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Capricorn horoscope

Week from april 23th to april 29th


During This week Capricornians will be instable in a general level, the Sun positioned in Tauro and two fundamental days in which you will find transiting the Moon this same sign, will be 27 and 28 respectively. Tolerance wonít be the best condition, so, appeal to your patience the best you can.


In the laboral terrain, some interesting offers to realize from some colleagues appear. However, the first days of the week it will not be the best time to do that, the more convenient will be to wait a few favorable days more.


Some difficulties in the loving plan, however, improvement could be in your hands. Here patience is needed, which will be absent for a few days, anyway, wait to have it and donít break something that could give you a lot.


Health will follow the line of past week, with some up and downs. However, after the second half of this one tends to stabilize in a better plan, discomfort disappear and collect energy that will generate the wish to realize activities that you donít realize a while ago.

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