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Virgo horoscope

Week from august 20th to august 26th


A very positive and stable week for Virginian. Although some setbacks may show with members of the family, you will be OK in a short period of time. The best days of the week for you will be 22,23 and 24 respectively with the Moon in its Crescent phase transiting on your sign.


The laboral terrain will be in a very positive situation with people who will offer great opportunities. The point will be to know how to move to avoid erroneous decisions with respect to the time that future offers could imply. Increment in finances thanks to Work.


In the sentimental plan, you will be anxious to obtain results with respect to some proposal that you have realized to your couple. The same will be in position to choose what way to go, although the love for yourself is as big as the one you feel for the same.


During This week health will be in a favorable state. It would be ideal to start diet changes and some other different changes. Walks, light exercise in company or alone. These would be favorable for the immune system, since maybe in a few weeks you will enormously need it.

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