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2023.06.09 16:30 bigchungusamongus1 Pre approved for VA mortgage. First time homebuyer looking for something decent that will pass a VA inspection

I’m looking for a 2br house or condo for around $225,000. Is this attainable in a good area? I’m cool with having to do some repaiupgrades but right now I just want to focus on actually finding some areas to start looking. I have 4 months left on my apartment lease so I’ve got time. Any neighborhoods or zip code suggestions?
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2023.06.09 16:28 Mother_Leader Canadian moving to Perth in the New Year

I'm a 27 year old Canadian who will be moving to Perth in January with my partner to study medicine at UWA.
I'm really excited about moving to Perth. The climate, slower pace, nature, and lower cost of living (compared to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane) are a huge draw for us.
I was wondering if anyone could share insights into what to expect relocating to Perth?
Thanks in advance for the interview lool
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2023.06.09 16:27 16Sn Compact license background check

Hi, I’m planning on renewing my Ohio license to a compact license in a couple weeks. My question is that there are webcheck companies through the Ohio board of nursing website offering services for a nursing compact license covering 38states FBI + BCI fingering printing and background checks for $200, has anyone done this and had success in not needing to get fingerprinting done in each state they’ve travelled to? Would you recommend it over getting the regular BCI + FBI checks?
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2023.06.09 16:26 brittanyb00 Should my partner take new job offer but completely burn the bridge at his current job?

I'm mentally exhausted from talking through options with my husband, and he's really struggling on whether to take a position. He works in HR and unfortunately has made some moves that he regrets up until this point. So we need some unbiased opinions!
Current Role (for almost 3 years): Sr HR Generalist in TN. He recently got a pay bump to $75k/year.
New Role: HR Manager in southern VA. Pay would be $105k/year with $10k relocation reimbursement.
Important notes: 1) He isn't miserable in his current job but has been looking for opportunities due to feeling restless and bored. 2) We have a toddler and a teenager. 3) We would be moving away from said teen's father, but she's actually not that upset...but still... 4) We do not have a lot of family holding us in TN, and VA is closer to my best friend at least. 5) We do own our home and would need to sell. Rent would probably be ~$1k more a month than what we pay in mortgage.
Background: His current job is comfortable. He knows what to expect and likes the people he works with. This new position has a lot of unknowns since they have been doing a complete restructuring of their HR department BUT he did visit and liked the new team. He would have to put in more work, and it could be very challenging/rewarding, but there's always a risk when taking a new position. Now, he thought he was doing the right thing by giving his current job more than a 1 month notice (mistake #1). His boss immediately freaked, posted the job, and verbally offered it to someone else within 2 days - not even joking. Fast forward a week later, and my husband is anxious about whether things will continue without issues/background will cleanew job fears. He voices being scared and the irritation with his job being offered to someone else so quickly to his current boss. She gives him the option to actually stay but says he has to make a decision THAT day. So, I personally told him I would not stay b/c he was looking for a reason, but fully support whatever his decision is. He told her he would stay (possible mistake #2). The new job has countered that they would double relo, now $10k, and really want him to consider taking the job because he would be such a good fit.
Decision Help: He has until end of TODAY to tell the new job if he'll take it. If he does, he will then have to tell his boss, who he has already told he would stay, that he has changed his mind yet again. In doing that, he would have to immediately resign and any reference for this job would go out of the window. He partly doesn't want to deal with the emotional fallout either; he's had multiple people call and voice how excited they are that he's staying after all. We would need to figure out housing and logistics of moving. But he's struggling with the decision of not taking a job with growth since he has the opportunity. What to do?? And are there other things to consider? We've talked about this sooo much for the past 2 weeks; we've looked at every different angle and pros/cons of both. I'm just ready to have the decision made and be done.
Tl;dr Husband wants to take a higher title making more money but is afraid to ruin is reference and lose work/life balance. So, he's at a gridlock of not knowing what to do.

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2023.06.09 16:26 stormwolfdanger How does this sub feel about West Milwaukee?

My wife and I are on the search for a home and have been seeing some wonderful priced homes in the West Milwaukee area. We have lived on the east side for a long time renting and are now in the process of looking to buy. I'm not to familiar with the West Milwaukee area so looking for some expert Reddit opinions. I personally like the easy access to the highway and the home sizes with a little bit of yard.
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2023.06.09 16:26 Words_and_weapons Rental homes with lenient credit requirements

Does anyone know if there any rental homes or communities that rent to folks who have plenty of income but credit is not in great shape? Getting kind of desperate. We are currently in a 3 bedroom apartment but the rent is going up to $2700 a month. We would like a townhome or house for around $2000-$2250. Thanks!
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2023.06.09 16:26 ssendavocadosplss Can’t pay rent, can’t afford food, what am I supposed to do?

I’ve been paying all of my bill late for the last 6 months and I just keep getting father and farther behind. About two months ago, I needed to take out two payday loans to pay rent. And now every paycheck I get is $350 short to pay those off. I was supposed to get my tax refund last week but it’s nowhere to be found and that was going to help get me back on track. I’m lucky if I can afford to eat one meal a day. I have a really good job, making about $1,300 a paycheck, my rent is $985 but comes to about $1175 after utilities and since I’ve had to pay late every month, it’s $1375. I’m always $200 short and if they didn’t charge the late fee, I’d be to totally fine. My job is about an hour away by bus and I work about 40 hours a week. The hunger pains are starting to make it really hard to function day-to-day. I used to Doordash for grocery and gas money, but my car stopped working a few weeks ago. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. I’m looking around to see if I can rent a room in someone’s house, but I haven’t had much luck. If I don’t pay rent by the 15th, they’ll file for eviction. I don’t know what to do. I just need advice. I can’t get any other payday loan to pay rent, it’s just going to screw me over even more.
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2023.06.09 16:23 No-Nectarine806 [Tenant US-SC] Rental Company Giant Wants Near 4k on Move out

I am moving out of American homes 4 rent. Let me know if company name is not allowed here, and I will remove it, but I think it is pertinent since I read online they overcharge quite frequently and have a class action lawsuit against them. I acquired roaches here, and I called and paid for pest control prior to moving. The landlord claims the brand new appliances must all be trashed and replaced despite having no picture proof they’re infested with roaches. His proof was “there are eggs we can’t see”. I tried arguing it calmly but can’t get them to budge past the $300 they took off the original $3900. They also charged $575 cleaning fee when the pictures they took show the place is near spotless. They have 1 pic of a roach on a wall. That’s it for their roach evidence. Do I have to pay this? My security deposit is $2300, and I’m past wanting that back. I simply don’t have $1300 to give them. I’ve lived in NINE rentals and have always cleaned the same and gotten almost my full security deposit back. The $575 cleaning fee is for the worlds tiniest smudges on a wall here and there. This is my first time ever having roaches. Do I have to pay them? Will they take me to court? Should I get a lawyer? Small claims court?
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2023.06.09 16:22 lefthandsuzuki Removing Iron from Well Water

Hi folks, I'm trying to make drinking my home well water a more enjoyable experience. I rent, so investing in an RO system is not feasible. Just for fun, I'd like a DIY way to deal with this rather than an expensive off the shelf solution.
Like a lot of well water, mine is very high in dissolved iron and smells like rotten eggs. I bought a cheap aquarium air pump/bubbler and that does a great job stripping out the H2S and oxidizing the iron. However, the iron stays suspended in the water.
What's a cheap and food-safe way of encouraging the iron oxide to settle out of suspension?
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2023.06.09 16:20 GigaFluxx Last Month’s Rent Not In Line With Current Rent

So my Mom (75 years old) received a notice about the current value of her last months rent (LMR). It’s about $193 lower than her current monthly rate. By law, it should be 1:1.
The current owners (Briarlane) purchased the property in 2018. They’re saying the value of her LMR that they received when taking over was lower than what it should have been at the time, so the missing money is from the previous owner (unless they’re lying).
She never received any payments from the previous owner for the interest either.
That means the previous owner either never applied the interest to her LMR or at the very least miscommunicated her balance when transferring ownership.
So now the question is, who is responsible to resolve the missing money? Does she need to contact the previous owners and shake them down or is it the responsibility of the new owners to get their affairs in order?
Note: She just told me that the previous owner bought the property because the building used to be excluded from rent increase restrictions because of some odd reason (e.g. when the place was built) and would increase rents at whatever amount he wanted. The loophole was then closed so he sold the place.
If true, should the LMR have gone up in line with his randomly chosen amounts that he increased the rent by, or was he only required to apply the provincial rate to the LMR, making it now lower than her current rental amount?
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2023.06.09 16:19 rbizzle_10 If anyone has any experience with job/salary negotiation, I’d like some help.

So after applying for years, I’ve finally got some offers on the table. FWIW: I have 3 YoE in a 500 bed hospital going from bench tech > some sort of LIS work.
I’m being offered an LIS position in a much lower CoL area. I currently make ~110k in a HIGH CoL area and save most of that (15k rent/annual, no loans/debt). They already told me given my experience and CoL they won’t be able to offer anything competitive to my current salary “but the difference in CoL will be worth it” - My Ass.
I really like the position and if it was anywhere near my current residence I would take it in a heartbeat. How do I like ask them for a better offer? Lol if it was worth it financially then I wouldn’t have a problem relocating either but I’m just worried.
As you can tell this is my first time switching jobs/negotiating salary/etc. I’m expecting their offer next week sometime but I want to be prepared with a response.
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2023.06.09 16:19 Distinct-Fox1212 Finding Roommates

Hi! Anyone have any good spots to find a roommate? Or know someone who’s looking for a roommate? (I’m 28, F, and work in EMS) Or interested in renting together? I’ve tried roomies and roomster and stuff with no such luck. I can’t seem to find any Facebook specific groups for this for just the east valley/Gilbert area. Thank you!
Ps if interested I’m going to shamelessly plug myself here: Trying to get ahead of the game I suppose! 28 year old female. I work in healthcare. Currently renting a 3B/2BR home in San Tan Valley. 2 car garage, fenced in backyard with patio. Lease ends in October. Rent will be roughly $1,400 plus whatever split utilities.
However, totally open to finding someone to room with elsewhere! Particularly in the San Tan/Queen Creek/Gilbert area!
I’m gone a lot as I work 24 hour shifts and I’m also in school. What better roommate than one you barely see, right? Lol. I’m very quiet, neat and easy going. I have two years of rental history in the same home. I don’t smoke and I very seldom drink.
I’m LGBTQ+ friendly. In my free time, I like to read, collect records and kayak. I’m pretty nerdy. I love Harry Potter, Star Wars and the occasional videogame. I’m trying to get better about going to the gym. I’d like to find someone who’s low key and just a decent person honestly. I’d love to find someone who’s a friend, too.
I do have a dog, he won’t be there all the time. I’ll typically have him on my “weekends”. He’s the sweetest boy. A 2 year old shepherd mix. He does well with all dogs but particularly loves bigger dogs. He is kennel trained as well.
Let me know!:)
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2023.06.09 16:18 Background_4675 Cap de Formentor restrictions

Cap de Formentor restrictions
We will be arriving in Mallorca the 19th of June and are renting two scooters for our stay. We are planning to go to Cap de Formentor early in the morning, because we read "To avoid being fined, you will need to have left the area before 10 am*."*
Two questions:
  1. I've read cars are not allowed past 10am. What about scooters (125cc & 300cc)?
  2. What does "the area" mean? Where do the restrictions start? Looking at the attached picture, if we go up to point #12, where on the picture do we have to be before 10am in order not to get a fine?
Thanks! :)
Map Mallorca
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2023.06.09 16:18 bucketwithahat Subletting a lease in University Village!

Hey! I have a 2bed 2bath apartment in University Village that I am looking to sublet a 1bed 1bath unit of. It’s right near campus, has a private parking lot, a gym and all utilities are included in rent! It’s a great option for anyone who wants to stay near campus but not live in the dorms. Message me or comment for any details!
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2023.06.09 16:17 EmergencyDemand9839 In need of 2-person sublet!

Hey, I’m a student looking for a place to sublet for a summer internship in NYC. Looking to rent a space for two people (one room is fine) for about 8 weeks (mid-late June to mid-late August). Location preferably in the general NYU area and budget up to $2000 per month. Send me a dm or leave a comment if this works. Thanks!
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2023.06.09 16:16 VodkaBoiX Legal Advice for rented property

Hello I have moved into a private rented property in December and the heating system was not working. We had a electrician come have a look at it and he left the emergency heating on without our knowledge which charged us £1.50 an hour and racked up to £600 onto May when another electrician came and told us it was left on. I emailed property management and they said its up to the electrician to compensate us even though they're the ones who send him over. I already paid the debt off to the electrical supplier as it would impact the credit score negatively. However we were advised to seek compensation. How would I go about it if the electrician is uncooperative.
Some more information is that we received no information on how to use the system as well as many other issues with it The house is electric only.
Thank you for any information.
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2023.06.09 16:16 graciousonionthrowra Leaving in the middle of nursing program and moving home to become LVN.. thoughts?

Hello all, so (22F) I am in a tough situation. I got accepted to a university 800 miles away from home 2 years ago during covid and moved down here with some good friends from home. Well, when I moved it was during covid and i was locked in the house for a couple years before they allowed classes to go back in person. During that time, a lot of my friends including the ones I moved down with went back home. I was extremely depressed because I was lonely and literally knew no one. I ended up getting accepted into a nursing school separate from my university I moved down here for and have been going for a few months. There are 8 modules until graduation from the program and I am going into module 3.
I met my BF down here and his family and unfortunately, his mother is super mentally ill and has been very abusive to the both of us mentally and emotionally out of nowhere. Because of this I will probably be leaving my bf after a year (there’s a lot to it) of us being together. I’m afraid to do this because if we break up, I literally have nobody at all. All my friends moved, etc.. where i am is a very small town and i’m just afraid. (My bf hasn’t been abusive at all but he just isn’t ready to part from her, she is untreated bipolar and when we first got together me and her were very close and she saw that i’ve been here alone working while going to school to support myself and decided to pay a chunk of me and my boyfriends rent and we pay the difference. I agreed to her doing this after a long conversation with her and i trusted her. She goes into these episodes where completely unprovoked she’ll get extremely depressed or extremely angry and threaten to cut us off financially. I told my bf he should get a job and we’ll start paying our rent without her help so i don’t have to worry about being homeless in the middle of the semester. He said he can’t because of school… bs because i’ve done it.) If an emergency happens I have nobody. I’ve been extremely depressed because of the abuse i’ve suffered from my bfs family and the stress of being in nursing school with no support.. i just feel so alone. I’ve put on 100 pounds because i’m constantly stressed and just so depressed… I went and visited my hometown and family for two weeks and my family members were sick to see how i looked and just how depressed i am and my sister talked to me and told me to think about maybe moving back home and finishing in my hometown with all my family and friends. My mom is afraid I’ll have regrets but is also worried too since they’re so far away. Covid just really ruined my college experience.
I’ve looked at programs at home and there is an LVN program I can apply to and start next January at home. It is cheaper, and being at home I wouldn’t have to pay rent and save lots of money. I would get my rn while working as an lvn and in the future come back and get my bsn at the university i would be leaving. Id hate to leave my nursing program but I miss my family, Im lonely and depressed and being home for the two weeks was the best i've felt in a very very long time and I even lost some weight because i wasn't stress eating. My mother isn’t exactly on board with me moving home because she said everything i’ve done up to this point including moving here would be in vain even though i feel that it wouldn’t. I’ve been here for almost 3 years completely on my own, paying rent, bought my first car, got into nursing school. etc.. i’ve persevered my struggles the whole time i’ve been here. i’m just tired now and really need my family..
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2023.06.09 16:16 Flamingpotato100 What can we as normal people do to solve these absurd rents?

What can we as normal people do to solve these absurd rents?
From the perspective of a Floridian.
Housing in Florida in general is expensive but specifically south Florida has gotten out of control. It’s starting to get to California level of overpriced and greedy.
Ok I get it there’s a ton of people moving here and the state is growing which is generally a good thing. But if the lowest option for rent gets too much above the median income it will drive many people away from here. Nobody will be able to afford to be a service worker unless they live with their parents or jam packed into a bedroom with a bunch of other people.
We can fight politically. Would rent control be a decent option? I know here it’s been very controversial due to the landlord lobby. Increase wages? Organize a rent protest? Make it a big big issue come election time.
One of the biggest barriers to move in is the absurd up front costs now they require THREE months of rent upfront. It wasn’t like that before and it’s not like that anywhere else. Who has 10k to move in to an entry level rental? You’d have to save for a long time assuming you come out positive in cash at the end of each month making the median wage.
I saw a post on Miami where they talked about the fact that living here feels like you’re being mocked all the time for being poor. It’s all me me me. How can I show that I make money and all peasants below me could never. Wish there was more of a sense of community where people are down to meet, network, socialize, etc. But everyone just cares about posting their $50 brunch on Instagram to flex on the brokies.
How are abuelas and abuelos supposed to live here. People without the ability to move up in their careers. Soon a significant portion of those people are gonna have to go on section 8 to afford to stay here. And that’s taxpayer money going towards an issue caused by greed. I love this state I’ve been here my whole life and want to stay here but the future looks grim. We’re going to turn into California where people are renting RV’s parked on the street for $2000 a month unless we take action and demand a solution to this housing crisis.
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2023.06.09 16:12 Mother_Leader Canadian moving to Perth in New Year

I'm a 27 year old Canadian who will be moving to Perth in January with my partner to study medicine at UWA.
I'm really excited about moving to Perth. The climate, slower pace, nature, and lower cost of living (compared to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane) are a huge draw for us.
I was wondering if anyone could share insights into what to expect relocating to Perth?
Thanks in advance for the interview lool
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2023.06.09 16:12 girlycharms From September 1933 to July 1934, Indiana-born John Dillinger and his violent gang terrorized the Midwest killing ten people, wounding seven, robbing banks and police arsenals, and staging three jailbreaks, killing a sheriff in one and wounding two guards in another.

From September 1933 to July 1934, Indiana-born John Dillinger and his violent gang terrorized the Midwest killing ten people, wounding seven, robbing banks and police arsenals, and staging three jailbreaks, killing a sheriff in one and wounding two guards in another. submitted by girlycharms to OldSchoolCool [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 16:10 dbgnihd Having trouble deciding between locations

Hi! For context, I am a 22 year old university student and I am about to graduate and begin my first ever proper job in Spain teaching English. My university degree is Spanish, Catalan and Japanese. I took a year out last year to study abroad in Barcelona and Tokyo.
I have received three job offers from three different companies: one in Madrid and two in Girona, Catalonia. It was pure coincidence that I received two offers for Girona as I only had preference over region (I chose Catalonia).
I originally wanted to live in Barcelona again, but it is hard to find work there, the rent is high and my girlfriend who lives there broke up with me. I then decided that I wanted to try other places and then got offered Madrid. Weeks later, I received offers for Girona, which is roughly an hour away from Barcelona by train.
All three jobs are very similar but with a few crucial differences: Madrid pays more (around 1000€, Girona pays 800-850€), two of the jobs are in private schools and in Madrid it'll be much harder to practice Catalan.
I cannot find too many places to rent in Girona, however there are many in Madrid. I feel bad that I have the opportunity to keep learning both Catalan and Spanish in Girona, but I feel it will be more realistic to move to Madrid. I would have an agent to help me move to Girona and find a place (ideally for myself).
I feel bad because Girona would be closer to the experience I had in Barcelona.
I also need to add that I am able to study Catalan (and Japanese) in Madrid in language schools, however it wouldn't be the same as using it every day in Girona.
The situation at the moment is: I have been accepted into Madrid, on the condition that I get an appointment for my visa (I am nearly done with getting documents, I need them to book an appointment). I also have been given an offer by one company in Girona and awaiting confirmation with the other.
I really don't know what to do, I like both places and both schools sound really nice. I am torn between where to choose.
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2023.06.09 16:08 supersoakergalaxy 20F and 19M in love and in a rough situation. What should I do? or we?

Hi everyone, I am(20) in desperate need of advice. Last year I met this guy (19) who seemed to be great, I mean off the bat the chemistry was amazing. Unfortunately how we met had little to nothing to do with morale. He did have a girlfriend at the time but they were long distance and on the brink of separation. I also had a partner but this was a domestic violence relationship hard to escape from. Yeah I know how it goes, you lose them how you get them blah blah blah. So we made the decision to seperate from our previous partners because we discussed and made it clear we had grown more and more attracted to each other on the daily basis. I mean with every conversation, touch, quality time, dance and exchange, it was like there was just this irresistible force between us that couldn’t be broken. Not too long after we were beginning to establish the seriousness of our relationship, he had to move to New York with his father to get his life back together and get on his feet. I let him know that I am not into long distance relationships and while he’s up there he could do his thing, since we’re both young and still foolish. For about 8 months he stayed gone and as soon as he came back, I was the first person he came to see. It was almost like he was back like he never left and the chemistry remained the same. After a few weeks arguments were being had because I was going through a rough time and I felt like he wasn’t there like I felt he needed to be. To be fair, we both have strict parents and jobs to work so the was rarely time for us to talk about my issues, but he did the best he could with our schedules. Little did I know, he was going through a rough patch at home as well, he just wasn’t willing to communicate the way I would about his living situation because of his pride. His mother kicked him out and now he lives with a random girl from tinder. He’s sleeping with her and helping pay her rent and he’s let me know he’s not in love with her. Recently she found our chats in one of his phones and was upset, but she didn’t kick him out. I didn’t want him on the streets so I just didn’t say anything plus I don’t know her and I don’t want to bust her bubble because I don’t like mess. He is staying there until he gets back on his feet and gets his own place but for now that’s the situation he’s in. I am somewhat okay with it because I’m about to go into the military but in the other hand I just don’t feel like he needs to live like that if he’d just learn to communicate with the people around him. I only wish for him to confide in me as I did him but it’s something about his pride that just won’t let him. I really need advice because I love this man with my heart and I want better for him, but at the same time I want to know if this is a waste of time. I don’t want to move onto somebody and easter their time when I know I’m not over him. We are just two young adults in love trying to figure it out step by step. I wish I would have heard him out more when he told me about his mother (who is Jamaican by the way) She was taking all of his money that he earned himself, showing up to his jobs and taking his phone, constantly yelling about things that were already done. Just a lot of bad energy from her and he’d always remain respectful to her. I understand he needed to get out but I just don’t think it was the right way.
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