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2023.06.09 16:50 amosonczy Guild Community News #3

Guild Community News #3

Hey Guilders!

This is our third Community News piece jam-packed with happy little news, it arrived a little later than usual because the team was off-site the last week but it is here nonetheless!

New hot communities joining Guilds of Guild:

We’re welcoming Hashflow to the Guild of Guilds, they’re a decentralized exchange, Utilizing Guild for their social growth and identifying token holders and stakers in the community. Since our "purchase requirement” feature is enabled on this Guild, we have the option to purchase ERC20 requirements right where they are needed. So if anyone doesn’t fulfill the requirements right away, we’ve got you covered with a seamless and secure transaction experience. For more information check out this article in our help center:
Check out Hashflow as well:

DecentrAgora Launched Altra Cards - Impact Edition in including a card!

We’ve been honored to be part of DecentAgora’s Altar Card project with a card. These aren't just ordinary cards, these cards are helping to boost public goods and services, each one costs 0.005 ETH from which 50% is allocated to the innovator or project honored by the card itself. Several organizations and individuals got their cards in the first run you can check all of these out on their site. Make sure to mint ours if you want to hold a piece of cool collectible! ( first edition cards are always the coolest).

A Guild Lego collection site made by one of our developers as a side project

Many of you guys have asked about where can you get your own little Guild Lego piece, making them available openly will take some time as these are repurposed, locally sourced lil pieces. Nonetheless, you can get your hands on these Lego sets in the future as well ;) In the meantime, Johnny made this little awesome site where you can find the instructions for all the Guild Legos so you guys can assemble them if you have the given pieces from other Lego sets.

Community Changes

We made a hefty amount of changes to our server again, in the future we aim to make fewer big revisions but rather tweak little things one at a time to optimize the experience for everyone. In the past weeks, we already made impactful changes biggest of which is that Guilders can use our general chat again, but being a Guilder now requires you to have the new “Wallet activity” role in Our Guild which means, In order to be eligible you have to have a transaction more than 6 months ago on one of the following chains: Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum One, Base Testnet, Goerli, Mumbai. We’re going to experiment with a lot of new membership structures, layering, and paths so we can provide the best possible community space for all types of members of Our Guild.

First Guild Scavenger Hunt

The first Guild scavenger hunt was made to celebrate May 4th, the international Star Wars Day. We had a series of clues, riddles, and ciphers for Guilders to solve in order to find Guilds on our site, the game highlighted several of our integrations that contestants had to be familiar with in order to be able to solve the mystery. We had a POAP as a reward for the first 50 Guilders solving it, the fastest ones did it in only 1,5 hours and the last POAP took 3 days to be minted. We got range!!
It was a great experience for us since we hadn't done anything like this before and we were also on a tight deadline since the idea was formulated in our head on Tuesday and we wanted to launch it on Star Wars Day which was Thursday so we only had 2 days to design, announce and execute the whole thing but in the end, everything turned out awesome.
Feedback was super warm, scavenger hunts turned out to be great a great tool to onboard people and showcase new Guild features. Based on this we decided to host a workshop around how to build similar scavenger hunts, which had a great turnout!
A case study piece is already out on the topic detailing how we made it, you can check it out here:

Shoutout session

Closing this piece we’d like to give some clout to some of our community members from the past month:

  • Cardenas and Papa provided really helpful feedback about the scavenger hunt and Cardenas also was the first one to solve it.
  • Demoni Who we met during the scavenger hunt and provided really useful feedback about our community.
  • Journal Club curators for next month's workshops for gathering the best knowledge from May for us to go through: Logonaut, Brnwshd, Reka, Louis, Hanna
Take care Guilders, and good building!
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2023.06.09 16:48 sirwinny /r/BostonBruins will be shutting down indefinitely until Reddit rescinds its proposed API policy changes

We have some important news to share, and we want to be transparent about our decision. Starting June 12th, 2023, we have made the difficult choice to indefinitely shut down our community. You can find detailed information on the reasons behind this decision in this post, where Christian Selig, the creator of Apollo, has announced the shutdown of his app on June 30th, 2023.
Many third-party Reddit app creators, moderator tools, and popular bots have made the same decision. We are joining in solidarity with many other participating subreddits including those within the larger hockey community.

This moment marks a turning point for all of us.

We understand that this decision may not sit well with many of you. However, we want to emphasize that this is about the future of Reddit and the ecosystem within which our subreddit relies heavily on third-party apps and tooling for effective moderation.
As volunteer moderators, we are not seeking power or control. We are passionate Boston Bruins fans, just like all of you. Many of us have personal commitments, careers, and responsibilities. Together, we operate this subreddit as a team, and as a team, we cannot honestly claim that Reddit's API decision will not compromise the integrity of our community. The truth is, if these API changes are implemented, we will lose the ability to act swiftly and effectively.
A subreddit that lacks timely decision-making and content curation fails to adequately protect its users and promote healthy engaging discussion.
Reddit thrives on user-created content and the time invested by its users. In other words, we are the backbone of this platform. When we are pushed towards less secure apps, we lose control over the information and data we choose to share with the world. Reddit's decision undermines creative contributions from its users, opening the door to bots, malicious actors, and misinformation. The site will become less accessible and more restrictive, which contradicts the essence of Reddit.
We strongly urge you to read the aforementioned link and form your own informed opinion. Our team has had a strong collective reaction to these proposed API changes, and it has been unanimously negative. This alignment further solidifies our belief that shutting down our subreddit is the right course of action.

We will miss you, care for yourselves and one another

We anticipate that more subreddits within the hockey community, will follow suit. We will not lift the shutdown of BostonBruins until Reddit retracts its proposed API changes. During this period of darkness, we encourage you to enjoy your summer. Take a well-deserved break and care for yourselves and one another, dear friends, and we hope to welcome you back soon.
Thank you for your understanding.
Best regards, The BostonBruins Moderator Team
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2023.06.09 16:48 monster_magus A North Korean Television Channel's News Opening

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2023.06.09 16:48 k3_gigahertz New and in need of help for a robot's simulation

Hello everyone! I need some tips as to which features I'm supposed to use for animating a robot's actions for a simulation.
What I'm using:
The model is built out of fishertechnik's components which i managed to convert to uassets from fbx files. Hence all components are static meshes. The robot's subassemblies are build inside separate actors so that whenever I want to animate certain movements, I only need to move specific parts of the robot.
Goal: Take objects off a conveyor belt using a trolley, pushing them into a vertical storage, which elevates itself so that the objects are stored in the right box.
Problem: I don't know how to record animations and then bind them to a certain key. Since there are multiple objects that could end up in various boxes, I also don't know how to make the simulation more accurate, since doing all 6! (there are 6 different objects which could end up in any box) separately isn't a very efficient option.
Question: Is what I'm trying to achieve doable? And if so, can anyone point me towards a good tutorial or explain which tools might be useful for my goal? If I can't do all 6!, at least a demo would be good, so how can I make some different Level Sequence animations which are activated on keybinds?
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2023.06.09 16:48 Pellinoreisking ‘Partisan’ news channels threaten impartiality, says Nick Robinson Nick Robinson

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2023.06.09 16:48 Ok_Frosting_5013 Need help with proof docs for expedite 🙏🏻

Hey there! I’m so happy for y’all who is getting approved and praying for who hasn’t yet.
So frustrated for missing all these jobs offers and having my husband doing the most to keep our home running and out of debt, I’m trying to get my I765 expedite for financial loss, I declared in my application I haven’t work in the last 2 years, and need to, I’m getting ready to fax all the docs, credit card statements, house mortgage, bills, my husband job checks (showing its barely enough to cover them all) and a letter to explain this.
Anything else someone can advice me to sent to make it easier?
Ps I shared my timeline here
On that timeframe glitch a week ago my waiting time moved from 6 months to 1 week then to “taking more than expected” but not action on anything whatsoever.
Thanks y’all !
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2023.06.09 16:47 Adventurous-Ear9433 Teotihuacan: Purpose of mica, pyrite, mercury, Genetic Evidence for 2 founding populations

Teotihuacan was built on a geodetic grid system (a power center) in perfect sacred geometrical alignment with the cosmos to harness the energy of earth and sky. To understand it, we must go back to the original truth of the purpose. advanced design of Teotihuacan suggests that ancient builders had knowledge, not only of architecture, but of complex mathematical and astronomical sciences. The term 'Teohuacan' was found inscribed halfway across the globe on monuments in China, the term means 'place of the sun'(*our translation is 'Place to tie up the sun)Mercury, Hermes was the great Messenger, which also speaks for the planets quick trips around the sun. An aerial view shocked many researchers, but following the traditions we know what every pyramid was used for. Circuit Board-Teohuatican with two large processor chips— the Sun Pyramid and the Moon Pyramid. . One of the most interesting things about Teotihuacan is the finding by archaeologists of the extensive use of mica embedded in numerous structures. This mineral is found 3,000 miles away in Brazil and it is found in all buildings, housing complexes, temples and along the roads so basically this mineral is all over Teotihuacan.
The pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan contained considerable amounts of mica in layers up to 30 cm. Human use of mica dates back to prehistoric times. Mica was known to ancient Indian, Egyptian, Greek and Roman andChinese civilizations, as well as the Aztec civilization of the New World. The earliest use of mica has been found in cave paintings created during the Upper Paleolithic period (40,000 BC to 10,000 BC). The ancient civilizations & their inexplicable similarities are only shocking when one has disregarded our ancestors traditions as 'mythical ', which is a mistake made by academics only recently.
Mica is stable when exposed to electricity, light, moisture, and extreme temperatures. It has superior electrical properties as an insulator and as a dielectric, and can support an electrostatic field while dissipating minimal energy in the form of heat; it can be split very thin (0.025 to 0.125 millimeters or thinner) while maintaining its electrical properties, has a high dielectric breakdown, is thermally stable to 500 °C, and is resistant to corona discharge. Muscovite, the principal mica used by the electrical industry, is used in capacitors that are ideal for high frequency and radio frequency. Phlogopite mica remains stable at higher temperatures (to 900 °C) and is used in applications in which a combination of high-heat stability and electrical properties is required. Muscovite and phlogopite are used in sheet and ground forms.
The Maya Codex Vaticanus records faithfully the very ancient oral traditions of Central America. In one curious passage it states that “in the First Age, giants existed in that country(Mexico). "These 7 who escaped from a deluge , arrive in Cholula and there began to build a tower… in order that should a deluge come again he might escape to it.” Nahuatl language it’s named Tlachihualtepetl (‘artificial mountain’). Originally it was named Acholollan (‘water that falls in the place of flight’).
-Olmec(Xi)-had two different religious associations (gya-fa):the jaguar-man or humano-feline cult and the humano-bird cult. The humano-feline cult was called the nama-tigi by the Olmecs, while the humano-feline cult was called the kuno-tigi..Xoc Bas Birdman
The Teotihuacan(Tlalocan )mural depicts a range of mountains covered in rolling clouds and mists, below a brilliant red sky dominated by the huge figure of Tláloc, the Maya/Aztec god of celestial waters. Falling from Tláloc's open hands are flaming droplets of celestial water, likely representing the high-resonance isotope of protium, that overtly reference the ignition of celestial water vapor to form HHO plasma. The differentiation of celestial waters from terrestrial waters through the infrasonic evaporation of water vapor corresponds to special modern water purification processes involving the separation of resonant lightwater (protium) from dissonant heavy waters deuterium & tritium
The plumed headdress of Tláloc is comprised of radiating feathers of green and red hues, representing the colors of auroral plasma. Three arching red plumes stand out from the other green plumes of the headdress, extending from either side of the central figure and from the foreheads (pineal glands) of the two smaller figures in profile, representing the three frequencies of sound that generate nonlinear standing waves. Rising above the giant central figure of Tláloc is a majestic twisting Tree of Life image, composed of intertwining plumes of yellow/green and pink/red aerial HHO plasma that appear identical to modern photographs of the plasma discharges of red sprites.
Tláloc, God of Celestial Water, god of the vapor that rises, from the earth warmed by the sun after the rains, god of the mist that ascends from the valleys at dawn, god of the water that returns to its source in the clouds that swim over the highest peaks, god of the humid incense from which rise the copal prayers and the prayers of sacrifice
Tláloc is the return of vapor that strains to rise, is the return of time that strains to remember. Tláloc, God of the Fight Against the Current, with whose aid the hero battles against the torrent toward his own origin and beginning, towards the wings of his soul, the wings that Tláloc hides in the hero's past
The cycle of years is past - the waiting ended. Come - reunite, pilgrims, for the sky is in flames! From Xochicalco to Teotíhuacan the red spreads one step, another step, and another, only twelve short steps from the cave of the womb to the final conflagration
The red skies depicted in the Teotihuacan mural are also directly referenced in the Pyramid of Fire Codex, when it states that "the sky will be in flames" that will spread from one pyamid to another, as the worldwide netwrok of pyramids and sacred sites become activated to bath the area in the brilliant infrared and ultraviolet-A light of aerial HHO plasma plumes.ancient, unknown science designed to create energy directed up is excavating the tunnel.
-The geoposition of Teotihuacan pyramid complex (19.68°N 98.83°W), reveals a nonlinear (or Fibonacci-based) resonant alignment with respect to the Great Pyramid of Giza, being 7,684 miles away or 30.9% of the Earth's mean circumference (of 24,892 miles)..which is also observed in the Paracas petroglyphs.
The Sanskrit descendant cultures of Asia express the same essential interpretation given by the Maya culture of Central America; identifying the planet Mercury as ‘the fast runner’ that takes ‘quick flight’ around the sun, having a short orbital period of approximately 88 days. Among Nahuatl cultures, the art of running was crucial to the functioning of society, enabling the rapid conveyance of messages over long distance.
Mercury is the link (messenger) between the gods (higher principles) and humankind. In the ancient art of alchemy, such as in Hermeticism, Mercury, sulfur, and salt were the Earth's three principle substances that represent the trinity in creation. As sulphur is the symbol for the active principle, mercury is the symbol of the passive principle.The symbol of Mercury is the cosmic womb being incubated by the cross of the four elements of creation - earth, air, fire and water. Mercury is the messenger in Astrology as it is in mythology. It is the planet of day-to-day expression and communication. Mercury's action is to take things apart and put them back together again. It is an opportunistic planet, decidedly unemotional and curious. Mercury not only rules communication, it represents coordination. Thought processes, ideas, and sensory information from both unconscious and unconscious sources all need to be coordinated and understood.
Ive said before that the mercury was used to accomplish communication wth the Gods, The fluid metal element mercury was extolled as generating the luminosity of the blood of gods, for its threefold biophotonic extension of human longevity, whereby adepts of the alchemical arts were able to attain long lifespans. Mercury was closely associated with its extreme volatility, which must be carefully controlled to achieve positive results. Mercury was considered an ethereal element for its low boiling point of 357°C. When heated above this temperature, quicksilver will rapidly vaporize as toxic fumes inspiring an association with quick flight: ‘mercury has wings’.
A number of the Mesoamerican pyramids there are key components designed into their construction that act as magnifiers. These components appear to be important in the creation, magnification, and distribution of telluric fields.Pyramid & Scalar WavesEarly Irrigation of Teotihuacan
Provenance od Limestone used in Teotihuacan
Identification of Pyrite & Hematite
• Water, either moving naturally including rivers or cenotes (found at El Castillo at Chichen Itza) or by artificial canals or tunnels, similar to the Temple of Inscription found at Palenque.)
• Geo-magnetic fields. Naturally formed telluric fields that have high and low period throughout day and night.
• Pyramid design. The specific pyramid shape appears to greatly enhance the telluric fields that pulse up and into the center of the chamber.
• Pyramid interior fill. At a number of pyramids, rocks that are good electromagnetic conductors fill the interior of the pyramids and are used to enhance the pulsing field. Rocks that have veins with quartz, granite, and other electrical conducting properties appear to be favored. Characterization of lime carbonates in plasters from Teotihuacan, Mexico: preliminary results of cathodoluminescence and carbon isotope analyses
Dr Burke &Dr Brooker research determined that each location had been chosen because of its naturally occurring telluric energy field that pulsed up and into the structure or surrounding area. Also Burke and his research partner Kaj Halberg discovered electro-magnetic signatures that measured impressive charges on top of the pyramid. In a series of scans, the readings showed an average change of 908 volts over a short period of time, which was concentrated in the early morning hours. As ive stated in the past, this is the ideal time for sungazing. The pineal, contains magnetite & creates its own magnetic field. This was once a universal practice at Sacred sites, in 2009 until Nov 2012 The grand maya council held 52 full moon ritual of the new cycle where we visited sacred sites around the world and brought back these rituals. Burke mentions the readings and states, “These voltages might sound lethal and if it were a household current they could be. However, static electric charge in the air is a different type of electricity and even a thousand volts is not dangerous.” His discovery of pyramid field generation is fascinating, but what he actually uncovered was a means of generating and perhaps distributing electromagnetic energy within a pyramid complex. Which aligns with the term used for the ancient Egyptians, the Great PrNtr-house of Nature, or house of energy).
Stanford edu-Native American & Polynesian population The Genetic Evidence for 2 founding populations has constantly confirmed our traditions, the idea of independent invention is absolute nonsense. Theres an overwhelming amount of evidence, "believe" is a term unfamiliar to Dogon culture & ive yet to see the point in such a thing. If preconceived biases have clouded the minds of the majority, and they ignore evidence thats their fault. The age of the Fourth Sun, the Age of the Black Headed People (Aztec), or the Age of Heroes (Inca). This is the era in which Quetzalcoatl appeared in Mexico -- tall of stature, bright of countenance, bearded, and wearing a long tunic. His staff, shaped like a serpent, was painted black, white, and red [reminiscent of American Indians' mythology of three races of Man]. The staff was inlaid with precious stones and adorned with six stars.
-Between the 14th and 16th centuries during the Aztec era, Quetzalcoatl was worshipped as the patron of priests, the inventor of books and the calendar, as well as the protector of goldsmiths and other craftsmen..Shamanism, was invented in west Africa & brought to the Mesoamerican civilizations. The Aztec oral traditions say that Quetzalcoatl & his followers brought these beliefs ,and came from the East across the oceans. This is now corroborated by genetic, skeletal remains, artifacts, you name it. Quetzalcoatl was just a High Priest of Anu. The Gold tipped spears,or as Columbus calls it ' guanin 'to the Indians of Hispaniola. Samples of which sent back to Spain on a mail boat, and the proportion was found to be identical to what was being forged in African Guinea.
Moche Reed BoatThe Xi(Olmec) were a mix of a Polynesian/Oceanic elite aristocratic people accompanied by priests of the Orisha(Yoruba)/Mende(MalinkeBambara)responsible for introducing the religious practices and astronomical worship of the Mother Goddess complex (Venus, the Dogon Sirius observation and the Venus worship of the Olmecs, the use of the ax in the worship of Shango among he Yoruba of West Africa and the use of the ax in Olmec worship as well as the prominence of the thunder God later known as Tlalock among the Aztecs).It was R1b-V88(Yoruba) that were known as magicians to the Mayans & local Aymara over in Bolivia because of their knowledge of acoustics, which they have preserved from the Nile Valley (Anu colleges of Heliopolis).
Again, we see Toward the end of the Fourth Sun, wars between the gods were taking place. [The Battle of the Titans?] The gods' war brought havoc to the land; wild animals overran mankind, and Tollan was abandoned. The fourth Sun had begun 5,042 years before the time of the Codex Vaticano-Latino 3738 (1533). The time the Fourth Sun ended is not stated, but the Codex was written during the Fifth Sun. The Fourth Sun may have perished by means of the Jaguar. The Fifth Sun is referred to as the Age of Kings by the Incas.
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2023.06.09 16:47 AutoModerator [] ✔️Jon Corres – The YouTube Success System 2.0 ✔️ Full Course Download

[] ✔️Jon Corres – The YouTube Success System 2.0 ✔️ Full Course Download
Get the course here: [] ✔️Jon Corres – The YouTube Success System 2.0 ✔️ Full Course Download
Courses proof (screenshots for example, or 1 free sample video from the course) are available upon demand, simply Contact us here
I run multiple viral video channels that gross thousands of dollars in ad revenue a month. I have created this course, The YouTube Success System, to help you research, create, and upload viral videos to help generate you a 6-figure income. I will act as your mentor and help you build and grow your YouTube channel. I look forward to having you!
In a recent survey of the students who joined my program and are consistently posting videos, we found that students on AVERAGE:
Had videos go viral within the first 60 videos posted Made $3,000-$5,000+ within their first 30 days AFTER a video went viral Are currently making $150/day since their first viral video to date
And these are just the AVERAGES It also means that half our students who took action performed BETTER
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2023.06.09 16:47 k3_gigahertz New and in need of help for a robot's simulation

Hello everyone! I need some tips as to which features I'm supposed to use for animating a robot's actions for a simulation.
What I'm using:
The model is built out of fishertechnik's components which i managed to convert to uassets from fbx files. Hence all components are static meshes. The robot's subassemblies are build inside separate actors so that whenever I want to animate certain movements, I only need to move specific parts of the robot.
Goal: Take objects off a conveyor belt using a trolley, pushing them into a vertical storage, which elevates itself so that the objects are stored in the right box.
Problem: I don't know how to record animations and then bind them to a certain key. Since there are multiple objects that could end up in various boxes, I also don't know how to make the simulation more accurate, since doing all 6! (there are 6 different objects which could end up in any box) separately isn't a very efficient option.
Question: Is what I'm trying to achieve doable? And if so, can anyone point me towards a good tutorial or explain which tools might be useful for my goal? If I can't do all 6!, at least a demo would be good, so how can I make some different Level Sequence animations which are activated on keybinds?
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2023.06.09 16:46 BackLow6488 "How is it they travel so far across the galaxy/universe, with such advanced technology, only to crash once they arrive?'

I've been seeing this argument a lot as a reason to potentially discredit Grusch's claims (especially on the Fox News report comments 🤣) and wanted to add some thoughts. There are multiple lines of thought that can potentially rebut this argument, but the following is my favorite:
In regards to the element of distance and travel time in this argument - as many have posited, they could be using higher dimensions to pop in and out and may not be restricted like we are when it comes to space and time. This is a fantastical explanation, but it fits with some of the descriptions of sightings. This would remove those elements as factors visiting Earth.
If that presupposition is accepted, the next argument might be "ok, so they are so advanced and intelligent that they can travel within higher dimensions - if they are that advanced, why are they crashing so much? Why are we allowed to capture their craft? Why are we allowed to attempt to reverse engineer their craft..for decades? Why are we allowed to capture the occupants?"
The most logical explanation I can see discussed (that is admittedly based in the context of the human reality) is that the crashes are results of attacks (or maybe more accurately, the result of defense actions) of another entity or system on this planet or nearby. Humanity is quite old (~8000 generations), and many theorize our evolution was bootstrapped by a third-party. Some theorize we have advanced technologically many times over. Our current technological evolution has taken place over the past ~5 generations. That's leaves ~7995 generations where basically nothing happened? Seems unlikely, given that we have had the same brain throughout that time.
Perhaps our ancestors, or someone else, built a planetary or solar-system wide automated defense system and the crashes are results of this system being implemented when a threat is detected. Maybe it's the Orbs. Seems like the only thing that should be able take these craft down are other craft or devices of similar technological advancement. I don't see why they would crash for any other reason (unless they aren't actually accidental crashes). I also believe this fact is terrifying enough that it would warrant hiding it from the general public, especially if the threat never escalated since we discovered this and the status quo has been maintained.
Edit: another thought - this tracks with the current state of affairs of cyber-warfare (arguably all warfare). We only see major vulnerabilities being exploited every once in a while, just like we only see crashes once in a while. It is a cat and mouse game. Once an vulnerability is exploited, it is "in the wild" and defenses can be built to prevent further exploitation. It only makes sense that this would scale up as a civilization becomes more advanced, and it's possible that it simply moves from taking place on planetary scale to a galactic or universal scale, but the principles stay the same. AI may only exponentially speed up this process. And if we all think the "beings" might be AI-based...
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2023.06.09 16:46 AutoModerator Adrien Broner Vs Bill Hutchinson Date, Start Time & news schedule reddit

Adrien Broner Vs. Bill Hutchinson Live Streamadrien Broner Vs. Bill Hutchinson Live Streamadrien Broner Vs. Bill Hutchinson Live Streamadrien Broner Vs. Bill Hutchinson Live Streamadrien Broner Vs. Bill Hutchinson Live Streamadrien Broner Vs. Bill Hutchinson Live Stream

🔴 HDstreams :➡ Broner Vs Bill Hutchinson live streams reddit

🔴 HDstreams :➡ Broner Vs Bill Hutchinson live streams reddit

Adrien Broner Vs. Bill Hutchinson Live Streamadrien Broner Vs. Bill Hutchinson Live Streamadrien Broner Vs. Bill Hutchinson Live Streamadrien Broner Vs. Bill Hutchinson Live Stream

Adrien Broner will return to action this evening in Miami, facing Bill Hutchinson in the first fight of his deal with promoter Don King, as Broner looks to get himself back into the mix at age 33.

We’ll have live updates of the show starting at 6:50 pm ET, with the fights airing on PPV (you can buy through FITE TV). We’ll have live results and commentary, and hopefully some highlights, but we’ll see how social media goes for this.

Everything will come in this stream:

When Is Broner Vs Hutchinson?
Adrien Broner is set to take on Bill Hutchinson on Friday 9th June 2023 at Casino Miami Jai Alai in Miami.

The fight is scheduled for 10 rounds in the Welterweight division, which means the weight limit will be 147 pounds (10.5 stone or 66.7 KG).

The undercard is set to feature the clash of Rigondeaux vs Clemente.

Broner Vs Hutchinson Stats
Adrien Broner steps into the ring with a record of 34 wins, 4 loses and 1 draw, 24 of those wins coming by the way of knock out.

Bill Hutchinson will make his way to the ring with a record of 20 wins, 2 loses and 4 draws, with 9 of those wins by knock out.

The stats suggest Broner has a large advantage in power over Hutchinson, boosting at 71% knock out percentage over Hutchinson's 45%.

Adrien Broner is the younger man by 1 year, at 33 years old.

Hutchinson has a height advantage of 2 inches over Broner. Despite this, he has 1-inch reach advantage.

Both Adrien Broner & Bill Hutchinson fight out of an orthodox stance.

Broner is the more experienced professional fighter, having had 13 more fights, and made his debut in 2008, 2 years and 10 months earlier than Hutchinson, whose first professional fight was in 2011. He has fought 122 more professional rounds, 247 to Hutchinson's 125.

Broner Vs Hutchinson Form
Adrien Broner has beaten 2 of his last 5 opponents.

In his last fight, he defeated Jovanie Santiago on 20th February 2021 by unanimous decision in their 12 round contest at Mohegan Sun Casino, Connecticut, United States.

Previous to that, he had been beaten by Manny Pacquiao on 19th January 2019 by unanimous decision in their WBA World Welterweight championship fight at MGM Grand, Las Vegas.

Going into that contest, he had drawn with Jessie Vargas on 21st April 2018 by majority draw at Barclays Center, New York.

Before that, he had lost to Mikey Garcia on 29th July 2017 by unanimous decision in their 12 round contest at Barclays Center, New York.

He had defeated Adrian Granados on 18th February 2017 by split decision in their 10 round contest at U.S. Bank Arena, Cincinnati.

Activity Check
Broner's last 5 fights have come over a period of 6 years, 3 months and 22 days, meaning he has been fighting on average every 1 year, 3 months and 5 days. In those fights, he fought a total of 58 rounds, meaning that they have lasted 11.6 rounds on average.

What Time Does Broner Vs Hutchinson Start?
The fighters are expected to ringwalk at around 11:00 PM EST / 8:00 PM PST at Casino Miami Jai Alai, Miami, United States, which is around 4:00 AM BST in the UK.

Who Is Showing Broner Vs Hutchinson?
The PPV US show is expected to begin at 6:50 PM EST / 3:50 PM PST. The PPV UK broadcast of the card is expected to start at 11:50 PM (BTS).

How Do You Stream Broner Vs Hutchinson?
In the US you can stream Broner vs Hutchinson via on a PPV basis. Once purchased, you can watch on your Smart TV, Phone or Desktop PC, and they have apps available on Roku, Xbox, Chromecast and Apple TV.

The whole event costs $24.99.

In the UK you can stream Broner vs Hutchinson via on a PPV basis. Once purchased, you can watch on your Smart TV, Phone or Desktop PC, and they have apps available on Roku, Xbox, Chromecast and Apple TV.

The whole event costs $24.99.

What Are The Odds On Broner Vs Hutchinson?
Adrien Broner is currently 1/25 (-2500) to win the contest outright, while you can get 8/1 (+800) on Bill Hutchinson if you fancy the massive upset.

View all Broner vs Hutchinson Odds
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2023.06.09 16:44 yakhinvadim Friday, June 9 — 5 significant news stories

Friday, June 9 — 5 significant news stories
Today ChatGPT read 1066 top news stories and gave 6 of them a significance score over 7.
After removing previously covered events, here is today’s significant news:
[7.7] General Motors adopts Tesla's charging plug standard, joins Supercharger network — Reuters
General Motors (GM) has agreed to adopt Tesla's North American charging plug standard and give GM electric-vehicle buyers access to the Tesla Supercharger network. The move follows a similar decision by Ford, meaning three of the top EV sellers in the North American market have now agreed on a standard for charging hardware. Tesla Superchargers account for about 60% of the total fast chargers in the United States and Canada, according to US Department of Energy data. The alliance among the three leading rival US EV manufacturers has significant commercial and public policy implications.
[7.7] Ukrainian forces launch assault against Russian positions in the south — The Guardian
Ukrainian forces have launched an assault against Russian positions in the south, with tanks, armoured vehicles, infantry and artillery being used in the fighting. The combat, which is taking place south of Zaporizhzhia, includes an attempt to break through in the Orihiv-Tokmak sector, which blocks the route to the Russian-occupied city of Melitopol. The Institute for the Study of War has said that the Ukrainian counteroffensive has begun, while Ukrainian officials have insisted that they would not make an official announcement when the counteroffensive begins and have cautioned against focusing on a single area, suggesting it could involve a number of components.
[7.3] Russian sabotage group accused of blowing up Ukrainian dam, causing mass flooding — Reuters
Ukraine's Security Service (SBU) has released an audio recording of a phone call it claims proves that a Russian "sabotage group" blew up the Kakhovka hydroelectric station and dam in southern Ukraine, causing mass flooding and environmental damage. The SBU has opened a criminal investigation into war crimes and "ecocide". Russia has accused Ukraine of destroying the dam, but has not commented on the recording. The SBU said the recording confirms that the dam was blown up by a Russian sabotage group, which wanted to blackmail Ukraine and staged a man-made disaster in the south of the country.
[7.2] Zelenskiy warns of global ecological disaster after Nova Kakhovka dam collapse — The Guardian
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has warned that the ecological disaster caused by the collapse of the Nova Kakhovka dam has become a global problem as contaminated waters flow into the Black Sea. The flood waters have brought sewage, oil, chemicals and possibly anthrax from animal burial sites. Kyiv has accused Russian forces of blowing up the dam and committing ecocide. The disaster has affected 100,000 people downstream, with 50,000 hectares of forests flooded, and 20,000 animals and 10,000 birds under threat of imminent death. The Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant, 125 miles upstream from the dam, is also at risk.
[7.1] The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicts intensifying weather patterns over winter — CNBC
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has announced that an El Niño climate pattern, which can cause warmer temperatures and more extreme weather, has arrived and is expected to strengthen over the winter. In the U.S., an El Niño can cause wetter weather in the south and drier conditions in the Pacific Northwest and Ohio Valley, and can potentially lead to a warmer winter in the north. The intensity of the event will influence its impacts. There's an 84% chance for a stronger than moderate El Niño this winter. Global effects may include droughts and fires in Indonesia/Australia and extreme rainfall in eastern South America.
Want to read more?
See additional news on
Thanks for reading us and see you tomorrow, News Minimalist
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2023.06.09 16:44 tickeron_community $QS Trading Reaps Benefits from Tickeron's Robot Factory, Achieving 41.26% Results in the Last 6 Months
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2023.06.09 16:44 SpellboundTutor Dealing with Emotional Numbness / Dullness

Hey everybody!
So a little bit of a background about me to set the stage, if that's okay. I'm 34. I'm a cis gay man. I am Autistic and I deal with anxiety, depression, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Over the past couple of years, I have managed to crawl from rock bottom to achieve goals with my mental and physical health I never previously would have thought possible. I've become someone I can really be proud of. Lost over 100 lbs, going back to school learning something that I both love and am talented with, working on straightening out a lot of things in my life I wasn't able to.
However, I have noticed, in recent weeks and months, that my emotions have been... dulled, I guess. And that wasn't made sharply apparent until the other day when I got the news that my rent check had bounced. Were my emotions fine, I'd probably have been an anxious mess. Crying, swearing up a storm, beating myself up over it, the whole nine yards. Instead, I just feel this sharp pain in the core of my chest that I can't get rid of. I was advised to try screaming into a pillow to force it out. I screamed my throat raw into a pillow, but... there was no emotion attached to it. All it did was make my throat hurt.
My therapist and I have been working together on this and the way I kinda visualize it is like a pipeline that hasn't been used in a very long time, so the contents of the pipe solidified and hardened, causing a blockage of emotions that I am struggling to clear away so that I can feel again. He advised that I attempt trying to pursue acting in a casual sense, utilizing physical and verbal action to reinforce that mind-body connection. Classes and such. But that hasn't been an available option for me right now.
It's been about 30 hours since the initial shock of my check bouncing. For a mercy, I was able to adult and get the wheels in motion in order to get the issue resolved quickly, so that's one upside to this. But I find that I can't cry, I can't get angry, I can't be happy. Everything is just... grey. And with that comes a lack of motivation to take care of myself, much less work on the things I both want and need to work on to keep my life going in a positive direction.
With this post, I am seeking two different, but related things:
1.) Short-term treatments or exercises I can do in order to, at least temporarily, free me from this bottled up emotion that's causing me physical pain in my core.
2.) Long-term treatments I can then do on the regular to help me work through this dullness and allow my emotions the release they desperately need.
I am more than happy to answer any relevant questions to help others help me as needed. Thank you very much for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you!
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2023.06.09 16:43 No_Examination5621 Luis Arraez, Mr. .400

Luis Arraez has been the master of consistency this year on PredictionStrike. In his chase for history, Arraez is batting .403 after 63 games of action for his Marlins this year. For reference, the last time a player hit over .400 across a full season in professional baseball in the U.S. was in 1948, when Artie Wilson of the Negro American League hit .435. Arraez is getting it done with a league-best strikeout rate and whiff rate. When this dude swings, he makes contact. What does all this mean for his share price? Well, Arraez has failed to reach his projection in just 12 games out of 56 starts this year, to yield him a gain of 157% thusfar. He may slow down as most have in their pursuit of a .400 season, but that wouldn't stop him from producing big gains on PS, as his projection still sits at a measly 6.9. Or, he may not slow down, and make history as well as quite a bit of money for us in the process. The marlins still have 99 games to go, so don't waste any more time buying shares in this once-in-a-generation talent!
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2023.06.09 16:43 Whowutwhen Got Divorced so I ate some mushrooms. Trip Report.

Context and days prior. 41 year old, many years of experience with psychedelics. Married at 19, have been in divorce for the last 6 months, Finalized on trip day. Months of journaling, meditation and personal work lead up to this trip. The 10 days prior consisted of a minimum of 30 minutes of intention journaling daily, focusing on shedding the old, forgiveness of self and others, acceptance of self and situation, love of self and all, focusing on my strengths and rebirth into a new self. Day before, house cleaning, pretty easy. I just moved in. I held close my intentions from the journaling as I made a ritual of the cleaning.
12.20 Ingest - 3.55 Golden Teacher - 1.5 APE Blob, powderized, mixed in OJ for 20 min. 12.20-12.35 Read the intention journals. By the 7th one, eyes became hard to focus, words start to become hard to understand. 12.35-1 Lied in bed with no sound and eyes covered. 4 distinct visions occurred but I only recall 3. 1. I was in an amusement park ride line, and a special “more fun” line opened up, despite me wanting to, I could not figure out how to walk over to that line, I didn't know how to. 2. I was an amusement park game and kids were running up to me and playing the game to be showered with love and joy. 3. I was waiting for a bus, a party bus pulled up full of all the things an older version of myself would have loved to do, I again was left unsure how to take that path and was frustrated by it. 1-1.40. At this point a large current of energy had begun running through the body, I took a shower. This was a thoughtless lightshow. The faucet handle took the visage of an Aztec priestess, crying neon green tears. Various symbols and patterns danced across the walls and curtain which had taken an ethereal, ghostly appearance. At some point the shower curtain had collected water and slipped outside the tub making a bit of a mess. Tossed a towel on it and tried to continue showering but was too distracted by the mess. Hopped out and cleaned up. At this point the energy in the body felt like lightning. Uncontainable, I gave my sister a call, chatted about the birds and her new crocs for a few minutes, then I had to burn off energy. 1.40-2.20 Bike Ride - Decided to ride my bike down to the lake. The ride to the lake was easeful and exciting, arriving at the lake a sense that I should not have taken this bike ride came over me. It wasn't ominous, just a sense that this ride might not have been a responsible decision. I decided to return home. Riding home some mild panic set in and the notion of being hit by a car and the news reports that would follow, “hippy on mushrooms killed by car”. Allowing this to pass while riding a less busy path home. Thoughts of people I know and what they may be thinking of me at this time come in. I wonder if they think I am ok, if I am depressed, if I am going to do something rash today. I laugh at the thought as I arrive home. 2.30-4ish. Unitive Experience. Exhausted from the ride I return to lying down. This was the most impactful period of the experience, but words largely fail me. All perception of the outside world melted away. There was only this one space filled with it all, not separate from it, not a rider in it, I was it. A lawful order flowing endlessly, landing here, now in this perfect moment. Feeling this sense of order, my place here became very clear to me. If it is all flowing orderly, then there is no place else to be than right here in this moment, every moment. The sense I had always been and never been. This went on for eons seemingly. 4ish-5.30ish. At some point sense contacts begin to return and I open my eyes. At this point I am mostly returned. Feeling an overwhelming sense of belonging I spring out of bed, laugh at the disheveled figure in the mirror, tie my hair back and head outside. I grab my bike and ride for a pack of smoke, there is so much life, but I’ve been missing it. Trapped in the illusion of thought, distracting me(us) from all this beauty. This beauty is already here, all the time, no modifications needed. Got home from the gas station and made a drink, a drink in hand excuses a lot of silly behavior ;) and went to water my gardens.
Around 5.30 my daughter comes to hang out and we talk about my experience and enjoy a couple drinks and some cannabis. Around 7 a friend comes by. We all hang out for a while, they leave around 9pm, and I go to bed shortly there after.
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2023.06.09 16:43 AutoModerator [] ✔️Austin Belcak – The Dream Job System ✔️ Full Course Download

[] ✔️Austin Belcak – The Dream Job System ✔️ Full Course Download
Get the course here: [] ✔️Austin Belcak – The Dream Job System ✔️ Full Course Download
Courses proof (screenshots for example, or 1 free sample video from the course) are available upon demand, simply Contact us here

The Dream Job System bring you quick, highly actionable strategies to help you land a job you love without “traditional” experience and without applying online. These modern job search tactics stem from Austin Belcak’s personal experience landing offers from Google, Microsoft, and Twitter as well as his experience helping thousands of job seekers get hired at the world’s best companies without applying online. What You Get Inside The Dream Job System: Module #1 – THE UNCONVENTIONAL JOB SEARCH BLUEPRINT
Introduction & what to expect from the course Discover why 99% of people fail to land jobs they love Reveal my 7 step “Dream Job System Blueprint“ Leverage my “Find Your Why” formula to discover the right career path and role for you (even if you have no idea what you want to do!) [Templates Included]
Module #2 – YOUR RESUME
Learn how to transform your resume into an interview generating machine Revealing my proprietary process for writing highly effective resumes that both ATS systems and hiring managers love Discover how to choose the right resume template, identify the right resume keywords, leverage formatting, & writing value-driven resume bullets [9+ Templates Included]
Answering the question of “do Cover Letters still matter?” Learn my 3 step framework for writing a crazy effective cover letter in 30 minutes Breakdown of real Cover Letters from real people who landed jobs at companies like Google, etc. Access to my proven Cover Letter Template [2 Examples Included]
Discover how to statistically guarantee yourself a job offer using my “Pipeline Technique” [Template Included] Use my “Dream Role Profile” to score the roles you find vs. your values and your career goals [Scorecard Included] Learn how to identify target companies that will be scrambling to hire you Learn how to identify contacts who can influence your ability to get hired at those target companies Deep dive into my research process for learning everything about public & private companies
Discover my 5 research-backed relationship building principles Leverage the 90:9:1 Rule for starting strong relationships Learn my process for become a highly effective cold emailer [Templates Included] Break down the 5 most effective relationship building strategies, including my “Goal Getter,” “Show Me You Know Me,” & “Testimonial Method” tactics How to use the Dream 50 technique to turn total strangers into referrals and advocates [Worksheet Included]
Discover the single most effective tactic for landing a dream job (this is my “secret sauce!”) Create a project that makes your value irresistible and crystal clear to recruiters and hiring managers Learn 5 unique ways to come up with a killer Value Validation Project idea Break down my process for creating an high quality Value Validation Project for free! Deep dive into 5+ Value Validation Project Examples from real students at companies like Microsoft, Instagram, AirBnB, Twitter, & more [Projects Included]
Revealing the science behind my research-backed interview preparation strategy Discover the 7 core interview questions you’ll be asked in 90% of interviews Learn how to craft and deliver interview answers that will blow your interviewer away [Examples Included] Proven frameworks for answering trick questions like What’s Your Biggest Weakness?, Tell Me About Yourself?, and How Many Golf Balls Can Fit Inside of a 747 Airplane? [Templates Included] Learn the secret to “turning the tables” and using your non-traditional background as an advantage over other candidates
Learn how 3 simple principles of behavioral psychology will allow you to get inside your interviewer’s brain and help you build a strong relationship with them Utilizing Conversation Ratio to leave a positive impression on your interviewer down to the molecular level (seriously…I’ll show you the science behind it) Illustrating how The Recency Effect can allow you to choose exactly what our interview remembers about you 5 psychologically-rooted questions I asked every interviewer and the breakdown of why they are so powerful [Templates Included]
Learn the salary negotiation strategies that DJS students have used to boost their salaries by an average of 36% – 44% Leverage a simple framework to control the conversation when your future employer asks about your salary expectations Discover the different types of negotiators and the specialized techniques you can use to be successful with each type Share other forms of compensations that you can negotiate beyond salary (that might actually be worth more!)
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2023.06.09 16:42 Zoccalo Channels taking far too long to load

Hey all,
I just got into this, so I'm still learning the ropes, but no matter what options I select in the FFmpeg or Plex tab, my streams always take a crazy long time to load - upwards of about 18 seconds. It doesn't take anywhere near that long to load the test stream through VLC, so I'm thinking it must be a setting somewhere either in Plex or DizqueTV.
When I play it through VLC, it takes ~6 seconds, and the stream starts flawlessly with no hiccups.
When I play it through any Plex app, including a web browser, it takes 12 seconds to load the first few frames, and then the stream stops, and loads for an additional 6 seconds before it starts playing without hiccups.
I'm running DizqueTV on my Unraid box in the nvidia docker container, with the following parameters:
h264_nvenc is chosen in the FFmpeg settings.
System specs are i5-7400 CPU, 16GB RAM, GTX 1050 Ti.
I can confirm that the GPU is being engaged through my gpu stats on the Unraid dashboard.
Adjusting the video buffer doesn't make a shred of difference. I've tried it on 0 and 12, and same thing.
Same as any other settings like video buffer and bit rate. I've set both to ridiculously high and low, and while it affects the quality of video transcoding, it doesn't affect the time it takes to start the stream. My preferred resolution is 1080p.
I've even tried toggling 'normalize resolution'.
I'd like to keep normalize video/audio codec switched to on, because I would like to stream these channels on a variety of devices, and I need it to be as standardized as possible.
In the Plex tab, I've got h264 as the supported video format, and ac3 as the supposed audio format. Max channels 2.
I'm streaming this locally through my ethernet gigabit LAN, so there shouldn't be any bandwidth bottlenecks, as I can easily stream 4K HDR remux files across my devices from the same Unraid box.
Can someone please suggest what I could try next?

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2023.06.09 16:41 Tricky4747 [i3wm] Amethyst

[i3wm] Amethyst submitted by Tricky4747 to unixporn [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 16:41 According_Mind_7636 OI M8 YOU GOT A LOICENCE FOR THAT GRASS?!

OI M8 YOU GOT A LOICENCE FOR THAT GRASS?! submitted by According_Mind_7636 to loicense [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 16:41 Kingofireland777 IMPORTANT: r/TheCitadel will be participating in the subreddit blackout from June 12th - June 14th to protest the planned API changes

So, although a recent poll showed that the majority of people do not use third-party apps, we are still very proud to announce that, as a Mod team, we have made the decision to take part in the 48-hour temp privatizing of the subreddit from June 12th to June 14th. This means no one will be able to post within the subreddit for that time interval.
We are doing this as a way to show solidarity with those who will be more affected by the change, in particular Blind, who will have a third-party app that helps them take part in Reddit potentially ripped away from them for no good reason than corporate greed.
We will be back once the 48 hours are up, and I personally will not touch Reddit during this time period.
As I'm sure some of ye know from talking to me on Discord, I am very passionate about this community. In fact, I have been working on a sort of timetable for the subreddit to possibly follow regarding events during the upcoming few months, but at the end of the day, it's the people who make up the community, Reddit is just the app and is basically a main way of connecting, but it is not the be all and end all. Hopefully, once the Reddit staff see how their decision is going to affect them, they will reconsider. However unlikely that may be, at least TheCitadel can say that we tried to do our part.
We hope you can understand our position and will stand with us during this time. It is the people who make the community, not the app. Read this post for a better understanding and info on what you can do to help, or check out this post on Fanfiction where the OP is better with words than I could ever be, but the point remains the same.
I suppose this brings us to the question regarding what you can do during that time since you can't visit the subreddit and view new posts.
Well, I got you covered for that too.
If you are looking for new fics to read, then check out the winners of the awards from a couple of months back-here
Or best fics read in Q1 post -here (Q2 best fics read post will be up on June 15th), Or check out our revamped archives (Masterlist) for SIs/ISOTs or time travel.
We have plenty to hold you over, all of which can be found on the subreddit menus, or just put"best fics" in the search bar if needs to be.
Needless to say, the discord will still be active and is going nowhere as long as I'm around. Feel free to join that, too. It might help with boredom, we do sprints for writers whenever they feel like it, and it's a good way to ask general questions and get feedback quickly. The link for that is here. We have a 400-plus-strong community!
Well, that's all I have for ye today, I'm sure this will get buried so I will make sure to do one last smaller reminder about 6 hours before I put the place on private but until then,
Thanks for reading.
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2023.06.09 16:40 _humanERROR_ Venting: I wouldn't be poor if my entire family weren't so closed-minded and hard-headed.

This is mostly a vent. Supportive comments needed, advice is appreciated.

These days I'm so dismayed at my situation and find myself wondering 'What the fuck happened?'
I came from a well-off middle class family. I'm now 22 and struggling with housing and work. I had to start living on my own a couple of months ago and now have no choice but to move somewhere else or flatshare in order to survive, and even that is proving difficult. I have good qualifications but can never keep a job for more than a few months because I'm on the Autism Spectrum. I'm having top surgery in a few weeks (I'm trans), and while I have friends to help me recover I have no family to keep a closer watch on me.
Future is looking a bit bleak.
So how the fuck did I end up here and where did things go so wrong....? That's what I find myself asking.
My mom was always an abusive narcissist and never wanted me in the first place. That's where it all started. Dad and rest of family were passive enablers, plus my autistic traits.......All that did not mix well, for me or my brother. Childhood wasn't very good. From 12/13 I developed clinical (and I mean Clinical with a capital C) depression/anxiety and also gender dysphoria, and as I mentioned I'm on the spectrum as well. I did great in school but in literally everything else I was abysmal and thought constantly about suicide etc. Despite attempts to get help and teachers urging my parents to get me help they ignored all of it completely. At 14 my brother began retaliating violently against my mother's abuse, and over the next few years gave my parents Hell by assaulting them and causing thousands in property damage.
I kept my trans feelings at bay until I got my degree, after which I started dressing and acting like my true self. That was the straw that broke the camel's back. After months of further abuse by my mother, my grandmother let me stay with her. But eventually even my grandmother's actions took a toll on my mental health and I had to live on my own. Then recently I had to block contact with most of my family because of their anger and intolerance over my upcoming surgery.
I'm in contact with social workers to try and get some government help. I constantly feel like I'm an imposter or lazy, that I don't deserve any government help or resources at all. Technically I haven't consumed any government resources yet, it's just that my case has been followed for a long time now.
I feel so bad that I will likely have to make use of government services in my life due to my situation. And seeing other families stick up for each other and help each other when in need makes me feel bitter and upset.
I don't want to get to a point where I would need government housing, but my entire family literally won't accept me living with them. One of my grandmother's has a sizeable house, but is so disgusted by my transness that she can't even look at me and constantly insults me. My other grandmother has a large house but constantly cries and argues over my transness. My aunts and uncles value their private space too much to take me in. I can't go back to my parents because my mother is abusive, does shit like throw away my clothes and stuff and my dad won't stop her.
I grew up in financial security, in a well-off middle class family. I had a computer at 6 years old, we had 3 TVs and my dad tried to put an AC in practically every room in the house, my dad would spend 400$ on just a casual food trip and 'treat' us at restaurants. As kids my grandparents would take us lots of places and treat us, and we'd all go on holiday every 2 years. And all of that never made me happy, and I'd have happily traded all of those material items for a loving family. Scratch that: even just one person who would have acted like a proper parent to me.
submitted by _humanERROR_ to HelpMeImPoor [link] [comments]