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Capricorn horoscope

Week from february 19th to february 25th


This week Capricornians could feel instable due to Pluto passing by your sign. However, the days 22 and 23 respectively, you will have the Moon transiting on your sign, which will give you a very special energy for important moves. Without a decision-making time, the week will result better.


The laboral terrain will tend to improve, nevertheless people in your surroundings wont be predisposed to your requests, but that they could be going through a hardship. Everything becomes circumstantial, the same way that you could feel uncomfortable for some punctual situation


The sentimental plan will be filled with illusion in regards to a new love that could arrive these days. Remember that this will not be the best week to decide anything, the best will be to let things flow and enjoy the good moments that life gives you.


Health comes with some problems that could be solved in a simple way. Discomfort point more than anything to the digestive system which will make you to be careful digesting.

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