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Leo horoscope

Week from april 23th to april 29th


Very good week for Leonine, you will be with a good energy to realize moves and make decisions that could become important for your lives. The best days of the week will be 24, 25 and 26 respectively with the Moon in Aries.


A relatively positive stage starts for you in the laboral terrain since from your predisposition and spirit will depend that This could be long lasting. Something very stable is reported in addition to a salary raise.


For those born under this sign, a busy stage in the sentimental field appears (above all closing the month of April). However, you will have to know how to distinguish between good and not so good to obtain a stable and lasting relationship.


Health will be very positive to start to realize light physical activities. However, excess of the same could cause some muscular discomfort. To start as a beginner is recommended, above all Leonine that could have a sedentary life to avoid overcharging your organism.

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