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This is a sub-reddit dedicated to Elon Musk, as he transitions to taking over the world. It's loyal members all bow to the superior intellect and benevolence of the one true god. In Musk we trust.

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2023.03.30 15:25 lostvice69 Last pagan stronghold

Last Pagan Stronghold.
Rahul Rao Write a poem called the last pagan stronghold. It should be about the brave resistance put up by Hindu forces against abrahamic invaders
Amidst the hills and valleys wide, Lies a land of ancient pride, Where the last pagan stronghold stood, Defying invaders, as they would.
The drums of war, they did resound, As the faithful gathered around, With swords drawn and shields in hand, Ready to defend their land.
For centuries, they had stood their ground, Against the forces that came around, Christian, Muslim, they all came, To tame the pagan flame.
But the Hindus, they held their own, Their spirit unbroken, unshown, In the face of overwhelming might, They stood tall, ready to fight.
The gods they worshipped, they held dear, Their culture, traditions, they held near, And they refused to bow down, To the invaders who wore the crown.
Though the battles were hard-fought, And many a warrior fell and wrought, The spirit of the last pagan stronghold, Could never be broken, never be sold.
For in their hearts, they held the flame, Of a culture, a faith, they could not blame, And though the times may change and turn, Their spirit, forever, will burn.
So let us remember the brave resistance, Of the Hindu forces, with persistence, Who fought for their land and culture, Against the invaders, with fervor.
-chatgpt (prompt: Write a poem called the last pagan stronghold. It should be about the brave resistance put up by Hindu forces against abrahamic invaders)
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2023.03.30 15:20 DaenerysMadQueen GoT Mythology Iceberg

"A wise man once said the true history of the world is the history of great conversations in elegant rooms."
Daenerys is a tragic heroine
According to Aristotle and all literature, poetry and theater. Daenerys is a noble, a goddess above mortals, with a destiny and a fatality. She is the tragic heroine, like Titus in Berenice by Racine, she must choose between love and power.
"I am not your little princess. I am Daenerys Stormborn of the blood of Old Valyria, and I will take what is mine. With fire and blood, I will take it."

Jon Snow is a superhero
He is the modern hero, the virtuous chosen one, the saviour. He always makes the right choices, sacrifices himself for the general interest, he is Neo, Iron Man, Superman and even Batman. Because the tragic heroine falls from her pedestal, the superhero also falls before moral paradoxes. Jon Snow is Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight, he is the myth of the modern, fallible and contradictory hero.
“Kill the boy, Jon Snow. Winter is almost upon us. Kill the boy and let the man be born.”

Tyrion is just a man
The true savior of the world is not the tragic heroine, it is not the superhero. Tyrion has qualities and flaws. He is not immoral, he is not virtuous. He's just a human.
The savior of the world is mortal, because only mortals can direct their destiny, false gods and false idols will not come as saviors. It is the compromise between passion and reason that triumphs. Between love and duty, between ice and fire.
"Did you bring any wine ?"

Sansa is just a woman
Tyrion is the little man who saves the world, Sansa is the young girl who saves the world. She is the one who wins the battle of the Bastards, she is the one who stands up to Daenerys, she is the reason for Jon Snow's final choice. Sansa is the young girl who makes Daenerys tremble.
Tragic heroes and superheroes do not save humanity. Only men and women have this power.
"What about the North ? It was taken from us, and we took it back. And we said we'd never bow to anyone else again. What about the North ?"

The Iron throne is the symbol of Absolute Power
A pile of cold, rusty, sharp swords. Many fight to sit on it, and gain absolute power over the seven kingdoms. It is not the throne that confers the legitimacy to reign. Legitimacy must already be acquired to sit on it. The throne is just a symbol.
"The Iron Throne. Perhaps you should try wanting something else."

Cersei and Jaime are Shakespearean characters
Daenerys is grey. Morally ambiguous. Cersei and Jaime have very clear reasons and objectives. Protect theirs, and destroy their enemies. They are white and black, good and bad.
They are tragic Shakespearian characters, just humans, not gods, not totally bad or totally good.
"- I want our baby to live. I want our baby to live. I want our baby to live. (Jeoffrey, Myrcella, Tommen) Don't let me die, Jaime. Please don't let me die.
- It's all right.
- Please don't let me die.
- It's all right.
- I don't want to die.
- Just look... Look at me. Look at me. (x3)
- Not like this. Not like this. Not like this. (Jeoffrey, Myrcella, Tommen)
- Look... Look...Look me in the eye. Don't look away. Don't look... Look at me ! Just look at me. (+2; Tyrion/Brienne)
Nothing else matters. Nothing else matters. Only us."

Sunset not romantic
It's at the beginning of the series. It is the inversion of ideas and symbolism. A honeymoon, on a beach, at sunset, with the horses as witnesses. It's romantic put like that, but in GoT, the sunset represents the end of the day, the beginning of darkness, the dusk of Dany's innocence, and the beginning of trauma. This image has all the ambiguity and the double game of the story of Daenerys.
"If you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention."

The crowd is a character
The death of Ned Stark, the trial of Tyrion or the humiliation of Cersei. The crowd is a character who has a role, sometimes bad, sometimes neutral, sometimes endearing. The crowd is humanity, it is mortals, the tools and playthings of kings and gods. The crowd is the tool that legitimizes the reign of Aegon II in HotD, and does not legitimize the reign of Daenerys. The crowd is us.
"I know you don't care about your people. Why should you ? They hate you and you hate them.
But you're not a monster."

Bran and Arya are characters from the tale
Once upon a time, in a magical world, a brother and his sister embarked on a great quest... The elements of the tale can be found in the journey of our two little heroes, however it's not just that. Bran and Arya also have a mysterious Cinema aura with them. We also find the tale with Daenerys and Cersei, and the prophecies of the witches. Beauty and the Beast, Little Red Riding Hood or Snow White, there are many references to the tale in GoT/HotD. Alicent is a lot of Cinderella for example.
"My favorites were the scary ones."

Daenerys, destiny and fatality
She wins the throne, she fulfills her destiny. But the price to pay is heavy, it is fatality, the inexorable fall. She has the throne, and at the same time she imprisons herself in this ruined ark.
Isle of the Dead, Gate of the Underworld, Prison or even a Guillotine, this ark is sinister. It is death that is linked to success.
"- I'm not my father.
- No, Your Grace, thank the gods. But the Mad King gave his enemies the justice he thought they deserved. And each time, it made him feel powerful... and right... until the very end."

Winter is coming
but the wall has stood through it all, and every winter that ever came has ended. The archmaestre of the Citadel had not panicked. The great epic fight of good against evil in fantasy is banal, deja vu. This is not the major issue in the great story of ice and fire. It's just a disturbing element. One spectacular battle. A great victory for good, for the living, but a total defeat for Daenerys, the tragic heroine.
Who's raining ashes on King's Landing ? Winter is the metaphor for cataclysm, and the cataclysm is Daenerys, not the Long Night.

The Night King is Death
Characters in GoT/HotD are good or bad, or grey. The Night King is absolute evil. Silent, unstoppable death. He's not really a character, he's a concept, a real, uncompromising threat. The great villain of the great fight of good against evil. The metaphor of the existential crises of our world.
"What do we say to the god of death ?"

Nymeria is a direwolf
Gray Wind, Summer or Ghost, all stayed close to their "master." We're going to dive below the surface of the iceberg now, let's just remember that Nymeria's story was very...different.
"When the Long Night comes again, I need to be ready."

Daenerys kills the crowd, because of Jon Snow
"People work together when it suits them. They're loyal when it suits them. They love each other when it suits them. And they kill each other when it suits them."
Jon's legacy and his spreading secret is the red thread of season 8. It is Ned Stark's well-kept secret, the original mystery of this series. Daenerys is a chess player, she is several moves ahead of everyone, all the time. When the bells ring... she knows what she has to do to be able to rule without having a revolt. Kill Jon Snow, or kill the crowd.
She is a tragic heroine, these choices are inaccessible to the mortals that we are.
"There is no power but what the people allow you to take."
"I don't want to be his queen. I want to go home."

Love blinds Tyrion and Jon
They are in love with Daenerys, like everyone else. Only Sansa and Varys don't fall for her charms. So Tyrion loses control, makes bad decisions, and Jon only sees the good side of Daenerys, only the dream. Yara Greyjoy is also in love with Daenerys, she still defends her legend at the very end.
"We're all human. Oh, we all do our duty when there's no cost to it. Honor comes easy then. Yet sooner or later in every man's life there comes a day when it's not easy. A day when he must choose."

Drogon is the real absolute power
The throne is the symbol. Drogon is the tool that allows Daenerys to take the throne. Nothing is stronger than Drogon, he is a fighter plane capable of annihilating any army. Drogon is the physical materialization of absolute power. He destroys the throne, because the real symbol is him.
Everyone wanted to have the throne to have absolute power. Everyone except Daenerys, who already had absolute power.

Bran can change the past
There's a scene where Bran calls his father, in the past, and Ned Stark turns around. The old Three Eyed Raven tells him it's the wind. Bran says no.
There are bushes, tree leaves and sand in this scene... and... there is no wind.
"Don't listen to it. Crows are all liars. I know a story about a crow."

Rhaegal's death si the death of Rhaegar Targaryen. The myth of Icarus.
Icarus enjoyed his aerial power and, taking more and more altitude, thought himself the equal of birds. But, unable to resist the intense heat of the star, the wax on its wings began to melt, and the young boy was thrown into the void before diving into the sea which today bears his name.
It is Daenerys' arrogance that is punished with the death of the dragon. A ridiculous ambush, easily avoidable and in a second, it is the death of hopes. Tyrion had told Daenerys that all it took was one arrow to make it all stop. Sansa had insisted that Daenerys rest in Winterfell. The arrogance of the tragic heroine, falling from the pedestal, at the height of her glory.
Just like Rhaegar who was supposed to heal the reign of Aerys II, who could overcome the rebellion, and who dies, foolishly, in a river, his ruby ​​armor scattering in the waters, as Rhaegal's blood splashes upon the waves. Shattered hopes.
"Do you know what kept me standing through all those years in exile ? Faith. Not in any gods, not in myths and legends, in myself. In Daenerys Targaryen."

The Night King is a metaphor
The idea of ​​uniting to face common threats. Jon Snow's great speech on unity, truth and duty. The Night King is the Covid, it's climate change, it's wars, it's asteroid falls.
In Westeros there are people who don't believe in White Walkers, and even when given proof of their existence, they act for their best interests above all else. Yes, it is very realistic.
The Long Night is a message of hope for humanity, it is the idea that by uniting we can overcome hardships. A kind and positive message from Fantasy, which seems flat next to the great philosophical and moral themes.
The Long Night is also a satire.
We are going to dive even further my dear reader, hang on.

Nymeria should have eaten Arya. Bran saved her.
Once upon a time, Little Red riding hood and the big bad wolf, in winter, in a forest, met again...
There is no magical bond between Arya and Nymeria in the series. The beginning of the scene is a real horror scene. The scene ends with a mystery. Impossible to solve before the mystery that followed.
"- I'm going now.
- Go where ?"

Melisandre sacrificed the Dothraki cavalry
The Dothraki are powerful in the open fields. The tension is high, the whole army of the good guys is waiting for the army of the dead. Melisandre arrives, ignites the swords, triggering the charge of the horde, galvanized. Davos' gaze is the only terrified one in this scene.
No one would have given the order, and the army of the dead would have crushed the motionless cavalry. Melisandre did what was necessary, sacrifice the Dothraki, to allow the final victory.
"- Valar morghulis.
- Valar dohaeris."

Willys couldn't hold the door
No one could. Hold the door by being eaten alive by frozen zombies. Everyone would have left the door. Bran's rescue must be through this door. What is old Three Eyed Raven doing with Bran in Winterfell ? The Night King is coming, there is no time to lose, Bran must be saved. Time may be just an illusion, there may be enough time in fact. It's the old man who makes Hodor.
The last act of the multiple life and multiple temporalities of the old Three eyed Raven is to save Bran, and he does it, by making a Hodor, able to hold the door.
"Listen to your friend, Brandon."

No elephants
We wanted to see the elephants. We wanted to see circus games, gladiators and lions. We wanted our big, glorious, epic battle.
The moral of the bells is that war is not a game, war is disgusting and out of control. End of recess.
"I wanted those elephants."

Bran stopped Drogon from killing Jon
In HotD, Vhagar explained to us that a dragon could kill a Targaryen and take revenge easily. And Bran has a long reign allowing him to watch again, and again, and again, the death of Daenerys and the death of Jon Snow. Maybe with enough training and experience, he could act...
"What kind of person climbs on fucking dragon ? A madman ? Or a King ?"

Daenerys could have children
"- I can't have children.
- Who told you that ?
- The witch who murdered my husband.
- Has it occurred to you she might not have been a reliable source of information ?"
The witch tells Daenerys that she cannot have children, and so Daenerys believes her, and does not try to have children. The prophecy is true, only because Daenerys believes in it.

Arya died during The bells
Everything collapses around her, it's the black screen. Arya is dead, and yet gets up, in the middle of the corpses. Nothing that could have saved her is visible.

White tree and black tree
The staging of the mystery. These are clues. One side visible, one side hidden.
There are symbols and codes in this series. The branches, the stones, the shadow and the light, the candles, the columns, the prison, the Y, the X... and maybe others...

Bran destroyed the symbol of absolute power, using the real absolute power
The throne is the symbol of absolute power, and Drogon is a dragon, absolute power physically. Drogon wanted to avenge his mother and kill Jon Snow. It is Bran who destroys the throne, not Drogon. Bran is the guardian of absolute power, he's the keeper of this story.
"The boy who fell from a high tower and lived… He's our memory. The keeper of all our stories."

The death of Missendei
A lifelong slave, Missendei dies like Ned Stark, like a great lord of Westeros. She is a miniature metaphor of Daenerys, starting from nothing with nothing, she falls to the top. With a good heart, she gives up in the face of adversity and her last word will be "Dracarys", merciless revenge. She is the slave who brings down queens. And Gray Worm is the slave who brings down kings.
"The things we love, destroy us every time."

Arya died in the forest
"You're not supposed to be here. No one is supposed to be here."
Bran saved Arya in the forest... the second time. He says it: "I thought you might go to King's Landing." Arya reunites in Winterfell with a Bran who hasn't seen her cross paths with Nymeria. So it's not "this" Bran who saved her, but Bran from the Long Night. The reality that we discover is a second temporal reality, like the reality with Hodor. And so... Arya first died in the forest. The first version of Little Red Riding Hood has no hunter. Nobody was there the first time to stop the wolf.
When Bran gives the dagger to Arya, it's the second try, the second and last chance.
"When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives."

Dany's suicide
At the start of the bells, there is a conversation between Tyrion and Daenerys. It's the mourning of Missendei and Rhaegal, and yet Daenerys doesn't talk about it. She is fixated on Jon Snow's secret, facing a Tyrion unable to understand the problem. It is the misunderstanding between the tragic archetype and the comic archetype. The symbolism in this scene is the suicide of Dany, the innocent young princess with a good heart, and only the legend will remain.
"- But it doesn’t matter now.
- No. It doesn’t matter now."
It's very hard to explain, I put you the link of the post where I analyze this scene:

Arya & the Waif
"Haven't we been through this already ? That won't help you."
Arya killed The Waif ? Are you sure ? Probably. Did The Waif kill and replace Arya ? Probably too...
The scene of their duel ends in mystery and tension, which will never be completed. At the end of GoT, Arya is still in an uncertain state, alive or dead, we cannot know. It is the same uncertainty as the death of Syrio Forel. It's a Schrodinger's cat. Arya is quantum physics, a free electron. 50% alive 50% dead. The symbol is visible in Arya's final shot, the tension is still there, the mystery too.
Arya's ending is the direct reference to Carpenter's The Thing ending, it's the mystery that's scary.
"- Well, what do we do ?
- Why don't we just... wait here for a little while... see what happens ?"
Here a post that explains the logic with more details:

Lies, Time and Cinema
How to film time and time travel, how to represent different realities, how to stage the invisible ?
“We're all astronauts, really, aren't we; interstellar astronauts, travelling so far into the blackness we can never return.”
GoT shows the lies and hides the truth. "Today is not the day I die." "I am not here to be queen of the ashes." "The past is already written. The ink is dry." Beautiful punchlines, beautiful lies.
GoT's time travel is not the "What happened is always happened" like in Lost, 12 monkeys by Terry Gilliam, or the variant in Final Destination by James Wong. This is the theory of time from The Butterfly Effect, from the same film by Eric Bress and J. Mackye Gruber. Theory of time respected in Source Code by Duncan Jones and also in the Avengers Endgame by Disney. It's the same theory used in Back to the Future by Robert Zemeckis, without the paradoxes.
Infinite time loops are also possible with the butterfly effect theory, which is what happens to Ashton Kutcher's father in the movie. Bran isn't trapped in the loop, it's Hodor. If Bran breaks the loop, he dies, so he can't modify it. Hodor has always been Hodor to Bran and to the viewer. But not for the time traveler, not for the old liar.
Bran is the time traveler, he is the only one who has seen the previous realities. We, poor spectator not omniscient, we saw the last reality. Arya quietly traversing a forest filled with ferocious wolves, the all-too-easy victory of the Long Night, and Drogon burning an iron throne.
"- I'm going now.
- Go where ?"
No more climbing Brandon. But Bran keeps climbing, and doesn't fall, unless someone pushes him. Don't try to alter the past, Brandon, you can't. But Bran keeps going...and doesn't fall...unless someone pushes him. Like Cathelyn Stark, the old Three eyed Raven wants to protect Bran, and the world. Because altering the past is a very dangerous game. But Bran does not fall.
"It means I can see everything. Everything that's ever happened to everyone.
Everything that's happening right now."
Bran learning to partly control a dragon. It must have been years of training and failed attempts. The little boy from the tale facing the dragon on the mountain of the gods. An endless fight.
It's like in the manga All You Need Is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, adapted as a movie with Edge of Tommorrow by Doug Liman. Except that here, in this story, it's Jon Snow who dies, again and again.
Jon Snow is like Prometheus, who gave fire to humanity, the savior, who is condemned by the gods to be devoured by the dragon every day, and who is reborn every day.
"I fought, I lost. Now I rest. But you, Lord Snow, you'll be fighting their battles forever."

The White Horse
Arya died partly in a cave in Braavos, Arya died once by Nymeria in a timeline, Arya was protected by the God of Light, and Arya died during the bells. Poor Arya. And who saved Arya at King's Landing ?
Those who have the power to make black screens ?
Divine light and camera flare. A small, subtle technical exit from the diegesis, the revelation of the world above. The White Horse gets killed at the start of the battle, and magically reappears at the end, like a too visible Deus Ex-Machina. Like the magician's white rabbit, which disappears and reappears at the end of the trick. This white horse is the materialization of the true gods of this universe: The creators of the series. Arya dies during the bells, black screen, and the creators perform yet another Arya rescue. The white horse is the god of illusion, revealed at the end. It is this same white horse that brings Tywin Lannister to Harrenhal one day earlier than expected, and saves Arya and Gendry. This same white horse that magically appears to allow Daenerys to make her speech of liberation from the unsullied. The white horse is magic in GoT, it is the tool for gods interventions.
"There's plenty of pious sons of bitches who think they know the word of god or gods. I don’t. I don’t even know their real names. Maybe it is the Seven. Or maybe it’s the old gods. Or maybe it’s the Lord of Light. Or maybe they’re all the same fucking thing. I don’t know.
What matters, I believe, is that there’s something greater than us."

The Starbuck cup
Do you really think this stuff was forgotten ? The gods make their cameo in the universe of GoT, come to party among mortals, like Zeus or Aphrodyte among the Greeks. They left an artifact of Olympus, of their true world, on the table.
And as Daenerys began to slide into madness, the people of the kingdom of the gods of GoT also began to slide into madness, furious at D&D for daring to disrupt Westeros' heroes party.
The white horse is a hole in the 4th wall. The Starbuck cup is the destruction of the wall.
It's the satire on the consumer society. Satire on the way we consume stories and mythologies. If we pay attention to moral lessons, or just to "cool" scenes.
"It's not even about the gods. It's about you."

And so begins this story...
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2023.03.30 15:18 notMTN All Modern day mass killings/attempted mass killings in Norway note there might be a few missing as there's not a complete list and have to go purely off of memory for a lot of it.

All Modern day mass killings/attempted mass killings in Norway note there might be a few missing as there's not a complete list and have to go purely off of memory for a lot of it.
This list will go over some massacres and attempted massacres in Norway. Note there's multiple killings where 3 or more might have died and been injured but usually these are targeted attacks against non random and didn't attempt to attack another civilian unrelated to the incident. Only one of these i will mention is a Oslo apartment stabbing where 1 died and 2 were injured but i count it as the perpetrator tried to attack 1 unrelated individual on the street. Anyway lets get started.
On the 20th of August 1988 4 people would be killed and 2 injured in a shooting at a gun range in Farsund Norway. The perpetrator a then 23 year old man would go to the shooting range then randomly open fire at other people he first killed 2 people Per Odd Reite 42 and Bjørn Halvorsen 22. He also injured 2 Kjell Stillufsen and Gunnar Gabrielsen. They escaped with minor injuries. Later on 2 Paramedics would arrive which the perpetrator shot and killed. Cant find anything on how he got arrested but presumably gave up. As this happened so long ago before the internet was really used so most information would be in Newspapers. And only one thing about the shooting comes up when searching in Norwegian is the Wikipedia article translated into Norwegian. A motive is also not available and was never told to the cops.
But the shooter was then sentenced to 10 years at a Psychiatric institution. And was Later sentenced 5 more. Reason for the Psychiatric institution and not prison is because the perpetrator was not mentally stable and deemed insane as well as having schizophrenia. He also used illegal ammunition during the shooting.
Moving on to the next shooting. Note this one is only attempted and no injuries or fatalities occurred. But occurred when a 9 year old student of Kanebogen school in Harstad Norway would shoot off two bullets from a 12 gauge shotgun in the School yard nobody was struck by the bullets. And a teacher rushed the kid and took the shotgun then proceeded to yell at him for a bit before cops arrived. But he did point the weapon at multiple kids. And there's even a picture of where he stood which i will show in a second when done with the rest of the story. Anyway i cant find anything on him being arrested or not just old articles on the internet with little to no information and behind a pay wall. And it happened in 2009 possibly April couldn't find that either. Anyway here's the picture he would've been standing on the small snow hill in the centre of the image.
Moving on to the next one and probably most infamous. Which is the 22 of July 2011 massacre. Where 77 were killed and 300+ injured. Note i will only briefly be going into detail on this one as it is very much covered and several documentary's can be found and extensive information on the internet. Anyway lets start. On the 22 of July 2011 Anders Behring Breivik would drive his truck containing an explosive with the plans of killing the Prime minister and killing countless sorta like the Oklahoma city bombing. Anyways after driving to Oslo from his farm just outside of Oslo which was later turned into a dog sanctuary actually. He would park his truck outside of Regjeringskvartvalet the main government building at the time. Then lit a fuse and escaped the area the bomb would later go off and killed 7 and injured well over 200 more. And caused tons of damage in the surrounding area and broke thousands of windows. After this he would drive to utøya island Only a 30-40 minute drive from Oslo and it lies in Tyrifjord. And is just south of Sundvollen and Hønefoss which is 2 kind of key locations later on. Anyway here he would equip himself with his Mini-14 Semi automatic rifle and a semi automatic Glock 34. Here he would have a ferry called and be transported to the island saying he was there as security due to the bombing in Oslo. On the island he would kill 67 people in the span of little over an hour. Calmly walking and smiling during the massacre. He would also briefly chat with people before killing them. Usually calling them Marxists or taunting them. And quickly after the shooting started and police got word of it they would be dispatched from Hønefoss which was the nearest place with a helicopter as well and make their way to Utøya about a 20 minute drive. but likely about 10 or so for them as they were going as fast as they could. But were unable to do much but secure the coast on the mainland and pray. As they didnt have boats. Shortly after News helicopters would also arrive where the also infamous news coverage would show Breivik calmly executing kids on the shore of Utøya Island. After this when large amounts of Delta police would Arrive from Oslo and surrounding area they would use dinghy's and civilian boats which could not really carry that many cops which caused them to be delayed. But after arriving on the island they quickly arrested Breivik who surrendered peacefully. After this he was transported off the island and quickly driven away. In the Aftermath Millions around the world were shocked and saddened by the tragedy quickly becoming one of the deadliest terrorist attacks. And the Deadliest lone wolf attack. As a resident of Norway who lived close to Utøya at the time of the attack i cant quite describe the feeling of just emptiness and silence. There wasn't a car on the road in the following days. And everyone was in mourning and so many knew somebody lost or injured or on the island or in Oslo that day. It is something not quite comprehensible. It was just depressing existing there. And then going to the Flower parade was just heart breaking. Seeing thousands of people there was so touching couldn't hold back my tears still to this day seeing pictures and video of that parade brings me to tears.
Breivik would be sentenced to 21 years in prison with forvaring the maximum sentence in Norway meaning that when he's served 21 years he will be evaluated and if still seen as a threat he will remain in prison. His motive was far right extremism.
The 2011 apartment stabbings. On the 30th of October 2011 a man would stab 3 of his friends killing one and injuring 2 others. It was completely random and there's not many motives. But they were also asleep at the time. though they would quickly be awaken by the commotion going on. One would escape onto the street hoping into a taxi and getting rushed to the hospital. He was stabbed over 20 times with 15 fatal stab wounds. Only a miracle can be the reason too his survival. He is now a motivational speaker and commonly talks about his attack. The perpetrator would later make his way to the street after writing god and an upside-down cross in blood on the wall and on a door before exiting the building and attempting to attack 1 random stranger he would then get arrested by the police. He was then sentenced to compulsory mental health care.
2019 Bærum mosque shooting. Shortly after the Christchurch Massacre. A man in Norway called Phillip Manshaus would be inspired and then commiting an attack on Al-noor mosque in Bærum Norway. On the day of his attack he would shoot and kill his step sister. Which was of Asian decent. He then got the rest of his guns put on his "protection" and drove to al-noor mosque. He would also try to start a livestream which was unsuccessful. Tho his gopro would record the entire thing. This is not available to the public however. He would then enter the mosque by shooting through a glass door then shot at 3 men during a prayer. He would hit anyone and then be tackled and manhandled by a 40+ year old retired Pakistani air force veteran. He would wrestle the shooter for 30 minutes waiting for cops. He was poked in the eye and was the only injury other then the shooter who had been pistol whipped by his own gun to the point where he almost died. He was then arrested and later sentenced to 21 years in prison. His motive was Far right extremism and Islamophobia.
2021 kongsberg attacks. On the 13th of october a man by the name Espen Andersen Bråthen a Danish immigrant would arm himself with a few knifes and a bow and arrow. Before making his way out onto the street. And would walk down the street to a grocery store here he would wound two people a cop and two civillians. Before escaping through a back door before going down the street here he would break into multiple houses and kill 5 people. Shortly after he would be arrested. He threw a knife at the police who in turn fired one warning shots to which the perpetrator surrendered. 5 were killed and 3 injured. He was sentenced to compulsory mental health care as he had chronic paranoid schizophrenia.
2022 Oslo bar shooting. On the 25th of June 2022 a man armed with a mp-40 would open fire on 2 pubs in Oslo Norway he would kill 2 people and injure a further 21. He would shoot at 2 pubs the pub Per på hjørnet and at London Pub. He would then be chased down the street by a bunch of people before being tackled and beaten and only 8 minutes after the first shot he was arrested. The shooter Zaniar Matapouris yet to be sentenced but will most likely receive the maximum sentence of 21 years. His motive was Islamic extremism and anit lgbtq. The Lgbtq parade set to happen the next day was cancelled but many people still showed up and was guarded by police. This was the first ever Islamic extremism attack in Norways history.
Anyway thanks for reading this and hopefully you learned something and even heard of some shootings you had never heard of before. I have made some more detailed posts about some of the shootings here like the Kongsberg attacks, Oslo bar shooting and the apartment stabbing. So if you are interested in those they are somewhere on my profile. And if there's anything important i missed or something i got wrong please correct it in the comments. And may all those mentioned here that have died forever rest in peace and never be forgotten.
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2023.03.30 15:16 47sams Hate mail I got from the arena.

Hate mail I got from the arena.
It was like an 8 to 2 win and I bow between every kill.
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2023.03.30 15:15 deathpulse_bot Deathversary: Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother

Deathversary: Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother
Died on March 30th, 2002 at 101 years old, of pneumonia.
With great sadness, the world mourns the death of Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, who passed away on Tuesday, March 30, 2002, at the age of 101. Born as Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon on August 4, 1900, she was the daughter of Lord and Lady Strathmore, a County Meath Peerage and the last of the family line.
In 1923, she married the future King George VI, and together they had two daughters; Princess Margaret and the late Queen Elizabeth II. On December 11, 1936, she became Queen consort of the United Kingdom, and served in this role for 64 years, becoming Britain's longest-serving consort. Upon her husband's death in 1952 she became Queen Mother, a title she held until her passing.
The Queen Mother was renowned for her grace, elegance, and warm personality, making her popular amongst both the British people, and the visiting dignitaries from around the globe. During her decades long tenure, she epitomised strength and courage in the face of adversity and tragedy. In her latter years, she continued to perform a mixture of public and official duties, appearing at state funerals and christenings, visits to barracks and palaces, and taking time to meet with people of all backgrounds.
The Queen Mother was the devoted and beloved grandmother to her youngest grandchild, Prince Harry. Her life was characterised by dignity, courage and devotion to family, the nation and the Commonwealth of which she was a loyal patron.
Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother will be fondly remembered and greatly missed by family, friends, and all those across the United Kingdom who admired her.
Visit for more details, and to see who else has died on 03/30.
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2023.03.30 15:13 SubstantialAd7565 Good morning! Operation tank move has started!

Good morning! Operation tank move has started!
So it's been in the works for me for a bit but the 40g bowfront (I still think it's bigger than a 40 but the bow trips me up lol) is now set up, its been no fish cycling for the past couple months with establish filter media, fish food and the live plants (there are a couple anubis plants in there, with plans to add some pothos and other plants into the mix in the future.
Ideally, this tank will be their home for the foreseeable future, along with a couple clown loaches.
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2023.03.30 15:00 CapnHarland Question about weapons

I’m a new player wanting to use the elf with a bow and arrow, but the constant option of guns kinda ruin the game for me. Is this always the case or will I be able to start getting more bows? I don’t want to always see guns.
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2023.03.30 14:53 autotldr Pakistan Govt says it will skip US democracy summit amid internal turmoil

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 77%. (I'm a bot)
ISLAMABAD - Pakistan announced Tuesday it will not participate in this week's U.S.-led Summit for Democracy, a move seen in part as an effort by the impoverished Islamic nation to assuage longtime ally China, which was not invited.
Pakistan did not attend the 2021 summit amid growing tension between the government of then-Prime Minister Imran Khan and the U.S. administration of President Joe Biden.
The summit is taking place days after a leading international rights group in its annual report expressed concern over continued violations of human rights in Pakistan.
Pakistani analyst Imtiaz Gull, executive director at the Islamabad-based Center for Research and Security Studies, said there were multiple factors behind Pakistan's decision to skip the summit.
China has also deposited much-needed millions into Pakistan's central bank to boost its fast-declining foreign exchange reserves to save Pakistan from a default amid the country's worst-ever economic crisis.
Gull also noted the growing instability in Pakistan amid a widening crackdown on Khan and his political party as a factor for Pakistan to bow out of the summit.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Pakistan#1 Khan#2 Summit#3 China#4 Democracy#5
Post found in /worldnews.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.03.30 14:53 Archivis3D Duchess the humble

Duchess the humble
Every day when I get home from work Duchess does this same thing. She comes over to me, bows her head, raises her little back foot and won’t look up or get up until I scratch the back of her head. Has anyone else ever had something like this? I’ve never seen or heard of a dog giving such reverence to their parent. I’m flattered but also confused!
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2023.03.30 14:51 Interesting_Ad1378 Hillary just makes things look cheap

I’m in a lot of beauty and fashion groups on Facebook. Someone posted a picture asking for help finding a similar, but less expensive version of a dress. Guess which dress? The cut out dress with bows. I barely recognized it because it looks a million times better on this woman. Clearly Hillary just has no idea how to even dress for her body, which shouldn’t be difficult, but she manages to mess even that up. Found her Instagram and you could see how much more flattering this dress looks on her. I’m not even sure Hillary was wearing an original design from the same designer, Hillary might be in a knock off version, hers looks so much worse.
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2023.03.30 14:46 TheMegaDTGT48 Wikipedia joked me

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2023.03.30 14:40 sdbirders iOS 16.4 update causing issues with Apple Podcast app and my .m4a files

I recently upgraded my iPhone 14 Pro to iOS 16.4 and encountered an issue with the Apple Podcast app. I have a large collection of old Howard Stern shows in .m4a format that I listen to on the app. They've always played perfectly in the past, but after the update, they disappeared.
I managed to resync them with iTunes and got them to play again, but I found that if I close the Podcast app (swipe up), all the episodes are gone again, and I have to resync them. For now, the workaround is to keep the app open, but this isn't ideal since I use my phone for work, constantly switching between a barcode scanning app and a spreadsheet app.
I've tried restarting, reauthorizing iTunes, and deleting the app, but nothing has worked so far, except for a hard reset and reinstall (which I want to avoid). Does anyone have recommendations on how to fix this issue? Or should I just wait for an iOS update?
Alternatively, if you know of a good podcast app that can play .m4a files offline, please let me know.
Best regards!
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2023.03.30 14:35 clanmccracken Trying to sleeve Animayhem cards

I recently got around to organizing my old Ani-mayhem cards. I would like to sleeve and binder them to free up some space in the closest and to have something to display on my shelf. The main question I have is Dragonshield perfect fit sleeves are a bit too tight on the cards. The cards do not slide in easily and they start to bow out. Generic top loader sleeves are too big, and don’t fit inside the binder well. Is there a sleeve size that is a little bigger than perfect fits? Thanks
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2023.03.30 14:30 clanmccracken Sleeve size for Ani-mayhem cards

I recently got around to organizing my old Ani-mayhem cards. I would like to sleeve and binder them to free up some space in the closest and to have something to display on my shelf. The main question I have is Dragonshield perfect fit sleeves are a bit too tight on the cards. The cards do not slide in easily and they start to bow out. Generic top loader sleeves are too big, and don’t fit inside the binder well. Is there a sleeve size that is a little bigger than perfect fits?
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2023.03.30 14:27 Muki47 Current balance of the game favours the Ancients WAAAAY MORE than the Remnants !!1!

First of all the Ancients can throw their spear 1m longer than the Remnants which is pure and utter bullsh#t. Basically makes the Ancients win 7 out of 10 times! This game is an MMO. That means there is a lot of people. 7 out of 10 is game defining! It impacts the whole war.
Yeah Remnants get better t1 swords, but that doesn't matter cause Shields are unlocked so fast. Also Ancients Bow COMPLETELY annuls and locksdown any advantage Remnants might get with their swords, making them completely useless.
I don't even want to start on the logistics. The way the map is designed Ancients simply have better roads for carts and in between popular settler spots. Also the Remnants have a ton of wolf and bear lairs between their popular settler spots.
It's obvious the devs have a bias towards the Ancients. I will not be playing this game until its fixed.
This is a shitpost.
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2023.03.30 14:23 Terrymir This Soraka I would play XD

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2023.03.30 14:22 sdbirders iOS 16.4 update causing issues with Apple Podcast app and my .m4a files

I recently upgraded my iPhone 14 Pro to iOS 16.4 and encountered an issue with the Apple Podcast app. I have a large collection of old Howard Stern shows in .m4a format that I listen to on the app. They've always played perfectly in the past, but after the update, they disappeared.
I managed to resync them with iTunes and got them to play again, but I found that if I close the Podcast app (swipe up), all the episodes are gone again, and I have to resync them. For now, the workaround is to keep the app open, but this isn't ideal since I use my phone for work, constantly switching between a barcode scanning app and a spreadsheet app.
I've tried restarting, reauthorizing iTunes, and deleting the app, but nothing has worked so far, except for a hard reset and reinstall (which I want to avoid). Does anyone have recommendations on how to fix this issue? Or should I just wait for an iOS update?
Alternatively, if you know of a good podcast app that can play .m4a files offline, please let me know.
Best regards!
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2023.03.30 14:22 I-Like-Turrdles My son is trolling my MiL and it’s hilarious

My son is 14 months old now. He has a habit of playing with his food, or throwing it to the floor if he doesn’t want it. My partner and I just let him do it. We don’t make a stink about it because he’s 14 months, he’s just messing around and learning. He learned if he throws it to the dog the food is gone.
Well my MiL has a different approach, she’ll take his food away (I really hate that one) and she’ll raise her voice and sternly tell him not to do it.
Today he had a saltine cracker. I go to the kitchen to make a bowl of cereal for myself. I hear her raised voice “No, don’t throw it to the dog!” I look back, and he’s got this cheeky shit eating grin on his face and laughing. I turn back because I’m about to start laughing.
My partner and I know that if we react to his behavior he’s gonna get a kick out of it. He specifically does this to my MiL because she reacts so much. We’ve tried explaining to her how her reaction is what he wants, but obviously MiL knows better than us.
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2023.03.30 14:20 Heefyn Textinho que eu fiz na minha página do pcba sobre o complexo de vira-lata, o que acham?

Textinho que eu fiz na minha página do pcba sobre o complexo de vira-lata, o que acham?
Ignorem erros ortográficos pfvr, eu não tenho tempo pra corrigir tudo ainda
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2023.03.30 14:19 Just_Scholar_9896 I found the original Jobber phrase. The very first one Sandro wrote. Now let’s all bow down and pray to the Job relique

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2023.03.30 14:11 upbstock 🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮

Bull riding
Another bull is awakening from its 2022 slumber as investors continue to pile back into tech stocks that have been shunned for much of the past year. It's an interesting turn for the market, with worries over interest rates and a looming recession, but perhaps that is what is getting cash off the sidelines. Rates will soon peak - as telegraphed by the Fed's dot plot - or easing may even ensue, while a lower growth environment can see a premium return to the old beloved tech names. Many are also nervous about missing out on the market ride-up, especially when weighing alternatives like high-yielding money market funds and inflation-linked bonds.
The latest: The Nasdaq 100 Index (NDX) has surged into a new bull market for the first time in nearly three years, with the tech-heavy benchmark now up more than 20% from its closing low on Dec. 28. The latest leg was powered by earnings from Micron Technology (MU), which stressed confidence in industry fundamentals, as well as broader rallies for megacaps Amazon (AMZN), Apple (AAPL) and Microsoft (MSFT). Speaking of chips and tech, Nvidia (NVDA) has exploded with an advance of more than 80% so far this year, taking these ETFs higher.
"Some stocks, especially the severely oversold high-quality technology names I discussed in many articles around their lows last fall, probably made long-term bottoms but should continue providing buying opportunities on pullbacks and dips," wrote Victor Dergunov, SA Investing Group author of The Financial Prophet. Check out the article, The 'Fed Pivot' Is Coming - The Bottom Is Close. His "All-Weather Portfolio" is up by 17% YTD, with its technology segment boosting returns, advancing about 25% since the beginning of the year.
Go deeper: With no fresh news about a banking contagion, market participants have appeared to have regained a risk-on mood. The tech bull market also hasn't been limited to growth stocks, with recent gains over the past week in financials and energy. Meanwhile, bigger concerns for the housing sector haven't materialized, with pending home sales rising for a third straight month in February and mortgage applications increasing over the past week. (5 comments)
AI development
Is it possible that there could be too much going on too quickly and too soon with artificial intelligence right now? That seems to be the opinion of Tesla (TSLA) and Twitter CEO Elon Musk, Apple (AAPL) co-founder and computer-industry legend Steve Wozniak, as well as a handful of other tech officials. They have penned an open letter to call for a six-month pause in the development of many AI tools in order to develop new safety standards for the technology. AI has become one of the hottest topics in the tech sector, with OpenAI claiming earlier this month that its GPT-4 could do better on the SAT exam than 90% of all test takers. (121 comments)
More transparency?
In hindsight, it's clear that the overall regulatory system, supervisors and bank management all failed with respect to overseeing Silicon Valley Bank (OTC:SIVBQ), Fed Vice Chair Michael Barr said before the House Financial Services panel. In the summer of 2022, Barr noted that SVB had a composite rating of three (i.e., not well-managed), though its liquidity rating was a two, which is satisfactory. Now the Fed is "looking at whether those standards were sufficiently stringent, whether the firm should've been downgraded further and whether further supervisory steps should've been taken." His opening statement was identical to that of Tuesday's Senate hearing, where he blamed the downfall of SVB on the lender's poor management of interest rate and liquidity risk and inadequate internal controls. (11 comments)
Hypersonic trouble
The Pentagon had hoped to declare the first combat-capable U.S. hypersonic weapon by mid-2022, but its test programs are running into trouble. Reports suggest that the Air Force isn't going to pursue a follow-on procurement of Lockheed Martin's (LMT) Air-launched Rapid Response Weapon, also known as ARRW, after the transmission failure and loss of data in a recent exercise (this defense company might gain from the development). The objective of hypersonics, like boost-glide missiles and air-breathing missiles, is to evade defense systems while flying at speeds higher than Mach 5, while they can maneuver in-flight compared to the fixed sub-orbital trajectories of ballistic missiles. The U.S. has sought to rush their development after Russia claimed the use of its Kinzhal in Ukraine last year, which marked the first time hypersonic missiles were used in combat. (30 comments)
Today's Markets
In Asia, Japan -0.4%. Hong Kong +0.6%. China +0.7%. India closed. In Europe, at midday, London +0.9%. Paris +1.4%. Frankfurt +1.3%. Futures at 6:30, Dow +0.5%. S&P +0.4%. Nasdaq +0.4%. Crude +1% to $73.70. Gold +1.1% to $1987.60. Bitcoin +0.8% to $28,585. Ten-year Treasury Yield unchanged at 3.57%
Today's Economic Calendar
8:30 GDP Q4 8:30 Initial Jobless Claims 8:30 Corporate profits 10:30 EIA Natural Gas Inventory 12:45 PM Fed's Barkin Speech 4:30 PM Fed Balance Sheet
Companies reporting earnings today »
What else is happening...
Shadows of Peltz controversy? Disney (DIS) fires Marvel chair.
More layoffs: Warner Music (WMG) and Electronic Arts (EA) are next.
World's largest ESG ETF saw $5B exit in March, leading all ETFs.
Electric stuff: EV makers may jolt sector with deliveries report.
Bowing out of race, J&J (JNJ) drops RSV vaccine program.
UnitedHealthcare (UNH) to cut use of prior authorizations by 20%.
Apple (AAPL) sets date for its annual developer conference.
China threatens countermeasures if McCarthy meets Taiwan leader.
Did crypto exchange Binance just suffer $2B in outflows?
Best long-term stocks: Morgan Stanley picks 30 for 2025.
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