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[Download] Dan Koe – The 2 Hour Writer Instant Delivery, Full Course

2023.03.30 15:30 AutoModerator [Download] Dan Koe – The 2 Hour Writer Instant Delivery, Full Course

[Download] Dan Koe – The 2 Hour Writer Instant Delivery, Full Course
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[Download] Dan Koe – The 2 Hour Writer Instant Delivery, Full Course
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  • You have multiple interests but don’t how to attract people to your work (for work to be valuable, it needs people that deem it valuable.)
  • You already have a one-person business but aren’t confident in the quality of your social media posts, newsletters, or content as a whole.
  • You are already writing online but don’t have a systemized way of creating content that stands out (without templates or copying others).
  • You haven’t started learning a skill and want to learn one that you can sell on its own, or enhance the impact of every other in-demand skill.
  • You are earning with your time instead of your mind and want to build a foundation to reverse that.
  • You have followed the common advice of “learn a skill, sell the skill” with little success (because you don’t have attention, authority, or an audience).
  • You are sick and tired of learning skills that lead to nowhere — and that you don’t see yourself doing for more than 10 years.
I could go on, but by now you should know whether or not learning to write better, faster, and original-er is worth it to you.
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2023.03.30 15:28 alogicals [LF] wishlist items [FT] bells

hi! i'm looking for my wishlist items to keep or catalogue. i can offer bells in return.
i'm also happy to check whether i have any of your wishlist items, but my catalogue is still pretty small atm, just to temper expectations. (⁠;⁠ŏ⁠﹏⁠ŏ⁠)
the items i'm looking for are:
unless a colour is specified i'm happy with any variations. the bolded ones are the ones i would like the most.
please leave a comment if you have any of these and would be willing to trade. thanks!
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2023.03.30 15:20 MsWeather Please be aware of what is happening with the women of Delhi. PLEASE

A stampede of men forcing their way into a women's college in Delhi

UPDATE: The longer my posts stay up, the more trouble I can get into. There are forces at play in this situation that I cannot talk about but I'm not sure how long this post will stay up. Please, for God's sake, spread awareness about it while you can.
Yesterday, that is March 28 2023, was the second day of IPCW's annual fest, Shruti.
The first day had gone amazingly and our spirits were high. We had spent hours making plans about what to wear, what to buy, and what to eat. We were so happy about the concert that would happen at the end of the day.
When I think of how happy me and my friends were yesterday morning, I feel absolutely shattered. We are terrified now. Our rights are being stripped away. Our safety has become a joke. Our college has suddenly transformed from a safe space for women to a dictatorial space where the administration does not give a shit about student's safety.
It began around 3 PM when the gates were scheduled to close. A large crowd of HUNDREDS gathered outside the college premises. They were getting agitated, shoving each other, and before we know it, the gates were PUSHED wide open.
The crowd was so bad that for a solid 15 minute period, people could not close the gates. No checking could be done. Anyone who pleased, without any checking or passes or safety, invaded our college campus.
Students were trampled in the stampede. Many suffered from fractured bones. Student Union members were manhandled. Word on the street is that one of them has been injured so badly that she will need surgery. People had to be rushed to the nearby hospital in stretchers, wheelchairs, and ambulances.
Multiple women were inappropriately touched. People attempted to tear off their clothes. So many women fainted from the trauma of being trampled and molested.
If that was not enough, the men did not stop. Drunk and high men started scaling our walls. They attempted to break a second entry gate at the back of the on-campus hostel to invade our space further. We saw men emerging from the back lawns of the hostel after climbing up the walls.
Sounds terrible? It was. But it only gets worse.
Once the college authorities realized that the crowd was unmanageable (the police arrived extremely late to the scene, obviously), their plan of action was WONDERFUL— lie to students that the fest has been cancelled to force them out of the college.
Expectedly, most of these rowdy men did not bother listening to orders but a large proportion of women were thrown out of our campus and into the streets where large crowds of uncontrolled men were still around.
Hostel women were forcefully locked into the hostel building "to ensure their safety". Because locking women is obviously easier than finding and controlling the perpetrators, right? Drunk and high men continued to roam around the campus for hours while the faculty and police officers tried searching for them in vain.
Pictures were circulated of these men to no avail. Our college campus has always been a safe haven for women. Suddenly, we were being warned to travel in groups and stick to the crowded areas. It was a woman's worst nightmares come true, all in one day.
Apparently, a second year student got really badly molested during this entire incident. I can only pray that that poor girl recovers from the trauma of this all some day.
Oh, and the cherry on top? After all, the concert continued. Most IPCW women could not attend, of course, because we were thrown out of our own college. Some who had stuck around for 4-5 hours outside the college and others who lived in the off-campus hostel were allowed re-entry. But a large majority could not enjoy their own fest.
Who could enjoy under such circumstances anyway? Me and my friends spent the entire evening sticking close to our department's teachers because it was just so difficult to shake off the fear and violation we were experiencing.
Obviously, after all the mismanagement, our principal had the audacity to dance and celebrate during the concert, the injured and traumatized be damned. Few weeks of her new administration and our college is already turning into a right wing space— our walls are being painted saffron, our logo has been changed, the college's apolitical identity is being stripped away, and now this institute has utterly failed to keep its own students safe.
Do you think the story ends here? Because I wish it did.
Today, that is March 29 2023, we, the students of IPCW, organized a peaceful protest outside the college premises in light of the outrageous events that had transpired the day before. We wanted to be heard. We wanted to reclaim our safe space. We demanded answers from the administration that had failed us so badly.
But our right to assemble and demonstrate peacefully was also stripped away from us.
The same institution that could not arrange adequate security yesterday to ensure our safety had arranged for officers from the police force and paramilitary to be present today. Peacefully protesting students were manhandled by the women officers and have now been detained.
This is a cry for help. Please be aware of what is happening in one of the finest universities of this country. Please be aware of how women are being stripped of their rights and their dignity is being utterly violated in their safe spaces. Please be aware of how the administration has been failing us again and again and again.
Please be aware.
P. S. You can find recordings and pictures of these horrifying events on several news outlets and Twitter. The post was getting too long so I did not attach them over here.
P. P. S. Updates, Clarifications, and Evidence: How DU's women students are being stripped of their rights and dignity

95% of women in prostitution want to leave but feel they have no other options for survival. The "sex work is work" brigade seek to legitimise rape and exploitation in the name of profit for pimps, sexual access for any man and cash for a few privileged sex workers.

"The wide-ranging debate about the harms of prostitution suggests that it generally involves women selling sex to men and that those involved frequently experience violence, coercion and control. Nearly 95 per cent of those involved in prostitution report wanting to leave but feel they have no other option for survival."
This is the biggest human rights abuse in modern times.
I was just on another reddit sub arguing about how SW shouldn't be normalised and was called anti-feminist as per usual as well as likened to a rape apologist. It makes me sick tbh.
SW will never be like any other job as much as people love to believe. Let's say a single mum goes to the job centre. Should they recommend SW to her? Sure, she can decline it but then she'll be wondering if she's doing a disservice to her children by not accepting the job because after all it's just like a normal job, is it not? And sure, desperate women already go into SW. What this whole SWIW movement does however, is push more women who previously wouldn't even consider it into the industry.
As for those who can't stop promoting the idea that SW has been so good for them, to me, they're just like the tories they love deriding — personal profits above all else.
They don't care about how normalising it affects other women, they don't care about ex SW who talk about how damaging the experience was for them, they don't care about how all women (especially attractive, young women) are now seen as potential SW (just look at the OFSTED reports and the Everyone's Invited thing to see examples like how male classmates already assume their female classmates will be on OF the moment they turn 18).
I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

And there it is, abortion trafficking, You don't negotiate with terrorists,you don't negotiate with religious Zealots.

What the GQP wants is for red states to be as inhospitable as possible to the political left. You know, like ISIS.
Hear me out...
Jihadists are not looking to topple the west with a car bomb. Their goal, in part, is to foment an anti-Muslim sentiment because they don’t want Muslim diaspora, they want Muslims as far away from Western culture as humanly possible. They want their people to be as concentrated as possible so as to exert maximum political and social pressure.
They want their brothers to come home.
For decades, the political right has done everything it can to make their numbers count more because they realize their party ceases to exist otherwise. The conservative demographic is dying, quite literally. Each new generation becomes less and less interested in their backwards asses but they’ve got a pretty big range of tricks to tip the scales away from democracy.
Gerrymandering. Redistricting. Closing voting locations. Cutting off the USPS at the knees to slow mail voting. VoterID. These are the first volleys in an assault on democracy.
What’s plan B if all the skullfuckery doesn’t result in a GQP caliphate?
Concentrate forces geographically. It’s better to hold all of the power in half the country than it is to hold no power across the nation. Concentration of forces itself is a force multiplier. In the case of the GQP, it also results in more groupthink because the differing views got run out of town.
Yes, progressives will suffer from concentrated groupthink as well, and that’s bad, it just isn’t their fscking goal.
It may seem backwards for a party to seemingly go out of its way to alienate the moderates and enrage its opponents. The political right’s plan for the next 20 years might be hidden in plain sight.
If conservatives become convinced that they cannot win democratically, they will not abandon conservatism. They will reject democracy.
  • David Frum

Female Russian medics used as sex slaves by officers


Philippines proposes 2-day monthly menstruation leave

Im a woman who doesn't menstruate (IUD). I really strongly dislike things like this. It assumes each and every single one of us is less capable of being productive because of our reproductive organs without nuance, and as others point out will lead to gender discrimination from businesses

Here's a crazy idea, u/Ok_Skill_1195

How about people be able to take sick leave when they need it, no questions asked as to why
No more 'pink tax' in Texas? Bill eliminating tampon, diaper sales taxes OK'd by House

Missouri House votes to strip state funding from public libraries


Democrat lawmaker, Jared Moskowitz interrupts Marjorie Taylor Greene’s transphobic rant to raise assault weapons ban


Lauren Boebert Says She Wants To Abolish the Department of Education



Article 1 Section 8 Congress has the power to raise and collect taxes, excise and tariffs to pay the debts, and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States

Keep Matt Gaetz out of schools
At least 500 ft away

Matt Gaetz’s Legislative Aide is a Convicted War Criminal




Junior high school on remote Japan island holds graduation ceremony for only student - The Mainichi


Here are several possible solutions for covering up David's obscenities


TIL in 1956-1957, the chinese communist party (ccp) launched a campaign called "hundred flowers movement" where they encouraged chinese citizens to give their opinions about the communist party. it failed. then mao zedong, conducted an ideological crackdown to those who criticized the party.


Female soldier found dead at Fort Hood, the same Army base in Texas where Vanessa Guillén was murdered


OPP officer guilty of sexual assault on unconscious woman and recording it to 'teach her a lesson'


Police officer is caught inappropriately touching a women.


Stand In Solidarity, 26 March 2023

beyond proud of otautahi and kiwis in general rn. what really struck me was the diverse age range, it really showed how this isnt a generational thing, this is a kiwi thing

Tick tock

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2023.03.30 15:12 hay_guysss 4x4 Beer Style Compass

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2023.03.30 14:45 Conscious_Brief_6209 Sharing my list of things that have works

Sharing my list of things that have works
Context: got covid 11/21 and first bout of LC 11/21-05/22 (previously Vaxxed and boostered). I also have Celiac disease. Symptoms were extreme lethargy, brain fog so bad I once got a migraine trying to remember the date the Ottomans took Constantinople, paresthesia, etc. Lungs were slightly effected for the first month, but between plain old good luck and decades of cardiovascular training I got away clean on that count. 11/22 got influenza-a and the paresthesia came back. I’d be in the middle of jiu-jitsu and look down to see my toes fish belly white even when my heart rate was pretty high. 02/23 got covid again and all the old stuff came back. As of 03/30, I’m doing much better much more quickly. I know we’re all very case-by-case, but here’s what has worked for me. - All the supplements in the photos I feel have helped make a chip or two away. Plus spiralulina, French maritime bark (circulation), and creatine. - Breathing exercises - box breathing and Wim Hof - low histamine diet - in my case I suspect I’ve had longstanding histamine issues and Covid was the wrecking ball that brought it all tumbling down. Caffeine and high histamine foods bring it all back pretty hard. If I stay away from them I do a ton better. I’ll write a few more thoughts in the comments in case any of this is helpful
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2023.03.30 14:45 WiseYoungPsych I am being accused of racism at work…

I, (white, 30, F), work as a Psychologist at a state hospital. On my ward rounds, I walked into the nursery to ‘view’ the newborn babies as they bring a sense of peace to my busy day. Upon entering the nursery, I failed to even notice the ward nurse (older African female) who was sitting there at the desk. I walked straight to the incubators and observed the babies. The nurse got up and left and that’s when I noticed her.
After I left, one of the other doctors told me “I’m in trouble” with this particular nurse because “I didn’t greet her” (among other comments that she’ll never help me if I need something etc).
After some thought and waiting for the ‘annoyance’ to pass (I felt it was a trivial issue), I went back to the nursery to apologise to the nurse and report that I’ll make a better effort to greet her in future (she accepted my apology).
Later on, I discover that AFTER she accepted my apology, she continued to complain to a colleague that It’s because she’s ‘black’ and that I am racist and didn’t greet her because of our racial differences. She reported that she’s taking the matter to HR and she will still never help me + refuses to engage with me in future.
Bare in mind, this is a woman I have nothing to do with on most days so this encounter is based on that one event. She seems to have personalised this more than what it was.
I take an accusation of racism seriously. My initial thought was that I wanted her to report me to HR, because I did make an effort to apologise and explain my lack of greeting… however, as she’s still going on about this (AFTER accepting my apology), I feel that HR would be a suitable option. I just don’t want to be rumoured or labeled as “racist” as it would make it a difficult environment for me when I don’t see the context for her accusations.
Any validation or feedback will be appreciated…..
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2023.03.30 14:37 Difficult_Papaya_976 No sleep in ten months

I regret having my son. That's the first time I've ever admitted that, even to myself. I can't tell anyone, because they will think I don't love my kid. I love him, but I think I would've been better off without him. I got pregnant when I was freshly 19 and working in the porn industry. I had been wanting to leave the industry but couldn't find a way out. I was also raised very religious so, while I am pro choice, having my family scream and cry to me when they found out I was pregnant and leaning towards abortion made the decision a lot more difficult. I was also sent to a crisis pregnancy center that gave me false information which swayed my decision. All of this created a perfect storm that ultimately led to me not terminating the pregnancy. My boyfriend was in his mid twenties and became abusive during the pregnancy (emotionally and sexually at first and it escalated to physical after my son was born.) I was already severely mentally ill and pretty heavily medicated and couldn't take the medication during my pregnancy so I suffered from extreme paranoia and auditory hallucinations that were exacerbated by the hormone shift. I was drugged without my consent during labor (fentanyl), and some things happened at the hands of the doctors and nurses that left me traumatized. It didn't matter how much I cried or said no to things, they treated me like livestock. I was told it would all be worth it when my son was in my arms. When I first held him I felt nothing. I chalked it up to the drugs they gave me, but didn't feel anything towards him until eight months later. He was colicky, so I was a single teen mom living alone with a colicky infant. I had to get a minimum wage job, because I couldn't find anything else that wasn't in the sex industry. I became severely underweight because I couldn't afford to feed the both of us and people would assume I was a drug addict or anorexic and an incompetent parent. He's never slept through the night. Last night I got 1.5 hours of sleep. He is also a brat. People say it's just because he's a baby but I don't care. Its exhausting to be around someone that just takes all the time and won't even look at you when you get home from work or screms when you take him away from a dangerous piece of furniture that could tip over. My grades at school are tanking. I have wanted to be admitted to a hospital due to my depression worsening after the baby, but I couldn't bear the judgement I would receive from my family. I already receive so much just for moving back in with them at 20. (my sister still lives with them at 22, but I was thrown out at sixteen bc my mental health got to be too much for them so I guess it's different). And despite all that, despite everything I've gone through, people still mistake me for the babysitter. People ask my mom how it feels to be raising another child in front of me. (she keeps him while I'm at work and normally takes him from me when we are at church and takes him to family events that I am not invited to so people see him with her more). People ridicule me for putting on weight since moving back in with my mom. I love my son but I am fucking exhausted. I hate how no one knows me for anything except a mom now. I hate how people want my my to bring my son to visit them but don't invite me. I hate how my family posts photos of my son and crops me out of them. I hate how I have lost my body and individuality. I hate my life.
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2023.03.30 14:34 datpuz SIR Mytic 7-0 Deck - "Mythic tribal" archetype...

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2023.03.30 14:33 MrDumpworth I found a new doctor who takes me seriously and was fast-tracked for treatment in the best clinic in my country

I have a lot of anxiety surrounding doctors visits. They stem from being gaslit, not being taken seriously and being called a hypochondriac on several occasions for years on end. I thought it'd end once I got a diagnosis but it didn't.
My last visit was a horror show of being berated for an hour straight, told it can't be that bad and that I just need to take hormones. That it's the only way.
I have endometriosis all over the place, adenomyosis, as well as endo on my liver, polycystic kidneys and liver, and also a genetic defect which causes "factor v" - TL;DR I can't take hormones because my risk of stroke and thrombosis is just through the roof.
So, today I was really nervous. New doctor. I was in fight or flight before I even entered the practice, because I was just expecting to have to fight again. I took all of my papers from the hospitals with me, previous diagnoses, notes, everything I could find. My last doctor said it's proof I am just a hypochondirac and that it can't be that bad, I expected the same reaction from her today.
But... She just came back from training with the professor at the forefront of research in my country, is trying to become an endo specialist herself. She filled out a form she had to fill out for me, and talked with me about my symptoms the entire time. I explained it all to her, how I just collapse and keel over when I have a cyst that pops, how I can't bend over when I am experiencing an episode, not even sit straight. When we got to the part of rating my pain on a scale, I rated conservatively. My past doctor said my pain being at an 8 or a 9 is impossible, that'd it would be comparable to labor pains in that case.
When I answered "7", she looked me in the eyes and went "7? That can't be right from what you are describing to me." I thought, great, here we go again. I get to listen to another doctor telling me I am exegerating again.
"A 7 seems too light for what you are describing here." I literally couldn't compute in that moment that a doctor thought I was for once understating my pain.
I was fast tracked for the clinic as well; which I couldn't believe because the wait times for that clinic are over a year long and I only have to wait 5 months.
I am so happy to have a doctor who doesn't try to force hormones onto me without exploring other avenues and doesn't try to talk me out of going to this clinic, who aknowledged that I am a strange case who does need a team of doctors working together.
She finally saw a young woman trying her hardest to be put together and be proactive, instead of a hysterical crybaby who needs psychotherapy more than treatment (a real comment a real doctor has MADE TOWARDS ME).

I am happy :)
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2023.03.30 14:30 AutoModerator [Download] Dan Koe – The 2 Hour Writer Instant Delivery, Full Course

[Download] Dan Koe – The 2 Hour Writer Instant Delivery, Full Course
Get the course here: https://www.genkicourses.com/product/dan-koe-the-2-hour-writer-download/
[Download] Dan Koe – The 2 Hour Writer Instant Delivery, Full Course
THE FUTURE BELONGS TO THE CREATIVE Learn The Recession Proof Skill For The Digital Economy (Without Spending 4 Years & $42,599 On A Degree) Implement Our 2 Hour Content Ecosystem To Learn High Impact Digital Writing, Boost Your Online Authority, & Systemize Content Creation For Rapid Growth THE WORLD IS SHIFTING Nobody Wants To Be A Commodity Are you irreplaceable? **62% of labor jobs will be phased out in the next 10 years.**This is including jobs that require a high-skill level.This isn’t anything new, we are seeing it happen right before our eyes.All signs have been pointing toward individual creative work for a while now. “If the work doesn’t require creativity, delegate it, automate it, or leave it.” — Naval But before I waste anymore of your time with my doomsday speculations, let’s see if you should continue reading.If you do not relate with one of the bullets below, you’re free to leave the page:
  • You have multiple interests but don’t how to attract people to your work (for work to be valuable, it needs people that deem it valuable.)
  • You already have a one-person business but aren’t confident in the quality of your social media posts, newsletters, or content as a whole.
  • You are already writing online but don’t have a systemized way of creating content that stands out (without templates or copying others).
  • You haven’t started learning a skill and want to learn one that you can sell on its own, or enhance the impact of every other in-demand skill.
  • You are earning with your time instead of your mind and want to build a foundation to reverse that.
  • You have followed the common advice of “learn a skill, sell the skill” with little success (because you don’t have attention, authority, or an audience).
  • You are sick and tired of learning skills that lead to nowhere — and that you don’t see yourself doing for more than 10 years.
I could go on, but by now you should know whether or not learning to write better, faster, and original-er is worth it to you.
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2023.03.30 14:22 Potential_Swing9649 Discover The Art of Fine Living at Parthenon: The Epitome of Elegance and Style

Parthenon by Raiaskaran is a luxurious residential project located in the heart of Andheri West, offering luxury apartments in Andheri West that are designed to offer the ultimate elegance and style. The project is designed to provide residents with a luxurious lifestyle and the highest standard of living.
Parthenon offers a range of luxurious amenities that cater to the needs of residents. The concierge play area, swimming pool, banquet garden, and card room provide ample space for residents to relax and unwind. The Icon Theatre is the perfect place to catch a movie or watch a performance, while the security icon gym and indoor games cater to the needs of fitness enthusiasts. The karaoke room, barbeque pit, yoga room, and spa provide residents with the ultimate luxury and relaxation.
The apartments in Parthenon are designed to offer the ultimate in luxury and comfort. The apartments are spacious and well-lit, with large windows that offer stunning views of the city. The apartments are available in 4 BHK in Andheri West configuration, providing ample space for families. The interiors are designed with the highest quality materials and fittings, ensuring that residents live in the lap of luxury.
The project is developed by Raiaskaran, a leading developer in Mumbai known for its commitment to quality and timely delivery. The project is one of the new residential projects in Andheri West, offering residents a chance to live in a modern and luxurious development.
Parthenon is also located in one of the most sought-after locations in Mumbai, Andheri West. The area is known for its excellent connectivity, proximity to major business hubs, and vibrant social scene. The location is ideal for families looking for luxury flats in Andheri, offering easy access to some of the best schools, hospitals, and shopping centres in the city.
In conclusion, Parthenon by Raiaskaran is the epitome of elegance and style, offering residents the ultimate in luxury and comfort. The project is designed to cater to the needs of families looking for luxury apartments in Andheri West, offering a range of amenities that cater to the needs of residents. The project is developed by one of the top developers in Mumbai, ensuring high-quality construction and timely delivery. If you are looking for luxury flats in Andheri, Parthenon is the perfect place to call home.
Ref note: This Article is already published on medium.com

Link: https://medium.com/@realestatee123/discover-the-art-of-fine-living-at-parthenon-the-epitome-of-elegance-and-style-4913a4bd01c6
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2023.03.30 14:20 sahw2015 [M38] [F38] Is my husband overprotective of me, and overreacting with his aunts?

Sorry English is my third language. First of all I want to say, I'm not a doormat, I will never let outsiders (non-family members) mistreat me in any way, it just when it comes to "family" members I tend to be lenient on them.
Both me and my husband we same age (38), married 11 years already. In my Chinese culture, if their son has an University Master degree in Chemical Engineering, you better make sure your daughter in-law also has a same education level and background. Also, after married have children is a must, and must have "son", it is important to have a son to carry on the family name, especially if your husband is the ONLY son (he has an older sister, but he the only son). You get the gist of how my culture is.
My husband never rely on his family, his first jobs/first paychecks was when he was 13 years old in Middle school in 8th grade and he work since. When he was 18 he left home went to University live on his own. In his adulthood he work in Petroleum-chemical process plant making 130K a year take home (after tax), he debt-free and very responsible with money. It 'Him' that bought a house for his mother to live in free so she not have to worry about rent. So No, he never see why he needs his family permission on who he married.
My husband meet me, court me, married me, he said he doesn't need anyone permission in who he choose for a wife. Let put it this way, his maternal aunt (his mom sister) basically just does not like me, she just never think I was good enough for him.
His aunts, she said: I have nothing to offer him, I only have a High school diploma (uneducated), I'm plain looking, not younger age than him, couldn't bear him a son. She also said: He needs to find another wife, why don't he use his US dollars, and U.S. citizenship to go to China, Vietnam, Russia, etc... there alot of poor girls but young pretty girls there would married him for his USD and U.S. citizenship, so they can come to US for better life. And most important, the young girl can bear him a son, give him children.
His aunts, she even went as far as during holidays get together, she show him pictures of her friend's daughter whom single, young daughter of her friends whom she wants to matchmaker her with him, hope he would divorce me and go for this younger girl (yes, while knowing he married, his aunts dislike me that much). ..... He was mad, he slam his fist down the dinner table loud, and yelled "THAT'S ENOUGH'". He stood up and grabbed my hand very tight and demand his aunts apologize to me, and he said while point his finger too: this will be the last time he sit in the same table that has this woman (Yes, he address his aunts as "this woman"). He said: She is no longer his aunts. And who she thinks she is to disrespect his wife (me) like that, even his mother doesn't get to have a say in his marriage. He took me left and slam the door on his way out.
And that was the last time, he does exactly what he said, many years has passed and he still never speak to his aunts again, or even called her aunt, he still address her as "this woman". He still will not go to any family gathering that has her. Basically he still hold grudge against her, he said her comments and what she did was very disrespectful (the she show him her friend's daughter pics and tried to matchmaker him).
Yes, I try to mend him and his aunts relationship, you know let it go, it been a long time passed, why hold grudge? And every time is he said to me: I'm married to him, not married to his aunt or his family, so let HIM deal with his aunts "his" ways.
Every time is he also said to me: I need to understand, he wants me and ONLY me, if he can't have me he rather have no one, it all (me) or nothing (no one else), he doesn't want substitute, substitute is not a word in his dictionary. And about kids, unless I'm the baby's mother, he rather not have any kids, so drop the old fashion thinking of son must carry on family name. He said if I love him, then accept him as who he is, grow old with him. Let him deal with his aunts.
Was my husband overreacting with his aunts?
He ALWAYS like this, he hella intense, dominant, and protective of me, insanely black and white thinking, all or nothing, make it or break it, no grey in between. Like he say, me and only me, he never want substitute nor is substitute is a word to him. He loves intensely too, the way he cares for me in our 11 years married. And NEVER once in the 13 years together I saw him bother bat an eye look at another girl. And he sure can hold grudge for a life time too (like his aunts case). It not just only this, the way he loves me, and the ways his eyes looks at me after all these years, his all or nothing in love.
His personality aside, is my husband overreacting with his aunts, and too protective of me?
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2023.03.30 14:17 PrityDubey Build Your Dream Home At Puravankara Plots Rampura

Build Your Dream Home At Puravankara Plots Rampura
Puravankara, a renowned real estate developer, has launched a new project - Puravankara Plots Rampura. This project offers residential plots in Rampura, Bangalore, which is a rapidly developing area in the city. The project aims to provide a perfect blend of luxury and affordability, making it an ideal investment option for homebuyers.
The residential plots in Puravankara Plots Rampura range from 1200 to 2400 square feet, giving buyers the flexibility to choose according to their needs and budget. The project is spread over 19 acres of land and offers all the modern amenities required for comfortable and luxurious living. Some of the key amenities include a clubhouse, gymnasium, swimming pool, kid's play area and landscaped gardens.
One of the project's greatest benefits is its location. Rampura is a prime locality in Bangalore, located close to major IT hubs like Electronic City, Bannerghatta Road, and Hosur Road. This makes it an ideal choice for IT professionals who are looking for a peaceful and serene living environment away from the chaos of the city.
In addition to its location, Puravankara Plots Rampura offers excellent connectivity to other parts of Bangalore. The project is well-connected to major highways and arterial roads, making it easy to reach other parts of the city. It is also close to major hospitals, schools and shopping centers, making it a convenient location for families.
Puravankara is known for its commitment to quality and timely delivery of projects. With Puravankara Plots Rampura, the developer aims to provide buyers with a hassle-free buying experience, with all the necessary approvals and legal clearances in place. This ensures that buyers can invest in the project with confidence, knowing that their investment is secure.
In conclusion, Puravankara Plots Rampura is an excellent investment option for homebuyers who are looking for a luxurious and affordable living option in Bangalore. With its prime location, modern amenities, and commitment to quality, this project offers the perfect combination of convenience, comfort, and style. If you are looking to buy a residential plot in Bangalore, Puravankara Plots Rampura is definitely worth considering.
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2023.03.30 14:17 based_trad3r I'm a republican on national issues most of the time, BUT I firmly believe UBI is coming, Wanted to share my vision of what it could look like and curious to see if there's any common ground.

I came here to be genuine, not trying to piss anyone off or say anything ridiculous. I am rare in my party looking for UBI and seeing the big picture in how it is *definitely* coming in the not-too-distant future. So since it's coming, it's a good idea to talk about what it will look like and how it will work. If I said something to upset you, I'm sorry, but I don't mean to mean it. I came here to share and learn. In any event, cheers, and I'll keep tabs on this subreddit, as I have no doubt it will grow. And grow big.

Everyone here might hate me; I’m a republican and vote republican in national elections. That said, I am a staunch supporter of UBI, not right this minute, but very short. You have to be ignorant of the world around you, tech, and everything that’s happening, NOT to think UBI will be here in the following decades. I could go for so long why this is very obvious to me. I personally want to be on the right side of the debate; I think this is not something to be depressed about but something to be encouraged by. If we need UBI, it means AI and autonomous robotics have come so far that most basic labor has been replaced. There is no need for human work, as all the goods, resources, and experiences we want to pay for and enjoy are readily abundant and provided to us by artificial entities. Some people may doom and say this is the end of the world, but this is the opposite; it’s the beginning of a new world, labor as a construct will be crushed, and capitalism will be crushed. We will live in a society where everyone can live a quality life and express themselves in ways they never could before. We will see a huge explosion of artistic creativity and talent, a massive surge in content makers, and, more broadly, a non-labor industry of self-determined desire to create content and experiences for other people. Our lives revolve around our jobs; our identities are so attached to our labor; it’s been that way for thousands of years. And here we are on the cusp of a revolution that could entirely or nearly eliminate that construct. I think 15-25% of the population will still work; I think you will still have some very driven people that choose to pursue the CEo type of positions, joke on them. They will miss all the fun, but I think a small group remains in human labor. Especially as time goes on. In the near future, electricians and plumbers will have excellent job security, and some physicians too. But in a few devices, much of this stuff won’t exist as it does now.
I think people’s minds are going to be blown. It raises a fascinating existential question, without labor, what are we? Throughout history, we have primarily reflected and been defined by our labor. Now, without the shackles of labor or the life or deat5, h need to labor to put food on the counter, people can truly flourish. Maybe not for this audience, but the metaverse is deeply intertwined with this. With all this new time, people will want to do new experiences and socialize with people in ways they maybe never have. I think this is going to be a tremendous period for humanity to enter in, there are some risks and concerns, of course, but I’m choosing to be optimistic.
To show the Republican part of me in answering the question I saw. If I had the honor of ruling this country by fiat, I would eliminate every net welfare program. Medicare, Medicaid, social security, all of it. But, I would replace those 9+ bureaus and departments of government with one streamlined office with one simple job, which would furnish universal basic income to the citizenry. The UBI needs to be done so that some of it can be saved and that there is enough in UBI to afford health issues when they arise. This program could be more fiscally possible if we just said, " Look, the government isn’t writing you 13 checks anymore. You're getting one really big check each month, and we will help guide you so that you are prepared for health events. you have to have some cushion program for people that still mess it up and have no money for health care, but the numbers could be done unnecessarily. My healthcare plan, which I've been playing with and love, goes hand in hand with this. Shut down all entitlement bodies of the government. freeze all federal payments, shut down those agencies, and shift the employees elsewhere or out if there is no space. in return (again, here are my republican stripes with democrat stars), we say ok, we can’t fully socialize the healthcare system; there are just too many issues with it, as can be seen aboard; sure, some things are better, but at the end of the day when dictators are dying, where do they fly to for surgery. So my solution is that private insurance companies remain; however, they must enroll in a federal program for designation that would require they offer plans for some things and that patients can’t be excluded for certain pre-existing conditions. Why would insurance companies agree to join this program? Because I, as chief ruler, have ordered a new sister agency to the UBI agency that remits an 8k voucher to every American, old you, rich-poor, that can only be used as payment for health insurance at one of the insurance companies that have met the government’s standards and are on the list. This allows insurance cos and people freaked out about social medicine to say, " Well, hold on, nothing has been socialized; other than that, the gov is giving us money to pay for insurance but were still buying private insurance. I have no problem with insurance companies also offering 30k a year health insurance programs, do what you want, but at the baseline, to be eligible to receive patient vouchers for insurance, you have to offer plans at the 8k level that covers everything reasonable, no short cuts, genuine real insurance. As another part of this initiative, I would order that hospitals become utilities, no longer allowed to be profit-seeking institutions. and I would 10000% ban insurance companies from owning hospital systems, ala UPMC and others. Hospitals would become utilities, and to produce revenue, private practice physician groups would reverse auctions for privileges at the hospital. So a doctor might have to pay 20% of his revenue from a procedure to the hospital to use the hospital space and servcies. Additionally, the Federal government should set up a public health lending facility where hospitals could go and borrow large sums of money at 0 to very little interest so that the hospital can continue to grow and upgrade its facilities. I would treat them as a new form of nonprofit, they can have a private board, sure, but they own the infrastructure where the medicine happens, they get paid as a portion of what surgeons get paid, and that money then can go to pay for overhead, maintenance, etc. For bigger issues, they can tap the federal lending facility to make that big upgrade they need for cardiac. I think it’s really important to keep private medical practices private and the insurance companies in place, I want government help, but the government has a bad history of doing poorly in micro-management. Allow the government to set standards, create the structure, issue 8k vouchers, approve recipients of voucher dollars, and let physicians do what they do best. So that’s how I would do it. There would be one large office that processes UBI and a medical department that facilities 8k payouts, maybe more I’m just starting there and handles lending duties to the hospital. We have so many programs now that5 don’t even coordinate well with each other. this is a much cleaner solution, and i think it could work. Also, it's not mentioned until the end because its controversial, but the reality is that by 2030-2035, the United States will have a CBDC. Once the CBDC is in place, all of this becomes much easier. Each Thursday, the government (it wouldn’t even have to be a huge agency) executes despoiling UBI into checking accounts, and within a few seconds, everyone has their income. Same with the health insurance component, on February 15th, you are issued CBDC units. However, they have a smart contract that can only be tendered at a health insurance company that meets the government’s coverage criteria. The last I will add to help further drive health costs down; for one thing, the government IN healthcare creates problems; I have many friends who are RNs, MDs, and others who have complained and complained about stuff the government gets all involved in that creates more problems than it fixes. id like to see less of that. the only other thing I have to add is the insurance companies. If money is coming from the federal government, and there is a federally approved list of insurers to work with, what’s the point of state lines? Just allow health insurance companies to compete for wholesale against each other nationally. It will create a deflationary battle between the carriers until 1 or 2 reach a point where others can’t compete, and we have successfully driven health insurance costs down as much as the market will allow. Anyways, that’s all a lot, just some thoughts from a friendly Republican,
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2023.03.30 14:16 OrangoTango77 [TOMT] [SERIES] [2010s] series about the spreading of ebola?

i watched just one episode. in the first scene there was a table with food and a crow eating it. it was in the house of some old rich (white) guy who lived somewhere in africa. he takes an airplane and starts sweating and feeling sick. eventually they take him to a hospital and he vomits (?) blood on a doctor, it gets in his face. pretty sure it was about ebola.
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2023.03.30 14:11 Jackviator The Spacer’s Guide to Caring For Your Pet Human (Part 5)

Hello spacers!
In this episode: certain Star Trek tropes are made fun of, you wouldn’t like Kate when she’s hungry, and crying over spilt milk water.
(On a more serious note, CW: depiction of PTSD-based panic attack).
And as always, I hope you enjoy. :)
It was on the third day that Kate’s appetite finally returned. Up until that point, she couldn’t bring herself to even think about eating anything. When she woke up on the third day, however, she opened her eyes, yawned, stretched- and then clutched at her stomach, due to it suddenly ordering her to start gnawing at whatever was within arm’s reach to satiate what felt like a bottomless pit that had opened up in her abdomen while she slept.
She looked towards the door to her room, her expression suddenly turning to one of sheer desperation.
“Yeeg- Eigdr-“
She let out an exasperated growl of frustration. Why couldn’t he just have a nice, easy-to-pronounce name?!
“…Yiggdruhsog?” She finally stammered out.
She waited, hoping beyond hope that her utter butchering of his name would be good enough, then breathed a sigh of relief as she heard his talons clicking down the hallway. He opened the door and peered in at her.
<“Were you calling for me?”>
“Food. Now. …Please.”
He cocked his head to the side in confusion, before his glow turned to the pure white of realization, and finally the yellow of amusement as he chuckled.
<“Monosyllabic, but succinct. …Alright, what would you like?”>
“Anything even remotely edible, and honestly, that part’s optional at this point.”
He blinked a few times.
<“Uh- …Allllllright then! I’ll be right back-“>
Before he could move, Kate swung her legs out of the bed and staggered to her feet. Y’ggdrasog’s eyes widened and he reached out towards her.
<“Kate, you really shouldn’t be walking around on your own just yet, let me-“>
She wobbled for a second before taking a few shaky steps towards the door.
“Don’t care. Faster this way. Just point me in the right direction. I feel like I could eat an entire horse…”
He opened his mouth to argue again, but Kate stopped him with a dismissive gesture.
“If I look like I’m about to fall over, by all means, catch me. Otherwise, just- …just don’t touch me, ok? I want to do this myself.”
Y’ggdrasog faltered when he saw the murderous glint in her eyes. If looks could kill, the entire spaceship would have been atomized.
The portion of his brain responsible for survival instincts held a brief parliamentary session, wherein it was voted that it was definitely in his best interests to shut up for the time being and let the EXTREMELY hangry human do as she pleased. So he simply closed his mouth and hesitantly nodded.
“…Which way to the kitchen?”
He silently pointed down the hall and she set off, teetering every few steps, with him awkwardly tailing along behind her.
They finally entered into a small room equipped with a table, two chairs that were clearly proportioned for lumigogs rather than humans, a small, plain looking metal box on the wall with a single red button on the side and no other visible forms of input, and what looked like a plain trash bin sitting in the corner.
Kate looked around, confused, before turning to her companion, who, still a tad jumpy, flinched at the sudden motion.
“Where’s the pantry? …Moreover, where’s the oven, stove- y’know, all the usual stuff?”
Y’ggdrasog looked at her in confusion before the realization hit him.
<“Oh- you mean traditional, heat-based nutritional sterilization? I rarely use those if I’m not planetside, I just use the foodbox.”>
<“Hm? …Oh! Oh, spirits, I keep forgetting- right, sorry, let me explain…”>
He walked over to the metal box and pressed the button. Immediately a series of symbols lit up on the sides and a holographic interface appeared along the front.
<“This is a standard food fabricator module and assimilator setup- colloquially known as a “foodbox” by most spacers and other such individuals whose professions necessitate remaining in space for long periods. …I’m not an engineer, and certainly not a physicist, so I don’t know exactly how fabricators work, but I do know the basics- even if they are, admittedly, grossly oversimplified.
All fabricators are directly connected to a storage bay devoted entirely to the raw materials they use located deeper in the ship. These storage bays are equipped with powderized, gaseous or liquid forms of basic elements- hydrogen, oxygen, and so on- alongside more complex structures that were pre-fabricated; simple protein structures and other such things commonly found in one’s rations. Then, it transports them from the storage bay to the foodbox, rebuilds them into the desired form you want by guiding the instantaneous creation of atomic and molecular bonds, and once the process is complete, it dispenses what you want out of the other end.
…Alternatively, you can utilize whatever materials you have on hand, and place them into the assimilator module here.”>
He gestured to the trash can before continuing.
<”For example, you could place anything with enough hydrogen and oxygen atoms into the assimilator, it would render it down to its base components, send those to the fabricator storage bay, and the fabricator could output pure, distilled water for you to drink. Then, anything left over is automatically sorted into its proper place within the fabricator bay.”>
Kate studied the box for a moment, her growing intrigue momentarily distracting her from her hunger.
“So… It’s kind of like a super high-tech 3D printer, but for food?”
<“Essentially, yes.”>
Her brow furrowed.
“Wait- wouldn’t that require something like fission and fusion to be taking place? …How do you deal with the energy requirements, or protect yourself from the radiation and heat?”
<“Well, the energy requirement for such things is actually rather paltry in comparison to some of the other things this ship is capable of- FTL jumps, quantum tethering and the like. As for your other concerns, worry not- those issues were addressed by the designers hundreds, if not thousands of iterations ago.”>
“But how?!”
Y’ggdrasog chuckled at the incredulous expression on Kate’s face.
<“Believe it or not, I still haven’t spontaneously become an engineer or physicist between the last question and this. …All you and I need to know is that the process has been safe for thousands of years, and there are at least ten different sensors in there I can think of off the top of my head that will immediately shut it off in the event of a malfunction.”>
Kate rolled her eyes.
“Alright, fine, I’ll just channel my inner Clarke, chalk it up to “sufficiently advanced technology” and so on, and leave it at that...”
“Nothing, it’s not important… So, just as an example to make sure I’m getting this right, you just keep around a whole bunch of raw liquid hydrogen and oxygen for the “fuel” needed to provide drinking water?”
<“Sort of. While we do have plenty of oxygen and hydrogen on hand to create water if need be, it would be rather inefficient to bring along enough of both to satisfy the thirst of a crew for months on end. Thus, the vast majority of water we use is recycled from our own, uh… excretions.”>
A look of dawning, horrified realization slowly crept its way onto Kate’s face.
“…Are you seriously telling me I’ve been drinking and showering in my own urine over and over again…?”
<“Well yes, but also no. The bathroom is directly connected to a portion of the fabricator storage designated for it alone, to prevent any possibility of biological contamination. There, a separate assimilator unit breaks all waste down into atoms, and only then transfers the now-sterile components to storage, to use those atoms for whatever purposes you need in the future.”>
“That doesn’t change the fact that I’ve been drinking reconstituted pee…”
<“No, you've been drinking sterile, distilled water. You’re looking at it backwards; it’s all just a matter of various atoms and molecules that have been rearranged. …To look at it another way, you could even potentially reverse the process if you wanted to, and create a solution that’s chemically identical to your own waste products from the atoms in storage- that is, in the extremely unlikely case you ever had a legitimate reason to do so.”>
Kate grimaced in disgust.
“That’s not very reassuring. Also, that is a horrible mental image.”
<“If you’re concerned, I assure you, it’s perfectly sanitary. Beyond the previously-mentioned quarantine of the waste products from the rest of storage until they’re fully broken down, the assimilator also breaks down any bacteria and viruses that may be present for materials as well.”>
Kate cocked an eyebrow.
“So along with my own urine, I’ve also been drinking water made of reconstituted germs. Lovely...”
Y’ggdrasog chuckled, glowing a bright yellow in amusement.
<“Well, if you can come up with a more palatable alternative that continues to provide a lightweight and storage-efficient supply of nutrients and hydration whilst stuck in the vacuum of space for months on end, whilst also continuing to produce next to zero waste, do let me know.”>
Kate sighed in resignation.
“Point taken. …And honestly, at this point, I’m way too hungry to care…”
She gestured to the machine.
“Does it have human food options?”
<“Yes. Just like the medical droid, its database has been updated to provide pretty much any type of human sustenance you can think of. By all means, try it out!”>
Kate took a few shaky steps to the front of the box and stopped, staring at the alien letters that made up the interface.
“…Is there, like, a set of language options, or…?”
Y’ggdrasog cocked his head to the side, glowing baby-blue in confusion.
She glanced down at the interface, her brow furrowed.
“I can’t read this…”
Y’ggdrasog’s eyes widened, and the confused baby-blue suddenly turned to a stark white of realization.

Kate stepped aside, and he walked up to the box.
<”What would you like?”>
Kate shrugged.
<”Could it make me… I dunno, some oatmeal…? Or maybe bacon and scrambled eggs, I guess? I’m always up for breakfast food.”
Y’ggdrasog nodded as he punched in a few sequences of alien symbols and positioned a small plate and bowl on a tray underneath the device before stepping back, gesturing for her to take a look.
As Kate watched, the box unfolded and expanded into a wide, complex-looking apparatus with a set of long, flexible tubes on top that trailed down towards a small trough in the center, in which rested the tray. The tubes went into motion, rapidly twitching this way and that as what looked like clouds of gas and extremely fine powders of various colors flowed out of them and settled around the tray.
A small cluster of what she recognized as nanobots similar to the one on her arm flowed from the tubes. They hovered over the various materials and started swirling around them, moving, shifting, compressing, and solidifying it all into recognizable patterns and shapes. The barely-visible cloud of nanobots, their task complete, filtered back up into the tubes. What looked like several panes of glass suddenly slid into place above the tray, shielding the pair of them from its contents.
Y’ggdrasog nudged Kate.
<“You’ll probably want to look away for this part.”>
“Why? What’s it gonna-“
Before Kate could finish the sentence, the tray was aglow with light that was far too bright to look at. Kate covered her eyes, albeit a bit too late to avoid the afterimage of it being burnt into her eyes for several seconds.
“…Ok, it makes a tiny star or something. Noted. …Yeesh…”
About 30 seconds later, the light died down. As Kate’s eyes finally adjusted, she found herself staring at a plate stacked with what looked and smelled like freshly-fried bacon and scrambled eggs, alongside a bowl full of what was undeniably oatmeal. If she hadn’t watched the process, she would have sworn they could have come from any given brunch joint on Earth.
Y’ggdrasog pressed one of the holographic buttons and the tray slid forward toward them as the screen lifted. Afterwards, he pulled out a metal fork, spoon, and knife set from a nearby drawer and presented them to Kate. While proportioned perfectly for her, they looked oddly tiny in his large, clawed hands.
<“I took the liberty of fabricating these for you earlier,”> he explained. <“I hope they’re to your liking.“>
He took the tray and set it on the table next to her glass water bottle.
<“Go ahead, dig in.”>
Kate’s mouth started watering.
“You certainly don’t have to tell me twice...”
Despite her initial misgivings, it felt and tasted exactly like she thought a bowl of fresh oatmeal, scrambled eggs and crispy bacon should. She practically inhaled her first helping, and the second.
…It was on the third helping that it all went downhill.
She had just started to swallow down yet another spoonful of oatmeal when a few oats went down the wrong pipe. She started coughing and sputtering in surprise, struggling to steady her breathing as the oats responsible were coughed back into the bowl. Continuing to cough from the irritation, she reached for her bottle of water, but in her haste she clumsily bumped against it, and before either of them could react it had toppled off the table and shattered on the metal floor.
Kate jumped at the noise and looked down in horror at the broken shards of glass littering the floor. Her hand reflexively went to her broken arm, then her throat, brushing against the still-visible bruises.
Y’ggdrasog made a dismissive gesture as he leaned down to assess the damage.
<“Oh, not to worry; accidents happen. I’ll just sweep it up and dump it into the assimilator, it’ll be-“>
He trailed off as he heard the noises Kate was making. Turning back to face her, he saw that her chest was heaving, as though she had just escaped drowning, and tears began to run down her now-terrified face as she kept alternating between gripping her wounded arm and running her hand across her throat.
<“Kate? …Kate, it’s fine, it was just a bottle, I can just fabricate a new one. …Kate- Kate, are- are you listening…?”>
He began to glow blood-red in worry as she started trembling, still rapidly drawing in lungfuls of air as her eyes unfocused, staring off into the distance. He raised his hands in a placating gesture.
<“Kate, it’s ok! I don’t- I truly hold no ill will toward you for the bottle or the mess. It’s fine, alright? I- Kate- Kate! KATE, CALM DOWN!”>
Her breathing had turned to ragged, horrible-sounding wheezes.
In desperation, Y’ggdrasog jumped up and grabbed hold of her good arm with a vice-like grip, shaking her.
She moved faster than his eyes could follow, and before he could react she had punched him in the face, knocking him off balance and almost causing him to fall over.
Y’ggdrasog let out a sharp high-pitched trill of surprise as he let go of her and grabbed at the table to steady himself. As he regained his balance, he traced his clawed fingers over where she had struck him, assessing the damage. It didn’t hurt too badly, but underneath the carapace his inner flesh would definitely be bruised for a few days. He sighed, rubbing the spot, before suddenly realizing that the ragged sound of Kate’s wheezing had stopped. He glanced over at her.
Her eyes were still wide with horror- but she was no longer staring at some point leagues away. Instead, she stared straight at him, her good hand covering her mouth in shock.
There were a few moments of silence before Kate broke it in a panicked voice.
“OH GOD, I’M- I’M SO SORRY! I- I don’t- I didn’t mean to- I wasn’t-“
She continued to stammer out attempts at an apology, before her voice suddenly died in her throat. Before Y’ggdrasog could react, she got up and bolted from the room, back down the hallway.
<“Kate- Wait, stop! what are you-“>
He swore under his breath and ran after her.
He found her in the spare room sitting on the bed, pressing herself against the headboard as though she was trying to sink into it, slowly rocking back and forth as she did so. She had curled her knees up to her chest and wrapped her good arm around them, resulting in a troubled, unstable fetal position. Her face was buried in her knees, her long hair hanging down to cover it… But that didn’t stop him from hearing the muffled sobs.
He slowly walked into the room and sat down at the foot of the bed. They sat there in silence that was only broken by Kate’s quiet sobs, until she sniffled and raised her head slightly to meet his gaze with bloodshot eyes, and spoke in a voice barely above a hoarse whisper.
“I’m s-so sorry… I d-didn’t mean to hurt you… …I…”
He continued simply gazing at her in silence. Kate went on, tears streaming from her eyes, her voice growing more and more desperate.
“Please, you- you h-have to believe me, I- I would never-“
<“I believe you. And I forgive you.”>
Her breath caught in her throat at this.
Y’ggdrasog steepled his clawed fingers in thought as he gazed at her, his glow shifting to somewhere between concerned crimson and pensive purple.
<”...It didn’t seem as though you were… present just now, after the bottle broke. It was like your body was sitting in place at the table, but your mind had moved to quite another location entirely. …One that caused you significant distress.”>
Kate closed her eyes and let out a long, shaky sigh.
“...I wasn’t present, not really. Choking like that, then the- …t-the bottle-”
She shuddered, reflexively gripping her broken arm.
“…It brought me back to a very, very bad moment.”
She glanced down at her wounded limb.
“...The moment when- …w-when this happened to me.”
<“…Do you want to talk about it?”>
Kate remained silent.
<“…I understand if you don’t. It’s entirely your decision. I simply desire to alleviate you of any pain I can. …But as I am helpless to assist with the pain in here-“>
He gestured to her arm before continuing.
<“I hope that I can at least alleviate some of what I feel to be the much greater source of your agony, which lies in there.”>
He pointed a clawed finger towards her forehead.
<“…Again, it is entirely your choice. If you truly believe that speaking of it will simply bring more pain, merely say as much, and you have my word that I will never speak of it again. …But if you feel that doing so may help bring you even a nano-angstrom of peace that you did not have access to before, I will consider it a triumph. And remember…”>
He slowly held out his hand, presenting it to her, palm up.
<“There is no shame to be found in accepting help freely offered.”>
There was a silence that lasted all of 10 seconds but felt like centuries as Kate looked between Y’ggdrasog’s hand and his piercing yet sympathetic gaze. Finally, Kate hesitantly lifted her good hand before slowly, gingerly placing it in his own.
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2023.03.30 14:00 Chico237 #NIOCORP~THE ELK CREEK MINE PART IV




Sharing Jims's responses to my follow up questions for CONTEXT on 11/15/2022:

1) - Has Niocorp recently applied for a DoE/LPO loan for "debt"..?
"We are indeed in discussions with several U.S. federal agencies about potential financial assistance to the Project, but all have very strict rules about disclosure of those discussions and processes. I’m sorry but I cannot say anything more about this at present. "
2) - Could any additional CO2 capture methods still be possible by ex-situ, direct mineralization, or other methods now being undertaken via the New Process?
"The reagent recycling tied to the Calcium and Magnesium removal, which we recently announced as part of our demonstration plant operations, is effectively a carbon sink and is expected to reduce the carbon footprint of the eventual operation*."*

3) - Who owns the patent/rights to this New Process being implemented? Or can it be licensed moving forward?


"We hold the rights to any intellectual property developed and related to the Elk Creek process by virtue of our contractual relationships with L3 and other entities involved in the work. While our focus remains on using proven commercial technologies in the public domain, we will act to protect the parts of our process that may be novel. "

We'll Pick up EARLY Jan, 4, 2023

NioCorp Rare Earth Demonstration Plant Showing Positive Rare Earth Recovery Results

NioCorp Rare Earth Demonstration Plant Showing Positive Rare Earth Recovery Results - NioCorp Developments Ltd.
CENTENNIAL, Colo. (January 4, 2023) – NioCorp Developments Ltd. (“NioCorp” or the “Company”) (TSX:NB) (OTCQX:NIOBF) today announced that its demonstration-scale processing plant (the “demonstration plant”) in Quebec, Canada has succeeded in obtaining a rare earth dissolution rate of 86-95% from Elk Creek ore through hydrochloric acid leaching, and has achieved a loading rate of rare earths as high as 99% in the follow-on solvent extraction recovery step. These relatively high rates, which were expected, point to potentially strong rates of overall recovery of separated rare earth oxides, subject to additional demonstration testing over the coming weeks.
Additional solvent extraction steps will be deployed to establish the ultimate recovery rates of potential rare earth products. The demonstration plant has further established that the rare earths recovered in the initial solvent extraction step are accompanied by only two impurities of note: iron and a very small amount of nickel. Given the success of this initial separation step, L3 and NioCorp expect that losses in the additional solvent extraction steps would be low.
NioCorp is currently focused on demonstrating its ability to recover three high-purity rare earth products: (1) neodymium-praseodymium (“NdPr“) oxide, which is the principal component of neodymium-iron-boron (“NdFeB“) permanent rare earth magnets, (2) Dysprosium (“Dy“) oxide, and (3) Terbium (“Tb“) oxide. Both Dy and Tb oxide are critical to the type of powerful NdFeB magnets used in the traction motors of electric vehicles. However, very little of these high-purity separated rare earth products are made outside of Asia.

“These results are in line with our expectations and they show that the ongoing work at the plant is proceeding in a positive direction,” said Scott Honan, NioCorp’s Chief Operating Officer. “In the coming weeks, we look forward to seeing the final results from the separations extractions testing that is now underway and to reporting those results to the public.”

(APRIL 4th 2023 -will be 12 WEEKS out.... Expecting Results SOON IMHO....)

JAN. 31st 2023 NIOCORP HOLDS Meetings at the White House & with White House Staff for several days....

~ "Working with White House officials on critical minerals issues. This Administration is working hard to help support environmentally responsible critical minerals projects like NioCorp’s Elk Creek Project in the great State of Nebraska. "~

Feb. 2nd 2023 THE NYTIMES ARTICLE DROPS ~Nebraskans Are Sitting on Strategic Metals. Is Mining a Patriotic Duty?~ By Dionne Searcey

Nebraskans Are Sitting on Strategic Metals. Is Mining a Patriotic Duty? - The New York Times (nytimes.com)
Mr. Honan, NioCorp’s chief operating officer, on Beverly Beethe’s farm. “The rocks are different here,” he said.
  • Feb. 2, 2023
ELK CREEK, Neb. — In this rural part of Nebraska, county-board agendas include moratoriums on solar farms and some residents scowl when they pass the handful of wind farms that have sprouted. But the idea of a new mine that could help power the transition to renewable energy has received broad support.
The tenor of these quiet flatlands, where deer bounce across gravel roads and neon sunsets scream across the long horizon, would change dramatically if mining for metals like niobium, scandium, titanium and rare earths begins.
But many people here think Southeast Nebraska, dotted with dying downtowns and aging residents, could play a small part in helping to solve a full-blown geopolitical crisis that Doc Evans, a Johnson County commissioner, summed up like this: “The trouble with China.”
Mr. Evans and numerous others welcome the digging that a company called NioCorp wants to begin because they feel it’s their patriotic duty. For too long, they said, the United States has depended on other countries for metals and minerals the nation could find at home, if only someone were willing to spend the money and effort to retrieve them.
“I think it’s good for our country,” said Don Othmer, who lives in Elk Creek, where the mine would be. Relying on other countries for raw materials means “we’re kind of held hostage,” he said.
Geological fate meted out hundreds of millions of years ago left the United States lacking rich stores of many of the raw materials found on the federal list of minerals critical to the economy and national security. The country has relied on imports of certain minerals and metals that are abundant in China and elsewhere and are needed for America’s fighter jets, building materials and cellphone batteries.
The United States is determined to no longer be dependent on other countries, particularly now as these materials, which are also used in making electric-vehicle batteries and for transmitting energy from wind turbines and solar panels to the power grid, are key ingredients for an economy that relies on renewables. Measures enacted under the Biden Administration offer major incentives to mining companies and processing facilities to do their work domestically.
But the biggest incentive is the market demand that has increased the price of metals including rare earths — a set of elements found together, with names like terbium and dysprosium — making it newly economical for mining companies to scour the nation for even small amounts that can be scraped from underneath the soil.
Downtown Tecumseh, Neb., one of the nearby towns that would feel ripple effects from a new mine.
NioCorp wants to bring in hundreds of workers and heavy drilling equipment to dig the metals. After decades of exploration and looking for financing, it soon may be able to get started, buoyed by new demand for a domestic supply of critical minerals and metals that can power America’s transition to renewable energy. And the company has embraced the messaging that plays well in this conservative area that counts patriotism as a key value.
“It will help America,” said Mark Smith, chief executive of NioCorp, which is based in Colorado.
The federal government is hoping to find new deposits of minerals and metals by carrying out projects to digitize information from 100-year-old geological maps and by flying survey planes all over the country. The government is also financing programs to comb through waste piles of old mines, including coal ash, for materials once deemed worthless. One program tests ways to sift minerals and metals from Superfund sites.
“Can the U.S. meet its own mineral supply needs? It’s a big, complicated question,” said Graham Lederer, researcher at the United States Geological Survey’s Geology, Energy & Minerals Science Center. “Anything could be a resource. You just need to develop the technology and bring the cost down.”
Just outside Elk Creek, pronounced by some locally as “Elk Crick,” workers from NioCorp are clearing trees to prep the land for digging, should it succeed in getting more financing. The company, now listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, said it has lined up German buyers for some of its niobium.
Hundreds of people and a new governor-elect turned up for a series of town halls in November held by NioCorp. The meetings drew investors from Kansas City who snapped photos as they wandered Elk Creek’s tiny downtown past a bank, a post office, small grocery store and the Village Tavern, which is known for its signature drink, the Elk Creek Water (Mountain Dew, Squirt, 7 UP, vodka and gin) as well as an annual event where beef testicles are served (the “Nut Feed”).
“We’ve had a harder time keeping the younger generation here,” said Don Gottula, who owns a propane shop on Main Street. “We need a booster shot, I guess you could say.”
As the hunt for more materials used in batteries continues, energy officials predict more scenes across America like the one in Nebraska, a state with abundant cornfields and cattle but no operating mines. In Utah, a mine has begun producing tellurium. A new cobalt mine in Idaho is expected to be operational this year. New lithium mining is planned for North Carolina, and in California companies are trying out new technology to extract lithium from geothermal brines.
The world may need more than 300 new mines in the next decade to meet demand for electric-vehicle and energy-storage batteries, according to Benchmark Mineral Intelligence.
In Nebraska, metals that were a distant memory from high school chemistry class have become part of regular conversation. Like most people in the Elk Creek area, any of the dozen or so farmers who gather for morning coffee several days a week before the lanes light up at Harvest Bowl in nearby Tecumseh can speak fluently about niobium.
“Didn’t they put that in Superman’s underwear?” one joked on a recent morning.
Niobium might help batteries hold a charge longer, another said, and that’s a good thing out here where miles separate even gas stations. But did anyone ever consider what happens to the wind turbines and solar panels years from now when they no longer function?
“When they wear out there’s no place to go with them,” said Milton Buchholz, a retired farmer and former county roads department worker.
The conversation turned to the prairie fires and dust storms that swept across parts of Nebraska last summer. The crop-withering drought just won’t let up.
“I’m not convinced whether this is all man-made or God-made,” said Mr. Evans, the county commissioner who sat at a table near farmers in hats advertising pesticides and fertilizer and one that read “cow whisperer.”
“I know that we may be contributing but who did it 100,000 years ago when we had an Ice Age?” he added.
To build the mine here, workers would burrow nearly 2,500 feet into the earth, creating an underground mini city to operate machinery. Construction would take almost three years, requiring 400 workers and convoys of heavy trucks rumbling across the plains surrounding Elk Creek, population 98.
“If we want to give our kids a chance, we’ve got to use the resources we have,” said Harold Richardson, a farmer and retired teacher from Elk Creek.
China is the world’s main producer and processor of scandium and rare earths. America has only one rare earth mine, in Mountain Pass, Calif. It sends its ore to China for processing. (Mr. Smith of NioCorp is the former chief executive of MolyCorp, which used to own the Mountain Pass mine.)
Brazil is by far the world’s biggest producer of niobium, which is used to strengthen steel. China Molybdenum, a state-backed company, bought a key niobium mine in Brazil in 2016.
The importance of having a domestic stash of metals was highlighted in 2010 when China blocked exports of rare earths to Japan during a dispute over a fishing trawler incident, sending prices soaring. Since then, tensions between the United States and China only have escalated, prompting fears about politically and economically motivated supply-chain disruptions.
NioCorp executives say the amount of metals they could recover at Elk Creek would be scant compared to the Chinese supply; they are still determining whether they can economically retrieve the rare earths. The company plans to dig titanium, too (China, Japan and Russia are among the world’s biggest titanium producers), but niobium is the most abundant metal at the site, and if operations go forward, Elk Creek would be the only niobium mine in America.
Company executives say they expect demand for the metal to increase for use in new versions of lithium ion electric vehicle batteries under development.
NioCorp has obtained all the necessary permits to start digging. But if it digs the rare earths, NioCorp may need to look overseas for processing. A new processing facility that is in the works in Texas could take years to become operational.
“I’d really want to see these activities done in the United States or an allied country” such as Japan or Britain, said Mr. Smith of NioCorp.
New demand for greener sources of energy is fueling interest from Wall Street in the Elk Creek mine. But the messaging from NioCorp tends to focus on the metals’ traditional uses — in oil pipelines and guided missiles, residents said.
“NioCorp is being very thoughtful in how they’re communicating with Southeast Nebraskans,” said State Senator Julie Slama, who represents constituents in Johnson County, which has voted Republican in every presidential election since the 1960s. “In Nebraska, we have a sense of patriotism and desire to serve our country.”
People have been talking about a mine in Elk Creek since the early 1970s when, according to local lore, pilots reported their instruments went haywire while flying over southeast Nebraska. The real story: University researchers received a federal grant to fly over the state with instrumentation that identified changes in the earth’s magnetic field, indicating the possible presence of certain minerals and metals.
“The rocks are different here,” said Scott Honan, NioCorp’s chief operating officer.
Back then local workers were hired to carry out exploratory drilling, digging up hundreds of core samples, tubes of earth, for testing. Stacks of them are stored in metal sheds on Beverly Beethe’s farm, where the mine would be located. Residents signed land leases with the company, which eventually bought 226 acres. Some landowners netted lucrative deals and could receive royalty payouts of as much as $10 million a year.
But the deals created bad blood. Some residents who were left out were miffed. Others like Ms. Beethe question whether they got a fair deal, especially in an area where the price of farmland has recently skyrocketed.
“The way I got treated, I hope that they don’t treat the community that way,” she said.
Many residents also are worried about damage from the toxic chemicals used in mining and processing.
They wonder about cancer cases near the mine site. Rare earth metals are found alongside radioactive elements. Mr. Smith said that at Elk Creek the amounts are so small they don’t require state licensing, but he said as a precaution NioCorp plans to seek licensing anyway and will carry out required monitoring.
Higher paying jobs would be welcome in the area, residents said, but still they wondered, how will the mine ever be able to find 400 workers? The nearby state prison has tried to fill vacancies by nearly doubling starting pay, to $28 an hour. Staff shortages are so severe at the local school district that the superintendent is pondering a four-day week for the next academic year. He already doubles as a bus driver because he can’t fill the job.
And what if the workers do come? “Where the hell are 400 more people going to eat in this town?” said Tim Weber, who opposes the mine.
Residents like Lavon Heidemann, a former lieutenant governor from Elk Creek, have benefited from the mine already. He was paid to help drill exploratory hole No. 7 back in the 1970s and now works as a local representative for NioCorp, fielding questions from his neighbors.
Mr. Heidemann sometimes stares out from his hilltop farm at the blinking lights on the wind turbines several miles away. They bug him a little. He worries the nation might be transitioning too quickly to renewables. But, he said, the Elk Creek mine would be good for America.
“I wish it wasn’t in my backyard, but it is. Other people sacrificed, and we need to sacrifice too,” Mr. Heidemann said. “I love this country to no end. We have challenges today and if we can help make it a better place in an environmentally safe way then, hot dog, I want to be a part of that.”

~NIOCORP CALLS OUT 5.7 TONNES OF REDUCTION FOR EVERY 1 TONNE EMITTED ~ (Via Value Added END-USE of Critical Minerals Processed on Site)


SEE VIDEO BELOW: NioCorp's Elk Creek Critical Minerals Project ~During the latest Niocorp Video (@3 minute mark)~

NioCorp's Elk Creek Critical Minerals Project - YouTube
Click on link above to view video

FEB. 6th, 2023 ~NioCorp’s Rare Earth Demonstration Plant Showing Strong Rare Earth Recovery Results, in Line with Expectations~

NioCorp's Rare Earth Demonstration Plant Showing Strong Rare Earth Recovery Results, in Line with Expectations - NioCorp Developments Ltd.

CENTENNIAL, Colo. (February 6, 2023) – NioCorp Developments Ltd. (“NioCorp” or the “Company”) (TSX:NB) (OTCQX:NIOBF) today announced that its demonstration-scale processing plant (the “demonstration plant”) at L3 Process Development in Quebec, Canada has succeeded in producing a high-purity mixed rare earth concentrate from NioCorp’s integrated demonstration plant. These encouraging results lend support to the technical feasibility of separating high-purity oxides of several key magnetic rare earths, on which the U.S. is presently 100% dependent, primarily from China, from ore comprising the Elk Creek Critical Minerals Project (“Project“).
NioCorp’s patent-pending demonstration scale rare earth extraction and purification solvent extraction process operation is ongoing in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, using solutions generated by the upstream operations of the demonstration plant. The rare earths were then precipitated out of solution, producing a solid that contains 6% praseodymium (“Pr“) oxide, 25% neodymium (“Nd”) oxide, 0.35% terbium oxide (“Tb“), and 1.6% dysprosium (“Dy“) oxide, with the balance of the solids consisting primarily of rare earths with minor base metal impurities.

Based on these results, and subject to additional demonstration testing over the coming weeks, L3’s process engineering team have determined that overall recoveries for these four magnetic rare earths are likely to be greater than 92% and meet commercial purity specifications for magnetic rare earth oxides.

#NIOCORP ~ Biden Advisor says ~U.S. is ‘absolutely’ behind on supply chain independence from China!~ Feb. 7, 2023

By :Natasha Turakhttps://www.cnbc.com/2023/02/07/amos-hochstein-us-is-behind-on-supply-chain-independence-from-china.html
“This is a major concern for the U.S. and I think for the rest of the world,” Special Presidential Coordinator Amos Hochstein told CNBC.~China controls roughly 60% of the world’s production of rare earth minerals and materials, according to a recent report by Rice University’s Baker Institute.~For the U.S., whose relations with China can currently be described as tense at best, this poses several potential security risks. "

#NIOCORP ~President Biden Signs Presidential Waiver of Statutory Requirements for Supply Chain Resilience~ Feb. 28, 2023

President Biden Signs Presidential Waiver of Statutory Requirements for Supply Chain Resilience > U.S. Department of Defense > Release

MARCH 6th 2023 ~Export-Import Bank of the United States Issues Letter of Interest to NioCorp for Potential Debt Financing of up to $800 Million for NioCorp’s Elk Creek Critical Minerals Project

Export-Import Bank of the United States Issues Letter of Interest to NioCorp for Potential Debt Financing of up to $800 Million for NioCorp's Elk Creek Critical Minerals Project - NioCorp Developments Ltd.

CENTENNIAL, Colo. – March 6, 2023 – NioCorp Developments Ltd. (“NioCorp” or the “Company“) (TSX:NB) (OTCQX:NIOBF) is pleased to announce the receipt of a Letter of Interest from the Export-Import Bank of the United States (“EXIM“) for potential debt financing of up to $800 million through EXIM’s “Make More In America” initiative to fund the project costs of NioCorp’s proposed Elk Creek Critical Minerals Project.
EXIM’s communication to NioCorp states: “We are pleased to extend this Letter of Interest in support of the proposed capital funding plan by Elk Creek Resources Corp. for the Elk Creek Project. Based on the preliminary information submitted on expected exports and jobs supported, EXIM may be able to consider potential financing of up to $800,000,000.00 of the project’s costs under EXIM’s Make More In America initiative.” Elk Creek Resources Corp. is a Nebraska corporation wholly owned by NioCorp.
A project finance letter of interest from EXIM represents only a preliminary step in the formal EXIM application process, and the Letter of Interest states that the communication “does not represent a financing commitment” and “is not an explicit indication of the financial or commercial viability of a transaction.”

MARCH 13, 2023 ~Sharing Responses from Jim Sims to three relevant questions on 3/13/2023~


A) Could you offer comment on What Scope 3 emissions mean for the Elk Creek mine moving forward into production & to the end users utilizing the products being processed at the mine? & Would Niocorp's Scope 3 Carbon Emission Reductions qualify foas "Carbon Credits" in the context above? Could/Does Niocorp's "Carbon Friendly GHG/ESG" mining processes & work scope qualify for- INNOVATIVE CLEAN ENERGY LOAN GUARANTEES Department of Energy?

"We have made an internal estimate of the benefits of our planned products at a Scope 3 emissions level. However, the definition and applicability of Scope 3 emissions must eventually be determined by government regulators, and the SEC is examining many aspects of this issue now. At present and in general, carbon credits are created by mitigation measures taken at the Scope 1 emissions level, although there are several different approaches being examined across the U.S. As to DOE programs, I am not allowed to comment on that at this time."

B) Is/Could an "ANCHOR" Investos still have interest in the Elk Creek Project? Comment If you can... (A,B,C,D.... as all options are on the table.)

"Yes. "

C) (Follow up) - Is Niocorp still engaged with "Several Federal Agencies" other than the EXIM Bank as sources for "Debt" or Off-take agreements? Comment if you can...

"Yes, multiple federal agencies, elected officials in the Congress, and the WH. "

\***(After announcing an application (MArch 6, 2023) to the U.S. FEDERAL EXIM BANK. NIOCORP IS STILL ENGAGED WITH OTHER FEDERAL ENTITES, CONGRESS & THE WH!)***\**

MARCH 16th 2023 ~NioCorp Gains Access to as Much as $71.9 Million in Net Proceeds Over the Next Three Years from its SPAC Transaction and Two Additional Financings as it Prepares to Launch Trading on the Nasdaq Stock Market

NioCorp Gains Access to as Much as $71.9 Million in Net Proceeds Over the Next Three Years from its SPAC Transaction and Two Additional Financings as it Prepares to Launch Trading on the Nasdaq Stock Market - NioCorp Developments Ltd.
New Cash Infusion to NioCorp is Expected to Accelerate Progress of the Company’s Elk Creek Critical Minerals Project in Nebraska
NioCorp Shares Expected to Begin Trading on Tuesday on Nasdaq Under the Ticker Symbol “NB” and Will be Cross-Listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange
CENTENNIAL, Colo – March 16, 2023 – NioCorp Developments Ltd. (“NioCorp” or the “Company“) (TSX: NB; OTCQX: NIOBF) is pleased to announce that it expects to have access to as much as $71.9 million in net proceeds over the next three years following the completion of the transactions contemplated by the Business Combination Agreement, dated September 25, 2022 (the “Business Combination Agreement”), among NioCorp, GX Acquisition Corp. II (Nasdaq:GXII) (“GX”) and Big Red Merger Sub Ltd (the “Transaction“), and two separate financing deals with Yorkville Advisors Global, LP (“Yorkville“).
The Transaction was approved by a vote of GXII shareholders on Wednesday, March 15, 2023, and the deal is expected to close on Friday, March 17, 2023. NioCorp’s common shares (the “Common Shares”) are expected to begin trading on Tuesday, March 21, 2023, on the Nasdaq Stock Market (“Nasdaq”) under the ticker symbol “NB.” The Nasdaq listing is expected to make investment in NioCorp’s stock open to many more investors around the world, including institutional investors and funds. Upon listing on Nasdaq, the Common Shares will be cross-listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and will continue to trade there under the ticker symbol “NB.” The stock will no longer trade on the OTCQX under the ticker symbol “NIOBF” in connection with the commencement of trading on Nasdaq.

MARCH 30, 2023 ~ NioCorp to Ring The Nasdaq Stock Market's Opening Bell!~

NioCorp's Executive Team to Visit New York City and Ring the Opening Bell at The Nasdaq Stock Market on Thursday, March 30, 2023CENTENNIAL, Colo. (March 28, 2023) – NioCorp Developments Ltd. ("NioCorp") (Nasdaq:NB; TSX: NB) is pleased to announce that Mark A. Smith, NioCorp's CEO and Executive Chairman, will ring the opening bell on The Nasdaq Stock Market (“Nasdaq”) at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, March 30, 2023. NioCorp's stock began trading on Nasdaq on Tuesday, March 21, 2023 under the ticker symbol "NB."
  • What: NioCorp to visit the Nasdaq MarketSite in New York City’s Times Square to ring the Opening Bell.
  • Who: NioCorp executives Mark A. Smith (CEO & Executive Chairman); Scott Honan (COO); Neal Shah (CFO); Jim Sims (CCO); Jeff Mason (Corporate Controller); and members of NioCorp's Board of Directors.
  • Where: New York, New York: Nasdaq MarketSite – 4 Times Square on 43rd & Broadway at Broadcast Studio.
  • When: Thursday, March 30, 2023 – 9:15 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. ET
Additional Information
A live webcast of the Nasdaq Opening Bell will be available at https://www.nasdaq.com/marketsite/bell-ringing-ceremonyFor multimedia features such as exclusive content, photo postings, status updates, and video of bell ceremonies posted by Nasdaq, please visit these Facebook pages:
Additional photos from the event will be posted on Nasdaq's and NioCorp's Instagram pages:
For news tweets, please visit Nasdaq's and NioCorp's Twitter pages:


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2023.03.30 13:59 Flincher14 Staffy the Uber app for PSW's and Nurses

There is an app called Staffy that has grown recently with the need for nurses and PSWs. With this app as a PSW or Nurse you can apply for shifts at whatever rate is listed and if you get the shift you simply go there do the shift and get paid out within a day or two the agreed upon amount.
This sounds ok? Wrong.
The gigification of this profession is abusive and impossible to survive off of. When it comes to staffy you can apply for a dozen shifts and receive none of them for days. Or you could apply for an overnight shift 3 days away and 1 hour before the shift starts you receive a confirmation that hey, you need to go work now.
Any shift you apply for you have to essentially be on call for. If you get a shift you will be sent a notification that tells you to click to confirm. But the click to confirm doesn't mean you are accepting the shift. You accepted the shift by applying for it 1 hour ago or 5 days ago and the 'click to confirm' is only to tell staffy not to start messaging you 'are you going?'. Uber drivers get to decide what jobs they accept, but staffy workers do not get confirmation of what shifts they are working until sometimes minutes before they are confirmed.
If you do not go to the shift you were given you owe staffy $100 per missed shift. If you miss multiple shifts you are banned from the app. So beware. (How is this even legal?)
Many facilities (especially hospitals) will list shifts on Staffy 7 days a week rather than hire on PSWs which is baffling as a facility that hires from staffy is paying staffy a 25% premium while they could hire the worker directly for a normal reasonable wage. Also facilities that use the staffy app to hire out are forbidden from hiring workers from the staffy app onto permanent positions. This is unlike temp agencies that will get you into a job and if you perform well you can sometimes be hired on for real. (Also this can't be legal?!)
This app disgust me, this gigification bends and breaks labor rules. It does not provide enough hours a week for anyone to survive. The only upside (however slight) is that if you have a free Saturday evening and have the willpower to pull an all night you can 1-2 times a month take a shift for extra spending money to supplement an existing income.
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2023.03.30 13:58 SuperHotUKDeals Anker 6ft USB C to USB C 100W Fast Charging Charger Cable - White £6.99 @ AnkerDirect / Amazon

The following description is not provided by this sub or any of its contributors.
£6.99 - Amazon
Back down again, but only on the white one this time. Good if you missed it before :)
  • Model Number: A8856
  • Anker 543 USB-C to USB-C Cable (6ft)
  • The 100W Max Power Delivery Cable
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Fully Compatible Devices
  • MacBook Pro 2020 16''
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  • iPad Air 4
  • Galaxy Note 10/10+/9/8
  • Galaxy S8/ S8+/ S9/S9+
  • Galaxy S20/S10/S10+/S10e
  • Google Pixel 3
  • Google Nexus 6P
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Huawei Matebook X
Compatible Devices (limited charging speeds)
  • Google Nexus 5X
  • Lumia 950
  • LG G7/G6/G5
  • LG V40/V30+/V20
  • Huawei Mate20 Pro/Mate20
  • Huawei P30 Pro/P30
  • Xiaomi 5
  • Lenovo IdeaPad 720S 13
  • Notes - This is a data transfer and charging cable, and does not support video output.
Find more Amazon Spring Deal Discounts in our Deal Round Up here
Below is a list of Amazon Free Trials that may be handy, including free prime trials.
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2023.03.30 13:56 Odd_Durian4771 The decision should be mine, not ours

My boyfriend wants his parents and siblings to visit the baby at the hospital, but I am not comfortable with his family visiting for a few reasons. I’m comfortable with mine, but I feel there shouldn’t be special treatment to my side either, so I don’t want any visitors.
I mentioned to my family member about how my boyfriend wants visitors and I don’t. They are telling me that his input matters too because he is the dad, and it has to be equal. Maybe I’m TA, but I feel that as long as I am carrying this baby and recover from delivery, equality is not a thing. It is fine to consider my partner’s wants, but I feel the decision should be mine at the end of the day… and it’s not like our baby would be interested in seeing anyone but me… I’m tired of the equality card being used against me when I’m the one going through it. Equality does not exist during pregnancy.
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2023.03.30 13:55 teacher888 Newborn not hungry

Newborn not hungry
I just had her yesterday at the hospital via c section as it was determined that was the safest delivery for me and baby. Love her already 😍When I hold her she’s really not interested in eating, and just wants to sleep. She did have her first bowel movement and 3 pees (all at different times). The nurse tried to put a gloved finger in her mouth but she was either biting it or just not really interested. Also I’m having trouble getting milk to come in. I have shorter nipples. We will be seeing a lactation consultant. Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.30 13:54 iamondemand Did ChatGPT change your life? How?

We produce deep technical content (how-tos, blogs, white papers) at a high scale for large tech vendors such as Microsoft and Check Point. And we are still not 100% sure what is our position when it comes to generating content using ChatGPT.
Some will say it is great to accelerate the writing and delivery of the content and some will say it can badly harm quality. WDYT? Can we rely on CG to generate content that is deeply technical (including scripts and screenshots)? Should we even use it?

Thank you!!
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