somehow hurting. “You’ll be a good dad, Jax.”
The Lilhun, for once, found no witty retort to his friend’s words. No sarcasm, no wish to detract from the meaning loaded behind those wishes that cried into his soul, knowing that the male may never have what he wanted for the one teaching his adoptive kit.
Jax forced a smirk, a small decision made in his mind, though he would wait until it was time. For now, he was to assist this Human reach a deep desire within him. It was a small return for what he had been given.
“I fear that you are skipping on your practise, Grand Hunter.”
Joseph exhaled. “What sound am i ripping my throat out over again?”
The Lilhun chuckled, demonstrating again and taking the extra effort to emphasize and explain the subtleties for his benefit. The resulting imitation being butchered, though closer than before.
The Human coughed, taking a drink after it calmed down enough to do so and he had assured his kit that he was not ill. “Isn’t there anything easier to start with?”
Jax thought about it before shaking his head. “Easier? Yes. More fundamental? No. Much of what you gain with this will be a boon while you learn the rest.”
A thump sounded out as Joseph dropped his head onto the table. “I hate Lilhun.”
“And yet you seek to bed two.”
He rolled his head to the side to glare at the Head. “I’m including you in the things i hate.”
Jax held a paw to his chest, flinching as if wounded. “My love, you must be gentle with me.”
“Fuck you and your gravel-ass language.”
The male reached over to pat Joseph on the back. “Come. You are improving, but success is not the only marker of progress. It will take time to make the motions comfortable.”
The Grand Hunter looked at him lazily. “Fine, but you’re teaching me how to tell you to shut up. It’s looking like it’ll be more fun to yell at you in your language than mine.”
Jax grinned. “I look forward to offering you myself in more ways as well.”
“God, i regret everything.”
The facilities door pressed open, the Human quickly feigning interest in the script that Violet was quietly working on near by. Tel sauntered into the hub, gesturing behind her as she wandered up to the two.
“Joseph, Silva has called and requested your presence. Pan is waiting in your stead.”
The Human’s brows shot up. “Oh, shit. Okay. I’ll go see what’s up.”
Violet quickly laid down her materials and hurried to Joseph’s side.
“You wanna come say high to Sil, Violet?”
A chittered reply was accompanied by an excited bouncing, the male laughing and resting his paw upon the kit’s back.
“Come on then. Jax, sorry to cut the lesson short. Let me know when you have time again!”
The Lilhun shook his head at how eager his friend was to abscond with his other student. “Of course, Grand Hunter. You will be notified.”
Joseph held up a thumb as he walked away. “Thanks, buddy! I owe you.”
Jax didn’t have time to come up with something funny before the doors closed behind the pair, leaving him in the room with Tel. He glanced to the bored-looking female.
“I am surprised you would claim him as your own.” He commented absently, unsure of what else he would like to talk about with her, given the lack of new topics at his disposal. Tel focused on him, a scoff given as a smug look of satisfaction crossed her face.
“Perhaps if you had proven better, it may have been you burying your face between my thighs earlier this sun.”
He blinked, watching the female walk through the dormitory doors with her tail swinging in off-set circles behind her. His gaze fell to the floor in front of him, memories of before they had joined Joseph’s pack coming to bear. Of those moons where it had felt like she was slightly more flirtatious than her usual displays would leave him to believe.
He didn’t regret ending up with Harrow, his mate was irreplaceable to him, but it was still worth at least pondering the possibilities, even if only for a moment before they were banished to the realm of the inconsequential.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
The terminal screen was displaying the sparse office of a Union member, the sterile colours and textures far from engaging. In the centre of the display sat a fairly dishevelled Trilaxin, her plumage untended and movement sluggish. Stress was clear in her expression, as was the lack of sleep that took its toll on their species much faster than his own.
Joseph distorted his face in worry. He may have only talked to the woman once, but she was doing him a huge favour by looking into everything, and she was a close friend of Rob’s. “Jesus, Sil. You okay?”
She ignored his question, conflict evident as she opened and closed her beak while trying to find the right words to say. “Joseph, i have decoded the information they retrieved from an Atmo-origin object travelling to Sol. Were you told about this?”
“The pack filled me in, yeah. What was in it?”
She cycled a slow breath, glancing at the occupants of the room, though it was only the three of them there at the moment. Violet reached for a tablet, finding that she only had one on-hand at the moment. She paused before deciding to wave with her joint in lieu of a more concise method of greeting that would take up space which might be used to say something else. A small smile was returned by the avian until she spoke, her voice falling grave.
“It’s a video file. It was programmed to be broadcast once it was within range and it was...” She fell quiet for a while, Joseph unsure if he should interject. Her feathers shimmered as she regained her confidence. “I believe you should see it, considering your connection to them. It will answer more questions than i could reasonably answer.”
He furrowed his brow in uncertainty. “Sure? How am i supposed to do it? Will you just send it or...”
She shook her head, an empty laugh given in exchange. “I can pass through the feed, though i will not be able to continue once it is over. It will be too risky to keep the system running after.”
Joseph nodded in partial understanding, glancing to Pan and Violet to get their opinions. Pan smiled encouragingly and Violet nodded her assent to the arrangement. He turned his attention back to the terminal. “Okay. Sorry we couldn’t talk longer.”
Silva gave a weak smile as she took a breath, a necklace running through a thin gold ring shifting against her breast. “We will speak again, Joseph. Just...” Her eyes glanced away from the screen. “Never mind. I’ll get in touch once a friend of mine gets access to the Lilhun data, okay?”
A frown tugged at his lips, but he tried to look more thankful for her hard work. It was obviously far harder on her than he would have thought previously, and the mention of her actively waiting on more information suggested that she had at least confirmed there was things to find. “Take it easy, Sil. You look like hell.”
A soft chuckle trilled from her beak, the look on her face implying that it wasn’t the first time today she was told that. “I must, mustn't i?” She shook her head softly. “Take care Joseph. I am glad to see that you returned in good health.”
He returned the smile as she reached to do whatever needed to be done. “Take care.”
The screen flickered to a deep grey, the darkness artificial. A ‘rec’ watermark appeared at the top of the image in time with the hum of background noise and an undertone of static. A deep voice spoke in accented English, subtitles being displayed underneath in the language as well as what Joseph could place as Atmo script, though he couldn’t be sure if Sil had provided the translation or if it was embedded in the file previously. Violet took a step closer to the terminal when she noticed.
“I hope this reaches them.”
As soon as the words were out, the scene changed to a haggard looking man standing in the corner of a room, looking somewhere in his forties based on the smile lines and deep creases on his forehead, a coat having been hastily tossed on over a t-shirt and jeans. He held his lowered head in his hands, giving his face a rough rub before raising it slowly to look at the recording device, the redness in his eyes and bags underneath them speaking to more than one night that he would have preferred in a bottle. It was a look Joseph recognized from the bathroom mirror back in his apartment, and a feeling he knew all too well.
The unkempt facial hair, the lack of sleep due to nightmares, the overwhelming urge to curl into a ball and let death take you one second at a time. It was a look of a man who had lost everything and had nothing left to fight for.
“Attention people of Sol. We have come to present evidence of the Union using their power to unilaterally commit genocide on newly discovered sapient races for no reason other than their fear of an uprising from members who have supported their government for millennia. My name is Adam Callam, and i present to you...” The man’s voice broke, a sob fought back in a desperate attempt to keep himself composed, his face contorted in his struggle not to give into agony. “I present to you a video log of our interactions with new races under the guise of a ‘socialization procedure’. Kind people of great curiosity, acceptance, friendship, and loyalty. People who accepted us as their own with no promise of anything in return, and people who... People who...”
The video cut to the man holding a drink in his hand and a cigarette freshly extinguished into a newly placed ashtray. A barely hidden bottle of alcohol could be discerned at the edge of the screen, Adam having moved to sitting at a table between scenes. The man cleared his throat, it being much hoarser than before.
“And people who... Who sacrificed many... to save just me and my family.” He stared at the desk for a moment, a fresh tear proving difficult to dissuade. “No. People who became our family. People of Sol. Members of Humanity. Please. See what kind of beings are being kept from us and stolen of their right to live... See what people made the ultimate sacrifice to save a Human couple and their child from unprovoked bombardment... And what i am asking you to do in return.”
The man’s sorrow faded in an instant, his gaze into the screen intense and focused. Pan reached out and held Joseph’s hand, resting her free paw on Violet’s shoulder as the Atmo watched, absorbed by the story unfolding in front of them.
“Watch what the Union is doing behind the curtain, just to prove to themselves that they are the ultimate authority. That they can play God, merely because of their own convictions and desire for control... Watch the happiest moments of my life be ripped away from me because of them.”
Adam took a deep drink of his booze, wincing when the burning hit his throat.
“Watch, and then make a decision. A decision on the fate of those people... Because you are the only hope they have left.”
The man reached forward to interact with the device, his eyes having turned from despair to a cold determination that resonated with the Grand Hunter.
The screen flickered again. Joseph gripped Pan’s paw as he watched with baited breath.

A/N: I'm not apologizing for the cliff. I might end up slipping the next chapter in two if i feel all the detail is needed, so... We'll see. i'll try to condense it, but no promises.
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2023.03.30 15:31 Lady_Likes [Game Lore] EPISODE #3 - Plague of Whispers (High Whisperer)

(This is an official post from SP, copied from their discord server. See these links for Episode #1- Revenge of the Phoenix (High Reborn) and Episode #2 - Leader Gone Rogue (High Arcane))

EPISODE #3 - Plague of Whispers (High Whisperer)

✨ “A Dragon Master says goodnight to their newly-hatched dragon, leaving the wide-eyed baby to get some rest. They smile to themselves, knowing what valiant adventures lie ahead for this little one and the heroic deeds it will surely accomplish.
The Dragon Master stands in something slimy on their way out from the Habitat; a trail of purple gloop. They take no notice – it's probably nothing to worry about.
The thing about whispers is that they thrive in the minds of the innocent. The younger the host, the more susceptible their mind is to corruption. And sadly, once they've worked their way inside, there's no escape.
This particular baby dragon was never seen again. Gone, forever. And the High Whisperer Dragon now had one more puppet under his corrupted tentacles.
You might think living your whole life in a dark, watery abyss is enough to make anyone go crazy, but Whisperer's level of corruption was something unheard of in Dragon City. Had he been born this way or had something terrible happened to him?
His species were one of the first signs of underwater life. From single-cell organisms to complex creatures, Whisperer has always been there, lying dormant in the trenches. He's seen everything. He's observed dragon evolution and witnessed the dragon's first steps onto land. But with great miracles of nature also come the inherent principles of greed, anger, violence, disloyalty...
He saw first-hand the innate corruption that lies within us all. Dragons cheat, lie, fight, hurt each other... Is this what the Dragonverse really had to offer? A bunch of inexperienced beasts mindlessly fighting in the Arenas or racing for Gold? Whisperer had seen enough; he knew his whispers could save everyone...from themselves. If dragons just conformed to his ideals, he knows there'd be less pain among us.
Whispering into the ears of the susceptible was an effective but slow process; he needed others to also do his dirty work for him... The Cult Priestess Dragon was his first loyal recruit, followed by his own corrupted creation, the Tentacle Amalgam Dragon. But Whisperer still lacked the sheer force to grow his family of puppets.
Experienced Dragon Masters know the story from here. His Clan of Corrupted Titans still proves to be one of our biggest threats.
Every day they bring him one step closer to having everyone and everything under his control, making the world a ‘better place’, free from dragon nature.” ✨
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2023.03.30 15:28 alogicals [LF] wishlist items [FT] bells

hi! i'm looking for my wishlist items to keep or catalogue. i can offer bells in return.
i'm also happy to check whether i have any of your wishlist items, but my catalogue is still pretty small atm, just to temper expectations. (⁠;⁠ŏ⁠﹏⁠ŏ⁠)
the items i'm looking for are:
unless a colour is specified i'm happy with any variations. the bolded ones are the ones i would like the most.
please leave a comment if you have any of these and would be willing to trade. thanks!
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2023.03.30 15:23 IRL_Pilot Local pastor posted basically a 4-part Christian Nationalist manifesto about "Authority", explaining why men should be in charge of women, the State must obey the Church, and all his congregants should obey him unquestioningly. Here's part 4, the rest is not worth reading

Local pastor posted basically a 4-part Christian Nationalist manifesto about submitted by IRL_Pilot to insanepeoplefacebook [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 15:20 Throwaway195786 I'm starting to think there is something really wrong with me.

Sorry in advance, I have dyslexia and writing this on my phone at work.
I (25f) is struggling with life in general. I come from dysfunctional chaotic family (which has it's own issues), and being the only girl in the family and being the first born (which also comes with a few issues), have been struggling with just taking care as myself as adult. My parents never really gave me moral values, never really prioritizes my health (unless it was my brothers who all mental health issues), and never taught me life skills that will help on the long run. Unfortunately, bullying and violent were the solution to all of my problems. I'm an introvert and due this I didn't really know how to defend myself and it cause my to stonewall and just let things happen around or at me until they stop. Plus I was being bullied at school too and unfortunately didn't really trust the 2 friends I had, so I felt like I couldn't go to them. Unfortunately due to more indepth family issues, it will probably take another post or 2 to explain all the bs I've been through.
Now to the main point, I had a few relationships that have been tough on me especially with the one I'm with now. I had people tell me that I'm stupid, idiot, and just dumb for trying to do things on my own like adult should do. Unfortunately I lack some skills just one, one ever really taught to prioritize and care so I had to learn it to catch up. Due to a lot of ignorance on my part, I would ask my bf (23m) to explain or help, and because of this my bf get mad and starts to escalate because 'I didn't think for myself' and 'doing it your way is dumb'. When it comes to what a discussion looks like between us, it more like him parenting me and me feeling like a bad dog at the end. Yesterday was so confusing cause as he was lecture me about getting certain priorities right, he gotten even more upset that I had emotional face and if I stand there and look at me with no expression then he complained about me 'looking like a deer in headlights'. I try to defend myself, but apparently I was also doing that wrong, it feel like I really can't do anything right, and what sucks it that some of these phrases are repeated overtime and I heard some them from my family and friends/relationship. I know I getting my shit together, slowly but surely, but I don't think it fast enough for him and he uses his 'logic' to tell me what's wrong about me and why it's a fact and my 'logic' doesn't even make sense at all, even if I could explain to him and simplify the issue I had.
Tbh I'm starting to think that I am not meant to be in relationships, and I'm not really good at being adult, I have 4 friends but they are busy with life and don't want to burden to anyone. Thank you for reading this. I know it alot and all over the place but that's how I've been and I starting to think it's a fact.
Btw You can ask questions if it helps. Thank you again.
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2023.03.30 15:18 jdidisjdjdjdjd BB match ups on console; I wish they matched up manager ability, it’s very uneven.

I’ve played bb2 and now am using bb3, and have been playing many years. The games match up tv similarities but not win loss rates for the manager.
In all the time I’ve played I’ve won three games on line ever. I am matched against people who are so good that by go 3/4 the drive is horribly lost and the only thing to do is try to stand up a few players that can barely interact with the game at all.
I certainly play a lot less because it’s demoralising being the weakest player always and really wish it took the managers win/loss rate into account.
It really doesn’t seem like a big ask to have better match ups. Anyone else feeling this also?
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2023.03.30 15:14 BroMandi [Walmart] 47" Mainstays TV Stand for TVs up to 42" (Rustic Oak, White or Espresso) $46 + Free Shipping [Deal: $46.00, Actual: $99.00]

[Walmart] 47 submitted by BroMandi to ShoppingDealsOnline [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 15:07 Upstairs-Scene-1915 Dear son

I wonder if you'll understand someday the way I do that...
his dandruff laden, dark brown hair could have been properly maintained with Tresemme products.
his clothes in dire need of a wardrobe replacement could have been purchased at Walmart without going overboard financially...
he could have trimmed his nails...
he could have brushed his teeth and used mouthwash ...
he could have eaten his vegetables and relied less on a diet of meat, Gatorade, coffee, and cigarettes.
he should have taught you how to ride your bike without training wheels...
he should have potty trained you...
he should have taught you to aim properly into the toilet bowl ...
he should have yelled less, and had more patience.
he should have played with you in your room with toys instead of telling you to play by yourself on his game ...
he should have taught you how to fish...
he should have taught you how to work around the yard to earn an allowance...
he could have treated Mommy better...
he could have refrained from emotionally cheating or giving Mommy attention on his own terms...
he could have gotten his act together and Mommy would have married him...
** I wonder if you'll understand someday that...
● your grandfather has an admirable work ethic, but that getting things done to militant standards is not realistic. You should do everything the best way you can.
●your grandfather struggles with an inability to control his environment, his spouse, as well as Mommy; trying to assert dominance over another individual is not healthy whatsoever. It's important you speak up and be assertive, but strive to focus on yourself, always.
● your grandfather routinely picks at Nana's figure/wardrobe choices. His vision of a woman is one who wears rouge, lipstick, pantyhose, heels and dresses. The woman is also slender with 0% body fat and does not drink diet Coke, eat junk food, etc. This is not ideal. Woman have curves.
Last but not least, I wonder if someday ...
●you'll realize that I'm not trying to model my behavior off of your Nana. She was forever emotionally unavailable to my needs growing up. She fell into the category of "cold mother syndrome". She thought because she worked herself to the bone that meant me, your aunt, and uncle were okay. Her parenting style could best be attributed to us being left with an around the clock babysitter.
A lot of the time, we were left to fend for ourselves. With no stringent guidelines in place, we basically did whatever we wanted, and that impacted the way we function as adults today.
Your grandfather by blood, was not present to care for us. And if he were to take us over the weekend, again, we could do whatever we wanted.
I'm your parent, I'm not your friend. I'm not "mean" because I'm trying to get you to eat . I'm not "ignoring you" when you throw tantrums after me expressing that no, you cannot play on your console or watch TV all night: no, you cannot have anymore cookies or snacks. I'm setting limits. Your continual manipulation and desire to be in charge is never going to happen, bub.
The baby has to sleep in his own crib. He has to learn to self soothe and fall asleep. At 10 months old, he is reliant upon drinking a bottle to fall asleep, or having his back rubbed, or even music. The music, and bottle drinking has to stop. He can get bottle rot . He doesn't need the extra calories. He needs to sleep soundly. I can and will buy you noise canceling headphones, but remember, you too need to get used to sharing a space with your brother.
When I say it's bedtime, I mean it. Don't come back in my room and continue to chat up a storm in order to prolong the inevitable. You need to not push the wood guardrail out in your bunk and say that it just "fell". You need to stop falling down on purpose for negative attention and actually sit properly on the couch.
You're going to start doing your own dishes and cleaning up after yourself. You're going to stop raising your voice at me and respect my authority. If you ask a thousand times, it's still no. You'll lose something you love. You might resent me but you'll grow to learn that Mommy doesn't like you when you misbehave.
The pretending to have seizures has to cease as well. Joking about death is not funny. Eavesdropping on conversations that don't involve you or reading Mommy's journal is an invasion of privacy. You know how to use your indoor voice when it's quiet time. You also know how to read your sight words.
ALSO, your "Gram" loves you very much. She was never prepared to have grandchildren. She didn't think it was wise for your father to reproduce given his mental and substance abuse issues. She wasn't surprised we had you, as she knew your dad didn't use protection. Unfortunately, she will never be the sort of grandma who travels all the way to see you on a routine basis. Even when your birthday neared, she chose to go visit your uncle and his girlfriend. She easily could have arranged to pass through, but she chose not to.
I had a weird dream the other night where I called your gram on Duo. She was visibly unsettled and asked that I refrain from contacting her. Obviously, she would never act that way in real life. But , she doesn't return texts that often nor has she ever asked how you and your brother are doing unless I reach out and initiate the conversation.
She has even missed out on your brother's growth. The last time she saw him was when he was six months old. The first time she saw him was when he was 2 months. I'm not entirely certain she knows how to grandma . She takes a lot of photos with you both when she visits but her interaction with you is limited to playing games on her tablet. Even when she does things, she's more focused on uploading every moment to Fakebook.
So don't take it personally, if she doesn't call regularly or visit. Our trip home in June when we stay at her house will have to suffice. Your brother will be one, you will have graduated kindergarten, and we'll stay at her house. And you'll see our cat. After the trip, the next time she will probably visit is when you're six years and 6 months and your brother is 18 months.
And if I don't fully disclose details pertaining to the why and how behind your dad's demise, it's because you're not emotionally mature enough to process all of it. It doesn't matter how he died. You're not going to really comprehend alcoholism . Your dad even referred to his beers as "grown up drinks " when he was alive.
Also, people like my stepsister that is your step-grandfather's daughter are not used to kids' . She is mentally ill and when she drinks to cope, doesn't always conduct herself in a composed manner. So if you want to chase her with your plastic sword or shoot off your nerf gun, be aware that she has limited patience. She will yell at you. She will grow uneasy. It's more her than you.
As for your little baby bro, try not to stand within hair grabbing range of him. He doesn't mean anything by it, he's too little. Just he patient with him. Show him how to do things.
Above all, I love you to the moon and back, little man.
Always know that.
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2023.03.30 15:03 SievertSchreiber HellfirePVP’s troll leaks for VH3

Towards the end of season 2 HellfirePVP trolled Iskall with a list of possible new features in season 3 (source: part 1, part 2, part 3). I thought it would be fun to evaluate what turned out to be true and what was a troll.
🟢 True 🟡 Partially true 🔴 False
  1. 🟢You can enchant items with mending
  2. 🟢Twerker will not work on melons or pumpkins
  3. 🔴For special vaults vertical vaults are making a comeback
  4. 🔴You can buy vault xp boosts for just $1.49, first purchase only, subsequent purchases will be $14.49, subscription renews automatically, conditions apply
  5. 🔴With enough experience any crafted vault boots will always be scrappy
  6. 🟢Parry doesn’t exist anymore
  7. 🟢Idols will no longer work as totems of undying
  8. 🟢You can not enchant items with mending
  9. 🟢Alongside mystery boxes and pandoras boxes there will be loot pinatas and loot piles
  10. 🟢You will lose time in the vault by just standing around or standing in water
  11. 🟡In an effort to reduce the vault name in every item vault ingot was renamed to ingot
  12. 🟡There is one new gem, 2 new dusts, 6 new types of nugs and two new brooms
  13. 🟢You can no longer get luck on a chestplate
  14. 🔴There is a fifth vault god
  15. 🔴There is a new daily login bonus
  16. 🔴Flask of regret is removed to incentivize the player to think about their skill/talent choices more
  17. 🔴Added vault wooden chip and vault plastic as two new tiers below vault bronze
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2023.03.30 14:49 Lssj3Vegito Personal opinion on all Wolfenstein shooters

Recently I acquired all Wolfenstein games I was missing in my collection and decided to go for a wonderful adventure strarting with RTCW through Wolfenstein 2009, Old Blood, TNO, TNC, ending with Youngblood. Here is my personal rating of these games and my opinion on their advantages and disadvantages. I didn't include original Castle Wolfenstein and 3D, I think they are a bit too old to evaluate (still great games of their times). Warning, it's fully subjective.

From the best to least good:

  1. The New Order
+ Amazing and depressing story
+ Likeable, authentic characters
+ Shooting is really satisfying
+ Deathshead gives a lot of goosebumps
+ Nazis give feeling of never-ending, unbeatable force
+ The music is better than the game itself
- You feel empty after finishing the game and carve for more

  1. The New Colossus
+ Shooting system is made even better
+ Really solid gameplay
+ New laser weapons give lots of fun
+ Frau Engel doesn't disappoint as a heir of Deathshead
+ Up to some point the story keeps up with TNO
- Grace is so annoying you want to put bullet in her head, what's worse everyone let her bully them to show how "tough" she is supposed to be. Sigrun beating her is the only advantage of this terrible Caroline's replacement existing
- Entire Horton act is ridiculous
- Naive ending kinda ruins the heavy and depressing mood fitting Wolfenstein
- Laserkraftwerk is too powerful, turning enemies like Übersoldat, Zestörer and Zitadelle into joke
- Final boss fight doesn't really feel like one

  1. Old Blood
+ Really good, nostalgic story
+ Harder than TNC
+ Lack of laser weapons makes übersoldaten a threat to recon with
- Stealth is frustating, enemies tend to spot BJ too easily, forcing at lot of unwanted combat (especially against supersoldiers)
- A bit too fast and too short

  1. Youngblood
+ Okay, cooperative story
+ Character upgrades provide a lot of fun and give feeling of progress while in previous parts you don't really care about unlocking them
+ Fight is really satisfying
+ Non-linear aspect of the game is better developed than in Wolfenstein 2009
+ Terror Twins are adorable...
- ...but embarassing as well
- Main story consists of 4 missions total, blocked behind a level wall
- Leveling system doesn't fit Wolfenstein at all
- Besides Abby, the entire resistance are souless, background-lacking NPCs that only give more and more missions.
- Final fight is frustating
- The idea of shared lifes is weird

  1. Wolfenstein
+ Interesting story
+ The concept of medallion is really well-made
+ Veil enemies are very unique for this game
- Encountering nazis in open world is irritating after some time
- Wolfensteins feel better as linear games
- Final boss is annoying

  1. Return to Castle Wolfenstein
+ Good story
+ The game has really good, dark climate
+ Challenging and tactical
+ Mausoleum and lopers are true nightmare fuel
- The shooting system is unlogical and RNG based which results in anomalies like enemy not able to hit you standing face to face yet perfectly sniping you from the other side of the map
- At some point the game is F9 pressing simulator
- Final boss is unsatisfying and extremely easy to beat
- Stealth missions are poorly designed
submitted by Lssj3Vegito to Wolfenstein [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 14:21 Significant-Notice- The Government Conspiracy Against Crypto

A sharply worded whitepaper from law firm Cooper and Kirk accuses regulators at the FDIC and the FED of an illegal and unconstitutional attack on crypto done without cover of law or Congressional approval. Cooper and Kirk are one of the most powerful and influential law firms in Washington. The firm’s attorneys have frequently appeared before the Supreme Courtand as of 2021 “six former interns or associates of Cooper & Kirk [were] serving as U.S. Supreme Court clerks.” So this broadside isn’t coming from an obscure and unconnected law firm:
Recent stories in the financial press have uncovered a coordinated campaign by prudential bank regulators to drive crypto businesses out of the financial system. Bank regulators have published informal guidance documents that single out cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency customers as a risk to the banking system. Businesses in the cryptocurrency marketplace are losing their bank accounts, or their access to the ACH network, suddenly, and with no explanation from their bankers. The owners and employees of cryptocurrency firms are even having their personal accounts closed without explanation. And over the past two weeks, federal regulators have shut down a solvent bank that was known to be serving the crypto industry and, although it is required to resolve banks through the “least cost resolution” to the Deposit Insurance Fund, the FDIC chose to shutter rather than sell the part of the bank that serves digital asset customers, costing the Fund billions of dollars.
This pattern of events is not random, and we have seen it before. This is not the first time that federal bank regulators, working with their State-level counterparts, have abused their supervisory authority to label businesses unworthy of having a bank account and worked in secret to purge disfavored lines of commerce from the financial system. Beginning in 2012, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, and the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System carried out a coordinated campaign to weaponize the banks against industries that had fallen out of favor with the administration—including gun stores, pawn shops, tobacco stores, payday lenders, and a host of other brick and mortar businesses. That campaign was called Operation Choke Point.
Our firm successfully challenged Operation Choke Point, and it was brought to a halt. The current bout of regulatory overreach against the crypto industry is illegal for much the same as reason as its predecessor. Specifically:
• Operation Choke Point 2.0 deprives business of their constitutional rights to due process in violation of the Fifth Amendment. It is well settled that when a federal agency attaches a derogatory label to an individual or business, and this stigmatizing label causes the business to lose a bank account or broadly precludes them from the pursuit of their chosen trade, the agency has violated the Due Process Clause of the Fifth Amendment, unless if first afforded the individual or business a right to be heard. This is precisely what the federal bank regulators responsible for Operation Choke Point 2.0 have done and continue to do by labeling crypto businesses a threat to the financial system, a source of fraud and misinformation, and a risk to bank liquidity.
• Operation Choke Point 2.0 violates both the non-delegation doctrine and the anticommandeering doctrine, depriving Americans of key structural constitutional protections against the arbitrary exercise of governmental power.
• By leveraging their authority over the banks to acquire the power to pick and choose the customers whom the banks may serve, the bank regulators have exceeded their statutory authority. The bank regulators are charged with supervising the safety and soundness of the banks; their effort to anoint themselves the gatekeepers of the financial system and the ultimate arbiters of American innovation and American economic life cannot be permitted to stand.
• The federal bank regulators are also refusing to perform their non-discretionary duties when doing so will benefit the cryptocurrency industry. State banks that are statutorily entitled to access the federal reserve system are being denied their rights solely because they serve the crypto industry. The federal bank regulators are not free to pick and choose which statutory obligations they duties they wish to perform.
• The federal bank regulators are evading the notice and comment rulemaking requirements of the administrative procedure act by imposing binding requirements on the banking industry through informal guidance documents. This is undemocratic, since it deprives the public of the right to comment on proposed rules, and it also runs contrary to the principle of judicial review, since courts lack the power to review “informal” agency actions.
• Finally, the federal bank regulators are acting in an arbitrary and capricious fashion by failing to adequately explain their decisions, by failing to engage in reasoned decision making, and by failing to treat like cases alike. It is difficult to imagine a more arbitrary and capricious agency action than simultaneously placing a solvent bank into receivership solely because it provided financial services to the crypto industry, while permitting insolvent institutions not tied to the crypto industry to continue operating.
…The persistent unwillingness of the nation’s bank regulators to follow the law and obey the Constitution calls out for Congressional action. Cracks are starting to form in the American financial system as its regulators increasingly abuse their power to achieve aims outside their authority and beyond their competence….We therefore urge Congress to perform its oversight role and hold these agencies to account.
I agree that financial regulation has been employed unconstitutionally, illegally, and covertly to control and regulate economic activity. One of my big fears is that a Central Bank Digital Currency would render nearly every transaction in the entire economy legible and primed for government monitoring and control. Thus, it is crucial to uncover, understand and debate the clandestine nature of financial regulation before the urgency of crisis is used to push us into an undesirable new equilibrium that will be difficult to escape.
Read the whole thing.
The post The Government Conspiracy Against Crypto appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.


](https://marginalrevolution.com/marginalrevolution/2023/03/the-government-conspiracy-against-crypto.html#comments) - Sounds like somebody should invent a decentralized method of ...by Sure

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2023.03.30 13:59 TacticalBreakfast Mastery Priority Guide - Updates for An Obscure Wanderer

Well, this is unexpected. I was prepared for either Mlynar or Stainless to be next, but I’ll admit I was expecting Stainless more. Not that I'm complaining. The skins in this patch are to die for. That Utage skin? Unf... It would have been a bigger crime than Dorothy to delay that. Oh ya, I guess there's some good new units here that people have been waiting for too.
This article specifically covers the new units from the An Obscure Wanderer event. The main guide covering the rest of the game can be found here on Gamepress. The Gamepress version of this update can be found here. Please note that although the reddit version of the main guide still exists, I no longer maintain it to the same extent and it may be out of date. Refer to the Gamepress guide for the most up to date information!

FAQ and Banner Discussion

Q: Should I pull?
A: An emphatic yes. Many consider Mlynar to be the single best unit currently in the game. Sure, some might argue for Texas2, Surtr, or Ch'en2 instead, but everyone with any sense of the game will still have him among the very top. Plus, if one of the best units in the game wasn’t enough to convince you, the supporting 5★, Proviso, has the best RIIC base skill in the game. Speaking in terms of meta value, there is no reason to skip this banner

Q: Wait, Mlynar is next? I thought we expected him to be delayed? What does this mean for Texas2?
A: Mlynar is indeed next, and it is indeed unexpected. Much of the schedule prediction talk was predicated on the idea that Il Siracusano would be run during Golden Week. The idea was that Texas2 during Golden Week would necessitate moving Mlynar’s release since there wouldn't be enough time to run the required Chapter 11 events on top of Mlynar. That’s where the idea that he would be delayed came from.
I talked about this topic a bit in my Dorothy Schedule article, if you want to see some of the speculation (it’s near the end).
Yostar, though, seems to have thrown us yet another curve ball. I don't want to get into too much detail here since this isn't a schedule prediction article. However, it now seems that Texas2 will not be during Golden Week. It is still possible, but would involve both the Near Light Rerun datamined date (April 14th) being changed and the Chapter 11 pre-banner being skipped. Those options, while possible, are unlikely, so odds are that Yostar will now run the events in order which would place Texas sometime in May instead.
As for why? We can only guess.

Q: I already have what I think is a powerful team, should I still roll for Mlynar?
A: Probably, yes. The thing with Mlynar is that he is so powerful that he opens up a new tier of power. Mlynar (and Texas2) don't expand the current top crust of the meta. They add a new layer to it. Of course, if you already find the game to be easy with your current team and have no interest in things like Ascension 15 IS#3 and high risk CC, that may not matter to you. However, a very top meta team pre-Mlynar will perform noticeably worse than a team with Mlynar (and/or Texas2).

Q: Should I skip this banner to roll for Texas the Omertosa?
A: No, don't skip this banner. The only exception in terms of meta-value is if you feel Texas2 is completely unmissable due to being a Limited. That matters to some people; however, there is a tremendous opportunity cost to skipping Mlynar. Mlynar is every bit as valuable as Texas is and this will be by far the best chance we will ever have to get him. Opportunity cost is an aspect many people overlook when it comes to pull decisions. By skipping Mlynar, you are removing many good total outcomes (getting both units) to increase the odds of a mid-level outcome (only getting one unit).
Only you can decide where that balance is for you, but know that if you choose to skip Mlynar you are giving up a lot of value.

Q: Does Mlynar powercreep SilverAsh?
A: Yes, Mlynar is better than SilverAsh. Sure, SilverAsh maintains some niches thanks to his strong Talents. However, the damage difference is staggering, and a large majority of the time Mlynar is the preferable pick.
The long answer is far more nuanced due to the type of game Arknights is. Powercreep means different things to different people. Many casual observers less familiar with Arknights would see discussions of meta and powercreep through the context of multiplayer. That is, using the non-meta options puts you at a disadvantage. However, that isn't really what happens in Arknights. In another game, Unit A powercreeping Unit B often makes Unit B worthless. That isn't the case here. Unless the stage design itself begins to change as a result of the powercreep (which so far it hasn’t), SilverAsh is no worse than he was before this patch, and he is still a top-shelf unit.

Q: Why is Mlynar only graded S++ when SilverAsh has been graded S+++?
A: This is the first part of a larger grade adjustment I'm working on. I wasn't planning on doing it yet, but the event being moved up has left me little choice in this aspect. One of the changes I am intending to make is to remove the S+++ grade. It looks silly and the nuance it adds isn't really helpful, not to mention it closes some doors as the game increases in power. Should the next busted unit be graded S++++ if they happen to be better than Texas2? Would I be using S+++++ in a couple years?
Essentially from here on out, S++ is the ceiling. The best of the best skills will be in this category since the nuance between them loses a lot of meaning. Thus, Mlynar and SilverAsh have the same grades (or will when I push the update). Is Mlynar's S3 better? Yes. Does the difference between two of the best skills in the game matter enough to complicate the guide? No.
I will be considering alternatives in the future, so if you have any feedback, please let me know!

Q: Should I pull for Mlynar Potentials?
A: No! Unless you are an endgame player, in which case you're not reading this article in the first place, it is never worth pulling for pots. Even Bagpipe’s SP pot, and Texas2’s redeploy time pot are minor upgrades in the grand scheme of things. It simply costs too much in pull resources for a difference that will only matter if you are pushing the very very very endgame.
With all that said, Mlynar has some of the most valuable Potentials in the game. Strangely so. His Talent and ATK pot add over 9% more DPS over pot1. Again, I am not telling you to pull for pots here. If you are a non-spender, do NOT pull for potentials! However, if you've ever considered spending a little bit to go that extra mile on a unit, Mlynar is the one to do it on.
Just don't miss out on Texas2 because of it.

Q: Should I be raising Proviso for her base skill?
A: I want to emphasize something first. You should NEVER E2 a unit for their base skill alone. The best ones take literal years of ideal play to pay off. It is not worth it!
Except… Proviso might be the first exception to that rule. Not only is her Trading Post (TP) skill ridiculously good, but it double-dips by allowing an extra factory slot in 2-5-2 bases. Her skill works just as well (if not better) in a 2-slot TP which frees up power to upgrade a factory to 3-slots, which would normally need to be left at 2. It's difficult to calculate the exact returns on the skill, but some rough estimates place the break-even point (under ideal circumstances) at around 6-8 months instead of the more typical 3+ years.
A word of warning though, the above assumes ideal circumstances. If you're running 2-4-3, that break-even time goes way up since you don't get the extra factory slot (it still is likely worth it long term). It also assumes you're doing good rotations and have otherwise good units to round things out. However, Proviso is a pretty decent unit herself, and big base numbers are extremely satisfying.

Never Vowed


Skill Story Advanced Roguelike
S3M3 S++ S++ S+++
Mlynar is the best Physical Melee DPS unit in the game, and possibly the best DPS unit period, depending on who you ask. His S3 is his key skill, and the Mastery gains on it are big. Units of Mlynar's caliber are simple to evaluate because of how game-defining they are. Their primary skills should be your highest priority among Masteries. Simple as that.
I would not bother with his S2 Masteries and they are ungraded here. It has a fairly high Mastery rate among secondary skills, but that is more a reflection of his overall power and popularity as a unit. Compared to S3, niches that his S2 might be useful in are much more narrow compared to other secondary skills on other top-tier units. His S2 Masteries will be an expensive alternative you're not likely to ever practically use.


Skill Story Advanced Roguelike
S2M3 B- C+ B-
Given how valuable her base skill is, many people will promote Proviso anyway, which makes the Mastery decision relatively interesting. Proviso is essentially a slightly better Podenco. She has better damage and duration, but a worse cycle time. That isn't amazing, given that her promotion and Masteries cost twice as much, but it still makes her a more than functional utility option. Her S2 Masteries are very important to using S2 since they provide big boosts to both damage and uptime. The interval reduction at M3 is especially valuable for her DPS, though her overall damage is relatively low still. While she is not as cost effective, her Masteries are reasonable, if low-priority considerations to make a unit you likely are investing in anyway capable on the field. Her S1 is ungraded. It may be useful to those who want to use Proviso as a regular member of the team and has big Mastery upgrades, but it’s easily outclassed by a myriad of other, better options.

Mastery Look Ahead

MonHub collab units are added below, but Chapter 12 isn't out yet. Looks to be an interesting patch though!
Unit Type Comments
The Legend of Luo Xiaohei
Luo Xiaohei Collab Welfare There isn't a lot to say about this collab unit. He is fine, but nothing special, and you'll be better off just using Arene for your low rarity ranged Guard needs. That said he will definitely appeal to a lot of people and doesn't cost much, so go with S2 if you want to Master a skill which gets a decent increase to his damage output and is the more impactful skill. S1 is certainly a novel skill, but the low damage per hit means it just isn’t that useful for anything but cuteness.
Mizuki and the Caerula Arbor
Highmore Welfare Highmore is very similar to La Pluma to the point their S1 is literally identical. La Pluma is still the better unit in general since her ASPD talent is better for what the class does, but Highmore will still be a very viable alternative (or addition, double reaper go brrrr). This is especially true in IS#3 where she is the better pick with some big advantages thanks to her mode specific talent. There is a much bigger difference across their S2s however, with Highmore’s being far less valuable. The bulk that her S2 brings isn’t as useful and is much more niche in addition to some pretty poor gains. Stick with just her S1 for Mastery which makes her a very consistent and reliable option in IS#3. La Pluma will perform better elsewhere though.
Chapter 11 - Return to Mist
Dagda Welfare Brawlers have always been a bad archetype (the best Brawler only becomes good by turning into a Centurion instead), and Dagda doesn't change that. Her damage is subpar even with her skill active, and is comically bad when her skills are down. And she can only block 1. There is very little to like here. Even her Mastery gains are poor, which makes any suggestion difficult. Go with S2 if you insist on raising her. Who the hell thought Defensive Recovery on her S1 was a good idea?
Totter Gacha Totter is a pretty good unit for what he is. His niche is a helpful one, though not quite enough to put him into the top tiers of 4★s. Instead, he’s a solid unit that can be useful to have at times. He incidentally comes out at the same time as a new SSS stage that plays to his strengths extremely well. He's still unlikely to be graded, but both of his skills will have use if you want (favor S1 for SSS specifically).
Paprika Gacha One has to wonder why Paprika exists. She isn't bad in the absolute sense, but she serves no purpose in the broader game, competing directly with some very strong units while offering no special value herself. If you need the healing, there are plentiful other options that provide much better support or much lower costs (or both). She will be ungraded and you shouldn't be raising her, but go with S2 if you insist. It at least brings her healing up to a respectable total compared to her S1.
Stainless Gacha The only good unit from the Chapter 11 patch; however, Stainless is still pretty niche. He does have plenty of support use, so he is far from a bad unit, but the setup he requires puts him on the gimmicky side of things. He'll have pretty low Mastery grades. Without Mastery he can still be a pretty effective support unit, with neither his S1 or his S2 being exceptionally worth a Mastery; in particular, his S2 is a great skill, but it only needs SL 7). S3 will be his best Mastery option. The setup it requires can be a burden, but it has a huge attack multiplier with a lot of flexibility. If that DPS aspect doesn't interest you though, he can still be safely used at M0. Be wary of overvaluing his S1. Although the final number is good, it requires much more setup than other comparable buff skills.
Il Siracusano
Vigil Welfare Vigil looks to be the weakest 6★ of 2022. Even on paper, his kit isn’t very good. It has low DP gen, no ATK improvement, and no real utility. However, it's even worse than that. His wolves, which his skills are reliant on, are incredibly weak. They are statistically worse than Beanstalk's or Blacknight's pets, and the supposed benefits of them come nowhere close to making up the difference. If that weren't enough, there are many bizarre interactions in his kit, bordering on bugs, which remain unfixed as of this writing. There's too many to list here in this look ahead, but check this write-up by Boelthor for some more info. You'll get much better value raising Blacknight, or even Beanstalk. I hope this changes by his release on EN, but as it stands, he'll be among the lowest graded 6★s post-Module upgrades.
Lunacub Gacha Lunacub’s permanent stealth will certainly have some uses, but her DPS isn't high enough to justify the added investment. Her cycle time is perplexingly long for a year four unit, and the lack of attack multiplier on her S2 means she'll struggle more compared to her competition. She's a bit like Kirara in that regard: a nice idea hamstrung by poor damage and skill uptime. She'll be ungraded, but go with S2 if you particularly like her.
Penance Gacha If you relied only on the initial flurry of highlights, you could be forgiven for thinking that Penance is the hyper meta unit of this banner. She is a cautionary tale of not using only Youtube/Bilibili highlights to guide your opinion. Of course, she’s still a monster of a unit. She hits hard, has a mountain of bulk, and an absolutely incredible damage reflect. She is potentially the best solo lane holder in a lot of scenarios. However, for general purposes, Mudrock remains the go to choice, as Penance’s kit works poorly in a full team comp. Because she is reliant on having enemies to kill in order to maintain her bulk, she ends up rather inflexible compared to her competitors. S3 will be her main skill worth Mastery. Her other two skills are fine, and big Penance fans will find both of them useful, but her S3 is far and away the best option. They won't justify the investment cost for most.
Texas the Omertosa Gacha Limited Texas is the banner’s real winner and the latest to power creep an older unit (RIP in pieces Phantom). She is extremely powerful and is at the very tip-top of the meta. She has better ST Arts DPS than both Surtr and Eyja. Not only that, she also has a mountain of utility; her S2 has a strong RES debuff which makes her effective against nearly all enemies, her S3 has range, anti-air, and heavy crowd-control, and that's on top of the benefits of being a FRD. Both her S2 and S3 will receive top tier grades. She will be the highest graded M6 yet, so plan for both.
Quartz Red Cert Shop Quartz certainly has an eye-catching stat-line, but she isn't any better than other alternatives, even at her rarity. She mainly seems to be here to tease the ridiculous stats the eventual 6★ on the archetype will have. She'll be ungraded due to said alternatives. There just isn't much value in raising her beyond novelty. However, you'll want to prioritize S2 should that appeal to you.
Qanipalaat Red Cert Shop Qanipalaat is a fairly interesting unit with some unique aspects to his kit. He's pretty decent too, for his rarity, with good crowd control and reasonable damage. However the ever present problem with the 5★ Casters is present here. It's a crowded group and being just decent isn't enough to particularly standout. Ultimately he doesn't justify the investment, especially with the added red cert cost. The Mastery gains on his S2 are pretty good, so he may end up with a low grade, but he shouldn't be on most people's planners for any reason but personal desire. Pass on his S1 which is just a worse version of Amiya's S1.
What the Firelight Casts
Puzzle Welfare A lot of people, myself included, initially scoffed at Puzzle. He clearly isn't as good as Cantabile (who almost everyone has) and has fairly high SP costs for a Vanguard. However, he's proven himself to be a solid option, especially for a Welfare. To be clear, he is nowhere near as valuable as Cantabile. He is more DPS oriented, which is nice, but not really the purpose of the role. However, his DPS and utility are good enough that his S2 warrants moderate consideration. It charges surprisingly quickly and outputs a ton of damage on top of his flexible archetype. His S1 may be worth considering as well, but it only gains damage at M2 and M3 so odds are it will be ungraded aside from the M1 breakpoint.
Harmonie Gacha Within the realm of 5★ Casters, Harmonie is pretty decent. How many times have I said that before? It's a crowded group. Harmonie is still far from a must-raise, but she stands out as having a well designed kit. It has decent damage, good utility, and it all works well together. Niche players especially will find her quite nice. S2 will be the obvious choice for Masteries and will likely end up with a modest grade. Although she exists in a crowded space, her utility along with solid gains will make it something to consider on the lower end of priority.
Reed the Flame Shadow Gacha How do you improve the often subpar Caster class? By making them a Medic, of course. Makes total sense. Duh. Reed's alter form is just the most recent big meta unit. There's a lot of those lately and I only have so many adjectives to describe how busted these units tend to be. Reed is a tremendous unit. She features the highest Arts ST DPS in the game, alongside some of the highest HPS and extremely flashy mass crowd-clearing to boot. However there is some reason for caution. Certainly she will be an upper crust unit, but a few small usability quirks may keep her off the very top. Unlike units like Surtr or Ch’alter she has to choose between ST or AoE damage, she needs other units to deal full ST damage, and Arts Weakening isn’t as good as RES shred. She is extremely strong but we’ll need some time to judge just exactly how strong. Regardless, Reed will be a top graded M6. Plan for both S2 and S3.
Where the Vernal Winds Will Never Blow
Jie Yun Welfare Jie Yun is one of those units that's quite good... for her rarity. While she lacks the utility that elevates the more meta 5★ options, she has solid damage and a surprisingly good cycle time. Beyond that, there isn't much else to say since her kit is pretty straightforward. Most players tight on resources won't want to invest, but she is good enough and has enough appeal outside of the meta that she'll garner a modest grade. Stick with S2 for Mastery. It is the better skill and has extremely strong gains. S1 has significantly worse DPS and its only real benefit is being auto recovery.
Firewhistle Gacha Fire Whistle is a good unit because her archetype is inherently strong. However, she has a slightly different niche than Ashlock. While Ashlock is useless if forced to block, Fire Whistle’s skills work mostly as normal (like Horn’s S2), making her an effective blocker as well as a long range nuker. In my opinion, this isn’t as valuable since effective blocking isn’t why you bring the archetype to begin with and Ashlock does the nuking part better. Still, Fire Whistle is quite good and much more forgiving. Both of her skills are usable and likely to be graded. While S2 has the greater total damage and is better for blocking, it has a notable lack of burst and a high SP cost. S1 meanwhile will be more consistent, reliable, and better against armor.
Lin Gacha HG disappoints yet again with the Phalanx archetype. The perplexing decision to make Lin a Phalanx caster aside, they just can't seem to get it right after Beeswax and Mint. She rates slightly better than Carnelian (not a compliment), and really only because she requires no ramp up for her damage. Overall, her damage is nothing special by current standards and she has a shockingly long cycle time. There is a decent chance she finds some fringe use in the meta thanks to her shield, and should still be more than serviceable for those who like the character. However, given the relative strength of recent 6★s, her grades will end up fairly low. Both S3 and S2 are worth considering, though S2 may end up ungraded due to awful gains.
Chong Yue Gacha Limited Yet another hilariously busted unit. Chong Yue hits hard and fast over a long range. He also gets a lot out of buffs, meaning that he should scale nicely into difficult content. His kit can be deceptive since unlike other dual strike units, his hits count independently. This means he gains SP twice as fast and can even trigger his S3 off of the second attack. In fact, he activates his S3 so often that he is the new king of voice-line spam – to the point some might consider it a major drawback. edit: DV took so long to come out this was already patched. RIP. Anyway... However, he isn't quite very tip-top busted thanks to a few drawbacks. They are relatively minor but with how the power level of the game has escalated recently, they are worth at least acknowledging. He's a relatively frail one block unit with no self-sustain who also requires a fair bit of wind-up. Sharing his rate-up with the disappointing Lin also hurts his value. It should make pull decisions quite interesting. His S3 is the only Mastery worth considering and it will have a top-tier grade. On top of being an extremely strong DPS skill, it has large improvements to his SP cost that are nearly mandatory to use him effectively.
A Death in Chunfen
Wind Chimes Gacha When Quartz was released, many were curious as to what the higher rarities of the Crusher archetype would bring. Turns out the first 5★ attempt is... really bad. Her primary gimmick is just too weak and her cycle time is just too long. Even if her S2’s SP cost was halved, she wouldn’t be good – but it isn’t, and she has a perplexing 30 second cycle for a paltry amount of damage. Wind Chimes is a unit to avoid, but if you were intent on raising her anyway I'd actually consider S1 instead despite the fact that it’s a generic Attack Up skill. The power on S2 is just so anemic that only two hits from S1 will out damage it (in less time than the 5 second wind-up), but even then she's quite a bit worse than the commonly available Centurions.
Qiu Bai Gacha Qiu Bai is a difficult unit to rank, and she has caused quite a bit of discussion. I suppose that means she's actually well balanced compared to the hyper-meta state of many recent units. Qiu Bai has some significant drawbacks such as an RNG factor, a lack of RES shred, and an unusually long downtime. However, her range, control, and strong multi-target DPS still give her a ton of potential. S3 is likely to be her "meta" skill when she appears in high end gameplay due to its extremely high DPS, but S2 will often be the better "every-day" skill due to its much shorter cycle. S1 may be appealing, too, since it is her most consistent control skill, though I am unsure if it will garner a grade. Regardless of how you intend to use her, S3 should be your highest priority target. It has some of the most extreme gains over Mastery of any skill in the game; Mastery will be essential to using it at all.
Leaves Chasing Fire
Rathalos S Noir Corne Collab Gacha Noir Corne is an interesting iteration on the Musha archetype. While the shortcomings are still there, his kit comes together better in total, and he brings enough burst and utility to make him something to consider, though far from mandatory or meta. His Mastery selection will be similar to his counterpart, Akafuyu, but will be graded higher. Both skills are strong, but have differing uses, so you will likely want to pursue both. If you only did one it's really a matter of preference, but I would start with S1. It handles both trash due to its reset and elites thanks to its block, plus the Offensive Recovery plays better to the archetype.
Kirin X Yato Collab Gacha Yet another super strong Limited Fast-Redeploy. Thanks HG, very cool. Yato isn’t quite as busted as Texas the Omertosa, but that’s hardly an insult. There is certainly room for both. For Masteries, Yato will range anywhere from a simple M3 all the way to M9 depending on your preferences. For many players, just Mastering S2 will suffice. It is the easiest skill to use and does so much damage that it covers the majority of use cases. S3 is also quite powerful, but it requires more planning and map knowledge to effectively use. While a strong skill and Mastery, not everyone will get as much use out of it. Finally, her S1 is a fringe consideration. It has extremely long uptime for an FRD and is buff receptive (think of Exusiai’s S3); however, it is much harder to use effectively and her other skills will be more than enough most of the time.
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2023.03.30 13:54 PhoenixCommunityFLGT The Metaverse Is Facing a ‘Cooldown Moment’ Amid Crypto Winter

The Metaverse Is Facing a ‘Cooldown Moment’ Amid Crypto Winter

The Metaverse Is Facing a ‘Cooldown Moment’ Amid Crypto Winter

By FLGT, Phoenix Community
The concept of the metaverse has been making headlines lately, with many touting it as the future of the internet and the next big thing in tech. However, recent developments have shown that the metaverse may be facing a "cooldown moment" as interest wanes amid the ongoing crypto winter.
The metaverse is essentially a virtual world where users can interact with each other and digital objects in a 3D environment. It has been gaining popularity in recent years, with major tech companies like Facebook and Microsoft investing heavily in its development.
However, the metaverse relies heavily on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, which have been experiencing a major downturn since the end of 2022. This has caused many investors to shy away from metaverse-related projects, leading to a slowdown in development and a drop in interest from the public.
One of the main issues facing the metaverse is the high cost of entry. Creating and maintaining a metaverse requires a significant investment in both technology and resources. Additionally, the cost of participating in the metaverse, such as purchasing virtual land or items, can be prohibitively expensive for many users.

Another challenge is the lack of interoperability between different metaverse platforms. Each platform operates as its own closed ecosystem, meaning that users cannot easily move between them or transfer assets from one to another. This limits the potential for growth and innovation in the metaverse.
Despite these challenges, there are still some who believe in the potential of the metaverse. Many see it as a way to create new economies and social structures that are more inclusive and equitable than those in the physical world. However, they acknowledge that it will take time and effort to overcome the current hurdles facing the industry.
Some experts have suggested that the current "cooldown moment" may actually be a good thing for the metaverse in the long run. It will force developers and investors to take a step back and reassess their strategies, ensuring that they are building sustainable and innovative projects that will stand the test of time.
In the meantime, there are still some signs of life in the metaverse. Some platforms, such as Decentraland and The Sandbox, have continued to attract users and developers despite the wider downturn in the crypto market. And there are still new projects being launched, such as NFT marketplace OpenSea's foray into virtual land sales.
Ultimately, the fate of the metaverse will depend on whether developers and investors can overcome the challenges facing the industry and create a compelling user experience that attracts a wide audience. The current "cooldown moment" may be a setback, but it could also be an opportunity for the metaverse to regroup and come back stronger in the future.

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2023.03.30 13:39 sonezu My S5-story... so far

So here goes my S5 story so far...
I ordered my S5 in September. You have already heard about the multiple delays. Last time it was supposed to come in April - but it came already in March. UPS delivered the package (from the Netherlands) very quickly and I was pleasantly surprised. The box had minimal damage, everything was fine.
The assembly succeeded us with the video on the Vanmoof YouTube channel without any problems. Only the pieces of cardboard on the handles/brakes, which strangely remained on until the end, irritated us a little.
By the way, after all (estimated 20) pieces of cardboard and padding were removed, it was already clear to me that I could never pack the bike again like that. I had even taken extra photos in the packed state to be able to reconstruct the whole thing.
The first charging took longer than expected, but was no problem overnight. The next day I couldn't wait to take my first ride. Before that, I had updated the bike to the latest firmware (which required completing, or at least interrupting, the charging process) and added FindMy to my iPhone 14 Pro. The latter actually took (thanks to the tip on Reddit) about 20 resets before I could find it in FindMy. Still some catching up to do there.
On to the first ride:
A dream! I never test drove it before and had bought it blind. I was thrilled and drove right through our town. The weather was cloudy but dry, the temperatures ideal for cycling.
I went up and down hills (always on the street or bike lanes), rode full throttle, was able to lock and unlock the bike without any problems - perfect!
So in an hour quickly came together comfortably ridden 8 kilometers.
Then, however, the fun came to an end:
On a large, absolutely flat place the size of a soccer field I suddenly slipped with the pedals when starting, it cracked and about 10 meters later blocked the rear wheel when pedaling. I got off a bit roughly and scraped my hands slightly for lack of balance, but again the bike never touched the ground!
I couldn't understand what was happening at first. The bike had not experienced any shock or damage. At no time did it suffer any kind of damage. Even when I locked it, I had a permanent view of the bike.
I had no choice but to carefully push the bike the one kilometer home without pedaling.
When I got home, I found that the e-shifter had rotated 180 degrees and was broken in two places. The timing belt had eaten into the cover of the bike chain. There was no way I could fix the problem myself.
So I contacted the support and was warned that the current wait time would be an hour and a half. Fortunately, after only a MINUTE and a half, a friendly employee got in touch. He took a fairly pragmatic approach and showed me the options:
Either send the bike in (they would have it picked up) or drop it off. Sending it in would take longer.
I knew that Hannover (100 kilometers away) had some sort of Vanmoof base/store/hub. However, I couldn't drop off the S5 at this one, as the employees were probably not yet trained for this model (Certified Workshop). The next service hub the support was offering was Berlin, which is 250 kilometers away! But they would immediately take care of me as an early adopter. If it was the e-shifter, it could be replaced within a few hours. For me, this meant that I would have to take a day off work and drive 250 kilometers there and 250 kilometers back. I would have preferred to be able to call the hub beforehand to ask when it would be most convenient for them, so that I could be sure to take the bike back on the same day. But the service employee assured me once again that no appointment was necessary and that my concerns about going to Berlin and then being rejected there were unfounded, he promised. I would never get the bike back in the box like it came anyway, and the prospect of being able to drive my S5 again as early as next week was tempting.
So I organized a car with a bike rack (difficult enough) and drove the 250 kilometers to Berlin on a Friday...
After about 3 hours of driving, I arrived at the service hub in Berlin with the S5 and was indeed greeted openly and sympathetically right away. "Oh, an S5... E-shifter? That's new!". In fact, I was probably the first customer with an S5 and a defective e-shifter. The mechanics looked at the problem and the first prediction was that the rear axle was bolted way too tight. So the E-Shifter was virtually jammed. Whether I would have screwed the screws of the rear axle they asked. I assured them that I had only installed the front wheel and then bolted it in place - although I would find it questionable if you were not allowed to at least recheck and retighten the rear wheel bolts without the e-shifter imploding.
Anyway, this new problem on the new bike would mean that they would have to document the case for R&D in additional detail. In addition, they would still be getting the replacement parts and the staff overall was not yet as quick with the new model. The employee estimated that it would take about 4 days to repair. After that I could pick it up. PICK IT UP!
After such a long wait, four days didn't really matter to me. But what almost made me lose my composure was the fact that I had to pick it up. Remember: 250 kilometers there, 250 kilometers back. Taking a day off and organizing a bike rack - apart from the fuel costs around 150-200 euros for two trips.
There was no provision for shipping it back to me, according to the employee, who had really gone to a lot of trouble and assured me that we would find a solution. I explained to him that I could not take on this trip on a regular basis. In fact, I found it extremely frustrating that I was expected to take on this trip again as a customer. After waiting so long, my bike lasted 8 kilometers. Now I was expected to spend a total of 1000 kilometers of driving time and two vacation days to pick up my bike. I even leave out the fuel costs. That knocked the bottom out of the barrel for me.
The employee, promised again that he would talk to his manager and clarify the issue. He would really give everything, which I also believe him so far. I have decided for me, however, that I will definitely not go to Berlin again. If a return shipment should not be possible, I will also request a refund.
What if the bike should have other problems? Should it be like this every time? Am I being too harsh?
The employee said he would get back to me this week as soon as he had more info. I will be happy to keep you informed.

I want to reiterate that I fundamentally understand what it means to be an early adopter. And I also consider myself frustration resistant to a certain degree. I don't hold a grudge against Vanmoof and think they really have built a great bike. For me, it stands or falls on the issue of service and how they handle the expected (?) problems. I hope that Vanmoof gets my S5 back together and I don't have to pick it up from Berlin. It's really a lot of fun to drive and fits nicely into my life - those time consuming and expensive trips to berlin not so much.
In the end, however, it must be noted that there are other e-bike providers, even if I see the S5 after the 8 kilometers in 1st place. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
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2023.03.30 13:36 ThrowRAperson23 Mine(21M) and my boyfriend’s (23M) sex drives are too different and it’s affecting our relationship

For context: I (21m) have been with my boyfriend(23m) for 3 years. We have lived together for 6 months. He is one of the nicest most considerate people I’ve ever met and he is so loving towards me. We get on so well and he is my best friend in life atm.
One issue we’ve had over the course of our relationship is that my sex drive is much much higher than his. At the start I didn’t really notice this as we were both pretty new to each other and the sexual attraction was very high.
But after a few months, once we were seeing each other regularly, his interest in sex started to fall while mine got higher. Mainly cause I’d never been with anyone before and he was my first everything ( first kiss and relationship). I was finally feeling comfortable and confident about sex and wanted to keep going, try new things and just have a very sex positive relationship.
But he just does not have the same interests. He doesn’t like to talk about sex and is extremely vanilla when it comes to the act. He only enjoys hand and mouth stuff. No penetration. Which Ik is a common thing for gay men however it’s something I enjoyed the few times we did it. We currently have very quick sex about once a week and that’s it. Which to me, for a 3 year relationship for two early 20 year olds, is very little.
Now we live together and almost never kiss. Almost Never hold hands. And never do or say anything sexual to each other.I used to try at least once a day to go up to him and ask to kiss or try turn him on. But all he wants is a quick peck on the lips and that’s it.
We’ve talked a lot about this for a while. I’ve told him how I’m unhappy with the lack of sexual attraction from him and how I want to be more physical with him. He either says “I’m sorry. I’ll try to do more” or “I just don’t have the sex drive like you do”. Ik he feels guilty about the situation. And I do too for bringing it up. But every day we sit in our house. Him playing games and me watching tv and we never say or do anything sexual.
Since I have such a high sex drive I ask if he wants some fun almost every night (we’ve talked about this too and he says he wants me to ask and I’m fine with him telling me no. I’d never make him do anything he doesn’t want to). And 90% or the time he says he’s not in the mood. So I go jerk off by myself. It’s gotten to the point now where I’m just masterbaiting myself once a day cause of how much I’m in the mood.
Now we are back to where we were. Me and him never doing anything sexual. And it’s staring to really affect my mood. I feel trapped and discontent every day.
So I guess I’m here to ask for advice and to vent. What should I do? I don’t want to break up with him. I do still love him so much. We have a whole life together now and breaking up would change literally everything. But the fact that my sex life has ended at age 21 when it just started makes me so unhappy.
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2023.03.30 13:23 Goklayeh Dune Spice Wars Feedback 01 : Accessibility & Ergonomy.

Hello, bought the game just after Air & Sand update, spent some time on it (vs AI), and wanted to share my experience and thoughts.
I enjoy strategy and gestion games, and am a huge science fiction and Franck Herbert fan, so I probably am somehow part of the targeted demography.
I have been testing projects and giving feedbacks for many years, and this hopefully constructive feedback is meant to help the team because I enjoy this game and want it to be awesome.
This is still a personal experience though, feel free to discuss my points or question them may anything be unclear.
I'm aware that game dev is A LOT of work, and am not challenging the work already done, nor the people behind it. Similarly I know this is a work in progress, that my feedback might be already known or straight up wrong, that many element might change or be added, and that developement resources are limited and priorities have to be set. This is not meant to denignate players currently enjoying the game either.
Before starting, I wanted to say that the game is quite interesting and shows great potential, the design is really cool and the atmosphere well captured. It's really impressive how diverse the map and its regions look, considering sand and rock were the only main materials you could work with.
You'll find below the first part of my (very long!) feedback, focused on the accessibility/ergonomy part of the player experience.
Ergonomy is crucial. Even in a good game, if many elements are unclear, if it is hard to find the needed infos, understand what's going on, navigate the interface and interact with the game, that will generate a lot of friction and frustration (even prevent some groups of people from being able to play the game at all) and then deeply impact the experience. Then that will hurt attration and retention rates, and impact purchases numbers.
A fast yet efficient way to test some of your visual accessibility is to greyscale screenshots of the game and look at the shapes and contrasts to see what is understandable or not.
Spice Wars does have some accessibility issues, the good news is that streamlining and normalising the interface would greatly improve the access and understanding of information, and the ergonomy of navigation.
Tabs on top of the secondary windows would be great for easier and faster navigation between menus (Research, Landsraad, Espionage, CHOM, diplomacy/trading, barracks, etc).
The Spice Report & Guild Fee windows could probably be merged.
What's an interactible button/area (hover on popup or effect on click) isn't always the clearest. The Spice/Solari slider, or the trading/diplomacy icons, or the hover popup for villages upkeep for example.
Beware of popups. They are great to store additional details about something, but should be used sparingly and never contain the main information. Also the more there are, the more cumbersome using the interface gets. Every information or interaction hidden behind one or more layers of clicking or hovering adds needless complexity and mental workload (the espionage window being a primary offender). If you have enough space to display the most important info in the main windows, show it there, and keep details & lore in the popup.
The pause/play UI could be more highlighted. A II and > icons replacing each other would make the different states clearer than the current slight color & contrast changes.
A "Retry" option would be nice: Starting again with the same current settings (faction, difficulty, etc).
What are training slots and is their number clearly/explicitly shown ingame? If not it should. Example: in the main window "Training slots = 2" and the popup on hover "Training slots is the maximum number of unit you can train at the same time".
In the resource popups, displaying all positives and all negatives totals would be useful. +5 gold could mean +10 -5, or +105 - 100, and having these totals would be relevant. Image example here.
There are many cases where the informations given are not relevant, missing, or misleading/confusing:
Map & Villages:
The big icon over an attacked village is more confusing and in the way than helpful. When you have your troop icons, enemy/militia icons, the village name bar, and then the big "under attack" icon plus the pillage/capture/liberate buttons, that is way too much to understand and use easily and it prevents you from selecting or targeting units regularly.
Bigger villages & buildings models would be lovely, I want to be able to look at them (& target them) better.
Buildings being targettable during town assault is confusing. Making clearer that militia/army being gone will stop the turrets and allow village capture would help.
There is a need of visual distinction of villages (and buildings) traits types. Currently local, local + neighbours, all territories, and global effects are all displayed similarly, and that's quite hard to follow.
A window to look at a list of all fremen camps you know of at once could be interesting, as being all over the map it can be quite bothersome to check them all. Sma for all you villages and their traits.
Sietches trading states could be displayed more contrasted/clearer than the current slightly whiter line around the icon.
In the zoom out main view, more contrast between the undiscovered regions and the map limits would be appreciated.
The fog of war system is a bit puzzling at times. Sometimes I keep vision and see everythin on faraway places for a long time, sometimes I see the region but units are hidden, othertimes parts or totality of a region I already explored is greyed out, and I have no idea how this all works.
Militia portaits are used for buying them but not shown in the village interface unlike soldiers? it would be cool to see the nice portraits.
Major buildings & Unique Regions have the same icon.
Factions units icons being only identified by a color is far from optimal in terms of accessibility, lisibility & ergonomy. Green and blue harvesters are really similar, neutral grey and Corrino light grey are quite close, Fremen yellow and Fremen sietches orange, harvesters & milicia being half grey, and then the renegates... It's not simple for the average player to keep track of all this, it is really hard for neurodivergent people or people with bad eyesight, and just impossible for colorblind people. All faction having a different icon shape - and even better texture - would help a lot. Image mockup here (yeah I know I'm not an artist, please have mercy).
Showing the relevant resource icon in the building button that it is associated with it would be helpful. With different icons when the ressource merely gives a boost or is required (minerals/rare elements).
You can't add new building slot in village during combat but you can start building construction. That feels strange.
It might be cool if the buildings choice popup could be always shown in the villages UI (same display system than the Fremen buildings you can craft in allied sietches). Building stuff is all we do in villages, doing this will drastically reduce the number of clicks needed.
Would be useful to have the base production displayed regrouped somewhere, over the main base for example?
I still don't know why some alerts are greens and others grey, and why some can be dismissed and not others.
Alerts you can dismiss and those you can't should have a different shape, color, and place.
The "building complete" alert could tell and show the building in question (/!\ Windrap finished !).
Notification for iddle Ornis (like harverters) would be cool.
Quests starting should trigger an alert.
A notification when a temporary unit joins you would be useful as well, I always discover them some time after their arrival.
Left click on an alert should probably center the camera on it AND dismiss the notification.
Putting the names of the four tech trees (expansion, economic, military, statecraft) in the developments window would be appreciated. Like the corresponding name on top of each tree (and a specific icon for each as well). They are referenced in missions/events rewards and in the Landsraad but not present in the actual research window.
In main screen, current research type is only identified by a colored loading bar. Not easy for newcomers and useless for colorblind people.
Each tree/research type having its own exclusive icon would make that easier and clearer. Bad mockup example here, other symbols would do fine (sword, house, money, etc). These icons should be used in the Landsraad as well when a resolution concerns one of these research trees. And everywhere a research is mentionned really.
In the events interface, the color of the research icon reward is really hard to distinguish even with good eyes. Again using a specific icon per tree would help a lot.
There are little difference between an ongoing research and one that has been advanced by missions/events. More contrast than the lines around the circle icon would be great.
Showing the actual ingame icon of the building or unit unlocked in the research tree node would be helpful.
The same icon is used to show a faction specific research AND also to tell that this is a capital building research. They should be different to avoid confusion.
The espionage window is a bit of a popup nightmare. The same few infos are duplicated in all agents & slots popups. Instead you could have one single line in the window saying "All assigned agents will generate +1 intel" and in written directly after Arrakis "+1 Authority", for the guild "+2 Manpower", etc.
Several things depend of your total level of infiltration, thus it should be displayed somewhere in the espionage window.
"Operations" being called "missions" as well and how both interact is a bit confusing to me.
The Landstraad and voting system takes a good while to get used too, and I'm still unsure about lots of stuff. What are the rules under proposals choices and IA voting? What are the different phases of the voting process? What are the different type of "laws"? Sometimes I would fit the required conditions but it was never proposed to the vote.
Display the cost of changing the scale of a resolution for Corrino (or other faction's actions): The relevant info is that it costs influence, and how much, and that should be visible in the main Landsraad window and not hidden in a popup.
Landstraad standing of all factions should be displayed in the Landsraad window, like the votes & influence.
The Landsraad process time line should be displayed and all its steps explained in the Landsraad window, not just in the main game screen icon where it's unreadable.
That's it for the ergonomy part, next one will be about gameplay.
Hoping this will be useful, feel free to contact me in case of questions or reactions.
Have a good day!
submitted by Goklayeh to Dunespicewars [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 13:18 power572 Some doomsday predictions about the balance of the game in the future

Alright so first the obvious disclaimers that i’m no expert, not a game dev, not the #1 dbd tournament player on earth so by all rights I have no qualifications to make guesses except that i’ve played the game for a long time. This is a pretty pessimistic and presumptuous outlook so don’t say I didn’t warn you.
So with the current healing nerf I already see a lot of people talking about the Sloppy Butcher hit and run meta that seems to be just over the horizon. Now if I had to guess i’d say that the new playstyle, more punishing solo queue gameplay, as well as it being a more difficult thing for newer surv to adapt to that kill rates are probably gonna rise by a fairly decent margin.
Usually when the kill rates of all killers rise at once things stay like that for a month or two, and then the survivor healing nerf will be offset in someway (if it even hits live in its current condition) leaving killers and surv relatively even again but just in a new meta.
The problem I could see arising from this is that if the idea of them making a majority of balance changes based on numbers and percentages then I think it would stand to reason that some form of sweeping nerf, even if a small one, could hit killers to lower their now inflated kill rates. This could come in the form of once again needing some of the most popular perks, or direct base kit changes.
However in recent patches we’ve seen the butchering of a lot of the perks you commonly see used going all the way back to the nerfing of ruin/pop (which imo was the healthiest gen slowdown meta ever was) and if popular perks continue to be cut down unceremoniously killers will eventually suffer from a lack of variety in a way survivors don’t.
Potential results of this could be: less killer players, leading to higher queue times (15 minute queues: the sequel), An even lower variety of killers in matches, and more camping/tunneling since there is still no real way to stop someone dedicated to that playstyle.
Now don’t get me wrong I think the current meta was an absolute snooze fest and it 100% needed a shakeup, but I’d rather the survivor side be changed to encourage teamwork rather than directly smiting down heal speeds without any changes on the killer side to account for this. One side getting hit too hard in the wrong place usually ends up leading to lower game quality for a while down the line.
submitted by power572 to deadbydaylight [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 13:08 modernro Switched from 48" to CX to 42" C2, need some input with equalizer settings, any help would be appreciated!

Hey so i recently switched from a 48" CX to a 42" C2 and the sound options are not great. I didn't think going down in size would make the TV speaker usage suffer like this. I'm thinking it's the TV size and how far off it's from the desk to bounce the sound off.
Any way to make this work I tried all the AI sound options and sound tuning but did not enjoy any of it. Then I found the manual equalizer settings which got me to a certain point of enjoyment.
I just wanted to see if anyone made some fine-tuned equalizer settings for this LG C2 they could share with me. I am currently using this TV desk mounted with a monitor arm and I kept the sound setting to stand mounted.
Once again, any thoughts on this would be great!
submitted by modernro to LGOLED [link] [comments]

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I’m still standing where I was pushed to inside the room; I have no reason to move since I didn’t come here willingly. The older biker motions for me to sit on a stool as he takes a seat on one of the artist chairs. I walk over to the stool and gently shove it aside with my foot before standing in front of him and wait for him to address me.
Anyway this party was 4 John's Gf's 16th Birthday, her name is Karely, she was hot as, nice brown hair, 5'9, bout 35c boobs and beyonces ass. Anyway Karleys mum (The 1 outside) fell asleep so me and John brought Karely and here freind Jessica in our tent,
coming all the way down to the middle of her back and her entire body was tanned a
“Try and get the dildo to do that.” I said, breathlessly.
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She nodded. "Cindy wants to be a psychologist. He'll get the kids and fuck everything up for Cindy. I won't let that happen."
Lailani stepped out the house wearing this short jean purple and white EVISU skirt with matching white VANS and Evisu white shirt. Exposing just the right amount of all her assets. She was 5’5 and about 142 lbs, smooth chocolate skin, brown eyes, and a weave that went to the middle of her back. Diamond was her opposite she was 5’7, about 147, caramel skin, and a blonde weave about the same length. She got into the pearl pink Ferrari and they drove to San Francisco. Most people they knew often compared them to Nicole Ritchie and Paris Hilton. Not only because of their good looks and expensive taste, but also their wealth.
Michael was somewhat upset about this. He knew it meant that it was probably the end of the road as far as having sex with Maria goes. But hey at least it happened once. He couldn't, in a clear conscience, complain about that. But it still would've been nice to have another go at it. As far as her trying to help him get with someone else, he felt that was really kind of her. But he still wasn't very sure about the whole thing.
Hermione almost cried it felt so good. She loved how his rough face felt against her skin and she shivered with delight as his lips moved down her back. Ron's lips continued lower onto her rounded bottom as he nipped her cheeks with his teeth. This time Hermione did cry out in absolute pleasure. She thought she would die with the need she felt for him. She wanted to turn around to look at him, to pull him into her but Ron had a firm grip on her waist as he used his free hand to rip off the scrap of lace and ribbon that was standing in his way. Hermione lifted up her bottom instinctually and Ron slipped his finger inside her wetness again, moving it in and out. Hermione moved her hips back against him, moaning his name and Ron couldn't wait anymore. He put his hands on her hips and pulled her onto him.
"What time is it?" I asked, my voice probably muffled considering my mouth was practically in my chest.
“Yeah, I guess you should.” Jake said, completely exhausted.
She put the head of my cock in her moist slit and then she slipped her pussy over it. I could not believe how wonderful it felt to be inside her. I had heard that it hurts a girl the first time but she didn’t flinch at all, she just seemed to like it as much as I did.
“I know you’ve been hooking up with Jason. That’s why you never return my texts. And I also know how pissed Jenny would be if she found out what you’ve been doing behind her back.”
I said we can do the same – he can pull out and try again later.
don't get much chance in real life."
As I was getting ready my oldest sister Jane came up to me and gave me a three-pack of Trojans. She told me they were her boyfriend’s favorite brand and wished me luck.
“If he’s selling it dirt cheap something’s wrong with it,” I said.
I put my nose close to hers and inhaled her scent, just luxuriating in the feel of her so close to me. I felt the fire she stirred in me rage up and stir around inside my body…
He smiled, knowing that it was more than he had expected. “Of course mother. I would expect nothing less of you.”
Rachel had new orders that day, she wasn’t necessarily going to ruin Will and or Brook’s lives, just cause them great discomfort and agitation throughout the day. So as she watched Will and Brook eating lunch from across the cafeteria, she smiled joyfully as she watched Will take a sip from his water bottle. Knowing that the water within the bottle was the first piece of the puzzle in her string of revenge.
I was embarrassed. But I'd been watching Tabatha today, all curvy and glistening in her skimpy bathers when her body emerged from the water. If that was the game she wanted to play, then bring it on. I had been undressing her with my eyes and I would be only too pleased to pull off her dacks for real and get a longer look at that gorgeous ass.
“But that’s just it! I’m not gay! I mean- I’m always trying to get Brook to do stuff, I never had feelings for a boy or anything, and I don’t know why I’m having them now!”
I lay there quietly for some time, Jacky next to me, her breath competing with the volume from the tv that I was just now realizing was still playing. My breath came in pants and gasps. I was tired in the same way that I was after a football game, or a particularly grueling wrestling match. But oh boy was I so much more relaxed!
I know, not much sex here, mostly just introduction of the power. There will be much more in the coming chapters/parts.
“Something funny love,” I ask smiling back.
It has been hour after Marisa and Jason had the greatest sexual experiences of their lives, they showered together but where too tired after the spectacular orgasms to do anything else. “I’ll see you at school tomorrow then Marisa” He winks while standing at the door. She leans in and kisses his lips passionately, staying there for about a minute as their tongues adventure in each others mouths and around each others tongues. “Yeah.. Looking forward to it.” She winks, closing the door once he walks off.
“Are you complaining?”
A frustrated groan escaped Chris's lips as his excitement got the better of him. He did not mean for it to happen, but the story was so hot, he stroked himself over the edge. He sensed it was too late to stop, the blissful pleasure hitting him, and continued stroking. He awkwardly tried to pull his shorts down with his free hand, leaving just his boxers on, and grunted as he started cumming. He whimpered with pleasure, still lost in the incestuous world of the story, and looked down at his boxers as he filled them with sperm. The warm batter shot out, staining the fabric, covering his hand, crotch and cock. Chris continued stroking himself, the pleasure too great to feel disgust until it was all over.
“Its really important. She’s my best friend” Naomi looked dead serious.
“Honey I’m fine, we’re fine,” I tell her stoically.
I could tell she was a little irked by his question and she said, “Just forget about okay Luke? You didn’t see anything.”
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"Lay it on me." I responded.
Dinner was uneventful, but tasty. The dogs were flame grilled to perfection (or mine were at least), and we had s'mores afterwards. Once we ran out of marshmallows, we all just sat around the fire. Most of the adults had already turned in, so only Uncle Henry was still with us. He was kind of the 'Cool Uncle,' and we didn't have to watch what we said around him. Looking back I think he may have been a little too cool, but it's whatever.
I must have spent an hour and a half just mingling and talking to random people when finally Liz pulls me aside. We’re away from the crowd when she sits me down on an ottoman and plants herself next to me.
“Yeah, okay.” Her voice was saturated with disappointment, and despite my resolve, it was all I could do to not break down and reverse my decisions. But I wouldn’t be able to explain Tandra to Cassie, either as a roommate, or as a lover. Not without my now ex-girlfriend getting her feelings hurt. She may not have been the best lover in the world, but Cassie Mansden had been someone that I had almost been ready to spend the rest of my life with. That was something that I couldn’t deny, nor just close the door and walk away from.
"Yeah it's fine." Not wanting to begin a fight, anyways he was probably right.
John and Joe shake hands and John turns to Maryse
As we recovered we heard a car enter the drive, and grabbing our clothes ran upstairs to get dressed before Rita came in.
This time clearly, he asked again " what's you name?...looks like it doesn't want to answer."
her brother, but his face was expressionless. She looked at the girl, and
I took a step back from her.
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“Okay, so…” She sat back down on the bed and drummed her fingertips on her thighs in thought. “Lexi… Lexi approached me already about whether it was cool with me if she could, y’know, do stuff with you.”
She nodded that she did. Feeling suddenly guilty Sophie realised that she had done nothing to pleasure Julia. She felt strangely rustic and untutored, and did not know how to respond.
He nods, "I got us some Chinese takeaway. I hope I remembered correctly and it's from your favorite restaurant. Didn't want to settle for Burger with fries again."
Blaze considered for a second. "So what did you do?" She quizzed.
I checked beneath me to see if I had wet the towel and I had. I jumped up and lifted the towel. My juices had wet through the towel and made a spot on the couch. I wiped at it and only seemed to make it worse. I wiped my legs with the towel and took it to the laundry, then went upstairs to get the hair dryer. Bobby was still sitting where I had left him. I plugged in the dryer and began blowing dry the spot on the couch. I was pleased to note it did not leave a spot as it dried. Suddenly I felt Bobby’s hand stroke across my bare butt. “Don’t,” I said as I twisted away from him.
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I turned around and saw her holding the blanket over her chest.
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