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Taurus horoscope

Week from august 20th to august 26th


Very good week for Taurean in general, the best days will be 22,23 and 24 respectively with the Moon transiting Virgo in its Crescent phase. Excellent Lunation to obtain many things that you want since some time ago and it will be time to end the pretexts and start to concretize those goals that seem difficult.


The laboral terrain will be a factor in which you should be Attentive to all the changes that will happen during this week. Although opportunities will come positive in this sector, some of them will not be so convenient to your financial system. Hence, you should be attentive to what destiny has for you and choose wisely.


In the sentimental plan, new opportunities to get a stable and graceful relationship will arise. If you have a couple the relationship will be affected positively to obtain achievements in the stable union you could have with the same. Take advantage of these days and be as loving as possible.


Moment to start with some new physical hardworked activity. However, this week would be ideal to start walks or light physical moves. Diet should be adapted to those changes, since you will require more energy than you regularly use to spend.

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