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Aquarius horoscope

Week from march 19th to march 25th


The week will come for Aquarians a Little instable until the end of it. Nevertheless, you will have more stable and productive days such as the 24 and 25 with the Moon transiting your own sign. The more recommendable will not be to make decisions during these days, but more over to plan them.


he laboral situation could have Little inconvenient with workmates or customers of your workplace. Dialog will not come in the best way during these days, so, the more recommendable would be to keep silence and just listen to the opinions of other people without contradictions.


Love tends to improve during these days, the situations that were not at all clear, take a different way that will give the possibility to recover all the time lost and improve the relationship that remain unclear.


The health terrain will have some problems related to allergies, colds and all of that related to climatic changes. The more convenient will be to be attentive to changes and try to prevent complex and uncomfortable situations.

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