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Scorpio horoscope

Week from march 19th to march 25th


The week starts in a positive way since the Sun still transits Pisces until the 20th day inclusive. However, it will be a week a little complicated with the passing of the same. Some conversations that will not be based on real facts, could alter Scorpians, look for peace inside you.


The laboral will be present during these days, you should feel if possible inner peace since will exist a lot of tension in the environment but the result will be positive since you will get good things in this plan.


The sentimental terrain will show you something very important, the couple will be present trying to support you in every moment of your life. A short trip of a weekend could be charming and feel you with positivism, something you need badly.


Instability to listen or to find out that unwanted situations for your ears, could make you feel like quitting everything due to physical and mental tiredness. However, the passing of days will be to improve little by little the emotional situation and this way prevent from critical situations on the physical level.

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