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Scorpio horoscope

Week from february 19th to february 25th


The week will show very stable since you will have the Sun positioned in Pisces, this will feel with positive energy to Scorpians. You will also have a very interesting week since the Moon will be in its waning phase still, ideal for those who that wish to leave addiction, take advantage of this Moon that will make it easy.


The laboral terrain becomes more stable, better offers, more work yes, nothing free but worth considering the raise you could Enjoy during these days in the financial side. A growth that could be long lasting, this will depend on you although everything points to what the stars say so it would be permanent.


A new love comes to Pisceans life, if this has a great sensibility, it also a special moment in which you will feel physically attracted to someone new


The health plan could be in a good mood since youll have the possibility to clean up your organism in general, purifying toxicality that could be contradictory in This matter. Take advantage of the Lunar phase to search physical improvement.

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