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Welcome to the diary of a wimpy kid main hub. What is diary of a wimpy kid? Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a series of fiction books written by American author and cartoonist, Jeff Kinney. The books follow titular pre-teen named Greg Heffley, who illustrates his daily life in a diary.

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2023.06.09 16:19 Southern-Recording80 Is it normal for my boyfriend(22M) of 2 years not to see me (21F) in his future?

I've (21F) been with my boyfriend for 2 years and he's always changing personalities. At first he was so romantic and worried about me but since 5 months things are getting out of hand. He is going through an "existential phase", he says he doesn't think about the future and when I try to make plans like dreaming about a wedding he says he doesn't see me in the future because nothing is guaranteed. I feel really sad and stupid for imagining my future fathering my kids when he doesn't even consider me in his future. I talk to him too about his attitudes because sometimes he can be idiot. When we celebrate a year I buy us a trip to Italy and on our birthday he didn't give me anything, not even a flower! I asked him why he didn't do anything and he said that he was going to wake up early bt feel asleep... When we talk about it because I feel like he is falling short of being a loving person he just says I have high expectations of him and I should have expectations, because that's the reason we argue. How can I not expect my bf to buy me a flower when I took him on a trip for our anniversary? I don't know, do you guys think I should break up with him? I don't know if I can stay with someone who doesn't even see a future with me.
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2023.06.09 16:19 Obesity-Won-Kenobi Nature of Abandonment (22/?)

Shiets gonna get real soon enough~
Memory Transcription Subject: Slanek, Venlil Civilian
Date [Standardized Human Time]: November 13, 2136
Nulia I swear…
I love this Gojid with all my heart, but she would not let me go. He has been holding only tightly to me like a backpack, her tail wagging the whole time as we walked through the capital towards the new headquarters. She was constantly asking me “Are we there yet?!”, all excitedly… It made sense, Marcel was much more like a father figure to Nulia, and she seemed really quick to adopt him as a father the same way he adopted her as his daughter…
“She’s really impatient…”
I look over to hear Onso. The Yotul accepted my invitation to join us to see if we could see Marcel. He seemed ecstatic at the idea of meeting a human face to face over the phone, and that excitement wasn’t gone in the slightest.
“Oh, don’t act as if you’re any different~!”
We both shared a laugh as the headquarters came into view. It had drones flying about building up parts of the building under construction. The headquarters itself was a tall building with a strange tower at the top. Half the block consisted of the main building and the parking lot, while the other half of the block seemed to have a walled building… perhaps a prison block for inmates? It was all up to interpretation. The building itself seemed to have a navy-blue painted symbol along the front. It exuded a sort of importance, one that was found in many other government buildings.
There was a sign out front, “Help wanted, No exterminators beyond this point.”
Let’s see Marcel…
Onso spoke up, “So, you’re looking to get a job as one of those new ‘Police officers?”
I turned to face him, “Yeah! I had some experience as a UN peacekeeper for a while, so I know the general idea of what to expect. You might be welcome to work here too, if you're looking for work that is…”
He seemed to ponder my words for a moment, “I guess I could… maybe they have some machines they could use as an engineer for?”
“You’re an engineer?” I asked as we began to walk to the entrance. “I’m impressed. Those kinds of people are talented in many ways.”
“Daww thank you~”
We both laughed as we entered the main lobby of the building, while the upper floors were still under construction, the lobby was perfectly maintained and completed… There was a human working the front desk. We both approach her and give a gentle wave. “Hello miss, I was wondering if the overseer was available?”
She looked at me with suspicion, “Any reason why?”
“I was his partner during the exchange program. You can tell him a Venlil named Slanek is here.”
Her eyes widened, “I see… one second please.” She went about typing away at the computer as Onso went to sit down in the lobby chairs. I gave Nulia one of the little play magazines… she couldn’t read all of it just yet, but soon enough she’d grow to be the smartest Gojid I’d know.
Later, we heard some footsteps down the hallway approaching the lobby. When the figure revealed himself, his red plumage and scarred face turned to face us. A smile appeared on his face and the sparkle in his eyes became ever more apparent.
“Oh my God! It is you!”
Marcel spoke with excitement as he walked over to us… I stood up with Nulia in my arms as Marcel pulled us into a comforting hug. “When I received the message, I had a Venlil named Slanek waiting for me in my office, I thought it was too good to be true! But here you are and with little Nulia too!”
“Nuh uh! I’m a big kid now!”
Marcel and I laughed at Nulia, she was always such a joy to have around…
“Sooo… not to ruin the reunion… but I’m Onso.”
Marcel looked over to the Yotul with a warm and inviting smile, “It’s a pleasure Onso!” Marcel shook the Yotul's paw. “It’s great to see you and Nulia again Slanek! How have things been?”
I sighed, “Hectic, what with all the recent events and the massive shift in society we’ve had within such a short time. But it's all good! Nulia passed an entrance exam to get accepted into a good school!”
Marcel smiled widely at the fact, “That’s my little genius! I’m so proud!” Marcel went about booping Nulia on the nose, which made her giggle all cutely.
Onso piped up again, “Slanek and I are still looking for work… He made the suggestion of coming to work for you!”
Marcel’s smile beamed even more, “Is that true?! Wonderful! Come with me to my office! I have free time until my next interview and I think I should be able to squeeze you two in~!”
Memory Transcription Notice: Chronological leap of 0.5 hours later
The process was just like any other Interview for any other job, long and tiring. But it was worth it for the chance to work with Marcel again. Nulia was watching kid shows on the couch with my holopad as Onso and I went through the interview.
After a bit Marcel leaned forward resting his chin on his hands. “Given that you two seem to both have the necessary skills and experience for both the positions you want… You got the job! Come back here in two days for the orientation video!” Onso and I celebrated at the News and gave each other a high five. Marcel simply laughed at the scene before him.
Just then, we heard a voice, it was faint, but considering how high up we were it was clearly loud. The three of us look out a window and down into the parking lot to see a riot at the gate… They were all holding signs that were…
Anti-human and pro-exterminator…

I almost feel sorry for them…
:: Human policy is to dismantle and replace anything exterminator... anyone that opposes this or fights against it is to be executed as per human decree. Exterminators are to be investigated and those that express signs of deranged psychosis are to either be arrested or killed. ::
Prev: Nature of Abandonment (21/?) : NatureofPredators (reddit.com)
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2023.06.09 16:19 MagicMichealScott Audeze LCD-X Appreciation Post

I see a lot of people complaining that they are poorly tuned straight OTB, too heavy and not worth the price. Are you kidding me? These cans are so dynamic with a quick EQ, slight bass boost and a decent dac. My headphones literally shake when I play tracks that are bass forward. No loss in audio quality either.
I play mostly rock, edm, hip hop and some acoustic stuff. Awesome experience so far and would love to hear others' feedback (positive or critical)!
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2023.06.09 16:18 Donahue-Industry How long have you been playing?

I remember my dad bought a cheap 4 string Ibanez for recording purposes when I was around 7 years old. I always liked the drums and that's what I started on when I was a little kid but something about that bass kept bringing me back. The first song I learned was Crazy Train by Ozzy.
The fact that the bass is more of a drumset with notes didn't really click for me until I heard My Name is Mud by Primus. It was over after that and I started getting really into prog/fusion bass players in my teens.
I played in the public school orchestra going back and forth between cello and bass learning some theory and discipline.
When did you start and when did you know that bass guitar was the main instrument you would use?
Im 28 now and it's really hard to believe I've been playing bass for 21 years at this point.
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2023.06.09 16:17 ohpensesame I AM FREE

Yes I can’t pay my bills how I used to temporarily, but I am free from the shackles of BS education and I second the previous charter school post!
As teachers we deserve kickbacks for pushing students through the school to prison pipeline!!!!
I have no idea what I am going to do next, but at least I can sleep peacefully.
I will miss my kids even the more challenging kids, but it’s not their entire fault that their education has let them down.
Maybe schools should try separating students based on behavior and academics?
Maybe they should hold students accountable so they can be productive citizens?
Maybe they should genuinely show teachers how to foster true relationships with students without using behavior management as a tool?
If I have a class with mixed behaviors how can I get to know my challenging students if all I can do is “redirect”?
Maybe admin should idk have sense?
Maybe people shouldn’t be hired and promoted based on nepotism?
Blah blah blah the list goes on
On to my next journey let’s see if I complain or not!
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2023.06.09 16:17 rxTIMOxr bald and bankr(ule)upt

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2023.06.09 16:17 EruditePhilologist How to be a better leftist

The title is rather self explanatory. I'm a 14 year old kid who wants to be a better leftist. I discovered socialism around a year ago. How can I further any leftist causes? I wanna help, but I'm not sure how I can do any praxis. There's a good chance I'm on the spectrum so I have trouble reading theory (Not that I haven't tried, I recently got my hands on State and Rev. and I didn't understand a word). I've heard people say Marx is relatively easy to read, but I could barely get through the Communist Manifesto, let alone something like the first volume of Capital. I fare way better with more modern writers like Angela Davis and Michael Parenti, but it's still a struggle. Podcasts have been a huge help (I recently started listening to the Deprogram, actually). I've gotten better at explaining and defending my ideas, but I don't have any friends and no one really talks to me (I'm a closeted trans girl going to an all boys private Catholic school for context). I don't have a job, and I have severe social anxiety so I can't really organize or attend protests. I feel like I'm not doing enough.
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2023.06.09 16:17 silentoldsister How much house can we realistically afford?

My husband and I are look for a new house, and are wondering how much we can afford.
We both are in our early 40s, we work as civil servants with permanent jobs, including DB pension plans. Husband makes $105 000 and I make $75 000 (plus a bonification of $5000 per year, but I don't count it in my income as I don't know how long it will last). Household income is $180 000. No kids, no plan for kids. We have 2 car payments for a total of $850 per month (one is a lease). No other debt or obligations.
We currently own a semi-detached house, bought in 2016 for $245 000 (we owe $195 000). On our street, all houses are basically identical and 3 houses sold within the last couple of months for $305 000 to $319 000. Our house probably fall in the middle of that (roof is 5 years old, water heater is new, we added central air, basement is fully finished but the kitchen is dated). As of totay, we would walk out with $100 000 to 115 000 to use as a cash down on the new house.
We are looking for a house outside the city. We live in a LCOL area (bungalows are around $350 000). We want more land and no neighbors. We don't mind a longer commute as we go to work in person less than once per week.
Our bank says we can afford $600 000. I think it's crazy. We are thinking about something in the $400 000 to $450 000 range. If you can't tell, we are risk adverse and pretty conservative.
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2023.06.09 16:16 TheRewindZone Corey Haim Best Performance?

Corey Haim Best Performance?
I know there is so much negativity surrounding this movie with allegations of improper conduct, but that aside I still think this has to be one of the most underrated or forgotten films of the 80s. Corey Haim had so much emotional maturity for a kid that age - truly remarkable!
Lucas (1986)
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2023.06.09 16:16 fire_whale Mid90s made me wish I was a boy

What’s the general consensus on Jonah Hill’s Mid90s?
Me being 22 years old who’s never experienced the 90s or skate culture for that matter, this movie really resonates w h me idk why, it’s just a story, no villian no hero just the kids and their world and I loved every fucking minute of it.
A few of my girlfriends said this movie made them wish they were boys, that’s really interesting considering what the kids in this movie go through
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2023.06.09 16:15 Suitable-Table-4166 am i(f22) an asshole for breaking up with my bf(m23) due to his attitude ?

hi so i kind of broke up with my bf of 5 years due to the way he speaks to me when upset or his attitude, he’s amazing & great but when he gets upset at me he’s very avoidant or sometimes he has an attitude & i’ve told him the way he talks to me sometimes hurts me a lot and he just replied saying ok & cool. idk if maybe i did too much for asking for a break due to it. he gets upset easily but other than that he’s great but our relationship started to get too much for me due to all the arguments. his dream was to have kids but after i had an abortion he didn’t want kids anymore at all and now that i broke it off he’s saying no he does want all those things.
tldr; broke up w my bf of 5 years due to his unnecessary attitude sometimes but he’s great he just has that problem. did i take it too far ?
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2023.06.09 16:15 TheTearfulOracle Not the Preferred household

Hello fellow stepparents. Summer is in full swing and with that (for some) comes summer schedule time with your step kiddos. My kids are now a preteen and teenage. My DH very much loves and looks forward to his time but since we are not the preferred house hold it can be tricky. While we have certain court ordered dates the kids are more and more starting to cut that time short. Asking him if they could go back to BM’s earlier, sometimes by days. My fear is that they may just not want to come over ever when they become 16 and 14.
I guess my question to y’all is when they start getting into the teenage years what has been your experience? If you were also a step child did you find that you did this as well? (Please note I’m not trying to shaming anyone I just want to learn and get different points of views since I was never a step child)
My kids also have a little brother (5) from BM’s new marriage so I get they miss him and vice versa. Also my teenage goes to many sleepovers which is a normal thing. I did the same. The thing is BM lives right next door to her sister and her parents. And when I say next door I mean in a line within hundreds of feet from each other. So the kids live next to their cousins and grandparents. DH parents live in a different state but we have my side of the family close by with our friends as well.
I think DH just feels defeated and sad because we always have to have something fun planned or else the kids go “I’m bored can we go back to Moms?” It just sucks cause I can see it in his eyes when they ask him.
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2023.06.09 16:15 PimasBump How do you cope with the bleak outlook for the future in terms of climate changes?

My current method is just trying avoid the news because I can't do anything about it, but honestly. It terrifies me that my kids will easily live into the year 2100 probably in a world where many necessities are not present. At least not for most of the world.
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2023.06.09 16:14 SilverTruth2758 Only 29 Graduates from Anacostia High school This Year-We Need to Talk About This

Only 29 Graduates from Anacostia High school This Year-We Need to Talk About This
Also Ballou high school had around the same number…. I feel like a lot of kids not going to school, the ones who do go to school they been stop attending public schools a lot of kids in dc starting to attend charter schools instead
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2023.06.09 16:14 TheScribe_1 [The Book of the Chosen] - Chapter Thirteen - Bridge Over Swift Water (Part II)

Read the story so far on Royal Road - Series Page - Read 10 weeks ahead on Patreon
Chapter Thirteen - Bridge Over Swift Water (Part II)
The cottage beside the mill was not large, and its low ceilings were packed with all manner of cupboards, shelves, chairs and tables, pressed in against the walls in a maze of well-worn clutter. The result was a rather overcrowded space, and Ren was forced to take more care than usual so as not to bump into anything when they entered, but the hearth was broad, and the smell of cooking filled the air, so it did not take long to settle into a comfortable lull of pleasant talk around the ta-ble whilst they waited for their lunch. Ted's wife, a young, slender woman with dark, smiling eyes and shoulder-length fair hair, hurried about the fire busily, stirring and seasoning her pots with a methodical efficiency. A mug arrived for each of them (water for the boys, some-thing stronger for Ted), and they talked for a time of small things, of the weather and the harvest, hoping for a mild winter, idle talk for idle minds. Even Trin seemed to have relaxed in the lazy firelight, though he was more quiet than usual. Ren thought of how scared he had been of the miller as a boy, remembering the fearsome man with his scarred neck and deep voice that had raked their dinner table at the farm with his dark eyes. It was a memory that fit the man beside him about as well as a child’s boot might fit its fathers. He started to feel a little guilty for avoiding him, whenever he visited the farm.
‘Heard you were heading to Overwood, last week.’
Ren blinked, looking up from the fire to find Ted watching him over his mug. He swallowed.
‘Took a cart to the market with grandfather.’
‘How is the old goat?’
Ren hesitated. ‘He’s… he’s well.’
Ted took a swig of his ale, not a little wistfully. ‘Used to live up there, you know. Overwood, I mean. After the soldiering, when the Black Breath took my Da. Coughed up his own lungs, ‘fore it got ‘im. Always was a scrapper. Not easy, losing someone like that.’
Ren swallowed, looking away, and the miller’s eyes softened.
‘Your Ma, too, boy, I know. Damn shame.’ he said apologetically, and Ren decided not to correct him. ‘Long time before I came out here, anyways.’
‘You fought in the war?’ Trin asked tentatively.
‘I fought in the rebellion, boy.’ Ted corrected him. ‘Was only one King, back then.’
Trin swallowed, looking at the floor.
‘But that was a long time ago now. Afore you were born, I reckon. Not a lot of work for soldiers in peacetime. Must have dug half the privies in Overwood before I earned the coin to up sticks.'
‘Earned?’ Werla snorted from beside the fire, cheeks dimpling. ‘Swindled, more like.’
Ren looked over at her. He had always thought her a little young for the old miller. He was well past forty, and with his weathered brow and ugly scar he was hardly an obvious match for a pretty young girl not long from twenty when they had wed a couple of summers back. He wondered, not for the first time, how they had fallen in together to begin with.
‘Now, don't be giving our guests the wrong idea.’ Ted told her, grin-ning, and the scar on his neck knotted. He turned back to the boys, holding up his hands earnestly. ‘An honest game of chance, I swear it. Northerner, he was, didn't know dice from a pebble.’
Ren and Trin both nodded sagely at his explanation, neither of them knowing one jot about dice, or gambling, or Northerners, for that mat-ter. Werla swept to their rescue, appearing at the miller's shoulder and planting a kiss on his cheek.
‘Swindled.’ she said pointedly.
Ted smiled in spite of himself, shooing her away. She chuckled and turned back to the stew, humming softly to herself.
‘I hear there’s a lot of new folk in town.’ Ted said, turning back to the boys. ‘From up in the Stonelands.’
‘Enough to notice.’ Ren replied, thinking of the unpleasantness on the road. He frowned. ‘Unfriendly types.’
‘Been a while since I made it over that way. Couple of winters back, now.’ He frowned thoughtfully, then smiled in Werla’s direction. ‘A lot can change in two years, though.’
Werla looked up, flashing him a smile, then went back to her stew pot again, humming. The miller paused, scratching at his scar, then gave the boys a curious look. ‘So, then. What brings you out this far?’
Ren lowered his eyes, and Trin shifted uncomfortably beside him. Ted laughed, weathered face creasing into a smile.
‘Come now.’ he told them. ‘Can’t hardly turn you over to your grandfather from here, can I?’
Ren swallowed. ‘We were just out for a ride…’
‘Mister Derin told us never to cross the bridge.’ Trin finished for him, scowling. ‘He said it was too far from the farm. Not safe, he said. So of course that’s exactly where Ren has to go. We’ll be in for it when we get back!’
‘You didn't have to come, Trin.’ Ren told his friend patiently. He thought of his grandfather’s old map, carved with rivers and mountains and cities in dark ink. The Swiftwater wasn’t even big enough to merit a line, and the distance they’d travelled this morning wouldn’t be more than a nails-breadth.
‘Well you didn't tell me where we were going.’ Trin replied, fidget-ing nervously. His fingers twisted around a stray tear in his shirt, tug-ging at it. ‘And besides... Hardly going to let you go running off on your own. Too risky. It's not safe this far from the farm, for you most of all, so they says.’
‘Who’s they?’ Ren asked, scowling.
‘Hector. Your grandfather. And Ma, too! Everyone!’
‘Your Ma doesn’t know everything, Trin.’
‘Still a damn sight more than you!’
‘Easy, boys.’ Ted was smiling, and his scarred neck twisted. ‘I wa-ger the north side of the river is much the same as this one.’
Trin lowered his eyes, and his cheeks reddened. Ren thought of the shadows moving in the trees over the bridge, the way he had fallen when Ted had found him, and started to feel very foolish indeed. His thoughts had been dark, unpredictable, these past few days, since the trip to Overwood. He never had been a good sleeper, but his nights had been more restless than usual, too, his dreams a little thicker with shad-ows. Shadows with faces, and a hunchback with gold eyes to give them voice. Turning every doorway to the gloom of the fortuneteller’s tent, every flame the silver light of his brazier. He frowned at himself. Just rhymes and empty words. Best not to dwell on it.
‘Food's ready!’ Werla said suddenly from the fire, and a few mo-ments later they had steaming bowls of fragrant brown stew sitting in front of them on the table. Ted carved up some slices of soft, pale bread for them to soak, and they set to eating it all in relative quiet for a time, content with good food and the soft warmth of the fire, and it was not long before all thoughts of the bridge, and the shadows beyond it, had gone entirely from Ren's mind. He found himself staring wearily into his cup, watching idly as the clear water rocked and rolled against the rim, listening to the rumble of the river outside.
‘Won’t turn to ale just by looking at it.’ Ted told him, and he looked up to find the miller looking at him curiously, taking another mouthful of bread. Trin was still quite engaged in his food, and Werla was sip-ping her mug contentedly, pale hair brushed back behind her ears.
‘Come, now, boy. What’s got you twisted?’ Ted asked, taking sip of his drink.
Ren hesitated. ‘I was thinking about the market.’ He said after a moment, looking up. It was true enough.
‘Ah. Town ain't what it used to be.’ Ted looked at him thoughtfully for a moment, then began rubbing his thumb around the rim of his mug, staring at it. His young wife watched him with a slight frown. ‘All these unsavoury types arriving. You hear the talk, even out here. City folk, some of them, and worse. Heard… there’s talk of Brothers abroad, up in the Westmere. Out in the open, again, like.’ He pressed harder against the mug, thumb turning white. Werla reached out and pulled his hand away, folding it in her own and meeting his eye. Ted frowned, squeezing her hand, and the ugly scar on his neck gleamed. Trin had stopped eating.
‘But the Westmere’s a long way from here, and I ain’t one to be complaining. Got a good roof over my head, and a good living. A good woman, too, and might have a son of my own by next winter, Makers willing.’ He grinned at Werla, putting a hand to her belly, and she smiled, pulling it to her mouth and kissing it softly. ‘Reckon I’m a lucky man.’
Ren smiled at them both, lowering his eyes.
‘Say hello to your folks, for me, boy. Tell your old man I better see his arse over here before the snows.’
Some words of thanks, warm, earnest ones, and one or two more for goodbye, then they were homeward bound again, ponies snorting in the afternoon sun, promises of a return visit ringing in their ears. Ren was left with the distinct feeling that he had misjudged the old miller, scar and all. But it wasn’t long before his thoughts turned towards the ru-mours he had imparted from the Westmere, his white knuckles pressed against his mug. To Hector’s words in the shadow of the farm hill. To the ugly fortuneteller and his tent of oddities and silver fire. Words whispered in the dark. He’d not mentioned the encounter in the tent to anyone. Not even his grandfather. In truth, he’d been doing his best not to think about it at all, without much success. He frowned, hunching over his saddle.
A mask on fire.
Neither of them spoke for a long while. Trin, for his part, was busy trying to subtly feed Pol the stash of small treats he had smuggled away from the cottage, glancing over at Ren occasionally to make sure he hadn’t noticed. He had, of course, but there was little use in pointing it out.
‘Trin.’ Ren said once they had crested the hill, looking back towards the river-bound cottage in the distance. Trin started and stuck his hand quickly back into his pocket, hiding a scrap of bread.
‘You heard what Ted said?’ Ren asked. ‘About Brothers?’
Trin frowned. ‘Suppose so.’
Ren was still looking back the way they had come. 'What do you make of it?'
‘Reckon he’s right.’ Trin shrugged. ‘Westmere’s a long way away.’
He hesitated, frowning.
‘But Hector’s been saying it for years. Overwood’s not what it used to be. Strange folk coming and going by night. No safe place for good folk that side of the Swiftwater. Brothers or no.’
‘Grandad says there haven’t been Black Hand this far south in years.’ Ren murmured, still looking back towards the river. ‘Not since we were born, at least.’
‘Wouldn’t pay it any mind. Plenty to worry about without them.’ Trin told him, giving him a serious look. ‘You’ve been acting up more, these past few weeks. Ever since the old man came calling.’
‘Have I?’ Ren scowled, shooting his friend a sideways glance.
‘You know what I think about him.’ Trin told him seriously. ‘Can’t be trusted, that one. And you can’t be taking so many risks. Not with your… Well, you know.’
‘Your ma tell you that, too?’
‘Don’t make it wrong.’ Trin grumbled, turning away in his saddle and trotting off south over the crest of the hill. Ren waited a moment longer, frowning to himself, then followed him reluctantly. The sound of the river was long gone behind him, but he caught one final glimpse the gleaming water before he shook the reins and disappeared finally over the brow of the hill, bound for home.
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2023.06.09 16:14 LogosProxy17 Side Topic: Does anyone feel like the manga tries to validate Asuka's unhealthy crush on Kaji?

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2023.06.09 16:14 False-Respond-1865 How to survive with toxic sister?

Hello, I am a 22 years old female. I have four siblings, 1 brother who is 1 year older than me and he has cerebral palsy(he is the blessing in our lives) and 3 elder sisters of which 2 middle ones are twins and the eldest one is married. So we sisters are in the field of medicine and all my elder sisters are graduated but I am the only one not graduated yet and we all are preparing for exams to pursue medicine in foreign countries and none of us is working at the moment. We all sisters live together in a house far away from our parents because of education and my parents can’t move with us because my father built his business in that small city 20 years ago so that he can support us for our future as we all are planning to move out of our country due to bad situation of our country in general and it’s overall very expensive as we are 4 and foreign medical exams are super expensive hence moving will totally ruin our financial status. So the problem here with us that we sisters fight a lot. Specially my middle twin sisters. Both of them are 26. My eldest sister is married but she is currently living with us because her husband is in another country so she is staying with us till she gets done with her exams and stuff. I basically study in a medical school which is in another city than my sisters or parents live in but I have summer vacations going on that is why I chose to live with my sisters for my vacations. The problem with us is that we are happy in general with our studies and stuff but there happen to be a lot of fights between my sisters. Like I Just moved a few weeks back with them but the fights has been going on since we were kids. There are times that we are happy together but when the fights that happen are so big that they come to physical abuse. Mostly the fight includes one of my middle sisters. Let’s say she’s twin A. Now since we are growing up she has always been jealous of people like people who she used to study with because they get higher grades and she always all the time says that people compare her with her twin sister Twin B. Twin A is average looking and average in grades and she generally fights with people and has no friends at all. While Twin B is pretty, slim, well mannered and have really good friends. Now all of my siblings I have been always told that I am the smartest one and I have good confidence and I have even travelled outside of the country few times alone hence I have good contacts and I am generally friendly with everyone but I am average looking. Now the comparison Twin A talks about is mostly with Twin B. It is with me as well but with Twin B is even with small things. Now for example if we have few people coming to our house and me and Twin B are usually talkative so if any person talks to me or talks to Twin B then Twin A throws tantrums that people always do that they talk to you and not to me they always do comparison. Twin A always says to Twin B that people talk to you because you are pretty. Now in general we belong to a good, decent family and we try to make things up. We always(specially me because she listens to me) to calm down the situation whenever we or they fight but the situation goes so much out of hand that Twin A starts verbal and physical abuse. Twin A beats Twin B. Twin B comes back with replies too but she never tries to defend herself. Twin A out of aggression would through phones or laptops or anything around her. I always say to Twin A that you are better in a lot of things in which Twin B and I are not and much more things like not everyone will talk to us but one time she would agree to me and then the other time she would start fighting again. Now let me go to little back story of Twin A. Twin A was good student in general when she was young. As twins they have always been with each other and even after all these years they are together because they are in the same profession and now preparing for the exams of the same country. Now Twin B was average in school back then but Twin A was very good but when the time of MCAT came, Twin B got selected and Twin A did not. Then Twin B got into a medical school in which she got selected because of good scores while Twin A did not get selected into the merit one due to very low scores in MCAT but there is system of self selection in my country where you would have to pay 4x extra money to get into a med school. As Twin A did not get selected she asked my father to get her into self selection one and then my father agreed she went into a 5 year medical school but the school was different from the one Twin B was into. Now when Twin A got into med school she faced a lot. She got diagnosed with religious OCD and we all sisters helped her through that we used to go with her to the doctor help her with stuff but the terms between Twin A and Twin B did not get any better. When Twin B got into med school on her own and she got separated from Twin A she saw a different perspective of life. She always said that she is glad she got out of Twin B’s negativity, comparison, jealousy and abusive environment. Twin A when she was in med school used to get into a lot of fights with people, she used to trust other people and give them money and she had a lot of issues with her roommates and people in the University as well. After 5 years both of them came out of their med school and started to live together because both are going for the same future path and they were living in the same city and it is generally not really safe for girls to live alone in my country and being from small city and being girls my parents are generally very much concerned about us. Now it has been 1.5 years since they have moved together there has been never a single day on which they had not fought. Twin B took her one foreign medical exam and passed although she started late then Twin A but she has to take 3 more however twin A has not taken any exam yet because she has not been prepared and she has very low confidence. But as I have 2 months off from my med school I have decided that I will be taking the exam as well so that I could get done it soon. Now Twin A and I have our exams in 1 month and Twin A is still not getting off of these fights and comparison and I am sick of it. My parents are not helping a lot because if they do anything Twin A then blocks them or goes out of the house without telling anyone or stuff like that. However we other three sisters are in good terms but Twin A always starts tantrums about comparisons when we never do comparison. If there is anything that I have then the same exact thing my other sister has. If I have been allowed to study for foreign exams then my other sisters are also given the same. But all this negativity and comparison is just killing my peace I mean I am already like dead and I have my exam in 1 month. We can not tell anything to my father because Twin A never listens to him and my father is already very stressed because we lost our grandfather a few months back. I don’t know where I should seek for help but it has been really hard for all of us. I just want to get done with my exams and move into another country and start earning but it will probably take me another 1.5 years. I don’t know what to do.
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2023.06.09 16:14 Whathappened2022 I am not sure what happened

My (38f) husband (41m) and I have been together for 21 years. Over the years we had an amazing sex life. Like 3-5 times a week, every single week. For 20 years.
In the middle of 2022 we embarked on a journey that had us living in very close quarters with our kids, so we slowed down to probably once, maybe twice a week at most. Then in February we were back in a large house, but something has changed. Since Feb we have had sex maybe 4 times. And it's been crappy each time. No foreplay, no caring if I finish first, he initiated one of those 4 times.
I've been asking what's up since February. At first it was you are not very nice to me. So I completely stopped any negativity, never nagged, pretty much only positivity around him and his actions. No sex.
So I ask again he says I don't do enough to seduce him. So out comes the sexy underwear, half nude pictures, playing with his d randomly, kissing up on his neck, playful talk. Still no sex.
I ask again, he says he's been tired and unmotivated recently so he doesn't want to do it. And the times we did I wasn't happy about it and didn't hide it. Obviously. We've been together our entire adult lives I couldn't hide my disappointment if my life depended on it, and never had to before so why now?
Last night we're sitting there watching the hockey game. The team he's cheering on is losing, so he's all Fuck and I jokingly said are you going to? He just gives me a look. So I said I've been asking over and over, and you just keep ignoring it. He says well stop asking, try something else. At that point I just stopped talking.
Like what am I supposed to try? Anyone been in the similar situation? I am so sick of feeling unwanted and I don't even know why. Physically I am good looking, I'm fit and give great head so it's not like I don't do things to satisfy him or got fat or anything, I've basically looked the same for the last 20ish years.
Any thoughts?
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2023.06.09 16:14 LordBeneter1018 Negative FNAF theory opinions I'd like to share ngl:

  1. RealNightmares: Illusion discs slapped onto endoskeletons or actual existing robots, I don't really get the appeal of RealNightmares other than the fact that it's just adding another point that William Afton is biggest piece of shit in FNAF ever (as if the child murders and offscreen child abuse weren't enough for some people) and the theory making the whole theme of FNAF 4 being about someone's bad dreams making it pointless.
  2. Nightmare (and Shadow Freddy to an extent) being William Afton's evil: Literal or figurative evil (the former I'm more confused on, like how?), all the on-screen things he did without theory and book reliance I remember this guy doing are of the following: Chilling as an easter egg (FNAF 2), lead 4 robots to the safe room and created a domino effect on Springtrap's creation (FNAF 3), harassing a child or a teen in his dreams (FNAF 4), and fucking aiding whoever TOYSNHK is in William Afton torture (UCN). That's it. Also, why a bear? "Mr. Billy's Wickedness Come To Life." At least transform into Shadow Bonnie ffs.
  3. WilliamStuffed: This theory and PuppetStuffed make their respective characters look like fucking idiots, I kinda get the latter, since Charlie the Puppet is an angry ghost kid making dumb kid decisions and probably thinking this would be a good idea at the time, but William, you can be a wanted criminal if you shove corpses of supposed missing people into active for-kids'-entertainment robots in an active restaurant and you are highly reliant on the police being incompetent nincompoops and/or your fellow business partner(s) being (a) corporate sellout(s) (he was even lucky to get both). And even the whole "mmm yes, time to test out possession thing" WillStuffed believers use at times is rather weird, can't he just, shove the corpses into his own self-made robots (Since in SL, he's also a robotics nerd) or at least in decommissioned ones?
  4. StitchlineGames: Personally, I'll never vibe with this one, and FrightlineGames (essentially stories that aren't part of the Stitchwraith epilogues are canon to the games). Mainly due to the "ok agony demons exist and at one point William became a trash monster to die in the hands of the puppet." Also some extra weird oddities if the whole novels and its sequel series Tales of the PizzaPlex (like body snatching Freddy dolls, an acid trip in the form of a ballpit, assimilation-ing fish with Bonnie heads, Springtrap mpreg, etc. And those are just from Fazbear Frights)
  5. MikeBot and Gregbot: Was a former believer of MikeBot but now I kinda find both it and Gregbot iffy as hell to say the least. Fucking Charliebot legitimizing the existence of robots passing off as "totally humans trust me" not just, humanoid/human-like/human looking but not 100% human robots. Even before Charliebot I was a bit sus on my MikeBot beliefs.
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2023.06.09 16:14 UnCaminoHastaVos Update: A year later

About a year ago, I shared we were no longer nevermets, after flying to a third country and spending a week together. Things went really well (phew) and we knew we wanted to do it again.
88 days later, I flew across the ocean to her country. It was my first time going that way, and I had a crappy sleep on the plane, but it all went away the moment I got there. I was *very* tired, and was excited to see a dog driver, only to quickly remember steering wheels are on the other side.
We had an amazing time together, trying different restaurants, doing touristy things, hanging out, cuddling and holding each other, watching TV and just walking around holding hands. It felt like "us" in the real world. We even got to catch Hamilton, which was a huge thing for me. There was also a concert for a band I've wanted to see since I was a kid! We went on a really cool hike, and celebrated our anniversary (a bit late) at a really fancy place.
137 days later, I came back and we got to spend Valentine's Day together. We also got to celebrate her birthday by eating a ridiculous amount of fancy sushi, went bowling, went to a spa, went for walks, ate and drank our hearts out, but mostly just existed next to each other. It was less of a vacation mode, and more real life, as we took turns cooking and chipping mugs in the sink washing dishes (sorry, love 😬).
We are now waiting to see each other again, this time in my country. It'll be 202 days since we last saw each other, so we are beyond ready for it.
I'm posting this because we don't always get to hear the good things in this sub. We get a lot of posts with doubts, breakups, or request for advice in bad situations. We were obviously nervous the first time meeting, and we've had our fair share of opportunities to work on understanding each other better, but things are still going well.

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2023.06.09 16:13 RomanArcheaopteryx A Question about the Aeon Path After Reading the post currently on the front page:

So Ive currently only done one run so far - heavy chaotic somewhat evil demon fighter which was super super fun, and I wanted to try somethin a lil different for my next one and play a true neutral leaning good cleric of pharasma going through the aeon path - however I was hoping to be kind of a "compassionate" aeon but from reading the comments on the post mentioned in the title (and I dont really mind spoilers) it seems like that's... not ideal?
So I guess my question is: is there anything interesting either in the story or mechanics (or rather, is any loss of mechanics catastrophic) of doing a not true aeon or am I just a... worse aeon? Should I be switching to gold dragon in Act 5? Or doing a different mythic entirely from the beginning? It seems to me from reading the wiki that the dragon mythic path abilities are honestly kinda lame ngl, and I had a different character in mind for when I finally got around to doing Angel and definitely don't want to do another Evil run quite yet. Would appreciate any insights, thanks!
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