Dollar general dg me


2020.08.23 04:51 Dlsiexla PeopleOfDG

It’s like PeopleOfWalmart, but for Dollar General (DG). If you don’t know what DG is, it’s a dollar store that’s biggest profit is off of small rural towns, because DG gets stuff for cheap, sells stuff for cheap, and usually the people who buy the stuff there are like the people at Walmart, but worse.

2014.11.19 03:48 $1 at a time

If a million people gave a dollar to someone, they could be a millionaire.

2017.01.31 05:02 poeshmoe Florida Man, but a bit more wholesome.

Nothing unwholesome. Unwholesome things belong in /FloridaMan. That's pretty much it. You can post generally nice articles about Florida or its people, or OG 'wholesomememes' style FloridaMan articles that just seem nice and silly, rather than scary and garbage.

2023.06.09 17:24 EstablishmentSafe133 KICKED OUT OF CLIMBING GYM

Has anyone else in here noticed a general disdain for mountaineers and alpine climbers by climbing gyms?
So, last night my brother and I met up at our local climbing gym just to do some practice and such between being able to make it out into the hills. After being there about 30 minutes I was about halfway up the wall when I saw a gym employee coming up to my brother who had me on belay and telling him to lower me immediately.
When I got back down to the floor he informed us both that we were being kicked out immediately. He said the reason we were being kicked out was because my brother was belaying me off of a munter hitch (We use our own rope not twisting up the gyms), we were using Alpine draws instead of directly clipping into the overly restrictive QuickDraws, skipping clips to simulate long alpine run-outs, and the fact that we were climbing in boots rather than climbing shoes. He said "all of those things are very unsafe and you're going to get one of yourselves killed doing that". I was just taking aback, It's not like we had crampons on and were front pointing into their wall. And, they didn't even just ask us to switch over they asked us to leave and banned us from the facility.
Overreaction, or did I overstep a bound here?
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2023.06.09 17:24 AutoModerator [] ✔️Chase Dimond – The Agency Acceleration Course ✔️ Full Course Download

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When I began building my agency in 2018, it was a good business for me and my partner.
It put food on the table, and we were able to help to grow other businesses that we were passionate about.
We didn’t realize at the time that the only thing keeping us at the mid-6-figure per year mark was our own mental blockages.
Just about any agency can be an 8-figure a year endeavor, especially if you do it the way that we’ve done it.
Most agency owners in the $10-30k per month range operate within a freelancer mindset.
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You do not have a demand problem.
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  • Remaining profitable as you scale
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As long as you have an offer that’s proven to work in an industry that’s likely to continue to exist in 10 years, you have a multi-million dollar opportunity at your fingertips.
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Before you buy, you need to understand this.
This course will work for any agency in the digital space, but it is not for beginners.
This is not to show you how to land your first client and find your niche.
This will only work if you have at least 2-4 clients and you already understand your offer.
My strategies for client acquisition, client retention, offer structure, team building, and systems will only work if you already have the foundations in place.
If you’re above $60k a year but below $1M a year, this will work for you.
Inside, I also share information about my agency that I’ve never shared before.
I do a deep dive into everything that’s allowed us to scale from high-6-figures in 2019 to high-7-figures in 2021.
Everything from the way you need to think about things, to the way you need to execute things.
I leave nothing out of this.
If you’re ready to scale your agency from $10-30k a month up to 6 figures a month, click below to get access to everything you’ll ever need today.
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2023.06.09 17:23 dieseldod So my dad gave me some coins today.

So my dad gave me some coins today.
So I stopped by my parents this morning to pick up my boat and my dad gave me a candy tin full of old silver dollars and some miscellaneous other old coins.
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2023.06.09 17:23 asksbadquestions_ Update to the void, again

I've kept a journal since I was a kid, but I've found the editing process on here is more conducive to what I'm trying to achieve versus the brain-dump I practice with journaling.
Thoughts in no particular order:
I came to the conclusion that I'm not generally angry or sad, or at least I haven't been for a few days. That's not to say I'm happy, but if I had to put a word on my emotions right now it would probably be humbled.
The infidelity subs are depressing. There's so much collective hurt that I've found them hard to look at, much less post in.
My PCP's office told me to come in next week for the STD test. I'd happily go the rest of my life without that conversation happening again.
My wife's friend group has been withdrawn from her. Aside from a few check-ins, her group chats have been quiet. Regardless of what happens between us I want those ladies in her life, so it's hard to watch. Her best friend called me to tell me she had no idea at all, which I believe. She's hurting too.
Re: what happens between us. I want this to work. I want us to collectively move forward in a better state. If I don't try, I'll regret it the rest of my life. I don't want this weekend to be the last time we ever take our kids on a trip together.
In hindsight, while I viewed our sexual intimacy as being problematic, she was struggling with emotional intimacy when I thought it was pretty damn good. I described our sexual relationship as feast or famine; to get myself through the famine phases I would greatly reduce trying to initiate sex (because I didn't want to feel bad after being rejected), but when I stopped trying to have sex with her, her self-confidence would plummet even though I was still telling her she was pretty / hot / sexy / whatever and we were still cuddling / kissing / holding hands. It was a viscous cycle.
I do believe they weren't physical. I'm not sure how much longer that would have been the case, and frankly don't care. That doesn't change my stance on the STD test though. She's also decided to do one, I'm assuming because our marriage counselor covered it.
She resigned from the organization she was volunteering with. I'm torn because she was passionate about it, but at the same time I'd be lying if I said I wasn't relieved in her choice. Hopefully she can find another outlet.
The dumb tiff we got into yesterday was about underwear. I put a CK bra / panty set in her stocking last year, and they've been in her drawer since then with the tags on them. Yesterday she wore them, and while she wore them incredibly well, I got annoyed because I felt she was trying too hard to get me to notice it. Was it in my head? Maybe. She said she just wanted something comfortable (she's definitely not pregnant) and thanked me for getting them for her. She didn't walk away from the conversation or not let me speak, she listened then told me her side then listened some more. Honestly I felt like a dick, especially after I noticed she changed afterwards.
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2023.06.09 17:23 Rhyzic How do I claim back marriage tax allowance?

According to the government website I'm entitled to a rebate. However, it doesn't state exactly how to do this.
I tried going through the general form online for tax refunds but it doesn't list this as one of the options.
I've also tried ringing them but keep getting put through to a bot that redirects me to the same website.
I'm just stuck and confused at this point as to what to do now.
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2023.06.09 17:22 gardener3159 How does LazerPig know information about Gonzalo Lira that is not in the public domain?

LazerPig quoted as saying about Gonzalo Lira taken from his video shown below:
He was running around Karkiv taking pictures of Ukrainian positions and Ukrainian troops and everything and it turns out he was being paid to take pictures of Ukrainian artillery positions and mortar positions by the Russians and when he was arrested by..........the whoever the fuck...Ukrainian special police or whoever the fuck they're called..I forget..
We actually we contacted them and asked....because the thing is he was brought in for questioning...and he was interrogated by the SBU and ........we contacted the SBU and asked and they gave us the details......
He goes on to say that Gonzalo Lira broke down after being interrogated by the SBU and being told that he faces spy charges and that he could spend the rest of his life in prison and he broke down completely apparently and asked for a plea deal and in return he gave up the names of five Russian saboteurs and collaborators that were working in Ukraine which led to five arrests...and so on.... he goes on to say more which you can listen to yourself.
You can here LazerPig here on: and it starts at 1:53
My question is this: LazerPig either is telling the entire truth and he is an ordinary citizen who phoned up or emailed the Ukrainian SBU and they provided him general information that is open to the general public or what he's saying is untruthful and incorrect.
If what LazerPig has said is truthful and correct then to me it would seem unlikely the SBU would tell an ordinary foreign citizen this kind of info and that it's more likely that LazerPig is a member of the CIA or MI6. Another interesting point to note is that LazerPig can be heard saying "we" contacted the SBU......but that would indicate that he is part of an "organisation"......which organisation could that be? CIA and MI6 does he mean - he lives alone apparently so what other "we" could he have meant?
Is there any other likely explanation than either 1. LazerPig is being untruthful or 2. LazerPig is in fact an agent of the CIA or MI6?
Further circumstantial evidence of him being a member of the CIA or MI6 is as follows:
  1. LazerPig never reveals his face on camera? CIA/MI5 agents are known to prefer to remain anonymous.
  2. During LazerPig's videos there's always the "clinking of bottles" that are quite loud and very regular - this could be part of the "background story" and could be a soundtrack. Why are they so predictable and so loud? The clinking always sounds the same and is for the same amount of time if you listen carefully
  3. The Armata T-14 has information about it that isn't in the public domain - Is this true?
  4. People have suggested LazerPig is unemployed but someone as intelligent as him is unlikely to be unemployed. It could be part of his undercover guise and ruse.
  5. He swears often and liberally peppers the word "xuck" in his conversation and CIA, MI6 agents are known to do this often as well.
  6. Some commentators accuse LazerPig of BS in some of his videos - It is widely known that CIA and MI6 agents say untruthful things - that's what they do.
I only ask the questions based on the information that LazerPig provided himself. I myself genuinely don't know
I do know however that citizens cannot phone up and ask questions and get replies from the Ukrainian SBU, CIA or MI6 about internal investigations about matters of national security such as espionage.
What do you think? Am I just being being a tin foil hat conspiracy theorist here?

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2023.06.09 17:21 the_Pinball I am on day 3 and have had intense cravings, so asked ChatGPT to give me a motivational speech as a gym bro...

This was its response
"Listen up, bros and broettes! I'm about to drop some knowledge bombs that'll make you think twice before grabbing that drink. So grab your protein shakes and get ready to flex those mental muscles, because I'm here to give you some serious gains in life by telling you why you should never touch alcohol again. Let's go!
  1. Alcohol sabotages your fitness gains: You know how hard you work in the gym, grinding out those reps and pushing your limits to sculpt that jacked physique? Well, alcohol is like a sneaky little goblin that comes in and wrecks all your progress. It slows down protein synthesis, lowers testosterone levels, and messes with your sleep patterns. Say goodbye to those gains, bro!
  2. Alcohol is empty calories: You want to get shredded, right? Well, alcohol is the enemy of gains when it comes to nutrition. It's packed with empty calories that do nothing but add layers of unwanted flab to your body. Instead of fueling your muscles with the nutrients they need, you're basically pouring liquid fat down your throat. Not cool, bro!
  3. Alcohol messes with your focus: You know that mind-muscle connection you strive for during your workouts? Alcohol throws a grenade right into the middle of that. It impairs your cognitive function, slows down your reaction time, and messes with your coordination. Good luck trying to nail that deadlift PR when you can barely stand up straight!
  4. Alcohol wrecks your recovery: Recovery is key, bros! Your muscles need time to repair and grow stronger after intense workouts. But alcohol disrupts that process by inhibiting protein synthesis and increasing inflammation. It's like throwing a wrench in the gears of your recovery machine. You'll be stuck in a perpetual state of soreness and stagnation.
  5. Alcohol kills your motivation: You want to be a beast in the gym, right? Well, alcohol is the ultimate motivation killer. It zaps your energy, messes with your sleep quality, and makes you feel like garbage the next day. You'll be more likely to skip workouts, make poor food choices, and generally fall off the fitness wagon. Is that six-pack worth sacrificing for a few hours of buzz?
Now, I'm not saying you can never have fun or celebrate with your bros, but if you're serious about your fitness goals, it's time to ditch the booze. Trust me, the gains you'll make in the gym and in life will far outweigh any temporary pleasure alcohol may bring. So put down that drink, grab a dumbbell, and let's get swole together! Stay fit, stay strong, and stay alcohol-free, bros!"
Weirdly, this was very effective. I am not a gym rat or a bro but I feel I could be now. I played around with some other prompts to give me reminders of why I shouldn't drink, super useful tool I never considered for managing cravings!
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2023.06.09 17:21 CommanderAuri Searching for a longterm partner! Prompts listed below

Hi there! Name’s Auri and I’m a 28F. I’ve been rping for roughly 10+ years now and am searching around for another partner for a thread or two. I'm not replacing anyone!
General overview:
Prompt idea:
*Mass Effect 2 or 3: I created an original elemental race/character to use in the Mass Effect universe. This could take place during the second game and start off as a recruitment mission or start off with with third game after Shepard leaves the Mars archives. For either prompt here, I would like to try and follow Shepard's crew during both games. I'm currently not looking to do anything for Mass Effect: Andromeda at the moment
The second: Our characters are assigned to a backwater colony world that's now inhabited by both humans and ex-covenant forces. Our OCs/CCs are essentially made to be a temporary peace keeping force, a supposedly easy op. After meeting up with the colony's human governor, time passes and things start seeming a bit... off. The colony world isn't what it appears to be and there's a hidden menace that we need to uncover deep below ground and stop before it's too late.
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2023.06.09 17:21 AK10FN Overwhelmed with following up after all the meetings and calls. Any best practices?

Hey fellow Redditors! I've been grappling with a decrease in the pipeline lately, thanks to the pesky downturn. But even amidst all the chaos, I still find myself overwhelmed when it comes to those end-of-day follow-up emails. You know the drill—summarizing discussions, outlining next steps, and everything else in between. It's enough to make my head spin! So, I need some much-needed guidance. What are your tried-and-true best practices when it comes to sending out follow-ups? How do you structure them to make sure your recipients are engaged and on the same page while keeping up and minimizing the time investment? I've done some research of my own and stumbled upon a couple of tools. One of them is However, I've noticed that most tools out there focus on cold outreach or general copywriting tasks, like or While they're great, I'm curious if any of you have other recommendations up your sleeves. I'm on the hunt for something that specifically streamlines the follow-up process and makes my life a whole lot easier. Alright, enough ranting from me! Let's get down to business. Share your wisdom, fellow Redditors! I'm eager to learn from your experiences and revolutionize my follow-up game.
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2023.06.09 17:21 E_DeFrost Star Trek makes a strong case for universal basic income/resources, in relation to the real world and personal fulfillment.

(I’m sure this has already been discussed, but…)
Star Trek provides example after example of how, when people have their basic needs met (food via replicators/shelter aboard a ship), they will fervently pursue academic/scientific interests, art, and exploration.
Anyone in the real world who opposes a universal basic income for food and shelter, or insists that it would deter people from working, has never enabled people to actually pursue their true passions.
The motivation to work and be productive is embedded into the vast majority of the human race. Examples exist all around us. Wikipedia, the largest encyclopedic database on the planet, operates almost exclusively on free contributions from passionate people. Look at what people build in Minecraft on their own time. Poke around any game-modding community, and see the time and energy people invest into building/developing things with no expectation of financial profit. Countless other instances can be found throughout history (and contemporary society) of people, with all their basic needs met, pursuing art, tech, and academia. Most people have a gene-deep desire to build, create, investigate, and explore.
Star Trek’s Starfleet continually gets this right: the ships’ engineers constantly work to refine processes to boost efficiency: not for profit or monetary gain, but as a matter of personal pride and satisfaction.
The scientists keep exploring even the most minor astronomical anomalies, the doctors keep studying the most niche biological phenomena, all out of curiosity. They are legitimately interested, and therefore personally invested. They want to deepen their understanding. They want to learn.
The interactions between various alien cultures are anthropologists’ and sociologists’ dreams come true: hence all the diplomatic cross-culture ceremonies and “duck-blind” study scenarios.
These characters are all personally invested in their work, because almost everyone has found the position where they receive personal satisfaction/fulfillment.
You might be thinking “what about the jobs like crate stacking or inventory cataloguing? No one wants to do those jobs in real life.” Oh yes they do. Some people live for it. Organizers come in all forms. Tell me you’ve never met someone who lives to be meticulously organized; or someone obsessed with Tetris; an archivist/librarian who lives to sort things.
“What about garbage collectors? Who’d want to be garbage collectors unless they had to?” Trust me, there are people motivated to keep their community clean. (Additionally, without profit/capitalism/consumerism, aka “waste culture” as the driving force behind most things including manufacturing, waste generation is significantly reduced: most things are built to last/be repaired, or generally recycled. Organic waste is composted, etc. I digress.)
In a galaxy that large, where people are encouraged to pursue their interests (not just relegate those interests to hobbies because “you can’t make a living doing that,”) means you get an incredibly diversified knowledge and resource base within your greater community.
Need an expert in the microscopic harmonic fluctuations of alien cell membranes? There is one a subspace transmission away. Need a specialist on the dietary habits of the yarn people of Nylar 4? They’ll be at the diplomatic brunch tomorrow.
Need a faster ship engine? Someone in a lab has dedicated the past decade to building one, and they’re excited to share.
(These hyper-specific academic/technical pursuits also suggest a greater tolerance/societal value placed on neurodivergence than most modern, socially-oriented capitalistic workspaces as well, but that’s a topic for a whole other post.)
And sure, with basic needs met, you’ll get a small subset of people who don’t want to “work.” Who just “exists”. But, as another point, is there something wrong with someone just enjoying being alive, and being content with that?
Whenever someone (usually older) refers to these hypothetical “unproductive people” as people who’ll just “lay around, playing video games all day,” I want to point out that this is a major fallacy.
Almost all video games are goal-oriented. Most gamers game to accomplish virtual objectives: to win battles, complete quests, rank up. Gaming is entirely objective driven, just like most other pursuits mentioned above: the reason we look down on gaming accomplishments is because “it’s not real,” or “it’s empty/hollow.” But! That’s because we’ve cultivated a societal structure in reality where these “Hollow Pursuits” are the only sense of satisfaction or accomplishment that most people can get, who are often laterally trapped along the professional ladder.
Research has shown that, Given the chance, and the right circumstances, people will direct that objective-oriented energy into something real/consequential in like 95% of cases. The reason “couch-potato” gamers are so common these days is because so many people are unsatisfied with the work/opportunities provided by their jobs/careers, and turn to gaming as alternative suppliers for these feelings of achievement and accomplishment. (Also, gaming allows fantasy/imaginative/alternative pursuits, but that’s another notion.)
“But universal basic income will encourage people to stay home and sleep/drink all day.”
Most healthy people, both ND and NT, find their own purpose to get out of bed each day and get something done. Left open, they’ll find it and chase it. That’s healthy people. Substance addiction and clinical depression are not indicative of healthy people. A more community-and-fulfillment-centric societal structure lends itself to better-developed resources for recovery and treatment. PLUS! Not having to worry about earning basic needs/pay rent to survive while struggling with addiction or emotional issues is a key factor to bettering mental/emotional health, and aids recovery. Studies (with lab animals) have also shown senses of community and support have significantly curbed addictive behaviors that otherwise flourish/metastasize in isolation.
I didn’t expect this post to end up this long. I’m curious to hear thoughts!
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2023.06.09 17:21 geok145 I am worthless

I feel so down on myself lately. I am 25 and only had one relationship and never had sex. I am ugly and uninteresting. I see no redemption for me. Some friends tell me I am kind, supportive and all around a good guy. I believe they tell me all this to cover all my bad qualities and a lot of times I feel like I am become annoying when I open up about my feelings. I end up showing them how weak and pathetic I really am so they will eventually lose all respect for me if they haven't already. Everyone around me is just tired hearing me whine but I want to let it off my chest sometimes. I just wish I was a normal, attractive guy dating women, feeling good about myself and living a good life in general.
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2023.06.09 17:20 Andre3000RPI Yahoo Morning Briefing

An open letter to GameStop executive chairman Ryan Cohen
Today's Takeaway is by Brian Sozzi, Yahoo Finance's Executive Editor. Follow Sozzi on Twitter @BrianSozzi and on LinkedIn.

Dear Ryan,
In this former analyst’s humble opinion, you are failing mightily at GameStop and it's costing average investors major money.
Do better. Way better. This is painful to watch. You have a handpicked board of directors — mostly comprised of people you worked with at Chewy. At Chewy, you created an online retailer that millions of people love. Yet, the magic you found there hasn't fixed GameStop. Some would say the business has gotten worse!
First quarter 2023 sales: down 10.3% year over year. First quarter 2023 net loss: $50.5 million versus a net loss of $157.9 million a year ago.
In 2022 and 2021 combined, GameStop lost $694.4 million according to your latest annual report. You failed at picking a management team and developing them based on the turnover under your kingdomship.
For all his miscues, how couldn't a former Amazon exec in Matt Furlong find some form of success at GameStop? One good quarter maybe? The CFO you picked was canned in July 2022 after about a year on the job.
While I am at it, why isn’t there any list of C-suite executives on the GameStop investor page? Showing these bios are standard practice for public companies.
All of that's on you as a leader, Ryan.
The company remains structurally challenged because of increasing digital game downloads. You still have more than 4,000 retail stores open globally despite more people buying goods and services online. Your push into NFTs failed. Your move to open more fulfillment centers has arguably failed due to top line pressures that aren't going away.
Sales of collectibles — a key focus area by management — plunged 22% in the first quarter.
There is still no reason for the non-gamer to enter a GameStop store. That's a problem, in my view.
Of course, I have not created a huge business like you did at Chewy. Nor have I sold a large business to another company like you did when selling Chewy to Petsmart in 2017. I also haven't taken a company public, as Chewy went in 2019.
I commend you on putting in the late nights to make these things happen. I am a fan of heart and hustle stories.
I also don't have the vast wealth — which you earned through Chewy! — available to me, and that means I am unable to overthrow a public company's board of directors and treat a company like a personal playground. Which is what has happened at GameStop, in my view.
This bank account means you have more influence in public markets than I do, and could push around your weight. And have. Your past moves in Bed Bath & Beyond and Nordstrom — and bizarre tweets — show you are willing to put your money where your mouth is to make a point.
It's your money, and you may choose to do with it as you see fit. We live in a capitalistic system, after all.
But you are failing GameStop.
And perhaps your biggest failure is the lack of communication to the average investor community.
A series of 8-minute-long earnings calls the past two years led by Furlong, with no Q&A? Are you kidding?
Not a single investor-focused event detailing your grand plan?
I get being cryptic for competitive reasons, but you are a public company executive. Investors deserve to know about the vision for a company controlled by you personally and your handpicked board.
The average investor has placed a ton of faith in you, Ryan. They have spent hours upon hours reviewing GameStop's financials, supporting you on social media, and the comment sections on Yahoo Finance, among other places.
It's time you show them the respect they deserve. The Ryan Cohen we talked with at Yahoo Finance in 2019 seemed to be someone that would at least entertain the thought of caring about the average guy. Be that Ryan Cohen again. Investors deserve it… and have earned it by supporting you blindly for two plus years.
Note: A spokesperson for Ryan Cohen didn't return Yahoo Finance's request to make Ryan Cohen available for an interview for this piece.
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2023.06.09 17:20 tbonemasta General contractor bailed at the last minute. Overbooked or shady?

Massive addition/renovation on a century home. Full architectural plans and everything: whole 9 yards.
General contractor highly recommended by architect, in business for > 30 years.
He was pretty casual, only wanted to talk on the phone vs email or text. Always talking about "his guys", "how it really works, etc", when asked clarifying questions. Always saying stuff like "I want you guys to feel comfortable"...
He kept dragging his feet on his details we needed for financing, would not answer any questions about how he arrived at these really strange estimates for stuff: eg. $35k for tile work for 2 bathrooms...
My wife usually dealt with him, and was telling me this, so I sent him a nice text message asking for more transparency, to make us feel more comfortable.
He proceeds to call our bank and let them know he's out. Sends us a message back "thanks for the opportunity".
My theory is either he overbooked himself and needed an out, or he was being shady (seems unlikely due to seniority).
What do y'all think?
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2023.06.09 17:20 highPerplexity highPerplexity ChatGPT Plugin Prompt of the Week: Money Chain

highPerplexity ChatGPT Plugin Prompt of the Week: Money Chain

highPerplexity ChatGPT Plugin: Money Chain Prompt
This week's featured ChatGPT prompt is really special - it chains numerous plugins together to search the internet for publicly traded companies in a specified industry and:
- Finds two companies in that sector that have been making news lately - Searches the internet again for more info about that news - Judges if the sentiment of that news is generally positive or negative - Uses another plugin to fetch detailed financial information for each of those companies
To use the prompt, just activate the highPerplexity plugin and run this prompt directly in ChatGPT:
Use highPerplexity Prompt: Money Chain Request: Banking and Finance (replace this with whatever sector you desire)
I built out the entire backend platform that powers this + the ChatGPT plugin that makes it happen. If anybody wants to learn how to make your own prompts that can be used in this exact same way, just reach out and let me know!
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2023.06.09 17:20 bigbird9999999 [CA] [SELLING] Tons of singles and sets - Blue Spring, Dead Dead Demons, Vagabond singles, Mpd Psycho, Barefoot Gen, Eden its an endless world, Planetes, Master Keaton, BILLY BAT, frieren, blue giant, Legend of Kamui complete comics and more!!
Prices are in canadian dollars - shipping not included. Would prefer not to split any sets. If you need additional photos or info let me know!
Eden its an Endless world 1-4 $110 (1-3 G4, 4 is G3 sticker residue)
Paradise Kiss rare first vertical edition 1-3 $100 (G4)
Peepo Choo 1-3 $135 (G4)
Basilisk 1-2 $30 (G3 yellowing)
Bastard!!! 1,7-9,11 $100 (G3 yellowing some shelf wear)
Sanctuary 2-4,8-9 $125 (vol 2 G2, rest G4/5)
Saikano 2-6 $95 (G3 yellowing) Dead Dead Demons 1-12 + downfall $200 (G5 new)
Master Keaton 1-12 $240 (G5 new)
Billy Bat (japanese) 1-20 $110
Fist of the North Star HC 1-7 $135 (G5 new)
Barefoot Gen HC 1-10 $285 (G5 new)
House of Five leaves 1-8 $115 (G5 new)
Blue Lock 1-5 $50 (G4)
Blue Giant 1-5 $80 (G5 new)
Planetes 1-2 $50 (G4.5)
Alice in Borderland 1-2 $40 (G5)
Double 1-4 $40 (G5)
Havent you heard? Im Sakamoto 1-4 $50 (G3.5 yellowing)
Frieren 1-7 $70 (G4)
Kemono Jihen 1-4 $50 (G5)
Legend of Dororo and Hyakkimaru 1-5 $55 (G4)
Our Dreams at Dusk 1-4 $50 (G5)
Sensei's Pious Lie 1-3 $50 (G5)
Ryuko 1-2, Gamma Draconis $35 (g4)
Legend of Kamui 1-37 viz/eclipse comics floppies complete bagged and boarded $100
Single Volumes:
Tanpenshu 2 $65 (g4)
Mpd Psycho 1 $35 (g4)
Gantz 23 $85 (g5 sealed)
Blue Spring $120 (G4 yellowing)
Basara vol 1 $45 (g4)
Biomega 1 $50 (g4 yellowing)
Blade of the Immortal 25 $35 (g3 shelf wear)
Rave Master 26 $50 (g4 yellowing)
Vagabond vol 12 $65 (g3.5 shelf wear)
Vagabond vol 21 $75 (g4 shelf wear)
Real vol 1 $25 (g4)
Slam Dunk 19 x2 $12 (both g5 new)
Not Simple $15 (g5)
Lychee Light Club $15 (g5)
Music of marie $20 (g5)
Ode to Kirihito $25 (g5)
to strip the flesh $10 (g5)
the quest for the missing girl $20 (g5)
Tokyo zombie $15 (g5)
Gantz singles 15,16,17,18,19,20 (or 20+ it depends)
Heart of Thomas by moto hagio
A brides story vols 1-13 or a large chunk
Hunter x Hunter 1-36 (usa prints only)
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2023.06.09 17:19 nunu135 new fan

hi i live in the bay area and I want to start following the league now that we have a team. or are going to have a team. I was just wondering if anyone could give me a general view of the league, like what tv channels the games are on, what teams are traditionally big, or have a big fanbase, and what are some of the league's rivalries. i know we're new but hopefully, we develop some rivalries I know la has a team and seattle and portland too so that could be something. thanks in advance.
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2023.06.09 17:19 kinger147 Red Shift Mode Scheduled (Epix Pro)

Has anyone enabled Red Shift Mode "After Sunset"? I've noticed that the feature generally turns on around sunset but doesn't use the sunrise/sunset times within the watch. Additionally, I would assume the feature would turn Red Shift Mode off once the sun rises, however it doesn't appear to work that way for me. I have to manually turn it off every morning. Curious if others have seen the same functionality. I reached out to Garmin support and they weren't able to tell me if the feature was working as expected or not.
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2023.06.09 17:19 Green_Possibility_12 Low carb / keto diet cured my gastritis and story how I found it out

Background with H. Pylori and on-off gastritis:
I am a 23M and 1,5 year ago had gastritis due to H. Pylori. Got antibiotics and PPIs for it and got successful eradication. Stomach was fine for a while.
Half a year ago I got same symptoms as I had from H. Pylori, so I got retested for it - but for my surprise it was negative this time. Also the the antibiotics + PPI combo I had has pretty good eradication rates so it kind of makes sense.
So doc prescribes PPIs and tells me to avoid stress and eat easily palatable non spicy food. This treatment helped, after couple of months I drop the PPIs and the symptoms come back.
Moving abroad and accidental discovery of low carb diet:
So at this point I am quite devastated as many of you can relate. I also move abroad and with sorting out all the practical things I got a lazy with following the strict diet and eating in general so I ate one to zero meals a day.
This is quite unhealthy, but for me it resulted some findings. Every time I had high carb meal I would be suffering next night and day and would need something to help with the heartburn / stomach pain. (I'd take Carafate / Sucralfate even though you can't take them in long term) Conversely if I had a "cheat day" from my diet and eat less carbs like meat or fish I would actually FEEL BETTER next day.
After I came up with this realization I started keto diet and I start recovering in couple of days. At the beginning I would have some difficulties with fatty foods, wine and coffee but after couple of weeks no problem with any of those. I have done a food diary and I notice that every time I go over 100g-150g of carbs per day\* I start to feel a little bit of gastritic pain in my stomach.
*so its not even close to a pure keto diet and offers some flexibility.
Final considerations and theories:
I suspect that there is some kind of bacterial / fungal infection in my gut which thrives from the carbs. When I get back from abroad I plan to find a doc and try to get it sorted.
I don't think this is the solution for everybody, but for me it worked. Wish you all the best in healing process.
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2023.06.09 17:18 AdProof5307 Projectors and manifesting an invitation

This year I have finally been able to start manifesting opportunity for myself as a projector. Yes that’s right, I am able to manifest invitations. I’ll tell you how.
(For referrence I am a 2/4 splenic projector abt to start my 4th year of deconditioning)
This is how i manifest. Typically I believe manifestation across the general board (in HD and in pop culture) is taught as like meditating on your desires and removing attachment to them and waiting for them to come. It’s all about what you want but my design doesn’t work like that so I’m not successful with general manifestation advice.
Over the last year I had multiple random experiences that made it seem like the person I met had actually been manifesting me! And that changed how I viewed manifestation so now this is how I manifest an invitation.
First a projector is a guide so people have to be looking for you… and I believe it’s to be clear with myself about what I have to give. Who am I right now and who could want what from me as I currently am?
Then, I imagine a person who is looking for something I have. I imagine what they could want/ask for and what I am willing to give For example I imagine a person looking for a friend to trust and talk to about something and then I realize I am available to meet that need in someone so I release it to the universe and I manifest an opportunity to be a friend to someone
Now imagine it has to do with money. I am clear that I have multiple hours in a week to work on something, I realize my skill is organization and so I imagine a person with a messy room they would be willing to pay someone to clean. And I know I would be willing and available to solve that problem so I manifest an invitation by being available to a person willing to pay me to clean a mess.
Then! I put myself in open situations where I believe these opportunities could find (if it’s a friend I attend an social function, if it’s money I post a neighborhood ad) and anything that doesn’t manifest is a win bc it means I get to keep my energy for myself.
Now as a projector, if I honestly assess myself and think I have no energy to give anyone then I manifest nothing outwardly (probably could manifest some rest though!) but if I am honest and think, I have love/time/attention/goods/services someone might want then I am able to more accurately manifest Success in spontaneous situations because they manifested me first.
Hope that helps. I believe projectors can manifest if they think about being the one being manifested.
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2023.06.09 17:17 YakImaginary170 Advice after Job Rejections?

I recently rejected a job offer because, even after some negotiations, they were offering me a salary that was too low for the location I was required to move to. Today I got rejected from a job I really wanted and had a successful interview with (must have failed the technical test, didn't get any specific feedback after asking).
Now I am in a terrible state of mind, belittling myself and regretting rejecting the low-pay job. Any advice on how to deal with this and, generally, job rejection?
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2023.06.09 17:16 weddingwoethrowaway1 Trying to prep for wedding party gifts

Hello all! I'm hoping to get some help as I am genuinely not great at gift giving. We're still about 5 months out, but I'm trying to plan ahead.
I have 4 bridesmaids, a MOH and a Dude of Honor.
When I asked them to be in our wedding, I gifted them the typical proposal boxes with a candle, custom tumbler (with just their names), and I think one other thing... That was a solid option for everybody since the candle and Tumblers weren't too overly feminine.
But now I'm struggling on what to do for them as a thank you at the rehearsal dinner... I'd like to give them something they can use that doesn't scream "bridesmaid", but what I've been finding doesn't necessarily work for my Dude. I get that I'll likely have to get him something more tailored for him, but I don't want it to be vastly different.
They all came together to throw me an AMAZING bridal shower and my Dude even handmade a GORGEOUS cake for the event, so I do want to show my gratitude while also keeping my budget in mind (we're in a good place, but a few hundred extra dollars here and there will add up).
Solid chance I'm overthinking this, but figured I'd ask the experts here.
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