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Sagittarius horoscope

Week from march 19th to march 25th


Great week for those born under This sign. The best days will be 19 and 20 respectively with the Moon transiting the same. A special energy to realize for once and for all, moves that seemed paralyzed. The surroundings will not be responsible no more for your decisions, but, just yourselves, take advantage of the situation.


The laboral terrain is showing positive and will have the great opportunity to start all over a new business, its the ideal week to choose to start it or not. All seem to point out to optimal results.


In the sentimental aspect, some complex situation that was present since some time ago could be unscrambled. People that are close to you will intent to help you improve all of that related tothis theme, listen to the ideas.


Health will come in a common way these days, muscular pain will be present, although it will not be unbearable as in other occasions. It would be necessary to start with some physical exercise and move from where you are to have better results in this aspect.

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