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Gemini horoscope

Week from february 19th to february 25th


A good week for Geminian on days 24 and 25 respectively the Moon will be transiting Aquarius which will give you a special energy to realize different activities. With Jupiter in Libra the tendency to interpersonal relationship grows notably. A week to take advantage of to the maximum.


Modifications realized starting This week in the laboral terrain, could be very positive, since you will count on the support of the superiors but you will too appeal to dialog with your couples. This way, you will get much of what you wish on this plan.


Amenable moments to enjoy with Friends and family. Not to exclude the couple from this type of moves would be the ideal since the same will fulfill a very important role in your future, hence, you should value her to the maximum.


Health would be in one of its best moments, however, you should take care of the immune system, because you could be a Little week (without knowing it) and cause some kind of annoying infection.

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