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Aquarius horoscope

Week from june 25th to july 01th


The week will be instable for Aquarians, the first half will be uncomfortable enough, although you will have the wisdom to avoid conflicts that could cause you discomfort. On the other side, the day 1 will be the starting authentic point for improvement since the Moon will be in Libra and will give you a strong and stable energy.


In the laboral terrain some confrontation will be present with colleagues in your place of work. Opinion interchange in a high level. The best would be not to get involved in problems with these people and talk the less possible could be an option.


In the sentimental plan, you will have a very positive manifestation, which will make the week not no hard to carry on, since in some sense you will be more that regular. Taker advantage all the time possible with your couple, weather dialog or a romantic date.


The situation of health for Aquarians, could be complex, although astraly you will not be in a great level of complications, you will probably have some moments that will not feel real relief in the muscular sector more the noting. To visit a doctor would be the more reasonable to start to improve and resolve the matter.

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