Truist park atlanta parking

highland park teddy bear statues

2023.03.30 15:42 jaxlils5 highland park teddy bear statues

Does anyone know if the construction at the teddy bear statues is finished?
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2023.03.30 15:42 The-Sonne I did too much yesterday. Now I'm paying for it today... Badly

Yesterday I actually had energy. I worked, I ran a couple important errands, and to top it off, the weather was nice so I decided to push it and do something I actually enjoyed, instead of only using all my energy just to do the bare minimum for survival (work and errands).
I wanted to do something I used to enjoy more - a walk in the park.
So, against my better judgement, and mostly out of stubbornness, I went.
By the time I got back to the car, I was in SO MUCH PAIN.
I went home, lied down, by then grumpy and hurting, and went to sleep.
Today I woke up "paying for it"....
And I still have to work and function today, but like somebody who's bad with money, I blew all my currency (energy) in one place, all at once.
I really wish "normal people" understood how this works for me. I have to pick carefully what I spend my energy on, because my bones need more time to recover.
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2023.03.30 15:41 1my3 Mofos- Euro girl gets picked up at the park.

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2023.03.30 15:41 leftistinlnk Anyone else have a trip that’s months away, but the whole thing is basically planned?

Over 200 days away, and I already know what parks were going to, what restaurants, and the outfits I’m wearing.
Time needs to move faster!
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2023.03.30 15:41 80sSlasherFiend Email I received this morning at work. Its not much but I feel like its a step in the right direction.

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2023.03.30 15:40 TheRealSkywalker91 World Events in GTA 6 (Leak)

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2023.03.30 15:40 cbruceyy BMW M135i at the hairpin - Cadwell park

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2023.03.30 15:38 gesis [USA] [H] Hardware — Nintendo DS, Odyssey², PS3, SNES, Xbox One Games — Dreamcast, N64, PC, PS3, PS4, TG16, Wii, Wii U Amiibo Promo Items [W] Paypal, Zelle, Crypto

I quit collecting videogames ~5 years ago. Now I am slowly selling my entire collection. Looking for payment via Paypal, but also open to crypto or Zelle payments.
Prices at or below pricecharting averages and include shipping to CONUS. Will ship internationally at buyer's expense.
I am not looking to sell items for 50% or less of market pricing. Above that, feel free to make an offer. I am an adult, and perfectly capable of politely saying, "no."
All hardware is unmodified US/NTSC versions unless otherwise specified.


Nintendo DS Lite (Dark Blue) — $40
Magnavox Odyssey² — $150
Playstation 3 Slim — $100
Super Nintendo — $100
Xbox One "Day One Edition" — $150


Nintendo 64
Playstation 3
Playstation 4
TurboGrafx 16 (Note: These do not include the outer box)
Wii U
Xbox 360


Animal Crossing Cards
Cards are in NM condition. Will consider bulk discounts

Club Nintendo Rewards

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2023.03.30 15:36 senorita_diablo Should I take legal action?

Went to visit my sick mother at her home to check up on her. I parked in the shared driveway between her house and her neighbors. As her neighbor left, she side swiped my unattended car and caused somewhere around $3,000-$6,000 in damage. My car was not blocking, in the way or anything of that matter... she just didnt look. She took out the rear quarter panel, bumper, rear valence, wheel and something suspension wise as there is now a whining/humming sound. This is now the second time she has hit my unattended car. Because it was provate property, no police report could be filed. Her insurance is "investigating" the accident and taking their sweet time (over a week). Meanwhile, I'm stuck without a car as I don’t think its a good idea with the suspension issue and her insurance will not cover a rental until they accept fault. I'd like to sue for diminished value as well as something else but I'm unaware what as I don't know legal stuff. Any and all advice welcome please and thank you
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2023.03.30 15:36 Bus6y Brazzers - Milfs Like it Big - Pervert In The Park scene starring Alexis Fawx Romi Rain and Keiran L

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2023.03.30 15:35 MacTavish404 Connection between some of LINKIN PARK'S songs with The U.S. Military

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2023.03.30 15:35 SabahHaberi Park halindeki aracı kundaklayan 2 şahıs tutuklandı

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2023.03.30 15:33 NoButterfly9707 Ice out predictions

Good morning everyone,
My canoe group and I have reservations for May 10th-14th in the park. We are hopeful we will have an earlier than currently predicted park open date.
What are your predictions for Ice out?
I'm hoping for April 30th
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2023.03.30 15:33 YaaliAnnar NoP: Lost and Found (36)

First Previous
Memory Transcription Subject: Vani, venlil foreign exchange participant
Date [Standardized Human Reckoning]: 2136–09-24
We stayed one more night in Surabaya, looking around the city before we moved out.
"So… where do we go from here?" I asked Johan.
"Well, we can go to Udayana University on the island of Bali then back to Jakarta. If you want we can explore further to the west from there."
Johan explained to me in detail about the bridges that connected the islands of Nusantara to its mainland counterpart. He showed me a map, pointing out a route to the Malacca peninsula in the north through Sumatra, an island to the west of Java.
"Thanks to these bridges, we can travel to the mainland and beyond by land vehicle alone," he said. "We can go to the University of North Sumatra and then head to the University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur."
Johan then suggested that we could go south from there to visit the University of Singapore in the Singapore Autonomous District. By then we would have plenty of time to think about our next destinations.
On Thursday morning, Johan and I set out from the southeast, making our way along the coast before heading south to Tengger National Park which encompasses several volcanoes. We drove deeper into the national park through a place called the sand sea of Tengger, the only desert-like area on the island. The road through it was far beyond being automaton-grade. It was more like a suggestion on where to drive, than being an actual road.
After a while, the sand sea stopped, giving way to a grassy field. We stopped at a small shack beside a giant water tower that provided amenities to people passing by. We decided to have our mid-meal there outside, surrounded by the vast expanse of untouched wilderness. When I looked around, I realized that the fear I had felt when we visited Tangkuban Parahu was no longer present. Instead, I felt a sense of awe at the rugged green walls of the vast caldera. The only sounds we could hear were the gentle rustle of the wind and the distant voice of other humans who were also setting up a picnic.
Just before we embarked on the bridge towards Bali, Johan took me to see the Ijen mountain, which he said would have lava inside. I was not sure why the promise of seeing liquid rock at a dangerous distance excited me, but I said "yes" anyway.
Unlike the crater in Tangkuban Parahu, we had to park the van quite far from it and took a three-hour hike uphill. I felt like something was off when the travel guide in our pad told us that the lava could only be seen at night, but we set off at the early hour of the day anyway, knowing that it would wreak havoc on our sleep schedules. I was eager to experience my first-ever trek and I can deal with the sleep deprivation later.
The air was so chill that I thought I would not need my cooling vest, but Johan brought it along, just in case. He even wore more concealing fabric to protect himself from the cold. We also need to bring gas masks with us because of the risk of encountering noxious gasses. The mask that Professor Ratni had given me during my early days on the island proved to be very useful here.
So, with everything prepared, we started our hike.
Back when I first visited earth, the thought of taking an arduous journey on a volcano with a chance of inhaling poison sounded ridiculous to me. But here I am, walking with my human admiring the scenery surrounding us. The trek was challenging and I did need to rest every once in a while. But thanks to the frequent pause, I managed to reach the top with Johan having to carry me.
From the edge of the crater, I could see the fumes rising from the active vents. The heat was intense, and the taste of sulfur in the air was overpowering, but according to monitors set around the crater, it was not at a dangerous level.
"Is that the lava?" I pointed to the blue glowing substance at the bottom of the crater, partially obscured by white fumes. "Why... is it blue?"
"You know... I never actually looked into why the lava in the mountain is blue."
After we both consulted the human network, it turned out that those are burning sulfur.
"Oh man, I'm sorry, I thought those were lava."
"There is no need for an apology. This is still beautiful."
Johan and I found a large rock to rest and take in the view. Slowly the night sky gained a faint red color at the horizon and finally, the sun appeared from the horizon, casting a golden glow over the entire scene. With the light in the sky illuminating the ground below, I can see the acidic turquoise-blue lake in sharp contrast with the surrounding dark rocks.
We climbed down with less difficulty, but as soon as I entered the van, the fatigue from hours of walking crashed upon me and I fell into a deep sleep. I did not think that any venlil had ever managed to walk for that long.
When I woke up, we had arrived in Banyuwangi, a city located near the inter-island bridge that connected Java to Bali. We only slept for a bit more than half a claw, determined to keep to our schedule and return our sleep cycle to normal. After a night in Banyuwangi, we proceed towards the island to the east of us. The bridge's wall was too high for us to see anything but the sky and I spent my time with Johan practicing each other's language and playing some games. It did not take long before a sign came into view, welcoming us to the island. Underneath the familiar Latin script was an unfamiliar Balinese script with flowing curves that looked much softer than the Javanese script.
When we drove toward the southern end of the island where Udayana University was located we passed an endless sprawl of farms with some temples in between. The signs of civilization began to appear more and more frequently until we arrived at the city where our van had to weave through the narrow streets, passing by various clay brick buildings which dominated the architecture of the city. Despite the density, there were no tall buildings to be seen. I asked Johan about this and he explained that there's an old law in Bali that buildings are not allowed to be higher than a tall palm tree.
With no tall building, it felt less restricting to see up to the sky.
When we arrived at the university, we learned that just like the University of Nusantara, Udayana University has its Faculty of Medicine located in Denpasar, far to the north.
"You know what," Johan said. "Let's just see around Kuta."
After a short drive north, we arrived in Kuta, which turned out to be a long, narrow strip of land bustling with tourists from all over the region. We walked down the west part of the strip. To my left lay the Kuta beach, a stunning expanse of white sand with humans in minimal covering doing all sorts of activities, from lounging under an umbrella to playing in the sea. To our right was a series of establishments, such as restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, and handicraft shops.
There were also some businesses unique to humans, such as laundry facilities where humans washed their fabrics and surfboard rental shops where humans rented a device they use to ride the wave on the sea. The sun was beating down upon us, but luckily, the shaded walkway provided relief from the heat.
Another thing I noted here was the difference in skin color between the locals and the tourists. The tourists had a pale pink complexion, and many of them had lighter-colored hair, which was different from the black hair of the locals. They were all dressed in light clothing, much like Johan, and some of them even wore only a pair of wide bands wrapped around their hips and chest. I have seen pale humans before during my stay in Java, but never to this amount.
A lot of people around us spoke in languages that I had never heard before. I recognized English as a language that many people here used, but there were many others that my translator could not parse. The tourist also had less hesitation in approaching us. We were stopped several times by tourists who wanted to take a picture with us. It got too much that even my human had to decline.
"Okay, so this is a bad idea," Johan said after he had to refuse a group of humans carrying surfboards.
"I think this is an interesting place."
I heard a growling sound coming out of my human's stomach.
"Look." I pointed to a dining establishment several tens of meters down the street. "It said" Vegetarian Italian Restaurant. The Lasagna I ate weeks ago is Italian right?"
"We probably need to order you something with less dairy. But, yeah... It has been a while since I ate some pasta. Let's go!"
We found ourselves in a restaurant with an outdoor seating area. Across the street, through the people walking, we can see a view of the Kuta beach to the west. The waitstaff seated us and gave us the menu. After some skimming, Johan pointed out that this establishment offers an alternative in the form of "vegan cheese" which contains no lactose and would not cause indigestion. Johan decided to order a big pizza with slices of aubergine and courgette on it. From the picture, I could see that the pizza was an open-baked flatbread drenched in red sauce.
I was famished when our pizza arrived, and the taste it exuded into the air made my mouth water and my stomach grumble with hunger. When I took my first bite, I was not disappointed. The pizza was bursting with flavor, and the combination of the soft and chewy bread with the tangy sauce, the gooey cheese, and the roasted vegetables was perfect. To my surprise, I could not tell the difference between this and the cheese that caused the lasagna incident a while ago. After taking a bite of the pizza, my human was as surprised as I was about the texture of this plant-based product.
As we finished our mid-meal, a pale-skinned human approached us. Judging from their uniform, she was not a tourist, and I think from the way she looked she was a woman.
"Hi, my name is Edna. Did you enjoy your meal?" She asked in English. Her vowels sounded muddier but more natural than Johan' intoned English.
"We have a complimentary dish for you." The restaurant staff put two bowls containing white balls before us. "Don't worry, this is made out of coconut milk. So our venlil friend here won't get an upset stomach."
I took a scoop of the ball with the spoon provided. When I brought it near my mouth I could feel the coldness emanating from it.
"Oh, this is a frozen beverage." I mused. I put the white substance and it melted on my tongue. Once again, the taste was a pleasant surprise for my tongue.
"You have ice cream too?" she asked.
"We do not have anything resembling milk, or even coconut milk. Our frozen beverage is made by freezing drinks into a block of ice which we then shave into tiny crystals."
"Oh! Shaved ice!" she exclaimed, "yeah... we have shaved ice too."
I took another spoonful of the ice cream, the savouriness of the coconut milk combined with the complex sweet taste into something delicious.
"Do you… run the café?" Johan asked, also enjoying his ice cream.
"As a manager, yes. My wife is from here and she's the one who owns the cafe. It's close to impossible for a foreigner here to own a business, you know."
"Are you a colonist?" I asked.
"Ughh... Vani..." Johan said, his voice sounding exasperated "You can't just call people colonists."
"Heh, it's alright," Edna answered. "Back in Australia, you could say that I descended from colonists. But... even then we can't choose where we are born, can we?"
I nodded at her remark.
"But here? a better word would be immigrant. I came here almost ten years ago, worked, fell in love, got permanent residence, and..." she gestured around." The rest is history."
"Is it hard to get used to the climate here?" Johan asked.
The human chuckled again. "I was born and raised in Darwin. The climate there is not that different from here."
My knowledge of Earth's geography was limited, but I did know that Australia was a giant landmass located to the southeast of where we were. Johan had told me that Australians were one of the many humans who spoke English as their native language.
"Most of the tourists here are from Australia are they not?"
"Yeah. Nowadays my compatriots have been spreading toward the east too. Why... just a few days ago some Aussie bulé got bitten by a komodo dragon."
"Edna!" We heard someone shouting her name. The human rolled her pupil and sighed.
"Sorry, gotta go. Enjoy your stay, yeah?"
After our mid-meal, Johan had to return to work, and I had some studying to do. However, we had some time to spare before our last meal of the day. The human suggested we visit a meditation center. The calming fragrance filled the air in the establishment. When the session started we were instructed to sit and take deep breaths while listening to soothing music. The instructor also reminded us from time to time how to deal with thoughts that kept pestering us.
When we stepped out of the meditation center, the sun hung low on the horizon, shining toward us. The warm glow of the sun combined with the lingering effects of the calming ritual left me feeling more at ease than I have ever been before. The fact that the humans came up with a ritual like this was just another proof of the mastery of their feeling.
However, all this feeling of tranquility was marred when the news of the human invasion of Gojid's Cradle reached us. My first reaction was confusion, but the news piece brought up the incident with the rogue Gojid captain. Frustratingly, this escalated to the Gojid government declaring an invasion on earth, and the humans were forced to take preemptive action to protect themselves from a promised attack.
The humans may have had solid reasons, but it did not make it any less tragic. It was hard to reconcile my serene experience today with the reality of the galaxy outside. Will there ever be a time when we could coexist in peace without fear of aggression?
Memory Transcription Subject: Vichak, venlil school principal
Date [Standardized Human Reckoning]: 2136–09-26
Sirkal, the advocate, demanded that my teacher and I only reply to any message from Kiyat's advocate by redirecting it to his client's advocate. We also involved Pentra's dad in the case. It was a challenging situation, and looking back, it was almost miraculous that our school managed to survive this long without any legal trouble until now. Sirkal was ruthless and the advocate representing Kiyat dropped out. Though it looked more like his client ran out of funds to pay for him.
Amid the lawsuit. It seemed that Baslik did spread the existence of our school to his community. Because we seemed to attract the attention of scholars and scientists from neighboring regions. Some came from as far as two claws away from Kleran, expressing interest in observing the way we teach our students. It was clear that many of our visitors were... wired differently, and it was only after they became comfortable observing the children that they dropped their veneer of normality.
As the visits became more frequent, my teachers and I realized that we needed to approach certain topics with caution. One of the most sensitive topics was the concept of predator disease. While we disagree with the classification that our society came up with, we knew that challenging this concept head-on could result in trouble. Instead, we insist on describing our students as having neurodevelopmental issues. This approach had the added benefit of relieving some parents who may have been worried that their children were showing signs of predator disease.
Overall, the influx of prying eyes didn't worry as much as the news from far away. Right now, humans are invading Gojid's Cradle and our social media was awash with new negative sentiments against humans. People said that the humans finally showed their true colors. Even as the reason for the invasion makes complete sense to me, it still made me... bad. I have the privilege of being able to reach Chef Timür about it, so... after making sure he was awake and free, I called him.
"Look, I'm just a botanist turned chef." Said the human after I asked him about the invasion.
"Yes, but you're also serving our high magistrates and even the governor, what do they think about it?"
"I didn't stay long enough in their dining room. You know I can't tell you your state secret, even if I manage to overhear something."
"Sorry about that. Well... how do you feel about it?"
"Okay." The human paused. "Well... I wish we didn't have to do this. But, you know the reason as well as I do. This is a preventative measure. We're not trying to conquer them."
"But... isn't this just another form of aggression?" I asked.
"Well yes... but if we don't act, many humans could die. It's not a decision we take without thorough consideration. I bet your government would do the same in our position."
"I see your point, but many Gojids will die instead.."
"Trust me, we humans have laws of war. We will only target military installations, the civilians will be safe."
The concept of the "law of war" was unfamiliar to me so I asked him about it. Timür then explained to me that the Law of War is a set of rules and principles that govern the conduct of armed conflict. The human then proceeded to give me the details.
The law of war includes rules on the protection of civilians and prisoners of war, the prohibition of certain weapons and tactics, and the obligation to provide medical care to the wounded, even if they're your enemy.
"Why would you heal your enemy?" I asked.
"Wait you don't?"
"I think we give wounded enemies a mercy execution but... don't quote me on this."
"Ya Rabbi... bize yardım et," he said something in his native language before switching to English again. "Yes Vichak, we heal enemy combatants, because... it's the right thing to do."
There was a pause before another he continued.
"It's the human thing to do."
Humans have convinced me that they are capable of compassion and... it was evident in the way they interacted with animals, both domesticated and wild, treating them with care and respect. This made me realize that if humans could extend such compassion to animals, it made sense that they would also do the same to sapient beings, even those who had been hostile toward them before.
The news about the invasion still didn't sit right with me, but I have hope that the humans will stay true to their word and minimize the casualty.
Afterwords: This is the end of the beginning.
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2023.03.30 15:32 Elegant_Sweet_9612 Thrill Of Paragliding In Bangalore – Soar Above The Clouds

Thrill Of Paragliding In Bangalore – Soar Above The Clouds
Paragliding in Bangalore is an exciting adventure sport that allows you to soar through the skies and experience the beauty of the city from a unique perspective. Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, is blessed with natural beauty, stunning landscapes and a pleasant climate, making it an ideal destination for paragliding.
Paragliding is an incredible activity that offers a thrilling experience like no other. It is an adventure sport that allows you to soar in the sky and take in stunning views from a bird’s eye view. Bangalore, India is one of the best places to go paragliding.
Top five spots for paragliding in Bangalore:
1. Jakkur Airfield:
The Jakkur Airfield is one of the most popular paragliding spots in Bangalore. It is located in the northern part of the city and is equipped with all the necessary facilities for paragliding. The airfield is open throughout the year and offers paragliding courses for beginners as well as advanced paragliders.
2. Ramanagara:
Ramanagara is a beautiful town located near Bangalore and is a great spot for paragliding. It is surrounded by rocky hills and offers stunning views of the countryside. The winds here are perfect for paragliding and the town is equipped with all the necessary facilities.
3. Nandi Hills:
Nandi Hills karnataka is another great spot for paragliding in Bangalore. It is located in the east of the city and offers a spectacular view of the surrounding areas. The spot is equipped with all the necessary amenities for paragliding and offers courses for beginners as well as experienced paragliders.
4. Kudremukh National Park:
Kudremukh National Park is a great spot for paragliding in Bangalore. It is located in the western part of the city and offers a stunning view of the surrounding areas. The park is equipped with all the necessary facilities for paragliding and offers courses for beginners as well as experienced paragliders.
5. Bannerghatta National Park:
Bannerghatta National Park is another great spot for paragliding in Bangalore. It is located in the south of the city and offers a spectacular view of the surrounding areas. The park is equipped with all the necessary amenities for paragliding and offers courses for beginners as well as experienced paragliders.
Benefits of Paragliding in Bangalore:
1. Spectacular Views:
The views from paragliding in Bangalore are absolutely breathtaking. From the air, you can see the entire city skyline and its surrounding areas. It’s a great way to take in the beauty of the city.
2. Adrenaline Rush:
Paragliding in Bangalore is a thrilling experience. It can be quite exhilarating as you soar through the sky and take in the sights. It’s a great way to get a rush of adrenaline.
3. Affordable:
Paragliding in Nandi hills is relatively affordable. It’s a great way to experience the city without breaking the bank. There are plenty of companies that offer paragliding packages that are both affordable and enjoyable.
4. Safety:
Paragliding in Bangalore is a safe activity. The companies that offer these packages are well-trained and experienced in the activity. They will ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable experience.
5. Fun: Paragliding in Bangalore is a fun and exciting way to experience the city. It’s a great way to have an adventure and take in the sights of the city from a different perspective.
Price of paragliding in bangalore:
  • The price of paragliding in Bangalore depends on the package you opt for. There are different packages available to suit different budgets.
  • The basic package starts at around 2000 INR for a 30-minute flight, while the deluxe package can cost up to 8000 INR for a 2-hour flight.
  • The prices also depend on the time of year, with peak season prices being higher than off-season rates.
  • If you are looking for a cheaper option, then you can opt for tandem paragliding.
  • The cost of tandem paragliding in Bangalore is around 3000 INR per person.
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2023.03.30 15:32 Bukharin Block Club Chicago - Touhy Park’s Tent City Is Gone, And Restoration Is Underway After Residents Leave For Housing

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2023.03.30 15:32 mobyhex Non-Rope Drop: 2nd Half of Day Strategy Possible?

I'm looking at Thrill Data for the parks now and it's looking pretty busy. We're going next week. If we're not going to rope drop or do early entry - I'm wondering if it's best to try for a 2nd half of the day. We'll be using Genie+. Can we go after 2 and still catch 2 or 3 big rides if we use ILL and LLs?
is it possible to use Genie+ to stack rides for later in the day - and then for the ones you can't get a LL for maybe the standby lines will die down a bit by 5 or 6?
Seems like for that 2nd LL, unless you badge in, you have to wait 2 hr after park open - and so by that time ur booking a 2nd LL - return times go out to 3 4 5 anyway?
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2023.03.30 15:31 ChronosHorus Attempt to get closer to children?

Attempt to get closer to children?
Why does he want to go to Legoland in Florida?
He’s homeless and he’s never had any past implications of liking legos or wanting to go. First Disney, then Orlando. This is going to be a mess, I can already see him getting kicked out of the parks for being a creep.
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2023.03.30 15:31 Educational-Mind-439 my dad jokes about autism all the time in front of me

i was diagnosed with autism late last year. my dad doesn’t believe in mental health issues and adhd, autism etc (i have adhd also). he constantly makes jokes about people with autism when i visit him and my mum and it’s like a kick in the guts. One time when i was out for dinner with my mum, dad and boyfriend, there was a little kid eating dinner with headphones on. When we got outside he said he must’ve had those headphones on because he’s a [insert R slur] and then he made a fake crying noise which was meant to mimic a breakdown i guess? really, really made me so angry. how can he do that when his autistic daughter is standing right in front of him. then the other day my boyfriend and i went to my parents house for dinner and my dad was saying how there is a boy who goes to their park across the road. he is non verbal and he looks at the kids playing. not in a creepy way, he is probably just wanting friends. well anyway, this boy walked past my parents house one day and just stood there. my dad went outside and told him to f*ck off. the boy got scared and ran away, and my dad was laughing about it, saying how he’s weird and definitely on the spectrum. it breaks my heart hearing the way he talks about people with autism, and it’s not funny. it just makes me so mad and feel so alone and disrespected knowing my own dad doesn’t care or know what it’s actually like being autistic
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2023.03.30 15:31 Ok-Detective-6892 Parking Charges

If you parking comes to more than £10 most car parks only charge £10 for a lost ticket. So always check is clicking lost ticket is cheaper than paying for the actual parking. 👍🏼
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2023.03.30 15:30 Pirate_Nurse15 Neighbors daughter hit my car while I was on vacation and won't admit it.

Title is the long and short of the situation. I just got back from a 10 day vacation and noticed the rear driver's quarter panel on my 2019 WRX STi was heavily scratched and gouged. I live in a house separated into 4 apartments. There's two different parking areas and one of the two spots I get is in a shared driveway with my upstairs neighbor.
My neighbor parks directly beside me parallel to my car. And her younger daughter parks beside her but perpendicular. I noticed the scratches the night I got home from vacation, and I confronted my neighbor yesterday. The mom was completely taken by surprise, the daughter immediately denied hitting my car (she's a teenager who recently got her license).
Me and Mom walk around daughters car, and on her passenger front quarter panel has some scratches AND some paint marks that suspiciously match the blue color of my car. Mom goes and talks to her daughter, and comes back 20 minutes later saying her daughter is still denying it.
Mom wants me to get a quote and says we can work it out. I tell mom that I've already filed two previous claims with similar scratches and that I paid my $1000 deductible and my insurance paid just as much if not more each time. Mom is immediately taken back by surprise and was thinking it would be a few hundred bucks.
I'm going today to see if a body shop can give me a rough estimate. I'm hoping it will scare the mom and daughter into actually admitting she hit my car.
I've filed two claims with my car previously, one was a similar situation where it got hit while parked but I don't know who hit it. The second claim was from a shopping cart getting blown into my car by wind. I've never been involved in an incident where I know with reasonable certainty who caused the damage. So I am curious how I should proceed, especially since they're refusing to admit fault.
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2023.03.30 15:30 doubledeus Finally got a weird one.

Finally got a weird one.
For the record, the Pornhub isn't a real account. Also the tip was 68 cents. I didn't care because it was like a mile and a half and right near my house, and I was done for the night.
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