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Libra horoscope

Week from june 25th to july 01th


Although the week will not be the best of the year, it will have some positive moments. The more important to emphasize would be the intermittence between the stable and the instable. On the other side, the best day of the week will be the 1st. with the Moon transiting your sign, which will start the stage of projections that in past days you couldn’t realize.


In the laboral terrain, some inconvenient could appear since you are not in your 100 percent. This would be the main reason for not complying with what was demanded from you in its totality. However, if you take the before recommended time, you could comply with most of the request in the place of work.


The sentimental situation as opposed to the rest of them, will be in a very positive state. The couple will look for you all the time and you should correspond, because it will be the only way to feed your energy.


Health could be shown instable; bone and muscular pain will be the ones that will stay in your organism. Tiredness will play an important role in your discomfort, therefore, its recommended to rest if possible. To get some days to rest would be ideal to recover.

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