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Scorpio horoscope

Week from august 20th to august 26th


The week you will transit will not be the best regarding Lunation over your sign. However, the phase that will have most of the time (Crescent), will be very positive to move ahead in some terrain of your lives and start the true growth. The more recommendable would be to look inside you the peace to make decisions of any kind before taking any steps.


In the laboral terrain, the situation could be very confused with some members of the place. Although dialog will contribute a lot to achieve comfort, the best you could do will be to look for a way to continue with calm. In these days, It would be very positive to try to save to improve that sector.


Venus continues transiting Cancer and with the Moon mostly in its Crescent phase, you could get very positive and stable situations for the family. Weather a member growth as well as an emotional one in the same.


Health will be very stable, such as realize some type of change in diet if you wish to improve the quality of life and lose weight. Without ridiculous diets and with the approval of a professional that will guide you throughout the right path to achieve your purpose.

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