Airgas store

CO2 filling as a small business

2023.05.04 03:15 dave-tay CO2 filling as a small business

My family and I are thinking of starting a small business where we fill C02 cartridges and tanks. We'll have a small storefront and charge $10 a pound or $10 per cartridge. People can come into the store and we will refill their tanks from the 100lb tanks we'll have in the back of the store. We buy the 100lb tanks from Airgas or other food-grade C02 supplier. We may also sell brewing supplies, but selling C02 is our main business. Do you think this is a viable business?
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2023.03.14 14:46 PritchettRobert506 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in ND Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Guardian Flight FIXED WING PILOT Alexander
Guardian Flight EMR Pilot Grand Forks
Guardian Flight FIXED WING PILOT Mekinock
Apex Staffing Warehouse Associates (Hiring Immediately) $17/hour Fargo
Ulta Beauty Retail Beauty Services Manager- Ulta Beauty Bismarck
Running Supply Retail Store Manager Bismarck
Noble Casing Inc District Manager Dickinson
Shipt Grocery Shopper Fargo
At&t Retail Sales Consultant Fargo
Crossmark Retail Reset Merchandiser Fargo
Texas Roadhouse Line Cook Grand Forks
Lowe's Cashier Part Time Grand Forks
Crossmark Retail Reset Merchandiser Jamestown
Panera Bread Company Cashiers- Panera Bread Company Minot
Crossmark Retail Reset Merchandiser Minot
Ulta Beauty Retail Beauty Services Manager- Ulta Beauty Minot
Shipt Supermarket Shopper & Delivery Thompson
John Deere & Company Immediate Openings Engineering Supervisor Test Desig Fargo West Fargo
The Firepit Restaurant Staff Bismarck
Community Options For Residential DIRECT SUPPORT PROFESSIONAL - Day Hab. - Bismarck Bismarck
Lowe's Full Time - Cashier – Day Bismarck
Western State Bank Customer Care Representative Devils Lake
Agemark Med Aide-Full Time Dickinson
Agemark Caregiver-Full Time Dickinson
Airgas Warehouse Associate- 1st Shift, Dickinson Dickinson
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in nd. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.02.11 04:17 Creative-Cellist439 Shielding Gas Prices?!

I went to do a cylinder exchange refill for an 80 cu ft tank of 75% Argon 25% CO2 today.
The Airgas guy quoted me $132 - which was eye-watering, to say the least. I went down the street to the Matheson store - $42.17, which is a lot closer to what I remember paying the last time I swapped out a cylinder.
I can’t explain this - Airgas knew I had my own cylinder and that it was 80 cu ft. He quoted me all kinds of transportation and haz-mat fees - I think the haz-mat fee alone was $26 - but I can’t see how Airgas stays in business with this kind of discrepancy in pricing for a commodity.
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2023.02.08 21:44 roooooob Oxygen Tanks in Philadelphia

Hi fellow cluster sufferers,
Is there anyone in the Philly area who could recommend an oxygen supplier? I've been treading water getting small tanks from a local medical supply store, but they can't keep up with the rate I'm using. I've tried Airgas, Roberts, and AdaptHealth with no luck. These were the three that were recommended by my primary care physician who wrote my prescription. Any help or advice would be great.
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2023.01.20 13:13 TheSeansk1 Thinking about a conversion, is it possible/easy to switch back?

I have a Terra with 4 canisters. It works great for what I need, but saving money is always good. As such, I’m considering making the switch to a small CO2 setup (5 pound, maybe 10 depending on overall dimensions) but I still have hood canisters.
Is it possible and easy to switch between a canister and the larger bottle? My thought was to keep my canisters to use in between fill ups of the CO2. As in, run the CO2 out, swap in a canister for a day or two until I can run to the local airgas store, then swap back.
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2023.01.01 15:30 SchlesingerMindy323 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in AK Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Johnson Controls Controls Technician Job Number 517 Anchorage
SOA/Dept of Corrections Mental Health Clinician 2 (20-8176 IDP+) Anchorage
Alaska USA Federal Credit Union Portfolio Assistant I, II Anchorage
SOA/Dept of Corrections Mental Health Clinician 2 (20-6582) Anchorage
SOA/Dept of Corrections Mental Health Clinician 1/2 (20-6502) Anchorage
Alaska USA Federal Credit Union Enterprise Architect I, II, Senior Anchorage
US11345-AIRGAS Airgas USA, LLC Veterans Preferred - Manager - Area Operations Anchorage
Silicon Forest Electronics Inc Customer Focus Team Manager Anchorage
HealthFitness Lifeguard Bethel
Yorktown Systems Group, Inc. Program Technical Analysts I Fort Greely
Yorktown Systems Group, Inc. Executive Administrative Assistant (Basic) Jber
Encompass Medical Group Medical Billing Customer Service Representative - SIGN-ON BONUS Juneau
United States Secret Service Criminal Investigator Anchorage
Foundation Health Registered Nurse (RN) - Home Health Fairbanks
ICON Clinical Research Clinical Trial Liaison Juneau
Bartlett Regional Hospital Registered Nurse - Float Juneau
Wells Fargo Bank Associate Personal Banker (SAFE) Anchorage
Reliable Appliance Delivery Driver Anchorage
Providence Health & Services Administrative Assistant - Pediatrics Up to $2,000 Hiring Bonus Anchorage
CareerStaff Unlimited Licensed Practical Nurse - LPN - Skilled Nursing Facility Anchorage
Providence Health & Services Administrative Assistant Anchorage
Raspberry Roots Manufacturing Associate Anchorage
Retail Store Manager Michaels Retail Store Manager Michaels Anchorage
Alaska Surgical Oncology Medical Phone Receptionist Anchorage
Domino's Alaska Delivery Driver Anchorage
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in ak. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2022.12.28 06:30 IndianSWE Where can I buy a nitrogen cylinder near JC?

Need some nitrogen gas for some cooking experiments I am doing with coffee. Might extend it to beer as well in the future.
I am trying to find a store that sells to individuals. There is an Airgas store in Newark, I am not sure if they sell to Individuals.
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2022.11.24 23:56 DepartmentLarge6540 Are gas bottles from shut down supply stores considered "owned" now?

So I bought a Miller MIG welder off CL a while back and the guy selling it gave me a brand new sealed 125 CF bottle of C25 gas with the welder. At the time, I didn't know enough to ask if it was an owned and rented cylinder. I just checked the tank and it does have the name of a welding supply store embossed on the collar, but that store closed down years ago (Arc Gas Products in San Jose, CA) and an Aigas site now operates at the same location. I don't know if Airgas bought the former business or if they just leased the property after the closure. Do gas cylinders of shut down businesses automatically become "owned" tanks or will I be screwed in that no other company will fill or exchange this tank? I supposed going to the Airgas that's at the same location would be my best bet if other places won't touch the tank but it's not my local store and I'd like to avoid the drive if possible.
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2022.10.28 17:38 C0mmanderClank Can I run a 6ft air line from the CO2 tank into my aquarium?

I went out looking for a co2 supplier today and it seems like my local Airgas store only sells/refills 5lb CO2 tanks, which means that the tank would have to be stored in a closet next to my aquarium. Is it safe to have an air line running ~6ft into the aquarium or is that too far?
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2022.10.13 13:48 SchlesingerMindy323 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in CT Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
MJ Fitness & Kickboxing Fitness Instructor Danbury
Frito-Lay North America Packaging Machine Operator - Full Time Dayville
Frito-Lay North America Maintenance Technician Dayville
Greenwich Smiles LLC Administrative assistant Greenwich
Character-Visits Kids Party Characters New Haven
Info Origin Inc. Business Analyst Avon
Randstad Sourceright Energy Efficiency Consultant Berlin
HireTalent - Diversity Staffing & Recruiting Firm Market Insight Lead Analyst #: 22-08052 Bloomfield
Ivy Biomedical Systems Electronic Technician Branford
Sprott Investment Management Marketing Associate Bridgeport
Accordance Search Group Senior Operations Leader Canaan
Cheshire Academy Leadership Giving Officer Cheshire
Holy Apostles College and Seminary Director of Admissions Cromwell
Bedoukian Research, Inc. Safety Officer Danbury
WILLIAM PEROTTI AND SONS, INC. Licensed Plumber -CT, MA, NY East Canaan
Kelly Professional & Industrial Buyer East Granby
Dymotek Process Technician Ellington
Dymotek Advanced Process Technician Ellington
FIP Construction, Inc. Construction Project Manager Farmington
Sunrise Bus Transportation Dispatcher Glastonbury
Coda Search¦Staffing Benefits Manager Greenwich
Airgas Area Human Resources Manager Hartford
GameStop Assistant Store Manager Jewett City
Kent School School Counselor Kent
Siduma Therapeutics Laboratory and Facility Operations Manager Madison
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in ct. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2022.10.09 05:05 NMEI_Trust Regulators for tanks-Lowes, HomeDepot, Airgas, Welding stores. Under $100

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2022.10.08 13:42 SeaworthinessUsual17 Just one story among millions more worthy than me, had to at least try ten years nothing else has worked

A story about me
First I am not competing with anyone, I am no better than anyone else, I am a disabled veteran I am not a hero, I was a welder in the US Navy, there are millions of disabled Veterans that deserve way more than I do, I do not write very well I mostly use commas, I am just one of over seven billion people. And anything I say, I am not bragging there are millions that have done way better than anything I have ever done, there is absolutely nothing I can do that some has not already done better, and up to this point I have never told anyone how many people I have helped, and how I have helped them, I do not want praise, or expect to get into heaven because of something I have done, I am trying to be a saved Christian, and that doesn't make me better than anyone, I am not doing very good at it anyway, I am saying all his because people reading this do not know me, and there are so many people with bigger hearts than me, and have helped more people than me, and there is nothing I have done that someone else has not already done, i guess the reason I am in the position I am in, is because I care for others more than I do me, and I have given way more than I have ever taken, and I don't deserve anything for anything I have done, and when I read through all these posts and see all the people that need help it breaks my heart,( i have donated many times, but not near as much as others, but all I could) I wish I could help everyone, i used to make good money I would clear 12 thousand most weeks, some days I would even make that much, I try to help veterans but I ended up helping anyone in need, I was doing what Mr. Beast does when he was in diapers, I would go into gibsons or Kmart and find some one who seemed to be worried if they could afford everything they needed, and I would give them a basket and pay for everything they could put in it, and then give them another basket, one time I paid for every ones stuff at a Walmart luckly that was just under 10 grand, I have bought several used point a to b cars for families that needed them and just left it with a note, many many rent and utility payments, I have lived on the street and used my last dime to feed someone else, anytime I here about somebody needing someone I try and get it and leave it so they don't see who gave it to them, never thought about making videos of it, there was not social media then much anyway, what I would love to be able to do is go door to door and see if someone would lend me 500 dollars to help my kids, and anyone that helps me I would write them a check and pay there house off, again I am not bragging, and so many people do more than I do, I just did what I could do, I seem to feel better watching some one else eat a sandwich that eating one of my own, i would do anything for anyone if they needed it, I had 8 homless people 6 of them were veterans living with me in a one bedroom apartment for almost two years, one of them robbed me blind and sold my family airlooms, that hurt because I cannot replace a 10 gauge shotgun or my grandpa's sword or medals, I have been taken advantage many times, I uses to leave my keys in my car my ford edge so anyone in the apartments I lived in could use it if they needed, 4 times a week I hit every food bank in colorado springs and delivered food to people, I also lost a lot of friends when I stopped making 40 grand plus a month, and again I am not saying all this so someone will read it and help me, I am honestly just trying to let you know a little about me, also up until this last year I have had trouble asking anyone for help, I like to be the one helping, I am not keeping score to tell God when I die, I have tried to make some go fund me pages, I felt bad there are so many people hurting worse than me, but I am stuck about ten years ago I was driving to work in my welding truck and a forklift ran a stop sign and besides almost killing me, it destroyed my 40 thousand dollar welder, my truck , and when I was on the way to the hospital someone or some people took everything from my service truck, track tourches, 13 some victor tourches, many expensive grinders, drills, hammer drills, metal chop saws, oxygen accetalin 4 tanks total, everything it took me years to acquire a little over 300 thosand loss, even took 600 feet of welding cable, pipe cutters, several different lazers, I had put 4 video cameras all around my truck so I could see behind me when I was driving, even took the cameras, anyway if your a welder you know this stuff is not cheap, I welded many years for companies in the beginning didn't make much over 10 dollars an hour, then one day I learned if you have a truck and all your own equipment you can make 100 to 150 an hour, I never heard of making that much money, it got even better if you install a wellhead it works out anywhere between 600 and 1200 dollars an hour, so I did as many well heads as I could, I come from a small town with like 600 people I never seen so much money cashing 12 thousand dollar checks a week sometimes a lot more it was crazy I bought a few things I wanted I didn't go crazy on myself but I loved helping other people, just seeing them smile or that twinkle in there eye when they realize there are some people who care, so I got a lawyer I don't like suing people but my whole life was that truck, he said you have a awesome case, and I did that forklift was not even legal to be driven on a paved road so I told the lawyer everything, and I waited, I found out my full coverage insurance would not cover anything not permanently mounted to the truck, and they only gave me 30 thosand on a truck I still owed 67 thosand on, so I could not get another truck, the lawyer said it would take time, I believed him I was raised on a hand shake, I was in Dickinson north Dakota at the time, biggest oil boom town in years Mcdonald workers were making over 20 an hour, it was crazy my 3 bedroom trailer was 3800 a month, I had not been there very long a year or so, and I was young and dumb and helped anyone who needed it thinking the money will always be there, it was not hard to work 120 hours a week since I got paid from the time I left tell I got back and many many times I slept on the rig so I got paid 24 hours a day, so I waited I had a wife and four kids at the time 2 boys and 2 girls, and every month rent was due 3800 is alot when your not working, I made it about another year there waiting on my lawyer I had begged and borrowed money from every bank and credit card I had ( I know i said I hate asking for help, but banks and credit cards are different) so finally I couldn't afford living there anymore, I borrowed the last bit a bank would loan me and moved back to my wife's state washington, the kids were not my biological kids but I raised one from almost birth, and the others were very young, I loved them like my own, eventually because of my back injury I became addicted to fetynal, oxycodone, and valium, at the time a doctor would give you all three not so much any more, couldn't work there for a while I couldn't walk, I tried my best to go back to work, I had a guy build a truck and I acted like it was mine so I could try and keep my job, that didn't work he took the money, so eventually my wife left and took her kids, I was managing to make around 3000 a month in washington I guess it wasn't enough for her, I had meant her on e harmony when she found out how much I made we were married within three months she was Russian, again I was from a small town never even heard of a gold digger, to me everything was real she was really nice to me, and I loved the kids they were not spoiled they never ask for anything, also she could of left because of my addiction anyway that's another story, I called the lawyer several times a week telling how desperate I was, and he was very good at stringing me along he kept saying the longer you wait the more you will get, I think now somebody from the company that owned the forklift that hit me paid him off, anyway I waited 8 years 2 of which I lived on the street I had no idea a medically discharged veteran could get a disability check took me 15 years to figure that out, I burnt my lungs in a ship fire delivering some bad ass marines to Iraq, wounded warrior project helped me start the claim process so I got 160 dollars a month for two years so I lived on that and food banks, I tried to work but I am to slow now for most employers because of the wreck, and a veterans organization in colorado springs found me an apartment, and my brother gave me the Ford edge, that's the apartment I had 8 homless people sleeping in sleeping bags all over the place, then I realized I had a gi bill, but found out i waited to long, but voc rehab got me into colorado technical university, and gave me a living allowance, by this time I had stopped all the pain killers that was rough didn't use methadone, or suboxone just God and a lot of terrible days, it was really hard going from 40 grand a month to 160 dollars then 1100 dollars I didn't give up, i started welding at about 13 on the farm, it's really the only thing I know how to do, but i wasn't lazy I spent at least 40 hours a week driving vets to appointments and delivering food, there were so many people that needed more help than me, so my lawyer let the statue of limitations run out, at just 40 hours a week plus my equipment it was a 4.5 million dollar case with lost wages, way more with my actual income, i begged them just replace the welder I could lease it out for a couple thousand a week to a oil rig as a generator, so I spent 1.5 years trying to find a lawyer willing to take another lawyer to court, and in north Dakota every lawyer knows each other, i was offered 58 thousand last year but I had already lost everything and the welder was a vantage air 500 airgas lists it at 83 thosand now, so i finally found a lawyer in minisota last week he cannot believe I didn't win an ass ton of money, but that could take several more years, and I just found out I could have prostate cancer or prostatitis either way that's a new pain I don't need, I meant a woman that really loves me we live on whidbey island washington in a small we will call it a house behind a shop next to a airport, almost everyone one this island is a millionaire , studio houses are going for over half a million, I had a 70 acre dryland ranch in coolidge kansas, i had to sell because of the wreck believe it or not it went for 77 thosand 160 dollars and acre it was in the middle of no where but my wife and kids at the time didn't want to live there, like I said I have started go fund me pages for some reason I cannot post it here i need some more karma or something, there is no way for me to ever put together another welding rig if I saved 500 a month it would take 50 years, my credit is destroyed because when I lost that high paying job I couldn't keep up with all my different payments, i was young and dumb, i have had ten years to think about my mistakes and how I should worry about me first so that I can help others, I don't know if I will rig weld again but if I could ever build a new truck I could save for a house, I could still charge 150 an hour, and I love making floating tables, and art work, and there is a store in langley that sells things i could build all day long, I am not as fast as i was but I am only 43, I could easily make at least 5 grand a month if not a lot more, but banks don't care what i could make, i have no family or friends that have any extra money everyone I know lives paycheck to paycheck and I still venmo money a couple times a month, I have already lost absolutely everything I ever worked for, i had a few things a boat 1980 searay, kawasaki brute force 750 wrote that off on my taxes for getting to hard to reach oil rigs, and my guns 56 of them that was hard, some were passed down to me, and I used to compete, and there like gold usually the price always goes up, I don't mind working i have done many 19 plus hour days working for myself, I know there are many that has done the same thing, and been through worse, this is just my story I will live without help, but I could give my fiancé the wedding of her dreams, and actually stop living paycheck to paycheck I spent 25 plus years welding I am not the best but I kept up with most people, I am sorry didn't plan for this, my floating waterfall tables sell for 2 to 4 thosand, i have no truck anymore, i tried buying cheap harbor freight tools anything to get buy, they break before i get started, and you have to have a certain welder to work on a pipeline or show up at a rig, I wasnt going to ask for help there are so many people actually dieing that needs help, and then I seen a rich guy pay several million for a Pokémon card, so what the heck I don't wast money, I won't stop helping people but will budget it better, i was going to post pictures of my 12 thosand dollar weekly checks but redit won't let me write and put a picture, if I can figure out how to post a go fund me here I will, and please don't help me if you see someone hungry, I am trying to learn affiliate marketing but I am terrible with computers, again I have done nothing to deserve help, i was hoping some generous billionaire would see how serious i am about working i want more than my disability check, I do go out and clean gutters and any odd job I can find, but that plus my disability check is how I live there is nothing extra for tools or guns, this island is not cheap it takes my income plus my finances to pay rent and normal bills thank God are cars are payed for she has a 1999 lexus, and my 2008 for edge, I would love to make enough to enjoy life again shoot some clay pigeons, I wish I could invent something i think about it everyday everytime I think of something it's already for sale on Amazon, I love putting metal together I spent 25 years practicing, if your going to hate on me or like the last guy said he would buy me a welder if I sent him a video of me shooting myself, I believe you go to hell if you kill yourself, but I have thought about getting a big insurance policy and accidently driving off a cliff at least my brother, and good friends could all have something they have always wanted, I am not lazy, not a hero, and not special I had to say that again for the people who will tell me I don't deserve shit, or stop whinning, or grow up, I have spent ten years trying to figure out how to put a rig together again, I am 43 I should own a house and be doing a lot better I know this, it haunts me everyday. Take care and God bless.
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2022.10.02 19:21 No_Competition4897 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in WY Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Club Staffing Physical Therapist - Rehabilitation - (Pt - Rehab) Basin
Vital Research Field Interviewer (Hybrid) Casper
Airgas Inc. Delivery Driver-Class B Cdl Cheyenne
American Greetings Part Time Merchandiser - Cody, Wy Cody
Nightingale College Clinical Nurse Instructor - Prn - Evanston, Wy (Part-Time) Evanston
Club Staffing Computed Tomography Technologist - (Ct Tech) Gillette
Vital Research Field Interviewer (Hybrid) Gillette
Club Staffing Physical Therapist - Home Health - (Pt - Hh) Green River
Relient Health Speech Language Pathologist Slp Laramie
Coffee Cup Fuel Stops CC&F Retail Inc Store Associate Moorcroft
Shg Speech Language Pathologist (Slp) Contract Riverton
EDU Healthcare Occupational Therapy Paraprofessional Riverton
William H Hunter Recruiting Journeyman Electrician Rock Springs
William H Hunter Recruiting Physical Therapist Wheatland
Canon Medical Systems Veterans Preferred - Remote Military Extern Program - Imaging Field Service Evanston
Canon Medical Systems Veterans Preferred - Remote Military Extern Program - Imaging Field Service Riverton
Canon Medical Systems Veterans Preferred - Remote Military Extern Program - Imaging Field Service Sheridan
ATI Physical Therapy Physical Therapist (PT) - Early Career Opportunities! Cheyenne
McDonalds - Sapphire Restaurants Kitchen Manager Cody
McDonalds - Sapphire Restaurants Department Manager Wyoming Cody
Wyoming Medical Center Travel PCU RN (Progressive Care Unit Registered Nurse) - 455664 Natrona
McDonalds - Sapphire Restaurants General Manager Wyoming Powell
Powell Valley Hospital LPN Powell
McDonalds - Sapphire Restaurants Diner Manager Powell
McDonalds - Sapphire Restaurants Department Manager Wyoming Ralston
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings , feel free to comment here if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2022.10.01 17:14 BoTheJoV3 Why do we have to sign documents and provide contact information at the Airgas/ Roberts Oxygen store

This is annoying. I go almost every 2 weeks now. Everytime I go I have to give my name, phone number, address, and sign a document. Even for the smallest amenity like earplugs
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2022.09.22 10:43 BaronVonFapsALot Legalities of N2O in the US?

Before I start I want to say this: yes, I'm well aware that laws vary from state to state. I personally live in NH, so that's what I'm most familiar with, but it seems to me the laws don't vary all THAT much.
As far as I can tell - and please correct me if I'm wrong - in every state in the US it is LEGAL to sell, buy, and possess food grade N2O. What makes me say this? The simple fact that you can go to the kitchen store at any mall in the US (AFAIK) and buy a box of cream chargers. You can also go to any one of a thousand web sites and order as many chargers as you want and have them shipped to any state. You can get it in head shops here in NH. I may be mistaken, but I've never seen or heard of any restrictions on chargers in any state. Now, I'm aware that some/most states have anti-huffing laws, but that activity is separate from buying, selling, or posessing. We'll get to that later.
If I had a giant case of chargers, or even a big tank of N2O, and I got pulled over by the cops, would I have any reason to be nervous (assuming, of course, I wasn't stupid enough to be doing it while drivjng)? Even if i told them what it was (how would they know otherwise?), could I be arrested, or even fined for anything? If so, what would be the charge?
It's so odd to me that there seems to be no law that I can find (at least here In NH) that makes it illegal for AirGas or an auto shop or anyone else to sell me a tank of N2O, and yet they won't do it. Why not, I wonder? I guess I could understand if it's just for practical reasons (attracting the wrong crowd, scaring off other customers, loitering, whatever), but would they be breaking any law?
Given those facts, I'm amazed it's so hard to get. Even if "legit" businesses wanted to stay away from it, you'd think that someone would sense the money to be made and open up a shop just to fill tanks. Even if the act of huffing is illegal in a state, selling the gas and gear isn't. It's just like having a head shop to sell bongs - everyone knows what they're used for, but they're still allowed to be sold because the associated illegal activity doesnt happen on premises. Sometimes I daydream of opening an N2O tank-filling business, and though I will probably never do it, I also keep thinking "why not?" I bet I could make a fortune. I even daydreamed up (while doing N2O, of course) a whole system to sell it in bars etc. Just castles in the air of course, but I haven't been able to think of a solid problem that would prevent it.
So it seems to me that selling N2O is not technically illegal, but everyone treats it as if it is anyways. Regarding huffing laws, I looked up the one here but it's pretty badly written and unclear. It mentions paint and glue specifically but whether N2O would count is unclear. And the penalties are low. Finally, even if it's illegal to inhale, how they hell would the cops even find out - unless you were doing it in public in front of a cop, at a show or something? Even then, how would they even be able to test a baloon to see if it was air or helium or N2O anyways? It seems that with everything else going in in the country - like the opioid epidemic, for example - catching people getting giggly on N2O would be a pretty low priority on cop lists.
Does anyone know of someone arrested, charged, or convicted of a crime directly due to buying, selling, possessing, or inhaling N2O?
Just my thoughts. Interested to hear comments and experiences. Anyone ever been "charged with nitrous?"
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2022.09.12 14:05 SchlesingerMindy323 [HIRING] 16 Jobs in Denver Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Domino/'s Franchise Customer Service Rep - w Avenue N Denver
College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving Lombardo Enterprises, LLC Professional Mover Denver
Real Estate Investment Firm Bookkeeper - Real Estate Denver
Nv5 Senior Project Manager - Buildings Denver
Hilton Garden Inn - Cherry Creek AM Restaurant Server Denver
J. C. Penney Company, Inc. Cashier - Hilltop Mall Denver
MAS Medical RN / Registered Nurse Job in Lone Pine, California / Travel Denver
Airgas Inc Warehouse Associate I Denver
Dwelling Place Grounds (Full-time) $14.74 - $19.93 an hour Denver
Gables Residential Maintenance Technician Denver
CVS Health Retail Store Associate Denver
Wee Care Pediatrics Patient Services Representative (Weekends) Denver
Summit Pain Management Medical Receptionist Denver
Bloomingdale’s Cosmetics Beauty Advisor - Creed, Full Time: North Michigan Denver
ComPsych FMLA Customer Service Representative - Work From Home Denver
Bankers Life Entry Level Insurance Sales Agent - Hybrid Experience Denver South
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in denver. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2022.08.29 14:14 Kitchen_Software CO2 Sourcing (5# tank)

Unfortunately my beloved 3 Stars Brewing has shut down, and they happened to be my CO2 supplier of choice.
I'm looking for another source that is open outside of M-F 9-5 (eg Airgas, Robert's).
My best option seems to be the Brew Store in Arlington, but curious if anyone has other leads--preferably closer to Petworth/Brightwood
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2022.08.26 21:42 padan28 Dry ice sources?

Has anyone had any luck sourcing dry ice from grocery stores and the like? No Walmart or grocery stores around here (northeast US) seem to have it, I even checked a few on Penguin dry ice locator and they weren't selling any more. I have gone to an Airgas type place, but it seemed very....industrial? Felt a little weird making Seltzer with the way it was produced and transferred there. Plus is was the snow stuff, much harder to deal with than bricks / pellets.
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2022.08.12 20:55 Turcluckin Dry Ice?!

I looked in the sub’s history already and someone has asked this before. All the comments said Fred Meyer and winco. I have called every Fred Meyer, winco, Haggen, Walmart, and safeway in a 30 mile radius of Bellingham. I even called “Airgas” on Kansas St. who can special order it, but doesn’t have it stocked currently.
Does anyone know anywhere that has dry ice available, like, today?? My fault for assuming the dry ice coolers at stores actually kept dry ice in them lmao. Poor planning on my end. I just hate pushing back a weekend trip just because I have to wait for a special order, but I also can’t go if I can’t keep my cooler below 41°
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2022.08.08 08:54 Ceciliaghty Need Help, looking for bulk CO2 and adaptor.

Hello, I have a sodastream canister I'm looking to refill for something under the price of both my lungs combined. This has led me here, where I am looking for some information.
(1), I know nothing of pipes and hoses etc so if you need any information off the side of the canister I can provide that lickety split, just tell me what to look for.
(2), I need to know if a "airgas store" will have the large CO2 canisters that are filled I can connect to my machine, and possibly the adapter, as well as that these items are specifically called. If they don't have a required item, I'd like a link to it I can order online (and ideally isn't out of stock or anything, like all the one's I've seen in videos on this subject just happen to be)
Thank you for your shared comprehension and hope to hear a response soon \∞/
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2022.06.17 17:39 Chi-Town-Hook Dry Ice

Hey y’all, I’m a final mile owner op in Chicago. I have a load of dry ice for weekly delivery from the airgas dry ice warehouse to the stores - maybe 25miles total including all stops - and I’m still unsure if dry ice is considered Hazmat or not. The guys at airgas told us it isn’t, but I thought I’d get some other driver’s opinions.
Edit: Found out Class 9 doesn’t require placard or endorsement if domestic within the US. Thank you guys for the help, and hopefully someone else with questions will see this
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2022.06.17 17:38 Chi-Town-Hook Dry Ice Question

Hey y’all, I’m a final mile owner op in Chicago. I have a load of dry ice for weekly delivery from the airgas dry ice warehouse to the stores (maybe 25miles total including all stops) and I’m still unsure if dry ice is considered Hazmat or not. The guys at airgas told us it isn’t, but I thought I’d get some other driver’s opinions
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