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Sagittarius horoscope

Week from february 19th to february 25th


One of the better weeks of the year for Sagittarians. In principle, the best days of this week will be the 19, 20 and 21 days respectively with the Moon in its Waning phase on this sign. This Lunar phase will be ideal to get rid of all kind of fears that will not permit to realize what you really wish. Take advantage of This week.


You could start to need changes inside the laboral plan, although not necessarily you have to change the place of Work, but that you could increase part of your wisdom to the same and also study something that help you even more on this.


Love will not give a chance to Sagittarians, you will have proposals even though not all of them generate adrenalin to what you are used to. Let go by your feelings from time to time is not a bad idea.


Some Little health problems caused by the nervous system, anxiety and hurriedness to want everything right now as its a typically Sagittarian way, what happens is that when noticing that you are acquiring things, you will want more and quick. You should be aware of your health and much to concretize all of what the body can resist during these days.

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