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2023.03.30 15:49 ohnothrow_1234 From the US, got sleeved in Turkey at Irmet hospital - my exp + AMA

I'm from the US and elected to do this outside of insurance because I am moving internationally this summer and will have to go off my US insurance. Not knowing what is even covered under the insurance of the place I'm moving, i didn't want to delay this indefinitely and started looking at places to have this done. Mexico would have been closer for me but I had already visited previously and decided to use the opportunity to visit Turkey (which was lovely! Recommend highly).
Other info: I am 33f, HW 236 years ago, SW 218, cw 213 after three days now lmao.
Pre op day
I started this day at 4am for a vacation-related activity and went almost 24 hours straight as it carried me to plane -> hospital -> several hours of tests. Those were painful and annoying, no surprise there.
I was actually kind of worried for the tests because the diet sheet Irmet gave me was like one page, and some of the items on it were definitely not available in the US and once in Turkey I never even saw them either. I mostly got by on my own protein drink and eating chicken breast kebab.
But even bringing a giant case of protein drink was only 17 servings and not enough for my vacation so I tried supplementing with protein drinks found while on vacation for the liver shrinking diet. Literally before getting on the plane to come to the hospital I checked the nutrition label again with Google Lens and realized I made a mistake and they had far more carbs than I realized. I was trying to be very careful and normally am, very unlike me to make a mistake like that, but just goes to show you how chaotic traveling is.
I was hopeful that my overall very low caloric intake during this time would see me through, and I had managed to still be pretty good about drinking water. I also had gotten some liver supplements and drinks called Dose which are milk thistle and turmeric. Normally I roll my eyes at that kind of thing but in this case I would call the purchase an erroneous way to manage my stress and feel like I had more control. Although they aren't scientifically backed, it felt like a good luck charm. Make of that whatever you will.
Op day
On op day, more tests. Was ready to be annoyed they were ultrasounding me instead of just asking if I could be pregnant (I could not) but they did huge swaths of the body like veins, so it wasn't the typical thing where doctors just don't believe women about their possible pregnancy status. I was worried about a varicose vein I have on my calf that probably no one but me notices but I seem to have inherited from my dad if that's even possible, but it turned out to be no problem.
The rest of the tests came back a lo and behold, everything was fine. Every bloodwork stat was exactly textbook including all the liver ones despite my minor diet fail. I breathed some relief, although I have still heard of cases where they can't determine the liver size is a problem until after they cut you open so please don't take this as "don't follow your pre op diet", I was still eating relatively little and if I had a higher starting weight/liver weight the story still may have ended differently. I would have felt so miserable and stupid if I got cut open and the gas pain and couldn't have the surgery. Please don't play hooky with your diet, that does happen fr. My patient coordinator has been telling me horror stories since I've been here.
I went into surgery around 2pm. They gave me a sedative and that's all I remember until waking up in agony. It wasn't anything like what I expected. I heard "gas pain" and thought stomach. Instead it went between my shoulder blades and felt like being bludgeoned with a rock. It also apparently stayed, undetectable, in my stomach area and caused painful dry heaving for about 10 hours. I couldn't sleep at all. I had this mental image of how I'd look in the future sustaining me through the nerves of the whole process and I couldn't conjure it. Couldn't bring myself to turn on TV, anything. Here's where things get a little meh on Irmet.
I did ask for pain meds and was denied after anesthesia which, fine. But then it seemed like they forgot about me when I asked again and was allowed to have them (this theme would be recurring, my nurse experience has been pretty mixed although Dr. Ali Tardu has been great).
Day after
Kept dry heaving the first half of the day, and then before even 24 hours it steeply dropped off. That was a huge improvement. Slept a ton. Weirdly my blood pressure got high, which I've never had high blood pressure and it felt very uncomfortable I could kind of feel it pulsing around my shoulders and stuff. Some nurses would give me blood pressure meds, others wouldn't. I still couldn't drink nearly enough because of the dry heaving and 2x actually throwing up from trying to drink on an every 7min schedule.
I kept feeling like the nurse care and follow up was uneven. Which hey ok I get it, stuff could be going on, but my room was in front of the nurses station and sometimes I would go out following up on requests and they were just watching videos on their phones at the nurses station. Not trying to be mean but it didn't totally seem like they were on it. (OTOH, I have also been a caretaker to a sick parent in the US and I don't feel like those nurses were always "on it" either - not to be a hater I know it is a hard job, but for instance my dad was discharged when he had had a stroke from one hospital which to me seems egregious.)
Walking was immediately pretty OK for me, my incisions actually hurt nothing in comparison to the gas pain/dry heaving so once that went away I was golden. Could bend down to do things the whole nine yards. My stomach did have a big bruise. I did not have to have any kind of drain which I was happy about, those gross me out.
Dr. Tardu continued to have a really great bedside manner and I really enjoyed all my interactions with him. He seems very genuine.
I had somewhat guessed or predicted that my low(ish) starting weight and activity level would let me bounce back quickly and that was mostly correct.
I had willingness to drink the stuff we were given (apple juice, broth) although I lacked ability because I kept heaving. I've heard people complain the apple juice here tasted like some ice melted down the back of a fridge which I thought a bit intense lmao - it tastes maybe cut with water but fine, if you have ever done any length of eating diet food certainly nothing noteworthy. The protein drinks they give you IMO taste fine. I had a harder time with the broth for some reason, maybe even just conceptually because it had a little bit of oil - adding the full salt packet they gived you helped a lot and you'll need it, your muscles if you are anything like me can get achey and spasmey without salt so its important.
Two days after
Two days out I was MUCH better although I slept an insane amount, on/off most all the day. I took that as a positive and it was actually my plan for why i did vacation before the procedure, I hoped to sleep though the whole recovery.
Unfortunately this meant that I slept in really weird positions with the bed still mostly upright so I wouldn't get nauseous and I absolutely kiiiiilled my neck so that became my new main pain after the gas pain went away lol.
First day because of dry heaving I could barely drink, I saw a drastic uptick on day 2. Even able to take bigger sips than I would have thought.
Three days after
Brings me to today. Have only needed to nap once, or been able to once because of my neck being absolutely murdered. But energy level has been OK. I felt like I was pretty strong to make it through this. Compared to floor mates I have seemed to do pretty ok. As I knew it would the gas pain stuff already seems distant, the brain is eager to let go of even the memory of pain.
Supposedly I'm down 5lbs lol. I don't think that's much more than whatever the stomach weighed + dehydration but a cheerful sign nonetheless. Was able to get my IV out which, hated that thing so good riddance.
Has continued to be hit or miss with nurses. Today just trying to get ibuprophen I think I waited two hours without the request getting answered and finally had to go out again which just seems, unnecessary. Another thing I haven't loved is that there is a little beauty parlor thing in this wing and it smells like a smokestack. I know as an american I have little room to lecture other cultures on health but I honestly forgot that smoking was still such a thing to a greater extent in Europe until this trip (last visit for me was 2008 when you could still smoke in restaurants more places in the US too so it didn't stick out so much. Maybe the one healthy thing America has made stick lolsob).

So that's it - that's my tale so far! Feel free to AMA in the comments.
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2023.03.30 15:48 Alternative-Tea-9355 How do I stop being jealous?

For context, I’ve (F18) been in a few relationships. I’ve also been cheated on twice in the past two years, it hurts, ya know? So trust is a very hard thing for me.
I am in a very happy and healthy and long relationship. I’m not used to it. It’s so weird to have someone actually enjoy being with me since my last two relationships were only a month long. And in my past, I’ve been bullied or harassed by guys, so it’s super weird to have a guy who actually appreciates me. And he’s very attractive, my friends think so as well.
But here’s the problem. I am a jealous and insecure person, I will just point that right out. I was neglected as a kid, I didn’t have many friends growing up. And I still don’t. My boyfriend has lots of friends. There are lots of girls in his group. When he says he’s going to hang out with them, I get upset because girls can be bitches and say they don’t care he has a girlfriend and just try and make a move or flirt. Yes, I am glad he tells me, but it still makes me scared. One time, he went rock climbing alone with two girls. I don’t know if I was wrong or right for being upset about it.
How do I stop being so jealous and actually have secure trust?
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2023.03.30 15:48 Joyous_Wolf Big Update Idea #3: Bloodhound Tribe

Hey guys! Wha'dya know?! Yet another post by me!
Because I have too many ideas, I have come up with another tribe.
You heard me right- another article-long post about the game. At least this time it will be slightly less complicated then the Dwarves. . . Honestly, not sure how much more complicated this could get than the Dwarves.
Firstly, the name & description.
The Bloodhounds
In the time of the Ancients, they used to be the most feared cult of assassins there were. While they retreated as the Ancients fell, then have not been defeated. Nothing of the sort. They have been perfecting their bloodmagic- the lifeblood of their tribe. No pun intended. Anyway, they use special bloodhounds to detect the nearest target, and quickly shut it down. You do not want to be the enemy of the Bloodhounds.
First of all, a few mechanics. You know Elyrion, and how they have rainbow fire over Ruins even on foggy tiles? There is a new skill added for this, exclusive to the Bloodhound tribe.
New Skills: Hound - After attacking a unit, its tile is forever marked, and in a 1x1 radius around the target (Just the block it is on) fog is revealed. Sniff Blood - The closest non-allied unit to this unit's occupationary tile is constantly glowing red. Swim - Units with Swim can go in the water without need of any technological upgrades, but their movement is rendered to 1 when in the water. Marked for Death - There is a skull on whatever tile a unit with this skill is occupying. Every unit with the skill 'Hunt Bounty' has 1 more defence counted when this unit attacks them, and one damage added when the unit with Assassinate attacks a unit with Marked for Death. Assassinate - The unit with this trait can only attack a unit that is Marked for Death. A unit automatically becomes Marked for Death if it kills a Bloodhound with a link to a Guild Station. Units with Assassinate are treated as though they have 1 more defense when a unit with Marked for Death attacks them, and are treated as though they had 1 more damage when they are attacking a unit that is Marked for Death.
The Bloodhounds start with the tech, Bloodhound. This is a very simple technology that allows you to produce Bloodhounds. Bloodhounds can swim, but when swimming, have their movement reduced to 1. The Bloodhound Tribe starts with a single bloodhound, as opposed to the basic Warrior.
In addition, they have Bloodlinks instead of Roads. This tech makes it so that you can spend two stars to make a Link on a bloodhound. Bloodhounds can link to each other with no maximum links or how far a link can be from another, linked creatures can switch positions at any time during your turn, regardless of whether or not they have taken an action. Linked units have thin, red lines connecting each other. If another Bloodhound Tribe exclusive unit is caught in between the red lines of the links, then the unit also gets the benefits. When all linked units have maximum HP, then they Links disappear upon the death of a Bloodhound unit.
Conundrum 1: How do we compensate for the Bazaar quest, if we cannot link up cities? It would be a major downside to this tribe to have one less way to get free population, especially to Perfection players and more-experienced multiplayer Might players. Here is my answer. . .
New Technology to the Tech Tree: Assassin's Guild - Instead of trading. Instead of Customs Houses, you can build Guild Stations, one per city. They Bloodlink up to each other, and cities within a 3-block radius to them. Guild Stations automatically have Bloodlinks and do not need to be linked up to the chain, as they start with it. Mechanics besides the Bloodlinks to the cities are as follows: you can only train Bounty Hunters through them, and they work similar to Cities in that when you click them, you can train something. But they can only train Assassins, and Assassins cannot be trained in Cities. Guild Stations cost 5 stars to produce, produce 1 star per turn per how many units that were Marked for Death and killed by Assassins. Starts at +0 stars per turn. Maximum 3 bounty hunters per Trading Station can be on the board at once. A unit that kills a Bloodhound from the same City as the Guild Station is built in is automatically Marked for Death.
Assassin - Attack 3, Defence 1, Movement 1, Range 1, 10 HP. Veteran: Disabled. Skills: Dash, Assassinate. Stars to produce: 3. Cannot be trained via Cities.
Bloodhound - Attack 2, Defence 1, Movement 3, Range 1, 10 HP. Veteran: Enabled. Skills: Swim, Dash, Hound, Sniff Blood. Stars to produce: 3

SPECIAL TERRAIN: The Assassins live in a swamp- Not one of water, rather all the swamp is blood of dead beasts. Because of this, there is a red mist hanging over their terrain. Enemies cannot see Ruins on their terrain, unless that unit has Fly or Scout.
I could add much more to these Bloodhounds, but I wouldn't want to make it more complicated than it already is. Thank you for reading!
Joyous Wolf/KingFroggyIV,
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2023.03.30 15:47 acci0watson S3 stream of deliberate rather pointless thoughts during the billionth rewatch.

ੈ✩‧₊˚ 3x11. stefan is on his on show, at the wheel at a literal breakneck speed along the wickery bridge with elena sitting next to him —the same bridge where her parents died and stefan saved her. it's all in order to threaten klaus: vampire elena equals no more new hybrids.
elena supposes all he is doing is in order to make her hate him, since he lost her the minute he left town with klaus, and stefan believes things could never get back as they used to.
«i don't really care what you think about me anymore, elena.» yet you can see a smidge of sorrow in his eyes, his voice breaks, he's falling apart.
what do y'all imagine he would have done if klaus didn't eventually back down?
plus, how do y'all think the turn of the sentiments off thing actually work, btw? we are told it is an inner switch: the human emotions turn themselves off and a vampire just gets to be a vampire —a hunter, beastly thirsty of blood that would do anything for a human vein, with no hesitation. however, isn't vindictiveness, isn't rage a human emotion? stefan's veins are pumping of bloody anger, his deepest pinch of humanity is fighting to be suppressed and locked in order to not feel guilt for all he have done. his conscious seems to be capitulating, surrounding. when he gets to know about elena and damon's kiss... god it feels like a white oak stake apparently silently straight to my heart. his subconscious prefers to focus on seeking revenge towards klaus, nevertheless he is aware that he lost all he loved because of that hottie: he is aware that elena and his friends' love actually matter. «destroying klaus is all i have left.» human emotions.
stefan keeps protecting elena, even if it doesn't seem so. he keeps saving his crappy brother's life: is it still because he believes to own him, since he was the one who made him turn? a ripper wouldn't give a shit tho, wouldn't he? in this stage he seems to be, like damon admitted, in a grey area where he isn't either a crazy murder nor the soft strawberry danish pastry boi everybody know.
stefan's dead soul is such a damn fighter. it is tougher than anything else and klaus got that. «your humanity is killing you! all the guilt... must be exhausting... turn it off.» brief consideration on klaus: he is not a lovable character, certainly not for the audience who can't see behind a façade. he and stefan are the characters with the highest amount of personality layers, the most fragile, the bravest, the most self-challenged, the most human.
i find interesting that a vampire's personality and experiences have an actual impact on the switch's effectiveness: regard stefan, it seems that his humanity is so much more preponderant than that, since his sentiments off periods have a very brief time, especially if compared to everyone else (damon, caroline, elena...). the switch doesn't seem to work as an actual switch then.
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2023.03.30 15:47 strawbericoklat Planning to hand in my 1 month notice tomorrow.

So I'm a new hire. Worked for 2 month, still in probation period. Currently the company is having a major understaffing issue that I don't see will be solved anytime soon. Because of this, everyone have to work 60 hours/week or more. Which is quite terrible.
I am tempted to just ghost the workplace one morning and never to be heard again - this is how the majority of people quit. But I feel indebted to my manager for giving me a chance for hiring me - the 1 month work experience managed to get me few interviews. Now I already have an offer with better pay, shorter commute and was promised better working hours.
How do I make sure tomorrow morning won't be a complete disaster? I don't want to burn bridges. I'm 100% sure the manager will be upset because with me out of the skeleton crew, it will be a major setback for the department operation.
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2023.03.30 15:47 crimehive How Serial Killer John Gacy Was Caught

He was described as a pillar of the neighborhood. From their windows, kind neighbors observed him clearing snow for the elderly. He took on the persona of "Pogo the clown" for the neighborhood kids, who laughed at his antics and delighted in receiving a balloon as a reward for good behavior. When this vicious killer's mask was finally taken off, society as a whole was shocked.
As a child, Gacy was hurt in many ways, just like many people who go on to become serial killers. Gacy was abused, humiliated, and bullied. He had no control. This frequently doesn't bode well for the future grownup. He buried his trauma deep within his mind, but when he was an adult, it wouldn't take long for it to manifest itself in fresh ways.
Gacy had no control. However, Gacy seemed to be doing fine for an 18-year-old. Afterward, he joined the campaign of a local Democrat as the latter's assistant precinct captain. It appeared like young Gacy was maturing into a responsible young man.
After he was promoted to manager at a KFC restaurant, he often hosted pool and drinking nights for the young men who worked for him at his home. His horrible response to these unwelcome approaches was to kidnap them first, torment them, and then kill them. He apparently did this repeatedly without arousing even the slightest bit of interest from anyone. After all, he was a respected member of the community, a parade organizer, a wealthy businessman, and a successful fundraiser. His mask remained firmly in place over his face. He was "the devil in disguise," as some afterward described him.
Once you knew that, you would have discovered that he had two clown characters: Pogo, the good-natured clown, and Patches, the occasionally malevolent clown. He would occasionally continue to wear the clown costume, and you would later spot him in a neighborhood bar passed out over a beer.
If you had been able to examine closer, you would have discovered that he had been imprisoned for assaulting a young man. This raises the query, "Why wasn't he looked into?"
Okay, let's get to the core of how he was finally apprehended.
Elizabeth Piest, who was out picking up her teenage son who worked at the neighborhood drugstore, went there on December 11th, 1978. She brought all her pals around for a party because it was her birthday. Robert had assisted her in preparing for the party by being a caring son. Robert instructed his mother to wait outside.
He claimed that he only needed to talk to a man about a potential summer employment because it would be much more profitable than his drugstore work. Elizabeth was excited about the upcoming celebration and pleased that her son was assisting in making sure everything went smoothly as she sat in the car. Nevertheless, after 20 minutes had gone, he had still not left the shop. He was never seen again.
She reported Robert missing to the police later that evening after everyone had left and told them about the contractor he had claimed to be meeting. The police quickly learned that the contractor was John Wayne Gacy.
When police investigated this man further, they discovered that he frequently visited the pediatric department of the nearby hospital. He hopped around performing tricks while portraying Pogo the clown to very ill children.
Police have to look into it. Just too many things about Gacy seemed off. The police were authorized to search his home. Numerous sex-related literature and movies, a starter gun, a nylon rope, sedative medicines, police badges, and if that wasn't suspect enough, numerous IDs and undergarments that didn't belong to Gacy were also discovered.
In his bedroom was a large clown painting. Unbeknownst to the police, there was a radio and TV alarm clock nearby that had formerly belonged to one of his victims. Police discovered a drugstore receipt that had once been in Robert Piest's pocket in a trashcan after performing a deeper investigation.
They didn’t know this just yet.
After that, they kept an eye on his home and followed him everywhere he went. At first, Gacy appeared to be enjoying himself as he approached the police car outside of his home and informed the officers of his intended next move. He claimed that as time went on, the cops harassed him without cause and never stopped trying to establish his importance.
Detectives and Gacy once had lunch together. They questioned him about the clown act. Gacy claimed to adore his role as Pogo. "Being a clown, you can get away with murder," he warned them. A former employee of Gacy's was questioned by police after he admitted that Gacy had once requested him to spread lime in a crawl area under his house. They then began the process of obtaining a second search warrant.
Gacy eventually went outside to the surveillance car in an angry rant. He invited the police to come inside for a cup of coffee and a look around, telling them there was nothing suspicious. As one of the police officers flushed the toilet inside the residence, he became aware of something. It wasn't a solid object, but rather a stench—the smell of death, which every detective is familiar with. They desperately needed that second warrant.
Soon after, Gacy showed up at his attorney's office looking frazzled and intoxicated. He informed his attorneys that he had something to say. When they enquired as to what, he brought out a newspaper and pointed to the story about missing youngster Robert Piest, saying, "This boy is dead. He's dead. He's in a river.
Police obtained a second order to search his house on December 21. They discovered a sort of trapdoor as they continued to search. One of the detectives entered the crawl space that followed and began moving through the tunnel at a crawling pace. The smell of decay immediately assaulted his nostrils.
Police initially discovered three bodies, each in varying states of decomposition. They also discovered fragments of bodies. They may have been viewing one of the deadliest serial killers in American history. It was discovered that Gacy had been murdering even when he was sharing a home with his second wife.
He usually took his time. Initially, by tying a rope around their necks and informing them that it was also a game. By twisting a stick, he would progressively bind it so tightly that they could not breathe. While they were in this state of extreme anguish, he tortured some of his victims. Gacy would always blame dead rats for his wife's frequent complaints about the foul odor.
He told her to mind her own business when she complained too much. She inquired about the clothes and wallets she discovered, which appeared to be from young men. Gacy warned her not to pry into his personal business.
That’s when she left.
Gacy would pick up any kind of hitchhiker, bring them back to his residence, and show them that photo of himself with the First Lady, according to interviews with survivors conducted by the police.
Usually, this was enough to give the guys a sense of security. The fact that they flatly refused to participate in his handcuff game was the only thing keeping them alive. They didn't tell the police because, sadly, the majority of them viewed law enforcement as their enemy. They’d die if they did participate in the game.
Gacy was committing most of the murders when he was best known for portraying Pogo, so he may have killed and then entertained a group of sick youngsters or the kids of his political allies.
Gacy's presence should have triggered alarms at the local police stations far sooner. John Butkovich, who had worked for Gacy for 18 years prior to 1975, had a disagreement with him about unpaid wages. After that, Butkovich disappeared.
Law enforcement officials spoke with Gacy, but no charges were filed. Keep in mind that he has a very questionable past of hurting young guys. Over a hundred times, the boy's parents contacted the police, demanding that they look into Gacy's actions.
They didn’t.
He could have gotten away with so many killings. Perhaps it was his high social status and political ties that kept the cops from noticing him. That, and the fact, he was “Man of the Year.” There was also "linkage blindness," in which individual law enforcement agencies failed to or were unable to make connections between his various offenses.
For a total of 33 killings, Gacy was found guilty. He received a lethal injection on May 10, 1994.
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2023.03.30 15:47 Civil-Finger6085 Me(22F) and him(23M). Emotional abuse, unable to distance.

I want to distance with my 7 months-long distance but he keeps abusing me emotionally. Yesterday we had an argument and I was clearly upset with him. This morning he texted me a good morning message, he didn't apologize for yesterday. I answered him and told him I want to be alone, he said 'What?" "Okey". Then after an hour he texted me again, "You still wanna be alone?!". I didn't reply. He went to work came back and texted me. "So you wanna ghost me?" "Sure."
I just want him to leave me alone, I said I want to be alone, but he makes it seem like it's something wrong, and I'm acting crazy for wanting to be alone. Im getting my mind and heart ready for the breakup, however, I'm unable to do so since he keeps refusing to leave me alone. And if he apologizes or shows any remorse it would be fine, but it feels like he is threatening me for being away from him!!
Any advice on how to deal with this kind of behavior?!
Tdlr; I want to be alone but he keeps making me feel crazy for asking to be alone and consistently texting me. Im scared and my heart hurts and i start shaking when he texts me, because I know how much he can abuse me emotionally.
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2023.03.30 15:47 DJ_Micoh Does anyone know how to make the Traktor library loop around in a continuous scroll?

I keep my library sorted by key, but if I want to mix from 12 to 1, then I have to scroll through my entire library. Is there any way to make the library loop back around to the top so I don't have to do that?
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2023.03.30 15:47 yellowstars260 My supervisor wants me to back date my evaluation plan

I started my job in October 2022 and my supervisor barely let me know 3/6/23 that I have to come up with my own evaluation plan which consist of making goals , conducting research and executing the plan. As I was starting to work on the evaluation plan document last night . I realized it was suppose to be complete in October according to the guidelines. Then we were suppose to Review them in November and developing adjustments and having a mid review in January/February and my final evaluation in May/June of the outcomes from November to May. None of this happened as I was just informed two weeks ago (out sick for one week) It’s March and there’s no way I can just “make up” goals, research and results and I feel like this would be falsifying this document and not giving me a fair evaluation.
Would you complete the plan? Or how would you proceed?
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2023.03.30 15:47 Icy-Potential1055 Should I leave this job? (I need perspectives)

I currently work as a sales rep making very good money (I don't feel comfortable disclosing how much I make). However, I don't like my current role mainly because of the following reasons
  1. My schedule is trash, I work from 11:15 am-8:00 pm M-F. It's hard to change my schedule because it's based on how well I do in sales and no matter how much I try I can't seem to break out of that schedule. (AKA it's hard to change my schedule).
  2. I don't believe in what I am selling. What I am selling does have some use however I just don't find it to be an affordable or actually good product.
  3. I feel like my social life is rotting away like I am living to work; when I should be working to live.
The new job I have I actually feel somewhat excited about this role, its part-time 35 hours, I get to get travel across the country, I have access to a large network, and it's a "stepping up job" aka this job is intended for me to step up to a different role in the future or network with a different company, it's not a long term position. The only problem is my paycheck is cut in half, which makes it hard to leave my current job because of its "golden chains".
I guess what I am trying to ask is, is it okay to take a role that you love and see yourself successful at but at the risk of cutting your paycheck in half for one year? Is that financially wise to leave this job or should I stay with my current job and keep looking for a different job?
I am looking to hear others' perspectives or see if anyone else has gone through this same scenario before.
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2023.03.30 15:47 ian1234554321 Asian hair weird question. What do I do to stop making my Asian hair so stiff and not hold it’s style.

I know white people complain about their hair not holding the style because it’s not as thick as Asian but oh my god I wish my hair didn’t hold its style like their hair. I know it’s weird of me to ask for this because most people want a natural hold but my hair literally doesn’t want to move any other way then the way it’s growing. If I run my fingers through my hair then it will just stick straight up and hold that style. How do I make it fall down and lay flat and not hold every style while sticking up.
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2023.03.30 15:47 JoJo-Bizarre-1997 Thought about Herve Renard, the already departed manager of Saudi Arabia

On 29 March 2023, Herve Renard uploaded his tweet stating that he has officially resigned as coach of Saudi Arabia. He departed from the position as one of Saudi Arabia's most respected managers.
Renard has been notable for being an energetic manager. The first man to conquer the Africa Cup of Nations twice as coach of two different national teams, Renard soon gained notable reputation for steering Morocco into the 2018 FIFA World Cup. During the qualification campaign in Africa, Renard built a very solid Moroccan attack and defence, ultimately qualified for the World Cup without conceding a goal. Though Morocco's campaign in Russia was not successful, the Moroccans impressed with a 2-2 thrilling draw with Spain, in addition to unfortunate defeats to Iran and Portugal.
It was his success with Morocco caught the eyes of Saudi Arabia and Yasser Al-Mishehal handed Renard an eight-year contract, with the aim was to build Saudi Arabia into a solid World Cup side. Benefited from the richness of the Kingdom and massive wealth, as well as the experience from his coaching era in Africa, Renard steered the Saudi side into the 2022 FIFA World Cup after an almost perfect qualification campaign. During the qualification process, his side managed to even beat the likes of hard nuts like Uzbekistan, Japan and Australia on their process to reach Qatar, topping the group in style.
But it was the 2022 FIFA World Cup that shaped everything of the Kingdom's history. Saudi Arabia kickstarted their World Cup campaign with one of the greatest football upsets, a 2-1 comeback against Argentina that, he even tweeted on as "this fantastic and unforgettable win". Many Saudi fans still remember his powerful speech at the dressing room during the interval, saw the Saudis staged a famous comeback against the South Americans.
Unfortunately, Renard failed to capitalise from this historic triumph. Saudi Arabia played well and dominated in the second match against Poland of talisman Robert Lewandowski, yet it was the Poles of Czeslaw Michniewicz who got the final smiles. The Saudis were then completely butchered by the Mexicans in the final game that, while Salem Al-Dawsari would eventually score, it was too late to overturn the result. The only positive taking from these defeats was Al-Dawsari's goal, added alongside his winner against Argentina, ensured Mexico's elimination after 44 years. A brilliant, but tragic Homerian-like Odyssey campaign of Saudi Arabia saw the team registered its greatest win ever, even when it proved not enough to save the Green Falcons from elimination.
However, Renard's home country had a major fallout post-World Cup. Noel Le Graet's sexual scandal saw him resigned as President of French Football Federation (FFF). At the same time, Corinne Diacre, coach of the French women's national team, was sacked due to internal unrest. Diacre was a respected captain when she played for the French women's team back in the 2003 FIFA Women's World Cup, the first Women's World Cup France participated; but as coach, her reputation was poor. Despite steering France into the most successful European Championship in 2022, finishing in the semi-finals, her coaching methods were widely condemned of being authoritarian. And it was when Renard dragged into the play.
As France has only few months left to prepare for the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, Renard had expressed interests, though he had not indicated if he wanted to coach France women's team. FFF leadership was not that patient, and they immediately sought Saudi Arabian Football Federation (SAFF) to release Renard back to France. As Renard's contract lasted four more years, SAFF did not want to release him. But the March 2023 friendlies probably played the key role for Renard's quitting.
Renard summoned his last squad for two friendlies against Venezuela and Bolivia. Having been bitterly eliminated from the World Cup despite win over South American giant Argentina, Saudi Arabia wanted to show that they are now capable to takeover South American teams, and the choices of making Venezuela and Bolivia, the former has never qualified for a World Cup while the latter has a very poor away record since they last qualified for World Cup in 1994, appeared to be a clear message to the French leadership that Renard would stay as coach of the Green Falcons.
The results did not bode well for Saudis, however, as they expected Saudi Arabia would demonstrate their quality in Jeddah. The first match against Venezuela saw Saudi Arabia lost 1-2, a defeat that didn't comfort Saudis. But the surprise 1-2 defeat to Bolivia in the other might have pulled the string of dissatisfaction, as Saudi Arabia's defeat to Bolivia occurred just months after the shock against Argentina and, Bolivia being regarded as the weakest team of South America nowadays. Overall, who likes losing to the weakest South American team?
Ultimately, Renard's departure was confirmed after the shock home defeat to Bolivia. With Renard's resignation, there are now numerous questions whenever who will take charge of the Green Falcons in the future and, how will Renard do if he is finally confirmed as Les Bleus Feminin coach.
For Renard, France women's team is in far stronger position than the Saudi men's team regarding respective tournaments. Saudi Arabia came only as the underdog of the 2022 FIFA World Cup and, while did chaos in the group, the Saudis failed in their mission at the end. France, however, will come to Australia and New Zealand as top contender for the title and the French will not want anything but a trophy back home. France has never won a Women's World Cup or Euro in the history and the country is now having a golden generation, a generation now fears to be wasted after unsuccessful tenure with Corinne Diacre. Renard has a tendency of being aggressive with his pressing methods, which he applied when coaching Morocco and Saudi Arabia. There are criticisms of Renard's possible appointment due to his lack of understanding of women's football, but given FFF cares nothing about gender coaching issues, expect Renard will try to introduce the macho style of play to the French women if he is appointed.
For Saudi Arabia, who will replace Renard is to guess. Given the lavish money of the Kingdom, Saudi Arabia will not hesitate to appoint a high-profile manager. For now, the position of Saudi Arabia national team coach will be temporarily occupied by U-23 manager Saad Al-Shehri, who won the 2022 AFC U-23 Asian Cup with a solid defence. There are also reports that Marcelo Gallardo, the Argentine who won numerous trophies with River Plate, is also another target. There can be also possibility of another high profile managers such as Ricardo Gareca, Roberto Mancini, Luis Enrique or Julian Nagelsmann to be poised for the job. Gareca had just returned to Sarsfeld but still preferred to take the task abroad; Mancini's position in the Italian team is increasigly weakened for his poor tactics in 2022 and early 2023 and his sacking is the matter of time after loss at home to England; Enrique was just fired as coach of Spain but has canny experiences; Nagelsmann was fired from the Bayern job but he has proven to be a talented coach with a high winning rate.
Still, as Martin Lowe indicated, Renard was unique for building the Saudi team a belief about future. He embedded with Saudi football and clearly identified the team's weaknesses and strength. He frequently watched Saudi clubs competing and had his players at full disposal, a reason for Saudi Arabia's successful 2022 World Cup qualification and the shock 2-1 win over Argentina. Renard has a renowned reputation for being a good tactician because he has the quality of being able to care about his players. When Joseph Musonda was injured in the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations Final, Renard carried Musonda all the way after the penalty win, an indication of Renard caring for players. Renard's biggest strength is his ability to understand players, which attributed to Renard's success in Africa. He repeated it in Saudi Arabia with coaching brilliance on his way.
Whoever can take charge of Saudi Arabia will have a hard time inheriting the legacies of Renard. Renard's ability to carry his team to their true selves is something making Renard special. On the same time, can Renard solve the issue of women's football team of his country in case he is appointed is to guess.
Good luck, Herve Renard.
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2023.03.30 15:46 SolhWellnessOfficial World Bipolar Disorder Day: Fighting the Stigma and Coping with it Solh Wellness

Every year on March 30th, World Bipolar Disorder Day is observed to raise awareness and reduce the stigma associated with bipolar disorder. The day also aims to promote education and understanding of this complex mental health condition that affects millions of people around the world. This day recalls the birthday of renowned artist Vincent Van Gogh, who suffered from the same disorder.
Common Bipolar Disorder Stigmas
People with bipolar disorder are frequently stigmatised as being unable to function in society, aggressive, and violent. Effective treatment, on the other hand, can enable people with bipolar disorder to live fulfilling lives, maintain relationships, and work. While manic episodes can cause agitation and impulsive behaviour, people with bipolar disorder are more likely than others to cause harm to themselves. Unfortunately, people with bipolar disorder are frequently subjected to teasing, bullying, and unfair treatment, which can limit their social opportunities.
Why is there a stigma attached to Bipolar Disorder?
The stigma associated with mental illness is frequently caused by a lack of understanding and awareness. Exaggeration or shocking bipolar disorder, for example, contribute to negative stereotypes and can make people with mental health conditions feel marginalised and ignored.
  1. Mental illness is frequently misunderstood, and this misunderstanding can lead to fear and discrimination against those suffering from mental illnesses.
  2. Stereotypes and misinformation about mental illness are widespread in society and are reinforced by media, social norms, and cultural beliefs.
  3. People with mental illnesses are frequently stigmatised and discriminated against, leading to a fear of being judged, ostracised, or mistreated. This fear can cause people to hide their mental health issues.
How to Reduce the Stigma of Bipolar Disorder
Bipolar disorder stigma can be reduced through education, language changes, and shared experiences. While complete eradication of stigma may be impossible, specific measures can help to mitigate its impact. Here are some suggestions for reducing the stigma associated with mental health conditions:
  1. To promote understanding and empathy, educate yourself and others about mental health conditions.
  2. Share personal stories to help others understand the difficulties that people with mental illnesses face.
  3. Use person-first language to avoid labelling people solely based on their mental illness and to foster empathy and understanding.
  4. Dispel stereotypes and misinformation about mental health conditions.
  5. Encourage help-seeking behaviours by emphasising successful treatment and resources available to those suffering from mental illnesses.
Coping with the Stigma of Mental Health
There is no permanent solution to this problem. However, managing bipolar disorder requires reducing stress and taking care of oneself. Seeking therapist assistance, practising mindfulness techniques and coping skills, and calming the nervous system through breathing and yoga can all help with stress management.
Here are some coping strategies to help you deal with this mental illness:
  1. Seeking professional help from a therapist, learning mindfulness techniques, and practising coping skills are all effective ways to manage stress for people with bipolar disorder.
  2. Individuals with bipolar disorder can benefit from prioritising self-care by eating healthy, exercising, maintaining a consistent routine, and getting enough sleep.
  3. Journaling can help you track mood changes, identify triggers, and monitor medication effectiveness. Writing positive affirmations on good days and reading on bad days can also be beneficial.
  4. Support groups and groups with common interests can provide a sense of belonging and understanding, reducing feelings of isolation and improving mental health.
  5. Outside of bipolar disorder, hobbies and interests can provide a sense of purpose and fulfilment. There are numerous online resources for finding new hobbies or classes to help you develop your skills and interests.
World Bipolar Disorder Day represents the hope that people suffering from this disorder have that they are not alone in their struggle. We can make the lives of people suffering from bipolar disorder a little easier by practising helping one another and working to remove the stigma associated with it.
If you are (or know someone who is) suffering from this disorder and want to find a solution, contact Solh Wellness. We provide a safe space for people dealing with mental health issues to help them overcome life's challenges. Download the Solh Wellness App to improve your mental health and quality of life.
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2023.03.30 15:46 Mythrellas Doctor Hemlock maybe?

The more and more I think about how Dave and others are trying to give context to the return of Palpatine and develop the “cloning plot” (I’ll call it) the more I wonder about who the link is between Moff Gideon and The Sith eternal and Palpatine.
I doubt that we are going to get direct representation of the Sith Eternal in live/cartoon media because they are supposed to be dark and mysterious and behind the scenes and their current first appearance is in a novel (Shadows of the Sith) which takes us pretty close to the evens of TFA.
And I know that many people still think it’s Thrawn. But here me out, why would Thrawn want anything to do with a defeated empire? He’s not trying to take over the Galaxy, he’s ultimately trying to save it from a bigger threat. This notion that he’d put all his cards in with the revival of Palpatine doesn’t make sense for his character and his goals and loyalty to his people.
So, spoilers for the Bad Batch. Enter Doctor Hemlock. This guy knows stuff, he also is 100% in on the cloning plot. He’s very high up in the imperial command chain, hence his meeting with Tarkin, Krennic and others. I think he survives until the Mandalorian.
Also, it just so happens that The Bad Batch and Mandalorian are going at the same time and Dave and Jon have the goal of giving more context to the Sequel era. So it makes sense from real world perspective that you would tie The Bad Batch into the cloning plot, which they’ve been doing since the beginning, that’s going to come to fruition in The Mandalorian.
But I don’t think if we’ll get Doctor Hemlock by the end of the Season 3 of the Mandalorian. I think we will just get Moff Gideon again. But I think in Season 4 it is very likely that we get Hemlock or someone else from The Bad Batch batch villian squad showing up as that link between Moff Gideon and Palpatine/Sith Eternal.
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2023.03.30 15:46 NylesRX Difficulty changes poll

Since this is a pretty volatile issue, I thought it would be a good idea to have some more information on it. I made a poll in which you can voice your opinion and specify how you engage in the game. The point of this poll is to provide a starting point for future discussions.
That way we'll be able to narrow down the issues more step by step, instead of making countless complaint posts. Hopefully it will provide a clear image for everyone. All changes are afterall meant to help the game in the long run.
I'm sure Bungie has a way of gathering this data but I also think it's good for the community to be able to clearly communicate with itself. So, cast your votes for everyone to see. Let me know if you have any ideas for improving if I missed anything. Share this poll beyond reddit if you can, we'd want to avoid as much bias as possible.
M&K stands for mouse and keyboard, if that needs clarification.
Veteran players, you know who you are.
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2023.03.30 15:46 sadhds So-Fi Revolution, REPUBLIK Raises 3.5m. Airdrop incoming?

REPUBLIK, a content platform that uses integrated smart contracts to supercharge monetization tools for creators, announced today that it has raised $3.5M in its seed funding round, bringing its valuation to $75M.
The latest investment includes funding from founder of ‘The Block’, Mike Dudas’s 6th Man Ventures, Arcane Group, Define Ventures, Enjin, FBG Capital, Mirana Ventures, Sora Ventures, and Justin Sun’s Tron Network.
REPUBLIK's key focus is creating a new level of interaction between creators and their communities, allowing creators to make 100% of what they earn and rewarding audiences for the time spent on their platform. The platform features familiar web 2 tools (social functions, tipping, content subscription, streaming) supercharged by web 3 tech (blockchain, smart contract), Standing strong at 100k users on the platform, REPUBLIK is a up and coming project that everyone should know. The platform is already avaliable on both iOS and google play store, with fun and interesting content already being published on the platform, my take would to be to check it out and join their socials while we see how this platform eventually plays out. Overall, I'm bullish on the project.
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2023.03.30 15:46 EarthWarping Thread from the Raptors Show live event with Raptors GM Bobby Webster last night:

Some highlights:
They were aware of the big expectations on the Raptors during the trade deadline -- there was so much noise that no one, even the FO could follow it
Why do Yak and not other things? Bc he was cheap
They wanted to see what the group looked like without a big - the FO figured they could make another deal later. They didnt want to shake up the roster too much
Bobby compares vision 6'9" to mfing BEDMAS??????? The FO figured that they were going to "start with the hardest thing" -- they always meant to get a big. Compares the price of Yak (1st rounder) to the price of a wing (think OG trade packages)
How do you talk to an NBA champion to tank?
Apparently it was rlly hard -- how do you tell them u wanna tank but you also want to win a title? It's a delicate balance
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2023.03.30 15:46 Tough-Doctor-1487 34 [M4F] #Toronto / Mississauga /Niagara Ontario - Looking for a filthy little slut. Message daddy you little whore.

Dominant, misogynistic, and I like to fuck. Need a gal that enjoys gender roles, 1950's submissive dynamic. I want you to understand your purpose is to please, be a good fucktoy for me and be ready to be used and abused by your dominant daddy. You'll be my slut, cumdump, bitch, whore, and fuckdoll. I will praise you, humiliate and degrade you, and own you when together. You may call me daddy, sir, or master. I am a Dom looking for a sub.
Come choke on dick, worship my balls while I smack you with my cock and stroke it on your face, get face fucked, be told what to do, and get put in all sorts or positions for me to use all your fuck holes however I please. Lay back and get spread out for me to devour your pussy and eat you like the last supper while using toys on you before pounding you to another dimension while I pin you down, choke you and whisper things in your ear. I like a naughty girl, that loves to please, and loves a take charge man. All your holes will be owned, you will know your purpose is to please, be a slut, and take dick. I will cover you in cum, fill your pussy, and your ass, make you swallow and let you know I own you. Be ready to have that ass spanked until my handprint is left there, get collared, tied up, and fucked senselessly and used while I force orgasms out of your tight young pussy and make you a wet mess for me having you tell me how much you love being my little fucktoy. I need a good slut. Bonus points if you are down for me to slut you out to my friends, share you, or get used by me and other women from time to time. I want you to be a good whore, ready willing and able to take dick, get used, and be my little cumslut.
I smoke weed, drive, can host, or come to you. I am 180cm tall, 85kg, with a nice body, chocolate skin, and a beautiful uncut cock with stamina for days. I like to fuck alot and will use you over and over again whenever we meet.
Open to any ethnicity. Just have a high sex drive and love to please. You can be a good girl to the world, but when we are together I want you to be daddy's filthy little slut and understand you are with me to get used and fucked like my personal little fuck toy or human fleshlight.
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2023.03.30 15:46 O3fz This is the police - Interrogation

Previous/First/Next: Emergency Powers
\The Soldier’s POV”*
I sat there, breathing in and out of sync, wondering if my end is near, wondering if I was right or wrong. Each tick of the old style clock on the wall, they seem to be both a second and day to me, both of which were to long. I hear only their voices now, the two men sit across from me, SAC Murray and the CIA Director, or was it CIA Director Murray? If so who is the other human? Why is my head on the table? Why am I bound again? Oh, I remember, how could I forget what I did. Or did I do that?
“We understand that you passed out Miss Praw-Naw, so we gave you a cocktail of drugs to awaken you from it” The man on the right speaks, Murray I believe? Wait, drugs? What did they give me and how much?
“What drugs? My mind is racing and I feel like I’m going t–“ Well, I just gave the floor a new hideous paintjob. Still it already looks better than the old grey one.
“We gave you a bit of pain relief, some barbiturates to prevent stress and some nervous stimulants to wake you up.” The, Director speaks? Okay, okay, I might be a bit allergic to the pain relief but what is a barbiturate? Is it toxic in anyway? “Now Miss Praw-Naw, we are going to ask a few basic questions surrounding what occurred at the planetary capital.” Planetary capital? What happened ther– oh, oh shit what do I say? How do I lie to them? Should I kill myself? No, I must if I want to not harm the rest of the operation. Ok, ok, I’ll do it now.
“May I ask why you are moving your jaw that way miss?” Oh god I though I was subtle and now Murray has noticed. I hope that the cyanide tooth fell out and they didn’t find it, lest I die a much worse death. “I understand you are curious as to why your cyanide tooth is missing, but please, relax. We all work for the Union in this room, and you were meant to be at the capital during the explosion. So why are you trying to kill myself? You must have something to hide if you have something to fear.” Oh god Murray is going to bury me, here and now with questions I’ll have no answer for.
“Murray if I may?” Murray just nodded to the, Director? I still barely have a clue who this man is and yet Special Agent in-Charge Murray, who sits just under the CID planetary Vice-Director in power, defers to this man. Who is he? “Miss Praw-Naw, please tell us why you were at the Planetary Council? And what are your intentions?” God he is softly spoken, and yet nature itself seems to bow to him.
“I was there as I was assigned by my officer, and I was also there as part of my operation. My intentions are to kill myself so please let me.” NO, I did NOT intend to say any of that. Why has my mouth and mind betrayed me? It is as if I have had my account hijacked, and I can’t recover it. Now the hijacker is impersonating me and using my reputation as toilet paper.
“And tell me about this operation, who is behind it? Who are your accomplices? What do you aim to achieve?” The Director has stood up. Wait, what is in that briefcase he is carrying? Oh no, no, no, he’s going to torture me now isn’t he? I am already locked out of my own mind, now I’ll be painfully trapped in my own body. “Ahh, maybe you want to see this.” What is he pulling out– a gun, and a file. Dear god, Is that my own file? This man knows it all then.
“The operation was to destroy the Planetary Council, as for my accomplices, dead and I honestly didn’t now who they are. All I know is that someone called the High Councillor was behind the op.” My mouth has once again betrayed me, and yet as I battle with my neurology I have made my first victory, a small one nonetheless but a victory. I cannot betray my brother to these DoNS fuckers.
“I see, but still I watch as you battle the mutiny of your mind, and as I view your desperation, I can make you an offer.” I watch as the Director picks up the gun, I think its an old style human revolver? “This is a Smith and Wesson 500, a revolver passed down through my family. As I understand, Jav-Gav culture puts emphasis on noble death and not betraying the established order, both of which you have violated.” Oh god, I have in my passion forsaken the ancient code. I have been blinded by my pride and now, it all comes back to me. What have I done? My family will dishonour me and in 50 years, I’ll be forgotten. “I have and offer for you miss Praw-Naw, you tell us everything, and I kill you here, mark your file with as having died protecting the Council and add an award for honour. Your family will no longer be denouncing you and you would be buried in a graveyard of honour. How does that sound?” That sounds wonderful, but what about the others? Now I realise why duality of loyalty is discouraged. You know what, I’ll take the offer but try withhold as much as I can.
“I’ll accept Director. I was given this operation by my old CO, he said it was something important. The operation’s overall goals was to eliminate the council, for which I was told were conspiring with enemies of the state. I was… unaware of the fact that they weren’t and had no way to prove otherwise. The team… who uh… I didn’t know other than the codenames, and I planted several explosives throughout the building while the rest of the team prepared others. We had to switch to the backup plan when the sweep found bomb 17. They were on a static timer so we had no way to detonate them early. The team proceeded to eliminate the helicopter pilots and upon the council’s arrival for evac, eliminated them as well. We had our timing wrong however and the explosion went off while we were getting our wingsuits on.” Right that should hopefully be enough to ward them off the trail, hopefully he can escape. Wait… why is he unloading his gun?
“I understand your duality of loyalties Miss-Praw Naw, but please, do not attempt to withhold anything from me. You told me only thongs that could not benefit an investigation much. So tell me who is the High Councillor? And how did you get this equipment? You certainly didn’t smuggle it through, not with how customs has been recently.” God no, no, no. Most local enforcement would take such an answer, why did mankind have be able to see through such? Now what do I do? Now what do I do? This man has so much power that the National Council doesn’t try push him around. “Answer me Miss Praw-Naw, or I will go the other extreme an publicise your treason to the extent in which your family will dishonoured until the end of time. NOW TELL ME!”
“The High Councillor, a misleading codename my only brother used to mislead the investigation, planned the operation but the equipment was supplied by a group called the.. LibMov? I was told they were covert ops that had gotten us the equipment. Other than that I don’t know much.” The Director is nodding slowly at me. Please may do it now, please. Okay now he is walking to behind me.
“Murray, I don’t want to cover you with blood, so please step out of the way.” I feel him put the gun to the back of my head, hurry the fuck up.
“The hell was that prick on the back of my… neck..” I can barely… stay… awake…
“Murray have a medic put her in statis, we may need her again later.” That… bastard… lied… to me.
That is all for this week. This one was different to write and I hope to use it’s style again in the future. Otherwise that is all for now.
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2023.03.30 15:45 Just-for-venting3424 My friend is really starting to upset me and I don’t know how to approach it.

I don’t even know where to begin my friend who I’m like talking talking to you know just found out her dads great great great grandpa was from Mexico and now she won’t stop calling people a border hopper or a b****r.I don’t even know how to approach it,it makes me so uncomfortable she won’t stop calling me sparkly white or a cracker when I’m darker then her.
My great grandpa is a brown skinned man but I don’t wanna tell her that cause I don’t wanna sound like her.Also she keeps calling me a fa**ot which makes me kinda mad cause I’m bi-sexual I just haven’t told anyone besides my best friend it’s so annoying and it’s making me loose feeling and I don’t think finding out your like 0.5/5 Mexican allows you to go around calling people slurs.
I’m probably overreacting but I really needed to get this off my chest and just put it out somewhere and I honestly don’t think I like her anymore her acting like this makes me not want anything to do with her.anyways if you read this thank you for your time any advice is greatly appreciated
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2023.03.30 15:45 esperanita How to make streaming audio easy?

Hello - I listen to a music streaming service via Safari on my MBP running Ventura. I often stream the music to my speakers using an Airport Express 2 that is in HomeKit. Currently when I want to stream I have to go into the control center, select sound, and then select the speakers I want to use. Is there anyway I can create a shortcut for this? My ideal situation would be to have a button on my desk that would automatically airplay my Mac speakers to my AirPort Express. If I had a HomePod in my office, would that make this setup easier? Thanks for any help!
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2023.03.30 15:45 Opposite-Fault172 Hi, just a general reading/interpretation question!

Hello my fellow feelers & healers! I’m kinda in the early on, beginning stage of tarot and I’m finding all the cards’ meanings (yes/no, astrological representation, time of year, what the numbers mean, etc) & they’re reversals to be a bit overwhelming. Are there any methods, or practice/study exercises you did while learning the cards that helped you become familiar with all the meanings, and how multiple cards in a spread can come together to form one bigger interpretation? Also, if the wording of this question is weird and confusing, let me know I’ll try it again and try & make sense 😂
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