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Leo horoscope

Week from february 19th to february 25th


A very good beginning for Leonine, the Moon positioned in Sagittarius on days 19, 20 and 21 respectively in its Waning phase, in addition to that Venus in Aries. A special combination for you and all of that you ae planning for your life. To travel is one of the best options for this week.


Precise moments to start to study whatever you like and have left in the trunk of memories. Regardless your age or concentration problems, it will be right to learn that you wished to learn. A possible increase in the economy as to enjoy a vacation.


The Moon in its waning phase will be welcomed for all signs, nevertheless Leonine that have an obsessive love, could start the getaway analysis, expel all of that worthless is the more recommendable for this Moon.


Health will present with improvements in all those Leonine that suffer from continuous stress. Nevertheless, this improvement would be excellent if not left alone but do it with light exercise such as walks, for now is not recommended to do aerobics.

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