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2023.01.11 23:30 Swanx22 The biggest issue surrounding SMG4 and why it's a problem.

It's been obvious that Luke has been relying on Mario to get on the algorithm, so many videos have been changed to having "Mario" in the title and even having to cut a character out to put Mario in the thumbnail. It's been happening since 2022 and kept growing as a problem. For example, Revelations. The many hours and effort put into Revelations....Was only to get slowed down with the algorithm, it never beat the amount of views of videos like "Mario Plays Roblox" or "Mario Reacts To Memes 4" and all of that work put into Revelations was for nothing. And another case of this is "KS-2 Saikosis" which took FIVE MONTHS to even get one million views, that took longer than the Main SMG4 episodes just to even get one million views. Since then, we probably won't get another music video like Saikosis unless it's on the GLITCH channel. The MDT series only existed to gain the ability to stay on the algorithm, the algorithm liked that shit, but now MDT has screwed them over, Luke and the team have been desperately trying to stay in track with the algorithm by cutting characters out of thumbnails and end up having Mario in EVERY thumbnail, EVERY title and video. It's why we haven't gotten spin-offs since the story time series, it's why even if R64 and GNR got a name change they would still be behind on the algorithm. Mario IS the money maker, he's what's bringing in viewers, it's why they left the other Mario characters alone......
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