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Pisces horoscope

Week from june 25th to july 01th


A beginning of the week very positive for Piscean, during these days, you could resolve matters related to home, weather shopping for the same or realize furniture changes. The best day would be the 25th. With the Moon in its Crescent phase in Cancer. Its always recommended to expend with moderation.


In the laboral plan some offers of business trips will come, whatever is your title. The opportunity for growth at this level is getting closer and giving good results if you take the opportunity. The economic increase would be getting there with some delay.


The love is shown improving in the couple, more time you will give to the same, will help to improve the situation between the two of you. It would be recommendable to realize a romantic trip, although no more than three days.


Health terrain will be quiet and without major discomfort. It will be a great week to realize checkups, or if you wish to realize some aesthetic treatment, it would be the right moment for it too. More over good health marked for this week, it is always recommended to take care of yourself.

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