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2023.03.24 18:36 Myrko_Gold I give up

I got Bannerlord the day after it came out on steam and loved it from the minute I first played it. I have conquered as all of the factions and thought I might as well try some mods because that could be fun… well it only got worse from there, I don’t know if it’s me,my computer,or my luck but mods just don’t work for me. All I have wanted to do since I first heard about mods was to try to play them like serve as a soldier or something. I tried and tried went on nexus mods and tried their mod thingamajig but that didn’t work either so I stopped playing the game in 2021.
Flash forward to 2023, I was scrolling through YouTube and saw a bannerlord video talking about how steam workshop is now available for bannerlord! I felt a rush of energy inside me and knowing that steam workshop makes mods 110% easier to play I jumped to steam and immediately started bannerlord( I did a Sturgia and Vlandia campaign) then after feeling that I was not rusty anymore at the game I started looking through the mods… unfortunately serve as a soldier was not available. that sucked but then I found Eagle Rising, and low and behold mods still don’t work whenever I start my game with mods enabled it just crashes immediately. I frantically search online for ways to solve it and do everything like checking if my display and sound need to be updated,uninstalled and reinstalled the game,updated windows,verified files 18388595726294 times, deleted local files for the game,disabled virus protector for bannerlord,visited my elder brothers house to try to use his computer because it’s better then mine and it still didn’t work,etc.Same thing happens when I went back over to nexus and tried manually downloading mods from there which still didn’t work.
I guess it’s time to go back into hibernation until I get a new computer or something fixes mods for bannerlord.
It’s been great
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2023.03.23 04:26 ethancool999 Can Someone help me reupload a mod

I was trying to fix the Ballista bow mod from nexus, because it was a fun way to play bannerlord without being too op, the thing its supposed to be compatible with all versions because it Does not replace anything so it should be saved game compatible. But In the New update for 1.1.0 I go into battle with it and i stay at the battle loading screen, and when I go play an older version of Bannerlord now it also does not work there anymore. If you could teach me a little bit of coding or tell me what im doing wrong with the mod i would appreciate it.

If you dont want to install the mod here is the code:
Ballista Bow.xml Moduledata:

Ballista Bow SubModule.xml:

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2023.03.21 02:42 MiRGalaxye Bing AI is actually pretty useful.

Bing AI is actually pretty useful.
I searched something about a game I've been playing and I couldn't find though the URLs from the search result, until I noticed the Bing AI response on the right side of the screen and... it really helped.
Also, it seems that the AI can read... reddit posts? Like... real web crawling by an AI. Crazy!
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2023.03.18 20:54 TransitionNo6954 Mod help

I just got into bannerlord and I was wondering which version of the game on steam would be easier to mod and to find mods from nexus?
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2023.03.12 17:30 cewoherejr1 how can i fix this i have been trying for 2 hours now

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2023.03.08 04:37 cooldude2490 Uploading mods to steam workshop for personal use

Hi guys, I'm playing bannerlord on GEFORCE Now and the service does not support nexus mods (cannot use local files), so I have to use the steam workshop to download mods. How can I upload the mods I downloaded from nexus to steam workshop?
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2023.03.07 02:44 CurrentMission1907 No Nexus Mods Work. Help!!!!

I have tried everything. I've used all the mod managers, I've directly installed the mods and I have checked to make sure everything was compatible and up to date. I can't use any Nexus mods for Bannerlord. My game works perfectly fine with STEAM workshop mods though. Does any one know what is happening?
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2023.03.01 01:48 Beiberhole690 If you're having problems with mods:

This worked for me,
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2023.03.01 01:47 Beiberhole690 If you're having problems with mods:

This worked for me,
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2023.03.01 01:47 Beiberhole690 If you're having problems with mods:

This worked for me,
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2023.03.01 01:47 Beiberhole690 If you're having problems with mods:

This worked for me,
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2023.02.26 19:16 Doses-mimosas Help with mods?

Hey all, I recently made the switch to PC about a month ago and have been playing a decent amount of bannerlord this week after playing warband quite a bit on Xbox. As I've been looking into mods, it seems like the way forward is Nexus and Vortex mod manager?
The problem is that I'm not able to find the proper location to setup vortex to work with bannerlord. Most videos say the game should be detected automatically, which it isn't for me, and when I search up the game in vortex and try to link them manually, it says it can't find the right location, even though I can go into file explorer and find the folder "modules" where the other basegame mods seem to be, and where other people's mods appear in the videos I've watched.
Can I not just load the files off Nexus into that folder? I think maybe it has something to do with having the game on Xboxs "PC game pass" launcher, instead of through steam?? Not really sure, I'm new to all of that. I can find the bannerlord file in my Xbox games folder as well, but vortex/Nexus doesn't seem to want to cooperate with that either. Any ideas? Am I out of luck on mods unless I get the game on steam or is that irrelevant?
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2023.02.24 02:16 LawAcrobatic3995 Nexus+Bannerlord=headache

Don’t you just love it when you take the time to make sure all of the mods you select are for the same version (v1.0.3) and yet they still don’t work. I load up bannerlord and I don’t even get past 30 seconds before it crashes without any explanation. Now I’ve resigned to just using the mods that I can find on the steam workshop, if anybody can help please do.
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2023.02.22 23:30 Bulinek Warriors help! Bannerlord from PC GamePass

I just started to play M&B Bannerlord on PC and wish to install mods. I managed to get them placed in the module file as the "installation guide" explained on and changed the bin name to GamingDesktop..... ext. name on each mode file. but still game won't cooperate. Any tips? I know it's possible because some players got it working, but tips from them are not useful in my case :/
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2023.02.19 17:16 Brewtallus Does anyone had this issue and if so knows how to fix it?

I had a blast playing through Vanilla, took some time off, and now I'm giving a go to a couple of mods. Not gonna lie, made a game I love even more enjoyable.
However, I began to run into some exceptions when trying to launch some battles. At first, just loading a previous save and trying to launch the same battle again wouldn't reproduce the crash, so I didn't look into it. Problem is, I'm at a battle that simply loading a save game does not "fix" the issue. I could auto resolve it since my forces heavily outnumber the enemys, but I'm afraid this might happen in a big and important battle so I'd rather fix it before it comes to that.
Tried to find if someone had the same issue at NexusMods posts, but didn't find it.

Here's an excerpt of BUTRLoader's log with the details:

- Exception

Exception information Type: System.ArgumentNullException Message: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: source Source: System.Core CallStack:
  1. at bool System.Linq.Enumerable.Any(IEnumerable source)
  2. at bool TaleWorlds.Core.Extensions.IsEmpty(IEnumerable source)
  3. at ItemObject SandBox.SandboxBattleBannerBearersModel.GetBannerBearerReplacementWeapon(BasicCharacterObject agentCharacter)
  4. at Agent TaleWorlds.MountAndBlade.Mission.SpawnTroop_Patch1(Mission this, IAgentOriginBase troopOrigin, bool isPlayerSide, bool hasFormation, bool spawnWithHorse, bool isReinforcement, int formationTroopCount, int formationTroopIndex, bool isAlarmed, bool wieldInitialWeapons, bool forceDismounted, Vec3? initialPosition, Vec2? initialDirection, string specialActionSetSuffix, ItemObject bannerItem, FormationClass formationIndex)
  5. at void TaleWorlds.MountAndBlade.BannerBearerLogic+FormationBannerController.UpdateBannerBearersForDeployment()
  6. at void TaleWorlds.MountAndBlade.ViewModelCollection.OrderOfBattle.OrderOfBattleFormationItemVM.HandleCommanderAssignment(OrderOfBattleHeroItemVM newCommander)
  7. at void TaleWorlds.MountAndBlade.ViewModelCollection.OrderOfBattle.OrderOfBattleFormationItemVM.set_Commander(OrderOfBattleHeroItemVM value)
  8. at void SandBox.ViewModelCollection.SPOrderOfBattleVM.LoadConfiguration()
  9. at void TaleWorlds.MountAndBlade.ViewModelCollection.OrderOfBattle.OrderOfBattleVM.Initialize(Mission mission, Camera missionCamera, Action selectFormationAtIndex, Action deselectFormationAtIndex, Action onAutoDeploy, Action onBeginMission, Dictionary formationIndicesAndSergeants, Action focusOnAgent)
  10. at void TaleWorlds.MountAndBlade.GauntletUI.Mission.Singleplayer.MissionGauntletOrderOfBattleUIHandler.OnPlayerTurnToChooseFormationToLead(Dictionary lockedFormationIndicesAndSergeants, List remainingFormationIndices)
  11. at void TaleWorlds.MountAndBlade.ViewModelCollection.Order.MissionOrderDeploymentControllerVM.ExecuteDeployAll_Patch1(MissionOrderDeploymentControllerVM this)
  12. at void TaleWorlds.MountAndBlade.Missions.Handlers.BattleDeploymentHandler.OnFormationUnitsSpawned(Team team)
  13. at void TaleWorlds.MountAndBlade.Team.OnFormationUnitsSpawned()
  14. at void TaleWorlds.MountAndBlade.MissionAgentSpawnLogic.OnInitialSpawnForSideEnded(BattleSideEnum side)
  15. at void TaleWorlds.MountAndBlade.SiegeMissionController.SetupTeamsOfSide(BattleSideEnum side)
  16. at void TaleWorlds.MountAndBlade.DeploymentMissionController.SetupTeams()
  17. at void TaleWorlds.MountAndBlade.DeploymentMissionController.OnMissionTick(float dt)
  18. at void TaleWorlds.MountAndBlade.Mission.OnTick(float dt, float realDt, bool updateCamera, bool doAsyncAITick)
  19. at void TaleWorlds.MountAndBlade.MissionState.TickMission(float realDt)
  20. at void TaleWorlds.MountAndBlade.MissionState.OnTick(float realDt)
  21. at void TaleWorlds.Core.GameStateManager.OnTick(float dt)
  22. at void TaleWorlds.Core.Game.OnTick(float dt)
  23. at void TaleWorlds.Core.GameManagerBase.OnTick(float dt)
  24. at void TaleWorlds.MountAndBlade.Module.OnApplicationTick_Patch1(Module this, float dt)

- Installed Modules

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2023.02.12 00:45 yahir42035 Is the demo just 10hrs or is it unlimited with ea pro I’m confused

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2023.02.02 03:43 MelancholyHead Manually installed mods not showing in Launcher

I have recently gotten back into Bannerlord and a bunch of my mods are installed through Steam Workshop. However, since Steam Workshop only allows one version of a mod, some of the mods I want to use I had to manually download the file from NexusMods. I then took those compressed files and extracted them into the Modules folder for Bannerlord. However, when I open the launcher only the mods I added manually do not show up. I feel like it has something to do with Steam Workshop but I am not sure. I would like to avoid using NexusMods as I hate all that space it takes up making copies of the mods. Any ideas on why this is happening?
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2023.01.23 21:54 Necessary-Ad-4553 Kingdom Tab/Circle Notifications causing crash.

Today's new issue is that when I try to click on a circle notification (ones that would take me to the Kingdom Tab) or on the Kingdom tab itself, the game crashes. The rest of the tabs and everything in the game seems to work, but no matter what I've tried so far it will not work.
This is what I get as an Exception pop-up.
Bannerlord Crash Report (
I've posted on the Nexus Page for the UIExtender since it is referenced, but haven't received a response. One thing I've seen in similar posts is that a bad mod is causing the file to be corrupted or something. If anyone has come across this before or has any ideas I would greatly appreciate it. This is my favorite game and it drives me crazy when things like this happen.
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2023.01.17 17:44 Biomirth Beta 1.1.0 Mods working and not working user-updated list

I don't know if this is useful to people or not, so please excuse me if this isn't wanted here. I'm testing 1.1.0 Beta and trying out updated and not-updated mods to see what works. I thought it might be a nice idea to have a post that people can update with their own data (just copy paste the chart and post a reply):
(note: Some of these I've never used before but they show as updated on Nexus so thought I'd give a try)

Mod Name Update for 1.1.0 Tested Status
Butter Launcher Updated Working
Bannerlord.Harmony: na Working
Bannerlord.ButterLib: v2.6.2.0 Updated iirc Working
Bannerlord.UIExtenderEx: v2.6.0.0 Updated Working
Bannerlord.MBOptionScreen: v5.5.5.0 Native: v1.1.0.0 Updated Working
FaceOverhaul: e1.8.0.0 na Working (I think)
vbody: v1.0.0.0 na Working (I think)
WomeninCalradia: v5.0.0.0 Updated Working
Tutelage: v1.0.0.0 Steam Workshop Working
MoreArenas: e1.5.5.0 na Working
ArenaOverhaul: v1.3.0.0 Updated! Working
ButterAchievements: v1.1.2.0 ? Can't Tell
CharacterReload: e1.1.0.0 Updated Working
Children_Are_No_Longer_Invulnerable: v1.0.1.0 Updated Working
GovernorsHandleIssues: v1.1.0.0 Updated Testing
KillThemAll: v1.0.0.0 Updated Crash when PrimaeNoctis also installed. May just be broken.
PrimaeNoctisBLord: v1.1.0.0 Updated Working
SomeBanditsAreNowChildren: v1.0.4.0 Updated Working
UsefulSkips: v1.0.0.0 Updated Working
Hot Butter Not Updated Crashes
Captivity Events Not Updated (Might Test)
T8 Female Troops Reborn Not Updated Crashes
Some Bandits now Female Not Updated na
Kaoses Tweaks Not Updated past 1.03 na
Marry Anyone Not Updated Pregnancy system causes Crash.
BetterSmithingContinued Not Updated na
Detailed Character Creation Shouldn't Need with CR above na
WeaponGapFix Depricated by patch na
Idon'twantyoureldest Updated Working
SellMyFamily Updated Not tested
InnsForMyVillages Updated Working

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2023.01.14 09:38 picklesandspaghetti Game keeps crashing on startup

Game keeps crashing on startup
So I recently started playing bannerlord and I wanted to add some mods through nexus (I used the vortex launcher to download). Problem is my game keeps on crashing without any error messages. I made sure all the mods were specifically for the game version I was using (1.0.2). Any ideas?
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2023.01.12 05:07 Distinct_Fold434 1.0.2 not starting up for some reason.

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2023.01.10 14:00 bmrtt What's the current strategy for being a smith and/or a merchant?

In Warband, I loved ignoring the kingdoms' drama and becoming a merchant lord. I'm still new to Bannerlord after a few fumbled saves but I want to do the same, especially now there's a crafting system involved.
All the guides I could find about smithing were old, and I understand that many things have changed over the recent patches. Assuming that you start a fresh new game, how would you go about becoming a blacksmith, leveling it and turning a profit as soon as possible?
Same goes for trading. In Warband you could just listen to rumors, follow them religiously, and make more denars than you could ever need. With that removed I'm guessing there's more strategy involved in it now. Curious to know how you guys handle manual trading these days.
ALSO as an additional question, I can't get most mods to work. I use Nexus and Vortex to install them, but most of them don't work and crash the game on launch, and I could only find like 3-4 that actually work. Is this fixable, or just mods being outdated?
Appreciate any help.
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