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Aries horoscope

Week from august 20th to august 26th


A week that will start with good energy since the Sun will be transiting Leo still. Besides the fact that the Moon will be positioned in the same sign the days 20 and 21 respectively, which will give you a strong energy to get whatever you want related to the economic and legal transactions.


Many positive changes in the laboral plan with your fellow workmates, partners and/or bosses. Although you could elect the path to follow, it would be prudent to get a necessary time to decide and not repent later for rushing it. The continuity in the positive in the laboral will depend on you and the Lunation will be convenient for it.


The sentimental terrain will be the more favorable for Aryans, although you will need more time to get determined situations in your life with your loved one at your side, it will be necessary to look inside yourselves. Remember that first you must love yourselves before loving anyone else, this would be fundamental to achieve total harmony in this terrain.


Health will have a favorable change during these days, although not all will be perfect, you could realize some activities that require a little more effort than normal, for example, more exercise or use more time to generate more work. Likewise, its recommended to be patient and go slowly.

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