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Capricorn horoscope

Week from august 20th to august 26th


The week will come very positive for Capricornians, although it would be with some inconvenience with respect to some transactions you must realize, the rest will show in a favorable way, the best days will be 22, 23 and 24 respectively with the Moon in Virgo in its Crescent phase.


In the laboral terrain the positive situations will continue in that shape. Although offers could be interesting, its important to emphasize that some of them may demand too much time and the profit might not be the best. For that reason, you should think carefully what you will decide.


The sentimental plan will have favorable changes during This week. You will have the possibility to meet again a love from the past that will give you a special and unique tenderness. For those that have a couple it will be a very good week since you could go out and enjoy many things that life offers you and your loved one.


In the health plan, those born under this sign will be with a great vitality and energy as to realize interesting moves in life. If you have the possibility to start alternative medicine for your central nervous system, this would be the ideal week for it

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