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Cancer horoscope

Week from march 19th to march 25th


The beginning of the week will be very positive and stable to face What is coming. With the Sun in Pisces until the 20th inclusive, you will have a very good aspectation of stability. On the other side the rest of the week could come complicated and heavy but not impossible to carry on thanks to the character that will accompany you.


The laboral terrain is in a very stable situation. During this week you will have the opportunity to expose some special and work that you wish to show the world.


Special days for love, to show feelings for other persons would be ideal to fit in the world of tenderness, comprehension and be sensible to humankind. The couple pleased to be part of your lives.


Some chronic diseases could pop up This week, although they will not be final since you must wait for the result of some tests, they will be to think what to do and change the attitude with respect the physical body and dont be overwhelmed by it.

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