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Scorpio horoscope

Week from june 25th to july 01th


A week that will start enlightened for Scorpians. The 25 day the Moon will be in Cancer, which will give you a special energy to resolve any kind of home inconvenience. Great days to realize small events with friends and close family


During This coming week, you will have the opportunity to live a good stability in the economic and laboral aspect. The project would be based in deep dialog with a boss or partner. This communication with some of these persons, will give you guarantee in some way yo obtain the peace you need.


The sentimental terrain is shown very positive This week, people surrounding you will give you positive energy and will try to be with you the more time possible. It will be necessary to take a trip with the couple even a shorth one to a close by place if possible. Closeness to said couple will be highly necessary.


Health plan will show in a very stable manner, as to realize some things that you have pending. Taking advantage of the situation, you could visit an specialist in alternative medicine, Start with Yoga and Meditation. Although the more indicated would be to get away of all of that causing physical discomfort in these last times.

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