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Gemini horoscope

Week from june 25th to july 01th


During This week Geminian will not feel the best way. However, will have the day to raise the spirit that will be affected by some confrontation with your loved ones. The best day would be the 1st. one with the Moon in Libra in its Crescent phase. Take advantage of the day to retake the tasks with greater energy.


The laboral sector will be with some situations with predisposition to confrontation. Therefore, you shouldnt use too much communication, but to be silent instead and let days past and the situation be resolved.


Good fortune in the sentimental terrain will be seen close to you every time more. The same way, give up completely to the loved one would be indispensable. Since that person trust you completely. A romantic trip is recommended to reaffirm the relationship you are having.


I the health terrain, you could have some levels in disorder, with which its recommended to visit a doctor to have a checkup and corresponding analysis if necessary. The Lunar energy will not be in your favor in this plan, so, the best will be prevention and rest to the max possible.

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