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2023.03.30 16:42 BadgerlordTasso My Attempt to solve the Sister Location Conundrum

Since the topic of when Sister Location take’s place has come up and is being discussed, I thought I would throw my hat into the ring with my own theory on it. The more I think about it, the less and less it makes sense for SL to be before the first game. For me, the mystery is more about how close to FNAF 3 it takes place, and I think I can give some good evidence that would put Sister Location as a direct prequel to 3, taking place as a lead in to the events of 3. Hear me out.
Molten Freddy and the Missing Children
A good part of this theory is based on whether or not Molten Freddy has the original souls (Complete or incomplete) of the 1985 MCI kids inside of him and I think he does. This is alluded to in The Fourth Closet when William Afton melts down the original animatronics and injects them directly into Funtime Freddy. When he injects Carlton with them as well, he’s shown some of the missing children. Fritz, Cassidy, and Suzie. He even interacts with them, they appear to be in a sort of limbo. He convinces them that they shouldn’t be following the bunny man and when he wakes up, Funtime Freddy and Mangle are attacking William, having turned on him suddenly. So thanks to the book, we know that Funtime Freddy also has at least some of the children inside of him. Which brings up the first interesting point.
We are shown that the souls, or part of the souls, of whomever is “trapped” in it can be in multiple places at the same time. In the book we see it’s in F. Freddy, as well as Carlton and probably still more inside the remaining remnant that William was saving for himself. Not only that, it shows that the soul part of one can affect the other. The animatronics turning on William as a result of Carlton talking with them after being injected is proof of that.
We can also see some evidence of this in the games. The Toy animatronics start acting up before Someone messes with them, and before someone uses the suit in the back. We know that parts were salvaged from the original animatronics to make the new ones. During the later nights in the games it’s shown that not only are the toy animatronics acting funny, the withered animatronics in the back are as well. A.k.a. The original animatronics who have the souls of the children in them. This shows that a soul, or in this case, a part of a soul, can inhabit more than one animatronic at the same time and both be possessed. We also get further evidence of this in the Fazbear Frights books, with multiple pieces of William's agony infecting multiple different objects in a Fazbear Warehouse, creating what eventually becomes the Afton Amalgamation.
Now, for the sister location’s time frame things start to get confusing, so let’s start with some things that we do know.
Dates we know
  1. The first Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza was established in 1983 (Learned from the coins in Help Wanted)
  2. The second Freddy’s (Toy Location) opened after 1985, since they had to beef up security as a direct results of the MCI
  3. The Toy Location closed in 1987 because of the bite
  4. Third Location opened sometime after that, and closed, in 1993
  5. Fazbear Frights opens in, and is burned down, 30 years later in 2023
William’s Path of destruction
  1. Murders at least 5 kids in the original location in 1985.
  2. Murders unknown number of kids in the Toy location (Alluded to by Phone guy, someone using the yellow suit)
  3. Disappears until after the FNAF 1 location closes, where he goes back and destroys the animatronics one by one, lured to him by Shadow Freddy (Still not sure how that works, but goin’ with it)
  4. ???? (More on this below)
  5. Get’s himself springlocked, being chased by the ghosts of his past and is locked away in the back room for 30 years
  6. Phone Dude finds him, places him in Fazbear Frights in 2023 (We found one, a real one!)
There is a small piece of this puzzle that has never made much sense to me though... He destroys the animatronics, most likely to gather their Remnant and use it for his experiments as we see him directly doing in the books. That makes sense (In a FNAF way it makes sense anyway). I also don’t think that this all took place in a single night. He came back night after night, destroying one animatronic after another and taking their remnant, As Henry alludes to in his speech, he took the one thing the children had from them, again. Taking their soul for his own purposes. He took the gift that was given to them by the puppet for himself. I also believe that this happened after the location closed, as it would have been extremely strange to open up in the morning and suddenly animatronics are just… missing and then… continue operations as normal.
He melts the parts he had collected down, extracts the remnant and injects it into Funtime Freddy as part of an experiment (As well as probably all the other Funtime Animatronics not named Baby) But, he saves a little bit for himself. I think he injects himself with it as well in an attempt to become immortal, as he seems to want to do in the book.
After his experiment he goes back to the pizzeria. Now that he’s injected himself, he can see the ghosts of the children. They have more of an influence over him than they ever could before. They chase him down, he gets in the Bunny Suit (Possibly to scare them away? Not sure how that was going to work) and promptly dies due to things on the outside insisting on being on his inside. Only his body dies though, but like we see with Michael later, he isn’t dead thanks to the remnant he injected himself with. There, he’s trapped for thirty years until unleashed upon the world in FNAF 3.
So this is the part that’s bugged me. Why did he go back? He had all four animatronics, why did he need to go back to the pizzeria? Was it to burn the place down to destroy the remaining evidence? Did he want to find Michael? Make sure he didn’t miss anything? I can’t figure it out. This also brings up a bit of an issue with the entire concept of all five children being inside of Molten Freddy… Where is Golden Freddy? We don’t see William destroying him. Put a pin in that, I’ll get to it later as it ties to Michael.
Sister Location and Michael Afton
So, how and when does Michael, and Sister Location, come into all of this? I do think that we play as Michael in every FNAF game, until UCN. I just don’t think he’s a walking corpse until just before the third game. Yes, I know that he was fired for odor but I have a possible explanation for that. That's way more down to earth than “Literal walking corpse.” So let me try and break this down!
Michael, torn apart by guilt on a nightly basis, probably isn’t living his best life. Depression, Anxiety… they do things to ya. Constantly plagued by Nightmares whenever he tries to sleep he’s not getting the rest he needs nor is he taking care of himself. When he learns what his father is doing, it gives him purpose, he has to undo the damage his father has done. Going to as many locations as he can to attempt to free the children, while staying under cover as much as possible so as not to draw the attention of his father.
Once the guard in FNAF 2 is moved to the Day shift, Michael is hired to take his place but is fired the day after that due to “Tampering with the Animatronics, and Odor.” Now I think he was fired primarily because of the former, the latter is not really a reason to get fired. I think it’s really just as simple as he’s not taking care of himself in his personal life. If he’s not getting enough sleep thanks to nightmares he’s probably starting to have psychotic episodes, preventing him from making normal every day decisions, like showering. He’s also around what… 23, 34 at this point? He may honestly even be homeless, unable to shower even if he wanted to. Whatever the case may be, It’s not because he’s dead. Yet.
When the FNAF 1 location opens, he’s surprised by this and applies there once more to see what’s going on. Under a different pseudonym this time. He gets the job and sees immediately that things are just like they were at the last location. He tries to free the animatronics but is unsuccessful as dear old dad is the one that actually takes them out once the location closes after he’s fired for tampering with them, again. This also explains how, if you are caught by the animatronics and stuffed in a suit in Fnaf 1, you die. There is no Remnant to keep you alive.
As an added point, if FNAF 4 takes place during the nights of FNAF 1, and are Michael's Nightmares as he's trying to sleep between shifts, this brings up a couple of strange points. If he is dead, he wouldn't need to sleep, so why would he be having nightmares? They could be hallucinations, but even that doesn't make much sense because of the fact that you are surviving until morning. He would be at the Pizzeria until morning, and home to sleep during the day. I think he's still alive, and his nightmares are what we see in 4, recreating what he's going through during the night shift.
After his firing, one night, a message finds him. It’s from his dad. A message telling him where to go and find his sister. This was William’s contingency plan. In the event of his demise, or capture, he would need someone to set Baby free so that she could find him and save him. Who better than the one person who would be eager to try and put a stop to it all? Michael in his guilt addled mind would want to do anything to help his sister, right?
Michael goes to their old house, something that William made sure was still paid for and not torn down, and finds the location under the house where William told him to go999999999999999999999999999++++ and Sister Location begins. Wackiness ensues, he’s scooped yadda yadda yadda. We now have Ennard in the sewers and a walking talking corpse known as Michael Afton. We get to hear his voice for the first time in the true ending of the game.
“Father, it’s me, Michael. I found them… they were all there. They didn’t recognize me at first, but then… they thought I was you. And I found her! I put her back together, just like you asked me to… she’s free now. But something is wrong with me, I should be dead but I’m not… I’ve been living in the shadows. There is only one thing left for me to do now. I’m going to come find you…”
We then see a sign outside of a building that has “Fazbear Frights” on it, as well as a brief appearance from Springtrap himself. This would lead directly into FNAF 3 where we have the first of two (possibly three if we count Security breach?), showdowns between Michael (Now a corpse infused with Remnant) and his dad (Also a corpse infused with Remnant inside of an animatronic rabbit suit)
To me this answers a good amount of the issues that come up if SL is before FNAF 2.
  1. It seems extremely unlikely that in 1987 or even 93 that someone would hire a security guard without interviewing them first and we didn’t exactly use Skype or Zoom calls back then. They would have noticed something obviously wrong with Michael in person. It makes sense that he’s not dead, yet, in order to get hired.
  2. You can get away with it in FNAF 3 and 6 as they take place in the present day. Now, I know that FNAF 3 was released in 2015, but even in 2015, we were doing interviews over phones or zoom etc… Hell I was hired by a company via a few skype interviews in 2016 so absolutely possible. Plus even if they did see him the people running Fazbear Frights probably saw it as a bonus that he looks so ghoulish.
  3. Because we see springtrap directly in the ending, it makes no sense at all to me for this to be before 1, springtrap didn’t exist yet. He wouldn’t be a thing until 2023 when he’s unleashed. So it only makes sense for SL to be not just after Fnaf 1, but many decades after it. Putting it just before FNAF 3, and acting as a natural lead into the third game.
Now... There are a few (ok many) lingering Questions
The Golden Freddy Question
So this does bring up one of the things I couldn't figure out for a while, but… may be hinted at by Michael himself. If all five kids are supposed to be in Molten Freddy… How is that possible? We see William destroying only 4 of the animatronics. He never got Golden Freddy. Well... I think he already had him. We get a clue to this in Michael’s Monolog “I found them… They were all there.” I think Golden Freddy, or in this case its original version, Golden Fredbear, was already in William’s possession and he extracted what he needed from it already. All he needed was the other four. As of FNAF 3, I don’t think Golden Freddy exists in a physical form anymore. Just a spirit, haunting William. That’s how it’s able to always be around, able to stop him from dying in 6 and able to trap him in a purgatory. The Golden Freddy endoskeleton has already been melted down by Wiliam. He just didn’t realize that by injecting himself with the remnant, he was subjecting himself to Cassidy’s wrath.
Now, if William already had Golden Freddy, how did Michael see him? I think that thanks to his lack of sleep, delusional mind, etc… Any time he sees Golden Freddy it’s him seeing a projection of his brother. A possible manifestation of his guilt, or, his brother reaching out to him from a far off location but only able to get through in rare instances. We never actually see Golden Freddy move, he just… is there, and in different forms over the years. We know that the Golden Freddy suit at one point was an actual suit, shown in multiple different places through the books and in the games so it does exist, or did exist, somewhere. But isn’t it odd that with the exception of William… no one else sees Golden Freddy ever again? We don’t see him in 6, or Security Breach. There is a small reference to him in the VR game, but we still don’t see Golden Freddy himself make any appearance. Only Michael and William ever seem to see him through the series, and in different forms.
Heck, in the Fazbear Frights story "The New Kid" We are directly shown that Golden Freddy can manifest a projection of a child that everyone can see, allowing him to lure people back to the suit, which is a physical suit. He's apparently already done it at least once before, and seems to be doing it again at the end of the story.
Happiest Day, or is it?
This also brings up the issue with Happiest Day, where the souls of the children were freed in one of FNAF 3’s endings. It’s quite possible that this is not the canonical ending. That, since part of the souls are in William, part are in Michael, and part are in Molten Freddy, they don’t actually get their happiest day until Henry enacts “Operation burn it all down”.
Even that isn’t successful as Cassidy keeps William alive. Michael is gone, Molten Freddy is gone, but parts of the souls of those kids live on in William. Cassidy forces them to hunt William down in an endless series of nightmares in UCN. This is possible due to the fact that because he injected himself with the remnant, they live rent free in his body with him while also keeping him alive, as we see in the Fazbear Frights story, the man in room 1280, a spirit can haunt a body directly.
“He tried to release you… he tried to release us but I won't let that happen. I will hold you here, I will keep you here. No matter how many times they burn us…”
There is a chance that part of their souls were released in Fnaf 3. The parts that haunted the original animatronics. All that remains are the parts in MF, William and Michael.
The Survival Logbook
This is one thing that seems to contradict pretty much everything I've typed here! In the book, Michael specifically references Sister Location multiple times. The Exotic Butters Basket, Casual Bongos, etc... so that means that when he was filling out this particular book, it had to be after SL. We also see in the book multiple spirits, Cassidy and the Crying child having a slight conversation. So how is this possible?
Well, one simple thing about the book is... we don't know when it was made either. For all we know, this was a book that made in Fnaf 6, and Michael is filling it out as part of his ownership responsibilities at Freddy's Pizza Place.
In Conclusion
So that... in a long winded nutshell, is why I think Sister Location takes place as a lead in to Fnaf 3, and the start of the final showdown of the Afton Family. As with all theories, it’s not perfect, there are always going to be plot holes. But for me it solves a lot of little issues I have with SL being before FNAF
I do believe William had created the animatronics before 1987, obviously since his child was murdered by one before he himself was springlocked, they had to be created before that. They just didn’t get their Remnant Infusion until after he destroyed the animatronics later, in 1993.
Hope at least some of this makes sense! I know I ramble a lot. Just had to get it out of my head and out into the world.
Have a Faztastic day Superstars.
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2023.03.30 16:42 xAureliaAuritax Is this my hill to die on? TW; pregnancy, potential abuse

Hi, everyone. I (F28) never know how to start these. I'm honestly looking for different perspectives on my situation right now. Going to use an unaffiliated throwaway so this can't be traced back to me.
Obviously, I'm an adult survivor of CSA. I went through the process of reporting my abuser (my maternal grandfather) and he's actually in jail right now, he recently was sentenced. I'm also a survivor of (mostly) non-sexual abuse at the hands of my mother. She is, to put it bluntly, a grade A narcissist with a victim complex. She is married to my stepfather who is honestly a jellyfish of the highest order (absolutely spineless). I have one younger brother who I'll call Caleb (24). Caleb is married to Maria (24), my SIL. Growing up, Caleb and I had very different experiences of our parents; I am female and was obviously nothing but an external extension of our mother and as such had all of her insecurities and fuckups projected onto me. For instance, I was being called a slut frequently while I was still a virgin. (Oh, forgot to mention that the birthgiver got pregnant at 17 and had me at barely 18.) She also got a job at my highschool as a para educator to watch me like a hawk, lest I do the same as she did and trap some Army Asshole ™ with a baby to escape my abusive living situation. I wasn't allowed to have friends (not that anyone liked me anyway, but still) and was essentially on 24/7 lockdown until I was 18 and moved out.
My brother had a very different experience. He visited friends consistently, had a social life outside of school, and even moved in with his girlfriend (now wife) at 15. She quit working at the high school the year he entered as a freshman, so he didn't have her breathing down his neck there, either. Our mother blatantly told me that the discrepancy in how we were treated was because he was a male and thus couldn't get pregnant.
As a result, I have zero connection to my incubator. She is no mother to me and the few people I have in my life know this. When I reported her father for raping me at fifteen (for clarity, I did not report at the time and ended up reporting right before COVID), I cut off all contact as she refused to see her own role in my abuse, and continued to have a relationship with her parents who are literally still married and very much together. Both of them (my mother and her own mother) covered up my abuse as a teen and then forced me to still be around my rapist after the fact. "He's on new blood pressure medication and doesn't know what he's doing." After abusing me, he also abused a step cousin as well. Everyone knew, except myself, and no one said shit.
After my grandfathers arrest, I guess my grandmother is struggling financially and will be moving in with my my brother and pregnant SIL. I currently have zero relationship to my biological 'family', with the exception of my brother. He never participated in any kind of abuse and though we had different upbringings, has always been cognizant of my disdain for our incubator.
And finally, the issue. My SIL is pregnant. They recently did a gender reveal and the baby is a girl. My grandmother is literally going to be in the house with that baby girl. I can't get over this. I was hoping I could have some kind of relationship with my brother and SIL and future neice. But this feels like the biggest slap in the face. And I'm terrified for that little girl. My grandmother never abused me herself, but she actively hid what her husband was doing. For YEARS. My mother is bad enough, but her mother is so much worse.
How do I reconcile this? Do I give up a relationship with my brother because he's invited an abuser into his home? Do I try to explain? Am I wrong for feeling this way? Like, I know I'm triggered or whatever, but even just for his daughter's sake, why would he let someone like that live with him? I have no idea what to do. I feel like this is the nail in the coffin for any hope of ever having a semblance of a "family". How do I even approach this?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm so lost with this and have no idea where to go. I've talked with my therapist, but she was....less than helpful. She doesn't really handle heavy topics well.
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2023.03.30 16:40 Artist-in-Residence- Who is a guest you would like on the Huberman Lab podcast?

Dr. Huberman has interviewed many guests in the medical, neurological, psychiatric, and psychological fields. But variety is the spice of life. As we know, sometimes podcasts can become an ever revolving cycle of the same guests on the same programmes ad infinitum.
Who would you like Dr. Huberman to interview?
Personally, I would love it Dr. Huberman interviewed
Dr. Jim B. Tucker
Jim B. Tucker is a child psychiatrist and Bonner-Lowry Professor of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences at the University of Virginia School of Medicine. His main research interests are documenting stories of children whom he claims remember previous lives, and natal and prenatal memories.
Science is now moving away from classical materialism and moving towards what can't be easily discerned, to explore the unknown.
Dr. Tucker explores what we don't know. What happens to us after we die? Why do some children have memories of past lives? I think this is an important sector of neuroscience to explore.
Who would you like Dr. Huberman to interview?
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2023.03.30 16:37 spicycolon Post Free Agency Mock

I haven't used a simulator; this is just me reading the tea leaves and taking a stab at what I think the Giants will do. It's mostly stuff I've been saying on here forever, but I thought I'd make a more complete (and official) prediction.
I think this year it's a lot clearer where they go, just based off of their needs (which are absolutely a thing in the first couple of rounds) and where the draft's value lays.
CB is far and away their biggest need IMO. I understand there's no center on the roster, but Bredeson has played center (many have forgotten he's actually taken snaps at center in real games, like the eagles finale and preseason as well)- and played reasonably well. He was actually our 2nd best lineman on the field, when he was playing LG. And if Ezeudu is meant to start at LG and Glowinski at RG.... it makes sense to get your best 5 on the field. Furthermore; center is just not as important a position as CB. Personally, I just have zero desire to spend a 1st rounder on the center position, and none of these prospects really merit that kind of investment. Then what- we would have two first rounders for tackles, a 3rd rounder at LG, a big contract at RG and a first rounder at center? Too many resources, IMO.
I've never thought they would draft a WR in round 1. The value probably won't be there, and Joe made it clear he's not trying to force a #1 receiver. And as I've said every year that we've drafted WR (Toney, Wandale)- it's asanine to draft a WR in the first round who you don't think can develop into a #1 for you. Draft your gadget and slot guys outside of the first 50 picks. So unless Zay Flowers is more than advertised; I just can't see a world where they go that way again. There will be good (potentially starting) receivers throughout the first two days.
Lastly, I fully expect that the Giants will trade up in the first three rounds, in this draft. I don't see them using all 10 picks, and they are going to be targeting players at CB, iOL and WR.
With all of that said, here we go:
Round 1 pick 25 - Is there any doubt where I'm going with this? I've been consistently saying the same thing since July of 2022: The pick will be CB, and I believe it'll be Kelee Ringo.
I know a lot of you like Banks, but Banks doesn't press at the line of scrimmage. Wink has a type. Kelee Ringo is his type. Yes, Georgia played a ton of zone last year, so he wasn't covering man as much- but he has the talent (and speed) to play man, and he might be the best press corner in the draft.
The reason he will be available (and he will be available) is twofold:
It's a deep corner class and there will be several players that have more complete game than he- and more specifically, because he's more "scheme dependent". He's not the fluid athlete that Witherspoon or Gonzales are. He doesn't have the quick first step of Banks. But if you want a long corner who will get in receivers faces at the line and fuck up their day? Yeah, he'll be fine. Oh, and he also runs a 4.36.
Again, in other drafts (with less CB depth) he would go higher, but teams that don't play press as much as we do also won't value him as highly. Joey Porter Jr another option, but I just think Ringo has more potential to develop into a star in this system.
Book it.

Round 2 pick 57 - Joe Tippmann C. I've been saying this one for a while as well, but originally thought we could get him in the third round(!). Now I'm seeing him in mocks in the 1st round! Not sure I buy that at all...
I think the only iOL players who will go in round one are Torrence and maybe John Michael Smitz. I think Steve Avila goes before Tippmann, too. Maybe even the Ohio state center too.
Now, we might need to spend a 4th to trade up and target the desired center in the 2nd round... but I'm gonna guess he's still there at 57. Center is just not a position that teams love to spend 1st or 2nd rounds picks on, and it's a deep center class.
That said, I think the Giants obviously need someone who can come in and start quickly, so Bredeson can be a swing guy. Tippmann can do that.
They'll likely pick up one more center in FA at some point before training camp too, so there will be bodies... but a boss ass interior lineman would go so far into solidifying this line. An improved Neal, All pro play from Thomas, and some of the depth we now have at guard... center needs to be firmed up long term.
Oh and Lemeiux has cross trained too; so there's definitely depth at iOL, we just need a solid starters in place.

Round 3 pick TRADE UP - This is the round I would bet money they will trade up. As it usually only takes a 5th rounder, and we have an extra one from the Toney trade. And fittingly, this is where you take your favorite WR left. I'll cop out a little and just predict "whatever WR the Giants like".
If I had my druthers, it would be AT Perry, Rashee Rice or Xavier Hutchinson... but based on the type of receivers the Giants seem to like; I'm betting on Tyler Scott (WR Cincinnati).
Another name to watch in the mold of WRs they like is Parker Washington, from Penn State. As they seem to like quick guys who can create separation; prioritizing that over size and physicality. Good character; smart, tough, dependable. Parker Washington actually reminds me a ton of Sterling Shepard. He's a young SS.
But Tyler Scott (while slight) is sudden, and is a freak athlete (former RB, despite his size). Good route runner (with deep threat ability), and top end speed. If he wasn't so small, I think he'd probably be a 2nd round pick. But with how deep this WR class is, and how many different flavors of WR; he'll likely be a 3rd rounder. Maybe throw both of your 5th rounders to get to the first half of the 3rd round and target your guy???

Round 4 pick 128 - Sean Tucker RB Syracuse. Time to hedge your bets in case it's Barkley's last year as a Giant.
Tucker is someone I like, as he's a "bowling ball" type running back; short and can get small, but physical as hell for his size. He's a good pass catcher.
He wouldn't be my personal preference- but again, I'm trying to project what the giants might like. And I'm certain they would want a pass catching back. I personally think it's time to see a bruiser in a Giants uniform. We haven't had a power back in forever. I haven't paid much attention to the RBs this year, so not sure who I'd prefer, but I'd definitely prioritize a downhill runner, here.
For the rest of the draft.... best available players!!! Absolutely no point in drafting for "need" past day two. I just took a stab at round 4, because I think that would be a good spot (end of round 4) to pick up a back who could become a big part of the audience down the road.
Whatchu think?
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2023.03.30 16:36 CabbageMessiah My Newphews / Niece Are Being Abused by N-Parents and I Haven't Reported It

I've recently seen someone asking about this from an adolescent perspective and it made me think about my recent encounter with this and my experience growing up and wondering the same thing about my aunts and uncles not doing anything or talking to me. I've also been thinking of writing about my overall experience, how it affected my life, and my present relationship to family, but I was considering making it into an audio or video post (without explicit personal details) because I've never felt enough touch of humanity from visiting through the years and reading or commenting, and I want to really explore the range of issues it ultimately became understood to affect through the years. Let me know what you think of that idea and why if you want to.
My nephews and niece are in very abusive environments, from what I hear from the abusive parents talking about themselves openly and about an ex-wife, and from what I've seen first-hand. One nephew, I never met. His antagonism by my sister and sense of betrayal by his father was so strong that he refused to visit by the time I happened to stay with my sister. I only got to interact with one newphew and niece. I went no contact with my sister for about a decade in my twenties and after she finally reached out to me, she began sharing questionable accounts of her life, her new husband's ex-wife, and odd comments prescribing ADHD or autism interchangeably and belligerently with a tone of dismissal and sometimes walking back that there was a legitimate diagnosis. That especially concerned me because I was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, and it's difficult to get adequate care because people have agendas and motives surrounding it, but she was bizarrely conflating it with autism as though looking for excuses to contextually find fault with her step-children.
Her timing was very strange to show up in my life after a decade of not bothering, even after I allowed our abusive parents to communicate with me. The last time we talked, she was married to a different guy who was abusive and narcissistic, and when I sought help from her with a former girlfriend, I woke up in the middle of the night to my girlfriend sobbing saying her husband had bullied her to tears. I grabbed all our possessions and put them in our car and before leaving confronted my sister about what I was told. The look of duplicitous intent and effort to manage her account of what happened said everything, and she avoided stating anything, instead trying to validate her husband's behavior, and by extension, herself. I told her I never wanted to talk to her again, and made good on it.
Within the year, I began noticing strange behavior with my computer and kept suspecting my devices were hacked but dismissed my concerns as I couldn't find anything I understood to prove it. She began insisting that I visit my parents for the upcoming summer, and then my parents kept insisting. Then she kept insisting I should move to live with her for no reason. I'm in my thirties. I haven't spoke to her since she offended me, we didn't resolve why I stopped, and she knows nothing of my life. Why should I? But she kept insisting I should at least visit the family. It would be an opportunity to finally meet my nephew. I gave in.
When I returned from less than a week visiting, I found my entrance security camera disabled. Nothing wrong with my other camera. When I played back the continuous recording on the SD card, it stopped working within minutes of me stepping out of my apartment to catch my departing flight out of town. I got a feeling something was going on, but couldn't make sense what could be. The whole trip was strange. My father started suggesting I should move in with them, to work on my life. He knew nothing of my life and the last thing I'd ever do is move in with them. I ignore 99% of anything they send me, ignore their calls, and eventually respond after several months. It's pretty clear I don't enjoy them or prioritize them in my sense of meaning in life. They too never took responsibility for why I went no-contact, and they stalked me for years.
Several months later, my computer were obviously hacked. I had to ask them for financial help, laid off since lockdown. For months, I ate minimally and worked constantly trying to fix things but somehow everything kept infecting. Then, I found that neighbors around me were involved in the hacking. I would learn they were ex-convicts and associated with the apartment, and the family who owned the building I leased were connected to the Sheriff's Office and FBI. A whole team of people suddenly emerged very openly surrounding me, preventing me from interacting with pedestrians or contacting police with their knowledge. There are a lot of fucked up things that developed, but ultimately I was displaced to my parents and my sister, who then made it fairly clear they were involved in this somehow. They blocked every effort to get help, made no calls to report the crime, reported me as having a mental crisis when I began realizing this and questioned them, and then once with them, eavesdropped on my phone calls and followed in their car when I attempted to leave.
I was frightened and outraged of what was going on. I lost all my possessions, was being denied all my rights, and now my abusive family was demonstrating they were involved and denying it, while also spending surplus money. This is when I ended up staying with my sister and witnessing what was going on in her home.
I was careful, passive about everything. I'd been abused by narcissists, but I was also being virtually held hostage and unable to act freely. My nephew was treated like a clown. Told to shut up, that he wasn't funny, mocked, berated, ignored. My niece was pointed out as not being "real" family, criticized for being filthy, ignored, physically abused, treated like a prisoner where they'd photograph her underwear in the mornings, catalogue her for pre-emptive defenses since they'd already been taken to court by her mother for abuse, and she hardly ate and was kept subdued by meds. My sister worked to make life hard on her husband's ex-wife, and it became clear she tried to manipulate situations to make them seem like "troubled kids" to defame their credibility. The nephew I never met was now having violent outbursts at school and she celebrated this, knowing she did everything in her power to make his life miserable. This new brother-in-law was pathetic. A covert narcissist. Everything was everyone elses fault. He represents himself as a woke white male, but literally acts as a henchman in reality, ignoring his daughter, and got fired for talking down a woman about being black.
I showed my niece and newphew they were funny. I talked to them. Even though I was stressed and felt threatened in my situation, I made a point to play video games, to ask them about what they wanted to share. They lit up. They changed immediately. They became willing to make bargains with their parents unfortunately, because they wanted to hang out with the new nice uncle when they thought they were alone in their lot.
I talked about my experience with my parents, but they haven't come to terms with their abuse. They're young and in conflict with the limited premise of their lives their parents hold them hostage to, but sometimes, and often, they're trapped in being abused the next day, and I come around, and they try to share they were having a funny little thought that it wasn't really nice or fair. God I felt miserable not being able to give them much of my time at all and understanding how much they wanted it.
Finally, something was going on. I learned about informants making money by setting people up. It seemed possible my family in some way worked out some deal and profited off of setting me up somehow, or arranging to obstruct me from pursuing the family that destroyed my life for their own profit and probably fear of liability should any investigation take place and reveal call logs and any communications. Much less, the perverse violations of privacy it signified, and they were all intersecting with the government, military, and law enforcement. When I mentioned I learned of informants and that I was feeling ready to start reaching out, my sister and her husband began hiding away, being quiet, not letting their kids come around me. My sister was making excuses not to provide me with cheap items to help me secure private communications with law enforcement or journalists.
Anticipating something happening, I pulled my nephew aside and told him I saw what was happening in life and how he was being treated and not to fool himself that this is normal. It is in fact very strange and unfair, and it's not nice to be told to shut up or told they're not funny. That I thought he was thoughtful and funny and smart, and the world is filled with people who don't think anything happening here is normal, they're just being kept out. His facade of trying to be the son he was being demanded to be melted away. His eyes watered up and he began admitting he didn't understand why he was treated the way he was.
The next day, my sister arrived with police without warning and told them she felt threatened by me and had me evicted into the street. No idea where I was, no possessions, no phone, no money, knowing no phone numbers, except my abusive parents. Her neighbor allowed me to use her phone and she called the police on her neighbor claiming I was a threat. Now I'm with my stalking parents.
I haven't reported the abuse yet, even knowing she was trying to get custody of my niece in order to control her, to put her on meds and effectively lobotomize and imprison her. The reality is, narcissists are dangerou maladjusted people. I should have never allowed them into my life at all. I've paid dearly, and I can't help anyone around me because I'm a hostage for one year so far. I can't contact police without interference, I've been thwarted from taking timely action, and I try to hide everything and move slowly in my actions. As I've said, the world runs on procedures. Every injustice and abuse and contradiction you've ever heard of in our society, is made on procedure. Narcissists working together in the world can destroy you. You have to procedurally bash them into the ground or they'll hurt you and others.
For now, I'm walking on eggshells. I have no money, my bank accounts were shut down, my address isn't changed, my identification is expired, my credit cards are closed, no one knows where I am as far as I know, I have no car. I've had my adult life ripped out from me and transplanted back to my childhood with my parents watching everything I do, not allowing me to act independently, pretending they did nothing.
I will try when I can. For now, they have to suffer like I did.
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2023.03.30 16:33 AtmosphereRobaji Hunters lanterns(longterm fantasy sfw plot)

Hello Hello! I am Atmosrobaji! So nice to meet you!
The plot.
A wall. Guarded by strong knights, guards with blades and spears. None can enter. None of magickind, anyway. Its divided into 3 'levels.'
The slumbs. (Based off the game STRAY. And zaun from arcane.) Where magickind sneaks in, and try their luck at illegal markets. A slippery man, known as Torn, captures powerful magic users for the 1st level. He tries to hunt these people, terrorizing gifted children and citizens. Water is scarce, due to the 1st and second level using it all up. Citizens are done being quiet, yet they are terrified.
Among these people, a woman called 'The leviathan' rises up. She is willing to care for those who are less fortunate. Yet, she does not have the manpower to fight Torn. She is looking for new recruits, in her secret lair.
Her old friend(my oc) had to flee from the slumbs because of her magic levels.(She is a shapeshifter, and she sees it as a curse.) She is looking to take down the leaders who are opressing her people. Then they meet your character.
Together, learning about each others past, they come up with a plan to meet the leviathan, and put a stop to this.
Level 2 will be steampunk themed. Almost mechanical.
Magic is a taboo. What even is magic?
Level 1. Everything is lined with gold. And stones. There are no natural materials in this city, and all its building blocks are produced in the second level.
The citizens are provided with energy. Raw energy, almost as raw as pure magic. How odd...
Learn more with me about this world, in this roleplay!
Requirements/more info
I do not prefer romance. I would like to try it someday, but rather not in this plot.
Effort. I would like at least 2-3 paragraphs of text we can both work with. Then, if this not possible, feel free to discuss things with me! I would like correct grammar, and punctuation. Are you not that good at english yet? Or do you have problems with that? Feel free to let me know! I am sure we can work something out!
I would love to have a nice OOC chat, maybe even become friends! Need a break? No problem, just ask! Questions? Feel free to ask that too!
A creative OC.
For this roleplay, every species, magical, and non-magical are welcome! Catfolk? Dragons? A human who wishes to join the revolution? All welcome!
Come with a backstory, or we can make one together!
Please note how old you are.
Do know that i am 18 years of age, and prefer to roleplay with people around that.
I roleplay on discord.
I would love to have daily replies. If this is not possible, thats fine! Again, communication is key.
Reply with a 🦊 to make sure you have read this! Feel free to DM me! See you all soon!
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2023.03.30 16:24 No-Conversation- My wife is requesting an polyamory relationship after 5 years and we have two young boys

Hello everyone,
I have no great outlets for help, and I've been swirling around with emotions the last four days after my wife asked if we could have a polyamory relationship. She was asking if could date other people while keeping each other as the Primary family/relationship. My wife is 27 and I'm 32 years old. We have two boys 3 and 1 that we love with all our hearts. We have always loved being around each other and we fun every chance we get. We seldom get to go out on dates without the kids (Once every 3 months). I spend a lot of time at work during the week and she's in nursing school. We have about 3-4 hours during the week together with the kids and the weekends. We live in Florida with no other family in the state and we rely heavily on each other to make sure we and the kids have everything we need.
Day 1, 3/28/23 My wife would have liked a better setting to present this information, but I pushed her to tell me what was on her mind. I could tell she needed to share something with me. I had no clue what she was about to say. She let me know that for two years she has been desiring to have the feeling of going on a first date and having a new emotional connection with someone new (New butterfly feeling when you first date someone). Something I cannot provide her. She has battled with this for a while and prayed for the feeling to leave her. The day before she told me our very close friend (For clarity he is gay, and we are all close friends since before my wife and I met. He introduced us) was in town and she shared with him her feels. He's very emotionally entuned with himself and his feels and was concerned why she didn't feel safe sharing this information with me first. Later she told me that she didn't what kind of affect this would cause our relationship. She loves her life but is also young and desires the feeling of a new emotional connection and that excitement. She has stated that she's 100% in love with me and doesn't want to lose what we have. (It's hard to explain to most but my wife and I have had several moments in our lives where we should have died but God has saved us) We fully trust one another and when she tells me she wants to keep the life we have but add in another layer of short term excitement. I must trust that is what she's asking for. We've never needed to lie, and I can tell she is being honest (It's still unclear the extent of excitement she's needing, and I feel that can be a slippery slope from dating to sex). She's informed me this is something she wants to experience while she is still young and very desirable. We get pregnant quickly and she was only 23, and now she wants to have that fresh feeling of dating (That's my understanding).
Initially, I took several breaths to fully understand what I was hearing my head started to pound as my blood pressure increase. I looked at the women that I married, the love of my life, mother of my beautiful boys, and the person I trusted above all others. I deeply felt the pain in my bones. What had I done to trigger this request. Was I inadequate to meet my wife's desire, what did I do to cause my wife to need someone else in her life. - The emotions alone could fill the pages. Primarily it was a feeling of sadness that I was not the man my wife thought I would be and that I could never be what she needed to be filled all the way up with happiness/desire.
After taking some time and learning more about what she was asking it was time for bed.
Day 2 - I didn't sleep well and woke up using all my might to get the boys ready for school and to head to work at 6:20AM. I felt as though I was an empty shell of a man walking around work. I spend the next three hours reading articles on understanding open/poly relationships to help me better understand how we could compromise and what I could do to save my marriage. I was having troubling finding if this was something I could allow myself to handle. I was imagining my wife out on a date with someone else while I was at home with the kids. We rarely get to spend time together without the kids and now some lucky man is out with my wife hearing her beautiful laugh and seeing her smile. Taking in the beauty she shares. I ended up leaving work early sick to my stomach and having trouble functioning. I went straight to the gym to help combating the heavy weight of anxiety for the future and depression tempting my memories of our relationships. The gym helped but I found myself spending time looking at perfect pictures of our family and the doom that was to come in the next few weeks or months.
That night we talked about ground rules and specifically what she was looking for. One major obstacle was that she thought she could get what she needs without having sex with someone else. This gave me immediate relief and made me feel better about my insecurities and fears. She told me maybe two dates ever six months would satisfy what she was needing. This would be equal to the number of dates we get to have with one another.
Day 3, 3/29/23- Another night with little sleep, but after a few hours I was down after taking some helpful sleeping medication to aid my racing thoughts. Again, waking up thinking I was in someone's life and this couldn't be happening to me and my family. I went to work and spilled the beans to the only person I could trust at work. A highly educated 30-year-old male that has a mother and sister doctors OBGYN and physiatrist. I couldn't hold in the pain any longer and had to talk. He looked me strait in the face and said, "I'm so sorry man". He knew for most people wife asking for an open relationship that the end was right around the corner. I took his statements in stride he didn't know what my wife and I had been through. We'd both lived lives that were filled with risks and near death experiences. We were previous IV drug users and should have died many times before (Many of our friend had). Our cornerstone of 5+ years in recovery was honest. We knew without that we were surely not going to stay sober. He later came back into my office mentioning he spoke with his mother and sister and let me know in most cases like these the partner has already cheated. This challenged all the work I put into understanding my wife request the last two days. This was a minor setback and I let him know right away I 100% trust my wife and when she told me she has not acted on the urges it's the truth no further explanation was needed. I did greatly appreciate him checking in on my and letting me know several people were praying for us. (I do not recommend talking with strangers this early. It clouded my thinking and understanding of my wife's communication. It also added doubt into the mix that did not need to be there)
I got ahold of our mutual friend who my wife originally opened up to. He was very understanding in my feeling and let me know the shock will wear off and to give myself time to process these emotions (He too told us he was in a working poly relationship and he would try to keep his insight as unbiased as possible). I let him know by trying to set up parameters/ground rules and making this possible was severally impacting my soul. I believe now this was a little catastrophizing of a statement as I'm working towards finding a way to keep our family together. God sent me two much needed signs this day.
The first one a gentleman who had been terminated from work this day was walking by saying farewell he didn't mention to me at that time it was his last day but he looked at me and asked what was wrong. Apparently, I was noticeably hurting. I didn't tell him the specifics but that I was having trouble at home. "He said trust in God always." That had a lot of meaning for me. It helped me to keep pushing on and to trust in God always.
The second sigh when I went to get my medication the pharmacist provided me a Narcan inhaler. This of course helps bring you back once you're overdosing from opiates. I have recently had a shoulder surgery and knew the most peaceful way to go would be to overdose. This was only a fleeting thought among millions I was wrestling with over the last three days, but it was a profound sign for me to keep fighting. Believe me I have so much to live for. This was just a short-lived fleeting thought but God still extinguished it right away. "Trust in God always."
My wife and I didn't have much time to talk today her father was in town and I wanted to mix things up. We got the small mini pool and slide out for the kids and set it up in the back yard spraying water on the kids and watching them play. It was fun and my wife and I made fajitas. Later that night just before bed I had a few questions I wanted to ask her and I let me emotions and fear get the best of me. I let her know that in this moment If she feels as though she should be dating someone else then she should, but that we will no longer be in a relationship. I shouldn't be so direct in a situation that's extremely volatile. My wife is wanting to communicate with me and assured me we have nothing we need to do right now and multiple times now she's mentioned "everything will be okay. We will be okay." I felt bad for telling her this, but it was how I truly felt in that moment.
That night I felt like I had done something wrong by telling my wife how I felt. I don't know how to navigate these emotions nor do I have experience with taking through delicate situations like this. This is the first big ticket item my wife and I have not been able to tackle together in a day or two.
Day 4, 3/30/23 - I'm looking for advice to help me understand the benefits of poly and how I can train myself to accept my wife's request and to find happiness in her happiness with someone else. I feel as though neither of us have the best delivery on information and I don't want to make her feel bad for coming out and sharing with me.
I know for myself I will have trouble dating other people. I get all I need from my wife. I do have fantasies about others, but I could never actually see myself doing anything sexually. Emotionally I would not be interested in an emotional connection I do not long for those feeling.
Thank you for reading I want the best for my family we truly love one another.
This is the first time I've shared online, and I think there is therapy in writing down my feeling and concerns. I hope this helps other to see that they're not alone and these things happen. I will fight for my wife and our children and do my best to find a way to make it work. If it doesn't work out, I will do my best to copartner with my wife and take care of our little ones. Life is short and my wife deserves to have the things she desires as do I.
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2023.03.30 16:22 Awkward_FP322 Husband is uncomfortable with engaging in or talking about sex

For context, I am a 38 HLF and he is 39 LLM. We have been together 18 years, and married 15. We have 3 children, and each run our own businesses. So we are busy, but manage this quite well and do so as a team. In 2018, he had an emotional affair and it took us about a year in therapy to get back to a good spot, he had to seek out therapy as well to deal with some underlying anxiety. This put most of the kids sports, school and household chores on me while he healed himself but we got back to a shared routine and did so very well.
About 2 years ago, my husband, who up until then had a high drive, suddenly stopped initiating and eventually stopped wanting to have sex. This went on for months and finally I confronted him, as by this point sex was off the table but so was any form of intimacy, connection or even helping around the house like he used to. He looked at me and just said "I no longer find you attractive".
When we started to date, I was a college tennis player, 5'3 160lbs of mostly muscle. Over time, 3 kids, 2 houses and becoming a fulltime caregiver to one of our children who has complex medical needs, I gained weight. I got to 224lbs at my heaviest, and worked really hard to get back in shape, lose weight and take care of my health. I didn't do it just for him, but to make sure I had energy for my kids and to correct pre diabetes and BP issues. I have been able to maintain an 80lb weight loss for over a year now, and I am still working out to tone and gain strength.
However, he is still not interested. in 2021, we had sex maybe 2 times. 2022 was a lot better, and we were at 10-12 times (estimating, not really logging here) and this year we are back down again. He says "Oh we should have sex, lets plan on it tonight!" and then we get the kids to bed and he's like "no I don't want to" He will text me all the things he wants to do, then back out. He is VERY anti using toys, and gets very uncomfortable if I have even mentioned going to an adult store, or even purchasing lube. He was not like this when we started dating, but as we get older, he becomes more anti sex and anti talking about it.
Finally, last night, I asked him why he won't initiate or even discuss sex. He said he doesn't know why, just that he is very uncomfortable discussing sex in general and it makes him very uneasy and he has no interest in sex with me. I told him if we want to get back to a good spot, we need to start working on our intimacy, even if it's just taking walks together, or cuddling without the pressure of sex. He said he doesn't want to. He said he doesn't want sex, intimacy but also doesn't want to get divorced.
This obviously left me shattered. I am not sure what to do, and I am completely lost on how to fix this. Advice would be appreciated.
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2023.03.30 16:15 IronKing_art I am incredibly lost in life, I don't know who I am, and I am ignored. A comprehensive autobiography of my life thus far (not really, but be prepared for A WALL of text).

So hi I'm Darren, 22 years old, and wanting to pursue my dreams as an Artist, working on concept art and illustrations, but whenever I hit a wall and found nonconclusive solutions, I try to ask for help and get ignored. And with a lack of any resources to better improve my craft, I don't know what to do and I get stuck. I do not have a good relationship with my parents, because we have very different values they do not agree with, and very much disallow me from putting my focus on art. They spent their entire lives working, trying to have a "better" life. They have this mentality that as long as I have enough money for my family to be comfortable and nothing else, it is enough and my children should be eternally grateful for it. As much as they have sacrificed their time for work, I didn't understand why they chose to slave away at work than spend more time connecting with me and my brother, but that may partly be that I was considered a "demon child", often getting on my parents' nerves.
My self-esteem has taken a lot of hits throughout my life, partly due to abuse in my early years as a child. My mother was stressed at work and would not be available to me when she got home, and would often beat me severely whenever I misbehaved or didn't act according to how she would like me to. My father, who I thought was the man of the house, has never stood up for me when I had to suffer an onslaught from my mom. (In recent times, the more I reflect the more I start to resent his lack of action in the past as well, not acting as a role model for me, but I know I cannot change my father. But I feel incredibly disappointed and find it hard to take him seriously or respect him. However, I love him dearly and try to accept his disposition.)
And from there I grew to fear and wanted to be feared, becoming a bully (though it was not my intention at all to do so, it was just an outlet for my misplaced anger, which I wished I could have put all that energy into martial arts and combat sports (Super Important)). But later down the line, in my teens, I discovered that I love art, and enjoyed creating and deconstructing everything, it was like playing god and my character's story, mine to determine. But then during my 1st year of middle school, my grades plummeted, out of nowhere. This was because something within me had clicked. and I no longer gave 2 shits about education and understood it was all pointless if the information learned was merely to qualify my worth as an academic and how I would fit into society (I don't know how this happened, I can't even regret it, it didn't even felt like it was my will to control, but maybe I'm just giving an excuse. There is no definite answer in my mind.)
This has caused me immense grief and suffering, and I had fallen into an incredibly deep depression. My teachers were not understanding, and due to the culture here in my country, I was considered a hooligan. (Part of me thought so too, but it was just an attempt to fit in with other rejects and escape my prison of education.) I got kicked out of plenty of school clubs and was generally disrespected, and I often reciprocate with violence and intimidation, because I am a coward and would crumble if I did not do so otherwise. But during this stage of grief and uncontrollable and unmanaged anger, I had a huge heartbreaking fight with my mom (funny that I can't even remember what it was about) When my mom tried to give me a hug, I moved away and strode back into my room in anger.
As time goes on in high school, I grew downright suicidal, constantly muttering about killing myself, but was much too much of a coward to do it. Everyone around me thought the same as well. (But this worked well as a coping mechanism) And being so depressive, my art no longer spoke to me anymore, and without any device to explore the internet, nor any resources really, to inspire me, I was trapped. But during my final year, I managed to pull myself and got passing scores across the board, earning me my certificate and graduation.
Chapter II
After graduation, I worked in a small little food stall and was humbled by the hard work (was still a general, but subtle dickhead) moved on to study for a Diploma in Animation, since it was cheaper but still art related. This made my mother furious, as she completely did not understand my connection with art and its importance as my lifeline in life, for without it, I would've ended myself.But I could not express this to my mother clearly, due to the cultural difference (This may seem incredulous, but I myself do not have a complete understanding of these circumstances, as is)
My first year in college, however, was the best year of my life socially. I moved to a new city, and a clean slate to work with, I have more family members here, and just experiencing things that I could not do due to my parent's careful nature with how they spend money and transport availability. Things may seem great but I had built up a facade during my time here because I wanted to experience the most in my life, and that meant being all that I am and that I am not. (Thought there were some experiences that had benefitted me from this).
The Second year into the third, however, the world saw its 1st global challenge which sparked mass hysteria and tore down all I had built the past year... it was the coming of Chri-
It was COVID, and the world was certainly not prepared for it. Right before the knowledge of this pandemic's existence, my parents, unfortunately, decided to move to the city where I had been studying, since it was their hometown. Moving back with them into their old home, it was incredibly far from downtown where the institution was located. Which now had severely limited my options for transportation, and I would need to buy more own car, we will return later on this. During this period of self-isolation, all of the self-doubt, crippling depression, the low worth of self had set me back from all of my efforts to build and improve. I was so down emotionally it would bleed into my surroundings, gave my peers non-intentional death glares, ruined all my friendships, and pushed plenty of people away. The quality of my work was sloppy, made horrible decisions, wanted to tackle group projects alone because I was resolute that I would drag everyone down with me, which would later bite my ass, and I was back to how I was in high school, miserable and lost.
It was my final year project that really ate me alive because animating as a 1 man crew is miserable and unforgiving if you weren't well-equipped and true to heart on the goals one wants to achieve from it. My friends ghosted me, everyone was busy, and I made a fool out of myself trying to salvage what little dignity I had left me (I at the time was a real piece of work, sheesh) But I had slogged through everything, and through the grace of my professors and a LOT of corners cut, what should've been me failing a year turned out to be saved, and without my professors help I'd still be studying and amassing huge debts.
After graduation, I was still stuck between a rock and a hard place, and took me half a year of self-isolation and suffering in silent rage for me to move back to my home town, and found work in a local sign craft workshop as a designer, which then management decided to chuck me into manual labor because I was not a designer and did horrible in that class, and the work environment was awful and unsafe since we had to climb dangerous heights with no safety gear. I decided to quit, and yet again moved back in with my parents, now figuring out what in the world am I going to do.
So, my current dilemma, I have no definitive goals in life, and I am left as a wee baby adult, to figure that out alone (Albeit with a roof over my head), with restrictions due to parental standards.
I always wanted to be an artist, since it is what I had grown up with that had gotten me through my worse of times. But in recent years I have gotten heavily into Mixed Martial Arts by way of the UFC, and I had fallen in love with the sport. I would constantly imitate the greats of the sports and practice on moves, techniques, and understanding of the sport. To a point that dreams had been seeded within my depressed noggin, of fighting in and bloody glory of the octagon basking in the light and a crowd so electrifying it makes my skin crawl.
Not only was this sensation thrilling, but the people that do this for their work are also the most inspiring, motivating, and downright baddest people on the planet! It gave me a breath of much-needed air that brought me back to my senses within this world, and what it had to offer, but it was not mine for the taking, not yet in all my hope at least.
But to give context, I live in Malaysia, a country of heavy and blatant corruption (sorry for bringing up politics, but the economy has tanked for many decades, relevant) I need a car, buying a car and putting a down payment requires a super stable job, and the training I am able to afford is merely through the internet with no coaching. And even with a proper arsenal to compete, the nearest promotion in Singapore, and compare the competition here to the guys in the promotion, they are some scary mfers, so the difference in training quality is something to be said.
That said, the solution would be to fInD A jOb U lAzy 5hEaD. Bad experiences and living in a place, which was said to be by foreign workers, filled with lazy people, I will never be able to get ahead in this environment that does not support the individual, but the utilitarian nature of industrialism. And to those that would argue that I am just weak for quitting only 3 months into the job, I planned to quit 3 days in, stuck around a few months' worth! Applicable on 3 jobs I had found myself in. After these experiences, I find myself dreading the idea of working under other people, as it is incredibly impersonal, and my soul dies bit by bit every time I do find work, corporate or labor.
However, this pattern does make me think, perhaps I do lack willpower... I guess currently, what I'm looking for are answers and help, because I can't seem to find it wherever I go, not a lot of people think like I do where I'm from. Like-minded people are few and far in between, especially in the eastern region of Malaysia.
Currently, I'm looking into freelancing if it's a possibility, and some tips on gaining a following for work opportunities would be greatly appreciated. Do give me a follow if you are kind enough <3: erlo_trix on Twitter, iron.king_d.c on Instagram (Do tell me to remove this section if it is prohibited to share, I am understanding)
Sorry for taking so much of your time, reading a dumb kid's, stupid post about being self-absorbed, privileged, and unappreciative of what he has in life. Such are my woes but do know that I had an incredible amount of fun and reflection while writing all this down, might give me some ideas for becoming a writer as well in the future!! Though again I feel like I need to apologize since this isn't necessarily an orthodox post.
If you had read thus far, I thank you and bid you adieu.
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2023.03.30 16:15 LCoh82 50F Hi. Is anyone a Better Call Saul fan on here? Or if you never watch it after Breaking Bad, I’d suggest that you do so!

I was born in Virginia. I’m an actress. I’ve been in my career since 1997. Boy does that put things in perspective with how old I am. I studied architecture and art but ended up loving theatre which lead to being an actress. I have 2 step children. My favorite color is yellow. Not many things comes in yellow I notice lol.
Anyway I don’t want to make this terribly long since I feel like people don’t read post that are on the longer side. If anyone is interested and wants to converse, who can actually write, hit me up, I’m a night owl.
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2023.03.30 16:12 CTDKZOO NPC of the Day: Thordric Ironfoot

The Prompt:
Please use the template below to create an NPC for a fantasy village:
1d2 Short term goals:
One long term goal:
Family and friends:
Dungeons & Dragons alignment:
Secret motivation:
One Plotto inspired plot:
1d2 Allies:
1d2 Enemies:
1d3 Quest hooks they offer:
1d3 Ways to earn their trust:
The Response:
Name: Thordric Ironfoot
Thordric is a stout, middle-aged dwarf with a long, braided red beard and piercing blue eyes. He wears worn and practical clothing, often covered in soot and dirt from his work. His hands are calloused, and his muscles are well-defined from years of labor.
Short Term Goals:
Create a new line of high-quality, enchanted weapons to sell to adventurers.
Repair the village's damaged waterwheel to restore power to his forge.
One Long Term Goal:
Become the most renowned blacksmith in the realm, with his weapons and armor sought after by heroes and royalty alike.
Family and Friends:
Thordric is married to a fellow dwarf named Helga, who runs a small tavern in the village. They have three children, who are all learning the family trade. Thordric's best friend is an elven wizard named Faelar, who helps him enchant his creations.
Dungeons & Dragons Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Secret Motivation:
Thordric wants to forge a legendary weapon, capable of defeating an ancient dragon that is prophesied to awaken and threaten the realm.
Mastery – Thordric believes in the importance of honing one's craft and constantly strives for perfection in his work.
His family, whom he is fiercely devoted to and would do anything to protect.
The village, which relies on his skills for their weapons and protection.
Thordric can be stubborn and uncompromising, making it difficult for him to accept help or adapt to new ideas.
One Plotto inspired plot:
Thordric discovers that his long-lost mentor, believed to have perished years ago, is actually alive and held captive by a rival blacksmith who seeks to steal his knowledge and techniques.
Faelar, the elven wizard
Gideon, a skilled human warrior who wields Thordric's weapons
Brondar, the rival blacksmith who kidnapped Thordric's mentor
An underground crime syndicate that seeks to control the market on enchanted weapons
Quest Hooks they offer:
Help Thordric gather rare materials needed to forge his enchanted weapons.
Investigate the whereabouts of Thordric's mentor and rescue him from captivity.
Defeat the ancient dragon, proving the effectiveness of Thordric's legendary weapon.
Ways to earn their trust:
Demonstrate your own skills in craftsmanship or combat, showing that you share Thordric's values.
Defend the village from a sudden attack, proving your commitment to its safety and wellbeing.
Assist Thordric with a difficult task or problem related to his work, showing your willingness to help him achieve his goals.
I'd like you to merge in the ideas of Brondar kidnapping Thordric's mentor and the crime syndicate into one quest arc.
The Response:
Quest Arc:
The Shadow of the Syndicate
Quest Hook:
Thordric receives a cryptic message hinting that his long-lost mentor, thought to be dead, is actually alive and held captive. The message suggests that a powerful crime syndicate, seeking to control the enchanted weapons market, is responsible for the kidnapping. The syndicate has been working with Brondar, a rival blacksmith, who is using the mentor's knowledge and techniques to craft weapons for the criminal organization.
Quest Stages:
Thordric asks the adventurers to investigate the crime syndicate's operations in the village, gathering information on their whereabouts and plans.
The adventurers infiltrate a local hideout of the crime syndicate, discovering evidence of their collaboration with Brondar and the location of Thordric's kidnapped mentor.
The adventurers confront Brondar at his forge, where they learn that he has been coerced into working for the crime syndicate. Brondar reveals that the mentor is being held in a secret stronghold controlled by the organization.
The adventurers storm the stronghold, battling syndicate members and rescuing Thordric's mentor. They also discover plans to distribute the enchanted weapons to various criminal factions throughout the realm, which could destabilize the region.
With Thordric's mentor rescued, the adventurers return to the village and work with Thordric and his allies to disrupt the crime syndicate's plans, ultimately dismantling their operations and restoring peace to the village and surrounding lands.
Throughout this quest arc, the adventurers must navigate the complex web of crime, betrayal, and ambition that drives the conflict between Thordric, Brondar, and the crime syndicate. By rescuing Thordric's mentor and stopping the syndicate, they will not only earn Thordric's trust and gratitude, but also make a powerful ally and contribute to the safety of the realm.
NOTE: These entries have been edited for formatting. All typos, etc. are literally as I or ChatGPT made them.
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2023.03.30 16:11 Midnightchickover CMV: It’s creepy to persist about someone’s sexuality, but it’s almost doubly worse to persist with an ace (asexual) person.

I’m not ace, myself.
But, I have friends and loved ones who fall into this category. I wish them to be unbothered and safe.
It’s already problematic or grimy to persist some about their sex lives and habits, if they aren’t interested in giving details or refusing to give answers. Though, some people have to be told directly
It’s even more problematic if a person identifies as ace/asexual/aromantic and outright states they don’t want or are interested in sex and/or romance. A person is clearly violating their boundaries from the jump taking the conversation in that direction.
These people don’t need you to be their therapist or…a sexual therapists. Nor an unqualified psychiatrist, a dating coach, counselor, guru, or a potential dating partner.
They’ve set the expectation that they do not want sexual contact, engagement, or unions. If they decide to at some stage, that’s totally up to them, but you should not be badgering them about being sexual or romantic.
No one owes anyone sex as it is, but expecting someone to be allosexual just because is an awful reason. Friends and family members should not be pressuring you to have sex with anyone at any point. If a person wants to have sex is one matter, but if they don’t they don’t.
They’ve chosen and preferred to be this way and is what makes them the happiest and most comfortable. If they don’t want sexual unions, romantic relationships, marriages, or children, that’s beyond acceptable. Just the same for other people who want or do not want those things.
If you really do believe in the “my body, my choice” mantra for yourself, you should extend that to other people and let them decide what they do with their own bodies. Just because you’re someone’s parent doesn’t give you dominion over someone’s body, just the same with spouses, strangers, or so called “living companies,” like corporations.
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2023.03.30 16:08 autotldr Misinformation about social services abducting children spreads across Nordic region, joint NORDIS investigation shows

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 93%. (I'm a bot)
Misinformation about children being abducted by social services is a familiar phenomenon in most Nordic countries, but the fact that it is a phenomenon with regional variations, has not been well known - until now.
Child protective services are just a perfect victim to enlist in service to a bigger political goal, because stories like these about child protective services can generate very strong feelings of injustice, discrimination, and hatred towards authorities, Pantti says.
While the existence of disinformation targeting child protective services is well known in most Nordic countries, the fact that similar kinds of misinformation are common in the entire region is less well known.
Ahead of Shuoun Islamiya's campaign, social media posts about cases where children were taken from their parents by child protective services had attracted the attention of Muslim immigrants.
One father who started campaigning against social services in Sweden told Mustafa Al-Sharqawi in an interview in December 2021 that the Swedish social services kidnap children.
While Norway largely escaped Shuoun Islamiya's campaign, the country's experiences nonetheless show how child protective services are an ideal target for misinformation, but also that the practices of child protective services in the country have been subject to legal challenges - some of them lost - in the European Court of Human Rights.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: child#1 service#2 children#3 claim#4 social#5
Post found in /worldnews.
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2023.03.30 16:07 scout_finch77 Monday student walkout and march

Monday student walkout and march
Walkout at 10:13 am, march to the Capitol immediately following
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2023.03.30 16:07 Nellthe Claiming Terra - Part 2

First Patreon Royal Road Website SUB
Note: Few people asked about the second part and as I had most of it written in my drafts I added a bit more and "finished" the second. If enough people find the premise from these first two parts interesting I wouldn't mind continuing it.
3 weeks later.
William Lucius stood on the hill overlooking the work on settlement number six. The sun was setting and casting a warm glow over the construction site. William was in his early forties, with short, sandy blond hair and piercing green eyes that scanned the settlement below. He had earned his place on the ships thanks to his masterful architectural and construction engineering skills.
On Earth, he worked on numerous large-scale projects, but the one that possibly put him over his competition was when he planned and oversaw an Olympic village project that had to be finished in just three months due to the previous contractor's inability to fulfill the host country’s demands. He and his team not only managed to finish it, but they created a masterful settlement that was a tourist attraction for years after the Olympic games had passed.
William had been awakened before the landing in order to make plans and give input on the landing position. He suggested a valley with a large river running through it, and the council listened. There was no time for large-scale buildings; they needed to make the settlement functional in the shortest amount of time possible in order to be ready to deal with the imminent threat of the aliens.
Enormous 3D printers helped with this process, printing large one-story buildings that, for now, only consisted of sleep quarters. There was no need for a kitchen yet, and toilets were built separately for each block of buildings. People only needed places to sleep and rest while spending their free time helping humanity build its first settlements on an alien planet.
Settlement six had around 150,000 people in it, and in the first three weeks, they managed to build enough sleeping quarters for almost a third of them. The rest would continue to use what space the ships could offer or tents and sleeping bags before their new homes were built.
As William gazed down at the settlement, he took a deep breath and savored the fresh, crisp air. He couldn't believe that he was standing on a foreign planet, looking down at a settlement that he had helped create. An eerie feeling came over him when thinking of their home planet Earth and what happened with the rest of humanity. But there was no point dwelling on the past, they had been given a second chance and they best use it fully.
The sun was now fully set, and the sky was painted in hues of violet and orange. All three of the planet's moons could be clearly visible in the sky, casting an ethereal glow over the entire landscape. He had heard that the planet had three moons even before they landed, but seeing them with his own eyes from the surface felt surreal, and the feeling hadn't passed yet.
William's watch beeped with a new message, and he clicked on its surface, causing a hologram to climb his underarm displaying the message. It was a notification that the council meeting of this settlement was about to take place in fifteen minutes. He made his way down towards the ship where the meeting would take place, greeting workers along the way.
Once at the meeting, he listened to various reports from the military to scientists. Somewhere along the way, he gave his own report on how many beds were ready and the plans for the upcoming week. The scientists informed them of four new animal species they had found that day in the nearby forest. They were all insects and, so far, were not poisonous. The military personnel gave vague reports, mostly keeping to themselves because they didn't want to frighten the public. But the gist of it was that the enemy hadn't made any major moves, and there were still no sightings of aliens coalition. All they knew, for now, was that they were still in their landing position due to their thermal prints.
Most of the people who had earned a place on the ships thanks to their skills were allowed to take their families with them unless their spouses were convicted criminals or terminally ill. So, once William had secured his place, he was beyond happy that the job that often caused quarrels in his marriage and kept him away from his three kids was the reason they all got a second chance at life. His wife was also a biologist, which was an added bonus and helped their overall case to be selected for the exodus.
After the meeting William walked back towards his sleeping quarters, which were located in the first printed building on the east side of the settlement, some ten-minute walk from the ships, the sound of the printers and chatter of the people filled his ears. He couldn't help but appreciate the natural beauty of the planet's night sky, with the stars twinkling brightly and the three moons visible in the distance.
As he approached his building, he saw his children playing next to the river in the twilit, and his wife chatting with some of their new neighbors. The nights were much brighter here than on Earth, which was one of the first things he noticed about the planet since they came here.
"Hi, William. Is my house built already?" his neighbor Nick asked snapping him out of the look-around.
"Not yet, Nick.“ William said while shaking his hand. ”Why do you even need a house when you can sleep under this beautiful sky?" William said, jokingly.
"Ha-ha, let's switch then," Nick replied.
"I would, but my kids, man. I gotta put them first. They need a bed," William smiled and pointed towards his.
Nick was somewhat of a jack-of-all-trades, having served in the military for a short period, climbed mountains, explored the Amazon, and more. but that of course wasn’t enough to earn him the place here. He got his place on the ship thanks to his wife, who was one of the top physicists in the world. Nick was assigned to the exploration teams that were investigating the terrain around the settlement and slowly moving further out.
"Going somewhere tomorrow?" William asked.
"Yes, tomorrow we're going on our longest route yet. We won't be back for three days, most likely. Keep an eye on Diane if she ever leaves the clinic," Nick said, a slight smile on his face.
"You've got it," William said with a smile. “Best of luck on your expedition.” He said and started walking towards his family.
His wife welcomed him with a soft kiss and warm embrace, but the kids just waved him away as they were too busy playing.
“How was your day?” Elain asked.
“Ehh, same more or less.” He said with a sigh. “A lot of overseeing, planning, and micro-management. But everything is going better than expected so can’t complain.” He said giving her one more kiss and asking her about her day.
“It was great, we discovered a new animal today, our first mammal.” She said excitingly. “A squirrel-like creature with yellowish fur almost three times the size of the squirrels.” She said showing the size of the creature with her hands. “Micha caught it at the outskirts of the settlement and brought it to the lab today and we researched it, took some blood work, and put a tracker with a cameras on it before we let it free so we can maybe find where they live, how they feed.”
“Ohh, that’s nice,” William said finally letting go of her. “How were the kids today?” People that still didn’t have tasks to do were tasked with watching over the kids until they were assigned to some of the positions.
“They were good,” She said with a sigh. “Tristan still has a lot of questions about where we are, where are grandpa and grandma when he will go to school, and so on.” She said pressing her lips together.
“Damn,” William said. “I don’t blame him, it crossed my mind as well today,” William said and remembered his parents, brother, in-laws, Elains sister and family, and everyone they left behind. That was a tough decision and they almost didn’t accept the invitation to the ships as it was a weird feeling leaving everyone behind to die.
They picked up the kids from the makeshift playground and went straight into their room where they spend part of the night talking and playing cards. They tried to explain to Tristan as best they could about how they were on a new planet and that much time has passed in between. The little one nodded in agreement, but William knew it would take him many years before he fully understood what happened. Two of them fell asleep as soon as the kids started snoring.
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2023.03.30 16:06 7861279527412aN Liberals Successfully Turn Entire Nation Gay

In a shocking turn of events, liberals across the nation have successfully converted the entire population into being gay. The move comes as part of their ongoing mission to destroy the traditional values of the country and usher in a new era of rainbow-colored progress.
According to sources close to the liberal agenda, the conversion process has been underway for several years, with progressive activists working tirelessly to promote the LGBT lifestyle and undermine the heterosexual norm. They have apparently succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. Reports indicating that not a single person in the entire nation remains straight.
The last holdout, an eight-year-old boy from Kansas, was reportedly converted just this morning. The boy's parents, who had previously raised him in a conservative household, were said to be devastated by the news.
"We just can't believe it," said the boy's mother, wiping away tears. "We thought we were doing everything right, teaching him about God and family values, but apparently the liberals got to him."
The boy himself seemed to take the news in stride, happily skipping around in a tutu and glitter makeup. He reportedly told his parents that he was now "proud to be gay" and excited to join the rest of the nation in the LGBTQ+ community.
Reaction to the news has been mixed, with some celebrating the victory for tolerance and diversity, while others lamenting the loss of traditional values. Conservative groups have already begun planning protests and campaigns to reverse the trend, but many experts say that it may be too late.
"We've been warning about this for years," said one conservative pundit. "The liberals have been brainwashing our children with their rainbow propaganda, and now we're seeing the consequences. It's a sad day for America, now we're all gay!"
Despite the outcry, the liberal activists behind the conversion have remained defiant, vowing to continue their mission of spreading the gay agenda to every corner of the globe. They have reportedly set their sights on other conservative strongholds, such as the Middle East and Russia, and are confident that they can bring their message of tolerance and love to even the most resistant populations.
As for the newly gay nation, life seems to be going on much as before, with rainbow flags flying from every building and same-sex couples holding hands on every street corner. The only difference, it seems, is that everyone is just a little bit happier, a little bit more fulfilled, and a little bit more fabulous.
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2023.03.30 16:05 Xethernety AITX and Robotic Assistance Devices CEO Steve Reinharz Appointed to Security Industry Association Board of Directors

AITX (ASK @ 0.006)
Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions, Inc., a global leader in AI-driven security and productivity solutions along with its wholly owned subsidiary, Robotic Assistance Devices, Inc. (RAD),
... today announced that Steve Reinharz
Video here : About SIA - Security Industry Association
Reinharz will join six other security industry professionals while serving a two-year term in support of the association’s mission “to be a catalyst for success within the global security industry through information, insight and influence.”
“It’s an honor to have been nominated and appointed to the SIA board of directors,” Reinharz said.
“I commend SIA for embracing RAD’s vision of an inevitable AI-powered security industry.
I look forward to working with this distinguished team of security leaders
SIA is an industry trade association for global security solution providers,
“SIA congratulates Steve Reinharz on joining the SIA Board of Directors,”

AITX, through its subsidiary, Robotic Assistance Devices, Inc. (RAD), is redefining the $25 billion (US) security and guarding services industry through its broad lineup of innovative, AI-driven Solutions-as-a-Service business model.
RAD solutions are specifically designed to provide a cost savings to businesses of between 35%-80% when compared to the industry’s existing and costly manned security guarding and monitoring model.
RAD delivers this tremendous costs savings via a suite of stationary and mobile robotic solutions that complement, and at times, directly replace the need for human personnel in environments better suited for machines.
All RAD technologies, AI-based analytics and software platforms are developed in-house.

RAD has a prospective sales pipeline of over 35 Fortune 500 companies and numerous other client opportunities.

RAD expects to continue to attract new business as it converts its existing sales opportunities into deployed clients generating a recurring revenue stream.

Each Fortune 500 client has the potential of making numerous reorders over time.

About Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions (AITX)
AITX is an innovator in the delivery of artificial intelligence-based solutions that empower organizations to gain new insight, solve complex challenges and fuel new business ideas.
Through its next-generation robotic product offerings, AITX’s RAD, RAD-M and RAD-G companies help organizations streamline operations, increase ROI, and strengthen business.
AITX technology improves the simplicity and economics of patrolling and guard services and allows experienced personnel to focus on more strategic tasks.
Customers augment the capabilities of existing staffs and gain higher levels of situational awareness, all at drastically reduced cost.
AITX solutions are well suited for use in multiple industries such as enterprises, government, transportation, critical infrastructure, education, and healthcare.
To learn more, visit :
Steve Reinharz 949-636-7060 @SteveReinharz
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2023.03.30 16:05 Xethernety AITX and Robotic Assistance Devices CEO Steve Reinharz Appointed to Security Industry Association Board of Directors

AITX (ASK @ 0.006)
Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions, Inc., a global leader in AI-driven security and productivity solutions along with its wholly owned subsidiary, Robotic Assistance Devices, Inc. (RAD),
... today announced that Steve Reinharz
Video here : About SIA - Security Industry Association
Reinharz will join six other security industry professionals while serving a two-year term in support of the association’s mission “to be a catalyst for success within the global security industry through information, insight and influence.”
“It’s an honor to have been nominated and appointed to the SIA board of directors,” Reinharz said.
“I commend SIA for embracing RAD’s vision of an inevitable AI-powered security industry.
I look forward to working with this distinguished team of security leaders
SIA is an industry trade association for global security solution providers,
“SIA congratulates Steve Reinharz on joining the SIA Board of Directors,”

AITX, through its subsidiary, Robotic Assistance Devices, Inc. (RAD), is redefining the $25 billion (US) security and guarding services industry through its broad lineup of innovative, AI-driven Solutions-as-a-Service business model.
RAD solutions are specifically designed to provide a cost savings to businesses of between 35%-80% when compared to the industry’s existing and costly manned security guarding and monitoring model.
RAD delivers this tremendous costs savings via a suite of stationary and mobile robotic solutions that complement, and at times, directly replace the need for human personnel in environments better suited for machines.
All RAD technologies, AI-based analytics and software platforms are developed in-house.

RAD has a prospective sales pipeline of over 35 Fortune 500 companies and numerous other client opportunities.

RAD expects to continue to attract new business as it converts its existing sales opportunities into deployed clients generating a recurring revenue stream.

Each Fortune 500 client has the potential of making numerous reorders over time.

About Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions (AITX)
AITX is an innovator in the delivery of artificial intelligence-based solutions that empower organizations to gain new insight, solve complex challenges and fuel new business ideas.
Through its next-generation robotic product offerings, AITX’s RAD, RAD-M and RAD-G companies help organizations streamline operations, increase ROI, and strengthen business.
AITX technology improves the simplicity and economics of patrolling and guard services and allows experienced personnel to focus on more strategic tasks.
Customers augment the capabilities of existing staffs and gain higher levels of situational awareness, all at drastically reduced cost.
AITX solutions are well suited for use in multiple industries such as enterprises, government, transportation, critical infrastructure, education, and healthcare.
To learn more, visit :
Steve Reinharz 949-636-7060 @SteveReinharz
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2023.03.30 16:03 LowFinance4234 5e Infiltrator Character Creation Help

For an upcoming campaign, I'm creating a stealthy infiltrator who is a former DocWag Employee (grabbed all of the medical-related skills and knowledge). I plan to have a decent amount of bioware and some cyberware.
Problem 1. Martial Arts. Since there is no street sam, I thought of grabbing martial arts in case a guard gets a little fussy. Something like jujitsu perhaps to disarm said guard, sweep them on the group, and choke them out or use bioweapon retractable claws to kill them if they are really fussy. Is this a smart thing to do at all or am I going to be dropped like a sack of potatoes in the first second and my character sucks.
Problem 2. There is no real face. I feel obligated to do so but at the same time that would be pushing the abilities of the character and jacks of all trades I know aren't viable at all. Also with all the bio and cyberware, it would decrease my social limit making it hard to be the face. Should I consider respeccing? If so what to put my attributes and skills into? 20 attribute scores and 46/10 skill scores.
Problem 3. Since I'm doing an infiltrator with lots of knowledge of medicine and biology and the such, plus former docwag, is there anything I should consider grabbing? Like equipment that would benefit from that knowledge and skill, I could use in a sneaky role.
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2023.03.30 16:02 autotldr Quebec bill proposes teens 16 and under work no more than 17 hours a week

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 68%. (I'm a bot)
"They would always give me more hours, you know, and I never had any time for school and I always had to ask people to pick up my shifts," says the Quebec High School student, who used to work at a McDonald's.
The proposed law, tabled on Tuesday, would limit the number of weekly hours Quebecers 16 and under can work during the school year to 17.
"Their first job is to be a student," he said, pointing to a study that showed that 31 per cent of students working over 16 hours a week drop out of school.
"Sometimes I do, like, over 24 hours a week, and I honestly think we should be allowed to work more if we want to work more, if we want to have financial independence from our parents or save up for like a trip or something," said the 16-year-old, who works for the city of Quebec.
The bill comes as the labour shortage has put pressure on companies to hire younger workers, Boulet said.
Boulet explained to Radio-Canada's Tout un matin that the restaurant industry was included in the bill because it can be a challenging work environment - especially as it pertains to restaurant kitchens and interacting with adults.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: work#1 school#2 bill#3 hours#4 children#5
Post found in /worldnews, /WorkReform and /onguardforthee.
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2023.03.30 16:02 LowFinance4234 5e Infiltrator Character Creation Help

For an upcoming campaign, I'm creating a stealthy infiltrator who is a former DocWag Employee (grabbed all of the medical-related skills and knowledge). I plan to have a decent amount of bioware and some cyberware.
Problem 1. Martial Arts. Since there is no street sam, I thought of grabbing martial arts in case a guard gets a little fussy. Something like jujitsu perhaps to disarm said guard, sweep them on the group, and choke them out or use bioweapon retractable claws to kill them if they are really fussy. Is this a smart thing to do at all or am I going to be dropped like a sack of potatoes in the first second and my character sucks.
Problem 2. There is no real face. I feel obligated to do so but at the same time that would be pushing the abilities of the character and jacks of all trades I know aren't viable at all. Also with all the bio and cyberware, it would decrease my social limit making it hard to be the face. Should I consider respeccing? If so what to put my attributes and skills into? 20 attribute scores and 46/10 skill scores.
Problem 3. Since I'm doing an infiltrator with lots of knowledge of medicine and biology and the such, plus former docwag, is there anything I should consider grabbing? Like equipment that would benefit from that knowledge and skill, I could use in a sneaky role.
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2023.03.30 16:01 downwithbubbles44 Autistic Mental Health Professionals- Do your clients know your autistic?

I am a social worker, working towards becoming a registered play therapist and clinical independent social worker. I am currently a school social worker hired through a non-profit and I mainly work with pre-k aged children?
I am wondering if you ever tell clients/ parents if you work with kids about your autism and if so, under what circumstances?
The reason I am asking is because:
  1. My therapist told me she has ADHD and I am like thank god she understands me. I generally find it relieving to learn of other people's diagnoses.
  2. We have an extremely high number of kids with "developmental delays" (as classified by the school system). There are a few parents who I will need to have conversations with about referring their child for an evaluation, and if so I plan to talk about autism from a neurodiverse perspective rather than a deficit, which its often perceived as. I don't plan to blurt out I am autistic, but there have been times where I felt like it would fit into conversation- for instance, like I was telling a parent about doing a lot of research on autism and asked her some questions about her son regarding autism. Like sometimes, I feel like I feel weird talking about it, but being viewed as an outsider looking in if that makes sense.
  3. I feel like part of destigmatizing autism is being open about it. I understand self-disclosure should be used carefully, but I also feel like it reinforces the notion that autism is taboo.
  4. I plan to train in Autplay (unless there is controversy I don't know about with this) and child-centered play therapy. And I think I would prefer someone who is neurodivergent to work with my neurodivergent kids, although, I know not everyone feels that way. ADHD is more socially appropriate to talk about and I have parents who are open about it. But autism still seems like something people should be ashamed about.
I know it would come with risks, but I would love to hear some of your experiences! Even from non mental health professionals.
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