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Capricorn horoscope

Week from march 19th to march 25th


A very good week for Capricornians, the days 21,22 and 23 will have the moon transiting in your sign, which will give you a very special energy to realize any kind of task, including the social ones. Ideal to make decisions with respect to family and home in general. Good for buying and selling.


During This week, you will notice positive changes in the laboral too. Having always in mind some of those offers. Those who have legal matters due to work will be in best conditions to resolve them.


In the sentimental terrain, the more convenient thing will be to Enjoy close people around you. The loving couple could give you intense pleasure and give you love. The more sincere friends will offer parties and reunions to which would be convenient to assist.


health will have a token of gratitude towards life showing general calm in all your organism. You will feel absolute comfort and will be predisposed to realize to realize physical activities that are of high sacrifice. The recommendable its always to go careful since excesses of any kind could be contradictory.

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