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2013.11.18 04:55 InfiniteDescent Drake

Welcome to /Drizzy! Drake + OVO news and discussion. Aubrey Drake Graham is a Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer and actor, born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. Discord.gg/drake

2023.04.27 04:11 tim30807648 [WTS]C8X&CUTTER LTI GAME PACK

both sold out
Ship starter pack SQ42 Insurance Price Ebay Link
Anvil C8X O X LTI $65 https://www.ebay.com/itm/394342266760
Drake Cutter O X LTI $70 https://www.ebay.com/itm/394589887407
ebay only
PM me in ebay message if you buy thanks~
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2023.04.19 13:42 Candid-Dimension-526 Drake recent story

Is Drake the first male to get the male bbl?
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2023.03.12 23:08 nightcloudsky This is the end of no Jumper indeed. The Destiny x Richard Spencer videos get almost 300k viewers on youtube way more than any other hip hop/whatever content NJ put out there for the last 2-3 weeks.

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2023.01.23 22:57 hackiesack12 Yale R

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2023.01.11 00:26 Impressive-Mousse-88 Sharp needs to start building/working on his own platform. This man is actually carrying No Jumper right now.

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2023.01.07 00:38 Grandwizzard_jumper The idiot running No Jumper clips is posting on the main page like a dumbass. Hire Lil Marcos and David Russell

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2022.12.31 04:47 Cookie_Cutter_Cook BBL Drake for the win

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2022.12.15 00:41 Pitbull_style 2022 elimination date nights with VODs, participants, best moments, tierlist


Guest Date VOD Participants Finalists & winner(s) Memorable moments
Lacari Jan. 06. Roflgator_Twitch, Roflgator_YT Mioshi(coach), Xconsniper(date), MurderCrumpet(date), S0ra(date), Lazershield(date), Kyokeru(date), sorry(date), Aiden(date), UzuriMia(date), HatKid(date), Novaruu(date), VeronicaJae(date), Mimi_Qu(date), Gulliblez(date), DrakeRJ(date), Bobe(date), Veibae, Sodapoppin, Mura_vr(staff), Erin(staff), Karynn(staff), Tevin(piano) Aiden, Kyo(+Bobe+Vei), VeronicaJae, UzuriMia(W) Not_a_lot_of_people_wants_to_date_Lacari, good_start, Lacari_is_down_bad, Lacari_dating_Soda's_step_mom, weirdest_thing_that_Lacari_fcked, Lacari_awakening_his_inner_Furry, Lacari_coomed_in_VRChat_again, and_again..., Final_confession_from...?
roflgator Jan. 13. Roflgator_Twitch, Roflgator_YT Kyokeru(coach), IRON$JEW(date), Aiden(date), Camila(date), djdeyar(date), Lazershield(date), Xconsniper(date), MurderCrumpet(date), Zyzzx_Prime(date), Chrisdasa, Lazzie(date), Bobe(date), DrakeRJ(date), Shmoopy(staff), Erin(staff), Tevin(piano) Lazershield, Chrisdasa, IRON$JEW(W), Camila Live_foot_gock_demonstration, Feet_me_like_a_momma_bird, Vacation_lets_go, You_my_big_dragon_queen_baby, Deluxe_Treatment
Mizkif Jan. 20. Roflgator_Twitch, Roflgator_YT Lacari(coach), Margot(date), MuteMaxwell(date), VincentX(date), MurderCrumpet(date), Momo(date), Kyokeru(date), Filian(date), sorry(date), Kyana(date), Camila(date), Aiden(date), IRON$JEW(date), Zyzzx_Prime(date), Emerysaur(date), Boo(date), Bobe(date), Karynn(staff), Sekine(staff), Erin(staff), Tevin(piano) Aiden, Kyokeru(+Bobe), Momo(W), Filian Mizkif_introduces_himself, Miz_helps_a_grandma, Mizkif_likes_Sodapoppin's_step_mom, Mizkif_lets_Lacari_have_the_next_date, Chad_lacari, Mizkif_confessed_something_to_Peach, Filian’s_performance, Sums_up_the_Mizkif_Elimination_Dating, Mizkif_youtube_highlights_1, Mizkif_youtube_highlights_2
Snuffy Jan 27. Roflgator_Twitch, Roflgator_YT MurderCrumpet(date), AxMan(date), IRON$JEW(date), S0ra(date), sorry(date), djdeyar(date), UzuriMia(date), VincentX(date), Kyokeru(date), Camila(date), Xconsniper(date), Aiden(date), VeronicaJae(date), Gulliblez(date), Lazzie(date), Zyzzx_Prime(date), Sekine(date), DrakeRJ(date), Chuckmainstreet(date), TheRoaringRex(date), Surefour, Karynn(staff), Mura_vr(staff), Erin(staff), Tevin(piano) VeronicaJae, IRON$JEW, Sekine(W), Chuckmainstreet Snuffy_coomed_on_Mizkif's_almost_mute, Crumpet_full_date, Andy_Milonakis_in_snuffys_date_night, This_is_how_Snuffy_introduces_herself, Snuffys_kink, Snuffy_meets_her_perfect_date, Veronica's_dance, Surefour_patiently_waits_for_his_date
Amouranth Feb. 03. Roflgator_Twitch, Roflgator_YT S0ra(date), Xconsniper(date), IRON$JEW(date), Novaruu(date), VincentX(date), VeronicaJae(date), MurderCrumpet(date), Camila(date), Aiden(date), cyr(date), Zyzzx_Prime(date), Kyokeru(date), Vore(date), ShoutOut(date), Karynn(staff), Shmoopy(staff), Mura_vr(staff) Zyzzy_Prime, Camila(W), S0ra, Vore Amouranth's_first_VRChat_Date, The_perfect_Amouranth_mod, Amouranth_meets_Vore, Becky_baint_bepto, Becky_be_Broke, Sucking_impressions_with_crumpet, Rofldad_made_Amouranth_proud, Amouranth's_Mod_has_a_great_talent, And_the_winner_is...?
Esfand Feb 10. Roflgator_Twitch, Roflgator_YT djdeyar(date), Lacari(date), MurderCrumpet(date), Sekine(date), sorry(date), Xconsniper(date), Yishai(date), Camila(date), Mioshi(date), Zyzzx_Prime(date), Filian(date), IRON$JEW(date), CrazyMango(date), Vore(date), TheRoaringRex(date), Emerysaur(staff), Mura_vr(staff), Sn0wBreeze(staff), djdeyar(staff), Tevin(piano) Vore(W), CrazyMango, MurderCrumpet, Mioshi Nice_POV_Esfand, Cornwood_got_baited_by_Filian, Femcari_making_me_act_up, Does_your_cousin_squirt?, Cornwood_tried_body_searching_a_mute, Tried_to_jail_a_Native_American, Crumpet_catching_a_Pig, Yishai_pops_off, This_is_how_Cornwood_treats_women, Esfand_thought_that_Wooks_is_an_NPC, Esfand's_reaction_on_frisking_Mango
Penta Feb 17. Roflgator_Twitch, Roflgator_YT Norman(coach), Blu_Haze(date), Jogiiee(date), Zyzzx_Prime(date), Swifterini(date), MurderCrumpet(date), djdeyar(date), Camila(date), Aiden(date), Lazzie(date), Vrey(date), Kyokeru(date), TheRoaringRex(date), Karynn(staff), Mura_vr(staff), Tevin(piano) Vrey(+Ruby)(W), MurderCrumpet, Blu_haze, Kyokeru Penta_wants_to_screw_a_cat_really_bad, Penta_met_Buddha_in_VRChat, Doesnt_know_that_hes_dating_crumpet, Crumpet_(second)_date, The_cock_makes_it_cuter, Blu_Haze_dance
Projekt Melody Mar 10. Roflgator_Twitch, Roflgator_YT IRON$JEW(date), Zyzzx_Prime(date), CatGirlEddie(date), MurderCrumpet(date), Xconsniper(date), Camila(date), Kyokeru(date), SpongeyBuns(date), VincentX(date), CrazyMango(date), UzuriMia(date), Lazzie(date), Aiden(date), Sekine(date), Kissmeh(staff), Mura_vr(staff), Karynn(staff) Lazzie, Kyo(+Spongey), IRON$JEW(W), CatGirlEddie Melody_tries_to_frame_Roflgator, Melody_meets_Salad_Fingers, New_fear_unlocked, Melody_is_a_Sniffer, Crumpet_made_Melody_speechless, FUGG_ME, Melody_meets_DMO, Classic_vincent, Iron_shredding
Esfand Mar 17. Roflgator_Twitch, Roflgator_YT UzuriMia(date), Alex(date), Camila(date), Zyzzx_Prime(date), Lazershield(date), MurderCrumpet(date), Kyokeru(date), Nephtanica(date), CrazyMango(date), Filian(date), Mioshi(date), Aiden(date), Emerysaur(date), WooperBoop(staff), Mura_vr(staff), Kissmeh(staff), Karynn(staff), Tevin(piano), Surefour Camila, Filian(W), Aiden, Lazershield Esfand_found_a_pet_in_VRC, Esfand's_new_kink, I_like_to_play_with_kids, Chat_was_thinking_it, I_see_it, Lacari_looking_for_Filian, Fillet's_action-packed_talent, Lacari_got_cucked_by_Esfand, Wooks_is_Greg_now
Adin Ross Apr 7. Roflgator_Twitch, Roflgator_YT UzuriMia(date), Nephtanica(date), Novaruu(date), IRON$JEW(date), Camila(date), Aiden(date), Pink(date), CottontailVA(date), VincentX(date), Filian(date), MurderCrumpet(date), Gulliblez(date), Surefour(date), AgenteMaxo(date), Boo(date), DrakeRJ(date), Icey(date), WooperBoop(staff), Mura_vr(staff), Kissmeh(staff), Karynn(staff), Tevin(piano), Xconsniper Camila, UzuriMia, Cottontail(W), Novaruu Adin_meets_a_furry_from_the_future, Rofl_asked_Adin_a_question, Adin_Ross_first_date_in_VRChat, His_first_kiss_in_VRC, Adin_meets_alien_Vincent, pegging_fan, Communication_problems_with_Aiden, Adin_Struggles_with_Aussie_Terminology, Adin_is_so_impressed_of_Iron's_Talent, Soda_is_mad_at_Adin, I_got_you_I_got_you
Tectone Apr 21. Roflgator_Twitch, Roflgator_YT S0ra(date), MurderCrumpet(date), CatGirlEddie, Margot(date), Yishai(date), Jaythebard(date), Autumn_VR(date), UzuriMia(date), Mioshi(date), sorry(date), Camila(date), CrazyMango(date), Sekine(date), Aiden(date), MikaMoonlight(staff), WooperBoop(staff), Tevin(piano), Surefour UzuriMia, Jaythebard(W), Crump+CGE, S0ra Tectone's_first_time_touching_a_woman, Tectone_harassing_Surefour, Mango_gives_Tectone_a_bit_of_a_start, Nervous_around_an_anime_grill, Tectone_discovers_the_slider, Tectone_is_mesmerized, He_is_ready_for_it
Quqco May 12. Roflgator_Twitch, Roflgator_YT Lacari(coach), Mioshi(coach), UzuriMia(date), Lazzie(date), VincentX(date), Camila(date), Jaythebard(date), MurderCrumpet(date), Gulliblez(date), zmoonrunner(date), Lawlman(date), Zyzzx_Prime(date), Komewgi(date), Luberski(date), WooperBoop(staff), MikaMoonlight(staff), Kasumi(staff), Karynn(staff), Tevin(piano) Komewgi, MurderCrumpet, Jaythebard, Camila(W) Quqco_exposed_Lacari, Cynthia_introduces_herself, Lacari_wants_to_kiss_Quqco's_feet, Lacari_is_a_bad_boy, Lacari_came_and_cried, Vincent_God_RP'er, Jay's_original_song_for_Quqco, Luberski_sings_Baka_Mitai
rprx May 19. Roflgator_Twitch, Roflgator_YT Rainhoe(coach), Komewgi(date), VincentX(date), NeomiZero(date), Zyzzx_Prime(date), S0ra(date), MurderCrumpet(date), Jaythebard(date), Azusa_VR(date), sorry(date), Kitty(date), Pink(date), WooperBoop(staff), Mura_vr(staff), MikaMoonlight(staff), Erin(staff) Komewgi, MurderCrumpet(W), sorry, Azusa(+Camila) The_spillage_incident, The_second_spillage_incident, Komewgi_date(full), Mewgi_pep-talks_Neomi, Wow_that's_cool, We_can't_both_be..., Shortest_pron_intro, Neomi_gets_ready, going_the_maxima_duration, What_was_that_push
Rainhoe Jun 23. Roflgator_Twitch, Roflgator_YT Jhinxx_(coach), Margot(date), Jaythebard(date), Kyokeru(date), VincentX(date), Camila(date), MikaMoonlight(date), Lazzie(date), Pink(date), MurderCrumpet(date), UzuriMia(date), Chuckmainstreet(date), Nonautologous(date), DrakeRJ(date), Krispey(date), Vore(date), Karynn(staff), Erin(staff), WooperBoop(staff), Tevin(piano), Surefour Lazzie, MurderCrumpet(W), Vore, Kyokeru The_secret_technique..., You_like_that_baby?!, Trainwrecks_visits_VRChat, Gamingwhale1245_Rain_Joe_Song, Gamingwhale12345_confession, Vore_x_Crumpet, Biff_breaks_character_during_speech
Zilverk July 8. Roflgator_Twitch, Roflgator_YT Kiuwt(coach), CrazyMango(date), akiwoo(date), Lazzie(date), Kyokeru(date), UzuriMia(date), Aiden(date), Azusa_VR(date), Camila(date), HeyImBee(date), Pink(date), MurderCrumpet(date), .Nayuki.(date), Boo(date), Karynn(staff), Sn0wBreeze(staff), WooperBoop(staff), Kissmeh(staff) Kyokeru, HeyImBee, Aiden(W), Boo Rofl_going_to_start_doing_OF, She_knows..., Reformed_ZilverK_btw, Rofl_winking_at_ZilverK's_mute, Two_Red_Sonic_making_out, (Bonus)Front_Cam_Moment
HeyImBee July 14. Roflgator_Twitch, Roflgator_YT Jellypeanut(date), VincentX(date), Camila(date), sorry(date), WooperBoop(date), Kyokeru(date), Shrimp(date_voice), Margot(date), Surefour(date), Lazzie(date), MurderCrumpet(date), UzuriMia(date), Gulliblez(date), Ruthless_Ruby(date), Aiden(date), Port(date), .Nayuki.(date), Boo(date), Vore(date), Karynn(staff), Erin(staff) Surefour, UzuriMia(W), Kyokeru, sorry+Wooper Bee_found_her_match, I'm_a_pretty_girl, Kyo+Shrimp_date(full), Bee_likes_getting_whipped_by_a_Leek, TimTheLeek_date(full), Bee_met_Penta's_Left_Nut, Bee_has_a_lot_of_C-Jars, Bee_likes_Vincent, Paul_Blart_crowd_surfs, This_is_why_I_hang_out_with_mutes
Surefour July 21. Roflgator_Twitch, Roflgator_YT Gulliblez(coach), Kasumi(date), UzuriMia(date), GreatMoon(date), Lacari(date), AxMan(date), Komewgi(date), Kyokeru(date), Camila(date_voice), Zyzzx_Prime(date), MurderCrumpet(date), CottontailVA(date), Xconsniper(date), Pink(date), Emerysaur(date), Evol(date), Karynn(staff), WooperBoop(staff), MikaMoonlight(staff), Erin(staff), Sn0wBreeze(staff) Emerysaur, Pink, Kasumi, UzuriMia(W) Local_boy_finds_his_mom, AxMan_has_to_survive_till_Rob_shits, Mewgi_is_a_bit_predictable, Fortnite_gamer_dance_by_Kyo
OniGiriEN Aug 4. Roflgator_Twitch, Roflgator_YT LaynaLazar(coach), Lazzie(date), UzuriMia(date), Margot(date), Mimi_Qu(date), Pink(date), CrazyMango(date), MurderCrumpet(date), Gulliblez(date), Kyokeru(date), VincentX(date), AxMan(date), Aiden(date), Krispey(date), Chado(date), DrakeRJ(date), Karynn(staff), Mura_vr(staff), WooperBoop(staff), MikaMoonlight(staff) Pink(W), MurderCrumpet, UzuriMia, Lazzie Giris_first_ever_VRC_date(Moistbringer), Peeing_or_hitting_the_bong, Giri_meeting_Gordo, Crumpet's_sitting_position, Your_little_p****_belongs_to_me, Crumpet_and_Oni_tongue_action, Huh_I_like_Pink
Nihmune Aug 11. Roflgator_Twitch, Roflgator_YT OniGiriEN(coach), Rainhoe(coach), S0ra(date), Aeriy(date), Mimi_Qu(date), AxMan(date), Lazzie(date), Kyokeru(date), CrazyMango(date), Margot(date), Pink(date), Camila(date), Xconsniper(date), Zyzzx_Prime(date), MurderCrumpet(date), Aiden(date), VincentX(date), Gulliblez(date), DrakeRJ(date), Surefour, Karynn(staff), Erin(staff), Mura_vr(staff), MikaMoonlight(staff), WooperBoop(staff) S0ra(W), Aeriy, Xconsniper, Zyzzx_Prime Vincent_gigachad_moment, VTuber_Guests_are_getting_scared_away, 2_snorters_laugh_together, Your_average_bronies_in_VRChat, Lazzies_final_perfect_moment, He_did_the_thing, Kyo's_dance
Baoo Oct 20. Roflgator_Twitch, Roflgator_YT S0ra(date), VincentX(date), Chipz(date), Margot(date), UzuriMia(date), Kyokeru(date), Mimi_Qu(date), MurderCrumpet(date), Jaythebard(date), Aiden(date), Gulliblez(date), Lazzie(date), CrazyMango(date), JayKip(sate), Chuckmainstreet(date), DrakeRJ(date), Surefour, Mousy(staff), Almond(staff), Karynn(staff), ChiChi(staff), Brie(staff), MikaMoonlight(staff), WooperBoop(staff) Lazzie, Jaythebard(W), Chipz, Kyokeru Finally_met_the_love_of_her_life, Bao_meeting_Rick_and_Morty, Chipz_hates_everyone, Crumpet_date(full), Bao_admits_that_she_likes_Monster..., Mango_brakes_Bao, Shock_and_awe, Jaythebard's_song_to_Bao, Chipz_sings_My_Chemical_Romance
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2022.11.28 02:17 No_Drive_7480 Bbl drake and lunch man 50 cent😂

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2022.11.16 00:17 fganniversaries Fighting Game Anniversaries: Week 45 (November 14 - November 20)

Hey yall this is fganniversaries again. Apologies for not posting last week, there was some personal endeavors I had to do. As usual, I will be recapping anniversaries relating to fighting game announcements/releases this week (I would add last week alongside here but it exceeds Reddit's character count). Like always, if I missed one, do please let me know in the comments. Here would be the following anniversaries:
November 14
November 15
November 16
November 17
November 18
November 19
November 20
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2022.11.16 00:17 fganniversaries Fighting Game Anniversaries: Week 45 (November 14 - November 20) + November 7 - November 13

Hey yall this is fganniversaries again. Apologies for not posting last week, there was some personal endeavors I had to do. As usual, I will be recapping anniversaries relating to fighting game announcements/releases this week (I would add last week alongside here but it exceeds Reddit's character count). Like always, if I missed one, do please let me know in the comments. Here would be the following anniversaries:
November 14
November 15
November 16
November 17
November 18
November 19
November 20
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2022.11.05 06:04 sypher07070799 Yachty confirming that Drake wont address it but the “Meg diss” wasnt intended as a diss and was referring to BBL’s

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2022.10.20 19:36 farm_sauce Drake the type of Metaverse dork to spend 8 hours giving his avatar a BBL so he can “prank his homies”

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2022.10.11 07:16 harmoniousjumper flaks prnhub

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2022.08.20 01:24 daughter2pop Alfred Drake & The Kismet Original Broadway Cast ‎– Kismet BBL 7023

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2022.07.24 05:42 CurrycelNumeroUno Current OPM S-Rank Heroes form a Pirate Crew In One Piece and Run a Gauntlet:

Characters: Puripuri,Drive Knight, Child Emporer, Pig God, Flashy Flash, Tanktop Master, Genos, Metal Knight, SA Darkshine, Zombieman, Watchdog Man, Atomic Samurai, Silver Fang, Tatsumaki, and Captain Blast.
1 Don Krieg, Pearl, Gin, Ideaman, Hustle, Kagikko.
2 Jango, Nugire Yainu, Sham, Buchi and Kuro
3 Arlong, Kuroobi, Hatchi, Pisaro, Kaneshiro, Take, Shioyaki, Momoo, Nezumi, Nami and Chew
4 Crocodile, Mr.1, Nico Robin, Miss Doublefinger, Mr.2, Mr.3, Miss Goldenweek, Mr.4, Miss Merry Christmas, Mr.5, MissValentine, Mr.7, Miss Fathers Day, Mr.8, Miss Monday, Mr.9, Miss Wednesday, Mr.11, Mr.13, Miss Friday
5 Moria, Perona, Hogback, Oarz, Absalom, HildonCindryBuhichuckKumashiRyumaCaptain JohnLola) • Gyoro, Nin, and BaoRisky Brothers) • JigoroInuppeTararanOarsCerberusUnigaroMocDonaldHippo GentlemanPre and Tea
Trebol Diamante Pica
Corazon (Vergo) †
Corazon (Donquixote Rosinante)
Sugar Giolla Violet ‡
Lao G Senor Pink Machvise Dellinger
Gladius Buffalo Baby 5 ‡
Bellamy ‡ Kyuin ‡ Trafalgar Law

Kaidou ?
King Queen Jack
Page One Ulti Who's-Who Black Maria Sasaki
X Drake
Sheepshead ? Ginrummy ? Basil Hawkins ? Holed'em Speed \*
DobonDaifugo \*Babanuki \*SolitaireBao Huang
Briscola \*FourtricksHamlet \*Mizerka \*Poker \*
Gazelleman \*MousemanSnakeman)Rabbitman
Sarahebi Alpacaman Madilloman Dachoman Tenjo-Sagari
Trio the Grip ≠ ?Bearman ≠
Massui Pudos Ibiributsu Donannoyo Nokotti
Inbi Fuga Zanki Jaki Goki
Fukurokuju ‡ Daikoku Fujin Raijin Hanzo
Scotch Scratchmen Apoo Hihimaru Yamato

8 Big Mom
Katakuri, Smoothie, Cracker
Charlotte PerosperoCharlotte CompoteCharlotte DaifukuCharlotte OvenCharlotte Mondée

Charlotte AmandeCharlotte HachéeCharlotte EffiléeCharlotte Opera ?Charlotte Counter

Charlotte CadenzaCharlotte CabalettaCharlotte CustardCharlotte AngelCharlotte Zuccotto

Charlotte BrûléeCharlotte BroyéCharlotte NusstorteCharlotte BasskarteCharlotte Dosmarche

Charlotte NoisetteCharlotte MoscatoCharlotte MashCharlotte CornstarchCharlotte Compo

Charlotte LaurinCharlotte Mont-d'OrCharlotte MozartCharlotte MarnierCharlotte High-Fat

Charlotte TabletCharlotte CitronCharlotte CinnamonCharlotte Saint-MarcCharlotte Basans

Charlotte MeliseCharlotte DacquoiseCharlotte GaletteCharlotte PoireCharlotte Snack \*

Charlotte BavaroisCharlotte PrimCharlotte KantenCharlotte KatoCharlotte Montb

Charlotte ChiboustCharlotte MobileCharlotte MarbleCharlotte MyukuruCharlotte Maple

Charlotte BrownieCharlotte JocondeCharlotte RaisinCharlotte PannaCharlotte Mascarpone
Charlotte JoscarponeCharlotte YuenCharlotte NewichiCharlotte NewjiCharlotte Newsan
Charlotte NewshiCharlotte NewgoCharlotte NutmegCharlotte AkimegCharlotte Allmeg
Charlotte HarumegCharlotte FuyumegCharlotte NougatCharlotte PuddingCharlotte Flampe
Charlotte AnglaisCharlotte DolceCharlotte DragéeCharlotte Anana
Pekoms ?Knight TamagoRook Capone Bege ‡Bishop Bobbin ?
StreusenDieselEggplant Soldier

do they clear???
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2022.05.31 02:51 fantasticwarriors Outjerked by BBL Drake

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2021.11.28 01:09 daughter2pop Alfred Drake & The Kismet Original Broadway Cast ‎– Kismet BBL 7023

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2021.11.28 00:46 daughter2pop Alfred Drake & The Kismet Original Broadway Cast ‎– Kismet BBL 7023

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2021.11.28 00:46 daughter2pop Alfred Drake & The Kismet Original Broadway Cast ‎– Kismet BBL 7023

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2021.11.15 13:33 Gregoryguy24 Attractive black/ white mix men feminized and assumed gay by black men?

I didn't phrase my last post like how it should have been but I think this is a real issue of colorism, a real problem and how light skin equals effiminate in the black community any insight? I think this happens to a lot of lighter skinned mixed race men who are attractive any insight?
I read an article on Steph Curry and how he is treated on the basketball court just cause he is light skin players guard him more and they think he is weaker cause he is lighter.
Edit: I would also like to add that Drake the rapper this is a thing going on about Drake bbl they care constantly joking that he is gay when he as a son and everything
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2021.11.13 01:12 Omegadropemoff Niggas talk about bbl drake but forget this clip

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