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Leo horoscope

Week from august 20th to august 26th


A week that will be outstanding by the positivity of the same, although the Sun transiting in your sign during a few days more will give you a energy to make these days unforgettable. On the other side, the days 20 1nd 21 respectively, the Moon also will be transiting your sign in its Crescent phase, which will be ideal to realize great value shopping, although always being careful with excessive expense.


In the laboral terrain, there will be unexpected improvements. Some offers in which will be necessary to travel during a season. Although the proposal will need a mid-fast answer, it will give you enough time to think and decide the right way so you will not have regrets.


In the love plan, a very different stage than the ones you have lived during This past time will start. Although its not a teen love, it could have to do with the stability that you Cancerians need so bad. Moment to take advantage of the happiness the destiny could bring.


Health could show some positive changes and could get many favorable situations if you have a chronic disease. In this opportunity, we are not talking about a cure, although we are of stability and little negative movements of the same. Be careful with whatever can harm youthats the slogan!

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