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2020.08.28 17:12 BernieDurden Fatphobic

Fatphobia is a fear of excess adipose tissue (body fat) and all the negative health consequences that can happen as a result of its presence. This community is also a support group for people trying to lose weight.

2021.10.19 06:11 BodyRespect

A community to discuss issues around radical self love, fat activism and body kindness and respect.

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Looking to lose some body fat? To improve your physique? To feel better and boost your confidence? Whatever your reason to lose weight you've come to the right place. You can discuss all things regarding healthy fat loss, strength training here! But first, before posting a question, be sure to review our Wiki:

2023.03.30 17:21 whyunolikeme69 [WTB][WTT] Looking for salty upper, bcg, other stuff. Got olights to trade and some usgi mags.
Scored a nice barrel along with a handguard and looking to finish it up with a receiver. Can be marred to shit or have damaged threads, as long as it can be salvageable I'll take it. Looking to spend $25-$30
However if youre interested in trades please take a look at the items in the link and let me know if you'd like to trade. Also looking for -Strike Industries fat comp -A-2 style stock with tube and spring, salty is good -FA BCG Salty or whatever as long as I can use it -any budget ar scope that's able to hold 0
Items in link are: - two usgi 30rd mags - sealed Olight Baton 3 Premium(PENDING) -user Warrior X Pro in red, has scratches and dings but otherwise in perfect working order. - carried but never cut with Brass QSP Penguin has marks on the clip from being carried.
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2023.03.30 17:21 FewFeature3506 My Take on Death.....

With Mel confirming recently that the songs in the album are about spirituality and the point between life and Death as well as have multiple meanings. I wanted to talk about the three meanings ive seen with the song.
  1. Rebirth:
Taken into a literal context the somg is about being reborn after reincarnating.
There are a few religions in the world that believe in reincarnation. Buddhism is on of them. A good example of this is in Avatar the last Airbender. The Avavtar has one spirit that lives many lives. After an Avatar passes a new Avatar is born. They dont remember much about their past lives but they can connect with them and speak to them in a time of need.
Past life regression Therapy(which Melanie studied for sometime) is similar.
During a session people explore their past lives and how exactly they died in it to see if any experiences in that past life has anything to do with things they struggle with in their current life. Void could relate to this kind of session as it can bring up alot of heavy emotions, fears, and anxieties.
Crybaby is reincarnating into her new life as the fairy creature. Her soul is the same but its starting a new journey in this new reality so that her soul can evolve. Thats what past life therapist have said about past lives. The reason why they exist is because souls evolve by having experiences in different planes of existence(Refer to K-12 lilith scenes).
  1. Fanbase
I cant help but get a sense that when Mel is saying certian lyrics in the song that its refering to people that miss the old aesthetic(they new the fanbase would react this way) And alot of the fanbase wants Mel to return back to the old aesthetic but thats not happening cause they have moved on.
"Flickerin all your candles to draw me in, sayin all the same things, im gone this time"
Instead of trying to convince them to bring Crybaby back they want the fanbase to accept the new character(the person they have grown into) and join them on this journey of growth.
"Your words mean nothin, so take em back, and meet me here across the plane, the other side, im not far"
When Mel say,
"My body has died but im still alive, look over your. Shoulder, im back from the dead"
This is probably Mel saying that the character Crybaby isnt completely gone. She is just evolved and in a new body that is developing her soul further. Mel comforts us throughout the song saying its okay im still here. Like the ghost of a lost loved one which fits the songe perfectly.
Basically Mel is comforting everyone letting them know that Crybaby's death isnt something to mourn because Crybaby( and Mel) was okay with dieing. It set their soul and themselves free from the world they grew out of and they are ready to grow further and evolve their soul more. Mel is read to evolve and explore themselves more and their spirituality.
Anyways i think im done unless i come up with more meaning in the future.
This album is gonna be fun to decode. I love how Mel gave it multiple meanings. The fan theories are gonna be epic.
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2023.03.30 17:20 LarsonLE 2016 Gibson Memphis Studio vs 2019 Memphis ES-335 Dot

I bought the 2016 Memphis Studio and it just arrived yesterday and I like it a lot but it can sound a bit too bright? Anyhow, I also had/have my eyes on this 2019 Memphis ES-335 that has the MHS humbuckers compared to the classic 57/57 plus in the studio. I also noticed that the body on the studio is all maple where as the body on the 2019 memphis is a 3 ply of maple,poplar,maple. Is this considered superior in any way? Thanks.
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2023.03.30 17:20 PresentationNo6078 Looking for Dragon Tea Monster

Have you guys seen any in the wild? Up until a couple of months ago (maybe January?), I've seen them at the ESSO on 8th and Acadia. Online said it was discontinued a couple of years ago, but that doesnt explain why it was sold at ESSO until now. I just want to see if my memory of it tasting like cigarette smoke and BBQ sauce is still accurate. Anyway, thanks!
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2023.03.30 17:20 Playful_Librarian_27 I'm self sabotaging my perfect relationship and there's no way i can stop it.

TW: Sexual Abuse, Trauma.

for some context, i have OCD and moderate depression and also have PTSD from a childhood wrecked with abuse and my mother frequently cheating on my dad infront of me. So from the get go i was really closed and reserved and mostly kept to myself and refrained from a relationship or something.
i also did not indulge in sex since i was too afraid to do it.
a couple of years ago i left my home country to another country for work and still, i kept to myself. didnt indulge in people stuff, and it wasnt much different. but one person, (lets call him W) was persistent to be acquainted with me. he wasnt creepy and repeatedly reminded me that he'd go away if i felt uncomfortable and will never bother me again. and i did test it many times, and he did go away without any explaination from me until i contacted him again. so after several months, i finally became comfortable with him and it was around this time he asked me out. i said yes.

he's perfect. he takes me on dates, he brings me cute little gifts and respects me to the nth degree.
he always stands a bit far away from me and wont come near me unless i go near him, and we have worked out the affectionate physical aspects of relationship. he'll always ask for permission before holding my hand or something and always stops when i say no. its very slow and painful i know that, and his patience is commendable. its had been like 14 months and all he got from me was holding hands. he says that he is okay with this and that i should take my time but all the time i think about the possibility of him cheating on me with another woman since i deny him physical affection and intimacy. i am very insecure about my body and think that nobody should even touch my garbage of a body and hence it takes me longer to relax and let him touch me. i think i dont deserve him and that he should just stop wasting time with me.
he tells me that its okay and that he does really like me and likes spending time with me as we do have many similar interests and also have similar personas and we have talked about the stuff i think and feel and i have, by his persistence also started therapy and he has sworn on his soul that he is not being unfaithful and never will be because he cannot just see himself being with anyone other than me and that he really likes me. and that i am beautiful and gorgeous and that he isnt with me because of the stuff we CAN do like kissing and sex, but he is with me for me. and that it really hurts him that i think that i do not deserve him and is wasting his time, and that those are universal anti-truths.
i am so insecure that i stalk him most of the time, and have tested him several times with paying sex-workers to try and seduce him and he has passed every single time and he is always truthful wherever i call him and ask him where he is and that he really says the truth when he makes a mistake or forgets or something.
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2023.03.30 17:19 missmama19 Another Failure

I have ADHD as well as GAD, PTSD, dermatillamania and depression.
I have now tried adderall, Ritalin and Vyvanse and they all really mess me up. My anxiety gets so bad, I fight constant panic attacks and my skin picking skyrockets. My body feels very uncomfortable on stimulants.
We recently started clonidine (helps with rapid thoughts and overwhelm a little bit) and tried to pair it with the vyvanse to see if I could handle a stimulant paired with Clonidine. I can’t. The constant sensation of anxiety is unbearable.
I feel so lost and hopeless. So sad. Even my Dr said “I just don’t think there is a good drug for you” :( Am I just a lost cause?
I just want to function. So bad. But every ADHD stimulant makes me feel so awful.
Is there anyone else with severe ADHD that can’t take the stimulant medication? Is there a different drug that you’ve had success with that I can talk to my dr about? Or a supplement?
Feels like I’m fighting a losing battle here and I could really use some guidance.
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2023.03.30 17:19 POMO2022 The high energy, extreme happiness and ecstatic moods returned after leaving. I thought that was no longer possible and just something related to being a kid and teen.

Prior to leaving the org, I contemplated a lot and had many conversations with my wife about how that truly elated and ecstatic feeling I would randomly get as a kid and teen were just memories.
For probably close to 20 years I completely lost that feeling of overwhelming calmness and excitement for different things. I always watched the cliche in movies where hard decisions and struggles can turn out good in the end and you can feel good again, but it was just that, a fantasy and fairy tale.
I have been out for a little over a year and there have been great ups and really deep lows, but as time has gone on, the highs have been more consistent and the lows less and less. What surprised me the most, is that ecstatically happy feeling I lost for so long has returned on its own and has become more frequent like it was during my younger years.
I knew the cult was affecting me negatively, but I have realized first hand how it can completely envelop one in a dark cloud and trap. It has the same effect of dangerous drugs that zap the full excitement out of life. Even leaving is similar to withdrawals as your body and mind get adjusted back to its normal state.
Take back your happiness if you can, don’t let them trap you in a downward spiral of darkness.
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2023.03.30 17:19 Haetnimee is anyone else scarily accurate at knowing what card iceman will hit?

or even what card in your hand gets discarded or placed in a lane when those locations come up.
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2023.03.30 17:18 notarandomusrname DAE feel like their body looks more proper while underweight?

I've always felt like my body doesn't look normal. It's even worse now that my recovery weight didn't distribute how I expected it to. I know I'm not deformed or anything but it kinda feels like my body is just wrong. Maybe like a shape shifter trying to appear human but not getting it quite right. Or more like someone learning to draw and struggling with realistic anatomy lol.
I saw a picture of myself at a lower weight and I didn't feel this way. I could see more curves when I was underweight than I can now. I actually had a figure, I wasn't just some oddly shapen blob of flesh like I am now. I was more proportionate. The small breasts I'm insecure of now were actually kinda cute on me then. Obviously my bone structure was the same, but somehow, even my body structure didn't look so weird, maybe because there wasn't much fat accentuating it. My whole body just tied together better.
Idk. I feel like I should look more "proper" at a healthy weight than underweight, but I just don't feel that way.
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2023.03.30 17:18 AdministrationNo2887 Today question from your favorite newb

Gm lotl fam!
So, jw to air stone or not to air stone! I've heard they love, I've heard it scares them. My dude will prob be a little timid at first....I think he's always been tubbed. Also does it have any benefits to being in there while trying to fishless cycle. ( Is it still fishless cycling if I'm putting his poop in there? TECHNICALLY there's no body in the upcoming tanks....🤷)
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2023.03.30 17:18 Cute-Pomelo5497 On Ram Navami, know who is the AadiRam? The word AadiRam is also used for the Supreme God. The God who created the entire universe. And that Supreme God is Kabir Saheb. Read Holy Book Gyan Ganga

On Ram Navami, know who is the AadiRam? The word AadiRam is also used for the Supreme God. The God who created the entire universe. And that Supreme God is Kabir Saheb. Read Holy Book Gyan Ganga submitted by Cute-Pomelo5497 to u/Cute-Pomelo5497 [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 17:18 LoveMangaBuddy Read I Have a Dragon in my Body - Chapter 616 - MangaPuma

Heavenly Emperor, back in the middle school era, he was surprised to find that he had more than one dragon. When you are very weak, in the face of intimidation, would you fiercely fight or obey? In his last life, he obeyed, but in this world he is the ruler of the city, overturning the city, covering the clouds, there is only one thing in his heart: I am the king! ... Read I Have a Dragon in my Body - Chapter 616 - MangaPuma. Read more at
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2023.03.30 17:18 WarJ7 Blockers aren't that useless after all (most of the times)

I'd like to get some more opinions about this topic. I'd also like to say that I don't compete very often in high level plays, I mostly brew stuff that doesn't always work, for example right now I'm playing bagra and poop control, so not very meta decks.
In the first sets of the game every deck played a set of blockers because they were an easy way to interact with your opponent board and removal wasn't that common. I remember choosing between 5k and 6k blockers based on what was popular.
For a while now we didn't see blockers in decks outside of archetype specific stuff (for example no more mekanorimon in every deck). It makes sense since deck are getting very tight and removal for small bodies is getting very common for a very low cost.
But there are so many situation in whick a blocker would have win me games or at least bought time. In some of my deck i wish there was an archetype blocker and I even started scraping stuff away for one or two blockers in some cases just because ai often just need that extra turn to win or just simply because my opponent can't attack and remove stuff all in the same turn.
What I'm trying to say is: I'm the only one that feels that in certain decks, against certain decks, having some blocker could be very beneficial?
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2023.03.30 17:17 sweetieontheinternet Trauma and Hashimoto's

Hi everyone <3
I am new to this community, so forgive me if this topic has already been heavily discussed (my guess is that it probably has). I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's last year after experiencing strange heart palpitations for a few weeks. It's only the beginning, yet it's been a journey already. I'm feeling overwhelmed and resentful of this diagnosis, and I was hoping to receive some consolation and support <3
The doctor who diagnosed me said there are no lifestyle changes I should be making -- all I need to do is take this medication FOREVER! Problem solved, right? Imagine my surprise as I take to Google and learn there's a whole range of lifestyle changes that I should be making to manage my symptoms.
I've since seen a new doctor and gotten labs done recently. They tell me I should be adjusting my levothyroxine dosage, but I shouldn't do that until I see this different doctor who isn't available to see new clients for another 6 months.... Dealing with the healthcare system in this country has been so overwhelming and defeating.
On top of all this, I'm just starting to understand complex generational trauma that I've experienced and how these traumas could very well be manifesting as Hashimoto's. Growing up with an abusive, manipulative parent, I was made to believe that the emotional pain I was feeling was my fault. I'm working through this untrue narrative now, but it feels like my Hashimoto's is working hard to reinforce this belief -- I mean, my body is literally attacking itself. I know stress can exacerbate autoimmune issues, but I feel like I can't help but worry and stew on this resentment.
Does anyone else feel resentful toward their body? How do you manage this? I want to get to a place where I'm only showing love and acceptance toward my body, but it's really hard now that I know my body is literally working against me.
What has your experience with the healthcare system been like? How have you found proper care, if you have?
Anything that you can share to help me get out of this pit of despair and defeat would be helpful. Love to you all<3
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2023.03.30 17:17 cosmicprankster420 Looking for artists with an organic / nature ambient sound

so i really am fascinated by this track david toop bodies of water and im curious if there are artists who have this similar ambient sound where it sounds like some primordial forest / landscape with sound effects of all kinds of strange creatures. the only other ambient album i can think of is elve's infinte garden. any suggestions?
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2023.03.30 17:17 NegativeHeron5830 body hair loss

Hi! I'm currently on 50mg of spironolactone, taken twice a day. Ive been on it for about two weeks. I know its been so recent that I started but when is around the general time frame that I would start noticing body hair loss?
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2023.03.30 17:17 Diligent-Ad1583 Bhagavad Gita Quotes

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2023.03.30 17:17 Mrsamsonite6 Backorder?

Not sure if this is the correct sub, delete if necessary. I was in an accident way back on December 15, 2022. After some back and forth between the insurance company and auto body shop, repairs were started a couple weeks ago. Now the auto body shop is saying they need a part to finish and is saying the part is on backorder from Toyota with no ETA. Does anyone have a similar experience or know how long backorders are for Toyota? Just ridiculous it has been going on 4 months with no end in sight.
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2023.03.30 17:17 Lilaac55 25[F4M] looking for my special person who is hard to find.

I believe in love and I hope I will meet my special person someday.
Let's chat and try to understand each other. Let's support each other. I don't want you to chat with me 24/7 Let's try to stay connected and chat whenever we can.Time zones don't matter
•About me: Am ash 25 years old from India. I graduated from russia and am now planning to join a university in Canada. INFJ, body type average. I don't drink alcohol or smoke.(it's ok for me if you drink or smoke) I do not look to rush anything (sensitive subject or sexting)
•Things I like to do: I love to dance, listen to music, fitness and working out, draw, MMA, cars,read, cook,write poems,go for late night rides,travel,watch movies and web series ( Horror, Crime thriller, Rom-com) I love animals especially dogs and elephants.
•What I am looking for: Someone who is genuine, loyal and kind. I want us to motivate and support each other.
If you are interested to talk send me a hello. What if you are that special someone in my life.
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2023.03.30 17:17 icantfunction222 I don’t want to do this anymore.

I’ve known I was trans ever since I was a kid. I tried to suppress it in my teen years after coming out and being shut down, but I eventually said fuck it.
I think I pass well. I look masculine - body hair, muscles, whatever. My voice is eh but oh well. I’ve had chasers galore, love is hard. I’ve had people treat me like shit when they find out. I’ve been kicked out of my home by parents for it. I’ve been resilient despite all of that.
But in light of recent events regarding the shooting and laws/bills being passed related to transgender people, I feel unsafe. Transphobia is rampant; more than ever. I feel like someone can tell and I’ll get attacked. Im scared my country will follow in Americas footsteps and introduce similar laws. I’m scared to be my true self. I’ve thought about detransitioning just for safety. Even if I’m miserable, at least I’m not a crime statistic.
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2023.03.30 17:17 RemarkableTie4641 Looking for advice.

Hello guys. I’m trying to see if someone can understand me and give me some advice. About a year ago I was backpacking in Mexico, I had a heavy backpack, probably around 9kg, and was giving me some trouble. A friend of mine told me my backpack was too tight and that I should lose it up a bit. I did that but I ended up carrying a really loose backpack. Like I was wearing it in a really bad way. By the next day I had really bad pain. When I came back to my country I had an mri and It show a dessicated disc (l5 s1) with an annular tear. I’ve had this pain for over a year now. It’s hard to sit for more than an hour. I’m only 26 and I’ve got really bad depression over this. Everyone else is doing their life’s and I’m kinda of stuck with this. Also, one of the worst part of this is the guilt I deal with, because I did this to myself, just because I didn’t listen to my body, also I’m really upset at my friend sometimes, because he was the one that told me to carry my backpack that way, and when he saw that I was carrying it the wrong way he didn’t say anything to me. Of course I know he didn’t mean for this to happen but I can help feeling this way. I just want to go back to not feeling pain. I wanna have a normal life, I wanna make music and I sometime wanna have a family. Please, if someone can offer some advice I would really appreciate it. I’ve tried pt, gym, and I’m willing to try stem cells and even adr. All my love to those suffering, you’re not alone.
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2023.03.30 17:16 icantfunction222 I don’t want to do this anymore.

I’ve known I was trans ever since I was a kid. I tried to suppress it in my teen years after coming out and being shut down, but I eventually said fuck it.
I think I pass well. I look masculine - body hair, muscles, whatever. My voice is eh but oh well. I’ve had chasers galore, love is hard. I’ve had people treat me like shit when they find out. I’ve been kicked out of my home by parents for it. I’ve been resilient despite all of that.
But in light of recent events regarding the shooting and laws/bills being passed related to transgender people, I feel unsafe. Transphobia is rampant; more than ever. I feel like someone can tell and I’ll get attacked. Im scared my country will follow in Americas footsteps and introduce similar laws. I’m scared to be my true self. I’ve thought about detransitioning just for safety. Even if I’m miserable, at least I’m not a crime statistic.
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