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Something I Really Hope TOTK has at Launch

2023.03.30 15:55 ADHDood Something I Really Hope TOTK has at Launch

In my excitement for TOTK I’ve been doing a master mode run of BOTW. The first time around I had beaten the game before any of the DLC came out, so while I thought a lot of the stuff they added was cool (like the master cycle or enhanced sword) I didn’t really use them a ton. Now that I’m playing the game with all this content in from the start though, there’s one thing that I think TOTK should have day 1:
The ancient horse armor.
No seriously this piece of equipment made such a massive difference for me on my second playthrough. My first time around I wouldn’t use horses that often. Not because I didn’t want to but because I’d eventually have to ditch it to explore or do a task, and then I wouldn’t have a horse again until I found myself at another stable. But since the armor lets you summon your horse wherever, I found myself using my horse pretty consistently and it turned something that felt almost like a side activity to an integral part of my gameplay experience, and I felt like it was a notable improvement.
I don’t think this should be available from the very beginning, but some item that can bring your horse to you would be a great reward for a mini dungeon or quest line mid-ish game. I mean a similar mechanic is in a lot of the older Zelda games and those worlds are much smaller.
Obviously I also hope we still have the master cycle, but that feels appropriate as a DLC/endgame reward. This feels like it really should have been in the game from the start.
Also if they do this I hope they make it so your horse only teleports to you if it’s out of earshot, I miss being able to whistle and catch my horse as it runs by me.
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2023.03.30 15:54 Astralestialux SBNY puts - no payout

I had 1 contact on 12/15 $50 PUT on SBNY, purchased for $13.10. The stock going from $70 to almost $0 should be a monumental profit, the delta and vega should have been off the charts causing these PUTs to have huge values like 10,000%+? But it’s up a measly few 100% trading at around $50. Anyone else in this situation? During the halt they protected PUT sellers of premium (mostly large institutions?) who would have a gigantic loss, but this is how the bloody market functions - you take a risk and if a position shoots to the moon, there has to be an enormous loser and winner. I feel so cheated out of my winnings…
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2023.03.30 15:50 NanakoAC Velocity inheritance for Chaos Physics Objects, C++

Velocity inheritance for Chaos Physics Objects, C++
Hi all! What i'm currently trying to do is to swap out an actor, for a fractured geometry collection, a destructible object basically. And I would like it to inherit the actor's velocity so that the broken pieces keep flying in the same direction.
After spawning it, i'm breaking it apart with a chaos field i'm spawning via blueprint, that part at least works

The thing i'm spawning has a GeometryCollectionComponent which seems to act as a gateway to most of the things they can do. But I've had no luck achieving my goal. Here's a few things i've tried:
InitialLinearVelocity parameter. I guess this is supposed to propagate velocity to the pieces. But as far as i can tell, it simply doesn't work. I tried giving it an authortime value of 0,0,3000, which should make the pieces fly straight upwards, but they don't. I got breakpoints in there to see what's going on, and the GCC is definitely sending the data down the line, beyond that its hard to understand
In any case, I can't see any way to populate this value at runtime, because it's propagated instantly during construction, and changing it after spawning has no effect
UGeometryCollectionComponent::ApplyPhysicsField seems like it might do what i want,but there isn't much explanation of it. I have no idea what to pass in for two of its parameters UFieldSystemMetaData* MetaData, UFieldNodeBase* Field
I'm fairly sure this would do it, if i could figure out how to call it.
Spawning a chaos field to push the fragments:
This seems like it would be the easiest, I have some field blueprints i've created by making child classes of the built in FS masterfield blueprint. And these fields do have plenty of parameters for providing directional force
The thing is, a chaos field is not, itself a special class, its really just an actor with tons of components, and lots of variables which only exist within the blueprint, so much blueprint stuff in there. I have no idea how to get my velocity data from C++, into that blueprint. The thing contains almost 50 different components
There is a specific setting in there for linear velocity, and a vector to set to determine the direction of it, but I just don't know HOW to get my numbers into this, from C++ code at runtime:


I might just be going about this all wrong, I don't know. All i really want is for one actor to copy the velocity of another, surely that can't be too hard?
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2023.03.30 15:47 crimehive How Serial Killer John Gacy Was Caught

He was described as a pillar of the neighborhood. From their windows, kind neighbors observed him clearing snow for the elderly. He took on the persona of "Pogo the clown" for the neighborhood kids, who laughed at his antics and delighted in receiving a balloon as a reward for good behavior. When this vicious killer's mask was finally taken off, society as a whole was shocked.
As a child, Gacy was hurt in many ways, just like many people who go on to become serial killers. Gacy was abused, humiliated, and bullied. He had no control. This frequently doesn't bode well for the future grownup. He buried his trauma deep within his mind, but when he was an adult, it wouldn't take long for it to manifest itself in fresh ways.
Gacy had no control. However, Gacy seemed to be doing fine for an 18-year-old. Afterward, he joined the campaign of a local Democrat as the latter's assistant precinct captain. It appeared like young Gacy was maturing into a responsible young man.
After he was promoted to manager at a KFC restaurant, he often hosted pool and drinking nights for the young men who worked for him at his home. His horrible response to these unwelcome approaches was to kidnap them first, torment them, and then kill them. He apparently did this repeatedly without arousing even the slightest bit of interest from anyone. After all, he was a respected member of the community, a parade organizer, a wealthy businessman, and a successful fundraiser. His mask remained firmly in place over his face. He was "the devil in disguise," as some afterward described him.
Once you knew that, you would have discovered that he had two clown characters: Pogo, the good-natured clown, and Patches, the occasionally malevolent clown. He would occasionally continue to wear the clown costume, and you would later spot him in a neighborhood bar passed out over a beer.
If you had been able to examine closer, you would have discovered that he had been imprisoned for assaulting a young man. This raises the query, "Why wasn't he looked into?"
Okay, let's get to the core of how he was finally apprehended.
Elizabeth Piest, who was out picking up her teenage son who worked at the neighborhood drugstore, went there on December 11th, 1978. She brought all her pals around for a party because it was her birthday. Robert had assisted her in preparing for the party by being a caring son. Robert instructed his mother to wait outside.
He claimed that he only needed to talk to a man about a potential summer employment because it would be much more profitable than his drugstore work. Elizabeth was excited about the upcoming celebration and pleased that her son was assisting in making sure everything went smoothly as she sat in the car. Nevertheless, after 20 minutes had gone, he had still not left the shop. He was never seen again.
She reported Robert missing to the police later that evening after everyone had left and told them about the contractor he had claimed to be meeting. The police quickly learned that the contractor was John Wayne Gacy.
When police investigated this man further, they discovered that he frequently visited the pediatric department of the nearby hospital. He hopped around performing tricks while portraying Pogo the clown to very ill children.
Police have to look into it. Just too many things about Gacy seemed off. The police were authorized to search his home. Numerous sex-related literature and movies, a starter gun, a nylon rope, sedative medicines, police badges, and if that wasn't suspect enough, numerous IDs and undergarments that didn't belong to Gacy were also discovered.
In his bedroom was a large clown painting. Unbeknownst to the police, there was a radio and TV alarm clock nearby that had formerly belonged to one of his victims. Police discovered a drugstore receipt that had once been in Robert Piest's pocket in a trashcan after performing a deeper investigation.
They didn’t know this just yet.
After that, they kept an eye on his home and followed him everywhere he went. At first, Gacy appeared to be enjoying himself as he approached the police car outside of his home and informed the officers of his intended next move. He claimed that as time went on, the cops harassed him without cause and never stopped trying to establish his importance.
Detectives and Gacy once had lunch together. They questioned him about the clown act. Gacy claimed to adore his role as Pogo. "Being a clown, you can get away with murder," he warned them. A former employee of Gacy's was questioned by police after he admitted that Gacy had once requested him to spread lime in a crawl area under his house. They then began the process of obtaining a second search warrant.
Gacy eventually went outside to the surveillance car in an angry rant. He invited the police to come inside for a cup of coffee and a look around, telling them there was nothing suspicious. As one of the police officers flushed the toilet inside the residence, he became aware of something. It wasn't a solid object, but rather a stench—the smell of death, which every detective is familiar with. They desperately needed that second warrant.
Soon after, Gacy showed up at his attorney's office looking frazzled and intoxicated. He informed his attorneys that he had something to say. When they enquired as to what, he brought out a newspaper and pointed to the story about missing youngster Robert Piest, saying, "This boy is dead. He's dead. He's in a river.
Police obtained a second order to search his house on December 21. They discovered a sort of trapdoor as they continued to search. One of the detectives entered the crawl space that followed and began moving through the tunnel at a crawling pace. The smell of decay immediately assaulted his nostrils.
Police initially discovered three bodies, each in varying states of decomposition. They also discovered fragments of bodies. They may have been viewing one of the deadliest serial killers in American history. It was discovered that Gacy had been murdering even when he was sharing a home with his second wife.
He usually took his time. Initially, by tying a rope around their necks and informing them that it was also a game. By twisting a stick, he would progressively bind it so tightly that they could not breathe. While they were in this state of extreme anguish, he tortured some of his victims. Gacy would always blame dead rats for his wife's frequent complaints about the foul odor.
He told her to mind her own business when she complained too much. She inquired about the clothes and wallets she discovered, which appeared to be from young men. Gacy warned her not to pry into his personal business.
That’s when she left.
Gacy would pick up any kind of hitchhiker, bring them back to his residence, and show them that photo of himself with the First Lady, according to interviews with survivors conducted by the police.
Usually, this was enough to give the guys a sense of security. The fact that they flatly refused to participate in his handcuff game was the only thing keeping them alive. They didn't tell the police because, sadly, the majority of them viewed law enforcement as their enemy. They’d die if they did participate in the game.
Gacy was committing most of the murders when he was best known for portraying Pogo, so he may have killed and then entertained a group of sick youngsters or the kids of his political allies.
Gacy's presence should have triggered alarms at the local police stations far sooner. John Butkovich, who had worked for Gacy for 18 years prior to 1975, had a disagreement with him about unpaid wages. After that, Butkovich disappeared.
Law enforcement officials spoke with Gacy, but no charges were filed. Keep in mind that he has a very questionable past of hurting young guys. Over a hundred times, the boy's parents contacted the police, demanding that they look into Gacy's actions.
They didn’t.
He could have gotten away with so many killings. Perhaps it was his high social status and political ties that kept the cops from noticing him. That, and the fact, he was “Man of the Year.” There was also "linkage blindness," in which individual law enforcement agencies failed to or were unable to make connections between his various offenses.
For a total of 33 killings, Gacy was found guilty. He received a lethal injection on May 10, 1994.
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2023.03.30 15:39 jamalalfo May Someone make me a Rocket please 🙏🏽

May Someone make me a Rocket please 🙏🏽
I have the ingredients. 20 iron nuggets, 10 star fragments.
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2023.03.30 15:35 Ulimit200 I found a crystal triskelion fragment.

I found a crystal triskelion fragment.
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2023.03.30 15:33 Themineking09 Bond levels

I just deleted quite a lot of progress from my game so a lot of skills are gone. So I want to find out what’s the best way to get high bond levels fast without spending many bond fragments. I just kinda deploy that unit with the emblem ring put up dragon vein and Seadall dance them. Is there a better way. Also the stupid thing is this is the second time doing this and going to the exact same save point
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2023.03.30 15:25 jamalalfo May Someone make me a Rocket please 🙏🏽

May Someone make me a Rocket please 🙏🏽
I have the ingredients. 20 iron nuggets, 10 star fragments.
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2023.03.30 15:24 ReporterWillis THEORY: Here's the hook to TOTK

So I have a theory and prediction about TOTK. When I'm proven right, I demand 10,000 in sweet Reddit gold to show off to my parents. If I'm wrong, I will gladly be banished to the Sacred Realm with Gannondalf.
So, here's what I believe the hook is to TOTK.
We've got the fuse mechanic as well as the ultra hand object-creating power. We've also got what looks like the original map below some sky islands. What they've been working on for six years, I believe is this: the amount of sky islands is going to be immense, like huge - the sky islands will not only exist over the entirety of the OG map, but there will be MULTIPLE layers of them on top of each other. There will be that initial layer, then a layer above that, and then another layer above that. There will also be legit dungeons.
But will that be it? No.
What's one part of BOTW that was universally praised? Eventide Island - that, and the Great Plateau. Why? Because you didn't have a ridiculous amount of stamina, healing items, and other buffers and support abilities. You were FORCED to use the mechanics of the game to survive, which, as the game progressed, you had to rely on less and less.
I believe that while you're in the sky, both your stamina AND items will be handicapped in some way. Your stamina will revert back to its base level, or possibly you won't be able to expand it at all. Your items will reset every time you enter the sky, or possibly from island to island. If it resets every time you enter the sky, there will be some mechanic that forces you to return to the OG map regularly.
Too often in BOTW, once you got a few hours in, you had an endless supply of powerful weapons that made the weapon durability system redundant. Now that you can take a near-broken stick and a rock and create a stupidly powerful weapon, that would exacerbate that problem to an insane degree - unless, of course, your items/weapons were reset upon entering the sky.
This system of resetting your inventory, coupled with the fuse mechanic, will basically make all gameplay segments similar to the Great Plateau or Eventide, while adding the insane options afforded by the fuse mechanic.
Final section of the game will take place at the highest layer of sky islands.
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2023.03.30 15:21 lemoncat2022 [In progress] [1589] [LITRPG, fantasy, superhero Fiction] Melting Opportunity

I chopped the text into two chapters, hers the first, how is it? New word count of 1589.
Waking up, I felt the beginnings of a throbbing headache in my temples as soon as I opened my eyes. My already constantly mood soured further until vinegar. For one It was quite dark, so my eyes had to adjust to the light, yet I could already tell something had gone wrong. Brown-gray splinters littered a black floor and the periphery of my eyes; light and shadows danced in swinging motion, and the unmistakable smell of burnt hair and flesh filled the air. Huffing, I dove into my disoriented memories for answers as I slowly moved my body in small rotations. Legs-check, torso-check, arms-1/2 shit, head? I might have a concussion. Directive: seek semi-immediate medical assistance.
Breathing slowly through my nose, I waited as my vision flickered until it matched the low light. My head now pounded like a mariachi band with a residence notice inside my head. The notice says 'fuck you'. Groaning like an old piece of oak, I wriggled myself on what I now recognized to be the tile floor of my lab, covered in soot. That’s not good. Struggling to take in fresh air as ruffled bits of sawdust filled the air, a sudden wave of nausea hit me like a ton of bricks, and I had to reconsider my prognoses for my torso as I hurled yesterday's lunch into one of the furthest ash piles. What happened?
But that was only the beginning of my misery. As a sharp pain flared and shot through my shoulder, I cursed under my breath as I slowly maneuvered myself from beneath the battered and worn-out wooden cabinets. If I get out of this, I’m going to strangle gramps for buying it. Jagged splinters grated against my flesh, causing me to wince in agony with every inch of movement.
Yet the world would still mock me as Every now and then, my body twitches as residual electrical charge dissipates in small sparks from my mad scientist static hair. So, there was electricity, fire, and perhaps a chemical explosion, which would explain the soot. Did my last test do this? How? However, my scientific curiosity was momentarily forgotten as I grasped a nearby countertop for support, leaving me breathless and trembling.
Breathing laboriously, my eyes wandered over the slightly charred laboratory countertops until they fell on my sister's old-fashioned chicken clock, still ticking away annoyingly with its head bobbing side to side. Despite the gravity of the situation, I couldn't help but let out a peal of laughter along with a few tears.
Suddenly feeling better, I propped myself up and confirmed my suspicions with pained eyes. My once glories lab, filled with years of my work, was reduced to nothing more than ash and cinders. To be honest, it wasn't that grand—just a renovated basement with whatever villain and power tech I could scrounge off the market for cheap, but now all of it was gone! Gripping the counter top till my knuckles turned white, I breathed through my nose again as I prepared to finish sorting through this mess.
Holding my breath, I looked down at myself, taking in the state of my clothes. My left foot was snugly fitted into a scuffed black sneaker, while my right foot was bare, the other shoe missing in action. My jeans were ripped and filled with soot and wood chips, grating on my exposed skin. The gray wife beater I wore was smeared with black soot, running from my belly up to my chest. Wearing over this mess was my generic white lab coat, now in tatters and stained with black and red; one of the sleeves was even missing!
Choking back bile from seeing the ‘crimson’ fluid, I looked down at myself and saw the culmination of my life's work: a partially liquefied forearm—my forearm—dripped like a leaky roof onto the floor with opalescent goo. Emotionally done for the day, my only reaction was mute shock rolling through my stomach as primitive survival instincts warred with new foreign impulses. Tentatively, I mentally and physically poked at my sloughing bicep and cringed in both abject horror and delight as the remains of my arm twitched.
My mind ground to a halt as the world around me collapsed in chaos. Even my own agony and discomfort paled in comparison to the maelstrom of emotions that flooded my being. I had poured years of blood, sweat, and tears into my research, experimentation, and innovation, all to create the perfect environment for my awakening. But as I stared in disbelief at the twitching remnants of my arm, I was struck with the realization that my quest for power had never been about the greater good, as it is for heroes, or about personal glory, as it is for villains. No, my motives were purely self-serving and driven by an all-consuming jealousy. The realization sent a chill down my spine.
Stopping that train of thought, I took a deep breath of the air, recognizing hints of sharp-ozone, acrid-smoke and sterile plates and willed my new instincts to the forefront of my mind's eye. Eager to leave that personal mess for later and explore the rest of my power set with both arms. Holding my stump outstretched I visualized in painful detail regular human anatomy and pushed the thought into the folds of my new instincts. Feeling a reaction my heart pounded with excitement and apprehension the sensation of a sluggish fluid moving from the center of my being. I watched in wonderment and astonishment as my arm began to piece itself back together, with flesh, blood, and bone reconstituting themselves before my very eyes as opalescent goo polled itself from hidden nooks and crannies of soot.
The whole process took less than a minute but felt like hours as my flesh turned from opalescent to white to grey to brown before finally matching my skin tone. Experimentally, I wiggled and flexed my hand and fingers, noticing a slight delay before even that was worked out seconds later. The only proof that my hand was missing was shredded sleeves. Speaking of which, I turned to my blood-soaked shoulder, fighting back my gag reflex as I shimmied my coat off without disturbing the splinters of wood. Exposed, I saw red, angry flesh intermixed with long shards of wood, peppered with splints, and some bits of glass. Wondering for a moment, I remembered the cabinets having glass windows to see inside. Nodding slowly, I silently promised to send that grisly bastard to the closest retirement home as revenge.
Sighing slowly as to not disturb the wound, I held my hand over the spot and thought of turning my shoulder very slowly to goo, just enough to pull out the unwanted bits without my arm falling off. Can it fall off? Would it even matter though? Blinking those thoughts away, I watched with interest as the red became green and truculent like Jell-O, revealing more fragments trapped deeper than what my eyes had seen. Grabbing hold of the larger bits, I almost stabbed myself as the thing came out like it wasn’t an inch deep. I repeated this without the stabbing part until all that was left were the subdermal fragments, walking over to one of the still-standing lab drawers and taking out a pair of tweezers.
Holding them over my shoulder threateningly, I sighed as I lost whatever steam I had, the idea of doing what amounted to self-surgery not meshing well for me. Sitting down on one of the cleaner spots of the lab floor, I propped my head like a famous philosopher and did my most horrid of tasks: future planning.
It felt like hours passed as ideas were thrown left and right, with lazy solutions popping up like weeds. It had only been like 5 minutes at most. Done with my deep thinking, I stood up and began to monologue. Don’t question it; it helps me think better. "First rule of every Super: keep it in your pants until you make it big." I’ve seen too many schoolmates and friends trying to become would-be heroes or villains and falling like dominoes over their own feet trying to get into the gig without any backing or research.
Walking over to the center of the lab I picked up the remnants of the last experiment and bagged them with my coat to be later dispose of it with whatever remained of my research into the incinerator. Not like anyone would appreciate the research as is, as each awakening environment needs to be fine-tuned for each person. Helps to be cautious as said by, “Rule two of every super: trust no one.” The number of backstabbing girl/boy/them friends is staggering, about 1/3 of all failed beginner supers are ratted out for money with another 1/3 for the prestige. “That’s kind of depressing isn’t it?” The question echoed as I finished collecting the rest of my stuff into one of the Jumbo-Mini Flasks. It’s a novelty lab equipment that can grow or shrink based on the amount of fluids inside.
The guy who made them was a size manipulator villain called Sky-Reaper, guy would steal sky scrapers and ringed the owners for insane ransoms. Most supers leaved him be as he had the nasty habit of throwing relativistic missiles when threatened. Terrifying, and that brings me to “Rule number three of every super: Understand what you got before toy start punching bad guys in the face.” Lest you become the pavement that they walk.
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2023.03.30 15:19 Sandero916 Did anyone really get Supreme Elhain F2P?

I'm quite new, but ranked to level 42 in a short time. I only got to 35% of Supreme Elhain though, as I felt i got stonewalled in tournaments and events due to lack of energy or rather lack of power to do the dungeons at higher tiers.
My question is simple, am I just too new to have got 100% of fragments done, or is it never possible to get this type of event champion for free?
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2023.03.30 15:16 Dacxi Meet the Dacxi Chain tokenized crowdfunding network

Meet the Dacxi Chain tokenized crowdfunding network

Source: cryptosaurus
Cryptocurrencies are no longer just a niche product fragmented into a distant industry popular among cyberpunks and tech aficionados. They have become mainstream.
Bitcoin famously surged above $69,000 mainly due to its explosion in prices during the 2021 bull market, cementing its place in the world of fintech.
However, now more than ever, the industry needs to prove its mettle and separate investment opportunities from speculation. At a time when regulators are turning their eyes to cryptocurrencies, the space is in need of a clear solution that allows retail (and institutional) investors to clearly differentiate.
Dacxi Chain brings forth the first global tokenized crowdfunding ecosystem designed to do so.
It creates a global pool of investors and connects them with visionary business people who need funding to take their innovative products and services to the next level. Dacxi Chain uses blockchain tokenization technology to create digital versions of the company’s shares, making the process quick, seamless, cost-efficient, and — importantly — truly global. It is powered by its own native cryptocurrency, Dacxi Coin.

What problems does crowdfunding face today?

Crowdfunding was a strong concept with great promise. But it never quite reached the wild heights it was aiming for. It was never seen as a legitimate way for investors to get money and for entrepreneurs to get money. Broadly speaking, it was an issue of scale. The current crowdfunding system has long been restricted by geography, with local investors only being able to invest in local businesses. This left fewer options and less money for innovators to fight for.
Another issue is due diligence or lack thereof. Yet another is low liquidity, in which investments are often trapped within a business until its founders decide to either sell the company or go public. This can take up to seven years, which is a volatile time frame for many investors.
The Dacxi chain addresses these issues and more — adding worldwide scale, verification and due diligence, and high liquidity to the crowdfunding equation.

How Dacxi Series Works

Building the Dacxi series has not been an easy feat. Development has been in progress since 2017, and over the years, the team has innovated many new technological processes necessary to build a global ecosystem of blockchain-based investment platforms. Their state-of-the-art solution is based on a three-tier technology stack.
  1. The application layer includes non-blockchain systems where crowdfunding investment opportunities are launched. It is a seamless and efficient system capable of handling thousands of global deals annually.
  2. The transaction layer is where investments are created and managed on the Dacxi chain. Systems here include tokenization of crowdfunding deals, securing equity backing, creating smart contracts, allowing token-money exchange, managing secondary trading, and enabling worldwide crypto payments in local currencies.
  3. The Blockchain layer is the layer that looks at the processing of ownership of equity tokens, crypto-currencies, transactions, etc.
The initial development phase (application and transaction layers) of the Dacxi Chain will be built on a common Layer 1 blockchain, using a payment infrastructure enabled by US stablecoins.
The Dacxi Chain developer team describes scaling the ecosystem as the most difficult development phase. However, after spending years advancing the technology, he now believes he has built a system capable of handling thousands of deals and millions of transactions from every region, currency, and language around the world.

How Dacxi Chain Uses Blockchain Technology

Dacxi Chain is built on several features of blockchain technology, including:
  1. Trustworthy Equity Custody
  2. tokenization of equity ownership
  3. international investors' [KYC] verification
  4. Cryptocurrency-based international payment solution
  5. Trusted Transaction Solutions
  6. Trusted Share Registry Solution
  7. network of tokenized secondary exchanges

How Dacxi Chain Uses Dacxi Coin (DACXI)

Dacxi Coin is the parent cryptocurrency of the Dacxi Chain, and it plays a vital role in its operation. Dacxi Coin is a utility token. Its main use is to facilitate efficient and low-cost global investment transfers. Additionally, Dacxi Chain tokenizes equity as the currency used within stock exchanges, it enables investors to buy and sell shares, pay fees on the Dacxi Chain blockchain, and enable staking for blockchain writer nodes. pays for.

The Dacxi Chain: Final Thoughts

When it comes to delivering on its promise to uncover the true potential of equity crowdfunding, Dacxi Chain appears to have all the elements of success. The technology is good and strong, and the company’s leadership team has extensive experience growing global businesses.
This article was originally published by https://cryptosaurus.tech/
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2023.03.30 15:13 According_Session937 mysterious character revive

about 4 days ago i got messed up in the depths and a nautilodaunt finished me off. i very clearly remember getting stomped by him and being sent into fragments of self. i closed my game and i just came back and my character is alive? i woke up in celtor wastes with 0hp and i still have everything i had my character is the same it was when i got killed. was there a rollback? im confused
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2023.03.30 15:09 aDramaticPause Suggestions on making YouTube content for ToTk / avoiding spoilers on YT

I have a YT channel that's primarily a video game archive for me - I'm not trying to get subs or to make it big or anything like that, but I like to document a lot of my gaming and like to share with people. I've produced videos on my entire playthrough of BotW and then again in MM, and I want to do the same for ToTK.
That said, with the exploration, adventure, and puzzle solving dynamics that BotW/Zelda will bring, what do you think is the best way to produce videos without spoiling everyone based on titles and thumbnails? Specifically, IF ToTk is like BotW in the sense that you can go anywhere and do anything, technically any part of the game could be spoiling someone else even if they're a hundred hours in, for example.
I want to record and produce videos to share with people who DO want to watch them (so I don't want them private) but I want to be cautious of giving too much information about regions, shrines (or the equivalency of) and so on.
Any ideas on what you think might work?
Or will we just need to see the structure of the game to determine that? I'm thinking the title could just be "ToTK Gameplay 1 - Heading West" or "ToTk Gameplay Vid 2 - First dungeon" something like that. (But even that would spoil that there are dungeons in existence.) The thumbnails are easy, I could just do a generic ToTk static image each time.
On the flip side, I'd like to also not be spoiled by other people with their titles and thumbnails - but this may be very hard to do. Do any of you have any plans other than just simply "Don't go on YT?"
For context, here are the two playlists of the way I did my first two playthroughs:
https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlCZcyRcnzdn_yeNvt-rDJfIINXsqwoKe - first
https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlCZcyRcnzdl6sjBLlm7LhASAW71nrPY9 - MM
Thanks in advance for your thoughts!
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2023.03.30 15:00 dicegazers The Blood Money Series Dicegazers.com Presents: Merc Ops Mission for Redditors

Background: Gevius is a low-level shifter who is attempting to establish a Link with a Supernatural Intelligence. After days of meditation and fasting, attempting to complete their link, the Intelligence tests Gevius.
The Intelligence of course lied about who they are and are in fact a malevolent power with an interest of establishing a foothold on Rifts Earth. If Gevius fails the test, the Entity will send a fragment of themselves to posses the young Magi.

Psychics within a 10-mile radius of the Magic Guild of Cuidad Juarez will feel the emerging presence of a Diabolical Intelligence. This of course unsettles the secret Vampire Council that hides within Juarez. The Guild Hall’s Magic Defenses are activated as a large fragment takes possession of Gevius. Failing to resist the possession, the Intelligence splits off additional fragments to take possession of weak hosts that are sealed within the Hall.
A war brews within the Magic Guild Hall.
Powerful Mages and members of the Guild are attempting to break the Hall’s Magic Seal and confront and expel the Intelligence. The small group of Mages offer Crisis Payment to Mercenaries and Heroes willing to assist them in taking back the Guild Hall.
The mission is unorganized and chaotic at best with various groups doing different things, including looting the Guild Hall. The possessed staff and thralls are minor M.D.C. beings now and have Supernatural Strength. They also recover lost M.D.C. at a rate equal to a Demigod. They all possess lvl 1 to 2 magic spell knowledge and have a minimum of 45 PPE. The main fragment will be treated like a Witch with a Major Pact with the Gift of Union. Gevius identity has been completely taken over by the Intelligence and is now an agent of evil.
Working covertly among the forces breeching the Hall are three Master Vampires. Should their presence be detected, they will neutralize the threat, while still focusing on the Supernatural Intelligence’s Fragments and Thralls.
Strong adversaries will be turned into Secondary Vampires to help with the fight against the unnamed Intelligence.
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2023.03.30 14:54 Josh-Lad Can anyone help me figure out why these firestore fields will not update when I run this method?

So I am working on a android studio project where users can book on to a barbering service, For previous appointments to go into a history page, then have a field on firestore, called done, when its past the appointments due date/time the done field should change to true so that the appointment can be shown in the history page on the app. For some reason it is not doing it, can anyone see why.
This is how the directory and layout of the firestore for this problem is laid out:
Starts with collection User, into the documents that are the users emails, then into another collection called Booking and in this collection has each booking appointment.
Here an example of one of the bookings with all the fields:
As you can see the done field is on false, which I need to change to true when its a past appointment.
Here is the code envolved with updating the done field:
I then have the method called when the home fragment begins, so when I launch the app and the home fragment begins, it should go through the bookings automatically and change any previous bookings done fields to true.
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2023.03.30 14:51 MoonieSarito Something only Wii U owners got to experience in Breath of the Wild

Did your ever know that BOTW had a unique startup screen that is not present in the Switch version?

I know it's a silly thing, but I thought it was a very special detail for the Wii U as it usually takes longer to start the game than the Switch. (which makes sense since cartridges are much faster than disks)

I didn't have the money for a Switch and I was dying to play BOTW on Day One launch, to this day I remember the shivers I felt when I opened the game on my Wii U and saw this screen and this music, it was so epic .
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2023.03.30 14:51 MoonieSarito Something only Wii U owners got to experience in Breath of the Wild

Did your ever know that BOTW had a unique startup screen that is not present in the Switch version?

I know it's a silly thing, but I thought it was a very special detail for the Wii U as it usually takes longer to start the game than the Switch. (which makes sense since cartridges are much faster than disks)

I didn't have the money for a Switch and I was dying to play BOTW on Day One launch, to this day I remember the shivers I felt when I opened the game on my Wii U and saw this screen and this music, it was so epic .
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2023.03.30 14:51 MoonieSarito [BotW] Something only Wii U owners got to experience in Breath of the Wild

Did your ever know that BOTW had a unique startup screen that is not present in the Switch version?

I know it's a silly thing, but I thought it was a very special detail for the Wii U as it usually takes longer to start the game than the Switch. (which makes sense since cartridges are much faster than disks)

I didn't have the money for a Switch and I was dying to play BOTW on Day One launch, to this day I remember the shivers I felt when I opened the game on my Wii U and saw this screen and this music, it was so epic .
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2023.03.30 14:51 MoonieSarito Something only Wii U owners got to experience in Breath of the Wild

Did your ever know that BOTW had a unique startup screen that is not present in the Switch version?
I know it's a silly thing, but I thought it was a very special detail for the Wii U as it usually takes longer to start the game than the Switch. (which makes sense since cartridges are much faster than disks)

I didn't have the money for a Switch and I was dying to play BOTW on Day One launch, to this day I remember the shivers I felt when I opened the game on my Wii U and saw this screen and this music, it was so epic.
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2023.03.30 14:51 chwethington My weirdest complaint about TOTK from the demo

For some reason, the horse riding song in BOTW makes me anxious. I feel like I should be going fasterunning from something. In fact the first few times I heard it I thought something was chasing me. Well, when Link was on the horse in the demo, the same song was playing. I suppose I will continue my anxious horse riding.
(I am still excited and this is mostly a joke post pls don’t come for me)
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2023.03.30 14:49 TheMMouse [H] 40+ Steam Games for Trade [W] Steam Game Offers

Holdfast: Nations At War
Book of Demons
Abandon Ship
Garfield Kart - Furious Racing
Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2: Grand Prix
LEGO: Lord of the Rings
Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition
Anomaly: Warzone Earth
Bomber Crew - Deluxe Edition
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
Cook Serve Delicious! 2!!
Dreamland Solitaire: Dark Prophecy
Fallback: Uprising
Incredible Dracula 4: Games Of Gods
Kingdom Two Crowns
MegaRace 2
Monument Builders - Alcatraz
Narcos: Rise of the Cartels
Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee
Police Stories
Rescue Team: Planet Savers
Rise of the Slime
Slain: Back from Hell (STEAM GIFT)
Space Crew: Legendary Edition
Spirit Hunter: Death Mark
Steel Rats
Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion
Viking Sisters
White Day: A Labyrinth Named School
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