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Libra horoscope

Week from february 19th to february 25th


The week comes very positive for Librans, having Jupiter in your sign on the 24 and 25 days respectively the Moon in Aquarius will give your life a charm, above all in the field of affective and laboral links that will be more active than usual.


Very good week for all of that related to the laboral, professional and economic sectors. If you wish to study something new, it would be ideal to start these days, very good for investments, buying and selling of all kind of articles, weather valuable or not. Take advantage of these days to consult people experienced in these matters.


The sentimental plan would be very positive if you are not so egotistical with close people, weather a couple, family and/or friends. Everybody will need of your attention as well as you from them.


During these days health, will be very stable, its just that some inconvenience could arise in the digestive sector. Anyway, it will be something temporary that with a little peace and a good diet will heal.

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