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Aquarius horoscope

Week from august 20th to august 26th


During This week Aquarians could feel instable in an almost general level. However, after the second half of the week you could feel more comfortable in a general sense. The best days will be 25 and 26respectively with the Moon transiting Libra. Take advantage of these days to close deals.


A great week in its totality in the laboral terrain. Jupiter will be transiting Libra during these days, with this, you could feel comfortable and realize the tasks you like to do. You could achieve objectives and increase the economical increment, days to take absolutely advantage of every situation in this terrain.


In the affective terrain, some inconvenience could exist by lack of dialog. The couple will demand more time than the one you are willing to give her. However, You could be quiet because it will be just an uncomfortable stage that could be resolved if you are willing to work it out as it corresponds.


Health would show emotional confusion symptoms given the actual Lunation. The second week you will get to obtain a more stable energy and will understand the situation from another perspective. So, it will just be something circumstantial and you could go ahead.

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