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2015.08.04 15:25 Phoxie Pics of the contents of your purse.

Post pics of the interesting, cool, and/or everyday things you carry in your purse. You can include a pi of your beautiful or ugly purse too! Show everyone how much stuff you carry with you everyday or how little you manage to get by with. If you've found an item that you think is really beneficial to carry in your purse, share your idea! What we carry around everyday tells a lot about us.

2023.06.09 17:27 jadoresleep I feel like makeup is the only saving grace…

Before the hirsutism got worse, I didn’t “need” (or want to because I’m lazy) a full face of makeup. I could just use concealer and a bit of contour and go. But now I have to add more steps and prep just to cover the 5 o clock shadow to feel somewhat feminine again when I go out.
I feel my face is starting to become slightly more masculine without it… I only get a moment of normalcy the times I put makeup on if it doesn’t melt off at the end of the day or the stubble doesn’t grow :(
I regret taking birth control (Hailey-Fe) because I feel that made things worse after I stopped it 😞 and im not sure how else to go about it since I can’t afford electrolysis or laser yet and it grows back so fast… I feel like I’m in limbo with everything…
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2023.06.09 17:27 Dancedays Best kbeauty pressed powder to replace no7 lift and luminate powder/charlotte tilbury?

I finally found the one and only powder that works with my skin (the No 7 Lift and Luminate Triple Action Finishing Powder in shade Light) and now it's been reformulated... I haven't tried the new one but all the reviews I've seen are bad. People also say it's a different shade, more for neutral, and I have a cool undertone.
Any good powder recommendations? I have very fair normal/dry (more leaning towards dry) skin with a cool undertone. I use the powder to set cc cream and concealer and for days I just want to wear sunscreen and no makeup I put powder on top to make it not shiny.
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2023.06.09 17:27 PersonalityWarm9835 Clear Messenger Bags

Clear Messenger Bags
STADIUM APPROVED CLEAR BAGS: These are perfect clear bags for football games! Great for use at stadiums, concerts and airports. Certified to meet all NFL, NCAA & PGA Tour clear bag policies.
DURABLE BUILT TO LAST QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Our clear stadium purse is made of heavy-duty transparent PVC materials with double-stitched construction. The clear messenger bag with shoulder strap has a zipper closure to keep your items secure.
ADJUSTABLE SHOULDER STRAP & CERTIFIED BPA FREE: Our transparent bags are made of high-quality, BPA-Free & Lead Free plastic. This transparent purse measures 8" H x 8" W x 3" D. Shoulder strap adjusts from 58" to 29" and pocket measures 5 H" x 8 W".
WATERPROOF, KEEPS ITEMS DRY: Water resistant clear vinyl bag cleans easily and will keep your items dry.
100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE! At Clear Handbags & More® we fully stand behind our products. Try our stadium bags and see the difference for yourself. If you are not completely satisfied with our clear crossbody purse, we will gladly give you your money back, no questions asked!
USA BASED SELLER WITH 365 DAY WARRANTY! Where other brands choose to cut corners, we select quality materials that are durable & sturdy. Our product comes with a 365 day warranty against manufacturer defects, including zipper breakage! Most sellers only offer a 30-day Money Back guarantee.
Designed in the USA! Clear Handbags & More® has been manufacturing quality clear work bags for women and men, clear stadium bags and more since 2010.
  1. Shoulder strap adjusts from 58 inches to 29 inches - Front pocket measures 8" x 5" -
  2. Bag measures 8" H x 8" W x 3" D. Can be used as a see through purse or instead of a clear backpack. Also very convenient for those looking for clear bags for correctional officers
This clear cross-body messenger shoulder bag is perfect for work, football games, or outings! The clear stadium bag is adjustable, so it can be worn cross-body or as a shoulder bag. Features a front velcro pocket, adjustable shoulder strap, and a sturdy main zipper compartment.
For anyone looking for clear stadium bags for women or men or for transparent handbags or clear tote bags that are stadium approved, this is a great choice and comes in many different colors to pick from.

Learn More!
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2023.06.09 17:27 DeltaAleph How do you cope with this world?

Today marks 10 years of the death of Iain M. Banks, so I was wondering that if should have he lived, he would have destroyed his gallbalder regardless because all of the frustrating stuff that has been happening these last years. I was very young when Banks died, so I didn't had even the remote opportinity to meet him, but I feel that he would have been very disappointed by the current state of our world.
It seems that the world since 2020 has stopped going into the "utopian" or at least "the Expanse" type of universe and full into the "Cyberpunk 2077", "Bladde Runner" or "Handmaid Tale mixed with the Hunger Games" types. I wonder if we are really on the final stages of the human species. When I was a kid, I was sold on countless science programs that the 2030/40's would be full of robots doing all of our jobs while we enjoy and do art, but in an ironic twist of things, we have things like glorified autocompletes like ChatGTP and Midjourney doing all the intellectual tasks, while the "automation safe" jobs are basically physically intensive trades or minimun wage jobs. They promised us open source, transparent AGIs and medical tech capable of letting us decide how we want to be, but now we have addiction machines of social media that feed young people a bunch of neoliberal consumeristic and swallow ideas at best and far right lunatic content at worst while the coporations feed us plastics and chemicals in almost everything we use.
Also, a lot of literature of the late 90's and early 2000's talked a lot about a more enlightened future, but now we have things like science books being banned in the USA, a literal theocratic party thinking burning fossil fuels and murdering the poors is the word of Christ and a bunch of warmongers in the defense industries salivating over a WW3 even if that means they need to lie about China (the same as with Vietnam and Irak). I feel lied to.
And in Great Britain, had Banks lived, I'm sure he would have gone with his threat of crashing a Land Rover into Sunak's house, since we are now seeing how they are copying the ideas of degenerates like Matt Walsh and Rowling to create a new and useless culture war against trans people and migrants to hide their own failures and to distract people from the real issues that are now too evident to be concealed (as if NY becoming literal hell this week because wildfires and El Niño that possibly will put us on 1.5° for the first time in history wasn't enough). And while I like the idea of having more Culture novels, I would feel more demoralised thinking on how new Banks novels (or even the current ones had they been published these days) would have been banned or even publically burned a bunch of tribalistic narcisists calling it "woke scum that teaches the kids how to turn into commie transes wanting to destroy the holy capitalist America".
I feel like I'm living on the first stages of the WW3 of Star Trek, but at the same time I feel like instead of a massive revolution and change to finally outgrow our chimpanzee brain, we will end like a bunch of squabbering savages fighting on a Permian-like Earth for the last resources, while we let our boys being used as cannon fodder for a bunch of psychopath billionaire warlords and our girls as cattle-brides for a bunch of violent and degenerate priesteses and sultan-kings. Or being slaves under a liberarian far right cyberdystopia. And even in the short term I cannot be sure that I won't be supplanted by ChatGTP because a bunch of geriatric CEOs or nepotism boys think using an eratic LLM is cheaper than employing a human being. Is difficult to remain positive and think our true future is The Culture instead becoming yet another victim of The Great Filter.
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2023.06.09 17:26 Prestigious_Fault393 Best front room plan thoughts for your lavish property

Parlour plan thoughts Point of fact, the lounge is where we as a whole accumulate to mingle, giggle, and play. Being the home’s point of convergence, it normally works as a gathering place for visitors for anything from early-morning reminders to late-night parties. Stretch is displayed in different materials and styles in these 50 present-day front rooms. Place present-day furniture in a circle around a square floor covering. Concretize heaven with love seats situated on living walls. For a cutting-edge appearance, ponder using lively, reflexive clocks.
  1. Eliminate the lounge chair from the wall
The coach is the main mix-up I see individuals make while attempting to make the best divine design decor lounge room furniture game plan. It’s squeezed in a difficult spot so much of the time. I see couches driven into corners with tremendous measures of void space before them, even in the biggest rooms with a lot of room.
  1. Try not to allow the television to take over by concealing it.
I comprehend that sitting in front of the television is an essential utilization of the lounge room. Be that as it may, ideally, you wouldn’t maintain that it should be the principal thing you notice when you enter space. The ideal response is to flip the room format so the couch is apparent when you enter. Take a gander at the lounge room from my Williamstown project up top; I switched the direction. The television isn’t noticeable when you arrive at the highest point of the means.
  1. Develop a Conversation Pit
Front rooms now and again have a diversion unit on one wall and love seats and seats on the other. Two tremendous household items reflecting each other in the room can now and again give the feeling that the space is long and tight. With two open closures, the room might feel like a lobby. Add extra seats to the finishes of the space to make all the more a discussion pit in your front room.
  1. Utilize a huge carpet to moor the room.
The most phenomenal lounge furniture plan should have a practical reason. For yourself and how you live, you require space. How the parts fit together and connect is critical, however, the appearance is as huge. A floor covering is one of those embellishments that may not generally be valuable yet give the space a grounded feeling. Moreover, it joins your couch and rockers and forestalls the footstool from “drifting” in the centre.
  1. Guarantee Admittance to the Footstool
I habitually see family rooms with enormous couches and small footstools a few meters away and far off. To cure what is happening, you’ll purchase a bigger foot stool or draw the current one nearer to the couch (or both!).
The most vital phase in staying away from any costly parlour configuration botches is to consider the way that you will move around the room. Being inconceivably efficient is the key to an incredible parlour. Designspurt gives the best lounge room plan thoughts, double reason furniture that is suitable for divine design and interior decorating looks and feels lavish and has a lot of capacity inside if you have a little space. However much as could reasonably be expected, leave the room open to advance agreeable wind current. One must cleverly plan a front room to capitalize on each square inch of the room while keeping a coordinated game plan and sufficient stockpiling.
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2023.06.09 17:25 Sea-Introduction-500 Fellow Tarnished, ER's storytelling baffleth me

Skip this if you'd like: *(I've been wanting to play a souls game since 2019 and have only just gotten the chance to do so. I was so excited to begin with but after having played ER for a bit, I almost feel betrayed/disappointed.
I first found out about the souls series in 2019 through FightinCowboy's Dark Souls 3 Walkthrough. At the time, I must have been about 13 and did not know anything about gaming. So, you can imagine just how enchanting that game seemed to me. The visuals and the story seemed absolutely perfect. Soon enough, I burned through most of his other souls content except for DS2 and Bloodborne.)*
Now, quite a few years later, I've managed to secure the opportunity to actually play one of these games. For reference, I've completed all of Limgrave, fair amount of Liurna and have just started Caelid. That aside, I have, in my time spent outside the game, looked up the lore and the different endings and it all seems sooooo very ?boring? or even unnecessarily cryptic/abstract.
So, what's my huge problem with the storytelling?
You're living in the aftermath of the events that are actually of interest. Imagine you were there when the Elden ring was shattered. Imagine you were fighting the war against the dragons in Leyndell. Imagine you had the opportunity to steal the rune of death and assassinate Goldwyn. It would be much more fun imo if you could go on missions, so to speak, carry them out and see the story progress in the moment rather than having to read cryptic NPC dialogue and item descriptions to piece it all together. I know that some of the missions I've mentioned above don't exactly seem like they'd overlap in terms of who your character would be aligned with or where your character would be at a given time but if fromsoft had started with something like, I don't think it would be hard at all to hammer out these problems. Plus, I think in the end, it could all still have ended with the endings we currently have.
As it stands, you're essentially roaming a dead world and (aside from NPC side quests), there's not that much to give it life. The catacombs and caves are cool for the first 2-3 times and then it's just like "c'mon, really? This again?" I also wish there were more closed areas, like more castles and shit. Maybe those come later on in the game so I won't bitch too much about that.
Credit where credit is due though: the game is a visual masterpiece. This aspect of fromsoft's games have only gotten better since Demon's Souls. Soundtrack is epic and plenty of cool weapons from what I've seen in yt vids.
In the end, I must say that this is only my opinion but I needed to vent about this. If there's anything that I've understood incorrectly, please do correct me; I want to try and like the storrytelling but as it stands, it's just bad to me. So much so that even a sexily serious brit voice cannot convince me to like it.
P.S: The dung eater is solid waifuu material; good job fs.
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2023.06.09 17:25 Cadespa Still regret a golfing decision almost 5 years later

Still regret a golfing decision almost 5 years later
TLDR: Opportunity to play a grail course squandered because of last minute change in tee box selection.
Almost 5 years since I golfed The Champion at PGA National. Me and a buddy got paired up with a guy who was a former NHL player (humble guy, don’t remember his name, pretty unique swing got is talking and he reluctantly told us about his previous life) and he was standing at the tips when we pulled up because of course he could hit the ball a mile. My buddy said he was going to join him back there with his 270 carry. I had already planned on playing the blues at 6300 or so with my 230 carry at the time, but not wanting to be the odd man out I changed my mind and added 700 yards to my day. 8 tee boxes to choose from and I made the most obviously wrong choice.
Absolute worst golfing decision I ever made. My bogey game easily turned into a double bogey game, couldn’t reach the belly of the fairways so I was always trying to find a landing spot in the narrowest landing zones. The two sleeves of ProVs that they gave us when checking in disappeared by about the 12th hole. Finished the round absolutes exhausted and demoralized.
I recalled this experience when I was playing a new course yesterday and made the very conscience decision to play the middle boxes at 6150. Drives hit the bellies, anywhere from 5-wedge approaches, played the course like it was meant to be played. Greens were a different story altogether but my lousy play there had nothing to do with my choice of tee boxes.
Not looking for anything, just throwing something out there to provide reason not to pressure yourself into playing outside your abilities just to fit it.
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2023.06.09 17:24 Realmfire Aegis fleet 04

*the office of Grand Admiral Constantius* “Sir, Captain Ryker’s company is now en route to DSO 7. Additionally, Admiral Johnathan Herrion has requested information about the status of his old flotilla. It appears he heard about the recent incident to which you dispatched the Vallhalla”
“Thank you Aida, tell Admiral Herrion that his suggestion has been pushed through”
“Will do sir”

**DSO 7**
*two days later* *Captain Ryker steps off the dropship to see his men already checking their gear in the hanger. The quiet hustle of the operators ensuring their gear is a hundred percent operational didnt draw his attention. Instead it was the group of officers, quickly approaching his company. He quickly moved towards the approaching group of officers and his command staff joined him.* “Captain Ryker, My name is Admiral Herrion. Ill be your naval liason on this op”
“An Admiral as a liaison, Captain this is unheard of” *1SG Harris said* “well son, these are hard times. The Aegis Protocol is soon to go into effect, so its all hands on deck these days.” was the Admiral’s reply” “Well sir” said Captain Ryker “Thank you for being our liaison. I heard about your old task force. Is this really happening sir?” “Yes it is captain, and you’d be wise to steel yourself for what you see in that station. We are picking up.. Massive amounts of dark matter radiating from the station. Your company is to gain entry to the station and try to find out whatever information you can about this station.” “Roger that sir. Is there any specific reason an army unit was called up over a naval special forces unit?”

“Its because the naval special warfare program has massively deteriorated. Politicians have their hands all over it these days. Carrying on, your company has to be ready in the next half hour, you will be rendezvousing with a coast guard team that claims to have found an access point”

*half an hour later, on the hull of the ring station. 200 operators land on the station as their boots magnetically lock to the hull. As they make their way towards the beacon the coast guard team dropped, Captain Ryker gets the feeling something may be off, and pushes up to the front. As he comes across the beacon, but sees none of the coast guard crew. Where they would be he sees a hole cut into the station, and then.. A coast guard helmet drifts out.. Trailing blood. As he gets closer he notices.. There is still a head in the helmet. He motions for Demon company to halt and spread out around the hole. The first team moves to enter the hole. After a few seconds the all clear is given and Ryker enters. He looks and sees a gruesome sight- the coast guard team was.. Brutally killed. They appear to have been sliced apart. As more operators begin entering the chamber one of the squad leaders notices a door, and 2 of his men join him in breaching the door. The first soldier through the door stops as she sees it. This section of the station was a massive hanger, and inside was a 2 kilometer long ship, that appeared to have been blown apart. It lay in 2 pieces. Around it were dozens of small craft drifting, also damaged. Whatever happened here… was a massacre. As the company continued to clear the station they found more artifacts, more signs there was once a battle here. But no sign of bodies- or the killers of the coast gaurd crew.
It took 5 hours before they found the control chamber. There was a massive map in the control chamber that showed there were infact dozens of control chambers, and other sections like this one that were currently inaccessible. However there was a noted difference in this section, it had a room called “the gate room”. A team was dispatched to investigate, and found that in the center of the room was a large circular object, the center of the object was blue and appeared to be.. Rippling? The soldiers didnt have time to analyze it as an 8 foot tall being stepped through it. As he appeared suddenly the room was drenched in darkness. The being raised a weapon of some kind, and fired several shots, shredding the first soldier and heavily injuring the second. The soldiers kept shooting and shooting at this being with little to no effect on it, as more of those entities began coming through the portal. The soldiers were able to send out a warning and captain Ryker ordered a full retreat. In 45 minutes half the company made it back to the entranceway, as the other half were ambushed and cut down. Captain Ryker the men out of the station as dropships were on their way to pick them up. Captain Ryker was one of the last to get aboard the dropships. As they sped off he noticed the station begin activating. He quickly got a headcount, 78 of his men had escaped, meaning over half of his men were dead

When the station fully activated it became apparent it was a massive portal. The aegis fleet in position moved to engage as enemy ships began pouring through. This wasnt just an incursion this was a full scale invasion, and demon company had failed to stop it. The dropships docked with a transport ship and the ship jumped away, making random jumps to ensure they werent followed before reporting to earth*

*the senate was in chaos. News of hostile contact had made its way to the senate fairly fast. And officially the military had petitioned to put in play the highly classified Aegis protocol, a protocol that would see humanity pull back from its current missions to defend its own borders. A protocol that would isolate humanity from the rest of the galaxy. It was put into play less than an hour after it landed on the senate floor.

Hey all, realmfire here. This one is my last story for a while. But! More will come when i get back. Peace all and see you in a couple months.
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2023.06.09 17:24 Tobeecat Nooo they turned him into a fresh smelling hand sanitizer:((

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2023.06.09 17:24 Jilly3311 MM makes want to bang my head against a wall…

Men and women will never understand each other - we should never talk.
We should just have sex with men and occasionally ask them to carry something heavy, kill bugs and open jars. Buy dinner once in a while.
I have a headache.
Edit: makes “me” - can’t edit headline dammit
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2023.06.09 17:22 throwawaywannabe2 Question about epigenetics and HRT

Hi folks!
I am just wondering, because there's probably a hereditary disease in one side of my family - I do not know the exact nature of it, but I am pretty sure it's hereditary and it probably shows from birth, but I am not sure about that either - and my grandma had it and my aunt, but my dad doesn't seem to have it, but he could be a carrier. As far as I am aware I don't have it either but my brain is still developing (it impacts the brain). I read that hormones can activate certain genes, and my question is; if my dad carries the disease, is it likely that I have it as well? And if so, would it be save to go on testosterone or might that activate the disease? Is there a reliable way to know that in advance with the little information I have available?
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2023.06.09 17:22 mattscazza What Balls do you play with?

I got a dozen balls as a Christmas present as I was just starting to get into golf and after 6 rounds I've only got 1 left. So time has come to buy some new ones. The balls I was using was the Callaway CXR Power which as you can tell by the name is a distance ball. The main thing I'm noticing with my game is I'm losing a lot of shots around the greens and I'm thinking getting a softer ball with more spin and control will help with that. Especially as the course I mainly play gets very dry and greens get super fast.
The thing is, my club speed is up at 100mph and average distance off the tee is 250-260. (220 carry). So the traditional super soft balls for lower swing speeds aren't meant for me?
Can anyone recommend any good all round balls that won't spin too much off the tee so I can keep my distance and consistency there, but will also have a good soft feel and control around the greens as I'm losing a lot of shots to that.
Price is important too, I'm still a beginner and inconsistent, so I'm still losing 1 or 2 a round! Thanks!
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2023.06.09 17:22 Better-Worldliness92 Question? Is Jaidyn Alexis in the wrong?

So I’ve been thinking lately, when jaidyn was pregnant with her daughter chrisean swooped in and started dating blue leaving Jaidyn alone most her pregnancy without her family. Now chrisean is pregnant with blues baby and he decides to go back to his first family? Can we really be mad at Jaidyn for wanting her family back? I mean two kids on her from blue I can only imagine the emotional rollercoaster she’s been on with him. Of course the way she goes about it rubbing it in Chriseans face isn’t the best look. However didn’t chrisean rub her and blues relationship in jaidyns face when she was literally carrying his second child? Jaidyn was with him first, and she’s been baby moms for awhile now. Not saying chrisean took blue but I mean I can understand Jaidyns frustration.
Idk this situation is so weird they might as well become sister wives at this point. I wanna feel bad for them but they both got themselves in these relationships knowing how he is. Does anyone have any opinions on this situation? Just looking at the situation I’m not mad really at Jaidyn for wanting her family back. she’s prob so happy rn thinking her family is back together even though we all see that may not last and blue doesn’t care. At the end of the day the person we should be pointing our fingers at is blue. He’s an awful guy to deal with. He manipulated these women so bad and has abused them. It’s all just so sad and imagine what their kids will think when they are old enough to see how all this played out on the internet :/
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2023.06.09 17:20 LilPnas For the new people! (copied from someone else in another snark)

I’m reposting this comment here from one of my other posts in case you don’t know these people:
Oh lord. Buckle your seat belt cause this is a wild ride. So this couple named Eathan and Susan Broxson (@realeathansusan and @.eathannsusan) got millions of followers on TikTok. Here is a list of the craziness:
-Would promise shout outs/duets for gifts during lives and then not do them.
-Developed close relationships with fans and would then text them and beg for money.
-Started an illegal raffle where people would pay to get in, do a 50/50 pot, they kept half the money.
-Used their “fame” to beg for money when they got evicted out of their apartment.
-Also, cried saying “God wants you to help us” and raised a couple grand from fans so Eathan could put a down payment on a new truck (which he didn’t get but kept the money)
-Susan got caught writing cold checks from a woman she was “caring for” that had dementia.
-Admitted to leaving dogs outside during a hurricane.
-Susan hits their dog Nacho on live stream.
-Again, begging fans with money to give them money to pay for a hotel room, which they turned into a vacation for their family.
-Susan begins to sell ItWorks and other MLM schemes that started charging people for things they didn’t buy (little suspicious there Susie) and then refused to refund the money and say it wasn’t possible.
-Buy new clothes/shoes/purses etc and then resell it on fb for a markup
-Used money sent to them to eat out and get Starbucks, then complain they can’t pay their bills and ask for more money.
-Called their fans derogatory names when they wouldn’t give them money.
-Started a “Pay it Forward/Venmo Challenge” project where fans would send in money and they would use it to “bless” a waitress. However, they were also using the money to pay for their meals and keeping some of the funds raised for themselves. This was discovered as they would be inconsistent with their stories saying they raised $800 that week, but would then post about leaving only a $650 tip.
-Even Perez Hilton investigated and talked about their scams to raise awareness in an attempt to get their platform removed.
And I could seriouslyyyyy keep on going. I want to remind everyone that they were stealing and begging money from literal children. Basically would do anything to avoid working and having a real job. If you look up the hashtag #eathannsusan (which has over 31million views) you will see how shitty they are.
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2023.06.09 17:20 XC-3730C Retroid Pocket 3+/Daikisho - Retroarch isn't responding

I have a Retroid Pocket 3+ with Daijisho. Any time I run any game/core that is tied to RetroArch, it goes to a black screen then eventually I get a message saying, "RetroArch isn't responding". I have the option to close app, wait, send feedback. If I choose wait then it just stays on a black screen.
Any ideas for a fix? It was working find but perhaps some kind of update messed it up.
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2023.06.09 17:19 holyspirit1313 Novena to the Child Jesus, Infant of Prague (Posting Because a Blessing Occurred!)

My sisters and brothers in Christ, I am sharing this novena prayer with you all as I just completed its 9th day recently and now began its first day. I invite you all to join me for any burdens, worries, and/or fears, that you want to give to Jesus.
I am also sharing this to give testimony to a recent blessing Jesus has done for my family. My Uncle has been sick for some time with medical conditions. Unfortunately due to stress and a myriad of other factors, he wound up in the emergency room. My family was in extreme distress and the medical report was not looking good at all. We were afraid he may have turned for the worst and would not bounce back! However, by the grace of God through our faith, I thank Jesus that he was able to quickly leave the hospital healthier. This occurred just before the 9th day of this novena, praise God! Now I begin this prayer again in hopes that my uncle’s health will improve ten fold and better than ever before, along with the rest of his immediate family to be safe.
Please join me in this 9 day novena. Don’t lose faith, have faith like a child! And please share if this resonates with you. God bless.
DAY 1 ***:
O Sweet Child Jesus,here at Your feet is a soul that, conscious of its nothingness,turns to You, who are all.
I have so much need of Your help.
Look on me, O Jesus, with love,and, since You are all powerful,help me in my poverty.
Our Father...Hail Mary...Glory Be...
By Your Divine Infancy, O Jesus, grant me the the grace that I now ask:PRAYER REQUEST<--
....If it is according to Your will and for my true good.
Do not look upon my unworthiness,but rather on my faith,and show me your infinite mercy.
DAY 2:
O Splendor of the heavenly Father,in whose face shines the light of the divinity,I adore You profoundlyand I confess You as the true Son of the living God.
I offer You, O Lord, the humble homage of all my being.
Grant that I may never separate myself from You, my highest goal.
Our Father...Hail Mary...Glory Be...
By Your Divine Infancy, O Jesus, grant me the the grace that I now ask:PRAYER REQUEST<--
....If it is according to Your will and for my true good.
Do not look upon my unworthiness,but rather on my faith,and show me your infinite mercy.
DAY 3:
O Holy Child Jesus, in gazing upon Your face,from which comes the most beautiful of smiles,I feel myself filled with a lively trust.
I hope for all from Your goodness.
O Jesus, shed on me and on those dear to me,Your smile of grace,and I will praise Your infinite mercy.
Our Father...Hail Mary...Glory Be...
By Your Divine Infancy, O Jesus, grant me the the grace that I now ask:PRAYER REQUEST<--
....If it is according to Your will and for my true good.
Do not look upon my unworthiness,but rather on my faith,and show me your infinite mercy.
DAY 4:
O Child Jesus, whose head is adorned with a crown of thorns,I accept You as my absolute sovereign.
I do not wish to serve the evil one, my passions, or sin any longer.
Reign, O Jesus, over this poor heart,and make it all Yours for ever.
Our Father...Hail Mary...Glory Be...
By Your Divine Infancy, O Jesus, grant me the the grace that I now ask:PRAYER REQUEST<--
....If it is according to Your will and for my true good.
Do not look upon my unworthiness,but rather on my faith,and show me your infinite mercy.
DAY 5:
I gaze upon You, O Most Sweet Redeemer,dressed in a mantle of purple.
It is Your royal attire.
How it speaks to me of the blood You have shed for me and for all of humanity.
Grant, O Child Jesus,that I may respond to Your great sacrifice and not refuse,when You offer me some difficulty,to suffer with You and for You.
Our Father...Hail Mary...Glory Be...
By Your Divine Infancy, O Jesus, grant me the the grace that I now ask:PRAYER REQUEST<--
....If it is according to Your will and for my true good.
Do not look upon my unworthiness,but rather on my faith,and show me your infinite mercy.
DAY 6:
O Most Lovable Child,in contemplating You as You sustain the world,my heart fills with joy.
Among the innumerable beings that You sustainI also am one.
You look upon me,uphold me at every instant,and guard me as Your own.
Look after me, O Jesus,and help me in my many necessities.
Our Father...Hail Mary...Glory Be...
By Your Divine Infancy, O Jesus, grant me the the grace that I now ask:PRAYER REQUEST<--
....If it is according to Your will and for my true good.
Do not look upon my unworthiness,but rather on my faith,and show me your infinite mercy.
DAY 7:
On Your chest, O Child Jesus,shines a cross.
It is the standard of our redemption.
I also, O Divine Savior, have my cross, that,although light, very often weighs me down.
Help me to bear my cross as You did Yours,and may the carrying of my cross be fruitful.
You well know weak and worthless I am.
Our Father...Hail Mary...Glory Be...
By Your Divine Infancy, O Jesus, grant me the the grace that I now ask:PRAYER REQUEST<--
....If it is according to Your will and for my true good.
Do not look upon my unworthiness,but rather on my faith,and show me your infinite mercy.
DAY 8:
Together with the cross,I see on Your chest, O Child Jesus,a little golden heart.
It is the image of Your heart,which is truly golden on account of its infinite tenderness.
You are the true friend who generously gives Himself,for the one He loves.
Continue to pour out on me, O Jesus,the enthusiasm which Your love inspires,and teach me to respond always to Your great love.
Our Father...Hail Mary...Glory Be...
By Your Divine Infancy, O Jesus, grant me the the grace that I now ask:PRAYER REQUEST<--
....If it is according to Your will and for my true good.
Do not look upon my unworthiness,but rather on my faith,and show me your infinite mercy.
DAY 9:
How many blessings, O Little Child,has Your almighty right hand poured outon those who honor You and call upon You.
Bless me also, O Child Jesus,in both body and soul.
Bless and help me in my necessities,and grant me what I now desire.
Listen with compassion to my prayersand I will bless Your Holy Name every day of my life.Our Father...Hail Mary...Glory Be...
By Your Divine Infancy, O Jesus, grant me the the grace that I now ask:PRAYER REQUEST<--
....If it is according to Your will and for my true good.
Do not look upon my unworthiness,but rather on my faith,and show me your infinite mercy.
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2023.06.09 17:19 ziphode24 [LFA](repost) Vadon, Human Ranger that has gained the attention of a fey queen. More details in comments.

[LFA](repost) Vadon, Human Ranger that has gained the attention of a fey queen. More details in comments. submitted by ziphode24 to characterdrawing [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 17:18 cbvv1992 🔥40% Price Drop – $14.99 Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Baby and Toddler Toy My Smart Purse Pretend Dress Up Set With Lights and Learning Songs!!

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2023.06.09 17:18 Dennis-Isaac Is it even worth trying with a support item build in the herald bracket?

I mean, seriously, can you actually climb out of herald by going all in with support item builds such as "force staff," tranquil boots, and glimmer cape, vision, smoke, and other help items?
For example Picture this: your carry goes all macho and starts bashing five enemy heroes, while you, the support, desperately whip out your force staff 😤and glimmer cape 🫥, shouting, "Run away, dude!" But guess what?
Your carry decides to keep on pounding three enemies, leaving you to slowly perish at the hands of the remaining two. 😂😂 And there you are, wishing you had used that force staff or glimmer cape on yourself instead 🫠
(This happens all the time 😂)
Ah, the joys of supporting in herald!
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2023.06.09 17:17 FamousExtreme9361 Found on monsterhunterrage

Fuck you, Vincent! This is a callout post!

Fuck you, Vincent! I'm calling you out!

Listen up monsterhunterrage, lemme tell you something about Vincent P. Nis. This motherfucker comes to me pleading for my moral support, as you see I am extremely funny, handsome, and I bring victory and good luck.
I've been in this son of a bitch's Discord calls while he records himself getting grinded up the ass more times than Fiorayne has pubic hairs, and I have carried this man with my voice alone. I sing to him as a bard, my skills as a Hunting Horn user emanating off my presence enough to give him buffs in-game without me even being there.
And yet, despite this hard carry that has saved him countless times, he refuses to have sex with me! My bussy has yet to be filled with his American Venom. People of the monsterhunterrage subreddit; this is an injustice!
My services have gone unpaid for! I have been robbed, scammed, swindled! No big black cock to grace my intestines, and on Pride Month no less!
I just helped this man defeat Primordial Malzeno not an hour before writing this, after seven horribly disastrous attempts, and yet I am not being left as a quaking gay mass leaking splooge tainted with burger grease and chip fat!
So fuck you Vincent, and your weird throbbing beetle dick! Don't expect me to help you in Monster Hunter 6 when they release Magma Shlong Rathalos until I am payed with dick! And this man hasn't even fought Hazardous Amatsu yet, do you think he will fuck me after he requests my services? Nay, I will be denied a pounding equivalent to category twenty earthquake once more.
Screw you, Vincent. Because you certainly refuse to screw me.
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2023.06.09 17:17 Swollef Mavic 3 to....

I bought a Mavic 3 last year, this was my first drone and in all honesty I was ignorant and didn't do my research.
As it turns out my rather large drone is pretty much useless and if I carry on flying it as I am at some point I'm going to get in trouble.
I should have bought a small less than 250g drone to remove a lot of the restrictions placed on the larger drone.
To point out I have a UK and European licence and I live in the UK and don't do anything obviously stupid with the drone.
I really love the image quality on the Mavic but need to trade to something smaller.
What's my best option?
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