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Pisces horoscope

Week from march 19th to march 25th


A week that starts stable for Pisceans, with the Sun in transit through your sign until the day 20 inclusive. On the other side, the rest of the week could be unfavorable, although not at all, since the energy that the Sun transiting will leave, will be to revert all of that confusing or causing bad temper to this sign.


These days for those born under this sign, will not be the best ones to respond to all of that related to work matters. The more convenient would be, hear the offers and analyze them during some time. Nevertheless, you should not let opportunities to pass by.


In the sentimental plan, Pisceans will be going through a complex stage, you would let go the one that does not make you good. Start to accept those persons that really offer something positive would be the more indicated.


During these days health, will come a Little instable too, with some general discomfort, but mostly in the head sector, neck and back. Stress could play a bad time and cause all type of continual discomfort. Consult the physician and follow his instructions, thats the best option.

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