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Pisces horoscope

Week from august 20th to august 26th


Although the Lunation won’t be the better during this week, it will have something positive that will be its Crescent phase. However, It will come ideal for all related to the family, re-encounters and unexpected visits. The more recommendable for Piscean will be a quiet dialog and not making decisions based on plain impulses but on wisdom and analysis.


Decisive moments in the laboral terrain, you could be facing people of great power decide what path to take. Although opportunities could be promising, above all with respect to the new salary, it’s important to emphasize that get top information above every task to realize, would be fundamental for every step.


The sentimental terrain will be the best of the week again, since Venus keeps on transiting Cancer. Ideal to project the growth of the family with new members. Take advantage of these days to demonstrate the great love that day make you feel.


Days inclined to low defenses, the health plan will be to have present and take care of it the more you can and to avoid discomfort. A healthy diet will be a priority these days to boost the defenses and achieve general well-being of the organism.

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