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Leo horoscope

Week from june 25th to july 01th


During this week, Leonine will be congratulated, will find new Friends to share trips and recreative walks. Be careful to surrender your being to the maximum, since all you give up could be excessive thanks to your generosity. The best days will be 26 and 27 with the Moon in your sign.


In the laboral terrain will have more Work than in the past days, profit will be seen in a positive way since the reflection of the effort will be there in the possible gratification that some people in your surroundings.


The sentimental plan will be very sensible, you must be careful since it will not be positive fall in love with people that could be just an adventure and nothing else in your lives. However, it could be good to feel loved.


Leonine health will be stable, just some headaches caused by daily tension or bad posture. This type of pain could make you feel overwhelmed, just make clear that this situation will be circumstantial and not permanent.

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