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Cancer horoscope

Week from august 20th to august 26th


A week that could come instable for Cancerians due to the coming Lunation. However, the same will have something positive and will be that most of days it will be in its Crescent phase. Quiet days to start to analyze situations in which you’ll have to make future serious decisions.


In the laboral terrain you will experience some alterations that could be beneficial in the future. Although all could appear to go down some days, you will find that those situations will forge others that could give an impulse completely positive to improve all the related to finances and laboral progress.


Venus still transits This sign, which will favor the intention to make the family bigger or bring new members to it, which will be very positive for you. Trying to be better with your loved ones these days, will be the priority plus accept whatever they give you from the heart.


The health terrain could be affected about the defensive system which will go falling. It would be necessary to improve the situation trying to feed yourself the right way and looking for a way to find peace, since this affects all of that related to your organic strength.

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