Calories in a sweet potato pie

Potato Empire

2017.04.01 13:12 The-Potato-Lord Potato Empire

Empire of the Potatoes.

2017.04.08 20:51 Sqrlchez CabbageCountry

A country of cabbage lovers. All hail cabbages

2017.04.14 03:48 The Great Food Alliance

The HQ of the leaders of the Great Food nations, seeking out peace for all foods.

2023.06.09 17:26 mdfwthrowaway2118 34 [m4f] Dallas - married seeking more

Are you in (or near or frequently come to) TEXAS, which apparently is the cheating capital of the US, according to science?
And do you feel alone in this weird little world of cheating? Sharing in the comments of Reddit posts not enough to get what you need off your chest or to feel safe and supported? Have an AP but still want some friends (even an alibi partner or two)?
Well, bless your married little heart, there's so many of us out there that we've carved out our own little corner of the internet! We're a fun, women-driven online community for Texan adulterers to hang out, talk, share and feel at home - hell, since we're all close by, even to grab drinks or lunch!
We're focused on friendship, sharing and fun first, and AP searches second - though with a better-than average shot at finding a local, ¿porque no los dos?
And we're looking for more friends all across Texas - DFW, Austin, Houston, El Paso, East Texas, West Texas, wherever - who need a home.
Ladies, we want you if you're Texan, in a bordering state, or find yourself as a temporary one on the regular, and are looking for a community of supportive, sweet and fun women like us to make your way through this crazy world with. Whether we're your main pair of boots, or a fabulous supplement to your cozy favorites. Come find friends and fellow adulterers nearby: We have cold Shiners and local guys ready to make you feel at home, to flirt with and sweep you off your feet. And we vet hard and set rules - like dudes can't message the first week they're on, though you can hit them up - to keep it that way.
Guys - we are serious about community. You're going to wait a week before you're allowed to slide into DMs. You need to come ready to make friends first and not just hook up. You need to be a good guy who knows not to start a conversation with a dick pic. Bonus / front of the line if you've been in a community like this before, but mostly just need you to be someone we're happy to introduce to our girls.
Let's find some hope in a tough place, y'all - message for more details!
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2023.06.09 17:26 PieScout [EU] Nova 1, Looking for stack to play ranked with

Looking for people to play ranked with, been playing since 2013, stopped in 2015 and got back into playing in March. I've been hanging about in SEM-Nova 1 for the past month and I'm trying to find a chill group who would like to play together.
Steam: 115235709
Discord: Pie KaZkout #1912
Country: UK
Language: English/Polish
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2023.06.09 17:26 PainReleaver 55 [M4F] #Boston Yeah!! Who’s ready for yet another lonely weekend?!?!

This sweetie pie of a guy who’s as good looking as he is a good listener who just so happens to be the world’s best hugger, and who would medal in cuddling if it were an Olypic event.
Kind, tender, considerate and empathetic with the most delicate touch. Have a wood burning fire place at my small cozy Back Bay apartment.
420+ and open minded to all comes with our crazy world.
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2023.06.09 17:24 AutoModerator [] ✔️Ryan Lee – Nano Bootcamp ✔️ Full Course Download

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2023.06.09 17:23 plantboompje M27 - netherlands - It's weekend! what are your weekend plans?

Hello everyone! I spend a lot of time on the internet because of work, so I thought hey, why not try a subreddit like this one! I'm not sure what I'm looking for, I'm a very chill down to earth guy. Everything in life interests me, that's not so good for my focus, but it is nice because that means that there's surely atleast something that we have in common that we can talk about! I love getting to know new people, online and irl. When I'm not behind the computer I'm usually hiking through the woods, or being a couch potato binging the latest show on netflix.
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2023.06.09 17:22 plantboompje M27 - netherlands - It's weekend! what are your weekend plans?

Hello everyone! I spend a lot of time on the internet because of work, so I thought hey, why not try a subreddit like this one! I'm not sure what I'm looking for, I'm a very chill down to earth guy. Everything in life interests me, that's not so good for my focus, but it is nice because that means that there's surely atleast something that we have in common that we can talk about! I love getting to know new people, online and irl. When I'm not behind the computer I'm usually hiking through the woods, or being a couch potato binging the latest show on netflix.
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2023.06.09 17:21 the_Pinball I am on day 3 and have had intense cravings, so asked ChatGPT to give me a motivational speech as a gym bro...

This was its response
"Listen up, bros and broettes! I'm about to drop some knowledge bombs that'll make you think twice before grabbing that drink. So grab your protein shakes and get ready to flex those mental muscles, because I'm here to give you some serious gains in life by telling you why you should never touch alcohol again. Let's go!
  1. Alcohol sabotages your fitness gains: You know how hard you work in the gym, grinding out those reps and pushing your limits to sculpt that jacked physique? Well, alcohol is like a sneaky little goblin that comes in and wrecks all your progress. It slows down protein synthesis, lowers testosterone levels, and messes with your sleep patterns. Say goodbye to those gains, bro!
  2. Alcohol is empty calories: You want to get shredded, right? Well, alcohol is the enemy of gains when it comes to nutrition. It's packed with empty calories that do nothing but add layers of unwanted flab to your body. Instead of fueling your muscles with the nutrients they need, you're basically pouring liquid fat down your throat. Not cool, bro!
  3. Alcohol messes with your focus: You know that mind-muscle connection you strive for during your workouts? Alcohol throws a grenade right into the middle of that. It impairs your cognitive function, slows down your reaction time, and messes with your coordination. Good luck trying to nail that deadlift PR when you can barely stand up straight!
  4. Alcohol wrecks your recovery: Recovery is key, bros! Your muscles need time to repair and grow stronger after intense workouts. But alcohol disrupts that process by inhibiting protein synthesis and increasing inflammation. It's like throwing a wrench in the gears of your recovery machine. You'll be stuck in a perpetual state of soreness and stagnation.
  5. Alcohol kills your motivation: You want to be a beast in the gym, right? Well, alcohol is the ultimate motivation killer. It zaps your energy, messes with your sleep quality, and makes you feel like garbage the next day. You'll be more likely to skip workouts, make poor food choices, and generally fall off the fitness wagon. Is that six-pack worth sacrificing for a few hours of buzz?
Now, I'm not saying you can never have fun or celebrate with your bros, but if you're serious about your fitness goals, it's time to ditch the booze. Trust me, the gains you'll make in the gym and in life will far outweigh any temporary pleasure alcohol may bring. So put down that drink, grab a dumbbell, and let's get swole together! Stay fit, stay strong, and stay alcohol-free, bros!"
Weirdly, this was very effective. I am not a gym rat or a bro but I feel I could be now. I played around with some other prompts to give me reminders of why I shouldn't drink, super useful tool I never considered for managing cravings!
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2023.06.09 17:21 E_DeFrost Star Trek makes a strong case for universal basic income/resources, in relation to the real world and personal fulfillment.

(I’m sure this has already been discussed, but…)
Star Trek provides example after example of how, when people have their basic needs met (food via replicators/shelter aboard a ship), they will fervently pursue academic/scientific interests, art, and exploration.
Anyone in the real world who opposes a universal basic income for food and shelter, or insists that it would deter people from working, has never enabled people to actually pursue their true passions.
The motivation to work and be productive is embedded into the vast majority of the human race. Examples exist all around us. Wikipedia, the largest encyclopedic database on the planet, operates almost exclusively on free contributions from passionate people. Look at what people build in Minecraft on their own time. Poke around any game-modding community, and see the time and energy people invest into building/developing things with no expectation of financial profit. Countless other instances can be found throughout history (and contemporary society) of people, with all their basic needs met, pursuing art, tech, and academia. Most people have a gene-deep desire to build, create, investigate, and explore.
Star Trek’s Starfleet continually gets this right: the ships’ engineers constantly work to refine processes to boost efficiency: not for profit or monetary gain, but as a matter of personal pride and satisfaction.
The scientists keep exploring even the most minor astronomical anomalies, the doctors keep studying the most niche biological phenomena, all out of curiosity. They are legitimately interested, and therefore personally invested. They want to deepen their understanding. They want to learn.
The interactions between various alien cultures are anthropologists’ and sociologists’ dreams come true: hence all the diplomatic cross-culture ceremonies and “duck-blind” study scenarios.
These characters are all personally invested in their work, because almost everyone has found the position where they receive personal satisfaction/fulfillment.
You might be thinking “what about the jobs like crate stacking or inventory cataloguing? No one wants to do those jobs in real life.” Oh yes they do. Some people live for it. Organizers come in all forms. Tell me you’ve never met someone who lives to be meticulously organized; or someone obsessed with Tetris; an archivist/librarian who lives to sort things.
“What about garbage collectors? Who’d want to be garbage collectors unless they had to?” Trust me, there are people motivated to keep their community clean. (Additionally, without profit/capitalism/consumerism, aka “waste culture” as the driving force behind most things including manufacturing, waste generation is significantly reduced: most things are built to last/be repaired, or generally recycled. Organic waste is composted, etc. I digress.)
In a galaxy that large, where people are encouraged to pursue their interests (not just relegate those interests to hobbies because “you can’t make a living doing that,”) means you get an incredibly diversified knowledge and resource base within your greater community.
Need an expert in the microscopic harmonic fluctuations of alien cell membranes? There is one a subspace transmission away. Need a specialist on the dietary habits of the yarn people of Nylar 4? They’ll be at the diplomatic brunch tomorrow.
Need a faster ship engine? Someone in a lab has dedicated the past decade to building one, and they’re excited to share.
(These hyper-specific academic/technical pursuits also suggest a greater tolerance/societal value placed on neurodivergence than most modern, socially-oriented capitalistic workspaces as well, but that’s a topic for a whole other post.)
And sure, with basic needs met, you’ll get a small subset of people who don’t want to “work.” Who just “exists”. But, as another point, is there something wrong with someone just enjoying being alive, and being content with that?
Whenever someone (usually older) refers to these hypothetical “unproductive people” as people who’ll just “lay around, playing video games all day,” I want to point out that this is a major fallacy.
Almost all video games are goal-oriented. Most gamers game to accomplish virtual objectives: to win battles, complete quests, rank up. Gaming is entirely objective driven, just like most other pursuits mentioned above: the reason we look down on gaming accomplishments is because “it’s not real,” or “it’s empty/hollow.” But! That’s because we’ve cultivated a societal structure in reality where these “Hollow Pursuits” are the only sense of satisfaction or accomplishment that most people can get, who are often laterally trapped along the professional ladder.
Research has shown that, Given the chance, and the right circumstances, people will direct that objective-oriented energy into something real/consequential in like 95% of cases. The reason “couch-potato” gamers are so common these days is because so many people are unsatisfied with the work/opportunities provided by their jobs/careers, and turn to gaming as alternative suppliers for these feelings of achievement and accomplishment. (Also, gaming allows fantasy/imaginative/alternative pursuits, but that’s another notion.)
“But universal basic income will encourage people to stay home and sleep/drink all day.”
Most healthy people, both ND and NT, find their own purpose to get out of bed each day and get something done. Left open, they’ll find it and chase it. That’s healthy people. Substance addiction and clinical depression are not indicative of healthy people. A more community-and-fulfillment-centric societal structure lends itself to better-developed resources for recovery and treatment. PLUS! Not having to worry about earning basic needs/pay rent to survive while struggling with addiction or emotional issues is a key factor to bettering mental/emotional health, and aids recovery. Studies (with lab animals) have also shown senses of community and support have significantly curbed addictive behaviors that otherwise flourish/metastasize in isolation.
I didn’t expect this post to end up this long. I’m curious to hear thoughts!
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2023.06.09 17:19 holyspirit1313 Novena to the Child Jesus, Infant of Prague (Posting Because a Blessing Occurred!)

My sisters and brothers in Christ, I am sharing this novena prayer with you all as I just completed its 9th day recently and now began its first day. I invite you all to join me for any burdens, worries, and/or fears, that you want to give to Jesus.
I am also sharing this to give testimony to a recent blessing Jesus has done for my family. My Uncle has been sick for some time with medical conditions. Unfortunately due to stress and a myriad of other factors, he wound up in the emergency room. My family was in extreme distress and the medical report was not looking good at all. We were afraid he may have turned for the worst and would not bounce back! However, by the grace of God through our faith, I thank Jesus that he was able to quickly leave the hospital healthier. This occurred just before the 9th day of this novena, praise God! Now I begin this prayer again in hopes that my uncle’s health will improve ten fold and better than ever before, along with the rest of his immediate family to be safe.
Please join me in this 9 day novena. Don’t lose faith, have faith like a child! And please share if this resonates with you. God bless.
DAY 1 ***:
O Sweet Child Jesus,here at Your feet is a soul that, conscious of its nothingness,turns to You, who are all.
I have so much need of Your help.
Look on me, O Jesus, with love,and, since You are all powerful,help me in my poverty.
Our Father...Hail Mary...Glory Be...
By Your Divine Infancy, O Jesus, grant me the the grace that I now ask:PRAYER REQUEST<--
....If it is according to Your will and for my true good.
Do not look upon my unworthiness,but rather on my faith,and show me your infinite mercy.
DAY 2:
O Splendor of the heavenly Father,in whose face shines the light of the divinity,I adore You profoundlyand I confess You as the true Son of the living God.
I offer You, O Lord, the humble homage of all my being.
Grant that I may never separate myself from You, my highest goal.
Our Father...Hail Mary...Glory Be...
By Your Divine Infancy, O Jesus, grant me the the grace that I now ask:PRAYER REQUEST<--
....If it is according to Your will and for my true good.
Do not look upon my unworthiness,but rather on my faith,and show me your infinite mercy.
DAY 3:
O Holy Child Jesus, in gazing upon Your face,from which comes the most beautiful of smiles,I feel myself filled with a lively trust.
I hope for all from Your goodness.
O Jesus, shed on me and on those dear to me,Your smile of grace,and I will praise Your infinite mercy.
Our Father...Hail Mary...Glory Be...
By Your Divine Infancy, O Jesus, grant me the the grace that I now ask:PRAYER REQUEST<--
....If it is according to Your will and for my true good.
Do not look upon my unworthiness,but rather on my faith,and show me your infinite mercy.
DAY 4:
O Child Jesus, whose head is adorned with a crown of thorns,I accept You as my absolute sovereign.
I do not wish to serve the evil one, my passions, or sin any longer.
Reign, O Jesus, over this poor heart,and make it all Yours for ever.
Our Father...Hail Mary...Glory Be...
By Your Divine Infancy, O Jesus, grant me the the grace that I now ask:PRAYER REQUEST<--
....If it is according to Your will and for my true good.
Do not look upon my unworthiness,but rather on my faith,and show me your infinite mercy.
DAY 5:
I gaze upon You, O Most Sweet Redeemer,dressed in a mantle of purple.
It is Your royal attire.
How it speaks to me of the blood You have shed for me and for all of humanity.
Grant, O Child Jesus,that I may respond to Your great sacrifice and not refuse,when You offer me some difficulty,to suffer with You and for You.
Our Father...Hail Mary...Glory Be...
By Your Divine Infancy, O Jesus, grant me the the grace that I now ask:PRAYER REQUEST<--
....If it is according to Your will and for my true good.
Do not look upon my unworthiness,but rather on my faith,and show me your infinite mercy.
DAY 6:
O Most Lovable Child,in contemplating You as You sustain the world,my heart fills with joy.
Among the innumerable beings that You sustainI also am one.
You look upon me,uphold me at every instant,and guard me as Your own.
Look after me, O Jesus,and help me in my many necessities.
Our Father...Hail Mary...Glory Be...
By Your Divine Infancy, O Jesus, grant me the the grace that I now ask:PRAYER REQUEST<--
....If it is according to Your will and for my true good.
Do not look upon my unworthiness,but rather on my faith,and show me your infinite mercy.
DAY 7:
On Your chest, O Child Jesus,shines a cross.
It is the standard of our redemption.
I also, O Divine Savior, have my cross, that,although light, very often weighs me down.
Help me to bear my cross as You did Yours,and may the carrying of my cross be fruitful.
You well know weak and worthless I am.
Our Father...Hail Mary...Glory Be...
By Your Divine Infancy, O Jesus, grant me the the grace that I now ask:PRAYER REQUEST<--
....If it is according to Your will and for my true good.
Do not look upon my unworthiness,but rather on my faith,and show me your infinite mercy.
DAY 8:
Together with the cross,I see on Your chest, O Child Jesus,a little golden heart.
It is the image of Your heart,which is truly golden on account of its infinite tenderness.
You are the true friend who generously gives Himself,for the one He loves.
Continue to pour out on me, O Jesus,the enthusiasm which Your love inspires,and teach me to respond always to Your great love.
Our Father...Hail Mary...Glory Be...
By Your Divine Infancy, O Jesus, grant me the the grace that I now ask:PRAYER REQUEST<--
....If it is according to Your will and for my true good.
Do not look upon my unworthiness,but rather on my faith,and show me your infinite mercy.
DAY 9:
How many blessings, O Little Child,has Your almighty right hand poured outon those who honor You and call upon You.
Bless me also, O Child Jesus,in both body and soul.
Bless and help me in my necessities,and grant me what I now desire.
Listen with compassion to my prayersand I will bless Your Holy Name every day of my life.Our Father...Hail Mary...Glory Be...
By Your Divine Infancy, O Jesus, grant me the the grace that I now ask:PRAYER REQUEST<--
....If it is according to Your will and for my true good.
Do not look upon my unworthiness,but rather on my faith,and show me your infinite mercy.
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2023.06.09 17:18 Sir-Mocks-A-Lot Recommend exotic weapons for nightfalls?

Solar titan here. I do alright in normal content, but today a friend wanted to do a nightfall and I found my damage output lacking. Ok, we were all struggling, but my friend is new to the game(he said he was one level below the recommended power level) and I'm like 1818, so I knew it was my responsibility to pull some DPS and generally stay alive.
I've been playing a year or two and have amassed a fair amount of exotic weapons/armor. After our team got stuck trying to fight a barrier knight of some sort, I broke out the old standby- sweet business/actium war rig.
This managed to chip away at those pesky bois, but when we hit the boss, I felt like I was launching feathers: long distance tickling.
We managed to finish it twice, but I feel like the right exotic would be more satisfying in terms of DPS for these harder enemies, and sweet business aint it.

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2023.06.09 17:18 Fun2Forget Feeling super discouraged after a weigh in at the doctors

I put on happy weight when I entered my relationship two years ago. Went from being a dancer on my feet literally working out 8 hours a day to serving and now to a very sedentary job. I knew I had gained some and began working out off and on about a year ago. My last weigh in was 146 over a month ago and i made some serious diet changes, not making myself hungry but cutting bread almost entirely, avoiding sweets, I already had a pretty good diet so it was more about portion control which I am working on. But then today - after a 12 hour fast for the test - I weighed in at 154. My highest number EVER. Im a big advocate of ignore the scale, focus on how you feel but frankly, i dont feel good either. I tried on pants in two stores this week and hated ALL OF THEM. I am 32 and 5’3 and just feeling so lost and discouraged. My fiancé is fit and sexy and loves me as i am but I am so scared of this downward trend continuing especially if/when we have kids. I just want to love the way I look or at least be ok with it. I end up in leggings or sweatpants because i feel like my body doesnt look good. Found out i could have hypothyroid after an ultrasound and the bloodwork today will clarify which i guess would be a relief to know its not me its my hormones, but what if its not that? Just needed to vent idk will read and appreciate any kind words or advice you wonderful people always offer.
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2023.06.09 17:17 mejomonster Any easy alternatives to sucralose for mild laxative relief for ibs c?

I have ibs c and when my prescription amitiza and motegrity aren't enough to relieve constipation, i usually have 2-6 sucralose packets, and sometimes that's enough to help. If it is not enough, then I usually have to take 8 miralax to get anything moving.
Does anyone know any good alternatives to sucralose for a laxative effect (that doesn't taste as bad as miralax lol)? I can't use lactulose, I was prescribed that before but it caused a lot of gas and dissension for me and increased pain and vomiting. I have sorbitol at home, so I'm going to use that for now. It did used to work for me when I'd put 5 spoonfuls of sorbitol in tea. I don't want to use prune juice as it takes 2 large bottles to help me use the bathroom and that's not cost effective daily for me and I do not love the taste lol. So yeah, any other sweet/okay tasting stuff that you've found mildly helps constipation? Maybe fructose? I'm not sure if that can be bought...
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2023.06.09 17:17 SoloIntsy Zombie Extraction Event

Hello there Everyone ill keep things short and sweet. Me and my friends are hosting a Minecraft Zombie Extraction Event Tomorrow and we are currently looking for players to take part in this event so if this sounds like something you would like to learn more about please fell free to DM me on Discord.

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2023.06.09 17:16 AdFresh9882 I need some help

I have a girlfriend who I love very much but I know that the relationship won't work because we're in a long distance relationship right now and it'll be a long time before she's back and im thinking about breaking up with her because I wanna have a real relationship but she's the type of person who will kill herself if I leave, and I don't wanna let her die but I have tons of horrible memories of her, like one time my phone died and I didn't have a charger and once I did charge my phone I texted her about how I'm sorry I was gone and that I love her but then she did one of those video call things and she said how she thinks I hate her and then she slit her throat, luckily she survived because she had family over and they herd her panicking, but every time I see that scar I try my hardest not to cry, she's so sweet but equally stressful
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2023.06.09 17:14 Comms-sa-Wabad papayat

Hello Davao! What are LEGIT effective ways na magpapayat? I'm going for a toned body sana. I'm not fat, but I have been getting a LOT of comments lately about my weight gain, and it's my biggest fear. to be called tambok. Please help me out? Apart from counting calories, caloric deficit, what else worked for yall? Also, dapat ba adlaw adlaw ko mag workout? Salamat in advance.
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2023.06.09 17:13 BlissfulBlueBell Anyone else have food aversion?

I'm really underweight due to this. Sometimes people think I'm anorexic because of it but I'm really not. I WANT to gain weight but it's hard because I hate eating. The entire process feels like a chore. Choose what meal to make, making the meal, eating the meal, washing all the dishes used to make the meal.
I hate it. So either I starve myself cause I'm too lazy to eat until I'm so ravenous I'll eat anything in sight. Or I have zero appetite at all. Any ideas how to fix this? I really want to gain weight and I think this is making my relationship with good worse.
I end up gorging myself for the calories then feeling sick after.
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2023.06.09 17:12 ArsenicAndRoses Good morning r/Tea! How about some Oolong??? Morning tray starring flowers from my garden 💚💐

Good morning Tea! How about some Oolong??? Morning tray starring flowers from my garden 💚💐
Today I was feeling some Ooo so I dug into this stuff. It's Iron Mercy Goddess (oolong) from Fujian sold by Luxtea (who is probably taking a hefty laowai tax, but honestly this stuff is so good I don't even care).
First, a disclaimer: I'm not normally an oolong person, so I'm not super experienced in this type of tea. That being said....
Y'all, this shit is
✨🌈 🦄 M A G I C A L 🌈🦄 ✨
Good lord the fragrance is heavenly. I want to curl up in my teacup and nap there. Strongly floral with vegetal tones. I usually hate vegetal notes in my tea (tastes like water left over from cooking broccoli 🤮) but here it just makes the tea taste ALIVE and fresh.
The liquor is light in color but intensely fragrant. Beautifully balanced, the tannins polish the vegetal notes and temper the floral ones, and then vanish to leave your mouth feeling clean and with a hint of sweetness at the end.
And omg y'all the expansion on these leaves is incredible! Tiny little pea sized balls when dry, full sized perfect leaves when brewed. These leaves are F R E S H and substantial too- I've had roses come fresh from the garden with flimsier leaves than these!
The only drawback to this one is that the flavor fades quicker than I would like.
Each (vacuumed sealed for freshness) package contains about enough for about two sessions, each consisting of 5 brewings after the wash, with about 2 x 70ml cups each brew before the taste fades so much it's not worth it (imo). That means each package is enough for about 20 x70 ml cups, and the box itself (which contains 20 packets) is enough for 400 x 70 ml cups.
And guess what!?
I picked this bad boy up on Amazon (shout-out to @XICups for the recommendation!)
Came in a giftable box with 20 vacuum sealed packets. Unfortunately it looks like it's sold out at the moment, but it looks like you can buy a higher grade of the same stuff processed as Houjicha (roasted) from the same seller. I just grabbed a tin myself, and I plan on checking back periodically to see if the green Oolong box comes back into stock.
If anyone wants to throw a few recommendations for sourcing on similar good green Oolong into the thread, I'd be grateful!


9/10 Oos. Much long. Recommended.
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2023.06.09 17:12 ducttapeallday My Majestic Mirage experience

This is just my story so take from it what you will. My wife and 2 kids went to DR with another family of 4. All inclusive swim up room , booked in the family suites (as opposed to the “adult” buildings). Upon arrival we were booked in and given keys. Went to the room… which ended up being in the adult building. Not sure still what distinguishes one from the other but i didnt care. It was late thanks to flight delay and i just wanted to chill. Upon entering the room the odor of piss punched me in the face. It literally smelled like a parking garage stairwell. But as i said it was late and i had a few drinks and figured we settle it the next day. At Mirage they assign you a butler, who really did do his best. So the following day i mentioned this to him and he said hed take care of it. I went to the pool for the afternoon and got a text saying housecleaning did aroma therapy and extra cleaning. When i went back to the room I expected to notice a difference but now it was a combo of pee and a god awful air freshener. I told our butler we needed a new room. I was not obnoxious about it. They granted my wish…. To the room right next door. Guess what? Smelled in there too. I asked again to move but this time they were insistent that it can be taken care of. I said unacceptable and requested a move to the family section where we were booked. This apparently was an issue. They told me it gets this way and theyd bring me a dehumidifier… which they did , which did nothing. I could not fathom how these folks thought this was nothing. It was pungent. Eventually we moved again… but i had to accept a non swim up suite…. But it was nice , smelled good and the pools were still only seconds away.
Moving on ….. even though its all inclusive this obviously doesn’t mean you aren’t going to spend money , mainly on tips and trinkets…. Its part of doing business. However i feel like the pressure to tip here is unprofessional for a resort of this supposed stature. I tip well for a job well done… but it seemed like i was always being solicited for something. I wore a Red Sox hat … so often a convo would begin with someone who works there about Big Papi…. That quickly turns into a sales pitch for photos…. Jewelry… excursions… etc. Im good at saying im all set but some of these dudes are relentless to the point its not comfortable.
The actual pools were awesome met some nice folks. But par for the course mixed drinks taste like they use artificial sweeteners and are weak. The beer selection is comical…. Coors Light, Heineken and Presidente …. Thats it. My suggestion is stick to rum and coke… you know exactly whats going into the glass. There are a couple of nice bars that if you tip well they proof up you cocktails…. But at a resort like this should i have to?
The food was okay. We were a big group and the buffets were popular with us. Lots of the food was fine but things like cold cuts, cheeses, shrimp and sushi arent made for outdoor buffets in 98 degree weather. The restaurants also were underwhelming. Dined at the steak house twice and the teppanyaki place once. These meals were not high caliber. The steak house was non reservation so they try and get you in and out ASAP… which guess is par for the course. The portions were small and they didnt cook the steak as ordered. The Japanese place was also fast paced , despite a reservation . Food was delicious (my kids ate the scrimp fried rice with eggs and they hate seafood and eggs) but once again the portions were a joke. Room service is what it is. Takes minimum an hour and its just mediocre at best. The night we arrives i order the “Chicken Breast Dinner with potatoes and vegetables” i got 2 grilled oversalted chicken tenders with a side of still chilled potatoes. No veggie at all. Snacks and soft drinks as well as the limited beer selection was replenished daily.
Not be entirely down on the place…. Its a nice place. The entertainers and help staff are great. They seem enthusiastic and are good at getting folks up and moving. Obviously the beach is gorgeous and the water beautiful. We went and swam with sharks and stingrays …. Went bottom walking with the space helmets and had a nice party at a sand bar. Once again drinks weak and cheese sandwiches were the lunch we were served. I also went golfing- free green fee but carts and rentals cost some cash. The course was all ours , which was awesome… i saw some cool wildlife and the course is in good shape given the heat. At the turn we got a saran wrapped chicken salad sandwich with almost no chicken in it.
The pool is where spent most of our time and all around the pool are walk out suites. For the first 4 days we were there, a woman allowed her what seemed like a 6 year old kid frolic around buck naked on their outside cabana bed. This suite was literally 30 feet from the swim up bar. Bizarre.. no one ever told her to cover him up- she didnt care. I just set up shop away from them but it stuck how strange the scene was.
The casino is nothing to write home about. We play some roulette. A girl with our group turned 20 bucks into 200 and you think we were in Vegas the way they kept eyeballing her and changing the person spinning the ball. The “pit boss” stayed put right up until she cashed out.
And just to put a cherry on top…. The day we were leaving….. i needed more cash to tip the butler. I had tipped 20-30 a day everyday but ran out of USD The 1 atm at Mirage was out of service …. I walked to the next resort…. Elegance and their atm was down. I walked back and told Jeffry our butlet id borrow some cash from our friends and take care of him. He offered to take me to their 3rd property…so we went and the atm there promptly ate my card.
I had fun …. I can have a good time under any circumstances and my kids had a ball and thats what i pay the money for …. But i expected much more from this place. I was disappointed. I wont return again.
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2023.06.09 17:12 kittyroux Bra suggestions for 38F-ish short, narrow roots?

Hello! I have lost 40 lbs and now my bras don’t fit.
My measurements:
The calculator gives me 38G, but my 38FF bras are on the tightest hook and at least a half size too large in the cup. I have very short and somewhat narrow roots which I figure are leading the calculator to expect more boob volume than I actually have. My shape is projected with even fullness in all directions. I’m pretty closely set, only about a centimetre of space in the middle.
My bras:
  1. Flirtelle Thalia 38FF in black. This bra used to fit really well, but now the cups are very wrinkly. The wires are nearly narrow enough (still maybe a centimetre too wide) and the cups are about the right height, maybe a little too tall still. I would probably fit a 38F well now, my only issues with this bra being that the gore is a bit too wide, the non-stretch lace shows badly under thin tops, it’s not very cute, and it only comes in black and a very yellow light beige (I am a very pink light beige).
  2. Panache Ana 38FF in sweet lavender and vintage. This bra has always been technically ill-fitting but I like it quite a bit anyway. It’s shallow and for tall roots so I have a gap at the top of the cup, but with the stretch lace it’s not uncomfortable and was not very noticeable before, though the cups are fully too big now. The wires are about a full inch too wide and the tall cups hurt my armpits a little after a full day. The gore is nice and low, so it’s not too wide for me there. The bra is very cute too.
  3. Curvy Kate Flutterby 38FF in pink/lilac. This bra does not fit and never did. I bought it because I loved the colours but it is uncomfortable in every way. It has vertical boning in the band that curves and digs in at the top and bottom, the gore feels like it’s punching me in the sternum, the wires are so wide the straps dig in to my armpits and shoulders, and the cups wrinkle at the top. I can‘t wear it for more than a few hours.
Additionally I’ve tried Panache Envy 38FF in black and had to return it, but I don’t remember the specific fit issues. I think it was too small in the band at the time.
I’d love specific brand and style suggestions since I have to buy online and returns options aren’t great in Canada. Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.09 17:11 ASAP_ROCKY Is having one of these coffee drinks per day a bad idea?

I usually drink this coffee drink a day, starting wegovy next week and wanted some insight if it would be a good idea to still drink this? (It has 140mg of caffeine btw).
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2023.06.09 17:11 SinkingTiger Did I destroy my metabolism?

5’10 300 lb 24 yr male. Basically I decided to get in shape while I’m still relatively young. Started diet and exercise and things went great for the first two weeks, losing about 10 pounds. (I understand a lot of it was probably water weight) So now a month later I have not lost any more. I’m really struggling to understand metabolism, and I’m concerned that I may have damaged mine by only eating around 1400 calories per day for about three weeks. I’ve come to realize that’s probably too few calories for right now, so I’ve gone up to about 2000 per day. Does anyone have any idea if I could’ve actually damaged my metabolism in that amount of time, and if so any tips for getting it back on track?
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2023.06.09 17:10 PreparationIcy4811 dad, please help me make this person less cringe

I overheard my dad's partner (they are not married, thank god) saying to a friend, "I love OP so much. Though they're really reserved, they've come out of their shell a few times and they seem kind and sweet. They're really driven, charismatic, and talented. Moreover, whenever I see them laugh, smile, or joke around, I see so much of [my dad's name] in them, even though they look more like their mom, and I just fall in love all over again," and I cringed so hard.
Like why did my dad's partner have to phrase it like that? I cringed so hard hearing that and it was so weird.
I confronted her and told her to please not talk about me ever again.
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