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Libra horoscope

Week from march 19th to march 25th


A week Little instable week for Librans, you must be attentive to exterior dialogs that could involve you in in unwanted saying not favorable to you. The best days you will live will be 24 and 25 respectively with the Moon in transit through Aquarius. News from overseas from loved ones will come these days.


The laboral terrain will not be so good during the first half of the week, some interchange of opinions with people in the laboral field could make you feel uncomfortable. This will be circumstantial without too much time for discomfort, on the other side, after a few days more positive moments will start in then economic level.


Couple relationship could be affected by some misunderstandings that happen during these days. Its not that situations do not have a solution, but that you must appeal to dialog to improve whatever necessary for the sake of a good relationship.


In the health plan, you could experience discomfort, mostly in the digestive sector. As soon as those symptoms appear, you should visit the doctor so he can prescribe a treatment to follow and get better as soon as possible.

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