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Ponchatoula, LA

2023.06.09 17:12 lamodemens "Master the Art of Dress Shirt Care: Unveiling La Mode Men's Secrets to Effortless Maintenance and Everlasting Elegance!"
Introduction: Investing in a high-quality men's dress shirt not only enhances your style but also requires proper care to ensure its longevity and impeccable appearance. From cleaning to storing, every step of dress shirt maintenance plays a crucial role in preserving its fabric, shape, and overall appeal. In this comprehensive guide, La Mode Men's shares expert tips and techniques to help you care for your men's dress shirts like a pro. Get ready to elevate your wardrobe and keep your shirts looking sharp and stylish for years to come.
Understanding Dress Shirt Fabrics:
Overview of common dress shirt fabrics and their specific care requirements The importance of reading care labels and following manufacturer instructions Tips for handling delicate fabrics such as silk or linen
Washing and Drying Techniques:
Proper washing methods for men's dress shirts, including hand-washing and machine-washing Choosing the right laundry detergent and water temperature for optimal results Pre-treating stains and avoiding common laundry mistakes Drying techniques: air-drying, machine drying, and using a clothesline
Ironing and Steaming: Step-by-step ironing guide for a wrinkle-free appearance Selecting the appropriate ironing temperature for different fabrics Tips for ironing collars, cuffs, and plackets with precision Alternative methods: steaming to remove wrinkles without ironing
Stain Removal Techniques: Common dress shirt stains and how to tackle them effectively Spot cleaning methods for specific stains like ink, oil, or wine Natural remedies for stain removal, including vinegar or baking soda Seeking professional help for stubborn or delicate stains
Collar and Cuff Care: Preventing and treating collar and cuff stains or discoloration Tips for maintaining the shape and stiffness of collars and cuffs Utilizing collar stays for a polished and crisp look Professional collar and cuff replacement options
Storage and Organization: Proper hanging and folding techniques to prevent wrinkles and creases Choosing the right hangers and garment bags for dress shirt storage Avoiding direct sunlight and excessive humidity to preserve fabric quality Tips for organizing your dress shirts effectively in your wardrobe
Professional Cleaning and Maintenance: Understanding when to seek professional dry cleaning services Communicating specific care instructions to dry cleaners Periodic inspections for loose buttons, loose threads, or fabric damage Professional alterations and repairs for the perfect fit and longevity
Caring for your men's dress shirts is not only about maintaining their appearance but also about preserving their value and longevity. By following the expert tips and techniques shared by La Mode Men's in this comprehensive guide, you can ensure that your dress shirts always look impeccable and stand the test of time. Remember, proper care is an investment in your style and confidence, allowing you to make a lasting impression with every wear.
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2023.06.09 17:12 Lumpy-Song2811 Basic mechanic question:

Opponents mp1 Op attempts to go to bp I Control an IP and both evil Twins and activate ip in end of main. Ip Revolves an i use IP and lil-la for avramax Can i Chain kisikils effect on the summon of avramax if op choses Not to react to the summon? Thanks
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2023.06.09 17:12 Winniehiller LAST CHANCE TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF FREE VIDEO LESSONS (and some Written Lessons)

I think it may be time for some more changes here at actingclass. I started offering free video lessons during the pandemic and they were being watched by all of you desperate, confined, quarantined people, forced to take a look at your lives. Many of you decided that there was something missing there. You weren’t doing what you really wanted to do. Some of you discovered me because you had nothing else to do and you decided that you wanted MORE. Being locked up motivated people. Go figure!
It was actually thrilling for me to see the results of teaching acting online and seeing real talent and ability emerge from people who were working jobs they hated as well as actors who had turned their backs on their dreams or just weren’t putting in the effort to be all they could be. I saw them grow. It gave me great satisfaction.
But now that things are back to normal, lots of you are back to being immersed in the practical and comfortable way of surviving. This sub is being used much less and video views are way down. I still have students I love to teach, but I think I am spending too much time on this sub.
I made 3 new videos this week because I believe each one I make has important information about how to become a better actor, whether you are a beginner or a professional. I have been spending hours to create each one. Most acting coaches would charge lots of money for both the written and video lessons I offer here. Most acting coaches don’t answer questions when texted and give from the heart. I do all I can to help anyone who wants to be a better actor.
I know that’s not the norm because I have been in this business for decades. I have studied Meisner, Uta Hagan, Strasberg…you name it—I tried it. I took what worked and threw out what seemed like BS. I started teaching 40 years ago (yes I’m old but experienced). As I taught I tried new things on actors until I found what worked for them. I was preparing actors for auditions, often having only an hour to get them ready to impress. I did this in NYC and LA. I taught actors from age 6 to 60. And what I taught, made them better.
I was asked to come in as a substitute acting coach for 2 weeks for a celebrity on a Network TV show and he asked me to stay on. I was there for 13 years and continue to work with him. The experience taught me priceless information that I pass on to others. That’s why I started actingclass. I wanted to reach more actors. I wanted to help more people. Teaching acting is my passion.
But I barely see any sign of people using my efforts here and on YouTube these days. So I am considering taking most of the video lesson and half of the Written Lessons off Reddit and making them only available for Patreon members. Not because I want to make more money, but because people seem to value what they pay for over what they get for free. It’s just a human psychological fact. I prefer to give. But you can’t make horses drink no matter how much water you give them.
Those who are studying with me privately or in class…don’t worry. I will alway be there for you and you will have access to anything I have that can help you. But I won’t be trying so hard to talk people into using this resource.
The only way I can tell if anyone is here is by the number of upvotes on each post and comment. My YouTube analytics give me the cold hard facts there. Yesterday the average view time of the newest video was 30 seconds. Really? And Views are way, way down.
So take advantage of the last days of actingclass as it is. I will still be teaching Zoom class and there will be abbreviated info still here. I will announce classes coming up and occasionally post new videos for a short time before they are made private for Patreon members. Visit once in awhile if you have time to see what’s up.
I’m going to be spending my time finishing my book. I’ll let you know when it is done. And I will let people know when new classes are beginning and I’ll post sign ups and scene partner connections. I haven’t made my mind up completely about this. I’ve come close to it many times. I’m just not sure 100% the best way to proceed. We’ll see. I’ll make my mind up within a week.
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2023.06.09 17:09 neograds AITA? A developer wants to be paid his normal rate for interviewing candidates to join the team.

Hi guys. I hired a freelance full stack dev to complete an app. It became clear that more help is needed. I let him know that I have X interviews setup. He repeatedly asked to join the interviews/let him conduct the interviews so that he could make sure we're not bringing on devs who are inexperienced. He asked multiple times. I said ok. We've interviewed candidates this week.
I got frustrated with him at some points because within 15min of simple coding snippet problems, you can tell if a candidate understands basics or not, so you can end the interview or continue. I repeatedly noticed him wanting to continue interviews when candidates would get easy questions wrong. I told him hey, let's move on to the next person if you feel like they don't know basic things. He would say no no let's just continue for the rest of the interview and see how they do. Obviously, none of those candidates were ones that he wanted to move forward yet we wasted 1 hour on each candidate.
End of the week comes and he's demanding (very rudely) to be sent a sum of money for conducting the interviews when we never discussed that at all. Here's what I sent him. AITA? For more context, last week he tried to bring on a friend of his to join the project. The friend wanted to get paid hourly instead of fixed rate. I gave the friend a very simple 1h task. He did not follow instructions and did not complete it for 3 days (obviously thinking he was going to milk the hourly arrangement). I fired the friend and let this guy know. Now, I feel the friend has tried to put a bug in his ear.
Here's what I sent:
Nirav, you can relax your tone. We never spoke about you getting paid for the interviews. I was under the impression you asked to do it because you wanted to vet the candidates that would be joining, understanding that you want to be with this long term and have a say in who might join long term. You know that I have a very strict budget to get this completed. I wish you were clear that you were expecting X for the interviews. If I had known that, I would've asked for the questions from you and just done all the interviews myself. Given that the expectations were not communicated, what now do you want to be paid for the interviews?
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2023.06.09 17:09 TypicalDesk6573 Best Vets for Reactive Dogs

Hi Astoria Pet Owners,
My pup is reactive and gets very stressed at our vet (Animal Clinic of Long Island City). While we appreciate that they always get us in during emergencies, the small office, animals roaming around, and general chaos make our visits always stressful. Plus, it's been a challenge to find a vet who will work with us on making the experience easier for our dog (getting a muzzle on, how we can best prepare her, etc).
Do any of you with reactive dogs have a neighborhood vet you recommend?
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2023.06.09 17:08 sleeping-pug Dog groomer

I have two pugs. They are the stereotypical don’t touch my toes pugs.
I’m looking for a groomer who isn’t in a super busy spot -so no vet clinic, doggy daycare or boarding places -that is used to unhappy pugs. We have had some very bad experiences, including a groomer who didn’t have a hold on him and he fell off the table, and a few who made them both bleed.
Our favourite groomer moved to BC and our next groomer retired. It takes a couple of visits for my girl to be less vocal and for my dude to not squirm as much.
Any suggestions? We are in the south end of Cambridge but I’m willing to drive within half an hour. Ugh.
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2023.06.09 17:07 TheSkullBoy101 Tarot card reading 🤍💀🕯️

Tarot card reading 🤍💀🕯️
Good morning ☀️ and blessings to everyone 💀🥀❤️ Hi I am Skull 💀 and I’m am also a devotee To La Santa Muerte for 2 years plus+ 🕯️🔮, I give very detailed and accurate tarot card readings if anyone is available.❤️ your readings with also be assisted with the help of La Santa Muerte 🥀! When I’m finished with your reading I will send a pictures of the cards that were pulled with your accurate information on why the card wall pulled and further more!!💀🕯️🃏
Dm if your interested in a reading! Happy Friday❤️🔮💀🌹
SkullBoys Tarot Reviews Below 👇❤️
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2023.06.09 17:07 cutmylifeintofleecez Can you please help me translate ?

Can you please help me translate ?
My babo is 88 and has dementia. She has forgotten English and I am trying to learn the language to care for her better. I found this letter on the farm in the back of a closet. Can you please help me read it?
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2023.06.09 17:06 Lopsided-Milk-8698 La mia amica in costume, quanto è troia?

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2023.06.09 17:06 andreroby2020 Post muto

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2023.06.09 17:06 Hstlknwlg How could I understand knowledges correctly to use it on practice?

When I study I think that I understood some things correctly, and then it turns out that this is not so. And it’s give some troubles bc when I understand some knowledges in incorrect way then I use it incorrectly on practice
For instance, when I read book “Make it Stick” I thought that I understood all techniques and started to implement them. And… This methods didn’t give me benefits. Later I read some reviews about this book from other people and understood that my interpretation was really bad. I start to use methods according to their implementations and woo a la, it works!
One more example. I am reading Donald Norman book The Design of Everyday Things right now. There is a term FEEDBACK and I interpreted it in my own way and was sure that my understanding is right and deep. So I started to use this on my design practice. But then I found out that I am wrong at 100%
So could I recognise when I interpret something incorrectly or could I understand something correctly in most cases? And how could i see that something is wrong on practice?
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2023.06.09 17:06 Dili8opk Naughty Sugar Baby,Dorian Del Isla La Sirena,Brazzers

Dorian Del Isla is looking for more than just arm candy with sexy sugar baby LaSirena69; he’s looking for the fuck of his life. Luckily for him, LaSirena69’s limo ride to his place—not to mention the vibrator she used while video chatting him—has her in the mood to satisfy all his needs. LaSirena69 sucks Dorian’s dick and rides it, before he takes his time pounding her wet pussy. Once she’s spent, Dorian lets her suck him off before cumming on her face!"
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2023.06.09 17:06 kayakhomeless Why is public transit so expensive though?

Why is public transit so expensive though?
Background: (this isn’t new)
“The Boring Company recently took a step forward in its goal of building a 2.7-mile proof-of-concept tunnel in Los Angeles, CA, with the City Council Public Works Committee exempting the tunneling startup from environmental review under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)” source
“The California Supreme Court ruled on July 27 that railroads owned by the state government are still subject to state environmental laws … While the California High Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA) was not a party to this lawsuit (Friends of the Eel River v. North Coast Railroad Authority), it has clear application to CHSRA, a state agency, and could cause significant delays in the state’s $64 billion high-speed rail project.” source
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2023.06.09 17:05 TheSkullBoy101 Tarot card reading ❤️🤍💀

Tarot card reading ❤️🤍💀
Good morning ☀️ and blessings to everyone 💀🥀❤️ Hi I am Skull 💀 and I’m am also a devotee To La Santa Muerte for 2 years plus+ 🕯️🔮, I give very detailed and accurate tarot card readings if anyone is available.❤️ your readings with also be assisted with the help of La Santa Muerte 🥀! When I’m finished with your reading I will send a pictures of the cards that were pulled with your accurate information on why the card wall pulled and further more!!💀🕯️🃏
Dm if your interested in a reading! Happy Friday❤️🔮💀🌹
SkullBoys Tarot Reviews Below 👇❤️
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2023.06.09 17:05 A_random_poster04 Shame I didn’t see her do it

Shame I didn’t see her do it
/uj I was thinking how I draw like a toddler, and some weird flow of thought later this happened.
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2023.06.09 17:05 nut_in_a_toaster Just got this second hand cheap with a working emblem code :) I got hella lucky

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2023.06.09 17:05 Select-Standard-3216 I viaggi dei giovani studenti squattrinati

E' una cosa che non sono mai riuscito a capire fino in fondo.
Ipotizziamo di essere studenti universitari che vivono a casa dei genitori con vitto e alloggio garantiti, siete anche flessibili sulle date del vostro viaggio e avete grande capacità di adattamento per quanto riguarda il cibo, la sistemazione etc.
Comprimendo al massimo tutte le spese, quanto possono venire a costare come minimo 3 giorni in una capitale Europea? 100 € se si sceglie una meta in est europa tipo Praga o Budapest?
A me sembrano lo stesso cifre molto importanti per uno studente in età adulta senza entrate proprie. Immagino che ci si possa arrivare a fronte di tanti sacrifici come chiudersi regolarmente in casa evitando le uscite con gli amici al pub o in discoteca e anche se a me piacerebbe molto poter viaggiare, non me la sentirei proprio di ibernarmi per periodo così lunghi e darmi poi alla pazza gioia per un weekend.
Guardando i miei coetanei che dovrebbero avere le stesse premesse non mi sembra di notare molti ragazzi disposti a sacrificarsi per poter viaggiare, hanno tutti una vita sociale regolarissima fatta di uscite in pizzeria - pub - discoteca - concerti e anche un guardaroba vario, cellulari moderni, auto abbastanza nuove etc ed in più riescono ad incastrare 3 o 4 viaggi l'anno, seppur fatti cercando di risparmiare il più possibile.
E sto parlando di gente normale, non di figli di laureati dottori ed avvocati.
Vedete anche voi queste dinamiche attorno a voi? C'è qualcuno che decide di viaggiare da studente "povero" sacrificando altre cose?
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2023.06.09 17:03 toxsid [Landlord-US-CA] First Eviction Notice Sent

Hello Everyone,
I retained an attorney in my area (LA County).
The tenant was served a 30 day notice to cure or quit for a few material breaches (not non-payment of rent) created by their team and they used a 3rd party process server to deliver. The notice was delivered and dated 05/29/23 and the tenant confirmed they received the notice.
A day later the tenant emailed me saying they are giving 30 days notice to vacate.
This month the tenant has not paid their rent for the month of June, so I asked the attorney what to do here. He says that I cannot accept rent from the tenant or it waives the notice.
So am I understanding correctly, a tenant that is served a 30 day notice basically gets to live rent free for the remaining time at the property? Something doesn't seem right about that, my feeling would be the tenant would still be on the hook for rent up until the date of expiration of the notice. After the notice date then I would not accept any rent.
Input would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
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2023.06.09 17:03 Saliboule Help to translate a personal poem for a Norwegian friend :)

Heissann :)
I hope you guys are doing well, I don't know much related to the Norwegian language (except that there are two versions haha), just a few words here and there like drom sott, flott and vaer sa snill.
Anyways, I wrote a funny poem in French for a fellow Norwegian and I thought it would be cute if I translated it and gave her the poem in her tongue's language.
I was hoping you could take a look at the Google translated version and tell me if it's correctly translated or if there's anything I could do to make it more organic or understandable to fluent speakers.
Thank you, guys, in advance, I really appreciate the time even the small remarks or corrections would help I don't really trust google translate but I don't really know any Norwegians out there so I'm desperate.

The translated Norwegian version :

Bio gjør du vil, vises godt den fjerde
lenge nok gått ubemerket av seg selv
Øye Beirut, tørst etter adrenalin
Minner om et visst opphold i Jordan

Leiesoldat, Expeditions of the Great Eiriksson
En stor ettertraktet språklig favoritt
En kiste av gull gjemmer seg begravd
Hvor som helst i verden ville Janna krysse

Hånd i hånd arret øyeblikk
Din fotograferte tunge ble avvist
Min tunge blir snart din
Gjør meg forsiktig og avstår

Tøm det stille havet, kommer og går
Spillet, en vakker luksus blir et behov
Spilt i nåtiden vår link, jeg kommer tilbake
Strukturerer meg selv, her er det endelig beduin

En stormblomst, min overdose
Og finner meg selv omgitt av roser
Grove walk, han bet
En slutt kommer nå

Står overfor paralleller
En måte å overvinne motsetninger på
Blant så mange andre duer
En oppdiktet meg faller på en av dere så

På grunn av bakgrunn, fru Roselund
Våre personer er bestanddeler, ved å låne
Din "du skal ha" er verdt tusen og en "de andre dine"
Og min første takk for livet det tilhører deg

The original French version :

Bio donnant envie, apparaît bien la quatrième
Assez longtemps passée inaperçue de lui-même
Œil Beyrouth, soif poussée d’adrénaline
Remémorant certain séjour en Jordanie

Mercenaire, expéditions du grand Eiriksson
Un grand coup de cœur linguistique recherché
Un coffre d’or se cache loin enterré
Partout dans le monde, Janna traverserait

Main dans la main moment cicatrisé
Ta langue photographiée rejetée
Ma langue devient bientôt la tienne
Me rendant prudent, je m’abstienne

Du vide la mer calme, des va-et-vient
Le jeu, un beau luxe devient un besoin
Joué au présent notre lien, je reviens
Me structurant, voilà enfin bédouin

Une fleur tempête, ma surdose
Et me retrouve entouré de roses
Promenade du bosquet, il mordait
Une fin s’annonce désormais

Me rendre face à des parallélismes
Un moyen de surmonter les antagonismes
Parmi tellement d’autres des colombes
Un moi fabriqué tombe sur un des toi donc

Dû aux antécédents, Madame Roselund
Nos personnes sont constituantes, par emprunts
Ton ‘tu auras’ vaut mille et une ‘les autres tiens’
Et mon premier merci à vie il t’appartient

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2023.06.09 17:02 Oniyoku My dog is sick and i cant handle it.

At first she just had a UTI, no big deal it happens with her breed. Then she started throwing up, again i was told by the Vet its a side effect of the UTI meds. Then she got really lethargic and stopped eating her kibble. I did everything im supposed to do. I spread out her water intake and made boiled chicken and rice and for a few days she ate but she started refusing her peanut butter...she loves peanut butter more then anything. I called the vet and they said it was a bad reaction to her meds. Shes a big dog who was already over weight and shes still drinking water. New meds were given and i was told shed be fine in a few days. Except she still wont eat which means i have to force feed her the pills. She cries and scurries and wont take them. After a long fight i got two doses down Yesterday and she seemed to really improve. This morning she happily took the pills in a pill pocket. she threw up the half digested pills in less then an hour. I gave her time and little water and tried everything to trick her into taking then. Then i saddled up to force her to take them. Im so scared to hurt her that she doesnt get the pills all the way in her mouth and just spits them out. After 10 mins of fighting i yelled at her "please just take them why wont you take them" and then i cried on the floor. She seemed so scared. Shes my first dog and i love her and i want to be a good dog dad but im so tired and frustrated and scared the vet is under reacting. I dont know what to do.
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2023.06.09 17:02 Silvermoon_15 Chinese girl spends 64k worth of her parents life savings on mobile games.

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2023.06.09 17:01 cholito997 BTP Valore. Chiusura record a 18 miliardi. È la migliore emissione di sempre da quando il MEF emette ai retail. 654.675 contratti registrati.

BTP Valore. Chiusura record a 18 miliardi. È la migliore emissione di sempre da quando il MEF emette ai retail. 654.675 contratti registrati.
Tassi confermati al 3,25% e 4% senza ritocchi al rialzo.
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