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Chameleos as a Fakemon

2023.03.30 15:56 Cicerondibuja Chameleos as a Fakemon


Dex Entry: This deadly dragon hunts by summoning a mist and sneak attacking his prey. The rangers guild recomends not hunting it without antidotes or steel types due to how poisonous it is. It Evolves from level 68 Kecleon, so while rare, it is really poweful when it appears. His ecologycal niche it´s the jungle.
TYPE: Dragon Poison


HP 121
ATK 98
DEF 102
SPA 107
SPD 102

Unique Ability: Chameleos Soul


Deadly Poison
Dragon Tongue


Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance, Outrage, Extreme Speed, Lick, Surprise, Bite, Sucker Punch, U-Turn, Body Slam, Double edge, Iron Tail, Dragon Tail, Rest, Sleep Talk, Mud Shot, Poison Mist, Defog, Toxic Spikes, Venoshock, Sludge Bomb, Acid Spray, Protect, Thief, Belch, Tale down, Quick attack.

What is you meta analysis, would you add or take something from this?
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2023.03.30 15:56 oKinetic My Experience With The Dual-N-Back

Hello CogT, I'm a new member of the subreddit and neophyte to the "IQ domain" in general. Today I want to share what bit of anecdotal I can offer in hopes that we, as a collective, can come to a more informed conclusion regarding the DnB and it's efficacy.This will not be a post permeated with studies and diagrams, rather, I'm going to explain to you exactly the effects that the DnB had on my cognitive capacities.
To offer some context, it all started a few years ago when I worked at a construction site, this job was adequately fast paced and required me to keep up with a vast array of objects that were used sporadically throughout the day. Needless to say, I had some difficulties remembering where I had put some of the tools throughout my shifts, I would always find X eventually, but it took an extra few minutes for me just to locate it, and the pace didn't offer much relief. In short, my memory absolutely sucked.
By pure circumstance, I happen to come across the DnB in the app store one day. I wasn't looking for something to help my cognition as I had come to terms with my lackluster memory, but I figured I'd give it a shot.
NOTE : Prior to the DnB, I had never done any cognition training.
Memory - Immediate improvements. It was honestly quite remarkable, no longer was I forgetting where I had sat every tool at the job site, or to be more precise, if i did forget where I sat something it would always come back to me with some effort recalling it. It was quite a strange feeling to be honest. Indeed, the memory increase was nothing short of phenomenal, and this didn't end at work, this newfound skill "transfered" everywhere I went.
Verbal Skills - An unexpected consequent of the DnB training had surfaced, seemingly out of nowhere, I began using much more "sophisticated" verbose in my dialect. Not only was my vocabulary improved, the grammatical structure and syntax of my textual abilities were also improved. The reason? Who knows. But, this was a very welcome surprise.
Fluid Intelligence - I know the studies are very incongruent on this one and don't always converge on a single conlcusion, but let me just say, i have absolutely no doubt it raised my fluid intelligence. Zero. Why?
Well, solutions for problems started popping up in my head during the training, solutions to problems I had regularly encountered at my job. For example, we had welders that would occasionally need to fix something on the product while I was working on it, this would always require me to move my tools (which was a job in itself) and work on something else. This situation arose again mid-training and a completely novel thought had materialized in my head : "Just unplug your welder and throw the cord under my workstation". The welder seemed quite surprised by this thought as well, as if it was new to him.
This one's a bit fringe but, I would always go to this convenience store next to my job to get cigarettes, and for some reason I began noticing how easy it would be to steal something at the front counter everytime the cashier turned around to look for my product, especially if I were to name something obscure to waste time. I know, I know, this is a wierd one, but it's interesting nonetheless.
While a measly two examples may not seem like much of a feat, I think this was merely due to the fact that
A) I didn't stick with the DnB training for very long (8 weeks or so).
B) Lack of intellectually challenging situations, nothing in my life demanded that I formulate solutions or stimulate my cognition.
In summary, I think the DnB ABSOLUTELY improves IQ / fluid intelligence. It did for me anyways.
Now, why do some experience greater results from such training? My theory is that this is dependent upon how "intellectually stimulating" your life is prior to training.
If you are someone who, like me, never engaged in cognitively stimulating activities, the training will be much more efficacious for you.It's the same concept as "noob gains" in the bodybuilder world.
Well, that about wraps it up, thanks cT.
✓ FiN
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2023.03.30 15:54 vivianvixxxen The best coffee shops I visited in Taipei, Taiwan

Recently, I spent a few weeks in Taipei, specifically in the Shilin district, which is where all but the last of these coffee shops are. I noticed that there's very little discussion of the Taiwanese coffee scene here on this subreddit, which, after visiting, seems shocking to me.
Taipei has one of the best coffee scenes I've encountered world-wide. With quality and consistency in mind, it's only beat out by Hong Kong, but when you factor in the cost, it wins the top spot for me. Other great coffee locations are far too unpredictable in their quality. At worst, in Taipei, I got a few slightly watery cups. The baristas in Taiwan take their craft seriously and I hope that this post can encourage some people to go experience the coffee scene there.
Note: I'm only discussing pour over coffee in this post.
Louisa Coffee
This is a coffee chain that's all over. I could not believe how good the coffee is here. It's exceptionally good light roast pour over coffee, and it's super affordable. Plus, they have a decent amount of variety. You really can't go wrong with a cup from here, even though it's a chain. Easily the biggest and best surprise on our trip.
Ikari Coffee
Another chain, but they're more focused on the food. The coffee's alright, but at the price point, I'd just go to the Louisa's that's inevitably right next door.
Cozy Sun Day Cafe
They have like two or three locations, but we frequented their super-tiny one in Shilin. Absolutely perfect coffee.
Modism Cafe
Great spot to relax and have a cup. The coffee is good and the vibes are excellent.
Vagabond Cafe
One of the best all-around spots I visited. Fantastic coffee, plus space to set up with a laptop. Wifi and outlets available. Open late. I wish I'd returned a few more times.
The second most expensive coffee I had in Taiwan, but flippin' worth it. This is my number one recommendation. I don't know what I expected, but it wasn't being poured one of the best cups I've had in my life. I didn't get a chance to revisit them, so I can't say for certain if they're my number one (that would be Counterpart Coffee Gallery in Tokyo), but I think they're worth going out of your way for.
More Cafe
A brilliant hidden gem! Tucked away a few blocks from the main thoroughfare and right next to the river, this place has good coffee, outlets, wifi, and space to work. The coffee can sometimes come out a bit watery (as I warned above), but it's still tasty, if that makes sense. They also have bangin' food. And if you like 90s pop tunes, they've got you covered--otherwise, bring headphones.
一杯咖啡士林店 A Cup Of Coffee
Fantastic spot for really solid coffee (and hot cocoa). Plus, they're open late and have a laid-back vibe.
Simple Kaffa
I went here because of the reputation. And, well, the coffee was really good. But at the price-point, I felt a little deflated. Maybe my palatte just isn't sophisticated enough to appreciate what they're doing there, but to my taste, I've had significantly better coffee at half the price.
To sum up!
Best spots for working and coffee: Louisa's, Vagabond Cafe, More Cafe.
Best coffee: 花香見咖啡烘焙工作室
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2023.03.30 15:54 ImAdou21Gta I(21) ghosted my ex GF(21) that cheated and lied to me with her ex(22), but I feel like I'm the one who broke her heart

My girlfriend used me as a rebound and when I figured out she was talking every night with her ex again we kinda broke up but still stayed close, my plan was to give her a chance so that she stops talking with him and takes me seriously, but one month ago she was still the same with him and pulled a little back from me until I found out they were secretly dating. After she stopped putting effort into our relationship, I figured out she then started to talk to me only to use me (calls me whenever I'm in an event to join me and my friends so that she doesn't stay alone) even though I still showed her I love her several times. I ended up totally ghosting her and started ignoring her even IRL because I knew the truth.
Now I found many reels on she's linking on Instagram about "He wasn't good" or "he ignored me when I was there but he's gonna regret it when he will see me with another one" (about me), but also others about "girls that are in love with their bf..." (about her ex who is now her bf).
The thing is that I know that I did what I had to do, I figured out all the truth by myself and figured out everything she was telling me about us (me and her) and about them (she and him) was a lie, but I feel very sad these days because she didn't even remember that I did everything to make her happy (was always there for her, organized a surprise anniversary to her, bought her lot of gifts and flowers...).
I'm the one who broke everything between us? I mean, for me it's obviously no but I'm stuck in my head and I can't stop overthinking.
TLDR; I ghosted my gf who cheated on me with her ex, so now she isn't even thankful for what I did to her and acts like I'm the one who broke her heart.
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2023.03.30 15:53 ImAdou21Gta I(M21) ghosted my ex (F21) that cheated and lied to me with her ex(22), but I feel like I'm the one who broke her heart

My girlfriend used me as a rebound and when I figured out she was talking every night with her ex again we kinda broke up but still stayed close, my plan was to give her a chance so that she stops talking with him and takes me seriously, but one month ago she was still the same with him and pulled a little back from me until I found out they were secretly dating. After she stopped putting effort into our relationship, I figured out she then started to talk to me only to use me (calls me whenever I'm in an event to join me and my friends so that she doesn't stay alone) even though I still showed her I love her several times. I ended up totally ghosting her and started ignoring her even IRL because I knew the truth.
Now I found many reels on she's linking on Instagram about "He wasn't good" or "he ignored me when I was there but he's gonna regret it when he will see me with another one" (about me), but also others about "girls that are in love with their bf..." (about her ex who is now her bf).
The thing is that I know that I did what I had to do, I figured out all the truth by myself and figured out everything she was telling me about us (me and her) and about them (she and him) was a lie, but I feel very sad these days because she didn't even remember that I did everything to make her happy (was always there for her, organized a surprise anniversary to her, bought her lot of gifts and flowers...).
I'm the one who broke everything between us? I mean, for me it's obviously no but I'm stuck in my head and I can't stop overthinking.
TLDR; I ghosted my gf who cheated on me with her ex, so now she isn't even thankful for what I did to her and acts like I'm the one who broke her heart.
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2023.03.30 15:51 CannibalCapra Headcanon: Briarlight was doomed from birth

Alright so Its been a while since I've read OotS but I'm rereadinf po3 right now and I think that Briarlight was doomed from the start. From the day she's born it seems like danger is consistently focused around her. The day after she's born windclan attacks the Thunderclan camp, I'm not even sure if it's a full day after. They had to flee the nursery and take her and the other kits to highledge to hide.
Then while she's still a very young kit Millie contracts Greencough and Briarkit is the only kit in her litter to get it. Millie is even the first cat in camp to get it with Briarkit second.
Then literally one book later Honeyfern sacrifices herself to save Briarkit from the adder that went right for her. And we all know what happens later in the series when her legs are crushed. Tbh I wouldn't be surprised to find out even more happens to her before and after that.
She's in constant danger from birth. It's almost like she's cursed. Maybe we get one later, but where I'm at it's crazy to see so much misery starting with one kit
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2023.03.30 15:50 Turbulent-Rip-5370 24F proposal idea to 24M; how and when should I propose?

TLDR: Friend needs help determining when and how to propose.
Posting with permission for a friend off of Reddit:
My long term boyfriend and I plan to get married. We’ve talked about it for years and have been saving up for a while. There hasn’t been an official proposal for various reasons. However, my boyfriend has been dropping hints that it will happen on a trip we are going on in a few months.
He has always wanted to propose and its like his (self described) big moment, kind of like how the wedding part means the most to me. I have always wanted to get married and was one of those little girls who always thought about her big day. So this is his moment, hence I haven’t proposed though I would have loved to!
We have discussed and both want engagement/wedding rings, and we both chose what style we would like when that time comes. Well, he had started dropping hints about when it would happen and so I purchased the ring he wants. My plan is to bring it on the trip with us. That way, if he proposes on the trip, I can surprise him with his ring too! But, I really don’t want to take away the sentiment he put into planning his big moment. I wouldn’t give him the ring at his proposal to me, but probably a few days afterward (yet still while we are on the trip).
What are your thoughts on this? Would it take away from his big moment, even though it wouldn’t be on the same day? I do believe he perhaps planned this trip primarily as part of the plan to propose….there is a very slim chance he won’t propose on the trip but if he doesn’t I will hold onto the ring until after he eventually does propose. Would it be a better idea to just wait to give him his ring after the trip? I would love advice on how to give him his ring…as well.
Let me know your stories of how it happened in your relationship too! I might have to wait to really plan on how to give his his ring until after I see how he proposes, so that I don’t accidentally copy (and feel like a rip off of) anything from his big moment.
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2023.03.30 15:50 Entgrove The complete timeline of the Void

The complete timeline of the Void
Screaming into existence with the birth of the universe, the Void is a manifestation of the unknowable nothingness that lies beyond. It is a force of insatiable hunger, waiting through the eons until its masters, the mysterious Watchers, mark the final time of undoing.
The Void
Origins of the Watchers
The Watchers originated from the Void, a vast canvas of nothingness, in which the concept of its existence is a mystery, even to themselves.
Look at the nothing ^
The Watchers did not know why they or the Void existed, only that it perturbed them that something, that something being our universe, existed in the vast blackness of nothing.
The Something
The first Voidborn
In their curious and spiteful intent of understanding the material universe, they reshaped matter within it into conscious extensions of themselves tasked to collect information and knowledge in their behalf, becoming the prototype of the current and modern Voidborn.
Iceborn of the Freljord
The Watchers were immensely powerful and transformed humans of the Freljord into the immortal Iceborn. The Iceborn were given great gifts, magic, and immortality in return for their eternal loyalty.
The Frotguard Citadel
They conquered for the Watchers and built them a great civilization, including the bridge and fortress looming over the Howling Abyss, which eventually amassed into an enormous empire, all in preparation for the inevitable destruction of all existence.
Frostguard Citadel
War of the Three Sisters
Avarosa, believing that their servitude to the Watchers was worse than death, led the Iceborn rebellion against the Watchers. Avarosa and Serylda marched against Lissandra, who had pledged their people to serve the otherworldly Watchers. This culminated in to a long bloody battle across the bridge known as the Howling Abyss.
The Three Sisters
Fall of the Watchers
The boldest of the Watchers tore open the veil and hurled themselves upward, only to be horribly disoriented by the sudden shift between the abyss and the corporeal, linear nature of reality. In an instant, there was time, heat, and pain...
The Watchers Emerge
As the Watchers emerged from the ground, Lissandra realized the true nature of these abominations and weaved a spell to sacrifice armies of Iceborn, including her sisters, to entomb the Watchers in a glacial prison of True Ice underneath the bridge. The Watchers had no concept of what had happened, yet they knew they had been betrayed.
![img](dfu6yammpvqa1 "Lissandra turns on the Watchers ")
Erased from History
While many believed the Watchers were dead, they were merely imprisoned in a magical stasis of True Ice under the Howling Abyss. Lissandra fears the day they return, with each nine runic seal that holds their prison slowly fading away.
Bridge Spanning the Howling Abyss
Icathia Defys Shurima
The city of Icathia, once part of Shurima, grows in power and influence, eventually defying Shurima's rule.
The Void War and Icathia's Fall
Icathia turns to the dark powers of the Void in a desperate attempt to fight off Shurima. The unleashed Void ravages Icathia, leading to the city's destruction and a lasting threat to all of Runeterra.
Icathia Void War
Bel’Veth, of void but against all
Bel’Veth is one such example. She is like a dark cancer that has metastasized within the heart of the Void, through which all of Runeterra will be consumed and rebuilt in her own twisted image. She hungers for new experiences, memories, and concepts in vast amounts, devouring whole cities and their populations before repurposing the information into a sprawling alien landscape known as the Lavender Sea. Yet even the Void is not safe from her voracity as she spreads within it like a primordial ocean, forcing all before her to submit to her world of want... or be destroyed.
Modern day Voidborn - Kha'Zix, Cho'Gath, and more
Voidborn are Runeterran beings constructed by the Watchers of The Void. Their reason for existing is to accept, consume, and learn all the information about Runeterra necessary enough to aid for the eventual return of the Watchers. Voidborn are shown to vary greatly in intelligence and development: Vel'Koz and Cho'Gath are highly intelligent (In due time Kha'Zix may as well, but required to assimilate other organic creatures.), while Kog'Maw is rather primitive (This may be due to fact that he is an infant) and Rek'Sai is primeval and non-sapient, more akin to a wild animal.
Modern Day Voidborn
The Darkin War
Bereft of purpose and scarred by what they had endured in facing the Void, many Ascended became twisted in body and mind, naming themselves "Darkin" and raising hordes of mortal warriors to conquer the world. Eventually, the Aspects who had inspired their creation were forced to intervene, imprisoning the Darkin within their own accursed weapons.
The Darkin War
Ne'Zuk and the Monolith: A Heroic Stand Against the Voidborn Hordes
The Ixtalan people, part of the Shuriman empire, faced a rapidly spreading corruption from Icathia's ruins. Ne'Zuk of the Ascended Host was an Ixtali elemental mage of colossal power. He created the Monolith, a floating fortress, to battle the Void and its Voidborn hordes. The monolith was eventually destroyed and the Ixtal mages used their power over nature to hide Ixaocan away from the Void within the Jungle.
![img](4l85yqfbrvqa1 "Ne'Zuk Lost Tomb ")
The Hall of Nine is melting
The Hall of The Nine, or Hall of The Nine, is located inside the Howling Abyss in eastern Freljord. It is below the Bridge of Sorrows, Bridge of Shadow, and Bridge of the Lost. We do not know much about the nine, but we do know they keep the watchers trapped within the True Ice deep within the Howling Abyss.
The Hall of the Nine
The Watchers Stir
Each year, on the vernal equinox, a handful of Frostguard from the Keepers Lodge descend into the Howling Abyss. We learn on the most recent decent that the nine have grown weaker over the millennia and now barely hold back the Watchers. It is only a matter of time before they escape.
The Watchers
Follow for more league of legends lore posts! Plans to do a consolidated timeline for each zone.
Something missing or requiring further explanation? Let me know, and I may edit it!
All Zone Timeline Posts: Shurima - Targon - Ixtal - The Void
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2023.03.30 15:49 WATERMANC Spa recommendation

My girlfriends birthday is coming up and I wanted to treat her to a massage/spa day. Any recommendation in the Wilmington/ eastern nc area. We are located in the Emerald Isle area but I figure the nicest spas would be in the wilmington area?
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2023.03.30 15:49 ohnothrow_1234 From the US, got sleeved in Turkey at Irmet hospital - my exp + AMA

I'm from the US and elected to do this outside of insurance because I am moving internationally this summer and will have to go off my US insurance. Not knowing what is even covered under the insurance of the place I'm moving, i didn't want to delay this indefinitely and started looking at places to have this done. Mexico would have been closer for me but I had already visited previously and decided to use the opportunity to visit Turkey (which was lovely! Recommend highly).
Other info: I am 33f, HW 236 years ago, SW 218, cw 213 after three days now lmao.
Pre op day
I started this day at 4am for a vacation-related activity and went almost 24 hours straight as it carried me to plane -> hospital -> several hours of tests. Those were painful and annoying, no surprise there.
I was actually kind of worried for the tests because the diet sheet Irmet gave me was like one page, and some of the items on it were definitely not available in the US and once in Turkey I never even saw them either. I mostly got by on my own protein drink and eating chicken breast kebab.
But even bringing a giant case of protein drink was only 17 servings and not enough for my vacation so I tried supplementing with protein drinks found while on vacation for the liver shrinking diet. Literally before getting on the plane to come to the hospital I checked the nutrition label again with Google Lens and realized I made a mistake and they had far more carbs than I realized. I was trying to be very careful and normally am, very unlike me to make a mistake like that, but just goes to show you how chaotic traveling is.
I was hopeful that my overall very low caloric intake during this time would see me through, and I had managed to still be pretty good about drinking water. I also had gotten some liver supplements and drinks called Dose which are milk thistle and turmeric. Normally I roll my eyes at that kind of thing but in this case I would call the purchase an erroneous way to manage my stress and feel like I had more control. Although they aren't scientifically backed, it felt like a good luck charm. Make of that whatever you will.
Op day
On op day, more tests. Was ready to be annoyed they were ultrasounding me instead of just asking if I could be pregnant (I could not) but they did huge swaths of the body like veins, so it wasn't the typical thing where doctors just don't believe women about their possible pregnancy status. I was worried about a varicose vein I have on my calf that probably no one but me notices but I seem to have inherited from my dad if that's even possible, but it turned out to be no problem.
The rest of the tests came back a lo and behold, everything was fine. Every bloodwork stat was exactly textbook including all the liver ones despite my minor diet fail. I breathed some relief, although I have still heard of cases where they can't determine the liver size is a problem until after they cut you open so please don't take this as "don't follow your pre op diet", I was still eating relatively little and if I had a higher starting weight/liver weight the story still may have ended differently. I would have felt so miserable and stupid if I got cut open and the gas pain and couldn't have the surgery. Please don't play hooky with your diet, that does happen fr. My patient coordinator has been telling me horror stories since I've been here.
I went into surgery around 2pm. They gave me a sedative and that's all I remember until waking up in agony. It wasn't anything like what I expected. I heard "gas pain" and thought stomach. Instead it went between my shoulder blades and felt like being bludgeoned with a rock. It also apparently stayed, undetectable, in my stomach area and caused painful dry heaving for about 10 hours. I couldn't sleep at all. I had this mental image of how I'd look in the future sustaining me through the nerves of the whole process and I couldn't conjure it. Couldn't bring myself to turn on TV, anything. Here's where things get a little meh on Irmet.
I did ask for pain meds and was denied after anesthesia which, fine. But then it seemed like they forgot about me when I asked again and was allowed to have them (this theme would be recurring, my nurse experience has been pretty mixed although Dr. Ali Tardu has been great).
Day after
Kept dry heaving the first half of the day, and then before even 24 hours it steeply dropped off. That was a huge improvement. Slept a ton. Weirdly my blood pressure got high, which I've never had high blood pressure and it felt very uncomfortable I could kind of feel it pulsing around my shoulders and stuff. Some nurses would give me blood pressure meds, others wouldn't. I still couldn't drink nearly enough because of the dry heaving and 2x actually throwing up from trying to drink on an every 7min schedule.
I kept feeling like the nurse care and follow up was uneven. Which hey ok I get it, stuff could be going on, but my room was in front of the nurses station and sometimes I would go out following up on requests and they were just watching videos on their phones at the nurses station. Not trying to be mean but it didn't totally seem like they were on it. (OTOH, I have also been a caretaker to a sick parent in the US and I don't feel like those nurses were always "on it" either - not to be a hater I know it is a hard job, but for instance my dad was discharged when he had had a stroke from one hospital which to me seems egregious.)
Walking was immediately pretty OK for me, my incisions actually hurt nothing in comparison to the gas pain/dry heaving so once that went away I was golden. Could bend down to do things the whole nine yards. My stomach did have a big bruise. I did not have to have any kind of drain which I was happy about, those gross me out.
Dr. Tardu continued to have a really great bedside manner and I really enjoyed all my interactions with him. He seems very genuine.
I had somewhat guessed or predicted that my low(ish) starting weight and activity level would let me bounce back quickly and that was mostly correct.
I had willingness to drink the stuff we were given (apple juice, broth) although I lacked ability because I kept heaving. I've heard people complain the apple juice here tasted like some ice melted down the back of a fridge which I thought a bit intense lmao - it tastes maybe cut with water but fine, if you have ever done any length of eating diet food certainly nothing noteworthy. The protein drinks they give you IMO taste fine. I had a harder time with the broth for some reason, maybe even just conceptually because it had a little bit of oil - adding the full salt packet they gived you helped a lot and you'll need it, your muscles if you are anything like me can get achey and spasmey without salt so its important.
Two days after
Two days out I was MUCH better although I slept an insane amount, on/off most all the day. I took that as a positive and it was actually my plan for why i did vacation before the procedure, I hoped to sleep though the whole recovery.
Unfortunately this meant that I slept in really weird positions with the bed still mostly upright so I wouldn't get nauseous and I absolutely kiiiiilled my neck so that became my new main pain after the gas pain went away lol.
First day because of dry heaving I could barely drink, I saw a drastic uptick on day 2. Even able to take bigger sips than I would have thought.
Three days after
Brings me to today. Have only needed to nap once, or been able to once because of my neck being absolutely murdered. But energy level has been OK. I felt like I was pretty strong to make it through this. Compared to floor mates I have seemed to do pretty ok. As I knew it would the gas pain stuff already seems distant, the brain is eager to let go of even the memory of pain.
Supposedly I'm down 5lbs lol. I don't think that's much more than whatever the stomach weighed + dehydration but a cheerful sign nonetheless. Was able to get my IV out which, hated that thing so good riddance.
Has continued to be hit or miss with nurses. Today just trying to get ibuprophen I think I waited two hours without the request getting answered and finally had to go out again which just seems, unnecessary. Another thing I haven't loved is that there is a little beauty parlor thing in this wing and it smells like a smokestack. I know as an american I have little room to lecture other cultures on health but I honestly forgot that smoking was still such a thing to a greater extent in Europe until this trip (last visit for me was 2008 when you could still smoke in restaurants more places in the US too so it didn't stick out so much. Maybe the one healthy thing America has made stick lolsob).

So that's it - that's my tale so far! Feel free to AMA in the comments.
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2023.03.30 15:49 Konstance-Kay [God of Discovery] Arc 2, Chap 10 - Getting ready

[Arc 1 first chapter] [Previous chapter]
D’Argen was walking back to his rooms from the baths with a slight stomp in his step, trying to expel some of the extra energy inside him. The hot water at the baths had relaxed his entire body for all of fifteen seconds before he was unable to sit still. The itch under his feet was absolutely horrible and he wanted to run.
Since the dinner a few weeks ago, he had nothing to do at the castle. Lilian had refused to see him after a terse “not now”, obviously annoyed with how he acted that night. Without their permission to be in their rooms and sit with them, D’Argen had very little else to do around the castle.
This was one of the reasons he never remained for too long. He wanted to run.
When he turned the corner of the hall, he noticed his doors were slightly ajar. The itch under his feet calmed for just a moment as he opened his mahee to run the dozen steps to the door in a flash. As soon as he was through, he noticed two figures in his sitting rooms.
Abbot was sprawled on his sofa, head back and blowing smoke rings into the ceiling. Vah’mor standing, straight back and arms behind them in parade rest, looking out the glass doors of his balcony.
Abbot startled at D’Argen’s sudden burst into the room and choked on his smoke, the following ring turning into wobbly cloud bursts. His coughing fit was enough to draw Vah’mor’s attention and the general turned to look first at Abbot then at D’Argen.
“What’s going on?” D’Argen asked and closed the doors behind him. He was wearing his thin white bathing robe, sashed tight in the middle and clinging slightly to his damp skin.
“The others are getting ready to leave tomorrow,” Vah’mor said out of nowhere as if D’Argen would know exactly what they were talking about.
Fortunately, the runner did know and he felt the itch under his feet intensify. He shuffled on the spot, trying to calm it.
“For the White Cliffs?” D’Argen asked, to confirm anyway.
Vah’mor nodded.
“Lilian is still pissed at you,” Abbot added in, his voice husky. “They need a few more days.”
“As much as they need,” D’Argen conceded right away.
Abbot nodded as if he was approving D’Argen’s answer. Vah’mor frowned from behind the artist, looking at him with narrowed eyes.
“Lilian, Yaling, and I are setting off tomorrow morning.”
“Of course.”
“You should go ahead of us.”
The prompt made D’Argen wince. It would give Lilian a few more days without looking at him and to centre themselves before the adventure. He nodded.
“And here.” Abbot got up from the sofa and held out a plain white envelope to him. “This is from Arehal.” D’Argen noted that Vah’mor visibly tensed at the woman’s name, but Abbot ignored it and continued, “She was looking for you before she left.”
“Thank you.” D’Argen took the heavy paper but did not look down at it.
“See you in a week or so,” Abbot said with a grin playing at the corners of his lips. He rested a hand on D’Argen’s shoulder, tapped it twice, then walked out.
Vah’mor remained. D’Argen focused on them.
“Are you coming with us?” D’Argen asked in the silence and moved towards his sleeping chambers. Vah’mor did not follow but they turned on the spot to keep an eye on him. D’Argen put the envelope down on his bedside table and walked to his wardrobe. He noted that Vah’mor’s eyes remained on the envelope for a little longer than necessary.
“No. But Thar has agreed,” they answered finally. “They will be leaving in two batches. One tomorrow morning and the other in three days.”
“Three days?”
“Acela wanted to talk with Haur and Thar in private – wanted to make sure that there was no ill between them before they set off for this.”
D’Argen scoffed and undressed, dropping the white bathing robe to the ground without a care about his nudity under it. As someone that did not find others sexually attractive, he sometimes forgot that others may look at him that way, and he had very little modesty.
“What’s there to talk about? I doubt there is any bad blood between them and...” he trailed off, focusing on pulling his travel robes out. His shirt was first to go on, the dark material clinging only for a moment to his damp skin before falling loose.
“Why do you doubt that?” Vah’mor asked, reminding him of the topic.
“It’s not Haur’s fault that Thar got exiled and they both know it. Also, before his exile, Thar was Haur’s commander, wasn’t he? He wouldn’t be angry to be with an old friend.”
“Forgetting the fact that Haur now holds one of Thar’s titles, Haur is also now in charge of the entire expedition.”
“He is?” D’Argen put on his trousers and tucked in his shirt. He left it just loose enough so that it would not tug when he ran.
“He is. And I expect you to follow his command as you follow mine.”
D’Argen almost dropped the belt he picked up at those words. He turned to face the general of Evadia with narrowed eyes and asked, “Has there ever been a time when my loyalty was under questioning?”
“Never, I just meant...” Vah’mor trailed off and looked up at the ceiling. “It has been a long time since you have been back and you have been the one in charge of yourself and your team for a long time now. Though...” they trailed off again, eyes wandering down and back to D’Argen’s receiving chambers and to the door. “Do they always speak to you this way?”
D’Argen was confused only for a moment before he smirked and tied the belt around his hips. “Ranks don’t mean much when there isn’t anyone to enforce them or a reason to do so. We always do”—D’Argen raised a hand to forestall Vah’mor’s interruption—”when there are mortals around, we always focus on the ranks. But outside of that, we are equal.”
“But... you are not.”
“Outside the walls, out there, without a war to fight, we are.”
“So, Lilian being angry with you? That is the norm?”
“Eh. It hasn’t happened this bad in a few centuries at least, but it’s not a surprise. I was extremely rude. And drunk. The drunk part usually makes them forgive me faster.” It was easier to focus on slipping into his boots and tying the laces in an intricate pattern rather than to think of Lilian. It was easier to focus on his own mistake rather than the way Lilian had laughed and smiled as if they had not used the winds to cut their skin apart.
It was easier to think about the new adventure that would take him far away than Lilian’s plea to return to a home none of them remembered.
He finished off tying his left boot in a more simple pattern and went up to the table with Arehal’s letter. “So, I’m leaving soon then?” he asked and broke the wax seal. “Who am I running with?”
“No one.”
D’Argen had already slipped the two pages out of their envelope before he registered the words and turned to look at Vah’mor in surprise.
“Just you. Nocipel is already there and sent a message that everything was almost ready.” Vah’mor’s tone was subdued and they were not looking at D’Argen but at the papers in his hands.
D’Argen focused on them, saw Arehal’s beautiful script addressing his name at the top, and folded them up again.
“Alright. Anything else I should know?” He took the papers with him back to the wardrobe. He slipped on his inner robe. The papers went into the thin inner pocket between his shirt and the robe.
“Be careful?” Vah’mor said but it sounded more like a question.
D’Argen smirked and put on his outer robe. The folds of it fell down to his ankles but the material was light and open enough not to get tangled in his feet as he ran.
“Also.” Vah’mor moved to stand beside him, looking into his wardrobe. They rummaged for a few things and then threw them on the side of the bed. “It is going to be cold. You may not need them now, but make sure to take those with you.” There was a thick shirt of a dark grey that looked almost the same shade as his underrobe, so it must have been blue, a thicker shirt lined with fur on the inside, and then his winter robe.
“Thar will be with us,” D’Argen argued just for argument’s sake. He collected his travel pack and started folding the clothes Vah’mor had pulled out.
“I doubt Thar will be able to keep everyone from getting cold. He is not coming with you to be your personal heater.”
“He could be.” D’Argen shrugged with a grin. “But fine, fine. Pass me an extra string please.” He waved a hand towards the receiving chambers and the large table there.
Vah’mor was standing there a few moments later and sifting through the junk. By the time D’Argen had packed the warm clothes and a few others, just in case, Vah’mor had yet to find what the runner asked for. With his pack at his side, D’Argen joined them at the desk. There was a roll of his bowstring under a book, one of his daggers without the sheath on top of a pile of clothes, the sheath on the ground, and a string of ribbons for his hair near a pile of brooches.
“How do you even find anything?” Vah’mor asked under their breath.
D’Argen shrugged in reply and then collected his sword, found his second dagger, and found an empty wooden flask.
“Anything else I should know?” D’Argen asked once everything was strapped where it should be. His bow was missing, but that was with the artificers underground, getting the mechanism looked at.
Vah’mor was staring at his breast, looking right where the papers were folded against his chest as if they could read the words through the cloth.
“Lemisyre. Go check with her, she may have something else for you.” Vah’mor tore their eyes away from his chest.
D’Argen nodded, shouldered his pack, and grinned. “I’ll see you in a few months?”
“As long as it is not a few centuries. Send a message every now and then.”
“Of course.” D’Argen clapped their shoulder and then used that hold to pull Vah’mor into a hug. He gripped tight, glad to feel the other in his arms and felt their arms circle his back in turn. The hug lasted a long time before finally D’Argen pulled away and left.
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2023.03.30 15:45 SkiTripsEats Unwind After a Day on the Slopes: The Best After-Ski Activities in Chile

When it comes to skiing in Chile, it's not just about hitting the slopes - there are plenty of opportunities to unwind and relax after a long day of skiing. Whether you're looking to soak in hot springs or indulge in delicious food and wine, Chile has something to offer for every taste.
One of the most popular after-ski activities in Chile is visiting the local hot springs. Located in the Andes Mountains, Chile has a number of natural hot springs that are perfect for soothing sore muscles after a day on the slopes. Some of the most popular hot springs in Chile include Termas de Chillán, Puyehue Hot Springs, and Termas Geométricas.
If you're looking for a more cultural experience, Chile offers a rich gastronomic scene. After skiing, why not indulge in some traditional Chilean dishes, such as empanadas, cazuela, or pastel de choclo? Many ski resorts in Chile offer on-site restaurants and bars where you can enjoy these delicious dishes alongside local wines.
For those looking to continue their adrenaline rush, Chile offers a number of other outdoor activities such as hiking, snowshoeing, and dog sledding. Or, if you're simply looking to relax, why not book a massage or spa treatment at one of the many resorts in the area?
In conclusion, Chile offers plenty of opportunities to unwind after a day on the slopes. From natural hot springs to delicious food and wine, there's something for everyone. So, after a day of skiing in Chile, don't forget to take some time to relax and enjoy all that this beautiful country has to offer.

Looking for an exciting community of skiing enthusiasts? Look no further than SkiTripsEats on YouTube and Discord!
Join our club for awesome skiing content and engaging discussions with fellow skiers. Don't miss out on the fun,
click here to join us: 🚀⛷⛷
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2023.03.30 15:45 Creative_Strawberry6 Appalachian Horror

This story takes place in the early 1990s:
I was 18 years old and starting my new life as a college student. It was an exciting time to be away from home for the first time, and my best friend and I both committed to West Virginia University... we were ready to party like no tomorrow together. We weren't the brightest and were just going to college because that's what was expected of us, so WVU was the perfect fit. We chose to be in a quad room, meaning we would have two other roommates. Both were random, and this was a time before cell phones, so we wouldn't meet them until move-in day. Being from NJ, this was the furthest from home I would be, and the change from an NYC suburb to the middle of nowhere West Virginia would be shocking.
Moving day came, and my friend and I set up our room. Our first roommate joined us that day, and we all clicked really well. He was from a really small town in Western Virginia, and although we had almost completely different lives, this was someone you could tell would be a great friend. The next day, our other roommate came, and we all got to know each other. The story revolves around the first roommate from Virginia, so I'm going to focus on him.
Throughout the semester, my best friend, the roommate, and I became a trio and would go out together all the time, and we all even shared the same friends. We really spent all our free time with each other. Things remained amazing for both semesters of our first year, and we really wanted to keep in touch over the summer break. My home friend and I were so intrigued by the third roommate's stories of his hometown that we all agreed to visit him for a week over the summer and live with his family.
When that time came, me and my friend hopped into my car and drove the roughly 12-hour trip to his house. About an hour after passing through the suburbs of DC, we realized how remote Western Virginia was. When we would stop for gas or to use the bathroom in these small towns, we felt like we were in an old western movie. I have never seen so few people and so little urbanization; it was really eye-opening. We arrived at his house by dinner time, and when I tell you this town was small, I mean it. Each house was at least half a mile or more apart, and it took a 25-minute drive from his house to get to the center of town, where all the stores and restaurants were. Honestly, although it was an extreme change from what I was used to, I pictured this trip being a relaxing one, removing me from the hustle of the east coast.
Three days into our six-day stay, our friend wanted to bring us hiking through the mountains. I was really excited as I have been loving the outdoors here and really wanted to embrace nature. We started our hike at about 9 am, planning to eat our packed lunches around 11 and return to his house by 5 in time to eat dinner at home and before it started to get dark. Midway through the hike, a little after we ate lunch, I spotted a no-trespassing sign in the middle of what seemed to be nowhere. I asked my friend about it, and he told us there was a house in there that everyone knew to keep away from. He told us that where we were hiking was designated as a park and, therefore, no one could live there, but this family had been here for so long that after refusing to move numerous times, the state just gave up.
This was so intriguing to me, and I really wanted to see the house. My friend kept telling us it was dangerous because it was someone's property, and they could shoot us if they saw us. The way he was telling us this thought felt a little insincere as if he didn't really think that was the problem. I interpreted this as him just thinking they wouldn't shoot us without warning us to leave the property first, so I begged and begged. After pulling the usual, you only live once or were best friends, we need to do this we finally convinced him to lead us towards the house.
We had walked for about 25 minutes when we noticed a clearing in the trees. My friend told us once we saw the house were going to stop because, at this point, we were about 3 hours from any road in any direction, and it was really dangerous if we would be seen. We started to whisper and walk slower, waiting for the house to appear. Suddenly, we hear a little scream, like a child when they're playing a game or happy. We froze and started to inch closer to the noise. Soon we saw an old rustic house that looked like it should be condemned, with rusting metal tools and wheels in the front yard. And then we saw a little boy running in circles laughing. We watched for about 5 minutes and noticed that the boy wasn't playing with anyone else. It was odd that he was playing this long and this intense by himself, but we didn't think too much about it.
My home friend wanted to get closer, but even at this point, I felt scared. The friend from here told us it was really dangerous to get any closer and that we should start heading back now, as it was around two and we needed to stay on schedule. My home friend wouldn't budge, he said he wanted to see if other people were on the property and what they were doing. We agreed to stay at our distance but move to the side to get different angles of the house and hopefully see someone else. That's when we notice a tall, heavy man walk out a side door and scream at the boy. Not a scolding scream, but like an animal scream. This was a sound I had never heard a human make before, and I couldn't even imagine what it meant. The boy screamed again in this animalistic howl and ran inside the house. We all looked at each other like, wtf did we just witness?
Then, like out of a horror movie, another scream erupted but this time behind us. We whipped around and saw a boy behind us, probably 12 or 13. We were caught. My heart started pounding so hard I could feel it in my skull. Another scream came from the direction of the house, and we saw the tall man coming for us. He didn't have a gun, though, so we all felt he was about to scold and not kill us. We decided to act lost and just ask him for directions to town that way, and maybe he would go a little easy on us. When he got close enough to hear us, we all started pleading with him, telling him we needed to get home soon and asking if he could help us in any way. He just began at us, and the young boy behind us pushed my friend forward like he was telling us to move. We started to inch up, and the tall man started to walk back toward his house, and we all assumed he wanted us to follow him.
Now we are a couple of yards from the house, and the whole family went outside to look at us. There were two very old women, two middle-aged women, and one middle-aged man, three young men probably in their 20's, and like eight kids. We could tell they were all related as they all had this sandy blonde hair and deep blue eyes. No one said a word to us. We were so scared and confused that we kept pleading, but they didn't even look like they understood us. The tall man from earlier throws us a makeshift plastic carton of water, and everyone starts making their way inside. We took this as him letting us know he wasn't mad at us, but it was time for us to go. We picked up the carton, and it was disgusting. The dirt on the cleawhite plastic stained it brown, and the water looked septic. As we turn our bodies to walk in the other direction, we all notice four girls tending to plants behind the house. These girls weren't outside with the rest of the family staring at us, and I assumed they were workers there. I know that makes no sense, but they looked nothing like everyone else, and I thought it was weird they didn't join the family before.
They all had brown or black hair and were considerably paler than the family. As we continued walking into the woods, one of them yelled at us, in incredibly broken English in the thickest hillbilly accent you could imagine, "Don't come here more, daddy kill you." We were shocked. This was the first time anyone tried to talk to us. We yelled back that we were so sorry and ran into the woods. It was around 3:30, and we were terribly behind schedule. Our friend's mom would pick us up at 5, but there was no way we would get back to the road in time. During the whole walk/ jog back, we discussed what had just happened and how weird that entire affair was. We were all so baffled, and the local friend interjected that growing up, there were always so many scary fables about that house and family. He said some people said they were here since the 1800s and have only ever interbred, and they're all like genetic horrors now, and others said they were cannibals. He told us he brushed all these stories off as tales, but we all agreed that the inbreeding one could be a real possibility.
Finally, at almost 7 o'clock, we make it to the road where we see our friend's mom's, dad's, and brother's car. They were all in a circle talking, and when we greeted them, they said they were worried sick and were about to go looking for us. We apologized and got in the mom's car while she laid into us. Screaming and crying, she told us how scared she was. My home friend apologized and told her how we got caught up at that house. Immediately the whole car went silent, and the local friend looked at us like why would you say that. I thought he was mad because we admitted to trespassing, but now I know that would have been a godsend. His mother sternly said, "you didn't speak to them, did you?" At this point, we just told her the whole story, and she sat silently the whole time, not asking any questions nothing. She told us we’d have to go home tomorrow, cutting our trip two days short, and that we seriously put ourselves in danger by doing what we did.
The next morning, we packed and got ready to leave after breakfast. The mood had visibly changed, and my friend barely spoke to us. I was still feeling a little cheated out of my vacation, wondering what we did that was SO bad. We left a couple of hours later, and that was that.
The next semester we all decided to room together again, with the exception of the fourth roommate, which we tried for a new one. A couple of months into the semester, we were all drunk on a Saturday night and ended up talking about a memory from our summer get-together. With a lot of liquid courage, I brought up the event again and asked what we did that was so wrong. My friend tried to blow off answering, but my persistence and his inebriation finally gave us an answer.
What he said changed me forever: Apparently, that family really had lived there since the 19th century in that exact house. Soon they got shunned for revoking their religion, and the town didn't really mingle with them anymore. This led to the start of their inbreeding. At first, they only wed cousins, but by the 1950s, when the state had claimed the whole area as a park, and this was the only family to remain for miles, the inbreeding got worse and involved siblings and parent/child relationships. The police did a few welfare checks on them in the 60s to confirm this, but there was really nothing they could do about it. In 1971 a local girl from the town went missing. After weeks of search and rescue turned up nothing, it was assumed she had died hiking in the woods. Eight years later, another school-aged girl went missing, this time the sheriff's daughter. Again, after weeks of looking, nothing turned up. The police decided to go to this family's house and ask if they saw her, being that they lived in the forest, it was thought the girl got lost, and to the sheriff's surprise, his daughter was there living with the family. Apparently, the sheriff also recognized the first missing girl, who was now pregnant. This part is now all folklore with no actual confirmation, but many of the locals believe it to be true. Apparently, the sheriff found out that the family was desperate for some outside breeding to help clean the gene pool and would kidnap young women and rape them. Luckily the sheriff's daughter hadn't yet been impregnated, and the sheriff took her back on one condition. He had to allow the family to take young girls, mostly from other towns, and the sheriff would look the other way. Some people in the town believe that if they mess with the sheriff that he would approve the kidnapping of their children, and because of this, many adults in the town appease the sheriff's office at any expense. Since then, there have been reports of missing girls from other towns, but no one knows if they simply got lost in the Appalachians or really have been taken. This is why our friend's mom was so mad at us, she was worried we would mess up the relationship between the sheriff and the family, and somehow, they would have to pay for it. I'm not sure if I believe any of this, and it still boggles my brain to this day. I just hope it's not true.
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2023.03.30 15:44 RuneFoxx I never thought I'd be affected by something like this.

I just want to say thank you to the VOMS project and Pikamee for exposing me to a brighter side of life. I've allowed myself to become jaded by so much, but one day late at night I stumbled upon this amazing experience, Pikamee. I got the pleasure to watch you grow for the past 3 years, I confess sometimes I didn't bother to watch the videos, I would just put it on in the background so I had some company while I toiled away at life.
I never felt alone when I had you screaming at something in the background. ^,...^
I'm truly surprised at these emotions as I don't think I've ever teared up at the loss of a drawn character since Optimis Prime died in the first Transformer cartoon movie.
I don't know if you will see this Pikamee, But I just want to say thank you for all of your time and effort, and most of all Thank you to the actual person behind Pikamee, You are an angel and you more then anything will be missed most of all.
Sweet dreams to the Pikamee Character and I wish for you the person behind Pikamee an amazing and positive future. You will always be loved and never forgotten.
Thank you again. T^T
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2023.03.30 15:39 endersgame69 Our Wandering Time C3

Dr. Shizumura struck me as a no nonsense sort of woman, walking with a long and confident stride, I had to make many hasty steps, in fact it would be fair to say that I practically scurried to keep up with her. She looked straight ahead and if it weren’t for the fact that she was talking to me I’d have thought I was forgotten completely.
“You’re on the planet of Manami, and the city of Johatsu, situated in the country of Kaminaru. We’re ruled by the Tomaru royal family, and situated on the southeastern coast of the continent. Your slate, which we’re going to get you, is how you’ll do all of your transactions, track your progress, skills, identify yourself, and so on.”
“This is a lot to take in.” I interrupted her ‘lecture’ and she finally at least looked in my direction.
“You’re in another world. That’s to be expected, isn’t it?” She looked me up and down again as if she were questioning an appraisal of her own. It was a polite way of asking, ‘are you stupid?’
I also got the feeling that the only reason she was being this polite was because she owed me a life debt.
“Maybe so, but it’s still a lot. One minute I’m going back to my home, now I don’t even have one.” I insisted, and she sighed, pushing up the glasses against her face again.
“Right. Right. Maybe it is. Okay, so then, the good news is, we have a way to help you with that.” She said, and I cocked my head.
“Yes. I’ll show you how to use your slate, and load a program on here that will help you understand how this world works. Just ignore the part about being the special chosen hero.” She said, and I frowned.
“Right, because I’m not. I’m just the guy… girl who saved your collective tails.” I answered. It was hard not to be a little bit snippy. But I also made a mental note to get used to being a girl now.
That seemed to have an effect on her. “A poor choice of words on my part.” She replied, and was at least chastened enough to fall mute for just a little while.
When she spoke again we’d gone down two flights of stairs in a lone sterile hall, already the differences between my world and this one were becoming apparent in little things. Back home, offices had silly motivational posters hanging in even intervals on the walls. Here, the doors had the space between them broken up only by more wall. No posters, not even any potted plants.
It was all very sterile. So drab was it that I was glad when she started talking again. And when she spoke, she started as if she’d never stopped. “Since we don’t have a spot for you, you’ll sort of have to make your own way, but we may be able to give you some token jobs to help you get by until the machine is fixed. Then, if you like we can try to send you back home. Although-” She stopped in her tracks right outside of a thick metal door and I stopped one pace behind her.
“If you don’t mind my saying, you don’t seem to have a reason to go home, not much going on from what you said, so why not stay here? It’s not a bad world, mostly. You might like it more.” She suggested, and I mentally winced at her blunt assessment.
“I’d still like to have the choice.” I said, and she shrugged, her tail swishing a little.
“Have it your way. Come on in, this is the office where the occasional summoned ‘person’ can get registered for citizenship, get their slate, and file all their paperwork. You’re lucky, this didn’t exist until a few years ago, before that, new people would have to go all over the city, now we have a single office for everything in the same building. It’s more efficient this way.” Dr. Shizumura said and after she put her hand on a flat panel on the door, five long vertical lines formed in the door, and then the various divisions rose up into the ceiling like a portcullis.
The door opened to reveal a perfectly ordinary looking wooden desk that went from one wall to the next, each space divided by head high walls, and a dogman with graying fur sitting down in front of me. His desk was clean except for a large feather quill, an inkwell, some papers, and a set of flat stones a little larger than my hand with fingers spread open.
“A new hero? Do I need to up my insurance?” The dogman asked, he looked more than a little bit worried, if wide eyes were any indication. His graying fur and floppy long ears were actually kind of cute, in the way old dogs typically work, but he had very human arms and hands.
‘This is going to take some getting used to.’ I realized.
“No. No, nothing like that.” She clarified to him, and the dogman exhaled with relief.
‘This person is absurdly blunt.’ I thought, but went along with her.
“But this is a special exception, still a summon, so you can take care of them like you usually do.” She said and then stepped out of my way and said to me…
“You just give them the information they ask for, and I’ll brief you along the way.” She said, and the dogman took what appeared to be a chalk white piece of stone off of a stack beside his right hand and laid it out in front of me.
“Place your hand on this and answer the questions as I ask them.” He said, and when my hand was flat on the surface he asked for my information.
“Name? Purpose of summon? Special skills? Race? Sex? Age? Ambition?”
As he asked these questions, they began to appear in list form above my hand, the letters shaped in a dim purple light.
“Aiko Tsuniki. Janitor and tinker. Tinkering and creative builds. Kitsune. Female. Twenty-three.” Those were easy enough to answer, but I was stumped at the last one.
I cocked my head. “You have to pick ‘something’ otherwise it can’t provide any guidance or support.”
“I don’t know… launch a ship into space!” I plucked the idea out of the air, and they looked at me dumbfounded, both of them.
“That’s… dangerous. That’s absurd. You can’t do that…” The dogman shook his head.
“Oh, can I change it?” I asked, and Dr. Shizumura quickly agreed.
“Um, to build awesome things!” I answered, and one by one the answers I gave appeared in place of the questions.
The letters then ‘retracted’ through my palm and embedded themselves on the slate, then faded away.
“Now go from your palm to your thumb.” The dogman instructed me, and I placed my thumb on the slate.
“Create Universal account.” He said and placed his thumb on the top center of the slate.
“All money is accounted for on that.” The Dr. said, pointing down at my slate. “Transfers between individuals and groups are instant, and done in the universal currency called ‘Creds’. If you do need to see someone for a ‘special use’ transaction, you can find something called a ‘Credxchange’ for a third party certification. But you’ll probably never need that.”
I realized that their ‘credxchange’ was a sort of a blend between a bank and an escrow service.
“Guild halls also offer this service, but only to members.” She was probably going to say more, but the familiar phrase had me yank my head up from where I was looking, directly to her.
“Like, adventurer’s guilds?!” I piped up and all my tails began to go wild behind me, creating quite a breeze, as the air came back and blew the feather quill out of the inkwell and scattered the papers behind him.
“Watch it!” The dogman shouted and bent down to pick up the quill and grumbling, snatched up the papers as they drifted toward the floor.
“Sorry!” I exclaimed and stopped the spontaneous wagging.
“Yes. Like an adventurer’s guild.” She said, “Guilds are how we handle almost everything. There are guilds for finance and construction, mining and metalworking, everything. If you want to work, you must join a guild at least as a novice entry. After that?” She shrugged, “They all have their own ranking systems.”
“I see.” I said, and for once, I did. This much made sense to me, it was a real relief to find that much.
“If that’s what you’d like to do-” she said and looked at the still grumbling dogman, who nodded at her.
“She’s done here.” He said, then looked at me, “If you lose that slate, there’s a considerable fine, and if you can’t pay it, you’ll have to spend a lot of time in public works teams to cover the fine.”
“I’ll keep that in mind. But what if it breaks?” I asked.
He let out a barking laugh as he straightened up with the last of his papers in hand. “If you find something that can break it, we’ll replace it at no charge as long as it wasn’t done on purpose. You’d pretty much have to blow it up with a boomshell to risk destroying it.”
“A boomshell?” I asked.
“A special shell fired from the heavy magisteamechs.” She explained, and I had to think that one over.
Mechsuits?!” I exclaimed and my tails started going nuts again. “You have mechsuits here?!” I shouted with glee, and a bunch of heads popped up over the dividers to see the commotion.
The papers and quills flew off the desk again. “Damn it! Get her out of here before she causes a tornado!” The dogman shouted and got back up from his seat to pick things up again.
Dr. Shizumura tapped the panel on the door and said, “Yes, we do.”
As soon as the door closed behind us she drew a slate out of her pocket and began to tap on it. “If you need to know where something is, just tap on it and ask. If they’re registered with the local government, you’ll find it. It can also direct you to ‘ambition points’ if your magic skill is high enough, but that is not something you can use every hour. You’ll only be able to use it once a day because ‘that’ will draw on the mana of your own body. If you need to pay somebody, input the total like this,” she turned the slate around so I could see it, then tapped a few numbers, “then touch your slate to the person’s own. The money comes out of your account, and goes into theirs.” She then touched her slate to mine, and both our screens briefly flashed white.
“There. That’s one hundred and fifty thousand creds.” She said, and I looked at the total on the screen.
“Is that a lot?” I asked and scratched my head. It sounded like a lot, but for all I knew, that was lunch.
“If you were to stay at a middle quality inn, you would spend roughly one thousand creds in roughly fifteen days. One meal would be perhaps ten creds if you ate something cheap and filling. To buy a small house, you would spend about a third of that if you lived in a lower class or country area. Does that help?” She asked. It did. Her explanation was pretty damn good, I had to admit that.
“It does, so this is enough for me to live for what, a few years without working?” I asked.
“If you’re careful.” She acknowledged as her tail swished behind her, I gathered she didn’t like the way I asked that.
“So, is that everything?” I asked.
“For now. My contact information was included in that as evidence of the transaction, and now I also have yours. You can message people through your slate as long as you are willing to spend a little of your mana to do it. Reach out to me if you need anything. If I can find some work for you, or my colleagues can, I will notify you. If you have specific questions, ask your slate, chances are it can answer. If it can’t, seek a government information office in any city, great or small.”
“Then, thank you.” I said, and she blinked in surprise when I said it.
“Slate. Show me the way to the Adventurer’s Guild.” I said, and a little map began to form.
“Really?” She asked.
“Yes. I may not be the chosen one, but I’ve already made my choice!” And with that, I walked away.
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2023.03.30 15:37 Shnyblkstrs 32 F- bored at work, doing inventory:/

Hello :) I’m just currently really bored and looking for any type of conversations/friendships.
A little about me: I’m 32 and live in Arizona. I work in a casino/hotel, on the hotel side. I like the NHL, MLB (Happy Opening Day!), and NFL. (All my teams suck) I like to read random things on the internet when I get bored. I like going to concerts, sporting events, and museums/aquariums. I tend to be sarcastic at times but can be serious when needed.
I look forward to speaking to y’all. I hope everyone has a great day!!!
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2023.03.30 15:37 ToucanSurprise Gary's Redemption

Gary stood nervously backstage, waiting for his cue to go on. He couldn't believe he was actually performing again. It had been months since he was cancelled for using a racial slur during a freestyle battle. He had lost sponsorships, his record label dropped him, and he received backlash from fans and the media alike. But now, he had a chance to redeem himself.
As the MC introduced him, Gary took a deep breath and stepped out onto the stage. The crowd was hesitant at first, but as he began to rap, the energy in the room shifted. His lyrics were powerful and raw, and he was pouring his heart out.
As he reached the end of his set, the crowd erupted into applause. Gary's eyes filled with tears as he bowed, overwhelmed with emotion. But then, something unexpected happened. A young Black woman made her way to the front of the stage, and she spoke into the microphone.
"Gary, I was one of the people who was hurt by what you said," she began. "But I've been following you since the beginning, and I can see how much you've grown and learned. I forgive you."
The room was silent as everyone looked to the woman, waiting to see what she would do next. Then, she did something even more surprising. She held out her hand to Gary.
"Let's work together to make things better," she said.
Gary was speechless, but he didn't hesitate. He took her hand, and together they walked off the stage to thunderous applause.
As they walked through the crowd, Gary was greeted with cheers and hugs. He felt like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders. He knew he still had a lot of work to do, but in that moment, he knew that he had been redeemed.
From that day forward, Gary made a commitment to use his platform to speak out against racism and prejudice. He worked with the woman who forgave him to organize events and initiatives to bring people together. It wasn't easy, but he knew it was important.
Years later, when people looked back on that night, they didn't remember Gary for the mistake he made. They remembered him for how he grew from it and how he used his platform to make a positive impact.
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2023.03.30 15:34 VeganNazarite Passover or Easter?

Shalom everyone,
Many people believe different things about feast and holy days. What does the bible say? Let's put this to the test of the written Torah and the living Torah.
Well, many might be surprised that the bible never mentions Easter. Le me explain; it is mentioned in Acts 12:4, of the King James Version but if we use a bible tool such as the Blue Letter Bible, we can see that it is Strong's G3957, and that the Greek word is used 28 times to refer to Passover, and only once is used to mean the Easter in the modern term. Did Easter exist in the first century? No it didn't. Even in Acts 12 at verse 3, "(And because he saw it pleased the Jews, he proceeded further to take Peter also. (Then were the days of unleavened bread.)" here we can read that they actually meant Passover and the feast of Unleavened Bread". Why the translators decided to change the original text is beyond me.
Easter is a man-made holiday and has nothing to do with God's appointed times and seasons. In fact, nothing of Easter of today, such as lent and all the other traditions are simply that: traditions. Moreover, some of those traditions actually have their roots in Pagan traditions that symbolize rituals of fertility, that is why modern Easter mixes in rabbits, eggs and chocolate; all of which are considered aphrodisiacs or symbols of fertility. Nowhere in scripture are we commanded by Father to observe any such thing. Let's see what the bible actually says about the spring feast.
Exodus Chapter 12 describes what the children of Israel were commanded to do at that time. They were to choose a lamb that was unblemished, take it in for two weeks, then kill it. They would then take some of the blood and spread it with hyssop on the doorposts and upper door post of their house. Finally, the lamb had to be roasted over a fire and consumed that same night. If some of it remained, it had to be burned in fire the next day. Before the day of Passover, they also had to rid their houses of leaven and for the next eight days, no leaven could come in their houses or be eaten.
The first and the last day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread is also a high Shabbat where no work can be performed. Exodus 12:14 also states that this is an ordinance for ever. That is what the bible says.
I mentioned these verses to a pastor one day, and he told me that God does not always mean forever! Really? I believed God, rather than a man. What do you believe? Do you believe God or a man? I found it appalling that a so-called pastor would go against God's commands in such a blatant way. This pastor would rather follow men's ways and observe Easter than to observe God's commands. I put him with the other blind teachers. What did Yeshua say? "And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch (Matt 15:14)." Here was the representative of a church, that believes they are the last good church on the planet, teaching the sheep to break God's commands.
Yeshua (aka Jesus) shared his last supper with his apostles as the Passover meal. We see this in Luke 22:14-16. "And when the hour was come, he sat down, and the twelve apostles with him. [15] And he said unto them, With desire I have desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer: [16] For I say unto you, I will not any more eat thereof, until it be fulfilled in the kingdom of God."
If its good enough for Yeshua, it's good enough for me.
It is important to mention that since the destruction of the temple, there is no place or Levite priest for us to prepare the Passover lamb. So not all of Father's commands can be done at the moment. Alas that does not prevent us from doing all the other commands of the PassoveFeast of Unleavened Bread, that we may do. My take: I love my Father and my Master and do as much as I can to honor Him, His ways and His commands. We can eat bitter herbs, we can set aside those high Shabbats and do not work, and we can purge the leaven from our houses (and our hearts).
John 14:15 "If ye love me, keep my commandments." PassoveFeast of Unleavened Bread this year starts at sunset April 5th and lasts until sunset April 13, 2023. The lunar calendar can be difficult to master. We use the dates from a teacher we have tested. You can learn more at this link: Triumph in Truth
I’m going to end this post with a little bit of a witness. The first time my wife and I did the Passover and Feast of Unleavened bread, we were blessed beyond belief. We learned a great deal why the Passover is and Yeshua’s sacrifice at the cross is so important. We learned from the spirit, and it testified to us the importance of keeping the feast. Father blesses those who do things His way. I encourage all to learn more and do the feasts. In them are the treasures greater than gold and silver.
Don't take it from me. Do your own research. Prove all things.
Peace, VN
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2023.03.30 15:34 SkiTripsEats Unwind in Style: The Best Après-Ski Spots for Skiers

Après-ski is a cherished tradition among skiers, and it's easy to see why. After a day on the slopes, there's nothing quite like unwinding with a hot drink or a cold beer, enjoying some live music or a game of pool, and reliving the highlights of the day with friends and fellow skiers. Whether you prefer a cozy chalet, a lively bar, or a luxurious spa, there are plenty of après-ski spots to choose from in ski resorts around the world.
If you're looking for a classic après-ski experience, head to Austria, where the tradition originated. In St. Anton, you'll find the legendary MooserWirt and Krazy Kanguruh, two bars that are always packed with skiers dancing on the tables. In France, Val d'Isère is known for its vibrant nightlife, with bars like Cocorico and La Folie Douce offering live music and DJs late into the night. And if you're skiing in North America, check out the après-ski scene in Whistler, where the Longhorn Saloon and Grill is a favorite among locals and visitors alike.
Of course, après-ski isn't just about drinking and partying. If you're looking for a more relaxing way to unwind, many ski resorts offer spa services and wellness centers. In Switzerland, the Tschuggen Bergoase in Arosa is a world-class spa that offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains. In Colorado, the Vail Vitality Center is a full-service wellness center that offers yoga classes, massages, and more.
No matter what your après-ski style is, there's no denying that it's an essential part of the skiing experience. So next time you hit the slopes, make sure to save some energy for après-ski, and find the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy the company of your fellow skiers.

Looking for an exciting community of skiing enthusiasts? Look no further than SkiTripsEats on YouTube and Discord!
Join our club for awesome skiing content and engaging discussions with fellow skiers. Don't miss out on the fun,
click here to join us: 🚀⛷⛷
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2023.03.30 15:33 YaaliAnnar NoP: Lost and Found (36)

First Previous
Memory Transcription Subject: Vani, venlil foreign exchange participant
Date [Standardized Human Reckoning]: 2136–09-24
We stayed one more night in Surabaya, looking around the city before we moved out.
"So… where do we go from here?" I asked Johan.
"Well, we can go to Udayana University on the island of Bali then back to Jakarta. If you want we can explore further to the west from there."
Johan explained to me in detail about the bridges that connected the islands of Nusantara to its mainland counterpart. He showed me a map, pointing out a route to the Malacca peninsula in the north through Sumatra, an island to the west of Java.
"Thanks to these bridges, we can travel to the mainland and beyond by land vehicle alone," he said. "We can go to the University of North Sumatra and then head to the University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur."
Johan then suggested that we could go south from there to visit the University of Singapore in the Singapore Autonomous District. By then we would have plenty of time to think about our next destinations.
On Thursday morning, Johan and I set out from the southeast, making our way along the coast before heading south to Tengger National Park which encompasses several volcanoes. We drove deeper into the national park through a place called the sand sea of Tengger, the only desert-like area on the island. The road through it was far beyond being automaton-grade. It was more like a suggestion on where to drive, than being an actual road.
After a while, the sand sea stopped, giving way to a grassy field. We stopped at a small shack beside a giant water tower that provided amenities to people passing by. We decided to have our mid-meal there outside, surrounded by the vast expanse of untouched wilderness. When I looked around, I realized that the fear I had felt when we visited Tangkuban Parahu was no longer present. Instead, I felt a sense of awe at the rugged green walls of the vast caldera. The only sounds we could hear were the gentle rustle of the wind and the distant voice of other humans who were also setting up a picnic.
Just before we embarked on the bridge towards Bali, Johan took me to see the Ijen mountain, which he said would have lava inside. I was not sure why the promise of seeing liquid rock at a dangerous distance excited me, but I said "yes" anyway.
Unlike the crater in Tangkuban Parahu, we had to park the van quite far from it and took a three-hour hike uphill. I felt like something was off when the travel guide in our pad told us that the lava could only be seen at night, but we set off at the early hour of the day anyway, knowing that it would wreak havoc on our sleep schedules. I was eager to experience my first-ever trek and I can deal with the sleep deprivation later.
The air was so chill that I thought I would not need my cooling vest, but Johan brought it along, just in case. He even wore more concealing fabric to protect himself from the cold. We also need to bring gas masks with us because of the risk of encountering noxious gasses. The mask that Professor Ratni had given me during my early days on the island proved to be very useful here.
So, with everything prepared, we started our hike.
Back when I first visited earth, the thought of taking an arduous journey on a volcano with a chance of inhaling poison sounded ridiculous to me. But here I am, walking with my human admiring the scenery surrounding us. The trek was challenging and I did need to rest every once in a while. But thanks to the frequent pause, I managed to reach the top with Johan having to carry me.
From the edge of the crater, I could see the fumes rising from the active vents. The heat was intense, and the taste of sulfur in the air was overpowering, but according to monitors set around the crater, it was not at a dangerous level.
"Is that the lava?" I pointed to the blue glowing substance at the bottom of the crater, partially obscured by white fumes. "Why... is it blue?"
"You know... I never actually looked into why the lava in the mountain is blue."
After we both consulted the human network, it turned out that those are burning sulfur.
"Oh man, I'm sorry, I thought those were lava."
"There is no need for an apology. This is still beautiful."
Johan and I found a large rock to rest and take in the view. Slowly the night sky gained a faint red color at the horizon and finally, the sun appeared from the horizon, casting a golden glow over the entire scene. With the light in the sky illuminating the ground below, I can see the acidic turquoise-blue lake in sharp contrast with the surrounding dark rocks.
We climbed down with less difficulty, but as soon as I entered the van, the fatigue from hours of walking crashed upon me and I fell into a deep sleep. I did not think that any venlil had ever managed to walk for that long.
When I woke up, we had arrived in Banyuwangi, a city located near the inter-island bridge that connected Java to Bali. We only slept for a bit more than half a claw, determined to keep to our schedule and return our sleep cycle to normal. After a night in Banyuwangi, we proceed towards the island to the east of us. The bridge's wall was too high for us to see anything but the sky and I spent my time with Johan practicing each other's language and playing some games. It did not take long before a sign came into view, welcoming us to the island. Underneath the familiar Latin script was an unfamiliar Balinese script with flowing curves that looked much softer than the Javanese script.
When we drove toward the southern end of the island where Udayana University was located we passed an endless sprawl of farms with some temples in between. The signs of civilization began to appear more and more frequently until we arrived at the city where our van had to weave through the narrow streets, passing by various clay brick buildings which dominated the architecture of the city. Despite the density, there were no tall buildings to be seen. I asked Johan about this and he explained that there's an old law in Bali that buildings are not allowed to be higher than a tall palm tree.
With no tall building, it felt less restricting to see up to the sky.
When we arrived at the university, we learned that just like the University of Nusantara, Udayana University has its Faculty of Medicine located in Denpasar, far to the north.
"You know what," Johan said. "Let's just see around Kuta."
After a short drive north, we arrived in Kuta, which turned out to be a long, narrow strip of land bustling with tourists from all over the region. We walked down the west part of the strip. To my left lay the Kuta beach, a stunning expanse of white sand with humans in minimal covering doing all sorts of activities, from lounging under an umbrella to playing in the sea. To our right was a series of establishments, such as restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, and handicraft shops.
There were also some businesses unique to humans, such as laundry facilities where humans washed their fabrics and surfboard rental shops where humans rented a device they use to ride the wave on the sea. The sun was beating down upon us, but luckily, the shaded walkway provided relief from the heat.
Another thing I noted here was the difference in skin color between the locals and the tourists. The tourists had a pale pink complexion, and many of them had lighter-colored hair, which was different from the black hair of the locals. They were all dressed in light clothing, much like Johan, and some of them even wore only a pair of wide bands wrapped around their hips and chest. I have seen pale humans before during my stay in Java, but never to this amount.
A lot of people around us spoke in languages that I had never heard before. I recognized English as a language that many people here used, but there were many others that my translator could not parse. The tourist also had less hesitation in approaching us. We were stopped several times by tourists who wanted to take a picture with us. It got too much that even my human had to decline.
"Okay, so this is a bad idea," Johan said after he had to refuse a group of humans carrying surfboards.
"I think this is an interesting place."
I heard a growling sound coming out of my human's stomach.
"Look." I pointed to a dining establishment several tens of meters down the street. "It said" Vegetarian Italian Restaurant. The Lasagna I ate weeks ago is Italian right?"
"We probably need to order you something with less dairy. But, yeah... It has been a while since I ate some pasta. Let's go!"
We found ourselves in a restaurant with an outdoor seating area. Across the street, through the people walking, we can see a view of the Kuta beach to the west. The waitstaff seated us and gave us the menu. After some skimming, Johan pointed out that this establishment offers an alternative in the form of "vegan cheese" which contains no lactose and would not cause indigestion. Johan decided to order a big pizza with slices of aubergine and courgette on it. From the picture, I could see that the pizza was an open-baked flatbread drenched in red sauce.
I was famished when our pizza arrived, and the taste it exuded into the air made my mouth water and my stomach grumble with hunger. When I took my first bite, I was not disappointed. The pizza was bursting with flavor, and the combination of the soft and chewy bread with the tangy sauce, the gooey cheese, and the roasted vegetables was perfect. To my surprise, I could not tell the difference between this and the cheese that caused the lasagna incident a while ago. After taking a bite of the pizza, my human was as surprised as I was about the texture of this plant-based product.
As we finished our mid-meal, a pale-skinned human approached us. Judging from their uniform, she was not a tourist, and I think from the way she looked she was a woman.
"Hi, my name is Edna. Did you enjoy your meal?" She asked in English. Her vowels sounded muddier but more natural than Johan' intoned English.
"We have a complimentary dish for you." The restaurant staff put two bowls containing white balls before us. "Don't worry, this is made out of coconut milk. So our venlil friend here won't get an upset stomach."
I took a scoop of the ball with the spoon provided. When I brought it near my mouth I could feel the coldness emanating from it.
"Oh, this is a frozen beverage." I mused. I put the white substance and it melted on my tongue. Once again, the taste was a pleasant surprise for my tongue.
"You have ice cream too?" she asked.
"We do not have anything resembling milk, or even coconut milk. Our frozen beverage is made by freezing drinks into a block of ice which we then shave into tiny crystals."
"Oh! Shaved ice!" she exclaimed, "yeah... we have shaved ice too."
I took another spoonful of the ice cream, the savouriness of the coconut milk combined with the complex sweet taste into something delicious.
"Do you… run the café?" Johan asked, also enjoying his ice cream.
"As a manager, yes. My wife is from here and she's the one who owns the cafe. It's close to impossible for a foreigner here to own a business, you know."
"Are you a colonist?" I asked.
"Ughh... Vani..." Johan said, his voice sounding exasperated "You can't just call people colonists."
"Heh, it's alright," Edna answered. "Back in Australia, you could say that I descended from colonists. But... even then we can't choose where we are born, can we?"
I nodded at her remark.
"But here? a better word would be immigrant. I came here almost ten years ago, worked, fell in love, got permanent residence, and..." she gestured around." The rest is history."
"Is it hard to get used to the climate here?" Johan asked.
The human chuckled again. "I was born and raised in Darwin. The climate there is not that different from here."
My knowledge of Earth's geography was limited, but I did know that Australia was a giant landmass located to the southeast of where we were. Johan had told me that Australians were one of the many humans who spoke English as their native language.
"Most of the tourists here are from Australia are they not?"
"Yeah. Nowadays my compatriots have been spreading toward the east too. Why... just a few days ago some Aussie bulé got bitten by a komodo dragon."
"Edna!" We heard someone shouting her name. The human rolled her pupil and sighed.
"Sorry, gotta go. Enjoy your stay, yeah?"
After our mid-meal, Johan had to return to work, and I had some studying to do. However, we had some time to spare before our last meal of the day. The human suggested we visit a meditation center. The calming fragrance filled the air in the establishment. When the session started we were instructed to sit and take deep breaths while listening to soothing music. The instructor also reminded us from time to time how to deal with thoughts that kept pestering us.
When we stepped out of the meditation center, the sun hung low on the horizon, shining toward us. The warm glow of the sun combined with the lingering effects of the calming ritual left me feeling more at ease than I have ever been before. The fact that the humans came up with a ritual like this was just another proof of the mastery of their feeling.
However, all this feeling of tranquility was marred when the news of the human invasion of Gojid's Cradle reached us. My first reaction was confusion, but the news piece brought up the incident with the rogue Gojid captain. Frustratingly, this escalated to the Gojid government declaring an invasion on earth, and the humans were forced to take preemptive action to protect themselves from a promised attack.
The humans may have had solid reasons, but it did not make it any less tragic. It was hard to reconcile my serene experience today with the reality of the galaxy outside. Will there ever be a time when we could coexist in peace without fear of aggression?
Memory Transcription Subject: Vichak, venlil school principal
Date [Standardized Human Reckoning]: 2136–09-26
Sirkal, the advocate, demanded that my teacher and I only reply to any message from Kiyat's advocate by redirecting it to his client's advocate. We also involved Pentra's dad in the case. It was a challenging situation, and looking back, it was almost miraculous that our school managed to survive this long without any legal trouble until now. Sirkal was ruthless and the advocate representing Kiyat dropped out. Though it looked more like his client ran out of funds to pay for him.
Amid the lawsuit. It seemed that Baslik did spread the existence of our school to his community. Because we seemed to attract the attention of scholars and scientists from neighboring regions. Some came from as far as two claws away from Kleran, expressing interest in observing the way we teach our students. It was clear that many of our visitors were... wired differently, and it was only after they became comfortable observing the children that they dropped their veneer of normality.
As the visits became more frequent, my teachers and I realized that we needed to approach certain topics with caution. One of the most sensitive topics was the concept of predator disease. While we disagree with the classification that our society came up with, we knew that challenging this concept head-on could result in trouble. Instead, we insist on describing our students as having neurodevelopmental issues. This approach had the added benefit of relieving some parents who may have been worried that their children were showing signs of predator disease.
Overall, the influx of prying eyes didn't worry as much as the news from far away. Right now, humans are invading Gojid's Cradle and our social media was awash with new negative sentiments against humans. People said that the humans finally showed their true colors. Even as the reason for the invasion makes complete sense to me, it still made me... bad. I have the privilege of being able to reach Chef Timür about it, so... after making sure he was awake and free, I called him.
"Look, I'm just a botanist turned chef." Said the human after I asked him about the invasion.
"Yes, but you're also serving our high magistrates and even the governor, what do they think about it?"
"I didn't stay long enough in their dining room. You know I can't tell you your state secret, even if I manage to overhear something."
"Sorry about that. Well... how do you feel about it?"
"Okay." The human paused. "Well... I wish we didn't have to do this. But, you know the reason as well as I do. This is a preventative measure. We're not trying to conquer them."
"But... isn't this just another form of aggression?" I asked.
"Well yes... but if we don't act, many humans could die. It's not a decision we take without thorough consideration. I bet your government would do the same in our position."
"I see your point, but many Gojids will die instead.."
"Trust me, we humans have laws of war. We will only target military installations, the civilians will be safe."
The concept of the "law of war" was unfamiliar to me so I asked him about it. Timür then explained to me that the Law of War is a set of rules and principles that govern the conduct of armed conflict. The human then proceeded to give me the details.
The law of war includes rules on the protection of civilians and prisoners of war, the prohibition of certain weapons and tactics, and the obligation to provide medical care to the wounded, even if they're your enemy.
"Why would you heal your enemy?" I asked.
"Wait you don't?"
"I think we give wounded enemies a mercy execution but... don't quote me on this."
"Ya Rabbi... bize yardım et," he said something in his native language before switching to English again. "Yes Vichak, we heal enemy combatants, because... it's the right thing to do."
There was a pause before another he continued.
"It's the human thing to do."
Humans have convinced me that they are capable of compassion and... it was evident in the way they interacted with animals, both domesticated and wild, treating them with care and respect. This made me realize that if humans could extend such compassion to animals, it made sense that they would also do the same to sapient beings, even those who had been hostile toward them before.
The news about the invasion still didn't sit right with me, but I have hope that the humans will stay true to their word and minimize the casualty.
Afterwords: This is the end of the beginning.
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2023.03.30 15:32 WaveOfWire One Hell Of A Vacation - Chapter 59

First Prev Next Royal Road
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Waking up after spending the night back in a cuddle-puddle for the first time in weeks was a surprising experience to his ‘night watch’ geared brain. He had awoken twice, a lethargic thought to check who was on watch so that he might relieve them being stunted by the bodies pressed to his own before he groggily buried his face in the nearest fur-pile and went back to sleep.
Sahari and Nalah had joined them, something that he was rather thankful for, if only for the return to normalcy, but Joseph had been mildly disappointed that there was nothing going on between them yet. It was just a matter of time, but, if they keep it up, he might channel Tel’s mischievous side and force the matter. He just needed to know how to. He mentally shrugged, deciding to ask the grey-furred female at some point since she had known the ex-Grand Huntress the longest.
He lazily rubbed his face into the soft fur he found himself resting on, a light touch of a paw playing with his hair from an odd angle making him smile. He wasn’t awake enough to really place who was where, and Tel had stopped scenting herself with peppermint, so he was forced to rely on his ability to tell their fur apart. It wasn’t a difficult task, but he wanted to just enjoy the sensations before he needed to be awake and address the world again.
A shift forward was met with fur on both sides of his face and Tel giggling, so that tipped him off enough that he knew he had reclaimed his pillow after yesterday’s... charged events.
After Harrow showcased her work and demanded base-wide music, they had spent some time checking to see if it would be possible. It would be, but it would require slightly more black magic since the two systems weren’t connected directly. The weapon fixing would take place sometime today, if it was as simple as he thought it was.
After that was hunting with Jax, then consulting Nalah after reassuring the female that he supported her romantic endeavours.
Which dragged his mind to Tel and Pan.
Pan put up no resistance to him wanting to introduce the assassin to their circle... It was still weird to think about that... But Tel had seemed to worry that she would. He couldn’t say he was disappointed with the result, the confidence of the grey-furred female was infectious, and Pan seemed more than happy with the arrangement. A private question revealed the answer that nothing of note would really change for her, and it would make him happy, so she seen no reason to mind.
Tel had already spent most nights with them, she constantly flirted with him anyway, and it would be a lie to say that he didn’t find himself returning the game of affection long before it actually crossed his mind to question if he meant it. Him and Tel actively acknowledging that there was somewhere for it to go was just a logical conclusion to her.
The only change that the actual openness had brought so far was Tel pulling back on the flirting with the vague reason that she wanted to make sure of some things, though if he was disappointed at the delay or relieved for the chance to acclimate, he couldn’t say.
Regardless, he wiggled his head into the soft fluff he found himself encased in, a wandering hand confirming that Pan was snuggled into his chest and quite content to remain asleep. Tel’s voice stirred his barely conscious mind.
“Getting impatient to take me, my male?”
He opened an eye to see what the hell she meant, meeting the reality of the situation with a blush.
He was currently using her leg as a pillow, Tel having curled on an angle at some point, her upper body facing the lower portion of the bed while his head rested high on her thigh, and he was presently in the process of scooting his way into where her legs met, the thin fabric of her shorts just barely concealing his unintentional destination. He swallowed back the intrusive thought that there would be no repercussions if he were to just lean forward, other than the obvious disturbance, and pulled away before he could give in to the urge.
“Sorry, still half asleep.”
She chuckled, fixing her posture to lay further on her back to free him of the temptation, though her paw continued to run through his hair soothingly as she rested in the reverse orientation of him. “Although it would be a fine way to start the sun, i believe it would be best for it to be a private moment, no? Though, if you insist...”
He snorted, the jolt of his suppressed laugh stirring Pan. “You were the one who suggested we wait.”
Her paw moved to his face, her pads gently stroking his cheek. “It must be memorable, no? I have my competition resting within your arms, after all, and i believe from your reactions on the subject that she has made quite the impression upon you.”
Pan pulled out of his chest at the mention, an adorable yawn working its way from her muzzle. A lazy blink turned into a smile as she met his eyes, a soft kiss given in greeting. Remembering that Tel was in the bed curled around behind her, she rolled slightly to look at the female over her shoulder, the warm expression just the same. “I hope the moon treated you well, Tel.”
The cook raised a brow at the affection in her voice, rolling her eyes when Joseph chuckled. “Besides my male being so wanting in his rest, it did.”
Pan giggled, stretching out her legs to work off the rest of her sleepiness. “Then all is as expected.”
“Hey.” The Human protested, receiving a smirk from both females. “I feel like I’m being ganged up on.”
Tel surprised him by sitting up to add her own morning greeting before slipping off the bed with a spring to her step, Pan quietly suppressing her amusement at his surprise as she got up as well.
The Blade winked over her shoulder. “One thing at a time, my male.”
He opened his mouth to retort, the action dying as he registered the other meaning. Pan paused in response to his failure to dismiss the thought quick enough, the shy glance to the ground doing nothing to discourage the secondary embarrassment. “What do i need to do today? It’s too early for me to remember.”
The white-furred female, more than happy to return to her familiar role of helping him arrange what needed to be done, and likely eager to also abandon the thought that Tel’s words imparted upon them, folded her paws over her lap and gave him a brief summary. “Jax has arranged time for you both to teach Violet, though Mama will regrettably not be able to attend this session, Nalah would like your considerations for a water heating system for the bath house, and there are several other things that can be addressed whenever you have time as they are not urgent in nature.”
He grunted as he threw his legs off the side of the bed, an absent gaze slipping over to Tel stretching out before she went to make breakfast. “It depends on how long those first two take, but i might not have time to do the rest. I need to help Harrow too.”
“No time for me?” The female asked cheekily, resting her chin on Pan’s head from behind once she noticed his complaining seemed to be more entertaining than cooking at the moment, her elbows bracing on the smaller female’s shoulders. Pan seemed surprised at the contact, though not particularly minding it. She glanced up in a fruitless attempt to look at the female before quickly returning her gaze to her bond with little concern for her re-purposing as furniture.
He eyed the two with a raised brow. “Until i sort out what i wasn’t here to work on, yeah, sorry. I’ll free up some time soon.”
The cook pouted, her display of disapproval stalling as she shook her head against Pan, her eyes turning down to address her headrest once a thought crossed her mind. “You are surprisingly soft.”
His bond blushed, a glance afforded to the male in the room who had started smirking in his confusion. “He prefers that i maintain my fur as such, and i find it rather rewarding to do so.”
Tel nodded in approval, an idea rolling on her tongue. “Show me some time.”
Having made her demand, the gunmetal-furred female sauntered off with her paws behind her head, her tail spinning figure-eights on her way to prepare food for the pack. Joseph caught himself watching a little too closely, the Blade neglecting to toss on something other than her sleep-wear giving him a bit too much to look at. He reluctantly tore his gaze once she passed into the hallway, clearing his throat to address his amused bond as she wandered to the table against the window. “You guys seem surprisingly close.”
Pan tilted her head, her paws in the process of fetching him the clothing she made for him with a small smile. “She makes you happy, that is enough for me to think of her favourably.”
He blinked at the plain answer, accepting the shirt she held out for him. “It seems more than that.”
“She has offered to teach me ways to be of greater assistance to you, and i have offered to assist her as well.” The white-furred female explained, sheepishly watching him replace his clothing. It was a black t-shit and a pretty decent pair of sweat-pants. Far from formal, but no one on the entire planet would really notice anything if he went out looking like it was his day off, so no shits were given. Not that he cared how he dressed now-a-days anyway.
He wondered what exactly she did to manage the soft material from just flora and some odd compounds she had made, but figured that it would involve a long answer that contained more steps of processing than he had attention span. The sewing room was staring to contain more barrels of things than he wanted to look into, so he just thankfully accepted that his girlfriend was magic. One of... Yep, still weird to think about. He shook off the odd feeling that his situation gave him to poke into a curiosity.
“Trading favours? Like what?”
Pan held a claw to her lips with closed eyes as she gently shook her head, the action far more endearing than it had any right to be. “It would be rude to our efforts to reveal the results before they are ready.”
He straightened out the shirt, the fit just loose enough to be comfortable, though tight enough to stay how it should. He weighed his responses, opting to allow them their fun as long as it wouldn’t have any major consequences. Tel was told directly about that, and he wanted to believe she would respect his wishes on the matter. “Fine, fine. Just to make sure; I’m not going to end up fed to wolves or anything, right?”
Pan walked up to him with a chuckle, her paw gently resting against his chest and the soft kiss doing wonders to wake him up. “All you will be fed is whichever meal Tel provides.”
He made a show of pondering it before tilting his head in concession. “She’s a good cook, I’ll give her that. I need to ask what got her into it some time.”
His mate walked out of the door with a passive smile at his pondering, holding it open for him on her way as they started their day.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
She got to her feet, picking up the blunted dagger that had skittered across the gym floor, her side sore from where the kick had landed. She readied her weapon, facing down the grey-furred female whom seemed more bored than critical at the moment.
“Move, disarm, remove.” Tel repeated, spinning her own practice dagger in the air and catching it in a reverse grip. A blur replaced the female, a sharp pain in Pan’s thigh was followed by her wrist being contorted to release the knife and Tel’s weapon pressed to her throat. “Those three will be etched into your bones.” Again, Tel disengaged, casually walking back to her starting location and tossing Pan her confiscated armament.
“Apologies, but i fail to see how this will help.”
The Blade raised a brow at her confession. “You must learn to react to ones such as myself.” She waved her dagger at the Paw. “You may have learned much of his unarmed methods, but your focus is bound by rules of sparring. Should one whom plays not by such restrictions seek to harm him, your end shall be the last he sees.”
Pan deflated, her ears drooping as she acknowledged the point.
“You train with Violet, no?”
She nodded, not really sure why it would be related.
Tel hummed, her expression contemplative. A blur originated from her resting arm, Pan’s conditioned reflexes slipping by the thrown knife and closing the distance to deliver a spinning back kick with her right leg from a more favourable angle once she had successfully dipped below the path of the blade.
The impact of a successful hit allowed her to use the recoil to bounce her weight in order to counteract the rotation, an arm held out to set her balance then pulled in to increase her speed. The same leg fired for the body from a new origin, the limb meeting empty air. Her instincts hauled the leg down with her body, the slight whistle of an edge whizzing over where her head was being a familiar sound.
The foot touched ground, her tail bracing the newly landed limb as she adjusted the other to launch vertically behind her, her aim being to break the guard of...
The disconnect between sparring her kit and the female who had taken a defensive posture caught her off guard, her leg halted from finishing the devastating kick to the jaw. The knife in her paw held blood.
Panicked, she righted herself cautiously, inspecting Tel for injuries that she may have accidentally inflicted. A cut along the female’s neck must have happened when she tried to stabilize herself, the weapon forgotten.
Tel eased, the looped end of her usual dagger facing forward as the flat side was about to be used to deflect the kick. She put it in her holster with the others, an analytical eye sizing the white-furred female up. She spoke with an interested tone.
“Where was that before?”
Pan clasped her paws in front of her chest, the weapon dropped as worry for the cook outweighed the thought of answering the question. “Are you okay? It was not my intention to harm you.”
Tel touched the cut, a grunt returned as she dismissed the injury. “Worry not, it is shallow. I had not watched your spars with the den-kit, so i had underestimated your training.” She glanced at the Paw. “Why could you not do as much before?”
Pan shook her head weakly, unsure why there seemed to be such a divide between the two extremes.
Tel approached slowly, her posture low as she inspected the white-furred female’s form. “What was going through your mind?”
She stalled, unsure of the specifics. “I was comparing the situation to training with Violet.”
The admittance raised a brow. “You attack your kit so violently?”
Pan shyly looked away. “She is skilled enough to require i do as such.”
“Hmm. Perhaps i should spar her as well. We never did get around to having her test her mettle against the pack, did we?”
She shook her head. “No, much occurred in short order, so Joseph didn’t feel it was appropriate to encourage such. None would know how to best avoid injury.”
“And you do?”
Pan blushed at her accidentally boastful phrasing, but nodding to agree anyway. She had trained with Violet since they were both newly introduced to competent combat techniques, leading to both growing with the other’s safety in mind. It also meant that, once they had reached a point in their development that they could be reasonably sure that they could stop any harm from coming of it, they could utilize the vulnerabilities they had found in spars.
Tel gave her a long look. “Kill me.”
“What?” The blink came at the same time as the word, her ear flicking in a vain attempt to ensure she had heard correctly.
The female reset her position, drawing two of her usual knifes instead of the practise blade she had been wielding previously. “I said; Kill me. More accurately, try to.”
Pan shook her head rapidly. “I don’t-”
The air shimmered as her tail bore some of her weight, the subconscious shift away from the sharp edge forcing her body into its habits. “And if i were targeting him?”
“Tel, i think we-” The slight skim against her neck triggered a reaction.
Throwing her weight down, she shifted it from her tail to her rear leg, lurching forward into the extended arm. Her front foot gained purchase, pushing herself up to encircle the target’s neck from under the shoulder. She reached with her other paw, capturing the wrist of the first and applying pressure while hauling the weight of her opponent over her knee, releasing the hold once the tipping point was exceeded.
A swift punch towards the throat was halted as the body impacted the ground, her reluctance to do more harm to the female causing her to pull the strike before it could build up too much speed.
Tel’s laughing stripped her of the haze, the female having used her tail to slow the strike further and redirecting it away from her neck with the flat of a knife, her free paw holding the second dagger outwards to stab at the ribs of the white-furred female.
“Perhaps i need not forge you from nothing.” Tel commented, releasing Pan’s limb once an effort to remove it was given. “Your only limitation now is that you lack a weapon in which to compliment your style, though i believe we shall have one in our paws soon enough. It would assist you greatly if you were to follow through, however.”
Pan offered the female assistance to her feet, the latter accepting without pause. “I do not enjoy having to react in such ways. Joseph has taught me much, but it would be against his wishes were i to wantonly embrace violence.”
Tel tapped her on the nose with her dagger before sheathing it, leaving Pan to rub her snout as the female spoke. “I suppose that is but one art he has ingrained within you?” The Paw’s refusal to meet her eyes answered for her. “Will you not act when one aims for his life?”
A pain became apparent behind her voice. “I wish to embrace his moral. I should not use his teachings to take a life unless there is no other option.” Pan’s gaze fell to her feet. “I have allowed myself to fall into those lessons rashly before, and i fear i would not be able to amend what i might wrongfully do.”
The Blade sighed, waving a paw to disregard the notion. “I suppose that we can say he has taught you enough for your function, though you are woefully insufficient in other ways.” Tel walked to the door, gesturing for Pan to follow. “We will continue our sessions, though it will be to familiarize you with weapons and methods that others will use. To be ignorant is to allow your Sheath to fall before your eyes, dull one. You would do them well to throw yourself to the Void before you make them suffer such inadequacies by your own paw.”
Pan frowned, the meaning of her declaration only partially understood. Tel paused in front of the sewing room, shifting her head to look back with an eye. “Apologies, i suppose it would be unfair of me to attribute your allegiances to my own. You seek to defend as his shield rather than eliminate as his Blade, yes?”
She nodded, not entirely sure where Tel was going with this, a sensation that continued to grow ever since the female offered to teach her ways that would keep her bond safe. It was as if there was a darker side to the one whom her bond had fallen for, though their interactions spoke to the fact that he has become aware of such and accepted her in spite of it. The Paw decided to trust in the dubious nature of the cook, placing her faith in the male whom has become her centre.
“Then we will focus on observation and threat appraisal for now. I can hardly allow my attentions to slip while none are able to supplement myself.” Tel proceeded into the room, her piece said with a somewhat resigned lilt.
A worrying thought crossed Pan’s mind as she followed. “Am i preventing you from confirming your affections with him?”
“I have more than yourself to worry about, fear not.” She gestured lazily to the stack of fabrics they had chosen together last sun. “I believe you require my measurements now, no?”
The Paw frowned, but figured that if she was inhibiting the newfound love from being fulfilled, then at least these efforts would assist further. She pulled several lengths of palm as Tel disrobed, considerations for what she would make specifically proving difficult to muse.
The nicks in the strips were made silently, Pan ruminating on her unintended effect in stalling their relations. Tel exhaled, eventually speaking in a voice devoid of the harsh edge she had adopted since entering the gym, the tone soft and weary.
“Could you tell me about him? I fear i know little more than the others.” A sadness took root in her voice. “I have harmed him with my lacking in such areas already. I wish to do him no more.”
Pan paused, glancing up to see the female fixing her gaze out of the window bashfully. An unfamiliar sight, to be sure. A smile formed on her muzzle, her motions as she continued to get the information she needed much more natural now that Tel had shown her again why Joseph would be taken with the female.
“I suppose i should start with his blood-mother, a female who dreamed of the stars...”
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
The growled incoherence from the Grand Hunter drew a chuckle from Jax, the Human’s struggle with the consonance proving to be rather amusing.
“This shit hurts my throat.” He complained, stroking the affected area and taking a deep drink from his water. Jax tried to keep the smirk from forming, though based on Joseph’s face, he wasn’t doing a very good job of it.
“Worry not, Grand Hunter, this is an expected hurdle to overcome.”
The Human glowered at him for a moment, his nostrils flaring as he exhaled forcefully. “Says the one who learned a language by listening to us talk for a while.”
“Violet has made great strides in learning such.” He gestured to the den-kit who was currently practising the alphabet for Joseph’s language. “She is endeavouring to master two, even.”
A sigh was returned for his argument, a satisfied smile overcoming his friend as the Human observed his kit apparently doing her task with great proficiency. “She’s doing better than i expected.”
Jax looked over the work, though could only comment that the lines were done more uniformly than the male’s. “Will she be able to communicate with you soon?”
Joseph blew air from his mouth as he rose his brows. “Maybe? It’ll depend on how she handles spelling. It’s a bit of a nightmare at times.”
“She has shown no struggle within our own script.” Jax offered, noticing the wince.
“Eh. We’ll see. It’ll be easy enough to go over basic phrases, in any case.”
Violet finished her repetition, displaying the result for her adoptive den-father to inspect. Joseph stroked the kit’s head while praising her for a job well done. The Atmo fetched a smaller tablet in which to scratch on, showing Jax the result with an excited bounce.
[I am improving!]
The Lilhun felt his chest rumble with the chuckle he encouraged. “You are, Violet. We are both very proud of you.” The sight of the Human looking at him longingly drew his attention. “You have denied my affections before, Grand Hunter. Do you wish for me now that i am displaying how useful to your kit i may be?”
“Welp, it was nice while it lasted.” The male deadpanned, extending his middle finger towards Jax, the Lilhun waving a paw in return.
“You will have similar exchanges in future, i am sure.” He reassured casually. “Perhaps it will be me whom looks on in envy.”
The Human smiled wistfully at him, the gaze somehow hurting. “You’ll be a good dad, Jax.”
The Lilhun, for once, found no witty retort to his friend’s words. No sarcasm, no wish to detract from the meaning loaded behind those wishes that cried into his soul, knowing that the male may never have what he wanted for the one teaching his adoptive kit.
Jax forced a smirk, a small decision made in his mind, though he would wait until it was time. For now, he was to assist this Human reach a deep desire within him. It was a small return for what he had been given.
“I fear that you are skipping on your practise, Grand Hunter.”
Joseph exhaled. “What sound am i ripping my throat out over again?”
The Lilhun chuckled, demonstrating again and taking the extra effort to emphasize and explain the subtleties for his benefit. The resulting imitation being butchered, though closer than before.
The Human coughed, taking a drink after it calmed down enough to do so and he had assured his kit that he was not ill. “Isn’t there anything easier to start with?”
Jax thought about it before shaking his head. “Easier? Yes. More fundamental? No. Much of what you gain with this will be a boon while you learn the rest.”
A thump sounded out as Joseph dropped his head onto the table. “I hate Lilhun.”
“And yet you seek to bed two.”
He rolled his head to the side to glare at the Head. “I’m including you in the things i hate.”
Jax held a paw to his chest, flinching as if wounded. “My love, you must be gentle with me.”
“Fuck you and your gravel-ass language.”
The male reached over to pat Joseph on the back. “Come. You are improving, but success is not the only marker of progress. It will take time to make the motions comfortable.”
The Grand Hunter looked at him lazily. “Fine, but you’re teaching me how to tell you to shut up. It’s looking like it’ll be more fun to yell at you in your language than mine.”
Jax grinned. “I look forward to offering you myself in more ways as well.”
“God, i regret everything.”
The facilities door pressed open, the Human quickly feigning interest in the script that Violet was quietly working on near by. Tel sauntered into the hub, gesturing behind her as she wandered up to the two.
“Joseph, Silva has called and requested your presence. Pan is waiting in your stead.”
The Human’s brows shot up. “Oh, shit. Okay. I’ll go see what’s up.”
Violet quickly laid down her materials and hurried to Joseph’s side.
“You wanna come say high to Sil, Violet?”
A chittered reply was accompanied by an excited bouncing, the male laughing and resting his paw upon the kit’s back.
“Come on then. Jax, sorry to cut the lesson short. Let me know when you have time again!”
The Lilhun shook his head at how eager his friend was to abscond with his other student. “Of course, Grand Hunter. You will be notified.”
Joseph held up a thumb as he walked away. “Thanks, buddy! I owe you.”
Jax didn’t have time to come up with something funny before the doors closed behind the pair, leaving him in the room with Tel. He glanced to the bored-looking female.
“I am surprised you would claim him as your own.” He commented absently, unsure of what else he would like to talk about with her, given the lack of new topics at his disposal. Tel focused on him, a scoff given as a smug look of satisfaction crossed her face.
“Perhaps if you had proven better, it may have been you burying your face between my thighs earlier this sun.”
He blinked, watching the female walk through the dormitory doors with her tail swinging in off-set circles behind her. His gaze fell to the floor in front of him, memories of before they had joined Joseph’s pack coming to bear. Of those moons where it had felt like she was slightly more flirtatious than her usual displays would leave him to believe.
He didn’t regret ending up with Harrow, his mate was irreplaceable to him, but it was still worth at least pondering the possibilities, even if only for a moment before they were banished to the realm of the inconsequential.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
The terminal screen was displaying the sparse office of a Union member, the sterile colours and textures far from engaging. In the centre of the display sat a fairly dishevelled Trilaxin, her plumage untended and movement sluggish. Stress was clear in her expression, as was the lack of sleep that took its toll on their species much faster than his own.
Joseph distorted his face in worry. He may have only talked to the woman once, but she was doing him a huge favour by looking into everything, and she was a close friend of Rob’s. “Jesus, Sil. You okay?”
She ignored his question, conflict evident as she opened and closed her beak while trying to find the right words to say. “Joseph, i have decoded the information they retrieved from an Atmo-origin object travelling to Sol. Were you told about this?”
“The pack filled me in, yeah. What was in it?”
She cycled a slow breath, glancing at the occupants of the room, though it was only the three of them there at the moment. Violet reached for a tablet, finding that she only had one on-hand at the moment. She paused before deciding to wave with her joint in lieu of a more concise method of greeting that would take up space which might be used to say something else. A small smile was returned by the avian until she spoke, her voice falling grave.
“It’s a video file. It was programmed to be broadcast once it was within range and it was...” She fell quiet for a while, Joseph unsure if he should interject. Her feathers shimmered as she regained her confidence. “I believe you should see it, considering your connection to them. It will answer more questions than i could reasonably answer.”
He furrowed his brow in uncertainty. “Sure? How am i supposed to do it? Will you just send it or...”
She shook her head, an empty laugh given in exchange. “I can pass through the feed, though i will not be able to continue once it is over. It will be too risky to keep the system running after.”
Joseph nodded in partial understanding, glancing to Pan and Violet to get their opinions. Pan smiled encouragingly and Violet nodded her assent to the arrangement. He turned his attention back to the terminal. “Okay. Sorry we couldn’t talk longer.”
Silva gave a weak smile as she took a breath, a necklace running through a thin gold ring shifting against her breast. “We will speak again, Joseph. Just...” Her eyes glanced away from the screen. “Never mind. I’ll get in touch once a friend of mine gets access to the Lilhun data, okay?”
A frown tugged at his lips, but he tried to look more thankful for her hard work. It was obviously far harder on her than he would have thought previously, and the mention of her actively waiting on more information suggested that she had at least confirmed there was things to find. “Take it easy, Sil. You look like hell.”
A soft chuckle trilled from her beak, the look on her face implying that it wasn’t the first time today she was told that. “I must, mustn't i?” She shook her head softly. “Take care Joseph. I am glad to see that you returned in good health.”
He returned the smile as she reached to do whatever needed to be done. “Take care.”
The screen flickered to a deep grey, the darkness artificial. A ‘rec’ watermark appeared at the top of the image in time with the hum of background noise and an undertone of static. A deep voice spoke in accented English, subtitles being displayed underneath in the language as well as what Joseph could place as Atmo script, though he couldn’t be sure if Sil had provided the translation or if it was embedded in the file previously. Violet took a step closer to the terminal when she noticed.
“I hope this reaches them.”
As soon as the words were out, the scene changed to a haggard looking man standing in the corner of a room, looking somewhere in his forties based on the smile lines and deep creases on his forehead, a coat having been hastily tossed on over a t-shirt and jeans. He held his lowered head in his hands, giving his face a rough rub before raising it slowly to look at the recording device, the redness in his eyes and bags underneath them speaking to more than one night that he would have preferred in a bottle. It was a look Joseph recognized from the bathroom mirror back in his apartment, and a feeling he knew all too well.
The unkempt facial hair, the lack of sleep due to nightmares, the overwhelming urge to curl into a ball and let death take you one second at a time. It was a look of a man who had lost everything and had nothing left to fight for.
“Attention people of Sol. We have come to present evidence of the Union using their power to unilaterally commit genocide on newly discovered sapient races for no reason other than their fear of an uprising from members who have supported their government for millennia. My name is Adam Callam, and i present to you...” The man’s voice broke, a sob fought back in a desperate attempt to keep himself composed, his face contorted in his struggle not to give into agony. “I present to you a video log of our interactions with new races under the guise of a ‘socialization procedure’. Kind people of great curiosity, acceptance, friendship, and loyalty. People who accepted us as their own with no promise of anything in return, and people who... People who...”
The video cut to the man holding a drink in his hand and a cigarette freshly extinguished into a newly placed ashtray. A barely hidden bottle of alcohol could be discerned at the edge of the screen, Adam having moved to sitting at a table between scenes. The man cleared his throat, it being much hoarser than before.
“And people who... Who sacrificed many... to save just me and my family.” He stared at the desk for a moment, a fresh tear proving difficult to dissuade. “No. People who became our family. People of Sol. Members of Humanity. Please. See what kind of beings are being kept from us and stolen of their right to live... See what people made the ultimate sacrifice to save a Human couple and their child from unprovoked bombardment... And what i am asking you to do in return.”
The man’s sorrow faded in an instant, his gaze into the screen intense and focused. Pan reached out and held Joseph’s hand, resting her free paw on Violet’s shoulder as the Atmo watched, absorbed by the story unfolding in front of them.
“Watch what the Union is doing behind the curtain, just to prove to themselves that they are the ultimate authority. That they can play God, merely because of their own convictions and desire for control... Watch the happiest moments of my life be ripped away from me because of them.”
Adam took a deep drink of his booze, wincing when the burning hit his throat.
“Watch, and then make a decision. A decision on the fate of those people... Because you are the only hope they have left.”
The man reached forward to interact with the device, his eyes having turned from despair to a cold determination that resonated with the Grand Hunter.
The screen flickered again. Joseph gripped Pan’s paw as he watched with baited breath.

A/N: I'm not apologizing for the cliff. I might end up slipping the next chapter in two if i feel all the detail is needed, so... We'll see. i'll try to condense it, but no promises.
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2023.03.30 15:30 Surmabrander The DWSS presents you its new fleet model !

The DWSS presents you its new fleet model !
*Your radio glitches a bit, but soon a clear message makes itself present*
"Welcome aboard folks !
It is with great news that the GAS has been bought by Dassault Company ! We are now finally out of bankruptcy. The Gobelin Avo Shipyards officially becomes the Dassault Wandering Shipyards Subsidiary. Its main goal will now be to establish the DWSS as a legitimate developer of military-grade equipment. "Polished" is now the focus ! For such a purpose, the DWSS (pronounce it dwiss at this point) has developed not one, not two, but three new ships.

Starting with a heavy scout, the Valmy-class !

Valmy interior

Valmy exterior
This class fills the role of a fast and punchy response to anything too light and brave. Its max speed of 119 m/s allows it to intercept a wide range of spacecraft, but such a capacity does not come alone. Its two disruptors and its deck cannon make the Valmy-class able to deal with most threats it encounters. And when it can't just deal with it, well, it just flees. With a long range sensor, the Valmy will see it coming ! It also possesses two shields with dedicated power cores in order to suck damage "like a champ". All this capabilities make the Valmy-class ships perfect assets for scouting, harassing and intelligence gathering for only 450k credits !

Next on the list is a dreadnought, the Verdun-class !

Verdun interior

Verdun exterior
The Verdun-class ships, at 55k tons, are heavy. However this mass is not for show, as spacecrafts from this class benefits from a 10 blocks thick front armour. They also have dragon teeth in order to defect the blows of potential nukes. Fortunately, this durability does not come at the detriment of manoeuvrability, as the Verduns can go up to 80 m/s, propelled by 6 thruster clusters. To complete such abilities, the Verduns own 6 deck guns, able to reduce a lot of spacecraft to mere ashes. For good measure, the clear reminder that no enemy shall pass unharmed near a Verdun dreadnought is painted on their very hulls. It also possesses a long range sensor in order to spot unwanted visitors. Speed, durability and firepower make the Verduns true dreadnoughts. Such models are therefore suited for border patrolling, offensive or defensive operations, convoy escorting and much more. You want one ? It is yours for only 1,5 million credits !

And our final contestant is a cargo ship, the Marne-class !

Marne interior. Yes, it is vast and empty.

Marne exterior
The Marne-class is, as you can see, a big boy. As the DWSS suspects that war needs good logistics, the creation of the Marne-class responds to such a need. Its top speed slightly exceeds 70 m/s in order to deliver goods effectively. It also benefits from a thin armour layer and dragon teeth as protective measures. A Marne-class ship can also fend for itself, as it possesses one deck cannon in case of dire situations. However, such situations can easily be avoided thanks to its sensor array. Of course, its main strength is the gargantuan amount of goods transportable in one go. It is also worth mentioning that such ships are meant to fly in escorted convoys. If you want one, you can have one ! For just over 1 million credits, it's yours.

As a proof of concept, here is a typical convoy :
You can see here 3 Marne cargos being escorted by Verdun dreadnoughts. Some Valmy scouts are of course here to clear the way of any surprises.

And finally, here is a size comparison :

The DWSS wishes you a good day, and a happy purchase ! Out."
*The radio stops receiving any signal*
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