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2013.06.04 15:58 TH0UGHTP0LICE WWII planes

A place to share anything about anything flying in the last great war.

2018.01.12 07:41 CarsonRoscoe The Evolving Digital Canvas

PixelProperty is an evolving public art canvas where owners and users work together to play, design and trade! Come play for free at! PixelProperty will be the world's first physical art canvas built using blockchain technology. PixelProperty is composed of customizable Digital Properties that allow users and owners to share, advertise, and earn.

2023.06.08 10:53 GenzoIonBolt Hi, I need a profile review please. I feel like either it's missing something, Everybody is doing the same redundant thing or I'm getting OLD fatigue.

Hi, I need a profile review please. I feel like either it's missing something, Everybody is doing the same redundant thing or I'm getting OLD fatigue. submitted by GenzoIonBolt to Tinder [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 10:51 RASPorts909 I'm (23M) starting to feel my (21F) girlfriend doesn't want me anymore. Should I try to rebuild our relationship or walk away?

Hello to everyone here at relationship_advice.
For the past few months I've been dealing with depression and anxiety because of my current relationship along the stress and pressures of college.
I haven't spoken to anyone about my situation as I am too scared, afraid, and ashamed to show my vulnerable side to others, especially friends and relatives.
I badly need help as I honestly feel I could top over the edge anytime soon, and I don't want that to happen.
Here's my story.
Me (M23) and my girlfriend (F21) started dating during high school. I was a year ahead of her and we met through our campus paper. I was already an editor at that time and she was hoping to join our ranks. Through our mutual interests, we grew to know and love each other until eventually we became partners. We both loved every single moment, it may not be perfect but fought through everything and came out of every problem stronger than ever.
Even as I move out of town to enter my freshman year of college (remember I was ahead a year), our bond and love just continued to grow stronger. Even as a Straight A student, I make sure to make time for her and our relationship.
But things changed drastically when the pandemic began.
I'd like to give y'all my girlfriend's upbringing before I continue. When she was conceived, her biological father left, so her mother raised her by herself and with the help of her grandparents. As a result, they became overprotective about her to the point that it became toxic. Hell, her entire childhood was toxic. I attribute some, if not most of her negative traits and behavior due to her upbringing.
Back to the story. The pandemic affected all of us, both physically and mentally. We both had our share of personal battles with COVID. At the start, we both communicated our problems and helped each other out. Until this one instance.
No explanation, no context, no contact whatsoever. She ghosted me for over a month. She said she was dealing with something. You know what, I'm an understanding guy, it's alright, but I told her don't do it again. At least give me a heads up for something, as I was worried sick about her. But just a few months after that, it happened again, for much longer.
She ignored me for SEVEN STRAIGHT MONTHS. Her reason: she was fighting her demons. She barely messenged or called. Only times she bothered texting was if an earthquake occurred or if a typhoon was in town (you can get a guess as to where I am from). But I said, hey, I'm gonna give her time and space because I love her and I'm willing to wait. My friends whom I told this story about, laughed at me and was actually pissed about how I handled things. They said I deserve better. But I ignored all of them because I truly love her and I understand her situation.
She eventually apologized and vowed for that situation to never happen again. Well, it did. And if became the norm in our relationship.
We would talk, occasionally meet for a few months. Then a month or two of total silence from her. Then it just repeats. At first I was totally fine. I understood her perspective and everything but ever since this year, I started to feel differently.
I started to feel useless, like she doesn't need my help when she's dealing with something. I started feeling tired, with the repetitive cycle of our relationship. I started feeling worthless. I started feeling that I am no longer loved.
Everytime she's dealing with something, whether be it academics or a personal matter, she would just ignore me. But last week, she blatantly said that I don't need to have to worry or concern myself about her issues and problems. I sent her a couple of messages which until today she hasn't even bother seeing. It's still left as "sent" and not "read."
I don't know what to do. We have our own sets of issues or problems but not serious ones. I don't cheat, I'm faithful, and I'm loyal. I 100% believe she's also the same, but she said on one of our last conversations she's talking to a guy, who she claims is only her friend but has openly confessed feelings for her. She turned it down but they still talk from time to time.
After hearing that, I started being paranoid. I couldn't focus on the tasks I need to do. I don't know what she's doing. All my attention is towards her and this guy she's talking to. She claims no cheating is happening and she just needs some time and space again as she's dealing with another problem.
As stupid as it sounds, I want to continue loving her. I really love her and can't a future without her by my side.
People of Reddit, what should I do? Should I continue and make efforts to rekindle our relationship or should I break away from this "toxic" cycle that our relationship is going through for the past three years.
Any help or advice would be appreciated.
Thank you.
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2023.06.08 10:50 sixoo6 what's with the awful storytelling in canto 4 [SPOILERS]

So I've just finished playing Canto 4 Part 2 up to the very last stage available, if you're not there yet please keep in mind that I'll be talking about spoilers freely here.
With that said, WTF happened to the story? I can't be alone in thinking that the entire storytelling in Canto 4 is a lot worse than the previous ones, right? My issues with the story so far, in no particular order:
I just... I don't even get it. If it weren't for Yi Sang's occasional flashbacks trying to frame things and these characters in a more sympathetic light, it would read like a conga-line of people dying for the most stupid reasons while nobody cares. Canto 1's story was depressing but bearable and realistic, Canto 2's was funny even though it was a bit nonsensical, and Canto 3's was incredible. Even the Chicken Event side-story was very good as a light set-up. But Canto 4's story is just... so... bad.
To be honest I'm not sure if the story can be salvaged for me at this point, I just don't care about anybody we've met in Canto 4. Am I alone? What are your thoughts?
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2023.06.08 10:47 yungscoobs_ 1st time moving schools

Evening all,
just want to know what strategies you've used to deal with not being attached to a specific secondary school... I'm currently at my first ever school and in moving to a new school in term 3. I told my first class about the news today and they were visibly upset.. That and everyone else they've ever known has left them (their words not mine and that shit is soul breaking)... I know I shouldn't be attached to them and I know they're going to be okay. I'm just struggling to leave them. Where I'm currently at is extremely rough and all my classes click with me. I know I can't stay forever, but I'm really struggling to leave them. That and I get along extremely well with my co-workers. I know CQ isn't for me and I'm moving closer to SEQ but I guess I'm just seeking advice.
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2023.06.08 10:46 Ace0v Anybody else can't get used to work schedule (sleep)?

I recently finally got a stable job but the hours are brutal. Some days I gotta wake up between 2-3:00 am and get home as late as 19:00. I've worked a job before for almost 3 years where I had to wakeup for 4/4:30 am (and that was somewhat manageable) so this is nothing new to me, but I remember I still hated it. Now it's whole new level..
Nowadays I feel like a zombie all day after about as early as 8/900 am and afternoons I'm just unable to function at all and take frequent naps . Some days my head feels like it's vibrating or something all day and it's annoying it has to be related to my constant state of almost sleep deprivation.
My only salvation is weekends where I try to sleep in and regain some of it but obviously vI can't fix all work week worth off no sleep, and everyone else expects me to function and attend weekend activities (that sometimes start early morning)as usual...
I try to go to bed after 6/7/8 pm but if I take a nap in the afternoon (which I maybe shouldn't but I feel like I have to or else I die some days it's that bad)I can't fall asleep again that early. I'm on all the major self improvement stuff also to various degree but I think even if my diet exercise and everything else was absolutely on point it wouldn't make up for it much.also being constantly so sleep deprived makes it hard to be motivated or have energy for exercise etc.
Any advice ? I'm feeling like shit and rethinking staying at this job, I'm not really a morning person at all even though I tried to make it work for years now..
Btw I realize the obvious answer here is "just go to sleep early bro, get more sleep " but I just can't seem to be able to consistently fall asleep so early when I should to get 7+ hrs and my afternoon naps screw it up even more and as bad as I realize they are I can't just seem to resist it and always lie down for a bit every day...
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2023.06.08 10:44 Iridium-168 Is Ledger Live actually still working in Linux?

So I'm using Debian Linux on my PC and through a process of elimination I've found that Ledger Live versions 2.52 and up have a problem whereby the Ledger Device doesn't get recognized. Ledger Live just keeps asking to connect and unlock the device. I have gone through all the recommended fixes in LL numerous times, tried numerous USB cables, removed antivirus/firewall, done a full wipe and reinstall of LL as per Ledger Support's instructions, nothing has helped. I have tried 3 Ledger devices, one Nano X and two Nano S's, they're all the same.
A few months ago I opened a ticket with Ledger Support and none of their advice helped. Yesterday I re-opened the ticket because I discovered that I could actually get LL to work by downgrading to 2.51, so I know it's probably not an issue with my PC. Based on past experience I don't expect to hear back from Ledger for at least a week though. One problem with using Version 2.51 is that it's advising me that my firmware is outdated, however it doesn't give me an option for updating it. Not sure why.
I came across a Reddit started 4 months ago where someone was having this exact same problem in Linux, and several other users also chimed in that they were having this problem in Linux as well. I tried posting questions on that Reddit but no one is responding there anymore.
So I decided to start this thread to see if anyone out there is using Linux, and more specifically Debian-based Linux, with an up-to-date Ledger Live that is working OK. If so, I know I can keep persevering to figure out what it is specifically about my PC that isn't allowing LL to work. And of course if anyone has any suggestions as to what else I could try it would be most appreciated. Thanks!
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2023.06.08 10:42 Dry-Influence-3368 I Need A Hacker To Clone A Phone I Need A Hacker Urgently Hire A Hacker For Android And iPhone Hack Hire Mobile Phone Hackers

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2023.06.08 10:34 ArchmageMC What are some advantages of a Ring of Sustenance?

Like, since I'd get an extra 6 hours a day, could I actually use that time to craft while the rest of the party is sleeping? Or what else could I do with those extra 6 hours?
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2023.06.08 10:21 MayK919 UPS M2

Hello everyone. I have applied to a few M2 masters in the UPS platform, and thankfully got accepted in three. All of the three of them are subjects I would like to study so I don't have a favourite in that aspect. Now the problem is I don't have a TCF, DELF or DALF diploma and I just found out I have to have one for the Visa if I'm gonna study in french, and two of those masters are in french. I can study in french with no problems btw. Now the problem is I have to choose quick and see if it's worth taking a TCF test last minute and risk getting a late visa interview date. One of the masters is taught in english at université d'Évry (mechatronics - at Évry-Courcouronne), the second in french at université de Versailles (robotics - at Versailles Vélizy-Villacoublay), the third in french also at Centrale (control - at Gif-sur-Yvette) where I have friends. Does anyone have any idea or opinion about which one is better, the location, rent prices, living prices, the universities, the availability of part-time jobs, etc? Anything I can go by?
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2023.06.08 10:15 SweetandSaltyFruit Can’t login to play after new update.

Can’t login to play after new update.
Any advice, I can't get into the game after tapping on my screen. This is the message I keep getting after the new HR update. I was so excited to get a new killer to play up against .
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2023.06.08 10:09 divahospital Know How Does Stress Cause Infertility In Females?

Know How Does Stress Cause Infertility In Females?
The impact of infertility can be extensive and may involve a person’s relationships with loved ones, financial situation, and even their sexual relationships. Studies have indicated that the emotional toll of infertility can be comparable to the distress experienced by individuals coping with serious medical conditions like cancer, heart disease, and HIV. Sadly, many cultures do not recognize infertility as a disease, which can lead to unjustified blame being placed on affected couples. Experience compassionate care and cutting-edge treatments for infertility at Diva Women’s Hospital. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards building the family of your dreams.

Does stress cause infertility?

While stress can impact the reproductive system in various ways, there is no definitive evidence that stress causes infertility in men or women. However, chronic stress may disrupt hormone levels, affect sexual function, and lead to lifestyle habits that can contribute to infertility. Additionally, stress can make it more challenging for some couples to conceive by reducing sexual desire or causing irregular menstrual cycles. Yes, chronic stress can disrupt the hormones responsible for ovulation in some women, leading to irregular menstrual cycles or even complete cessation of ovulation. This can make it challenging to conceive and may require medical intervention. Women who are trying to conceive may benefit from stress-reducing techniques such as mindfulness, exercise, and relaxation techniques to improve their chances of ovulating regularly and maximizing their fertility.

Some ways to deal with the stress of infertility?

Seek support: Infertility can be isolating, but it’s important to remember that you’re not alone. Consider joining a support group, connecting with others going through similar experiences, or seeking professional counseling to help manage your emotions.
Practice self-care: It is essential for women to take care of themselves during this time. Make time for activities you enjoy, get regular exercise, eat a balanced diet, and prioritize rest and relaxation. Take the first step towards parenthood with Diva Women’s Hospital. Reach out to us for professional and compassionate infertility counseling and support.
Manage expectations: It’s important to be realistic about the journey to conception. Set realistic goals and expectations for yourself, and be prepared to adjust them as needed. Experience the hope and joy of parenthood with the advanced and best IVF and IUI treatments in Ahmedabad offered at Diva Women’s Hospital. Do Connect with Today to schedule a consultation.
Consider complementary therapies: Some people find that complementary therapies like acupuncture, massage, or yoga can help reduce stress and promote relaxation.
Proper Communicate With Your Partner: Infertility can put your relationship in danger even the strongest relationships can be affected. Make sure to communicate openly with your partner about your feelings and experiences, and work together to support each other through this process.

Does managing stress improve fertility?

There is some evidence to suggest that managing stress may improve fertility in some cases. While stress alone may not necessarily cause infertility, it can impact fertility by interfering with ovulation and menstrual cycles in women and by reducing sperm count and motility in men. Reducing stress through techniques such as mindfulness meditation, yoga, exercise, and therapy may improve fertility outcomes for some couples. However, it’s important to keep in mind that infertility is a complex issue, and managing stress alone may not be enough to overcome it. It’s important to work with a healthcare provider to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses all potential factors contributing to infertility. According to a study, women who participated in a mind-body program had a higher chance of getting pregnant, with 55% of them achieving pregnancy compared to only 20% of women who did not participate. These programs focus on teaching techniques for relaxation, stress management, and coping skills, and also offer group support. The programs typically consist of five to 10 sessions and may involve male partners as well.
Diva Women’s Hospital in Ahmedabad values womanhood and understands the importance of supporting women throughout every phase of their lives. As the best maternity hospital in Ahmedabad, we strive to listen to our patients, understand their needs, and provide compassionate care. Our goal is to enhance the experience of womanhood in every way possible. Diva Women’s Hospital offers a range of services including maternity, gynaecology, fetal medicine, and breastfeeding support, in addition to infertility treatments in Ahmedabad. Do get in touch with us today to get the best support.
​Blog Originally Posted Here:
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2023.06.08 10:06 missykristy Help? DCAA Recruitment

In April, I attended a banquet/meet the firms event at a university I was not a student at (was a guest of a professor) and met a recruiter there. I wasn’t an accounting major and am in an MBA program, but am set to graduate in December 2023.
Fast-forward to May 20th, I get a call from the recruiter for an interview the next day. Interview was just with the recruiter and she asked all the general questions I saw online. She said she would give me the results in a week. After some weeks I get another call saying it was an excellent interview and would forward her recommendation to HR and to send in my resume and transcripts.
Today, I got an email from HR to discuss my position.
This is my very first time interviewing for any professional job! I’ve only worked in customer service and food industry previously. So I’m very confused and have been reading this subreddit for info, but I’m still lost.
Where am I in this process? What do you think is my next step?
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2023.06.08 10:06 MountainVegetable302 how long after removal can I suck dick?

yes this is a serious question lol .. getting all 4 wisdom teeth out on Friday, how long should I wait, are we talking 5 days, 10 days, longer?
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2023.06.08 10:02 iam-mm Lighting & Keyframes

I got into creating with Source Filmmaker a little over a day ago, I’m creating a short little video as I’m getting familiar with the tools, but I’m stuck on a part where I need to make the light piece fly from one area to another. I thought adding keyframes would do the trick, but every time I try to make the light fly as if it were a UFO, it just doesn’t move! Is it not possible to do the task I’m trying to do? Someone please let me know.
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2023.06.08 09:59 AutoModerator [Complete] Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator

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2023.06.08 09:53 Bianca_Rao How can digital agency benefit my business in Dubai?

When you use the services of a digital agency, you may reap many benefits of digital marketing for your organization.

Key benefits include the following:

Improved online exposure is one of the main benefits of implementing a comprehensive digital marketing plan. Your website's rankings and online exposure may be improved by working with a digital agency in Dubai, which can use strategies like search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, content marketing, and paid advertising to help your site achieve its goals.
A digital consultant in Dubai can assist you in finding and communicating with your ideal clientele by making use of audience demographics, user behavior research, and other sophisticated targeting tools. This specific strategy increases the likelihood of acquiring new consumers and generating new business.
Brand visibility may be expanded via digital marketing, which also helps to maintain it. They may assist build your brand's reputation and trust within your target demographic via strategic content creation, social media marketing, and other branding initiatives.
Digital marketing may save you money by being more efficient than more conventional forms of advertising. Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, social media advertisements, and email marketing are just a few of the digital advertising possibilities that won't break the bank. By figuring out which channels and methods will provide you the most return on investment (ROI), a marketing firm can help you get the most out of your money.
The capacity to monitor and assess the success of a digital marketing effort in real time is a major benefit. Help you evaluate the success of your marketing initiatives and make informed choices with in-depth statistics and insights. This insightful data is crucial in improving campaign performance, narrowing down on desirable demographics, and fine-tuning overall approach.
Direct connection and engagement with your target audience is made easier with. A digital marketing firm in Dubai can assist you in establishing meaningful connections with your target audience using channels like social media, email marketing, and online discussion boards. Customers gain trust, show more brand loyalty, and are more likely to promote your business as a result of this interaction.
In conclusion, digital marketing has many benefits for businesses, and working with a good digital marketing firm in Dubai may help you reap the most of them. They are well-versed in the local market and can use that knowledge to help you expand your online presence, reach more customers, and grow your company.
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2023.06.08 09:53 SaltyLittleLich Suggestion: Long Duration Damage

While playing the other day, it kind of hit me what would prevent players and groups from going on hours long rampages.
Long duration damage to both health and stamina.
So the premise is this, right now you have your health bar, and once you're out of combat, you start healing any damage you took, bringing you back good as new.
My suggestion is to add a second amount of damage depending on the attack that greys out a portion of your health bar and takes a VERY long time to heal back.
Even at only a couple percent of your total health, it starts adding up. Right now mega packs get sloppy, they don't care if they bite each other because they can just heal up right after you're nuked. Now imagine every fight reducing their total health until eventually the weakest hit takes them out. No more tanking forever or holding IC with your buddies all day long. Because each hit does so much damage, smaller dinos like raptors and pachies would quickly lose a large portion of their health, and even though they heal very fast, it would take hours to go back to 100%.
The same thing goes for stamina. Make things like bone break reduce your stamina. That one change would bring hit and run speed dasps into the meta, as well as giving anos the ability to escape, since they could tank hits while stacking bone break until the enemy's stamina bar is so small they can just run away.
Unique passives for dinosaurs and secondary damage like this is how I believe unpopular dinosaurs and subspecies could be tweaked, instead of flat numerical increases or decreases.
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2023.06.08 09:51 brightstar9 The 1-year role - Any chance for significant contribution?

Sometimes I see those new position posts on LinkedIn where the person says that it was a very productive year for him at XXX and that he's thrilled to move on to the next challenge and he would like to thank this and that, and it makes me wonder if there is any chance for significant contribution in 1 year for senior roles.
I think it takes around 3 months just to learn the company, internally how things are working, people, procedures, and then the outbound, market, clients, competitors, and so on, so the real contribution, in my opinion, starts only around 6 months and also then it's like keeping the momentum already set by managers or previous people. So, is there real truth in those posts? Isn't the 1-year role usually an indication that there was no chemistry or things like that?
P.S. I just heard a podcast of a new head of product hire that launched something 2 weeks after getting into the job, and I'm puzzled like was he/she only in the room, or otherwise how could he/she really contribute something to the launch while been in the company for 2 weeks?
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2023.06.08 09:49 Lousouwayla Wanna leave this place for a while

Hello everyone,
I'm 23 years old and I'm so exhausted from the situation in Pakistan and specially the city I live in which is Karachi over the past year I have been depressed after getting robbed at gunpoint.
I just wanna leave this country for a while I'm planning to go to Istanbul and live there for a month for my peace of mind over the 2 year through freelancing I have saved up to 5 lacs PKR which is my hard work Money so is it good to spend it on traveling?
Also I just wanna stay in Istanbul for a month is 5 lacs are enough for that stay? it will be my first time traveling somewhere other than Karachi so I'm kind of nervous being all alone in Istanbul.
I'm really depressed and I feel like if I didn't change the environment or people that are around me I might hurt myself so for the sake of my mental health I'm planning that trip I'll really appreciate your guys help please suggest me what should I do in Istanbul in my budget?
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2023.06.08 09:45 AutoModerator Iman Gadhzi's Copy-Paste Agency (here)

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2023.06.08 09:44 ForeignPerspective83 Prozac for only 1 week

I’ve been taking 10mg of Prozac for 5 days now and I’m only supposed to take it one week out of the month to help with my PMS (the crazy week we women get before our period) it has been a MIRACLE but the only thing I’ve noticed is that my libido is low and I can’t finish. Is there anyone else that has this effect and/or is there anyone that knows if I’ll get my libido back the weeks that I don’t take it? Thank you!
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2023.06.08 09:44 reddit_lss_2 Who is in the wrong here?

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