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2023.06.09 17:07 Expensive-Ad762 Shop L.O.L Surprise!, Rainbow High, NaNaNa Surprise and More Not Found In Stores. Grab These Exclusives Only Found on!

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2023.06.09 17:07 mazethemaze Luxury experience in Europe

I think I am going to purchase my first luxury bag later this year on a trip to Europe! Can anyone speak on their experience shopping at Gucci or Celine in Paris, Rome, and/or Milan? I am fairly certain I will go for one of those designers, but if there is another place worth checking out for the experience I would love to know that too!
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2023.06.09 17:07 PristineAbrocoma9032 🇲🇽 Mega-thread: Insider Travel Hacks for an Unforgettable Journey to Mexico 🇲🇽

  1. Leverage Off-Peak Travel 📅 Consider visiting Mexico during off-peak seasons. Not only will you dodge crowded tourist spots, but also save on flights and accommodation. The months of May and June are often less crowded and still offer great weather.
  2. Take Local Transport 🚌 Public transportation in Mexico is reliable and affordable. Collectivos (shared vans) and Camiones (buses) offer a real Mexican experience while saving you some cash!
  3. Always visit a Local Markets 🛍️ Mexico is famous for its bustling markets. Find unique souvenirs, handcrafts, and delicious street food at a fraction of the price compared to touristy shops. Mercado Benito Juarez in Oaxaca and Mercado 28 in Cancun are worth exploring.
  4. Learn Basic Spanish 🗣️ Knowing a bit of Spanish goes a long way in Mexico. Not everyone speaks English, especially in rural areas. Simple phrases like "¿Cuánto cuesta?" (How much does it cost?) or "¿Dónde está el baño?" (Where is the bathroom?) can prove very helpful.
  5. Use the "Mexico" App 📲 Download the "Mexico" app. This official travel app gives you access to up-to-date information about places of interest, accommodations, restaurants, and local events.
  6. Eat Street Food 🌮 Mexican cuisine is a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. Tacos, tamales, and churros from local street vendors are must-tries. Just ensure to choose vendors that are busy with locals; they're busy for a reason!
  7. Travel Insurance is Key 📑 It's crucial to have a travel insurance policy that covers medical emergencies, theft, and trip cancellations. Hospitals in Mexico can be pricey, and having insurance can give you peace of mind.
  8. Cash is King 💸 In many places in Mexico, cash is preferred over credit cards. Always carry some Mexican Pesos for local markets, street food, or small establishments.
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2023.06.09 17:07 simplymagik About Disneyland Sweatshirt - Simply Magik

Disneyland Sweatshirts are the perfect way to bring the magic of the happiest place on earth into your wardrobe, offering cozy comfort and stylish designs that feature iconic Disneyland imagery and beloved characters. Whether you're strolling down Main Street or reminiscing about your favorite Disney memories, these sweatshirts allow you to showcase your love for Disneyland in fashionable and comfortable style.
Read here:
See more here:
#simplymagik #clothing #tshirt #disney #customize #gifts #winniethepoohshirts
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2023.06.09 17:07 paralied Reddit removing 3rd party apps and how it effects Superstonk

Long time lurker, first time caller. Just for reference, I have been watching since before the sneeze, and my holdings are in my name, and none of this is financial advice.
I was thinking about the timing coincidence of reddit deciding to remove 3rd party browsing apps and everything going on here on the subreddit. I, and many others, browse reddit exclusively on my phone via a 3rd party app. By them removing these 3rd parties, people are (or will be) leaving reddit in droves saying "it's not worth dealing with the bullshit of using their company app." I've seen several posts about deleting their accounts all together and never returning, and as someone who's been here for over a decade, I kind of agree.
People are speculating on other subreddits that Reddit themselves are agreeing to close their main subreddits for 2 days, to make it appear as if they tried to do something about it, but in the end, nothing else could be done, only to move forward with their poor decision once people feel they "tried to do something about it".
What does any of that have to do with Superstonk? Well, up front, it would reduce the number of people like myself who browse the subreddit every day for entertainment/status of various things. Additionally, it makes it harder for people to find our little subreddit to educate themselves.
Putting my tinfoil hat on; if I was a large shithouse on wall street who has been getting pummeled by retail investors who were all sharing memes amongst each other, and having a good time destroying my corporation and my bottom line, I would do everything in my power to break up that little group. What's the cheaper cost of doing business? Paying what I owe, or spending a couple million incentivizing Reddit to cut ties with the peoples methods of accessing said meme group?
I don't know, I'm not a financial advisor, none of this is financial advice. As you can tell by the fact that I can't seem to write down my complete thoughts, I'm fully regarded, but I'm having a good time here and I love you all
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2023.06.09 17:07 MLG420Swag69 Could use some thought on this, its been a while

I haven't been getting call backs, wondering what I can improve?
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2023.06.09 17:06 0Yggdrasil0 There is a nodestone shop on guild castle

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2023.06.09 17:06 Mateussf [Other] The Malays, Meritocracy And Mahathir's Legacy

Published on the Wall Street Journal
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2023.06.09 17:06 A15-A Can't find ICC profile for S28BG70

I'm looking to buy a G70B 28" but i can't find an ICC profile for it online, I did search on TFT Centeral but no luck, there are also no shops nearby that rent out color calibrators. does anyone have an ICC profile or recommended settings for this monitor?
I was going to post this on monitors but I don't know if this would be against their rules or not.
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2023.06.09 17:06 mR-gray42 I Run A Shop That Buys And Sells Bizarre Items-Part Four

Previous Part
Well, things have officially gotten batshit.
When I called Mr. A and told him about the Vagrant’s actions, I could almost hear him go pale. Obviously, he had hoped this would never happen. He told me to say a certain phrase aloud: “Closed for Maintenance.” Just like that, the entire shop shifted. The glass door was covered with an enormous slab of some bizarre material that looked almost like obsidian, and come to think of it, looked an awful lot like a solid form of whatever the Vagrant’s skin was covered with. The same thing happened to the windows, and the lights in the shop turned on automatically. Finally, the warehouse door was sealed by one of the slabs.
There was no doubt in my mind that Mr. A had hoped and prayed this would never happen, but he always expected that it would. Despite his obvious fear, he managed to keep enough composure to tell me that these slabs were created from material taken from one of the Vagrant’s earlier intrusions. Using it, he had been able to create a full system that would drive the creature out. Then he told me with some hesitation that it was time for me to meet “Them.” Now, this was the first time he had decided to give them an actual name. According to him, they were called “the Proprietor.” Despite their innocent-sounding name, I had the sense that I had to be on my guard when it came to dealing with them, something Mr. A confirmed. “You’ve dealt with eldritch things before, lad, but trust me when I tell ya, this bloke’s on a different level. I can’t stress these instructions enough, lad: don’t ask them anythin’. Just listen, then wait until they’ve finished speaking. They’ll know why you’re there, and they’ll give ya answers, but they won’t be comfortin’.”
Well, I got what Mr. A was talking about after he had given me the instructions on opening a door to the Proprietor’s world. I’m not allowed to disclose how I made it appear, but a door that the shop previously didn't have appeared behind me. On it was a sign that read, “Proprietor’s Office. Staff Only. Violators Will Be Terminated.” A faint droning noise emanated from the other side. Cerberus gave a small whine, and I just pet his head and smiled reassuringly, though I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t feeling nervous as well. I slowly placed my hand on the doorknob, then turned and opened it.
How do I best describe what I experienced there? I think the best word I can use is, “contradiction.” Imagine an infinitely large room with no color, yet somehow brighter than the Sun. The droning noise I heard from the other side of the door continued, but it was joined by a deafening screech.
Then the noise changed to words. I could hear them suddenly speaking in my head. It pierced my mind, speaking in nonsensical phrases that I could somehow comprehend. They had no voice and every voice. Like I said, “contradiction.” Bear in mind, the speech of this being is similar in structure to the Pr’mAtrian. Same as them, the Proprietor seems to be unable to translate their words into fully comprehensible human language so this is the best I can do. The following is the best translation I can provide.
You/Manager entered/were invited here to understand/know how to kill/evict Vagrant/Vandal and protect Investment/Property/Shop. We/the Proprietor know/remember It/Vagrant. It/Vagrant is/isn’t. Vagrant/Vandal was/is created from nothing/Void. It/Vagrant is/isn’t happy/angry/hates Us/You/Everyone for Existing/Being/Living. Vagrant/Vandal wants to Deface/Break/Kill You/Us/Everything for Having Form/Life. Use/Fire Gun/Tool. Not Easy/Simple. Gun/Tool useful against Living/Undead/Existent People/Folks. Vagrant/Vandal does/doesn’t exist/live. Kill/Break Living/Physical Prison/Form/Jar and put Nothing-Vagrant in Prison/Form/Jar. Bring/Deliver Jar to Us/the Proprietor. That is all/Thank you/Back to work.
This is all approximate; I have a clearer picture of what I need to do in my head. So basically, I need to kill the physical form of this thing, then seal it in something that they gave me. It looks like a puzzle box (if Hellraiser comes to mind, I don’t blame you; I thought the same.) Why they didn’t do this for previous owners is beyond me. I reported back to Mr. A, and he was as surprised as I was. Still, he told me to keep the gun and box close at hand. Strange as the Proprietor was, I found myself trusting it. I had the impression that if it saw me as a tool or puppet, it could have easily taken over my mind, used me to kill the Vagrant rather than instructing me how to.
I have a feeling that things are really coming to a head soon, though. Just two hours ago, I got a call. Before I could answer, an enraged voice snarled, “You spoke to them, didn't you, you little shit?! I couldn't sense you for hours! I was starting to think you’d gotten so scared you decided to finish the job yourself! What did they tell you?!”
I stayed quiet, instinctively reaching for the gun. ”What. Did. They. Tell. You?!” it demanded again through clenched teeth, all arrogance and mockery gone. Still I said nothing. It shrieked, “Damn it, tell me or I’m going to carve you into tiny pieces and make your dog fucking eat them!” “You sound scared,” I replied coldly and with a hint of mockery of my own. There was silence on the other end. Then my right ear erupted in pain as the Vagrant screeched furiously. I dropped the phone and fell, clutching my ear which was ringing with tinnitus. Cerberus rushed to my side and began nudging me. Once the pain began to subside the sound of high, deranged laughter sounded from the phone’s speakers. Then I heard a sound that chilled my blood more than this sadistic creature’s laughter, something that made all three of Cerberus's heads begin barking and growling. It was sealed up, but I could hear it all the same.
It began knocking from inside the warehouse where I first saw it, all while the phone kept broadcasting its laughter.
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2023.06.09 17:05 PennyForThePoor How do I tell my partner they need to pull their own weight around the house?

Background info: We've (27F and 28M) been together 5 years, and married for 3 years. No kids and no plans for them, but we have 1 dog that I brought to the relationship (and I care for the majority of the time). We both work full time. We have similar commutes (theirs is ~10 mins longer each way), but I am able to telework 1-2 days/week, depending on what I have going on. We each deposit 40% of our paychecks into a joint account for household bills, the other 60% goes into our personal accounts.
Since we got married and both started working full time, I've found myself taking on more and more of the household duties. Now it feels like I'm the one that is doing all the work for our shared life. I plan and cook all the meals (sometimes, partner will say "X" sounds good). I also do the majority of lawncare, laundry, and housecleaning. I am also responsible for taking out the trash, including cleaning bad food out of the fridge.
A typical day goes like this: we wake up at the same time. Partner starts getting ready for work; I let the dog out and start cooking breakfast for us. Partner leaves for work; I rush to get ready for my job. We both work 8 hours (which ends up being 8.5 hrs for me and 9 hrs for them because their work requires 1 hour lunch break). I get home ~30 mins before my partner, so I start preparing dinner (note: I almost always cook from scratch; these are not frozen, pre-made meals). After we eat dinner, my partner will go sit on the couch and watch TV to unwind/decompress while I put away leftovers, including putting portions away for lunches, and clean up the kitchen. What happens after that depends on the day. Sometimes I will mow the lawn, other times I will clean around the house or start laundry. It feels extra maddening because they have the energy to chat on the phone with family and shop online (which creates a lot of trash from the boxes and packaging that I usually end up having to breakdown and throw away or else the rubbish just accumulates in piles around the house).
On the off chance I convince my partner to help, they complain and blame me when it's a difficult task or if they can't find the right supplies.
Overall, I feel extremely burnt out and more like a caretaker than a partner in an adult relationship. It's very sad to me because early in our relationship, I felt like they were eager to show me love in the ways I enjoy (i.e., thoughtful gifts and quality time). Now I don't really get either of those. I feel lucky to get a genuine thank you.
I am expected to sacrifice and sacrifice, but there's a stunning lack of reciprocity. Maybe I just grew up in a household where we all pitched in to help one another, so the concept of asking someone to carry their weight feels odd. I'm not sure how to approach the conversation. To make matters worse, a few weeks ago they basically told me they were disappointed in our sex life and I don't "excite" them anymore. While they didn't want to divorce based on that, they said they were "grieving" something they didn't realize they would have to miss out on in a relationship with their life partner.
TL;DR my partner has stopped contributing to household duties without being told to help and said they are unhappy with our sex life. I am getting very burnt out, sad, and self esteem is in the gutter. Would I be wrong to issue an ultimatum that they either help me or I won't be cooking/cleaning for them anymore?
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2023.06.09 17:05 cuts-too-nice ULPT: How can I fuck over the person who was in a small fender bender who went behind my back to insurance after agreeing to be resolved in cash?

My mother got into a small fender bender where the rear bumper diffuser of the other car got unclipped from its location, the guy was pissed and berated her, but she quickly got me on the phone and I was able to calm the guy down. We agreed that we wouldn’t go through insurance and even waived off the police report. 3 weeks passed and I haven’t heard from him and when I reach out he tells me he reported to the insurance because his rear wheels were “heating up” and supposedly the body shop told him it will be too expensive to fix out of pocket.
This seems like a lie to me knowing what happened to his car and I feel as if he’s just trying to make his car worse so he can get a bigger check from insurance and have the body shop slide him some cash on the side.
With there being no police report, how can I fuck this guy over through insurance ?
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2023.06.09 17:05 ricardasio Why doesn't mine look like that?!?!!

Why doesn't mine look like that?!?!!
Kharacters looks like Fifa players and anyone shows signs of accumulative damage. That was already on MK9.
Street Fighter 6: RE Engine Tekken 8: Unreal Engine 5 MK1: Unreal Engine 3
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2023.06.09 17:05 talkk_sickk Spotted in Bandra

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2023.06.09 17:05 Major-Albatross8922 AITA for telling her she better not embarrass me in front of my family?

My GF and I (both 25- together 2 years) just graduated college and we went back to my families farm out of state because they wanted to celebrate our graduation and we wanted to house shop anyhow. GF has met my parents multiple times but hasn't met anyone else in the family and everyone was going to be here. We were given the downstairs guest bedroom. I guess this was an eye opener for me as to how my GF is. I already knew she wasn't big on crowds but I didn't expect it to go like this.
So, my family is semi-large I guess. I have 4 siblings. They all have kids. I then have my 3 aunts and 2 uncles and their significant others. And there are 2 family friends here. One is my sister's best friend and the other is a mTf transgender "Jackie" that I've known since LONG before her transition (back when she was married to her wife/mother of her children). I've noticed that most of my GFs issue is with Jackie. Not for any other reason aside from her being extremely invasive and will follow you around engaging you in 20 different conversations at once and doesn't exactly know boundaries. She just never, ever stops talking honestly. And between her and the family dogs, my GF is becoming like.. pissed almost.
So basically every morning when we wake up (being woken up by the dogs because the door is busted and they come in the room to jump on us at 5-6am) we will go out to get coffee and Jackie immediately corners my GF to engage her in conversation. To a point where my GF has been looking at me in the morning and saying "get the fucking dogs out of here" and if I asked if she wants coffee, it's a "I'd rather not be ear r*ped as soon as I wake up, thanks". And now, whenever Jackie comes near us or to our doorway to talk, my GF has been "checking out" and refuses to even look at Jackie. She will turn the other way, for instance. It's embarrassing. We are only here a few more days so I told her "you better not embarrass me. Please suck it the fuck up for 3 more days". She immediately snapped at me and told me that she's put up with this "BS" for over a week and when we get back home she's considering leaving because "she can't be with someone with a family so fucking invasive. Who tf talks someone's ear off from 6am to 11pm every fucking night?". She also went off about the disrespect because they don't even try to prevent the dogs from waking us up. They laugh it off. So I said "Do what you want but don't fucking embarrass me when we are here." She's been taking off during the day and won't answer my calls/texts.
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2023.06.09 17:04 Paddy-23 What food (or drink) do you love to get while travelling that you can’t get at home?

I love the bread and baked goods in Germany. Good bakeries in the UK are few and far between, in Germany they’re almost on every street corner.
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2023.06.09 17:04 dan7843292 ups luxembourg woes

I don't like to vent but....
ups is getting on my nerves.
i ordered a part for my bike, since i am not home i asked it to be delivered to a ups collection point near my workplace.
this is where thing start to go wrong. the delivery keeps being refused by the ups access point. it is a small shop in rue de bonnevoie. So i went there and asked why? since is a tiny piece. it turns out they are kind of new access point and have not been brought or given a scanner. so they cannot receive the packages but the delivery man keeps going there and the status of the parcel keeps being' receiver did not want the packet'.
I called this morning and they said they would redirect my parcel to an other collection point but it did not happen. and again today the status of the parcel was updated as delivery refused.
I have been trying for 3 hours to contact ups again but the phone are not responding. they ought to be open until 6pm.
I am perplex that ups keeps going to the same delivery place knowing from the history of the parcel that the delivery there would be impossible. and even more they don't pick up the phone during work hours. sunny weather they all decide to go to a terras or something???
i don't know what to do...

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2023.06.09 17:04 dangerouskaos 🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ Massive Notion Database! 🗄️

Happy Pride Month 🏳️‍🌈!! We all know Pride is year-round, so I made a super massive, inclusive as possible, LGBTQ Notion Database! It's chockfull of Non-Binary items since that's where I fall on the spectrum (in addition to other letters I identify with). Every June it will be free! Get a copy for yourself here! I have been slaving over this for a while now and tried to get it ready for celebrating of Pride Month! I have tried to add as much people's shops and etc from here to it to help get the word out, so if you want to be added, just post below and I'll add your shop, book, game, whatever to make this a one stop shop. If you want to learn more about how to use it, you can check out my YouTube video here! Much love 🩷❤️🧡💛💚🩵💙💜🖤🩶🤎
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2023.06.09 17:03 Additional-Fly-705 Melton’s Misadventure / Backstory of my colony leader

My previous colony leader, Sassafras, was a lazy introvert and hated doing her job. She was tired of wardening, recruiting and proselytising; jobs that a colony leader should do. She’d rather tend to the farm instead. One day, she was bartering with a morph trader (from Pawnmorpher) and came across Melton. Melton had a natural passion in the social skill and was level 8 in it. Compared to Sassafras’ measly level 5 social, Melton was a smooth-talker. However, Melton was a sapient dodo bird. Sassafras then shrugged and muttered “Good enough” before purchasing Melton for just 49 silver and immediately installing him as the leader of the colony.
Melton was overjoyed. Not only he was emancipated, he became leader of a colony. Even though he was barely a foot tall, everybody trusted the new leader in the matters of the colony. Some are even relieved that Sassafras the slacker resigned as leader. Melton quickly made friends with another colonist, Timur, who was a celebrity chef turned sheep. Timur found comfort in the fact that he wasn’t the only person afflicted by morphing mechanites. He had owned a famous restaurant in a Glitterworld and was very strict with his employees. After humiliating his employees over lamb sauce, one of them spiked his coffee with mechanites. Timur wasn’t the same ever since.
Melton offered his condolences to his friend. Yet, he has a confession to make: his transformation was of his own accord. He was kidnapped as a child, then sold to a lab. The lab implanted a Highmate xenogerm onto Melton and forced him into a growth vat. His body was then pumped full of synthetic growth hormones. At the biological age of 16, he was released from the growth vat to be sold into sex slavery. But then Melton decided to run from the thugs cuffing him and found himself a syringe. He decided that whatever is in that syringe is preferable to being a concubine. He thrusted the needle onto his blue arm and transformed into a dodo. The thugs soon found him and sold him to an exotic pet shop. Apparently, dodo birds are worth more than Highmates. Not long after, an aristocrat purchased Melton solely because he could talk. Melton spent the rest of his days lounging in his master’s mansion, feasting on fresh fruits and entertaining his master’s guests. His life was idyllic and peaceful, until his master was assassinated right before him.
The police found him at cowering at the crime scene. Upon discovering his sapience, he was set to testify in court regarding the murder of his owner. Unfortunately, he was kidnapped and sent to a morph colony in a Rimworld, never to be seen again.
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2023.06.09 17:03 FrenchRapRlzBot I.K – Rêves de rue 2.0

I.K – Rêves de rue 2.0
Tracklist :
1- Street vérité
2- Ya R
3- À long terme
4- La récidive
5- Trahison feat Le Rat Luciano
6- Rêves de rue 2.0
7- Mauvais
8- Chef des armées
9- Embourgeoisé
10- Mes pensées feat MEYY
11- La vie en rose
12- Mon bénéf
13- C’est la Rue feat Couli B
14- Arthena
15- Ça va ! feat Brvbus
16- Freego
17- Sale
18- Comment on fait

Streaming :
Apple Music
Youtube Music
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2023.06.09 17:03 BottomShelfVodka More debt.

[September 2013]
We knew we didn't have it all figured out, we just didn't have a reason to care, yet. God, we wish we had cared just a little. We should have set up a savings account. We should not have gone on shopping sprees or out to eat so many times. We set ourselves up for failure, and everything was quickly spiraling out of hand.
We didn't have the money to fix the fucking window. Where were we going to find the funds to cover transfer fees and all the other additional moving costs? My mom wouldn't have had any money to spare, and we were too ashamed to tell Devon's parents we were getting kicked out. We had to do this on our own.
We had already maxed out the credit card that I should have had no business with in the first place. We still owed the bank quite a few thousand for the vehicle that we had to take an additional line of credit out on in order to cover the costs of repairs. We had never missed a bill payment, and although our credit was decent, our debt-to-income ratio was garbage. No bank would be dumb enough to lend these two idiot kids another goddamn dime.
With too much pride to admit defeat, we left ourselves with no parental guidance on what to do next. They already had their doubts in our marriage, I didn't want to solidify those suspicions by confessing that we were, in fact, in over our heads. We didn't have to be in over our heads either; we were making good enough money. Reckless behavior and impulsive spending is what got us here. We did this to ourselves. This was our fault.
There was only one option left. I had to borrow against my school loans.
As I mentioned before, the military was willing to cover 50% of my college tuition since I was only active duty for less than a year. There were additional, optional, loans available to me that I had never accepted. These loans were meant to cover book fees and school supplies, but instead, they were going to help us get into a new living situation. The best part was, we didn't need to concern ourselves about repayment for those additional loans, or the other 50% of my tuition that wasn't covered, until 6 months after I was no longer considered a "full time student." I was sure we'd have our finances in line before I graduated college, but for now, we just needed to find a fucking place to live.
Fortunately for us, we were smack dab inbetween two large military bases. This meant that the area was full of temporary people; military personnel are constantly relocating. Also, fortunately for us, most landlords didn't require active duty personnel to jump through too many hoops to be approved for housing. Renting to active duty personnel was usually always a safe bet since active duty receives consistent, guaranteed income. A landlord also knew that the military would garnish a member's paycheck if said member didn't pay a debt.
Within two days, I found a house for rent. I called the agent on the sign in the yard and scheduled a walkthrough. She was able to meet Devon and I at the house that same evening. She didn't ask for references or living history, thankfully. She just wanted 2 month's rent to kick off the lease, and the house would be ours. Deal.
Thank god for loans.
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2023.06.09 17:03 Bellbaby1234 Healing places to go…suggestions?

I have always supported and thought the WGTOW would be my community. I’d been on my own for six years alone. I met a man a year ago and it was a whirlwind romance. He moved into my house. But he was a convert narcissistic alcoholic. I’ve been floored by the things I learned this week. My heart is broken. I need help to get over him and re-center myself.
I’m on my own with 3 children plus an adopted child. No family. People tell me turn into the kids and they should be your main focus. But quite frankly, it’s not. I need to focus on me. I love my children. But if I did it over again, I would not have children, that’s a fact I can’t change. My job is to raise successful adults. Not coddle or rely on my children. I’ll admit my youngest, almost seven year old is the one I’m closest with.
It is not resentment. I am not jaded. I just see men and the dating world for what it is. I want no part of it. Traditional values are gone. This world is not for me. I am a young, relatively attractive, educated, intelligent, well employed and have secure assets with retirement already paid for.
I need to recommit myself to the wgtow lifestyle. But I need to get stronger first. That is my problem and what I need help with. I need to find peace.
In the last few days, I did a two day cpr course to occupy my mind. I spent a day at a healing garden at a local botanical garden enjoying the gardens. I sat in a coffee shop and just enjoyed doing my crossword in my newspaper. As I’m typing this, I’m relaxing in my local library. But I need help finding other things to do to occupy my time and mind and space until some time passes. My goal is to get to the “Time heals all wounds” point. Any suggestions on what to do to occupy my time?
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