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A subreddit dedicated to the greatest band of all time: Ladies and gentlemen, The Beatles!

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2010.11.11 17:18 For couples who can't be in the same room

LongDistance is a subreddit for and about long distance relationships. For anyone considering(but not seeking), currently in, or who used to be, this is the community for you! We are here for support, advice, and community who can relate to your experiences. We are people who met online, students studying across the country and abroad, people separated by jobs and the military, and more.

2023.06.08 10:45 haven700 Help making Golden Golems viable.

I've got Zephyr Archers taking down Balors in a single turn and meanwhile my tier 5 Golden Golem does a poultry 20+ damage a hit. I can see they would be great if I can get those golden retaliation strikes working for me but currently they only have a 60% chance to guild something before resistances (so basically they never proc the gilded status on anything) How can I make these towering bad boys viable? What tomes and enchantments work with them if any? I'm currently playing enchantment halflings with a feudal background.
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2023.06.08 10:44 sp1cynood1esx3 am i overthinking?

I got a TT 2 years ago, got my RAI last year and have been on 112 mcg levothyroxine. I was diagnosed at 23 and have never dealt with doctors or much at all, but I feel as if my Endo is dismissive. I bring things up and she handwaves or laughs it off. I also noticed for blood tests, she checks for TSH, thyroglobulin & Tgab, but doesn't check T4? Is this normal? I have also communicated that it has been very hard for me to lose weight. Energy and mood wise, I feel okay on levo. I get tired but nothing extreme. But at the same time I don't really remember how it feels like to have a "normal" energy level. Is this means to ask to try something other than levo?
Does my train of thought make sense or is it due to my lack of experience? Idk if I'm being over dramatic or overthinking too much on these details but I feel as though my medication could be tweaked a little more?
I also did try to change doctors within my hospital and was denied...
Any thoughts or shared experiences with endos would be appreciated :)
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2023.06.08 10:44 Gud-Breadsticks [ALL][TOTK] So... About these series-centric Phobias.

How is this series so darn good at creating brand new literally unheard of phobias? Seriously how many monsters haunt the dreams of players to this day? Personally I am terrified the most of the Dead Hand of OOT, and ReDeads from every game. And somehow even the Gibdos of ToTK manage to set off almost a zombie apocalypse feeling of fear. But worst of all is the Gloom Hands, I miss the Guardians. I never thought I'd miss them but the Gloom Hands have struck the fear of Hylia into my soul.
Somehow I unlocked a secret ability to outrun them from the very start out of sheer terror, and the moment I see the hands I'm running to the nearest wall. Somehow this series created a fear of monstrous hands and... Human like monsters for me. Like the Dead Hand. Like these monsters are horrific but also... Very interesting and cool? What are some of your LoZ phobias?
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2023.06.08 10:44 piccran Mom is moving in with another woman

I live in a single mom household, and my mom has asked me if I’m fine with us moving in with another woman and her son (she’s also a single mom). She came out to me years ago and I know she has been dating women. However, this lady she wants to move in with, I’ve only met her three times, and the last time was going on a cruise together for 6 days. I feel anxious about this as I am not sure how this will turn out, especially they have only dated for a few months, so this whole thing feels very rushed.
Also, the other lady is originally from Korea, and my family is Japanese descent, so there has been some tension when we talked about history and she mentioned how Japan colonised her country… which has nothing to do with me.
Anyways, I hope some smart folks here can give me some advice on how to deal with this. I’ve been following this community for a while, and I’m on day 61 of my streak.
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2023.06.08 10:44 RabbiCartman Do I (26M) stay friends with the girl (23F) I'm in love with?

Story goes I (25M) had been friends with this girl (22F) for just over 2 years, just around the time we'd met she'd started a relationship and I and her boyfriend became close friends also. We'd all bonded to the point that all 3 of us were hanging out on an almost weekly basis, together and separately.
I liked the girl of course but she was happy with my friend whom I respected deeply and the emotions her and I shared were clearly platonic so my feelings for her stayed that way. One day girl messages me asking to go out to a gig, I think boyfriend was out with Covid or they were taking a break from each other or something, I don't know. We spent the day together just enjoying each other's company, We ended up back at my place for smoking, drinking and music and I wouldn't even touch her at first because I worried what it could do to our relationships. The night is over and I offer her my couch to sleep on, she insists on sleeping in bed with me which I originally didn't perceive as a sexual advance cause my couch isn't very drunk crash-out friendly. We lie in bed and she starts spooning with me for about 30min, both of us actively resisting the increasing sexual tension between us. We both indirectly confirm that we're not having sex and she orders an uber home. Just before she leaves, she thanks me for the night and we end up making out for about a minute, she immediately apologies and we both admit it shouldn't have happened and we pretend like it never did. We keep our mistake a secret and our relationship stays relatively the same.
I obviously have feelings for her at this point, but I keep my emotions at bay because she was in a happy relationship with someone I respect. About 3 months later we all sort of fall out of contact for about 6 months for personal reasons and I find out from the boyfriend that he and girl had broken up while he was overseas on holiday, first thing he says is he misses hanging out with me and her. It broke me finding that out because I was sad that 2 of my closest friends had fallen apart and I had extreme guilt for my indirect contribution. Couple months later he makes the decision to stay overseas forever, he hasn't talked to me or any other local friends since, Girl has confirmed she hasn't told him we kissed.
I still hang out with the girl. Less frequently and with slightly less personal and emotional intimacy than before, she's very flirty and teases me when we hang out but not exclusively to me. She's just very outwardly affectionate, especially when out drinking, and it became more noticeable in my emotional state because she was single, and I could feel the immense sadness and heartbreak she was hiding. I slowly realized I was in love with her and that I really didn't want to be because I knew it was going to hurt us both. I couldn't tell her how I felt because she had basically shut herself off emotionally and spiritually and she was still in love with her ex and extremely sad about it. The only bonding we were doing was drinking and flirting with each other and I couldn't even play into that because it felt very emotionally flat and the last time we followed through I got my emotions reciprocated and rejected simultaneously. On top of all this she'd only just started dating some random guy she worked with as an obvious rebound and he immediately took a disliking to me because his "girlfriend" and I had an obvious emotional bond and because of how physically affectionate she is. She has shown absolutely zero fucks about his issues with me and hasn't let it get the slightest bit between us.
I began feeling hurt because I kept having to internalize my emotions and she kept pulling them back out of me. I thought it was either malicious intent or just blissful ignorance because I thought she at least sort of knew how I felt. I had invited her to an event I'd been hyping up since we'd met. I can't explain why but I had a lot emotionally tied that event and all I wanted to do after that show was tell her how much it meant that she was there and how much I loved her, but I couldn't so I panicked and told her we shouldn't be friends, which I'd thought about doing for months prior. I was expecting and almost hoping she would respond with indifference, anger and/or disgust to justify my actions but she responded with sadness, guilt and remorse, she tells me she cares about me a lot, that I "had a piece of her heart" and that she valued our friendship and me as a person more than I'd realized. All of this cut me up inside because I ended our friendship with the intent of avoiding sharing my true emotions and getting hurt, and instead we both end up telling each other feelings we didn't know about and getting hurt.
She told me that she genuinely cared and didn't want to disrespect my emotions or hurt me unintentionally and agreed we both be more honest about how we feel and make the time for each other to do so. A month later we went to a 2-night camp festival and confronted our feeling again with booze, drugs and partying influencing us. We both did a lot of genuine bonding and talking about our emotions but we also both said a lot that we shouldn't have and hurt each other the way I was trying to avoid by running... but by the morning we'd hugged it out, admitted it wasn't the time nor place and agreed that we should kinda forget about that talk in particular. Haven't seen her in person since, I've casually tried a couple times to set up things outside gig's (painting, movies, music, whatever) Which she has showed genuine interest in but has also been blowing off for the past month. I've been unhealthily obsessed with this relationship and my self hatred has been destroying me. It used to be so easy taking to her and hanging out and now every word and every action is drenched in painful overthought. Really all I want is for her to be happy, So do I break this friendship off like I originally intended and save myself and her from hurting each other any more in the long run? or do I continue dealing with this emotionally overbearing situation at the risk of hurting her and I more? Any tips?
TLDR - Kissed my friends girlfriend (emotionally not sexually) They break up for unrelated reasons and he moves country. She shuts herself off emotionally but is constantly being flirty and teasing. I feel hurt that she's shut herself off from me and feel like she's using me and fucking with my feelings, so I attempt to end our friendship. She unexpectedly responds in sadness and guilt, tells me "I have a piece of her heart" and opens herself up emotionally but continues to flirt and tease. I'm left extremely confused about our relationship and where to take it and am still considering just terminating it for the greater good.
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2023.06.08 10:44 Drakolf Dragon Rising- 22. Contact:

The morning after our victory, I led a small team of Paladins, Clerics, and Artificers, with Rogues outside of sight alongside us.
Well, it was more accurate to say that we took one of the military vehicles and carefully drove it over to the next city. The Artificers didn't strip entire cars bare on the street, they had to get it into a garage somehow.
This excursion was primarily exploratory, to see what we were dealing with at the end of our effective territory.
The blockade was a nice touch. We slowed to a stop, we got out, and we approached. When they raised their guns, I held my hand up, and we stopped.
"This is a formal request for a ceasefire." I stated, projecting my voice with the amplifier. "We will continue to approach, opening fire will signal to us that you do not value your lives."
We continued approaching, the guns still trained on us.
The person who came out to speak with us was more forced out, he clearly didn't want to be the one to talk to us.
"Am I to assume you speak with authority?" I asked. He looked at the other soldiers, he didn't have a clue. "Then I'll make this concise and brief. You will dismantle this blockade, you will retreat, and you will not prevent us from making contact with the neighboring city. Any attempts to prevent us from passing will result in your immediate capture, any attempts to harm us will result in your immediate death."
The standoff was tense, after a few moments, I began to count down. "Five."
I could see sweat beading down their faces.
Eyes wide, terrified.
They broke first, backing away, guns still trained on us.
"If your intention is to retreat, such that you can face us with a larger force, allow me to make one thing clear." I blasted their blockade apart, some of them screamed. "Your bullets are useless against us."
They ran, we cleared the blockade away, and we repeated this two more times.
Seeing the city after so long felt... overwhelming. I had completely forgotten how big it was. It was almost enough to not notice the checkpoint, and the fifty of so Humans who stood on the other side, guns pointed at us.
"I will allow one of you to shoot me." I said, walking toward them. "A freebie, use your highest caliber, try and hurt me."
The bullet that struck me ricocheted into a tree, The silence that fell was just as deafening as the report from the gun, they stared at me in utter shock, and then they all ran
Several Human civilians looked at the fleeing soldiers, then looked at us as we stepped out from our territory and into theirs.
"Oh, shit. That video was real." I heard someone say. "Look at that sick fuckin' armor." Another spoke. "Are they going to attack us?"
"Halt." I commanded, my troop stopped, the tension in the air was palpable.
"My name is Ruuk Stingtail." I spoke. "For the time being, I come in peace, and invite anyone who is curious to ask questions.After all, it has been a solid year and a half since we had any contact with anyone other than enemies and ourselves."
There was still tension, of course, but eventually someone did approach, cautiously, of course. "Yo, uh, can I touch you? You know, to make sure you're actually real and not some sort of weird animatronic?"
I reached my hand out and he touched it. "Whoa." He pulled his hand back.
Several Humans had pulled out their phones, they were already recording us. I quickly appraised the people around us, looking for anything we could exploit for our own uses. I noticed someone with their arm in a sling, it wasn't in a cast, but it was wrapped up.
"You there." I said, pointing at him. He pointed at himself. "Yes, come here."
He approached cautiously. "What happened to your arm?" I asked.
"I, uh, I tore a muscle." He said. "Doctor said I can't do much with it until it heals."
"Ruka." I said, looking at the Paladin of Bahamut. He walked closer. "Show us your injury, if you would."He did, there was the ugliest bruise I'd ever seen.
"Do you consent to having your injury healed?" I asked.
"What?" He asked, blinking.
"I'm offering to have your injury healed." I reiterated.
"Yeah, sure?"
Ruka gently laid his hands on the Human's arm. "O, holy Bahamut, heal this grievous wound and grant wholeness and wellness to his man, zyak qe coi."
The Paladin's hands radiated holy light, the bruise rapidly faded, and the Human stared at it, utterly awestruck. "Holy shit." He gasped. "I mean-"
"It is not taken as blasphemy." Ruka stated, holding his hand up.
"We are here-" I spoke, looking at everyone, "-to prove our existence beyond a single video. Circumstances demand that what we do isn't simply charity, but the means by which we can survive. For this, I am sorry, I recognize that in this way, I am using you." I paused, dredging up and wiping away tears. "Our people depend on this."
If we were to have any form of peace, any form of justification for war, we needed to be sympathetic. By taking prisoners, we made ourselves targets to any would-be vigilantes looking to serve their country.
By being up front about our intentions, we showed a quiet desperation, efforts made to foster peace, even though I had bared the fangs of war.
More Humans gathered, those who were sick or in pain, we provided healing. I told our story, of how we one day woke up like this, the struggles of finding ourselves in a situation where nothing was made for us, how when we were quarantined, we were forced to fend for ourselves. How when the mine collapsed, we worked together to save the trapped miners. How when we were blockaded so they could force us to die en masse, how we were blessed with miracles.
How, when we fully understood what our intended fate was, the people heard the wisdom of my Emperor and elevated me to the position of Imperator, and how I used my authority to direct our people to our first victory.
"I shall admit, taking those soldiers' lives brought us satisfaction." I said. "They had oppressed us, tried to eradicate us, we gave them every opportunity to choose peace, to choose life. I just can't understand how they couldn't see us as people who desperately wished for love and compassion."
I laid it on thick, and the Humans ate it up.
Before long, we had expended our spells, and I said, "We will try to return, presuming the military doesn't try to carpet bomb us into oblivion, our prisoners of war be damned. I pray your leaders see reason."
We returned to our commandeered vehicle, closing the checkpoint so nobody could get in, and we returned to the city.
We did this each day we could, speaking words of hope for peace, determination to protect ourselves as needed. As always, we provided healing to those who needed it, some people even came, desperate for relief from something incurable, to which we did the best we could. Throughout this, I spoke of things to come, a thriving city, as much a part of the world as anywhere else, a place where we could share the wonders of magic.
I was asked, "Why do you close the gate when you leave?"
I simply answered, "If you entered, they would force you to remain, even though we know anyone who remains Human under the Divine Gate remains Human." It was an embellishment, but it was more poetic and exotic.
Throughout all of this, the military watched us like a hawk, waiting for us to slip up and cause some damage.
Days turned to weeks turned into a month, and we had solidified our existence to the world. We turned the checkpoint into our border, our Rangers found that we were completely sealed in on all sides by fencing.
I declared it the territory of the Empire.
"All of the land that the U.S. government sealed off belongs to the Empire." I spoke. "By locking it behind fence and gate, they have declared it our border, and we shall agree to that sentiment."
It was such a tiny parcel of land, compared to the rest of the continent, but it could comfortably fit ten offshoot villages, each which could connect us to other cities.
Construction of the new border wall began shortly after, the fencing uprooted piece by piece, replaced by solid stone proudly displaying the anachronism our lives had become, and even though there had been no agreement to peace, the U.S. government was powerless to stop us.
The moment I had claimed the land, the moment it was known to be claimed, my Emperor had claimed it in turn. By the end of the week, we had a new border wall built, one that was staffed with Rangers, Druids, Fighters, and Artificers. One that was connected by tramways, simplifying travel.
And throughout this all, Darastrixthurhi was transformed from a lifeless rock, to a city teeming with plantlife.
My Emperor held me in his arms as we laid on our bed. Sharing a bed together had always been a highlight of his being with me, his willingness to hold me, to touch me, made it all better, made it all right.
"Our enemy stalls for time, while we win the hearts of their people." He mused. "I can hear them praying to me, wishing for strength, for power, and I pull on them, make their hearts yearn. Tomorrow, invite them to visit, to witness the splendors of our nation, to feast with us in the name of peace."
"As you wish, my Emperor." I spoke.
"Ruuk, I permit you to call me your love."
"As you wish, slaitov." I replied. "Shall there be a day when we show our subjects?"
"I shall announce it during our feast." He replied.
My heart thundered, it was so sudden, yet... "Thank you, slaitov."
"Soon to be husband, Imperator mine." He replied.
When I announced the feast, the Humans who wished to join us were ecstatic. I even extended the invitation to the military personnel. "Come as civilians, if you would." I said.
The preparations that went into the feast went underway, we had a good hunt and our efforts to preserve our food was going excellently. When the Humans arrived, they marveled at the tramways, the architecture of our housing, our magical wonders. Some even saluted me, though they said they simply wanted to give me the respect I deserved.
I ensured they had the grand tour of the town, but when we neared the wall into the Fortress City, I spoke solemnly, "Any further, and you risk your Humanity." I looked at them all. "I would interpret any such entry as a desire to join our Empire, and will expect a pledge of loyalty."
The look of longing in their eyes showed me that my warning was largely going to be ignored. Hell, a handful of Humans walked right in, transforming almost immediately.
"It reacts to a want to become a Kobold." I said. "Anyone who doesn't want to might have a better time of it."
While our new citizens were given some proper clothing, I led the rest of the Humans around.
"Why didn't you stop them?" One of the Humans, a female soldier, spoke.
"Why should I?" I asked. "I very clearly stated what would happen, they made the choice."
I showed them around the Artificery, magic items and what technology we were able to make was proudly on display. I noticed one of them palm a device and walked over to them, holding my hand out. "Do not think we are not paying attention." I said. There was a tense moment before she put it in my hand. "Besides, this is just a little hand fan." I flicked a switch, two paper and wood blades extended and began to spin. "You taking this would have left one of our prisoners without any form of air conditioning."
I put it back, they tried to hide the anger at my casual mention of prisoners.
"Are they being treated well?" The soldier asked.
"Yes." I said. "Due to the lack of wireless signal, we allow them their phones so they have something to occupy their time when we're not putting them out in the yard for exercise or giving them their ration."
"You're forcing them to eat rations?" She asked.
"We all eat rations." I replied. "Feasts like this are for when we have a surplus that we can't guarantee to keep." I smirked. "That being said, as we are smaller, we need less to eat than the average Human."
I didn't pretend any of that was meant to be reassuring. "The prisoners will be joining us for the feast." I said. The incredulous looks I got elicited a chuckle from me. "If you think I'm being bold or flippant, we have them fitted with enchanted collars that will choke them if they attempt to flee. They are cursed, you see, and can only be removed with magic."
"That's fucked up." Another soldier stated.
"Inhumane, actually." I corrected. "But it's the only thing we have available that won't accidentally kill them. The worst that will happen is they'll pass out, a passive regeneration effect will keep them alive."
"Have you... tested these collars?" A third soldier asked.
"We have a small group of Sorcerers in the Warren who tried to summon a Demon for power." I said. "They have tested the collars every now and again, usually by fucking around and finding out." We approached the area where the feast was being held, food was already being set up, the prisoners were already seated, their eyes widened when they saw their fellow soldiers.
"You won't get away with this." The female soldier growled.
"Funny, that's what we said when we were locked in here." I replied. "They are fed, given water, are clothed, and are provided shelter. That's far more than we were ever given."
I directed them to their table, and soon, everyone was sat, except for my Council, and my Emperor. They arrived shortly after every one was seated, each took their seats. I sat beside my Emperor's seat.
I noted that same female soldier was attempting to film us surreptitiously.
"Today, we are gathered to welcome our Human guests, those who have seen us as people, rather than monsters." My Emperor spoke. "The establishment of my Empire was always a dream, to bring back a glory lost to time, to honor the thousands who died during the first Dragon Rage, to honor those who were murdered by my long-standing enemy." He looked around. "It had always been me desire to hunt down every last one of his children, to eradicate them, it was my Imperator who entreated me to choose compromise."
He paused, taking up a cup. "These Humans are here because my Imperator has likewise chosen compromise, to cast aside the hatred that has grown in his heart, for the sake of our peace and prosperity. Enough lives have been lost, let the first year of our Empire not be drenched in blood, that in peace and prosperity, our greatness is acknowledged, whether grudgingly, or emphatically. To my Imperator, without whom this victory would have never been manifest."
Every Kobold raised their cups, including our new citizens.
"And to our guests, who have agreed to come here in peace. May their wisdom be echoed by their leaders."
The cups were raised again.
"Now enough talk, let us feast!"
The Human frowned, putting their phone away. It was clear she didn't get what she wanted from that. After everyone polished off their plates, the people began dancing as our musicians displayed their newly awakened Bard Class- it seemed not simply playing or doing well at the arts was enough, one needed confidence and a desire to entertain.
Our guests were allowed to mingle and enjoy themselves, though the prisoners were kept under guard, any Soldiers who wished to speak to them would have to live with the fact that they would be listened in on, and considering the guards could use the spell Comprehend Languages, well, they wouldn't be able to hide beneath a foreign language.
"So, you're the leader of this little group." I regarded the Human who approached me, that same soldier who seemed bound and determined to catch us with our pants down.
"Yes." I said. "Your attempt at catching us with your recording won't work, you know." She betrayed surprise. "One, any idiot would know not to say anything incriminating at a party their enemies are invited to. Two, anyone stupid enough to do so wouldn't even make it as far as we did."
"Indeed." She said. "What was this about compromise?"
"Exactly as it sounds." I replied. "My God, Kurtulmak, has nurtured a well-earned hatred of Gnomes, considering their God committed near genocide against us. Imprisoned against his will, for the crime of wanting justice... When the victors write the history books, they will do everything in their power to make those who are suffering injustice out to be the bad guys."
"And what will your history books say?" She asked.
"That depends on your leaders' answer, Miss..?"
"Martel." She said. "Corporal Martel."
I had completely put it out of my mind, after all, we got our vengeance on the soldiers who tried to have us massacred by a God.
"So." I said. "The one who set Garl Glittergold against us shows her face." I remarked. Her eyes widened. "Why were you, of all people, not present that day, when we marched on your encampment?"
"I was called away on duty-" She started.
"Bullshit." I said. "You fled, didn't you? You ran from your fellow soldiers like the coward you are, you left them to die."
Arcane energy crackled across my body, and I had to hold back from blasting her apart. "Leave." I hissed. "This day of peace is not for cowards and traitors."
She backed away, clearly terrified. I couldn't hold back the anger any more, but I wasn't going to let her be a casualty yet. I aimed my spell at the metal pole, the Witch Bolt striking it. "I said LEAVE!" I roared. "IF YOU EVER DARE TO RETURN HERE, I WILL END YOUR MISERABLE, PATHETIC, COWARDLY LIFE!"
She fled, I did not care that several eyes were on me, if there was one thing I hated more than Humans, it was self-serving cowards like her.
I felt my God's touch on my shoulder, his presence soothed the rage, granted me the clarity of mind I needed to function. I cast my gaze toward the rest of the soldiers, who looked like they were mice caught in a trap. I approached them.
"You may leave, if you wish." I stated. "My anger at her is not anger at you."
"What the fuck did Tiana do, that pissed you off so much?" One of the soldiers asked.
"That woman was the one who called down a God to kill us." I stated. "The fact that she is present at all means she abandoned her post and left her fellow soldiers to die." My lip curled into a snarl. "The only thing I hate worse than anything, is a coward and a traitor, and that woman, Tiana Martel, is both."
I sensed a jolt of shock from my Emperor, I looked at him.
"Ruuk." He said. "Say that name again."
"Tiana Martel." I replied.
My Emperor about faced and roared, "Paladins of Bahamut, after that woman! Move!"
The Paladins gave chase, our Emperor did not order them around, out of respect for his pact with Bahamut.
"My Emperor, do you really want to risk any peace we could gain, chasing after one woman?" I asked.
"Ruuk." He said. "What are the chances that a single woman who can call down a God, who has knowledge of us that can be exploited, is suddenly not present when we finally make a counter attack? By our pact, your eyes are my eyes, and she has tried to cause problems the entire time she has been here."
He paused. "Tiana Mahtel, that's how she pronounced it, yes?"
I blinked.
"Wait, that woman is Tiamat?" I asked.
As if in answer, there was a roar, and in the distance, a dragon reared up, one bearing five heads of different colors.

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2023.06.08 10:43 Fflow27 instant siege?

just lost a game in a way I still don't understand. AI declared war on me, their armies were instantly inside my territory so I took both my armies inside my city, thinking it would give me one or two turns to heal and recruit
except the AI totally ignored my walls and just attacked me as if I wan't in a city
Admittedly my city didn't have the strongest walls (just the most basic) but I thought no matter how weak my walls they would need at least 1 turn to take them down
Any idea of what happened?
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2023.06.08 10:43 nir4ya Daytime sleepiness

Hi guys I was wondering if any of you have days where you don’t properly fall asleep during the day? Like no full blown nap but nodding off then immediately waking up etc
Most days I’ll nap or fall asleep but the occasional day I just don’t? Just kind of am there zoned out but can’t fully drift off? Which Im not sure if I actually am asleep sometimes cause I’ll close my eyes and it’s almost like Im in a dream but the next time I open my eyes it’s only been mere minutes and Im in a totally different place ?? I don’t know how to describe it I think Im awake but Im dreaming and then I actually wake up and am just confused 😭 Anyone get me?
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2023.06.08 10:43 Bosscroft How to make WFH more bearable?

Started a new job a few weeks ago and was looking forward to the promised holy land of being fully remote... Turns out I hate it and my productivity has fallen off a cliff. I live in a small 1 bed basement flat, so don't have a dedicated work space, and the lack of social interaction is suffocating. Any got any advice on how to make continuously staring at a screen for 8 hours less depressing? I've tried working out of a shared workspace, but the noise and lack of monitor etc is even less productive. Please help!
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2023.06.08 10:43 kaishawna I Worked at the Milwaukee Zoo. Here's why I Quit. Part One -

I used to work as a zookeeper at the Milwaukee Zoo. There wasn't much to it. Just your standard zoo with a gift shop and areas to visit certain animals. I certainly was a fan of the zoo as a child, having visited the zoo for birthdays or field trips. I always said I wanted to be a vet of some sort but guess zookeeper was the closest I could get. Started working at the place around age 20. Fresh out of high school and trying to save money for my autistic nephew, this job didn't offer much. Running the train when workers couldn't, making sure the animals were fed and taken care of, you get the gist. I know, I know. I said I was a zookeeper but work is right around these parts so I have to pitch in where I can.
When I first started at the Milwaukee Zoo, I felt like I was living my dreams of helping animals. But that soon turned out to not be the case. After being there for less than a year, strange occurrences started to happen. It would be minor things such as lights going out, animals being sick, etc. Nothing major. The big incident happened right when two rookies were hired to see where they would fit in at the zoo. They were skinny and teen like. One was more hairer than the other but other than that, they seemed normal. Or so I would think. The weather was a bit hot and I was sweating while cleaning the elephant enclosure. I know, not the greatest job but someone's gotta do it. The manger of the zoo came up to me as I was closing the metal door to the cage.
"You Emily Tanner?"
"Yes. What's up?"
"I've got these two rookie here and I was wondering if you have time to show them around the base, you know, kinda get them used to the place and see where they fit in."
"Um, sure." I stammered, reaching out to shake the two young mens' hands. The gesture was ignored. Thinking to myself, I wondered what was wrong with them. Did they not understand basic social cues? Were they autistic like my nephew? Thoughts started racing through my head until one of the young men spoke.
"You ever notice the smell of animal waste, how it brings you joy?"
I couldn't speak in that moment. Surely this guy was kidding around, right? Nope. His face was stone cold. He was serious.
"Maybe." I managed to get out. This guy was definitely going be the last one to work with, I thought to myself. Instead, I gave a plastered smile and continued on with the conversation.
"These two shouldn't give you a hard time." the manger said before walking away. I nodded in agreement but then he turned back around.
"Oh, and I posted some rules on your locker door. Be sure to read them carefully. You wouldn't want to know what could happen to you if you don't."
"Is this man for real??" I thought again, my breathing quickening. I was beyond confused. "What is happening??"
But I couldn't worry about that. I had these two rookies to look after. Once I ensured the door to the elephant enclosure was secure, I lead the two men to the gorilla exhibit. It was a bit of a walk since the zoo is literally a maze where if you wanted to get to one area of interest, you had to pass several others before reaching your destination. Sure, you might be wondering if I should have the zoo's layout memorized by now, but you have to think. I don't go to the zoo everyday. Even when I go home, the zoo isn't the first thing on my mind. As I was walking, showing the men the different animals and how they behaved and such, I caught a chill down my spine every time I took a glance behind me to ensure they were following me. I tried to ignore it but the feeling was so overwhelming, I had to say or do something to take my mind off the dreaded feeling.
"So, what brings you two to the zoo and why do you want to work here?" I asked them.
They didn't answer. They just stared. Their cold, black eyes stared right into my soul. I quickly turned away and continues down the hot sticky tar path towards the bird enclosure. Luckily for me, it was nearing my lunch break. I could probably feed some of the birds there and then leave these two to their own devices.
I hurried my pace so that time could move faster and I could get as far away from these guys as possible. Hastily, I opened the door to the enclosure and lead them inside. Naturally the birds flew and here and there, their squawks and screeches following them as they flew about.
"You wanna be careful with the birds. Sometimes they can be mean." I tried to crack a joke but these guys weren't having it. So I naturally shut my mouth and buried any jokes I had deep within. They just stared at me, their soulless eyes not leaving mine. Bleh! Where the manger pick these guys up from, the graveyard? Even mummies and buried corpses could crack a ghost smile every once in a while. Carrying on with showing them how to care for the birds, I checked my watch and quite literally ran out of the building like it was on fire. I had to know those rules and why on EARTH these deadpan guys were hired. Surely the manger wanted to hire them as a joke because no one could be that cold and unfeeling like these two creeps.
Racing to the lockecommon room, I checked my locker door and surely, there was a list of rules. Five of them to be exact.
Rule One. Do not allow new hires to see the animals. This is crucial. If you've broken this rule, it's already too late.
Rule Two. Make sure the new hires are not left alone with the animals.
Rule Three. Do not allow the new hires to come in contact with the people. This rule is to never be broken.
Rule Four. Ensure all enclosures are locked and secure.
Rule Five. If the new hires are ever left alone, run as far away from this place as you can. Don't look back.
Grabbing the note and slumping into a nearby nearly broken garden chair, I heaved a sigh. I guess I've broken most of these rules because I left these guys alone and I left them in the bird enclosure on top of that. These "rules" didn't make sense. Why didn't the manger warn me of these supposed rules before introducing me to these guys?? Sighing once more, I exited the room and went back into the blinding light outside. I hurried back to the bird enclosure to find the new hires gone. My heart sank. I had to find them and fast.
Since I didn't know where to look, I went to the manager's office and found him on the phone. He sounded annoyed.
"Yeah, yeah. I got them all set. The girl is to be in charge of them until I figure out something else."
His word hit me. Surely he wasn't talking about me, right? My thoughts swirled again and I nearly gagged. Holding myself together, I knocked on the open door. The manger looked up me, plastering the fakest smile ever.
"What brings you here?" he asked.
"Um, I saw the note on my locker door and I think... I think I might have broken a few rules already."
The manger quickly stood up and hurried to close the door shut. Looking out the blinds that faced the opening entrance to the zoo and gift shop, he turned to me, his face serious.
"Did you lose them?"
"Did. You. Lose. Them?"
His jaw clenched and his face was covered in cold sweat.
"Yes." I finally admitted. The manger signed, hanging his head.
"We have a problem."
His words were cutthroat, no funny business hidden under his once funny demeanor.
"What...problem?" I questioned, concerned.
"Those new hires aren't... exactly what you would call human. They are entities of sorts."
Now my head was officially fried. Entities? I thought. What kind of twisty rollercoaster works was I living in?? The manger approached me.
"If we don't find them by midnight, we're toast." he said, his voice a whispery hiss. I stared at him, shocked.
"Well, what do you plan on doing? I-I didn't ask to be part of this!"
"Look, I didn't have a choice but to choose you. If I didn't..." he faded off. He then looked at me again, his features a mixture of hurt and panic.
"If I didn't choose you, I would be taken away." he sighed, the words a heavy burden to say.
My voice was no more. Still confused, I open my mouth to speak.
"What do we do now?"
"We wait."
End of Part One.
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2023.06.08 10:42 toybuilder SEPIC circuit won't bootstrap with somewhat lower Ids(cont) rating. Not even close.

SEPIC circuit won't bootstrap with somewhat lower Ids(cont) rating. Not even close.
I have a SEPIC design that has worked, but while tweaking the design (for reasons), I had switched the FET to a somewhat lower-rated FET.

SEPIC design, based on TI Webbench

When Q1 is a CSD19534Q5A (100V, 10A continuous drain at Ta=25degC), the circuit works. However, when it was replaced with a BSC340N08NS3 (80V, 7A continuous drain at Ta=25degC), the node on the second inductor side of the coupling capacitor is hardly excited, and fails to bootstrap the converter.
Processing img j2i3tfgy6r4b1...

Processing img p6cdfbw57r4b1...
As can be seen in the second set of traces, there is insufficient "kick" happening... which means it won't conduct through D2 and build up the output voltage. But what I'm particularly puzzled by is the apparent direction of the waveform when the FET is first turned on (see orange Trigger markers).
In the working circuit, the blue trace dips below ground as the FET side of the coupling capacitor drops from Vin to ground, and when the FET is turned off, the blue trace spikes back up (before ringing).
In the failing circuit, the blue trace spikes up when the FET is turned on, when I expect it to drop. Moreover, when the FET is turned off, the blue trace dips down. This is opposite of what I would expect.
I am not sure what to make of this. The only thing I can think of is that somehow the coupled inductors result in charging up and raising the voltage at the coupling capacitor more than the FET can lower it toward GND.
I'm not sure what to look for or how to measure things to explain the behavior. Any ideas on how I can identify the factors that make the circuit fail with the "inferior" FET?

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2023.06.08 10:42 Artistic-Joke-9839 How can we go about getting rideshare e-scooters removed?

I have no issues with people riding their own e-mobility devices but sadly the small minority of rideshare e-scooter users ruin it for everyone else. I've been hit by a rideshare e-scooter randomly deviate onto my side of the bikeway because he was trying to work out how to use it while going 20km/h and not looking at the path, this is pretty common.
What can we actually do to get rid of them, do we need to create some kind of petition to BCC to ensure they are removed?

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2023.06.08 10:42 Nutmeg_Riot45 [REQUEST][STEAM] DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT(ON SALE)

Hey GOG, first timer here, never actually done this, so kindly excuse any mistakes from my side. So, to start off, I've been the biggest DBZ fan since childhood man, i remember just seeing episodes of the Cell Saga or the Majin Buu Saga, while eating Mac N' Cheese. Even the filler episodes made my day after a long day at school. I remember starting out the original Dragon Ball show when I was 6 years old, not knowing what I was getting myself into, but i watched it nonetheless alongside my brother. And boy oh boy, my expectations were blown out of the water. After DB, I started with the well known sequel show Dragon Ball Z, and that's how I fell in love with the show. Sure, it might have it's flaws(the endless power creeping or the screaming), but I love it nonetheless. I even watched all the spin-off movies released, good or bad, just due to my love for the show. Even Dragon Ball Super and the subsequent movies after that captured my attention, and I love the franchise to death. I haven't ever got the chance to play a DBZ game, be it Xenoverse 1 or 2, FighterZ, etc. I just saw that DBZ: Kakarot has a massive discount right now(75% off) though, although I unfortunately myself cannot purchase it(I won't be allowed to do so, as much as I would like to). Of course, I understand if my request isn't fulfilled, but I'll try with this post nevertheless, trying to maintain hope! This anime means alot to me, and getting to play a game based on the story would bring back many childhood memories!!
My profile-
The Store page-
Hopefully someone fulfills it!!
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2023.06.08 10:42 Charleswiyu Head Tracking Spatialized Stereo not working anymore

I got my Airpods Pro 2 less than a week ago. I immediately used the head tracking feature in watching movies and listening to music. All of a sudden I can't seem to have the "3D sound" effect when I turn my head left or right. I have searched online and found that many users experience the same in using the APP2. I also tried troubleshooting it by:
  1. Returning the airpods to its case, wait for some time, then pick the pods again.
  2. Disconnecting and reconnecting via bluetooth settings.
  3. Turning each device, to which the APP2 connected (iPad, iPhone, and Watch) on and off.
  4. Tried the "Forget This Device" approach where I re-linked my airpods as if it came straight from the box.
  5. Tried re-doing the setup for Personalized Spatial Audio.
After doing all of these, I still couldn't seem to make the sound effect working again. (and yes, mono audio is turned off, personalized Spatial audio is turned on, "Follow iPad/iPhone" is also turned on, and APP2 is legit coz the first thing I did was verifying the Serial Number).
Can somebody help me out here? Are there any attempts I failed to do for troubleshooting this?
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2023.06.08 10:42 ubbitz Reddit API Changes, Subreddit Blackout, and How It Affects You

(For transparency: this post was respectfully templated from Gaming)
Hello /Bassnectar
tl;dr: We’d like to open a dialog with the community to discuss /Bassnectar’s participation in the June 12th reddit blackout. For those unaware, please read through the entirety of this post. Otherwise, let your thoughts be heard in the comments.
As many of you are already aware, reddit has announced significant upcoming changes to their API that will have a serious impact to many users. There is currently a planned protest across hundreds of subreddits to black out on June 12th. Some users on Bassnectar have expressed interest in participating, so we wanted to ensure that whatever action we take is largely supported by our community.

What’s Happening

Open Letter to reddit & Blackout

In lieu of what’s happening above, an open letter has been released by the broader moderation community, and /Bassnectar will be supporting it. Part of this initiative includes a potential subreddit blackout (meaning the subreddit will be privatized) on June 12th, lasting 48 hours or longer.
We would like to give the community a voice in this. Do you believe /Bassnectar should fully support the protest and blackout the subreddit for at least June 12th? How long if we do? Feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions below.
/Bassnectar Mod Team
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2023.06.08 10:42 Ghostyz_ I feel like my friend is being unfair to me.

I'm sorry this is long, I just haven't been able to get this off my mind and I don't know who to talk to about this, and I've been listening to some really sad music and its all I've been able to think about because of it. I'm sorry but I'm going to tell you my long story with a friend of mine.
I'll call her A, we met in a friend group, we've been friends for a while now, maybe about 2 years or so, her and I have been really close, essentially best friends. We used to spend nearly every night together and send pictures of things we were doing and do silly things and cute things and those things I'd imagine in romance movies. She was the first girl i really liked, too, and probably not a good sign. We always said goodnight to each other, we'd send pictures of sunsets and sunrises, we sat in silence enjoying each other's company, we played games together and spent lots of time together and were always open to one another, giving reassurance, comfort, and a listening ear if we ever needed one another. All of the nice things, i associate with her. I really love her. She's a wonderful person. Whenever she got jealous or upset, I reassured her that she was still an amazing person.
But she ended up liking me and another one of her friends, long story short, she chose him over me, she spent time with him while deciding on if she wanted him or I, which just felt like an extra punch to the face, and then he invited me to talk with his friend group and it felt like egged me on by saying A would be there. I hated that. I hated that I knew she would pick him over me, I felt so helpless in those few weeks I waited, I felt annoyed that I had to ask her if she made a decision when it felt like it was already made. But I feel guilty for those things, too.
She still wanted to be friends, and I said I did too, because I did, and I wanted to make it work. We didn't really talk for a bit, but she always came back to say she still wanted to be friends and that she didn't want me to leave our friend group. I decided to distance myself and take time for me. Which felt nice, and eventually, I felt a little bit more comfortable to be in our friend group after a while.
she messaged me every now and then that she missed us hanging out. She missed how we used to spend time together at night, or talk about things or just hang out. Which made me upset, I never expressed that with her, I just said I agreed because I did agree. But it felt unfair that she wanted things like this after she chose him over me. it never felt fair to me.
This has happened a few times, where a friend of ours I talk to, we'll call her B, I have some time with her and we enjoy talking and playing games together and hanging out. And Friend A gets jealous of that, I remember a few nights, I called her, and she was crying because she was upset because she thought I'd forget about her and she was scared of losing me because I was spending time with Friend B and was having fun. I felt bad about it, so I comforted her and reassured her I still like spending time with her because I do, I apologized, and she felt guilty about it. I told her I still valued her, and she told me she valued me a lot, too.
This doesn't feel fair to me, I can't become closer with my friends in our friend group, and I just want her to be happy no matter what, I don't want to disrupt her relationship. She wants us to talk like we used to, and she says how she still thinks of me and misses us. I don't want there to be conflict with her and her boyfriend, i don't want her to feel upset or jealous, I just, ahh I don't know, I DON'T KNOW I feel so stressed, and stuck. I still believe she's a good person because she still cares about me and our friends. She's still kindheared and wonderful. I don't want to leave our friendship behind, not friend A or friend B.
I guess TLDR, a friend of mine we used to like each other, she chose him over me, we still wanted to be friends, but i wanted to take time to myself for a bit. She missed me and the things we used to do, we stayed friends, I came back to out friend group, she got jealous and upset of my friend and I spending time together a few times, I reassured her I still like spending time with her, and she said how she misses us. And I feel lost. something like that, I'm sorry if this was a bad TLDR.
I'm sorry this is so long, and if this is disorganized or doesn't make a lot of sense or is super long. I just needed to let this off my chest. I'm sorry if it doesn't make sense, I'm sorry I keep saying sorry.
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2023.06.08 10:42 webuyequipment Heavy Equipment Operators - Interstate Heavy Equipment

Heavy Equipment Operators - Interstate Heavy Equipment
Heavy equipment operators are paving the way for construction projects. As a result, the demand for their skills is twice as high as for other types of work. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that jobs for heavy machinery operators will grow by 10% between 2018 and 2028, which is twice the average rate compared to other jobs.

What Does Heavy Equipment Operators Do?

Many machines are needed to prepare structures, including felling trees, moving dirt and materials, and digging holes.
Operating Engineers use excavators with buckets, scoops, and shovels to move dirt and materials such as concrete pipes. It may be easy, but you need to know more than you think. Make sure the bucket is attached correctly and secured to the crane. Determining the maximum lifting weight of a crane is critical.
Paving and Surface Operators operate equipment that spreads concrete and asphalt on roads and car parks.
Pile Driver Operators use machines with large hammers to install large concrete, wooden, or metal piles (beams) into the deep ground to support structures such as bridges and foundations.

Other Job Requirements

Heavy equipment operators must clean and maintain the equipment. They are always expected to handle basic equipment repairs. Operators must adhere to safety standards. A critical aspect of safety is the effective communication of ground personnel using manual or audible signals.
Operators are responsible for documenting and reporting equipment issues to the project manager. The same equipment from different manufacturers is the same, but not the same design. Therefore, heavy equipment operators should consult the manufacturer’s manual for the specific machine you are using to find out how you can handle important tasks such as emergency shutdown. In addition, the manuals provide instructions for essential tasks, such as determining the maximum lifting weight of the machine in various situations.
The technology has become more integrated into heavy equipment. For example, the operator can monitor the weight of the cargo in real-time from an onboard system such as the Cat Payload. Likewise, a worker checked the load on a computer screen in a cab. Another skill that a heavy technician must master today is the use of hardware and software.

Work Environment

That’s not an excellent job at the table. You have to love the outdoors and be willing to work in any weather. Even if excessive rain or snow stops the construction project, it should not be suitable for the company to lose volunteers due to delays. To become a heavy machine operator, you need to get warm – and relaxed. Although most heavy machinery operators set a typical 40-hour week, the hours may be non-standard. It would help if you also prepare to work day and night, even on Sundays. Some employers may need over time. A pleasant advantage, however, is the extra salary.


Did we mention it’s not an excellent job in the office? Building areas are dangerous areas. As a heavy equipment operator, you hold people’s lives on earth in your hands. Knowing and understanding safety procedures is as important as knowing which handle to pull. Check your machine and surroundings before turning the key. If something goes wrong, a brave operator confronts the project manager and refuses to operate the machine.
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2023.06.08 10:41 Double-Bag-7103 Camera focus question

Hi guys, i’ve got a quick question. I don’t know if it’s something in my settings that i’ve turned on/off etc. But i’m struggling to take a photo with everything in focus. As of now, it’s either focusing on the things closest to the camera, or furthest away.
How do i ensure that the whole photo is in focus?
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2023.06.08 10:41 Alliejam1 ACIM WORKBOOK LESSON 159

LESSON 159. I give the miracles I have received.
No one can give what he has not received. To give a thing requires first you have it in your own possession. Here the laws of Heaven and the world agree. But here they also separate. The world believes that to possess a thing, it must be kept. Salvation teaches otherwise. To give is how to recognize you have received. It is the proof that what you have is yours. You understand that you are healed when you give healing. You accept forgiveness as accomplished in yourself when you forgive. You recognize your brother as yourself, and thus do you perceive that you are whole. There is no miracle you cannot give, for all are given you. Receive them now by opening the storehouse of your mind where they are laid, and giving them away.
Christ’s vision is a miracle. It comes from far beyond itself, for it reflects eternal love and the rebirth of love which never dies, but has been kept obscure. Christ’s vision pictures Heaven, for it sees a world so like to Heaven that what God created perfect can be mirrored there. The darkened glass the world presents can show but twisted images in broken parts. The real world pictures Heaven’s innocence.
Christ’s vision is the miracle in which all miracles are born. It is their source, remaining with each miracle you give, and yet remaining yours. It is the bond by which the giver and receiver are united in extension here on earth, as they are one in Heaven. Christ beholds no sin in anyone. And in His sight the sinless are as one. Their holiness was given by His Father and Himself.
Christ’s vision is the bridge between the worlds. And in its power can you safely trust to carry you from this world into one made holy by forgiveness. Things which seem quite solid here are merely shadows there; transparent, faintly seen, at times forgot, and never able to obscure the light that shines beyond them. Holiness has been restored to vision, and the blind can see.
This is the Holy Spirit’s single gift; the treasure house to which you can appeal with perfect certainty for all the things that can contribute to your happiness. All are laid here already. All can be received but for the asking. Here the door is never locked, and no one is denied his least request or his most urgent need. There is no sickness not already healed, no lack unsatisfied, no need unmet within this golden treasury of Christ.
Here does the world remember what was lost when it was made. For here it is repaired, made new again, but in a different light. What was to be the home of sin becomes the center of redemption and the hearth of mercy, where the suffering are healed and welcome. No one will be turned away from this new home, where his salvation waits. No one is stranger to him. No one asks for anything of him except the gift of his acceptance of his welcoming.
Christ’s vision is the holy ground in which the lilies of forgiveness set their roots. This is their home. They can be brought from here back to the world, but they can never grow in its unnourishing and shallow soil. They need the light and warmth and kindly care Christ’s charity provides. They need the love with which He looks on them. And they become His messengers, who give as they received.
Take from His storehouse, that its treasures may increase. His lilies do not leave their home when they are carried back into the world. Their roots remain. They do not leave their source, but carry its beneficence with them, and turn the world into a garden like the one they came from, and to which they go again with added fragrance. Now are they twice blessed. The messages they brought from Christ have been delivered, and returned to them. And they return them gladly unto Him.
Behold the store of miracles set out for you to give. Are you not worth the gift, when God appointed it be given you? Judge not God’s Son, but follow in the way He has established. Christ has dreamed the dream of a forgiven world. It is His gift, whereby a sweet transition can be made from death to life; from hopelessness to hope. Let us an instant dream with Him. His dream awakens us to truth. His vision gives the means for a return to our unlost and everlasting sanctity in God.
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2023.06.08 10:41 ThrowRA_kisuhari i (21f) am not sure if my friend's (m22) behaviour is "just friendly" anymore after talking to a close friend

i (21f) was recently having a conversation with a friend D (also 21f) about our mutual friend K (22m), who we have known for several months now. i was telling her about the dynamic between K and i, to which she said it sounds like K might like me as more than a friend, and was curious as to what others thought.
for added context, I have a closer friendship with K due to being more free to hang out and willing to spend time with him more than D. K is from Norway and will be leaving the country I live in in early July of this year to return back home.
now here are the things that made her think that he might think of me as more than a friend.
for starters, he often lets me stay over at his place to sleep during the day if I get exhausted after work, as his residence is closer to my workplace than mine is. I'll go over there and sleep for a couple hours, then wake up and chill for a few more before going home.
this is where the "more than friends" things begin to come into play.
he will ask me to wrestle with him (which I have a couple times and lost incredibly quickly due to our size difference, with him being 6'1 and I being 5'3) or he'll pick me up throw me around, often onto his bed while teasing me to eat more because I'm supposedly "light" in weight. whenever we do "fight" he likes to pin my legs and knees and tease me about how i won't be able to escape.
if I'm lying down on my stomach or back on his bed, he will occasionally just come over and collapse on top of me, explaining how he's bored and wants to be entertained. when I complain he's like a heavy weighted blanket, he'll laugh and tell me to deal with it as he scrolls on his phone, and we'll stay like like for like a half hour or so. whenever I tried to move to make myself more comfortable, he would grab my legs with his hands to stop me from moving so much.
the most recent thing he did was a couple days ago, when I was sitting up against his headboard. he climbed onto the bed without saying a word, grabbed a pillow, put it against my legs and leaned back on it, essentially using me as a chair of sorts with the pillow as a barrier between us. after about five minutes of this, he complained that his neck was tired and rested it back on my collarbone (? english isn't my first language, so bear with me) as he continued to scroll through his phone. occasionally he'd turn back his head to look at me and show me something, and his face would be so close with his hair tickling my neck, which would make me panic internally of sorts.
he's also said a couple times about how I need a boyfriend to keep me warm (as I get cold easily), his preferences and types (although it never goes anything above PG) and teases me for being "innocent" due to being inexperienced when it comes to dating and relationships. we also tend to tease each other a lot, and he has no problem in taking off his shirt and changing in front of me, often bragging to me about how he has "abs".
there's also been a few instances where we've been with friends and i've gotten intoxicated and he's let me use him as a pillow of sorts. apparently every time I would wake up, he would pat my hair and shush me to go back to sleep and would pretty much take care of me for most of the night until it was time for me to head home.
we tend to also message each other very often throughout the day, and call for hours on end several times a week, and he often says things like how he wants a hug, he misses snuggling with someone, how i was comfortable, etc, etc.
I know a lot about him, such as his past relationships and how he would never make the first move when it comes to a girl, as he is afraid of being accused of something he didn't do later on. he also calls me his closest and most favourite friend, which makes me think he only does just see me as one, but he also doesn't do this with our other female friends. he also often says how he wants a girlfriend, but also just wants to work on himself.
i cannot tell if this is normal behaviour between male and female friends, and want to know what others may think.
again, apologies if there are some things that don't make sense, as english isn't my first language, and if there was too much information. it's just that since my friend has suggested he could see me as something more, it's been on my mind a lot and has me analysing every interaction between us. this is also my first time posting on reddit, so again, apologies if this post is a little messy.
TLDR: friend thinks my male friend might think of me as more than just a friend due to things he does. also posted on relationships and relationship_advice. i'm just trying to get as many different opinions as possible, as i'm very confused on what to think or do.
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2023.06.08 10:41 scorpricorn weird n' creepy former tutor keeps trying to neg me

I can’t stand this person. I need advice on how to burn them in a way that stops them from negging me.
I had to take an advanced statistics class last semester, I found the class to be extremely difficult, so swallowed my intellectual pride and found a tutor through the school.
He was just close enough to my age to think it was acceptable to ask for all of my social media accounts. Reluctantly, I gave in, hoping it would at least ensure his continued presence.
Throughout the semester, this guy was surprisingly helpful in explaining stats to me. I gotta give credit where it's due. But here's the catch: he also revealed some seriously concerning and downright bizarre stuff about himself. I'm talking about hanging out with Andrew Tate, claiming he got "special favors" from priests when he was 15 and enjoyed it (yikes), and even bragging about helping his friend in Thailand run a questionable "Twitch haram."
After the semester ended, he kept reaching out to me, insisting we hang out. Against my better judgment, I agreed to go to a Taco Tuesday/DJ Night he was hosting, mainly for the train wreck entertainment it promised. And boy, was I right. The party was a total flop. Imagine five people, most of them overweight and utterly dull, festering together on a couch in the corner of the room while they became transfixed on 99c store light-up toys and fidget spinners. Meanwhile, my tutor-turned-host was noticeably blown out, sporting a gaudy gold jacket, prancing around like a maniac, showing off his giant golden Jenga set, and randomly fiddling with the DJ equipment. It was a train wreck of cringe.
After enduring one hour of his shenanigans, I couldn't take it anymore. I discreetly texted my fiancé to come and check out the madness/scoop me. They arrived, took one look, and we swiftly made our exit.
Since that odd night, I've rarely spoken to this person. I ignore his Instagram messages 99% of the time, which he sends far too often. Most of them are just inane attention-seeking bs, but whenever I post a picture of myself, he manages to squeeze in some snide remark about my appearance. It's annoying, to say the least. This person is the epitome of cringe, and I have zero desire to engage with them.

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2023.06.08 10:41 gdj11 Charging port on 2014 MacBook Pro burns, will replace. Should the battery be replaced too?

My MacBook Pro is old but it’s in great shape and works perfectly except for an issue with the charging port and battery. When the computer is turned on and I plug in the MagSafe power adapter, the metal part of the charger gets so hot that I can’t touch it and after a while starts burning the connector pins. If the computer is powered off it still gets hot but not so bad that I can’t charge it.
I’ve cleaned everything with cotton buds and alcohol but the problem still happens. I replaced the charger but still have the problem. The battery runs out of power too quickly since it’s old, so that will need to be replaced too.
I’m planning to have the charging port on the MacBook replaced, and I’m thinking of replacing the battery as well, but I’d like to wait and see if changing the charging port fixes the burning issue before changing the battery. What I’m wondering is, could the battery be part of the issue? Should I replace the battery at the same time, or is it fine to replace the charging port first to see if the issue is fixed?
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