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2023.06.08 11:21 CF_Siveryany Hi, Reddit! Are you ever think about how small the world is? In April of this year, I read a post on Reddit about the murder of Kyle, a brave Foreign Legion medic, by the Russians. Recently, I had the honor to help his fellow soldiers and complete the task he started while he was still alive.

Hi, Reddit! Are you ever think about how small the world is? In April of this year, I read a post on Reddit about the murder of Kyle, a brave Foreign Legion medic, by the Russians. Recently, I had the honor to help his fellow soldiers and complete the task he started while he was still alive. submitted by CF_Siveryany to ukraine [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 11:21 One_Reception8849 I (23m) think that she(24f) is over me or distancing me or possibly breadcrumbing me

Ok so firstly let me tell you I've never been in a relationship in my life before and I don't understand these Social cues much, so even if a girl gave me a hint I never realised them. But I've been understanding them better now than before.
So there was this girl in my graduation batch who recently slid into my DMs by reacting to a football related story on my IG of which I'm sure she has no interest. This was in January.
I thought she wanted to have a conversation so we started talking when I wished her happy birthday in March and then she wished me back for my birthday in the same month. And then we started talking on snapchat when again she initiated the conversation and I got to know that we both love cats and initially she showed me a lot of enthusiasm in talking with me and we started sharing cat related vids and memes etc and this was going on for 2 months(April and May). This is where I think I messed up by telling her I liked her a little too quickly(in April). Despite all signs telling me otherwise she told me she didn't expect this at all. Somehow we still continued talking. I even made a playlist for her (if it matters). One day(1st of June) I indirectly asked for her number and this is where I think things went to shit.
She told me that she sees me only as a friend and if I am hoping something beyond this then it won't be possible. I told her that I understand and said sorry for pushing her about it. And now she still talks to me but with late replies and somewhat distancing me (or breadcrumbing me?). And for me, this was not the kind of girl wasting a chance with :(
A little about the girl's and her past cos this might also be somewhat imp for context. She lives far away from my current location. She's had 2 relationships until now and both were long like 4-5 years long. And her 2nd ex mentally tortured her for breaking up with him by threatening her about their pvt pics and stuff and she hasn't had a relationship after that. I know this cos she opened up about this.
Now I've typed all that happened so far in so much of head rush that I think the timeline is a bit messed up but you'll be able to get the gist of it. I hope.
Do share your opinion. Brutal honesty appreciated.
Tl:DR; 23M with low social IQ and no idea of how relationships work confessed to a girl (24F) with a horrendous dating past, too quickly and now she is distancing him or is over him.
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2023.06.08 11:20 acaboose63 We need to go dark ti save 3rd party apps.

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2023.06.08 11:20 Nev3r_Pro /r/tooktoomuch will be going dark from June 12-14 in protest against Reddit's API changes which kill 3rd party apps.

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2023.06.08 11:20 Delicious_Document39 Call a foundation repair company or structural inspection company?

I bought an old house a year ago, and there were some cracks that could potentially be structural issues on the basement wall and the concrete floor that support our house. To determine the extent of the problem, would you recommend calling a foundation repair company or a structural inspection company? A licensed structural engineer can conduct an inspection for $600, and they would not have how to fix it. On the other hand, we're concerned that a foundation repair company might try to instill fear and charge more for the repairs (as there are a few such companies in my town). Which approach do you recommend we pursue first?
I appreciate your help in advance.
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2023.06.08 11:20 AutoModerator [Get] Kyle Milligan – The Beginner Bundle Download

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You’ll also get a copy of my groundbreaking book…
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2023.06.08 11:20 PastCress9938 QM1 Exam

How did everyone feel about the QM1 exam? I personally felt it was quite long and the numbers are ugly so not sure if I calculated them right. There are some tricky parts too. Do they scale the mark up in QM1?
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2023.06.08 11:19 Erjikkzon I can't decide between guild halls and your opinions would be very helpful.

Hi I started a guild a few months ago with a bigger group of friends. And we can't decide which guild hall to choose. We only agreed that we don't like the one in the cave. And that's the one that people praise for some reason... most of us like the one with a touch of Asian culture, but I hear that's the worst of all. I just saw on youtube that when they improve the buildings in the older halls, it has a nice animation where you can see how the ruins of that building are being nicely built into a new form. That Asian guild hall for some reason doesn't have any animation when upgrading buildings, just suddenly in a second the building looks different.
I want to ask if you would be willing to do a brief review of all 4 guild halls. Explain the pros and cons of each why it pays to choose this one over that one, and of course I'm also interested in your personal opinion on each guild hall. We will be very grateful. And I apologize for my English I'm Slovak.
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2023.06.08 11:19 Oooodragons We now know that UFO's/UAP's exist, why is the world going "meh"

The avalanche of information that's now coming out regarding UFO's, congressional hearings into UFO's, whistle-blowers etc and all from pretty credible and irrefutable sources pretty much answers the biggest human question of "are we alone in the universe?" with a resounding Nope! and yet, the world is pretty much "meh", my friends are all meh, the news seems to be all meh.. how in the hell are we not going apeshit (in a good way) over this!? I don't understand it, is it literally going to take a bloody UFO parked over the Whitehouse to wake people up to this monumental revelation?
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2023.06.08 11:18 doingoilmachinery Is it worth investing in an sunflower oil processing plant?

Is it worth investing in an sunflower oil processing plant?
It is worth investing in a sunflower oil processing plant. One is that sunflower oil has a broad consumer market, and the other is that investing in sunflower oil processing plants is a sustainable business model. Sunflower oil processing equipment can be recycled, and sunflower seeds are a renewable resource that can be grown year after year. This helps to ensure a stable supply of raw materials and a stable source of income for businesses.
Sunflower oil processing plant
The first is the consumer market, because only by having sufficient consumer markets can we obtain more profits. When we can earn more profits from this project, our investment is worth it. For edible oil, it is closely related to our daily diet. The sunflower seed itself has a high oil content, and is rich in unsaturated fat acids, vitamins and trace elements. It can help regulate metabolism and promote blood circulation in the human body, and is one of the three mainstream edible oils in the world. And based on our experience, in recent years, the world's demand for sunflower seed oil consumption has been rapidly increasing. Therefore, sunflower oil has a very promising market prospect.
Another factor is cost investment, which determines how large a sunflower oil processing plant we ultimately need to build. The general cost investment mainly includes three aspects, namely factory rent, raw material cost, and equipment price.
At the factory level, before assuming a sunflower oil processing plant, we need to prepare sufficient open space for the factory construction. The larger the production scale, the larger the factory area, and the greater the rental investment. At the same time, the rent for factory buildings varies in different regions and geographical locations.
Another is the cost of raw materials. If you have a large area of planting sunflower seeds, you can save a lot of cost investment on the raw material level. Of course, it is also possible to find suitable suppliers and establish long-term cooperative relationships. You can obtain sufficient raw materials at a relatively low price.
Sufficient sunflower seeds
Finally, there is the investment in equipment. The price of the equipment is closely related to its processing capacity and configuration. If you are just starting to enter this industry, the processing capacity is not large, and the equipment cost investment is relatively lower. If you want to build an automated edible oil processing plant that processes dozens or even hundreds of tons of raw materials every day. The equipment cost investment will be relatively higher.
The cost input of a sunflower oil processing plant is one-time, but then the profit is continuous, with the right market research, cost investment and equipment, then investing in a sunflower oil processing plant can be a profitable and sustainable business adventure.
Sunflower oil processing machine
Henan Glory Company has been engaged in equipment manufacturing and installation for over a decade. We have a team of experienced engineers responsible for project development and design. There are also professional sales teams who can provide you with the most suitable advice based on your specific needs. Due to our own production factory, we can help customers save equipment investment costs to the greatest extent and provide guarantee for equipment quality.
The success of our clients is our success. If you are interested in investing in sunflower oil processing plant, please feel free to contact us at any time.
☏whatsApp/wechat: +86 13526627860
E-mail: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.06.08 11:18 goslowgofast State machine library for portable embedded application (C++11)

Hi :wave:

I have a few questions regarding how you would do a state machine in an application that needs to be portable across a wide array of compilers, OS's and hardware.
The first thing I stumbled upon is Boost
But I am a little afraid to pull this in, as it seems a bit heavy-weight, and _if_ I do start using this in my main application code, and it does not port to either any of the RTOS's or some hardware, I'm toast.
What are people using for their state machine frameworks?
Recommendations, hints, tips?
Worst case scenario I will have to switch statement the whole thing..
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2023.06.08 11:18 Placeholdername9876 Ubiquiti (UDR) or Asus RT-AX88U Pro

Hi there,
I have been using a Mikrotik hap ax2 for the last 8-10 months but I am not very satisfied with it. I feel like I have bitten off more than I could chew, as it clearly requires more knowledge of networking than I have, even for simple things. I'm also rather underwhelmed by the quality of the WiFi, especially 5Ghz, which is dropping a lot, even after fine tuning the frequencies.
At this point, I don't have the time or energy to try to get this router to work exactly as I want it to. I recognize that it gives a huge flexibility, but it is just too much for me.
In this context, I'm looking for alternatives that would be a little bit more beginner friendly and stable. My main wishes are the following:
As to what I use the router for:
The two options I am considering right now are the UDR or the Asus RT-AX88U Pro, considering they retail for about the same price in my country.
Would you have advice to help me choose?
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2023.06.08 11:18 random8256 Help choosing a nail shape

Help choosing a nail shape
Hi, I'm getting my nails done soon and I was wondering if anyone could help me pick a shape. Here are some that I've already had but if anyone has other shape suggestions please let me know. The last 2 pictures are my most recent set but I didn't really like how pointy they were if that makes sense. I mostly got coffin then changed to stiletto but seeing everyone's nails on here and how the shape changes how fingers look I'm not sure what to get. I don't have any good pictures of other coffin sets I got.
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2023.06.08 11:17 DrkiranReddyCh Orthopedic Specialist in Hyderabad Dr Kiran Reddy Chennuri

Dr. Kiran Reddy Chennuri: Your Trusted Orthopedic Specialist in Hyderabad

Are you in search of the best orthopedic doctor near you? Look no further! Dr. Kiran Reddy Chennuri, a renowned orthopedic surgeon in Hyderabad, is here to provide you with the highest quality care and treatment for all your orthopedic needs. With his exceptional expertise and dedication to patient well-being, Dr. Chennuri has earned a stellar reputation as one of the leading orthopedic specialists in the region.

A Commitment to Excellence in Orthopedic Care

When it comes to orthopedic concerns, finding a skilled and experienced specialist is crucial. Dr. Kiran Reddy Chennuri possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of orthopedics, making him the go-to expert for a wide range of musculoskeletal issues. Whether you're dealing with a sports injury, joint pain, or a complex orthopedic condition, Dr. Chennuri has the expertise to provide you with the highest level of care.

Advanced Treatments Tailored to Your Needs

Dr. Kiran Reddy Chennuri believes in delivering personalized treatment plans that are specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of each patient. He understands that every individual requires a customized approach to their orthopedic care, and he takes the time to thoroughly evaluate your condition, provide an accurate diagnosis, and recommend the most effective treatment options available.
With access to state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge techniques, Dr. Kiran Reddy Chennuri ensures that his patients receive the latest advancements in orthopedic care. From minimally invasive procedures to complex joint replacements, he employs the most advanced treatments to optimize outcomes and promote a speedy recovery.

Comprehensive Orthopedic Services

As a comprehensive orthopedic center, Dr. Kiran Reddy Chennuri's practice offers a wide range of services to address various orthopedic conditions. Some of the specialized areas include:

Sports Medicine

If you're an athlete or a sports enthusiast dealing with sports-related injuries, Dr. Kiran Reddy Chennuri expertise in sports medicine can get you back in the game. He provides comprehensive care for conditions such as sprains, strains, fractures, and ligament tears, utilizing advanced techniques to restore optimal function and enhance performance.

Joint Replacement Surgery

For individuals suffering from severe joint pain and limited mobility, joint replacement surgery can be life-changing. Dr. Kiran Reddy Chennuri specializes in joint replacement procedures, including hip, knee, and shoulder replacements, using the latest surgical techniques and implant technologies to ensure excellent outcomes and improved quality of life.

Spine Surgery

Back and neck pain can significantly impact your daily activities and overall well-being. Dr. Kiran Reddy Chennuri offers advanced spine surgery options to address various spinal conditions, such as herniated discs, spinal stenosis, and degenerative disc disease. With his expertise in minimally invasive techniques, he aims to relieve pain and restore spinal function with the least amount of disruption.

Trauma and Fracture Care

In cases of traumatic injuries and fractures, immediate and specialized care is crucial. Dr. Kiran Reddy Chennuri is highly skilled in providing prompt evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment for various fractures, including complex fractures that require surgical intervention. His goal is to promote proper healing, restore functionality, and alleviate pain, allowing you to return to your normal activities as quickly as possible.

Conveniently Located in Gachibowli, Hyderabad

Dr. Kiran Reddy Chennuri's clinic is conveniently located in the heart of Gachibowli, Hyderabad. The clinic offers a welcoming and patient-centric environment where you can feel comfortable and confident in your treatment journey. The dedicated staff is committed to ensuring a seamless experience, from scheduling appointments to assisting with insurance inquiries.

Your Journey to Optimal Orthopedic Health Starts Here

When it comes to your orthopedic health, choosing the right specialist is paramount. Dr. Kiran Reddy Chennuri, the best orthopedic surgeon in Hyderabad, combines expertise, compassion, and advanced techniques to deliver exceptional care that can transform lives. Don't let orthopedic conditions hold you back—schedule your appointment today and take the first step towards a pain-free and active life.

Dr. Kiran Reddy: Your Trusted Orthopedic Specialist in Hyderabad

If you're in search of the best orthopedic doctor in Hyderabad near you, look no further than Dr. Kiran Reddy Chennuri. With a reputation for excellence and a commitment to patient care, Dr. Kiran Reddy Chennuri is widely regarded as one of the top orthopedic surgeons in the region. Whether you require an in-person consultation or an online appointment, Dr. Kiran Reddy Chennuri expertise and dedication will ensure that you receive the highest quality orthopedic care.

A Leading Orthopedic Expert in Hyderabad

When it comes to orthopedic concerns, it's essential to find an experienced specialist you can trust. Dr. Kiran Reddy Chennuri has established himself as a leading orthopedic surgeon in Hyderabad, renowned for his exceptional skills and vast knowledge in the field. With years of experience and a passion for helping patients, Dr. Kiran Reddy Chennuri has earned a stellar reputation for providing comprehensive and personalized orthopedic care.

Comprehensive Orthopedic Services Tailored to Your Needs

Dr. Kiran Reddy Chennuri understands that every patient is unique and requires individualized care. That's why he offers a wide range of comprehensive orthopedic services tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you're dealing with a sports injury, joint pain, or a complex orthopedic condition, Dr. Kiran Reddy Chennuri will work closely with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that aims to optimize your recovery and enhance your overall quality of life.

In-Person and Online Consultations

Convenience and accessibility are key considerations in modern healthcare. Dr. Kiran Reddy offers both in-person consultations at his clinic and online consultations for patients who prefer the comfort and convenience of remote healthcare services. With online consultations, you can discuss your orthopedic concerns, receive expert advice, and even receive guidance on exercises and home care—all from the comfort of your own home.

Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation

If you're an athlete or sports enthusiast, Dr. Kiran Reddy Chennuri understands the importance of getting you back to your game as quickly and safely as possible. He specializes in sports medicine and offers comprehensive care for sports-related injuries, including sprains, strains, fractures, and ligament tears. With his expertise in sports injury management and rehabilitation, Dr. Kiran Reddy Chennuri will develop a tailored treatment plan that focuses on restoring your function and helping you regain your peak performance.

Joint Replacement and Preservation

For individuals suffering from severe joint pain and limited mobility, joint replacement surgery can be life-changing. Dr. Kiran Reddy is a leading expert in joint replacement procedures, including hip, knee, and shoulder replacements. He employs the latest surgical techniques and utilizes advanced implant technologies to ensure optimal outcomes and long-term joint preservation. Dr. Kiran Reddy Chennuri's goal is to alleviate your pain, improve your joint function, and help you regain an active and pain-free lifestyle.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Dr. Kiran Reddy Chennuri is highly skilled in performing minimally invasive surgical techniques, which offer numerous benefits over traditional open surgeries. Minimally invasive procedures result in smaller incisions, reduced pain, faster recovery times, and minimized scarring. Whether it's arthroscopy, minimally invasive spine surgery, or other procedures, Dr. Kiran Reddy Chennuri expertise in minimally invasive techniques ensures that you receive the highest level of care with minimal disruption to your daily life.

Experience Excellence in Orthopedic Care with Dr. Kiran Reddy

When it comes to your orthopedic health, don't settle for anything less than the best. Dr. Kiran Reddy, the leading orthopedic specialist in Hyderabad, is committed to providing you with the highest quality care and expertise. Whether you require in-person or online consultation, Dr. Kiran Reddy Chennuri's compassionate approach, advanced techniques, and personalized treatment plans will help you regain your mobility, alleviate your pain, and improve your overall quality of life.
Schedule an appointment with Dr. Kiran Reddy today and take the first step towards a healthier, more active you.
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2023.06.08 11:17 Tough_Elevator_260 thank you

Thank you to everyone on Igcse for helping those in need. Thank you to those who consulted others at their worst times. Thank you for those who advice and answer questions. You won’t believe how many times this page saved me this exam season😭 and CONGRATS WE ARE DONE‼️
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2023.06.08 11:17 nil0nasan Extreme visibility cause damage

I'm sorry, this will be long.
It's literally impossible to go through any kind of social media searching information about bottom surgery (or SRS in general), without finding hateful speech coming from cis people who know nothing about this surgeries spreading misinformation and posting pictures of people's genitals (without their consent, of course) with fresh scars from recent surgery calling it butched. It's not butched. It's fresh.
And I can't stop thinking that this is partially or completely the fault of the extreme visibility in social media and internet. Yes, information and the possibility to access to resources is helpful and important for transsexual people, but it shouldn't be that easy to find (for cis people and the "nondysphorics"). Why would a cis person search for vagino/phalloplasty in the first place? (Puting aside the possibility of them having a trans relative or partner.) It shouldn't even cross their minds. But, of course, they could scroll on tiktok and find a video of a 'transmasc' shitting on phalloplasty and saying how it isn't for them (thanks for the info, no one asked), which motivates them to Google the procedure and then write a tweet about how horrible the surgery is and how the person life is ruined. This is just an example.
I don't know. Why would a cis person, totally uninterested in SRS, search naturally for its results? I don't search about how to perform a heart transplant just for fun. Something needs to call my attention for me to do so.
Do you imagine how could things change if the first contact that these people had with the surgery was a transsexual person talking naturally about it and about how their life is 100% better now and how the surgery gave them the quality of life they needed? Instead of hate speech, extreme romantization or direct misinformation coming sometimes, sadly, from trans people.
I normally don't care about people speaking shit, but its impossible to don't feel somehow hurted when A LOT of people call disgusting and horrific a procedure you are 'forced' to have because dysphoria doesn't let you live. And even more when 99% of what they say isn't even true and the ball of hate just grows and grows.
I'm sorry if this was written poorly or it's difficult to understand what I'm saying. I'm just pissed.
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2023.06.08 11:17 Mundane-Student7037 Little bits of realism you like to add in builds?

I've been building a massive "boarding school" lot for the last few days and noticed just how many bins I have everywhere. Looking at other community lots I've built, there are also bins everywhere. I suppose I just don't like the idea of people littering in my nice clean community lots and make sure there are plenty of places to throw away your rubbish. Plus recycling, of course.
What little realistic touches do you add to your builds that don't affect gameplay?
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2023.06.08 11:17 Big-Ad7964 i wish she was different

figured i couldn’t mope around anymore and needed to finally get out all of my anger and stories ive been dying to tell of my mother. or lack of one rather. i grew up being raised by my older siblings due to my mothers neglect, and constant need to act like a teenager && neglect her children + responsibilities. my father was deployed in the military during this, so it was a rough time for my family. im thankful i don’t remember much, but i do remember how lonely I felt and certain pinpoints where my mother neglected my needs. after my dad divorced my mother, and figured out she ditched both me & my sister, he took me with him to live with him out of state with my other siblings. i went no contact with my mother ever since that day. i always wished i had my mom with me though. i remember she called me once or twice when i first moved states, and then the phone calls stopped. i blamed my dad my entire life, thinking he was the one who restricted it. not knowing much of how horrible my mother was, i did anything to keep a perfect image of her in my mind. i constantly begged for him to let me talk to her, and resented him for not letting it happen. needless to say, growing up I realized it had nothing to do with him. she chose to never contact me. she ran off with her new husband, and went no contact on her kids. before i figured all of this out however, I got in contact with her when i was about 15-16. i was so fucking happy. i felt like my life was perfect then and there, like a void was filled and she could come visit and talk to me more. boy was I wrong. when i turned 17, she finally told me I should come visit. but i had to pay for it. so I did. i went out and it was the best week ever. i felt whole again, and like everything I missed about having my mother with me growing up was gone. i visited her twice more, and it seemed like the need for her to try being my mom drifted away. she picked up tons of shifts and was gone most of the time i was there to visit, and brought me over to her new boyfriends house where she let me drink / smoke when i just turned 18. i didn’t want to do it, but she bought a whole bottle for me and made me feel like it was succh an inconvenience for her if I didn’t. when I went home that time, we drifted apart even more. dry texts, no calls, barely anything. I’d text her first, update her on my life, tell her I wished she was with me. now just this month, my dad told me she told him I was using her and she never got a text from me unless I wanted her money. un fucking believable. how could your daughter wanting to be with you result in you spending money? she’s had so many opportunities to live closer to me, but I know for a fact she just doesn’t want to acknowledge her kids and wants to live on her own. she never paid her child support, leaving my dad struggling, and lying to me and my siblings about how my dad was plotting us against her and she was miserable and broke. she refused to work for years just so she wouldn’t have to pay child support for my dad, and leached off of her husband. i seriously cant understand why i got stuck with such an ignorant fuck who doesn’t care about her kids. I’ll never understand why people who can’t handle kids bring kids into the world only to mess them up. anyways, thanks for my rant. i would add more, my head is jumbled from trying to fit all my mother induced trauma into one reddit post. thanks for listening if you got this far, and feel free to leave comments below. i like knowing people are in the same boat as me and I’m not so alone with this shit storm.
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2023.06.08 11:17 AnakinStopPanicking Parking in Gothenburg

Hello everyone, I have a question regarding parking in Gothenburg. My sister, her family and I are going in August for two days, and we found accomodation, it says it's around 25 minutes with car to Gothenburg (we're coming with car from Norway). Is it hard to find a place to park? How does the payment go, via app? Can I connect it to my Norwegian bank account? It's my first time visiting, so I'm looking for informations.
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2023.06.08 11:16 StumpyTH They definetively tweaked ranked

Last season i hit champ in about 60 games and was still getting 50-60 points per game.
This season i have 42. games played and im in emerald 1 getting about 40 points per game with 73% winrate.
This season we will get fewer champs im sure of it, im not sure how many got champ on PC last season but it was atleast between 12-15k which is way too much imo. Seems like they are getting closer to a decent ranking system.
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2023.06.08 11:16 oronboroboto Metro Manila to Puerto Galera and back?

Hello, like the title says, ill be going on a trip to Puerto Galera in a few days. But my problem is that I am unfamiliar with the routes and areas in the country as it is my first time traveling around. So if anyone can help me plan my trip, please comment below.
Note: I have tried to do my research on how to get there and back to Metro Manila, but not had much luck answering some questions/concerns that I had. Some information I got were also clashing a lot with different sources. :/
-Can I book the ferry tickets in advance online? Which website is best to use? What are the odds of canceled trips? (I've heard its easy to get tickets going there, but hard to get tickets going back to batangas pieport)
-What about bus tickets going back to metro manila? Will there be a bus station at the batangas pieport or will I have to travel to another destination first?
-How long is the travel time generally going to batangas port from the bus stations in cubao/kamias? Google says less than an hour, but other sources say 4-5 hours. :/
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2023.06.08 11:15 Comfortable-Elk9898 Mother has suddenly become delusional, and deeply paranoid

Hello all,
I will state before this wall of text that things aren't easy for me at the moment, and some honest advice, or even just sympathy, would go a long way.
So I'm 20 years old and I only live with my mother in a rental.
Over the past month her behaviour has considerably changed, and she appears to have become extremely paranoid, and driven by unstoppable anxiety.
It's seriously impacting my quality of life and mental health, to the point where I'm not sure what options I have left. I already have my own mental health issues, but hers are spilling over and making mine much worse.
As she is my mother, I always treat her with utmost respect and gratitude, but all I have received back is verbal abuse.
Last week, I had a shower. Once I finished up, I noticed a tiny leak through a crack, so I put a towel on top so as to dry the area.
My mother came home to the towel, and flung verbal abuse at me, for reasons I will never understand. She seemed fixated on the fact that I didn't tell her the towel was there via messages before she got home.
She also accused me of breaking the shower, and has started banging on the walls of the bathroom when she thinks I'm taking too long. Her reasoning is, she believes the REA will evict us if there is a leak.
She called a plumber on the weekend, who quickly confirmed there was no issue. He was in and out, taking only minutes.
To be clear, I have timed my showers after the incident, and they were no longer than five minutes. I time hers, and they exceed ten often.
I ended up packing all my medicine and possessions after this incident, and stayed at my partners house, to try to let my mother cool down. I came back the next day, and to my surprise she was behaving as if nothing ever happened.
Then another incident occurred today, which is the reason I am posting this.
I took a ride-share to work this morning, and when I got home, she got a notification on her phone that the bill was not paid.
I was surprised to hear it and checked it out. I paid as I was told. I communicated that fact to her, and she responded by yelling about how Uber was going to come knocking on our door due to the unpaid 30 dollar bill, and she didn't want to get in trouble with the law. It would be hilarious if it weren't said completely seriously.
I reassured her multiple times that I had paid the bill, and she insisted she "couldn't trust me", and would not change her mind.
This prompted me to become visibly upset for the first time in these ordeals. I asked why I was being treated the way I was, and she would not answer with anything apart from "I feel like I cannot trust you anymore". To be honest, it makes me scared of her. Scared of her coming home, and scared of her talking to me.
Anyway, it brings me to the present. I feel like the person I know as my mother has been stripped from me, and replaced with a monster.
I have no idea what caused her behaviour change, and I am confident I always treat her with respect, and have done nothing wrong. Nothing major has changed in her life.
I appreciate any honest and sincere replies. I'm happy to answer any questions. Thanks
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