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Sagittarius horoscope

Week from august 20th to august 26th


Very good week for Sagittarians, thanks to the Sun that during some days will be transiting Leo, you will keep on going with a great energy to realize important money moves without risks to lose it. The best days without a doubt will be 20 and 21 respectively with the Moon in its Crescent phase in the sign of Leo.


In the laboral terrain you will have the opportunity to grow anytime more, although people who surround you at work could feel jealous by your performance, that bad vibe wont penetrate your being. So, probably you could increase your finances thanks to your intelligence at work.


A lot of love will surround you during this week, however, that doesnt mean that you will be able to accept those demonstrations. The Lunation could make you be reluctant to accept those good situations, although it would be something circumstantial. The more recommendable would be to analyze from whom come those demonstrations and try to accept them with the best possible vibe.


This week will be great to visit the odonthologist, although and generally not all people give health the importance it deserves to mouth health, in your case, these days will have a special lunation to realize it. You should be careful and not use too much sugar to take care of yourself a little bit more.

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