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2023.06.09 16:12 floormaster99 Stone plate locations

What are some locations with lots of big stone plates? I'm looking to build a fire proof tank, so I need multiple stone plates, since wood plates burn.
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2023.06.09 16:12 hitoshuras Beneficiary's side of the family essentially estranged- are we in trouble?

My wife and I married a month ago, now we are working on the I-130 and I find myself worried about the fact that we are not on great terms with her side of the family.
For clarity: her family loves us and knew/approved of our plans to get married. For personal reasons, she has decided she does not want anything to do with them for the foreseeable future. Because of this, we did not inform them of our (courthouse) marriage and don't intent to invite them to the reception once we return to the states (we are currently in her home country of Canada). This is her decision and I want to respect that.
I have a facebook messenger screenshot of her mother approving of our marriage from months ago, but this definitely does not hold as much weight as an affidavit. I could potentially get some pictures with us with her family. I have receipts for Christmas presents I bought them last year.
My side of the family adores her, so I could get affidavits of approval/support from two of my sisters and both parents. I just fear that these documents only coming from one side of the family could be worrisome... I know that we can add an explanation for why this is so, but I'm anxious it may not be enough nonetheless.
Side note: Is there a particular format we are expected to submit proof of marriage in? At the moment, I'm just compiling various pdfs with evidence of our commitment with commentary along the way. I can't find any examples online.
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2023.06.09 16:12 Mykeyclub [GB] JRIS65 R2 PCB Gasket Mount Customize Keyboard Group Buy Information- Only 3 Days Left! Review links Update

Hi Everyone,
Thank you for your support and patience regarding JRIS65 R2. The GB has only 3 days left, and we have updated the review links. Please check the following GB information.

JRIS65 R2 Group Buy Information

SKUs and pricing
JRIS65 R2 GB Page
GB Time
31st May to 12th June
Estimated Delivery
Start packing and sending to vendors and Mykeyclub direct customers in August 2023
All component is compatible with the R1.
Vendor List
Please check the extracted GB info from the vendor you plan to order.

JRIS65 R2 Information

JRIS65 R2 Renders

What are the differences between Jris65 R2 and R1? 
We have received much feedback about the JRIS65 after they built it. Most of the customer love and enjoy the build and love our Jris65. And we also received some improved feedback or issues they were having. So we have improved the R2 according to the R1, please check the details below:

JRIS65 Specifications 

What can you customize for JRIS65 R2? 
Case Options:
Highlight reoxidation finish for the chamfered in makes the overall front more three-dimensional and exquisite.
Weight Options:
PCBs Options:
BT PCB is cooperating with Li Dana. LDN’s PCB is famous in China because his PCBs are stable and qualified and use friendly. It has its drive and software, which can edit the key mapping. Please check the software driver interface here.
  1. 8 devices can pair with at the same time, and it is easy to switch devices you want.
  2. The power switch is on the PCB, easy to turn BT function on/ off.
  3. The fastest response time is only 1.25ms
Plate Options:
Plateless Options:
We highly suggest building plateless with 5mm extra plate foam and solder PCB. The 5mm extra plate foam will bring a more soft typing feel, and the typing sound will be cleaner. But without the 5mm plate foam, it will also work fine, and the typing feel and sound are very different.
What's in package? 
Gift(will not send make-up or replacements)

Please check the prototype photos below# 

Review links

Content Creator Prototype (JRIS65 R2)
Yo_keebs Orange Case+Black PVD Weight
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Content Creator Prototype (JRIS65 R1)
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Yo_keebs Milky-White Case+Chroma PVD Weight
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sviz ify Pink Case+Silver PVD Weight
Clackbait Titanium Grey+Black Case+Black PVD Weight
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Mykeyclub Team

We are a platform that integrates creativity and innovative design, helping more studios join this hobby community and bringing more fun and cool products to you guys. Please participate in our MKC family for more discussions and future updates.
Mykeyclub discord
Mykeyclub Ins
Best Wishes
Mykeyclub Team
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2023.06.09 16:12 rollersky Why left-wingers should be in favour of Freedom of speech

An actor everybody is pretty much somewhat familiar with, Rowan Atkinson that plays Mr Bean recently made an about 10 minute press release speech and statement. It was directly concerning the freedom of the people of the United Kingdom to merely express themselves, to perform the very human act of communicating and sharing.
The fact that the U.K is unfortunately by law a tyrannical state that dishes out criminal punishment to anyone who says anything anyone finds offensive, no literally they actually have laws that get you arrested for posting normal song lyrics and other mundane normal usage posts. It's from a recent yet slightly older law from 25 years ago, and it enables anyone to be charged with hate speech for saying or since the advent of social media posting anything anyone ever finds offensive.
I wish it were otherwise but unfortunately these authoritarian tyrannical laws are also present... in Australia and you have probably forgotten but they were on full display in Australia in 2019... when the Pharmaceutical companies became the wealthiest and most profitable companies on Earth... the same companies that sponsor Political Parties,... and Television advertisements,... Social Media companies (like the one your on now) and literally run the tests and produce all medical scientific papers (studies, theories, hospitals, physicians on payroll, fund entire hospitals and livelihoods... etc. etc.) The best example I can remember of the absolute tyranny Australia was under is a case whereby a pregnant women in Victoria was arrested for writing on a Facebook post that she was against lockdowns and supported the protests against them... the Police came and arrested her... for 'Hate Speech'... it luckily enough got picked up media companies (TV stories and articles). Luckily. So the police, after dragging this pregnant woman kicking and screaming out of her apartment (not exactly literally) let her go without charge. She was lucky. Very very lucky. And there is no way she should have had to have been 'lucky' for merely making a post on Facebook.
America simply does not have this problem as written into the very constitution as the 1st Amendment to their constitution by the founding fathers in all of their wisdom, intelligence, good faith and if your religious like they where, filled with divine enlightenment wrote it such that the Government in America has no ability to write any law to restrict people's rights to express themselves (Freedom of Speech), restrict the press (because back then they lacked smart phones, social media and all modern technology, which should be obvious but perhaps it is not and is difficult for people today to even begin to imagine life back then despite it being very loosely similar to today's world) and finallu restrict people's religious freedoms (written in reverse order to this because they were all wise God loving, humble, noble and brave men.
America's 1st Amendment is the only Freedom of Speech law written into its very constitution in the entire world, it is the reason that America is referred to as 'Land of the Free' and the second part of that phrase, 'Home of the Brave.'. As for protests, peaceful assembly had always been constitutionally protected, not violent assembly so riots and revolution is still very much illegal and is met with lethal counter force every time. [As a side note, if peaceful assembly fails to prevent America becoming a Tryrannical State, then the 2nd Amendment is the fail-safe. As the wisdom of the founding fathers literally argued and intendeded]
Australia does not have that phrase and frankly I feel that every Australian that knows that, feels a deep unspoken, subconscious shame over that fact and far more importantly that all Australians simply do not have the constitutional right to even speak their minds freely, as every human being alive desires.
As Rowan Atkinson stated 'Hate Speech' is not real. It is a term used to silence, censor and remove power from whomever those in power disagree and dislike or are offended by. There are seemingly endless examples from history of the evil deeds of enactment of those disliked by existing powers for example, Galileo (ostracised and persecuted by the church and all religious folk for merely stating he believed that the sun was the center of the Galaxy and not the Earth), Nikola Tesla (defamed by the work of Tomas Edison and countless people trying to claim his inventions as their own by way of patent theft and lies for the purpose of advertising like don't by an American organisation NPR over the discovery of radio), (Jesus Christ himself by his crucifixion by my Ancestors, the Romans) and as the last example, the NAZI's by locking up any intellectuals that disagreed or dared critisize any of their doctrine and propoganda, their torture of anyone condemned for death by way of countless sadistic and grotesque torture methods, and some though quite few, for scientific discovery purposes, their burning of the books followed in time by bodies, and lastly their brutal slaughter of the Jews, no evidence of wrongs but only stirring words and speeches from their beloved demagogue, Adolf Hitler and gigantic amounts of absolute propoganda distributed to the masses, orchestrated by NAZI Propoganda Chief Joseph Goebbels and his team. (Which every highschool student should have, though potentially didn't, have already learned from Highschool History class, at least in every Public School, Private Schools may be permitted a different curriculum.) Offensive caused by speech has only 1 solution. More Free speech, Rowan Atkinson a famous actor that has probably more wealth than this entire subreddit conveyed this message, and it would seem as an absolute truth as far as I can tell.
I have written this in hopes of sparking and pasing wisdom and knowledge into whoever needs to have read this. And hopefully you will pass this type of message on yourself from now on. Australia needs the Right of Freedom of Speech written into its very constitution. As demonstrated during COVID19 it needed it years ago but now even more than ever.
And to those that would say it will do nothing but allow mass disinformation, manipulation and mislead people, I would say this, history has proven you absolutely dead wrong on that statement and sentiment, the only solution to offense from speech is more Free Speech and if you silence, censor or try more modern trends of the same kind known as deplatforming or cancelling, then all you do, all you achieve, everything you are trying to stop will only be made stronger, more resilient and more popular then ever before. As examples, take Jesus Christ, he has the Roman equivalent of being hung drawn and quartered, he was crucified, publicly executed like a lamb to the slaughter to send a message of absolute obedience being required to the rest of the herd. Yet because of that Christianity exploded and has been far more viral than COVID19 or any viral video has ever been to date. And for modern times look at Tucker Carlson, deplatformed by pressure from Pharmaceutical companies, lawsuits from shitty voting machine companies and pathologically idealogically fanatic ex employees in lawsuits. Tucker Carlsons show on Fox was the most popular show on Fox News and it drew in about 2 million people every night to watch it... after he was fired... is now getting 35+ million on the regular after he started up on Twitter. I do so imagine that actuall that will be an understatement in the coming future as currently he's on his 2nd episode ever. The 'Streisand Effect' in full unbridled, unstoppable force.
Every Australian deserves the right to express themselves freely, meaning free of all Government persecution and all possible Government and legal persecution. This is and has always been a left wing idea, as the rule of Tyrants; Dictators, kings Pharaohs, Caesar's, Shoguns, Kahns, Lords, Nobles Knights and Emperors have always, always been majority perpetuated by people with conservative temperaments, whereas free thinkers, creative and imaginative people are the minority of people perpetuating the rule of Tyrants.
We here in Australia critisize China for authoritarianism and tyranny when there is weakness in our own ranks. 'Those in glass houses should not throw stones' - some famous person', 'never lay cannonfire on your enemy with a glass cannon' -me. Western countries, especially our home Australians true colours, true laws and beliefs of of people were broadcaster for the world to see during covid. And they paint a very dark authoritarian picture of our nation to the world, something China is more than smart enough to take advantage of... and much to our chagrin they are and have been since Covid ended for us. Chinese propoganda, their Television Channels, all Chinese State OWNED... all of them constantly bring up how Australia, England and America all were even worse if not just as bad as China was during Covid19, and as the best and most convincing propoganda always is... its harrowingly mostly true. (Only, partly mostly thankfully) but domestic Chinese TV isn't the most important propoganda outlet taking the easy win by using our sins in their propoganda... no, that would be the Confucius Institute in Australian Universities. China's unelected ruling communist party (communist in name only these days, just a full bull authoritarian tyranny is their ideology nowadays) main propoganda outlet in Australia is a Chinese University group called the Confucius Institute (I could be wrong about the name and I've spent too long writing this to be bothered to look it up). They target young, impressionable Chinese men and women when they are studying abroad in Australia's universities, our most popular young adult Chinese attraction, I dare say, maybe even 'Global young adult Asian attraction' as I once met a man from Tibet who said exactly that in a course I had to take for my construction job (white card). The Confucius Institute goal is promote CCP propoganda via demonising the way Australia and all Western countries are so that as few young people ever believe in the ideals of Democracy and want to return to China, such that the CCP can perpetuate its tyrannical rule over China forever. Idealogically brainwash 'loose ends' - Mafia Terminology if you understand. They thanks to what happened to Australia under the Lib/Nats Coalition 2019 to late 2022 they distribute and spread half truths about Australia and countless other lies about every part and aspect of life in Australia as well as pay members of their organisation to organise pro China protests, (sign holders and chanters) in Australian Universities, footage of this circulated sparsely in Australian media and articles during 2014-2018 roughly though probably a bit before too. They actively seek out and target specifically ethnically Chinese and often try to emotionally blackmail them, incite fear into them, speak exclusively their propoganda to then and rarely but almost certainly literally blackmail them using the threat of violence, torture and death of their families back in China. Naturally there's no direct evidence of that claim except for Chinese Father and Husband in England that was blackmailed (husband of high ranking shipping Port official wife) they abducted his wife and child and forced the wife read a script to the husband over the phone (utilised emotional and physical blackmail and just directly veiled and unveiled threats, I recommend you look up interviews from the husband) and if you look up the articles of the Confucius Institute from IDK 2011-2018 and have the ability to interpret from what the articles found you can tell the Confucius Institute, only has 1 purpose, to try and perpetuate the CCP's rule of China and stop and protest against their rule, specifically stopping Tiananmen Square type protests from ever happening again. The Tianamen Square Massacre was a global well known proverbial black eye to China that severely hampered every nation's diplomatic relations with China for close to half a century, and the CCP didn't like that as even Tyrants love swimming in money, also the CCP loves stealing technology through trade espionage, China's MAG Lev trains and their entire car industry is built off stolen technology from Western companies dumb enough to deal with companies owned by the CCP. Naturally the Chinese who have been or are being 'convinced' by the Confucius Institute are always the biggest promoters of Anti Freedom ideas, especially the death of Freedom of Speech via hate speech crime laws such as: incitement of violence laws (Victoria mainly), offensive Tweets, Facebook Posts, Instagram Posts,,, Goddamn Reddit posts all hopefully being made illegal and the Liberals God awful rich persons almost exclusive digital world referee, The new E-Safety Commisioner. And like all the God awful Tyrant Commissioner's from TV shows and books if the E-Safety commisoner ever... EVER gets in the hands of the Liberals again it will be used against the normal people of Australia to beat the collective will of normal free thinking Australian's to the ground if not to death. Only complete dumbass Liberal Supporters usually dumb beer drinking sky news watchers (usually fossils) and Young Adult Chinese University Students support ANY of the laws and speech referees I just mentioned.
Again please war h the video I linked at the tiop and if the Politcal State of the U.K interests you for whatever reason then I recommend: Count Dankular (his second channel) the first person in Scottish History tried and found guilty of 'Hate Speech'... from a freakin comedy video. Where he's mocking the very thing they charged him for supporting [funny pug salute video as a direct hint]), Jonathan Pie (excellent wit, fantastic satirist and insult wordsmith wizard, also very yelly, I like him) and lastly Jordan Shanks himself, the namesake of this subreddit, FriendlyJordies. Whenever he actually gets round to covering the U.K his analysis is excellent.
Also a guy from YouTube channel Sargon of Akkad though... fair warning, his videos are really boring but he is quite very articulate.
All Australians deserve the Right of Freedom of Speech. And unfortunately, on Reddit in particular I see far too many Tyrannical Speech Law sympathisers which I personally find truly disgusting and as much as I hate the authoritarian ideas you spout, I will defend your right to say and spread them. If your a real FriendlyJordies fan or agree with his ideas and rhetoric than I already know you support all Australians Right of 'Free Speech'.
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2023.06.09 16:12 Illustrious-Car-8116 25[M4F]- need some sweaty/stinky socks to beat off with.

Hoping to get a woman’s socks that she worked in, worked out in, or have just worn all day(or multiple days) to sniff and cum inside of. Or have your feet in my face while you give me a handjob. Dm if you’re willing and interested!
5’9 Black Athletic build Clean Well mannered Big loads
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2023.06.09 16:12 ThrowRA59583 My boyfriend (29M) keeps making self deprecating remarks about himself, and I (29F) don’t think his friends are helping.

So my boyfriend and I have been together about 3 and a half years. Things are good! We have 2 dogs, our own place and we get along really well.
My boyfriend has had his core group of friends since we met about 4 years ago. 2 from high school and 4 from college. They all have a big group chat and still once every week or two weeks make a point to hop on their computers and play a video game together or just hop on discord to catch up.
My concern has come as of late regarding my boyfriends comments about his body, and his general outlook about how he feels about himself.
Now I will fully admit I have never understood my boyfriends relationship with his friends. They are decent guys, but my boyfriend always seems to be the butt of any sort of joke, and his friends can honestly be pretty mean with their comments to him. For example, maybe about a year into our relationship, we all hopped on a call (significant others and all) to chat, and one of his friends commented that I must be happy with how my boyfriend treats me as his tiny penis wouldn’t obviously be enough (he is perfectly average since I know I’m going to get questioned on this). Everyone laughed except me looking mortified, but my boyfriend explained later that it’s always been a joke amongst his friends about that.
They will always make fun of his weight, his face, his hair, and loads of other stuff. I’ve personally always considered it bullying, as it appears to me that my boyfriend is the only person that gets this abuse, but any time I have lightly asked my boyfriend about it, he gets super defensive.
He will then tell me how much he appreciates them and how they have been there for him for so long…so I always drop the subject.
Recently (within the past year or so) my boyfriend has had some projects at work that have been stressful, and so he has gained a little weight and is pretty tired all the time. For the record, I don’t care about that and just want him to be happy. But a couple weeks ago, he commented about how he was a “fat sack of shit” and how he’s let himself go. Some comments about his “ugly face” also gave me some pause.
Now my boyfriend is not obese and he is a good looking man. I’ve never heard this type of comments from him, and I’m worried his friends are contributing to it with their…bullying? I feel weird calling it that, but I feel like that is what it is.
How do I have a productive talk with him about how his friend’s behavior in my mind is not appropriate, and that he is a gorgeous man?
TL;DR - my boyfriends friends say lots of mean things to him and I feel that is hurting his self image. What do I do to help?
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2023.06.09 16:11 femmefeline9 Opinions on these "scratches"?

Opinions on these
I'm thinking of buying a lamp off of someone and they sent me these pictures. They said the color of the inside of the glass seems like "amber" and that the "scratches" might be glitter or the amber color coming off. It doesn't look like stuck wax to me. I'm curious if any of you have seen something like this (and if so, if it's fixable). Thank you!
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2023.06.09 16:11 MyFishIsYourFish Girlfriend took some pictures of my 68 by the lake (last pic she got bit on the ass by a mosquito but I thought it would be funny to include it)

Girlfriend took some pictures of my 68 by the lake (last pic she got bit on the ass by a mosquito but I thought it would be funny to include it) submitted by MyFishIsYourFish to projectcar [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 16:11 KJB3434 Tell me about your experience attending the NHL Draft

This year I plan on attending the 2023 NHL Draft in Nashville. For those who have attended the draft in person, what was your experience like?
I always remember watching on TV, seeing the big red carpet out and seeing fans get autographs from the prospects. Is it actually easy to get at least 1 autograph or have an interaction with any of the players? Also did the arena sell stuff for each and every team, or was it more NHL Draft themed items/ the home host selling their stuff?
I'd love to hear stories, what all I can expect, etc.
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2023.06.09 16:11 Hour_Astronomer_2945 22 [M4F] London UK / Online - Looking to lose my v card 😅

Not sure if Reddit is the best possible place for this but yeah, I would love for someone to help me come outta my shell 😂 I have a bit of social anxiety and am INFP which isn't a great mix for talking to girls
So a bit about me: I'm 5'6.5 (feel free to round up to 5'7 🙃), with an athletic build (similar to Tom Holland). I've got black hair, brown eyes, a decent beard, round oversized glasses and a nice smile, or so I like to think. I study economics (boring I know) and in my spare time I like boxing, working out, watching horror films on netflix, and volunteering. Will include a body pic on here, but just dm me for face pic!
As for what I'm looking for, I'm very open to be honest. I would like you to find me physically attractive and I would like to feel the same way with you, but I don't necessarily have a type. I'd prefer someone with more experience than me but its certainly not a dealbreaker. Ideally you would be in the UK too!
Please also be willing to send pictures of yourself right from the start, and I'd like to get to know you on snapchat or something before meeting up. Thanks for reading :)
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2023.06.09 16:11 stimulatingwhat Helen, I work and do meaningful things every day.

Do you see to whom this letter is addressed?
Because that is what you are - a STRANGER.
You have to accept this.
I do not live and work and breathe for your entertainment.
I am not "someone to know".
You planned your life poorly, you suffer from imposter syndrome.
That is your fault and your responsibility if your privilege has hampered and blinded you.
It is not my job - as the inevitable victim of your personal juggernaut - to help you though this, reciprocate your feelings, or even regard you with any consideration or respect.
I resent being associated with you or linked to you, however tenuous that connection may be.
It's been horrifically hurtful how betrayed I feel and how much of a fool you have made of me - being out there in California with your inside knowledge, your privileged people's "burden".
A burden which you have NEVER helped me with.
To open a magazine and see more of the attention-seeking emotional pornography that you make is just - from my viewpoint - more disappointment.
Why should I care or be emotionally moved because you have been crying?
You were seen crying just after you emerged from your expensive condominium after logging off your $2000 Apple laptop and getting up from your Herman Miller sofa - $7000, according to the website.
Why do you think that your pretty people tears are worth more than anyone else's?
Is this the "special people" world you grew up in? The one where you were told how cute and talented you are from day one?
Spare me.
I am sick and tired of your life story - how your parents wanted their "beautiful" and "important" children to "stay grounded" and other idiotic Very Important People boomer bullshit your parents subscribed to.
I did not grow up feeling "destined" or "having a burden" or being "blessed".
I guess you still think that I am going to fuck you some day and then, when it's over, we're going to trade life stories and I not only that, I have to introduce myself to your lame ass family and I am sorry that no one ever explained to you that WE JUST DONT DO THAT.
When I was a kid, I visited your hometown five times and you and your boomer parents were never on our short list and by the way, who the fuck invited you and especially them?
My parents have a good ten years on your and maybe they ought to shut the hell up about what they have "learned" about the world. My family was never any of their business anyway.
The fuck were they doing in the sixties besides being underachieving, self-conscious, insecure and maybe smoking one-tenth of a joint once in a great while because they were too scared to experience or learn anything?
So yeah, we did visit back in the day and now it is clear that when my mother asked if someone's kids were "cast in gold" that she was really talking about your fucking mother.
She always resented you people and the way you were preferred to us, and the way a rank bunch of trite and dull underachieving could steal everything from us just because they were younger and "prettier" and frankly not the REAL FUCKING MCCOY but just kind of knowing about it but not doing much about it.
Whatever the purpose or mission of your people or your family is, it is not apparent.
It just seems that you and everyone you associate with or are connected to are, shall we say, PROVINCIAL and "small scale" and have no national sense of anything and frankly that is truly pathetic.
The silver lining here is that it has been massively entertaining watching such DELIBERATE utter NOBODIES (with that practiced "humility" or lack of ambition that you think is a VIRTUE) fail so spectacularly, and what's more, you struggle to articulate any sense of failure ir regret because that is out of your range of insight or experience.
It IS sad that - if I'm honest here - it would have been better for my welfare or my family's welfare had you not existed at all in some sense.
I suppose it would be far too much to ask of you to speak to that.
Then again, having anything interesting or significant to say about anything that matters is clearly not a priority of yours and never was.
Adios for the zillionth time.
This time I won't bother with your Instagram or Twitter ir your wife's or your family's ir any of you : you will just be ignored, because it just seems that when you're in the picture, we don't get to be human at all.
Truly regal people have a sense of purpose and also an ability to speak to tragedies - I suppose that you are too busy being humble or feeling inadequate to do that. This is why you will not be worth my time anymore.
Good luck in finding your purpose for the rest twenty, thirty or forty years of your now tragic and pointless existence.
I mean it. You personal and private sense of failure - which you think you conceal well (you aren't that good of an actor) - does me no good either. It's a shame that spirituality means absolutely nothing to you (oh why were you bothering me of all people again when you are an agnostic of the worst kind - a lazy and passive one??) because maybe spending more time around spiritual folks can help you with your annoying and very public sense of futility.
Have a nice day.
I apologize if this is all over your head.
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2023.06.09 16:11 iFlak Fortnite Islands of the Week June 9 2023

Fortnite Islands of the Week June 9 2023
A fast-paced animated showdown, wacky obstacles, and a pixelated world await in the latest Fortnite Islands of the Week!
🏝️ TOON TOWN GUN GAME created by OzyFNC
🏝️ Big Inflatable Deathrun created by TheBonnieKiwi
🏝️ Fun Run 2.0 created by X_TyFighter
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2023.06.09 16:11 lets-not-meet- i’m confused

i am a teenager (this isn’t a throw away bc idrc anymore) it feels like i can never find anyone with similar beliefs as me and it will always cause a rift between my relationships, it’s like i always have to hide what i actually believe because if i do say it i’ll get hated on, i’m a lesbian and every other lesbian woman or bisexual women i meet is always non religious (which isn’t a problem but it seems to always be an issue, i don’t go to church anymore but i do own a bible) or they just straight up shit on my religion, the lesbians i meet always says some stupid shit like “children can consent to a medical transition” like no they can’t and when i bring that up they start to hate me, what’s the big deal about difference’s in opinion? like i may think what you think is not logical and i may think it is a stupid opinion but i would never shit on you for believing in that and why am i the bad guy because i don’t want to put my sexuality out there for people to look at? i’m not ashamed but i know the risk of putting it out there, a lesbian couple was just killed in public so i know the hate that i would receive especially since i live in a sundown town (i’m black too😭), i don’t have any internalize homophobia as most people want to believe but i know how the lgbt is and i know how lesbians are looked at also another thing i’m tired of trans woman calling me transphobic because i don’t want to date them, i don’t like dick and yes a trans woman can be attractive but i don’t want to date them
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2023.06.09 16:11 Dili8opk Package With Anal,Jay Bangher Lilly James,Bang Bros

Lilly James woke up horny. Luckily she had a number where she could order a package for her special needs. She called, Jay Bangher came holding a big package. She asked him to come in and she opened the package. It was exactly what she dreamed of. A big dick inside the package. Actually it was Jay’s dick as he was holding the package in hip height in front of him. There was also some oil in the package. Lilly took the oil and started to stroke the dick. It got even bigger. The she unwrapped it and sucked it. Now it was time to fuck. Since she was extra horny she wanted anal only. So Jay buggered her until she gaped and he s**t his sperm into her face."
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2023.06.09 16:11 10dayone66 I can't make a jerk about this

Uj/ I'm assuming a lot have seen the missing child post? Honestly at this point I just want genuine clarification from the person looking for this kid, cause if this is a GNC kid and not a trans kid, that's pretty relevant. I wish we could get to a place where we can take this image and it's description at face value, but with GNC and/or queer children running away or being put out on the street being a thing, we have to ask.
We have to.
When we say protect trans kids.
When they protect the kids.
We are all talking about children. And if this child is missing, who they are, how they express is relevant. If you want us to find them, if you want them to come home. We need to know how to respect your kid.
I'm not asking for anything more than pronouns tbh, you don't need to tell us anything else. If this truly is a current picture then I'll put the two together, but as of now, the conversation around finding this person is clouded by uncertainty and fear of those who identify with this situation.
If you are this kid, you deserve safety, genuine safety. I hope you find it, your gender or agab are not relevant beyond us literally addressing you correctly (and even then your sex isn't necessary in this case either, we just wanna find you and make sure you are safe.)
We said this would affect everyone, that policing gender will harm everyone involved.
The reason some of us wanna know if they're gendered correctly, because we might be able to help. This kid is missing, could be for literally any reason, accurate information is necessary. And if it is accurate, there are clearly people who don't know, and we need to be looking in the right places. Because again, this is a god damn child.
Also did you know there are tons of kids just tossed out on the street for being queer and or GNC? Idk if I mentioned that already. But I'm pretty sure those are the ones worried about a missing kid of any kind, since they've experienced not having familial support during that vulnerable time.
God I have a million other things to say. I decided not to post any comments on there cause, no fucking way. Regardless, I hope that kid finds genuinely safety, I really really do.
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2023.06.09 16:11 andreiross [US-DE] [H] Vertex Arcane Arc60 [W] Paypal

Vertex Arcane Arc60 Keyboard - $310 shipped CONUS - 1x Hotswap PCB - 1x Solder PCB (never used) - 1x Aluminum Plate
I bought this keyboard a few days ago from another user in mm. I sent it to a proxy in Delaware (I'm from South America), but other things came up and I won't keep the keyboard.
I paid $310 for it, shipped. I'm asking the same price. Shipping costs included.
If you have any questions, you can either send me a PM or a chat message, whatever is easier for you. I can also send you detailed pictures of the keyboard that the seller sent to me. Thanks!
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2023.06.09 16:10 GateBreakerZ This changes are dog water

This changes are dog water
Hybrid defense is good but removing dmg from the last part of his dragon ult is a big hit
increased attack range from 2 skill ng do a single shit you use full combo with petrify to oneshot even on lane this is going to be giga worthless
1 skill dmg would've increased his win rate by 2-3%
this changes will increase his win rate by 1% at maximum because losing ult ending dmg is also = losing 1 sha essence its not worth of increased range of 2 skill basic attack
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2023.06.09 16:10 fyreandsatire So many Belgians on the transfermarket

OPENDA (Lens & one of the top scorers in Ligue 1)
DOKU (Rennes + promising end of season after injury)
LUKEBAKIO (Hertha Berlijn = relegated to Bundesliga 2)
TRESOR (Genk + 3rd most assists in one season in all of Europe top leagues)
ONANA (Everton = barely managed to survive in Premier League)
TIELEMANS (Leicester = relegated to Championship)
FAES (Leicester = relegated to Championship)
CASTAGNE (Leicester = relegated to Championship)
PRAET (Leicester = relegated to Championship)
LAVIA (Southampton = relegated to Championship)
LOKONGA (Arsenal, loaned out to Crystal Palace)
DE CUYPER (returning to Club Brugge, from Westerlo) = next season at Brugge, or instant step-up elsewhere?
BATSHUAYI (Fenerbache) = staying for the Turkish success, or will he try a step-up again?
VRANCKX (AC Milan + end of contract) = where-to now?
ORIGI (AC Milan) = forever the super sub?
DE KETELAERE (AC Milan = doesn't want/need him anymore and are looking to sell) = where-to now?
BAKAYOKO (PSV) = will PSV be able to hang on to him?
HAZARD E (Contract ended at Real Madrid) = End of carreer, or maybe Juventus or PSG might have a couple of million euros to give him another shot.. PSG is losing Messi, and Neymar is looking dodgy too, so.. ? Don't think Hazard will be drawn to the middle east though, considering he's got quite a big family to take care of as well.
VERMEEREN (Antwerp) = will Antwerp be able to keep him?
BALIKWISHA (Antwerp) = will Antwerp be able to keep him?
BATAILLE (Antwerp) = will Antwerp be able to keep him?
VERSCHAEREN (Anderlecht) = still staying at Anderlecht?
AMUZU (Anderlecht) = staying at Anderlecht?
BRUNO (STVV) = probably going to a middenmoter in the Eredivisie, or Charleroi or Standard, or Metz or Le Havre or something..
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2023.06.09 16:10 ManInEK1 Sex and The City vs Translations

I just realized that the name of this series in different languages is translated like this "sex in the city".
For example in Polish is "Seks w wielkim mieście" what exact translation is "Sex in the big city" or based on the Spanish wikipedia it is "Sexo en la ciudad".
So I just wondering is the case, why some people might be affected by this Mandela Effect.
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2023.06.09 16:10 e4109c Ventura on 5900X + 6900XT @ MSI Gaming Plus

Ventura on 5900X + 6900XT @ MSI Gaming Plus

After a few hours of fiddling I got my setup working.
I've installed Gentoo and Arch before, but I think this one was definitely a bit more challenging than those. Fun nonetheless, especially when it all finally works.
I followed the EXCELLENT guide by Dortania, big props for that. Everything mostly worked out of the box even though there was some trial and error involved (mostly because I suck at reading).
I am getting a Fenvi FV-T919 PCIe WiFi/BT Adapter BCM94360CD to get Bluetooth working as well.
So far, the only thing that does not seem to work is my USB DAC (Topping EX5). The audio stutters, something I also encountered on Linux. To my surprise it also doesn't work on my M2 MacBook Pro. So, until Apple fixes the issue, I will connect to it through Bluetooth instead.
My webcam (Insta360 Link) works OK, it doesn't get its full resolution.
GeekBench scores:
1852 single core, 10401 multicore
Metal: 217916
CPU: 5900X GPU: 6900XT RAM: 32GiB Motherboard: MSI B550 Gaming Plus Audio Codec: N/A Ethernet Card: Realtek RTL8111H Wifi/BT Card: N/A Touchpad and touch display devices: N/A BIOS revision: E7C56AMS.1B2 
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2023.06.09 16:10 raisingheaven The guy at church is giving me mixed signals.

I started attending a new church last year and within a few months of being there I noticed this really cute guy there always staring at me, smiling at me and making an effort to sit near me. Our church is big and I don’t like to assume, so I just thought maybe he was being friendly. He never talks to me but I always see him, and he volunteers sometimes in a separate department from me, and so I interacted with him in passing. It’s been almost a full year since I have attended the church, and recently I decided to try online dating apps. I started on a christian app and within literally less than an hour of my account being active this guy from church super-liked my profile. At first he pretended like he didn’t know we went to the same church, but I assumed he was playing it cool, because later he said he did see me at church. So we started talking and things were going well and he was even opening up to me about his life and things were great, he asked to connect on instagram to take things off the app. For reference I am in my late twenties and he’s in his late thirties.
We’ve been talking on IG for almost three weeks, and in that time he’s asked to meet at church to say hello, I find this a bit odd, I would expect him to want to meet in a dating context for coffee or somewhere outside church when we’re both not serving or in the service. However, I am open-minded. Two weekends have passed and he’s either not messaged me to meet in a place at church and messages me later apologizing after we don't connect, or he didn’t show up to church. He also takes anywhere from 12-24 hours to respond to a message, it feels like we are writing letters back and forth. I understand both of us work and have lives, but every other man that has shown interest in me makes an effort to text me a couple times a day at least and makes plans.
Finally, I responded to one of his messages and ended it with we should meet up sometime outside church. Maybe he’s shy or nervous so I gave him an opportunity. He has not read the message yet, but I am convinced he read it in airplane mode or something because he hasn’t responded to it in two days. He’s been posting on instagram stories, and watching all of my stories.
I find this odd behaviour for a christian man in his late 30’s that serves in the church and knows I do too. If he’s lost interest, changed his mind or met someone else, I would prefer if he would just be upfront with me and say that so I can continue dating intentionally and won’t feel uncomfortable at church. I don't typically like dating and entertaining multiple conversations with men at the same time.
I would love some insight and how to deal with this? Should I unsend my last message, and just ignore him if I see him on service weekends and church? Should I address it with him in a follow-up message? Should I leave my message and confront him in person? I find this so awkward. I don't want to have to pursue him but I also don't like leaving things unsaid. I am not an avoider.
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2023.06.09 16:10 Important-Article [WTS][QC] TANAKA WORKS M700 AICS

Helping out a friend
Not looking for any trades unfortunately.
Tanaka works m700 aics
2 mags (green gas, no leaks) Scope (illuminated) And bipod
Everything is in working order
From what I understand, it has an adjustable gas system. So the fps can be somewhat regulated. A rare piece from what I'm told. A good collectors item.
No original box or manual.
700$ Plus shipping (30$) (+6% paypal fee if using paypal)
Located west of Montreal, QC
Pictures :
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