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2018.03.17 01:46 rudexvirus Rudexvirus and her musings

A place for me to centralize my writing! I will put anything here that is not being saved for traditional publishing routes :D

2023.03.30 15:48 OceanFitness Day 1 - Self Improvement journey & A break from social media.

Today is Day 1.
I am starting a new self improvement journey, I’ve practiced this for years but always quit by the end. I spent years on Twitter but before July 2022, I didn’t use it every day. I did quit social media from March-June 2020 & September-November 2020.
I want to take more breaks from Twitter this year & limit time on Instagram. Once I get the hang of it, I will go cold Turkey in a week or two.
I felt so much better when I reconnected with nature, So I want to spend more time outside. I stayed inside too much last summer. Now I’m going to the gym 3 times a week and spending more time in nature.
I really need to focus on studies and get my GED so I can get into college. I just turned 28 and still trying to get into college and attempting to get in this year. I used to do 5 days at the gym and aiming for 4 days.
• No Twitter.
• More time outside.
• Focus on studies.
• Apply to more jobs.
• Gym 3 Times a week.
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2023.03.30 15:47 AngusPicanha Lots of craziness going on right now unfortunately, but just wanna share my signed vinyl that arrived from France a couple days ago

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2023.03.30 15:47 Yung_Joop Urges before sleep

Hi all,
I am currently on day 8 and generally feel like I have been doing a great job not giving in to urges by keeping myself busy and mindful/aware of urges when they arise. However, I feel like I might relapse in bed before sleeping. It used to be such a habit for me to do so for a good night's rest, that now my dick starts throbbing when I lay down to sleep.
I am feeling tired already at the time I go to bed and also try to do some meditation, but nothing seems stop this urge. Anyone have any tips for this?
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2023.03.30 15:47 momarcella PLEASE HELP🥲! Resin shattering on paintings

Hello! Im in need of some help. I am in charge of resining paintings for my job. I’ve been doing this for about 4 years now and this has me stumped.
The painting will cure with a “shatter”, like as if someone threw a baseball at a window and it barely just broke.
I will pour a mixture of resin onto multiple paintings, torch them, and when I come back the next day some have shattered some have not.
I don’t know what the variable is, I’ve resined in extreme heat and extreme cold, made sure it’s mixed throughly and experiment with torching/rubbing alcohol and still cannot find an answer.
I use ArtResin and they could not give me an answer for this effect.
I would LOVE any insight on how to permanently eradicate this problem! I’m at my wits end in all my years of doing this I don’t understand what the problem is if nothing in my routine has changed.
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2023.03.30 15:47 Flimsy_Fox_2425 Patience

First of all, I think ive come a long way. When I would get hurt by my partner I'd send a long message describing what they did wrong. I'd get very emotional, cry and blame. I no longer do this. I'm not sure if my partner has an awareness when they do things that hurt me, or if they're just clueless. I used to think telling them would help but it usually just ended in me being stonewalled.
Well I think ive run out of patience. I had an awful day and I really needed to talk to my partner about it. All I wanted is one minute of comfort. But he talked about himself then ignored me. I started to feel that familiar rage I used to get. I managed to calm myself but I'm furious that I'm not important enough to be given a tiny bit of support. I know that working on myself means supporting and caring for myself but sometimes you just need someone you know? Sometimes you want your partner to tell you everything is going to be okay. I don't know if I'm just having a bad night but I feel exhausted. I've been so accepting and calm. I'm having the urge to break up or send a long message about my feelings but I know I need to calm down first.
I'm just so tired of all the effort and energy I put into him feeling safe and I'm suddenly thinking is this useful or am I hurting myself?
This is just kind of a vent because I'm really tired of having so much patience and acceptance when I'm just hurt.
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2023.03.30 15:47 queincy How to turn back and forward pages when using screen reader?

Good day, I am using a kindle PPW5 and when i turn on my screen reader it automatically turn the pages forward after reading the whole page but I wanted to go back to the previous page and highlight something but I don't know how to do so when the screen reader is on, is there a way to do it? Thank you.
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2023.03.30 15:47 sklaon20 Bank and Merchant giving me a tough time. Should I file a consumer case against both ??

Hey fellow Redditors, I don’t know if this is the right place to post this but I’m having a huge issue with the merchant and my bank regarding payments. Please bear with me as it’s a long post. I really hope you guys can help me as it’s been months and I don’t know what to do and my account is being debited every month.

So I placed an order through Samsung for a Galaxy S22 plus and charging adapter in September 2022 on EMI and my order was canceled by Samsung due to the item being out of stock. Now they said they will process the refund shortly. However, there was no update on this from them. I mailed them again and got a revert later where they said they have processed a refund for the adapter but the phone refund is still being processed. Now, my account was being debited every month and the first time my account was debited I immediately sent another mail to Samsung regarding the refund. This continued for weeks and they said that it’ll take 5-7 days for a refund every time. Meanwhile, they told me I need to inform my bank about EMI cancellations.

I contacted the bank customer support and went to my nearest bank branch regarding this issue but they said there was no refund received and that I will need to write a mail to them requesting closure of the EMI. Now, I've written multiple emails and have also visited the bank branch multiple times while also contacting Samsung customer care but was getting the same generic response every time. This continued for a long time and my account was being debited every month whereas Samsung would always give me the generic response where "Refund has been raised and will be processed shortly 5-7 days" whereas bank employees told me to write a mail letter to them requesting closure every time.

This continued till Feb 2023 when Samsung credited my account with the refund money instead of refunding the Bank themselves. Now I informed the bank as soon as I got the refund but they told me to write and mail again and that they will raise another request. I contacted customer support as this was dragging on for too long and they told me to connect with their other loan support. I don't understand how they run things but for so long I've been trying to contact them so many times and they've just been sending me nowhere.
I finally got a little help from one of the Bank employees and they did escalate my mail to which I finally got a response but now they told me I need to pay extra charges to close the EMI and they also added charges for the charging adapter in the EMI. Thus, taking the loan amount to Rs 60,498 instead of Rs. 59,199 since Rs 1,299 was already refunded to HDFC. Along with this, since my account was already debited for 5 months, I had already paid Rs 26,855 by now. Now since the loan amount was Rs 59,199 the pending amount should be Rs 59,199 - Rs 26,855 = i.e Rs 32,344 but the link they sent me was for an outstanding payment of Rs 36,068 which I don't understand. Even if you include the costs of the charging adapter, the amount should not be Rs 36,068. That's a difference of Rs 3,724
I'm sorry for this long post but I'm really stressed and tired. Now, I'm not sure what my next step should be. Should I can raise a consumer grievance against the merchant and bank ?? Or what can I do now ?? Please help me guys and tell me what can I do to solve this never-ending case.

To sum it up
Bought a phone on EMI in Sep 2022 through Samsung which was canceled by them but my account is still being debited every month whereas Samsung support told me refund is being processed. The Bank and Samsung gave me the same generic response until Feb 2023, Samsung refunded the amount to my saving account directly instead of Bank's loan account. Now, Bank is asking me to pay interest and extra charges for the closure of the loan and they have also given me an outstanding amount which is way higher than what it should be.
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2023.03.30 15:47 DrSkyle What can I feed my cat?

My family is completely vegetarian since birth , We can't really buy her meat every day, but I occasionally buy meat for my cat My question is what else can I feed her ? I know meat is essential and I try my best to give her meat at every chance I get , but for now giving her meat everyday is not possible.
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2023.03.30 15:47 CheeseOnToast9000 Need accountability to start again

My longest streak since about 15 years ago probably was 48 days this past September and I honestly felt fucking amazing. Not waking up hungover was like life on easy mode. I started drinking regularly again in February and I’ve been finding it so hard to get back to where I was and have more than 2 days without drinking.
I’m hoping to beat my record, probably will need to check in here every day to have the willpower the first week or so. IWNDWYT.
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2023.03.30 15:47 GoodOlBluesBrother What questions would you ask of a client who wants a website but has no idea about websites?

I’m meeting with my boss in a few days and we are going to mull over his website and social media strategy.
He’s in a niche service industry. Think landscaping with heavy machines (diggers etc).
He currently has a website that isn’t very good. He currently doesn’t have any social media presence.
When we meet we’re going to discuss layout and content. We’re going to look at competitors websites and make a note of things we like and don’t like.
The idea of the website is to showcase what work we do and to get potential clients to initiate contact. There will be no E-commerce. I am considering creating a blog which will showcase our work.
I don’t want to miss any important discussion points so I’m wondering what things a website developer would be asking their clients in order to best create a site that is fit for purpose.
He currently has a company that does his website but IMO they’re not doing the best job. They keep asking him for content when I’m of the opinion that the current layout doesn’t look professional and it’s also a little bloated. They also seem to want him to lead them in any design and layout changes but as he’s very busy and also not very savvy on these things nothing ever really progresses. Hence why we’re meeting to discuss things and hopefully come up with a plan to improve things.
Any and all (serious) suggestions are welcomed
Thank you.
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2023.03.30 15:46 Ok_Berry_203 Fear of being cheated on

I just recently got a girlfriend after a year of working on myself. My girlfriend is going to a big music festival back where we went to college and going into individual sections that are call "builds". These builds are all hosted by frats and there is endless beer and a big party. My previous girlfriend cheated on me at this festival in the past in the same scenario of going into the builds. My new girlfriend has never had a real relationship and has told me she doesn't know exactly how to be in one, but she wants to be with me and she's sure of that. She has reassured me that she isn't my ex and would never do something like that or do anything to hurt me. I'm also the first guy she said "I love you" to. I feel like I can trust her but the constant thought is always in my head. We have discussed it and she constantly tells me she's not into these frat guys, even though all her past guys have been frat guys. I really want her to have fun, but I just can't stop worrying. One benefit is I offered to pick her up when she texts me (once she finally finds a spot with service) and she wanted me to be up there and we stay in a hotel over the 2 day period of the festival. Is there anything I can do to ease my mind, I really like this girl and don't want my insecurity to ruin or hurt our relationship?
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2023.03.30 15:46 awaara_huu Anyone going to pune comedy festival Day 2, none of my friends are going so l am looking for a company.

Same as title.
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2023.03.30 15:46 scotfarmer How to break the PEM cycle ?

I feel on the past 3 months I’ve been constantly in a PEM rollercoaster / cycle without getting out . It all started when I contracted covid this January my PEM cycle started I’m in horrendous pain for a week then it eases a bit then I crash again and so on and so on ..
I cook , wash dishes , and I argue with my dad nearly every day stress etc . Doesn’t help that my house has stairs either. I climb stairs like more than twice per day . I just feel like I’m wasting all my energy in my house and I’m really angry because that is what making me housebound and instead of spending it outside with my friends , or just outside in general .
My dad forces me to cook , wash dishes etc doesn’t understand cfs and I sleep really poorly too so that makes me crash easier . I’m on a constant rollercoaster and I want to get out of my house but I’m stuck in the PEM prison cycle . So my question is , do you understand where I’m coming from? And what would be the solution to break this cycle ? Aggressive resting ? The thing is , if I don’t cook or wash dishes my dad prohibits internet ( yes he treats me like I’m 12 despite being almost 21) and I’d be offline alone in my room which is boring and being disconnected sucks while being sick
I just hate this life I feel like I’m not making any progress . Im like stuck . I’m thinking of yeah doing 2 week or something resting but that’d be so hard :/.
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2023.03.30 15:46 rolfw93 Day 1 again, tenth attempt this year, after messing up.

Yesterday night, my girlfriend and I(29) had an intense fight which nearly became physical, I ended up telling her that I'll commit suicide, then started crying until 3.AM. Now we decided to take a break until we fix each other. After 14 days alcohol free. Those 14 days were too good, I had to tell myself that I don't deserve this kind of freedom. Being abstinent from this poison and having a personality disorder is living life on hardmode, but I will keep my determination. I love her so much and I want to be back with her, so I will stop drinking. Wish me luck. Any advice is welcome. You guys who post here really motivate and inspire me.
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2023.03.30 15:46 amanimaedesign 3kg down in my first week!

I am SO happy.
Due to having PCOS I really struggle to loose weight and I am ALWAYS hungry. After starting Semaglutide last week, I have lost 3kg in my first week!
I am so impressed. I haven't done any exercise, but I do only eat one large meal a day.
I know it's probably not the best way to loose weight, but I just need to loose 10kg and fast in order to qualify for IVF. I'm pleased things are finally seeming real!
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2023.03.30 15:46 butteredkernels Win10/11 OOBE Lockup, Ubuntu LiveUSB Lockup

Hello All,
Machine: ASUS ROG Strix G17 G713QR.330
CPU: Ryzen 9 5900HX
GeForce RTX 3070 Laptop GPU
RAM: 32GB Samsung 1600Mhz DDR4-3200
OS: Windows 10 / 11
Warranty: Expired 2/10/23 (of course...)
Peripherals: none
My wife and I have identical laptops. I recently upgraded mine to a new Intel AX210 WiFi card, and yesterday decided to do the same for hers. Her laptop was running Windows 10 and was giving her some stuttering behavior the other day. I run Windows 11 on mine and since there's been a lot of newer ASUS image/firmware updates for it I decided to upgrade her to 11 as well. I backed up all her data, swapped the WiFi card out, made sure everything was working as-is, and then wanted to give it the ol' nuke and pave to Windows 11.

Past 2 days:
Windows 10, Windows 11, and Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (live USB) all lock up randomly and I can't complete an install.

Windows 11 Install - installation completes, OOBE loads, and it will lock up randomly anywhere between connecting to WiFi network to signing into Microsoft account

Windows 10 Install - installation completes, OOBE loads, and it'll lock up between connecting to WiFi network to right after creating a local account

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS LiveUSB - locked up after about 6 minutes of idling in the "Try Ubuntu" load

I considered perhaps it was the SSD, so we overnighted a new Samsung 970 EVO from Amazon, the issue persists. I even swapped the old WiFi card back in thinking maybe it was just a problematic Intel WiFi card causing the issue.
It does not lock up in BIOS (I let it sit with something on an arrow key for 30min so it was changing menus constantly - no lockups)
It does not appear to lock up in PE environments, namely SystemRescueCD Live.
EDIT: It does not appear to be a heat issue either, i compared our laptops on startup and they seem to be behaving the same way in that regard. I have considered tearing it all the way down and reapplying thermal paste, but that's a task I'd rather not get into if I can help it.
I've also reseated the RAM, even swapped the slots they're installed in.
I ran memtest86 overnight for 8hrs, 5 passes, no issues.I managed to get Windows 10 installed w/o much fuss this morning with no wifi card in it and ran mdsched.exe and it passed
I was going to run an in-os diag with Si-Sandra or Cinebench, but it locked up almost immediately.
I've been in I.T. since 2006 and I'm running out of ideas.
Thanks for reading, hopefully someone here has some additional thoughts.
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2023.03.30 15:46 throwRA02827 My (30F) boyfriend (41M) is awful but I always forgive him. How can I break the attachment?

We had a huge fight today in the car on the way to a day trip and ended up turning around and coming home. The whole time he berated me because he says I cared more about our trip than the fact that he is tired today. Apparently I should’ve known he was tired and cancelled the trip before going.
Maybe I should have cancelled it, I don’t know. He said such horrible things to me. Saying I’m selfish, stupid, he doesn’t need or care about me anymore, says that I ruined his life and most upsettingly, telling me to go back to my country. I’m a foreigner in his country. He’s said these things before but I always forgive him even though he never ever says sorry. He just brushes it away and pretends nothing happened, or I say sorry to try to end the cold treatment. We live together so it’s unbearable for me and I always give in
But this time I want to keep my ground and try ignoring him while he ignores me. He can go for days without speaking to me. I can’t ever do that. But I want to try and break my attachment to him. If I can, then maybe I can leave.
Does anyone have any tips or advice on how to not cave in? I’m an affectionate person so I need to find a way to push through lonely feeling when he ignores me.
He often doesn’t allow me to go out by myself or see my friends so that part is difficult. But maybe I should go. I’m scared though.
I appreciate any advice or sharing of experiences. Thank you everyone
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2023.03.30 15:46 righteous_kat We didn’t meet up which was probably good. But we’ve talked for hours

Thought I was going to meet up with an old flame last night but he didn’t get home until late and was exhausted. Probably for the better. Instead, we ended up texting for hours. Getting to know each other. We were FWB over 20 years ago. I hadn’t thought much about him until a few years ago when I ran into him. Anyway, dude is in therapy y’all. Like working on his shit, loves therapy. As am I.
I don’t know what is happening here. He messaged me when he woke up this morning. I’m catching feelings but not in the traditional way. I can’t really explain it. I don’t want a relationship right now. But I am just drawn to this mans energy like none other.
I want to tell him that but I don’t want to scare him away. I’m also in the middle of divorcing my husband and I don’t want him to think I’m rebounding. I’m definitely wanting to feel those feelings again but I’m not looking to settle down anymore.
Anyway, life is funny. The day I told my husband I wanted a divorce, I randomly ran into my old friend. I told him we should catch up and here we are.
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2023.03.30 15:46 NoEnthusiasm-66 quitting a contract job

Can i just quit without handing a resignation letter and notice? The contract only says i need to give a 30 day notice.
Ive only been in few weeks and this is stressing me out. I cant do this anymore.
Will i be in trouble at background checks? I wont put this job on my resume.
This is my first job so i have no idea at all.
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2023.03.30 15:46 Tough-Doctor-1487 34 [M4F] #Toronto / Mississauga /Niagara Ontario - Looking for a filthy little slut. Message daddy you little whore.

Dominant, misogynistic, and I like to fuck. Need a gal that enjoys gender roles, 1950's submissive dynamic. I want you to understand your purpose is to please, be a good fucktoy for me and be ready to be used and abused by your dominant daddy. You'll be my slut, cumdump, bitch, whore, and fuckdoll. I will praise you, humiliate and degrade you, and own you when together. You may call me daddy, sir, or master. I am a Dom looking for a sub.
Come choke on dick, worship my balls while I smack you with my cock and stroke it on your face, get face fucked, be told what to do, and get put in all sorts or positions for me to use all your fuck holes however I please. Lay back and get spread out for me to devour your pussy and eat you like the last supper while using toys on you before pounding you to another dimension while I pin you down, choke you and whisper things in your ear. I like a naughty girl, that loves to please, and loves a take charge man. All your holes will be owned, you will know your purpose is to please, be a slut, and take dick. I will cover you in cum, fill your pussy, and your ass, make you swallow and let you know I own you. Be ready to have that ass spanked until my handprint is left there, get collared, tied up, and fucked senselessly and used while I force orgasms out of your tight young pussy and make you a wet mess for me having you tell me how much you love being my little fucktoy. I need a good slut. Bonus points if you are down for me to slut you out to my friends, share you, or get used by me and other women from time to time. I want you to be a good whore, ready willing and able to take dick, get used, and be my little cumslut.
I smoke weed, drive, can host, or come to you. I am 180cm tall, 85kg, with a nice body, chocolate skin, and a beautiful uncut cock with stamina for days. I like to fuck alot and will use you over and over again whenever we meet.
Open to any ethnicity. Just have a high sex drive and love to please. You can be a good girl to the world, but when we are together I want you to be daddy's filthy little slut and understand you are with me to get used and fucked like my personal little fuck toy or human fleshlight.
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2023.03.30 15:46 O3fz This is the police - Interrogation

Previous/First/Next: Emergency Powers
\The Soldier’s POV”*
I sat there, breathing in and out of sync, wondering if my end is near, wondering if I was right or wrong. Each tick of the old style clock on the wall, they seem to be both a second and day to me, both of which were to long. I hear only their voices now, the two men sit across from me, SAC Murray and the CIA Director, or was it CIA Director Murray? If so who is the other human? Why is my head on the table? Why am I bound again? Oh, I remember, how could I forget what I did. Or did I do that?
“We understand that you passed out Miss Praw-Naw, so we gave you a cocktail of drugs to awaken you from it” The man on the right speaks, Murray I believe? Wait, drugs? What did they give me and how much?
“What drugs? My mind is racing and I feel like I’m going t–“ Well, I just gave the floor a new hideous paintjob. Still it already looks better than the old grey one.
“We gave you a bit of pain relief, some barbiturates to prevent stress and some nervous stimulants to wake you up.” The, Director speaks? Okay, okay, I might be a bit allergic to the pain relief but what is a barbiturate? Is it toxic in anyway? “Now Miss Praw-Naw, we are going to ask a few basic questions surrounding what occurred at the planetary capital.” Planetary capital? What happened ther– oh, oh shit what do I say? How do I lie to them? Should I kill myself? No, I must if I want to not harm the rest of the operation. Ok, ok, I’ll do it now.
“May I ask why you are moving your jaw that way miss?” Oh god I though I was subtle and now Murray has noticed. I hope that the cyanide tooth fell out and they didn’t find it, lest I die a much worse death. “I understand you are curious as to why your cyanide tooth is missing, but please, relax. We all work for the Union in this room, and you were meant to be at the capital during the explosion. So why are you trying to kill myself? You must have something to hide if you have something to fear.” Oh god Murray is going to bury me, here and now with questions I’ll have no answer for.
“Murray if I may?” Murray just nodded to the, Director? I still barely have a clue who this man is and yet Special Agent in-Charge Murray, who sits just under the CID planetary Vice-Director in power, defers to this man. Who is he? “Miss Praw-Naw, please tell us why you were at the Planetary Council? And what are your intentions?” God he is softly spoken, and yet nature itself seems to bow to him.
“I was there as I was assigned by my officer, and I was also there as part of my operation. My intentions are to kill myself so please let me.” NO, I did NOT intend to say any of that. Why has my mouth and mind betrayed me? It is as if I have had my account hijacked, and I can’t recover it. Now the hijacker is impersonating me and using my reputation as toilet paper.
“And tell me about this operation, who is behind it? Who are your accomplices? What do you aim to achieve?” The Director has stood up. Wait, what is in that briefcase he is carrying? Oh no, no, no, he’s going to torture me now isn’t he? I am already locked out of my own mind, now I’ll be painfully trapped in my own body. “Ahh, maybe you want to see this.” What is he pulling out– a gun, and a file. Dear god, Is that my own file? This man knows it all then.
“The operation was to destroy the Planetary Council, as for my accomplices, dead and I honestly didn’t now who they are. All I know is that someone called the High Councillor was behind the op.” My mouth has once again betrayed me, and yet as I battle with my neurology I have made my first victory, a small one nonetheless but a victory. I cannot betray my brother to these DoNS fuckers.
“I see, but still I watch as you battle the mutiny of your mind, and as I view your desperation, I can make you an offer.” I watch as the Director picks up the gun, I think its an old style human revolver? “This is a Smith and Wesson 500, a revolver passed down through my family. As I understand, Jav-Gav culture puts emphasis on noble death and not betraying the established order, both of which you have violated.” Oh god, I have in my passion forsaken the ancient code. I have been blinded by my pride and now, it all comes back to me. What have I done? My family will dishonour me and in 50 years, I’ll be forgotten. “I have and offer for you miss Praw-Naw, you tell us everything, and I kill you here, mark your file with as having died protecting the Council and add an award for honour. Your family will no longer be denouncing you and you would be buried in a graveyard of honour. How does that sound?” That sounds wonderful, but what about the others? Now I realise why duality of loyalty is discouraged. You know what, I’ll take the offer but try withhold as much as I can.
“I’ll accept Director. I was given this operation by my old CO, he said it was something important. The operation’s overall goals was to eliminate the council, for which I was told were conspiring with enemies of the state. I was… unaware of the fact that they weren’t and had no way to prove otherwise. The team… who uh… I didn’t know other than the codenames, and I planted several explosives throughout the building while the rest of the team prepared others. We had to switch to the backup plan when the sweep found bomb 17. They were on a static timer so we had no way to detonate them early. The team proceeded to eliminate the helicopter pilots and upon the council’s arrival for evac, eliminated them as well. We had our timing wrong however and the explosion went off while we were getting our wingsuits on.” Right that should hopefully be enough to ward them off the trail, hopefully he can escape. Wait… why is he unloading his gun?
“I understand your duality of loyalties Miss-Praw Naw, but please, do not attempt to withhold anything from me. You told me only thongs that could not benefit an investigation much. So tell me who is the High Councillor? And how did you get this equipment? You certainly didn’t smuggle it through, not with how customs has been recently.” God no, no, no. Most local enforcement would take such an answer, why did mankind have be able to see through such? Now what do I do? Now what do I do? This man has so much power that the National Council doesn’t try push him around. “Answer me Miss Praw-Naw, or I will go the other extreme an publicise your treason to the extent in which your family will dishonoured until the end of time. NOW TELL ME!”
“The High Councillor, a misleading codename my only brother used to mislead the investigation, planned the operation but the equipment was supplied by a group called the.. LibMov? I was told they were covert ops that had gotten us the equipment. Other than that I don’t know much.” The Director is nodding slowly at me. Please may do it now, please. Okay now he is walking to behind me.
“Murray, I don’t want to cover you with blood, so please step out of the way.” I feel him put the gun to the back of my head, hurry the fuck up.
“The hell was that prick on the back of my… neck..” I can barely… stay… awake…
“Murray have a medic put her in statis, we may need her again later.” That… bastard… lied… to me.
That is all for this week. This one was different to write and I hope to use it’s style again in the future. Otherwise that is all for now.
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2023.03.30 15:46 savvapapa New Roof with exposed nails

Hey Everyone, Just looking for some opinions here.
I had a roof done on my house and once the contractor was finished the next day I went up on the roof and noticed around 20 exposed nails (these are nails that were put below the overlap).
Now the contractor came back and put some tar on them, but honestly I think he should be ripping all the damaged pieces off and replacing all the shingles from the damaged ones all the way back to the top and make it proper.
I gave him a cheque but told him not to cash it until I get the roof inspected. I did put a stop payment on it just in case; but he doesn't have my money as of now.
What are people's thoughts ? Do I make him fix it or is the patch acceptable enough and should I just ask for a reduced fee ?? From a warranty perspective the manufacturer said the area that's incorrectly installed is not covered.
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