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Gemini horoscope

Week from august 20th to august 26th


Week that starts very instable for Geminian, however, tends to improve the second half of the same. The best days will be 25 and 26 respectively with the Moon Transiting Libra in its Waning phase. These days you could realize all kind of shopping of great value.


The laboral plan Will be in good condition, you should try above all, to dialog with people who are around you in your place of work. If you are surrounded by your superiors during this week, the best would be to look quiet in front of them. You will have the opportunity to ascend in this sector.


The love terrain could have some difficult situations, this doesnt mean that you could not feel loved by your love ones. Some opportunities of short trips although very interesting in the company of your couple, enjoy the same regardless of setbacks you could have.


Health will come instable in relation to all related to anxiety and nerves. It would be good and very important to realize activities that require walking or exercise someway the muscles. In the case of people who are seated all the time doing their work, this system will function a lot more.

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