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Aquarius horoscope

Week from april 23th to april 29th


The week will be very instable at the beginning, just as the last one, finally will get better with the running of days. Energy will be a little depleted but you will not feel that you canít do anything. You will have a good day that will be the 29 with the Moon transiting Geminis.


In the laboral plan, something very special will happen for you that at the beginning you felt negative. This about a change. However, the negative it will not be real, since with the passing of days you could find out that is a favorable one.


The affective terrain will be very sensible and you should be careful with What yo talk with your couple since it will not be positive to hurt sensibilities. Tours, walks and a week that you will help to be in calm with the great love that you could receive.


On the health terrain, you will be lacking energy during the beginning of the week. Later you will start to recover that energy that seemed lost with some exercise and healthy feeding. Basically that will be the secret to feel better in the company of tranquility that you need so bad

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