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2023.06.09 16:02 TheRealMcCheese I'd like advice before I start data extension/recovery

I have 5 HDDs from old family laptops/desktops, 3 are SATA, 2 are PATA, ~5-15 years old, Windows XP-7 (maybe 8 or 10?). I'm not sure if the computers failed for hard drive, some other reason, or if they were just dated. I assume if it wasn't hdd failure, the filesystems are probably intact. I doubt any were encrypted, but it's possible.
My end goal is to get any files that family might find valuable or irreplaceable, possibly things that were deleted too. I have a rough idea, but would like some pointers.
  1. Per flowchart in pinned post, immediately stop and consider professional recovery on odd hard drive noises, os failure to recognize drive, os reading way too low on size of drive, or very high number of bad sectors.
  2. Run Ubuntu from flash drive on my desktop, use ddrescue to create an image and log of each drive onto a good external hard drive. I could set up dual boot on my desktop if absolutely necessary, but would prefer not to.
  3. This is where I get confused. Do I have to make a copy of this image to work from? Or should I perform the recovery on the image itself? Available storage space isn't an issue.
  4. Go through the imaged filesystem for files I want, copy them over to "stuff worth keeping" folder.
  5. Run undelete/file recovery, look for more files to pull.
Does this seem about right? Anything wrong? I know my desktop has power and mobo connectors for SATA, but I'd like to use my portable hard drive enclosure, for convenience's sake. I'll have to buy an adapter for the PATA drives.
A long time ago I tried recovery on a PATA drive, which resulted in a pop and a spark, and a little magic smoke. That drive ended up trashed, but I was able to successfully recover from a couple other PATA drives. Is there a way to predict or prevent that in the future? Like a special set of steps for powering PATA from a modern PSU, or contacts to check? Special molex adapters?
Any advice on free/cheap recovery/undelete software? It will be run on a Linux machine with various Windows filesystems as patient drives.
Thanks in advance for any help/advice!
Edit: tile should have read *extraction/recovery
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2023.06.09 16:00 theHoffenfuhrer We really need more roofing options.

I love building in this game. It's the activity I spend the most time in. But this roofing issue has been plaguing creative ideas for some time. Either we use those small solitude lean-tos and use a million slots and become enraged lining them all up. Or we use just massive wood platforms and big concrete pads that make homes look like tombs. I just wish we could get some reasonable roofing options that would free up creative spaces elsewhere in game.
End of rant, Cheers!
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2023.06.09 15:59 liae__ My 3 year old's behavior is driving me crazy– resisting everything and crying often

Okay, I know part of this is normal kid behavior, but I feel like my 3 year old son has been increasingly opinionated and cries every time I say no to something– it’s gotten worse in the last several months! I thought this would get better as he learns to communicate, but I don’t know. I feel like I’m always trying to say things gently or find a compromise, but anything and everything still upsets him. It's usually little things, but when it's every 20 minutes, it can get tiring!
I wrote this as of being up for about 30 minutes this morning. As examples:
Just... little things like that! I don't know why he's seemed to be *so* opinionated recently– like I said, obviously a toddlelittle kid will be, I don't expect anything different, but it just feels very difficult to parent right now.
For context, I'm a single SAHM, living with my mom who is essentially his coparent. I'm with my son at home most days, and he is not in daycare. We were pretty isolated the last few years because of Covid but have just recently (in the last 5-6 months) started taking him out more. I think part of it is him being bored of being stuck at home, and I feel that! If anyone can relate or has advice, I'd love to hear.
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2023.06.09 15:56 FigureItOutZ Checking In

A reddit break has been on the whole a positive thing for me, but I don't entirely want to lose my connection to this community. I miss many of your digital voices. I appreciate those of you who've left comments just saying hi or that you also missed my "voice". This is kind of an update on what's been going on.
I started my break from reddit after a relapse on my sex addiction bottom lines. I decided to do it for two reasons: (1) When I considered my entire day, I was using Reddit for a large portion of the day that I thought I should invest in "real world" activities; (2) I was using Reddit to seek pornography.
I wish I could say I've been successful on both fronts but I haven't. In the roughly two months or so, I have succeeded in reinvesting time into other healthy activities. I've made deeper connection with my kids, I've spent more time talking to my wife, and I've made a lot of progress on personal activities that are part of my outer circle (woodworking, exercise, music, reading).
I've been unsuccessful in breaking my pornography habit entirely. When I've wanted to use it, reddit has proved all too easy a channel to get my fix. I know my freedom from this habit won't come through blocks / hurdles but rather a transformation of my spirit. I want to someday say my sexuality is only with my partner; I'm struggling with that today.
On a therapy front, I've made a lot of progress and I have a few insights to share that might help others who had similar struggles as me.
I've had two really profound realizations in regards to communication. The first is that I have a trauma response where I will often first focus on the negative in a new situation before I look at the positive. The second is that I focus heavily on the facts and content of a discussion more than the emotion and this prevents deeper connection. These aren't bad things in and of themself, but they are things I need to be aware of.
The realization about the trauma response came from my wife sharing in couples therapy that sometimes she and the kids are hesitant to talk to me about new ideas or bad news because they don't know if "grumpy Z" is going to come out. They actually have a nickname for me, and that hurt to find out, but I get it. It's true though, i frequently focus on the downside of something new in my initial reaction. Many times I'll think about it later and see all the upsides and come around to their point of view, but by then they've only heard me complain.
When I told my IC about this conversation she immediately told me how common that is for people who've had childhood trauma. In my case, I needed to constantly be vigilant because I was making sure nothing hurt my brother or me. My dad was dead and I was the man of the house; i needed to protect everyone. Everything was a threat. I don't listen to things thinking how they will benefit me, I listen defensively looking for how they will harm me. I've carried that habit through my whole life, and often it's helpful. I'm great in a crisis because I've often already thought of 10 exit plans.
But now I don't always need to be in threat mode, in fact most new things in my life are positive and I really should be first looking at how my daughter's idea to go kayaking this weekend will be good for our relationship (even if it does mean I can't do the woodworking project i had in mind)... or whatever is the "new" information, i really don't have to always be looking for the "threat".
So that's kind of the first realization and it's helping me to forgive myself for having the negative reaction while also trying to focus on looking for the positive first. If you find this is how you often react, i hope thinking about the trauma response is helpful.
Then on the emotion front...
Our couples counselor thinks this is kind of a "man thing" so maybe the other guys out there will find this helpful.
For me in conversation, i find myself listening really closely to the sequence of events like I'm going to need to repeat this story line back to someone later. I need to remember she first went to breakfast with Jane, then called Rebecca on the phone, then had a disagreement with Jack at work, then spilled an afternoon coffee, then hit traffic on the way home so took a detour down Spring Lane.
This serves me really well if I'm asked then for input on the situation or how to solve a problem. But it's not really connection. I'm missing the entire emotional dimension to the communication.
And that was the realization that hit me: Listen for the Emotion, not the Content. I literally repeat that to myself when talking with my wife OR really with anyone in my life I'm trying to deepen the connection.
When I can listen to that sequence of events and say something like "wow it sounds like such a great morning, but i guess that disagreement really sorta brought everything to a halt - I hate it when I'm feeling really good and then one person throws me off, i have such a hard time getting back into a good mood" << that's a chance for connection, it's a chance to show I'm not just listening, i'm feeling. It helps us look for ways we are the same and sometimes where we are different. But we see each other.
When I told my wife I'm interested in this and i'm just trying to get better, she was supportive in trying to give me feedback. She's honestly also pretty analytical / focus on the facts, too. When she's out with girl friends they tell her all sorts of intimate things but she rarely shares back. So I think we both have work on this front. She can listen well but I have doubts that she's as good at sharing as she thinks she is.
I do think this is probably the biggest opportunity for us - and what ultimately will either lead to our success or failure in reconciliation. As I've understood my addiction more, it's really a deep need for intimacy and connection that I just sought out in a truly unhealthy way. Despite how disconnected I got, I'm still searching for it. I also think this is the key to how I begin to be so strongly connected that the pull of pornography or other inner circle behaviors will lose more of it's appeal. Right now it's just a poor substitute for real connection, but i'm very weak when i feel like i don't have real connection so I'll take even the poor substitute.
So anyway that's kind of how it's going. I do hope some of the above is informative or helpful to some of you if you identify with bits of my story.
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2023.06.09 15:56 Queasy-Pattern-6804 suddenly back where i started

stress triggered bad ibs-d for a month before discovering the low fodmap diet in february. i'd never had any ibs symptoms before in my life. after i switched to eating no/low fodmaps my ibs resolved itself almost completely. I stuck to the diet religiously for around two months, and then began reintroduction, which went incredibly well. For a month and a half now I have been eating absolutely anything I want with virtually no issues. there was one time that i ate way too many rice cakes that contained molasses and it triggered symptoms for a day and a half or so but then i immediately went back to normal and have just avoided molasses.
on tuesday and wednesday of this week I was stuck inside because the air quality in my city was hazardous from the canadian wildfires. one of the only foods i had at home was a granola sweetened with coconut sugar and i ate a ton of it, more than a whole bag :( since then i've had a horrible ibs-d flare for 3 days straight. i've been able to keep food down (like im not immediately rushing to the bathroom) but have had no normal BMs the whole time. in fact it's been as bad/extreme as i've ever experienced. i initially thought it was from stress from the bad air quality/orange colored sky, as stress is what triggered my ibs in the first place. however the longer it's gone on the more i think it has to do with all of that coconut sugar, which i'm assuming is similar to the high quantity of molasses i couldn't tolerate.
I'm flying cross country on monday and i'm super worried this won't be resolved before then. do i need to go back on a low fodmap diet for now? i've been literally 99.9% fine since the start of May so it's hard to imagine having to take these steps back, but i'm really concerned at how long this flare is going on.
any advice would be so appreciated, as i've never experienced such a regression in my symptoms and don't know what this means for me. thank you!!!
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2023.06.09 15:54 LeekRepresentative66 What's Your Caltech Experience?

Hii, I'm a Brazilian student who wants to study at Caltech majoring CS, and I want to know how is to be an undergraduate at Caltech. I'm very interest to know about the relationship with the professors, are they really interest in your development? are they friendly? are they accessible (to ask questions, or to talk)?
Also, I want to know about the CS curriculum, is it really worthy? I'm in a point where I don't know if it's really worthy major in CS, since I could learn all of it at home (at least is what I think). However, I think that my main reason to join an University is because of the people there. Is the Caltech community really worthy joining in? What are the best things about the community?
Sorry for the long text, but I would be very happy to read about your experiences at Caltech, since it's my dream university (I loved the core curriculum idea).
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2023.06.09 15:54 gleaming-the-cubicle Ryobi tool repair?

The Home Depot on Eastern Ave doesn't do repairs anymore. Anyone know of somewhere that repairs power tools?
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2023.06.09 15:52 Ysisbr What are some cool storylines ideas for a zombie Apocalypse playthrough?

I'm repopulating Roseward and plan on having some interesting households. So far i have:
Elder man who lost his family tries to raise a kid a kid he found.
Mother and daughter trying to rebuild their attacked home.
Ex military paranoic and strict dad raising a rebelious teen, a dad wannabe kid and a toddler in his doomsday bunker
Isolated scientist with a dark secret
That's it for now. Do you have anymore ideas?
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2023.06.09 15:52 MissAprehension Removing Paint from a Metal Bathtub.

The former owners of my condo painted the entire shower (tub and tile walls)with white paint to make things appear “clean.” The paint is coming off now and my tub looks like it has leprosy. I bought a bottle of citrus stripper but I’m still concerned if I would be causing damage to the tub and tile if I use it. The condo was built in 1974 and the bathroom fixtures are original. Should I go ahead and do it?
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2023.06.09 15:51 IdontWantToBeHungU I love dating culture but I wished it never mixed with hook-up culture.

I love dating people to simply put it, I love looking at a girl's eyes and kissing their lips, but I hate hook-up culture. It is not for me, but I feel like I am obligated to sleep with a girl to take things further, especially when it comes to dating outside of my race, I'm a charming guy by nature, so most of the time, the girls really want to take things back home, but after it, I just feel so emotionless and cold, like I lose a part of myself. And the thing is, if you refuse it, women act more differently and distant. It is like I am considered weird for not having sex with someone on the first date.

I love having sex but for me, it is much more, I can only really enjoy it when I have a connection with a girl or if we have known each other for quite a while. I'd rather just wank-off honestly, my body count is relatively getting higher, which I am not too worried about. Dating culture is what I love though, because it grants me the opportunity to get to know someone more, I always learn new skills and ideas about the world, because a lot of women like to talk about what is on their minds, aside from that the tension of infatuation is also what I love, and I really love kissing and holding hands with a girl that I am enamored with.
I might just be a different guy, but I don't think that hook-up culture is for me, I hope that dating culture distances itself with hook-up culture, sexual compatibility is important, but there are a lot more ways to see it like through verbal foreplay. Hooking-up feels more of like a chore for me, but sex with a girl that I really like just feels like I am on Cloud 9.
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2023.06.09 15:51 Matejborec This final will be the last time I will fully support Inter

Sorry, I am aware, that you don't need to listen to me rambling about my feelings. I am fine with whatever reaction, if any, this post will get. I just need to get this of my chest.
I started caring about this team as a little boy from Slovakia, in the banter era. I had a surgery which was painful and as a treat for enduring it my dad stop at small booth that we saw on the way home to buy me some football jersey. Only one that was small enough for me was Inter's Sneijder one. I liked the color combination I wore it to school, although it was the banter era and I heard some comments like “this team/ player is better”. I preferred Inter over Napoli, which is weird considering the fact that they had Hamšík who was Slovakian, which considering that we did not have a lot of successful players was important for me.
Then other fellow country-man, Škriniar came to Inter. And I went form caring about team, to being really invested in it. From having a rough idea where in the table we were to following matches. From knowing Icardi to learning more about other players.
I know others who started rooting for some foreign club for similar reason, and stayed loyal even after their player left. But I don't know if I can do the same when there is such animosity between this community and the core reason that led me here. I will probably return to pre-Škriniar relationship with this team. Probably wishing you well, but not being as much invested.
I nearly left this subreddit, because I could not handle the hate. I know this is mainly his fault, but it pains me, that this is happening. It is like witnessing a parents fighting. What kept me was one last wish I have regarding this team. Since I started watching this sport, I hoped for a Slovakian player to finally win a CL. This is the worst way this dream could come true, it would certainly be bitter-sweet, but still…
If you are still reading, thank you for caring about me. I'm guessing this rant won't be met with the warmest response, I would totally understand that, I'm feeling a little heretical as I write this. Feel free to “this isn't an airport; you don't have to announce your departure" me.
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2023.06.09 15:50 NikolaJokeItch How to improve our front porch (house built 1910)

How to improve our front porch (house built 1910)
We just closed on our 1910 bungalow and while it is not as stunning as many of the homes on this page, we are very excited.
I don’t love the existing front porch and think it would look better with some natural wood elements (posts, railing, floor). * I intend on getting rid of the stones in front and replacing with some plants/greenery at some point.
I’m brand new to homeownership and would love to learn about your ideas or experiences. Please share photos, suggestions, or links to related projects.
Thanks so much.
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2023.06.09 15:47 PeacefulProtest69 My (23M) GF (23F) wants to move farther west to make super commuting easier for an airline. I'm already far from my family out east. Is there a fair way to work this out?

Some background: We've been dating now for around 2 years. I graduated college at 22 and moved from State A to State B (11 hour drive, no family there for either of us). I got a job there to pair with her job as a flight attendant at that city's major airline hub. She grew homesick and wanted to move closer to family after about a year, so I spoke with my boss and was able to work out a remote work arrangement for the same office - I've been with that company since May 2022 and working remote since April, upon which time we moved in with her parents back in the same metro we grew up. Note that while her family is right here on the west side, my family and friends are all 1 hr+ away on the east side (60-70 miles) so it's been difficult to see them aside from weekends. I've already missed out on a lot I would have typically done with my friends.
Now, 2 people on my team of 5 either "resigned" or were outright terminated. While I don't think my job is in jeopardy and my managers have corroborated as such, I'm trying to keep my options open. One of those ways I want to keep my options open is to stay relatively close to the major city in our region. Well, with her airline's policy on commuting, long story short it's made more sense for her to drive to the next major city (currently around 2:05 drive away) instead of flying standby out of our airport to get to work (35 min drive + airport + flight time).With lower seniority in this base as compared to the old one in State B, super commuting has made her super cranky and she takes it out on me. She admits as such but instead of apologizing, she simply excuses it as normal. The solution, in her view, is to not only move closer to that airport but to BUY A HOUSE closer to that airport. One town she mentioned is still 1:53 away. Now, I'd possibly be willing to rent there, but I don't want to live my whole life in a place so far away from my friends and family. Where we are living currently is bad enough - an amicable compromise to both of us in that regard would be to live a little farther east so that we're 35-45 mins from both of our families and friends. To boot, I'd be closer to the city in the event should I need to commute to a new job's office, up to 5 days a week - I would not have the same luxury in the town she spoke about. I work in a sales-driven, high turnover industry to begin with.
Last night I finally lashed out on her a bit but I was finding her nitpicking about every little thing and taking things out on me I didn't deserve and frankly I let it go on too long. I know for a fact I communicated my boundaries politely several times, but she kept pushing. After moving to and from State B, one of the selling points that finally got me on board for the return trip was that we could be closer to family. Well, I can't if she wants to move. And I have no interest in being marooned on an island with someone who - even when she's only at home ~50% of the week - has a pattern of treating me this way when work is stressful or she woke up on the wrong side of the bed. My hope is that she gains seniority to aid in scheduling favorable trips, or the airline changes their policy to guarantee commuters a seat on a flight (which was the policy up until this year - it could realistically revert to what it was). Until either of those things ease up, I'd entertain the idea of RENTING closer to where she wants but I absolutely do not want to be there long term.I feel like I've sacrificed a ton already in the couple years we've been dating, but it feels like she just keeps taking.
tl;dr: Gf wants to move farther west to be closer to super commute, my family is way east. Moved to and from State B (11 hr drive one way) on her whims in the time we've been dating, and the major reason we came back is to be closer to friends & family. Currently working remote but there's been a lot of turnover there and the majority of job opportunities will be farther east toward the city center, not west. Looking for advice for the fairest compromise or anything else that can be offered. Thanks!
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2023.06.09 15:47 masterofsausage Autobiography, aka keeping darkness hopeful and not losing the reader?

I need advice. I'm not sure I'm asking the right questions, but I think that asking the questions will in itself help me to find some answers - so here goes!
For years colleagues, friends and family have been bugging me to write down "my story". I've decided to take them up on this challenge, but I think that there's quite a difference between the story they want to hear, and the one I need to tell. Just a little side note, I'm not looking to write a 20-page essay - I'm all in.
I haven't followed any sort of straight path in my life. Telling people that I'm an "autistic expat alcoholic agnostic catholic ex-priest data engineer now in my third same-sex marriage" may be a great conversation starter, but it's a whirlwind to explain.
The story I want to write is about my later-in-life autism diagnosis, and how that allowed me to re-write my own history. For example:
My childhood was dark, something that took me years to move past and no matter how I approach it, it will be tough to keep the reader in a place where they want to keep reading.
But it stopped being dark for me in the very moment that I got my diagnosis, because all of a sudden everything just made sense. Abuse, depression, hopelessness and despair were pretty much transformed. Not that those things don't exist in my story, but they do have a purpose in the grand scheme of things, in developing the adult I am today. My parents had no idea why I was behaving the way I was. They definitely ended up going in the completely wrong direction in how they treated me, but I can see some of the reasoning behind it, however flawed it was. I had no friends at school and was bullied mercilessly because I had no grip on social interactions, and no idea how to make friends. Things struck me as "punishments" or abuse even if that wasn't the intention, because I was clueless. I ended up moving halfway around the world as soon as I reached adulthood, moving from country to country making incredibly crappy decisions because I was in search of a "secure home" which was a foreign concept to me. The church was an attempt at home, but that tanked too (which is a book in and of itself!).
Thirty years later I have an amazing life. I've found my home, my career, and I know who I am. I even like the person I've become. I still have a lot of challenges, but life is good. THAT is the message I want to get across.
But there's the darkness to get through first.

So the question is: how does one approach so much darkness in a story, using the knowledge gained so many years later, without losing the light at the end of the tunnel? I was thinking about writing from present-day POV and using flashbacks, but is that too cliche?
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2023.06.09 15:46 Dili8opk Anal With the Step Sister,Jay Bangher Penelope Woods,Bang Bros

Penelope Woods went for her daily shower / masturbation routine. She had a dildo with a suction cup which she attached to the glass shower. While she was soaping her pussy she was sucking the dildo. Then she slowly inserted it into her ass and started to bugger herself. Just like every day Jay Bangher sneaked up to the bathroom door and started to peep inside. His step sister was really hot. Unfortunately when she was about to orgasm she opened her eyes and saw Jay. She started to chase him. He pretended he wasn’t spying on her. Penelope had an idea. They could help each other. She wanted a real dick up her ass. Jay had a dick. It was a win win situation. He ate her ass, she sucked his dick. Then they buggered. Any position you can while fucking you can also do with anal. So they did. They fucked and sucked and fucked more until Jay s**t is sperm into her face."
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2023.06.09 15:46 sobeobe How do I clean this kind of siding?

How do I clean this kind of siding?
All the homes in our neighborhood have this tiled asbestos siding. It can be brittle if impacted but is otherwise pretty sturdy. However, I think power washing would damage the tiling pretty immediately. Some Google searches suggested a lighter bleach spray, but I also don’t much feel like bleaching my entire property.
Does anyone have ideas for alternative cleaning methods?
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2023.06.09 15:46 tfgmp Reasonable timeframes for a clean and tidy

TLDR: When would you expect your housemate to clean and tidy up after they have had guests/a party?
My partner and I have a classic difficult housemate - messy, never cleans, never thanks us for keeping the place clean, and a sloppy irresponsible drinker.
Said housemate recently had five family members over to stay for five days. We knew about this in advance so there were no surprises there. But the level of mess and uncleanliness from the moment they arrived was off the charts. Not a single clean or tidy surface in the kitchen, food all over the floor, spilled alcohol, piles of used wine glasses scattered around the house, bins full to the brim, outdoor furniture brought inside etc. Plus the usual wear and tear which comes with having guests.
It’s been a rough few days for us as two people who work from home. We gave up our study (we have a room each, but as me and my partner are a couple we use the second one as a work space) for a couple of them to sleep in, and told them they could use our bathroom - but 5 extra people is a lot in such a small space, so we already felt a bit displaced. So to come downstairs to such messy and dirty common areas every morning, after being woken at 3am every morning by them arriving home and staying up drinking, was a lot.
My question is: now that they have left, with every room of the house in disarray, when would be reasonable to expect our housemate to tidy up after them? We’d like our study back, and to feel we have our house back in general. But as someone who has never really cleaned up after herself before (and didn’t clean before they arrived), I’m worried this won’t happen in the near future. I don’t want to be unreasonable and ask her to clean straight away (I’m sure she’s tired after partying for 5 days straight!) but what is the window of what is reasonable here? When would you expect your housemate to clean up after having guests or a party? At what point does it become inconsiderate?
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2023.06.09 15:46 TheOldDragoon 2023 Kia Soul - No Cargo Deck?

I love my new Soul. I wasn't expecting to buy a new car just now, as we've got a 2022 Niro Hybrid we're of course still paying on, but our 2015 Mazda5 had other ideas. New motor, or new car? So we went with the option that came with a warranty.
The Soul is a lot of fun to drive, I miss all the bells and whistles from the top-tier trim package we got with the Niro, but the intent of the Soul is to get me back and forth to the office, and do in-town stuff like, oh, groceries. It wasn't until we got it home and did our first grocery run that we noticed that our particular Soul didn't have the cargo deck that the model we looked at had. When I called the dealership and asked about it, they told me if it wasn't on the window sticker, it wasn't included.
Now, why in the hell would you sell a car with the molded rails for a cargo deck, and nothing but a cloth cover over the spare tire kit, and not automatically include the cargo deck? Like, why is it even an option, not a standard piece of equipment?
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2023.06.09 15:45 snaabby Roo or Hen

Roo or Hen
Daughter hatched eggs at her school and brought a few home to add to our flock. They’re approximately 7 weeks old and all completely different. Any idea what breed this one is? And is it a Rooster or Hen?
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2023.06.09 15:43 KevThePirate Aquaglide vs Sea Eagle for beginner tandem kayakers?

Back story: My wife and I rented a hardshell sit on top kayak at a beach last year and took it out on sea for an hour, got back home later that night and ordered our very first IK which we still currently use the Intex Excursion Pro K2, we are backpack kayakers (we don't drive/own a car but public transport is great in London).
We are still very much beginners you can count on one hand how many times we have been kayaking, our paddling technique could still do with some work, and getting in sync too.
We love our time on the water though, we just love being in water, we want to go in the sea again this year (not too far from the beach in the Intex) and continue to navigate canals/rivers like Regents Canal, River Lea and progress further soon like do the River Thames and a bit of sea kayaking but going slightly further from the beach (not too far that we can't see the beach).
We also want to try a backpack camping trip in the future too, a tent aboard the kayak with us along with some other camping equipment and find a spot to camp along a river or something.
We want to upgrade from our budget IK to something much more water worthy, not that we currently have any complaints with our Intex but I am guessing we will have a much better time in the rivers/canals and sea with something like an AQ or SE?
So far we narrowed it down to an Aquaglide and Sea Eagle, I'm not sure what model suits us best exactly but I guess something like the Chelan 140/155 or SE 420x but again being just beginners we are not entirely sure like someone with more experience would which is the idea of this post, my hopes are that I can get a better understanding of which kayak will be right for us as we look to upgrade from something entry level to more advanced, although we are still entry level we will surely get better with time and we figured the best way to improve over time is with the best kayak possible but within our budget, I notice some of the sea eagles seem to be heavier in comparison to the AQ so will a lighter kayak mean an easier paddle, less energy used and will allow us to kayak for longer before becoming tired?
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2023.06.09 15:43 unseentides All done.

Gonna keep this short and sweet. I had a colonoscopy and gastroscopy on June 9.
Did my prep as requested (went down easy, PicoPrep), woke up at 6am to down some last fluids before my procedure at 2. Arrived at the hospital with no incidents, thank goodness, around 1:30 and was admitted.
I was told my doctor was running behind and I was third in line. As it was the afternoon I was a little concerned I’d miss the cut off and all of the prep and fasting would be for none. Alas that wasn’t the case and a couple hours later I was being wheeled into the anaesthetic bay, and then into theatre.
Last thing I remember is a weird little contraption being fitting in my mouth and the nurse stroking my hair while the anaesthetist held my hand until the good stuff kicked in.
Next thing I remember is waking up in so. much. pain. and a real need to go to the bathroom and/or pass gas. The nurse reassured me that it was just from the banding on some haemorrhoids I had, which turned out to be the case. Pain mostly subsided as did the urge to go (but came back later as I am writing this at nearly midnight in pain after a BM!)
Doctor came in briefly and said everything went well and to see him in a month. I was given a spread of sandwiches and crackers and jelly, as well as some much needed fluids. They took my blood pressure and removed my IV before sending me on my way.
In the car I read the doctor’s report and sadly my prep was just “average” despite following it to a T. I also have gastritis.
Pro-tip: listen to them when they say have a LIGHT meal afterward. I thought I could handle nuggets, nope, wound up vomiting everywhere although that could also have been the bends in the road on the way home.
Anxious to see my doctor to discuss what all this means. Until then, I’ll be nursing my very sore bottom until these bands go away.
…so much for short and sweet.
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2023.06.09 15:41 jayceman0 Weekend Happenings (June 9, 10, 11)

(Not sure what happened to the category, but here are some Things To Do ideas)
SAT Austin vs SPORTING KC, 7:30p https://www.sportingkc.com/competitions/mls-regular-season/2023/matches/skcvsatx-06-10-2023/

FRI ROYALS AT Orioles, 6:05p https://www.mlb.com/royals/schedule/2023-06
SAT ROYALS AT Orioles, 3:05p https://www.mlb.com/royals/schedule/2023-06
SUN ROYALS AT Orioles, 12:35p https://www.mlb.com/royals/schedule/2023-06
SAT KC Current AT OL Reign, 9pm https://www.kansascitycurrent.com/schedule
FRI KC Monarchs AT Winnipeg 6:30p https://monarchsbaseball.com/schedule/
SAT KC Monarchs AT Winnipeg 6:00p https://monarchsbaseball.com/schedule/
SUN KC Monarchs AT Winnipeg 6:00p https://monarchsbaseball.com/schedule

Concerts via WeHeartMusic.com (FRI-Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears, Knuckleheads; SAT-Luke Combs, friends at Arrowhead; T, Louis Tomlinson at Starlight, SUN-BNL w/Semisonic & Del Amitri at Starlight, Weezer w Modest Mouse, Momma at Azura Amph; more)
IN KC picks (FRI/SAT- 36th Annual Sugar Creek Slavic Festival; SAT-KC Pet Project 5K; SUN- Future Stages Festival at Kauffman, more
FlatlandKC picks: (FRI- Christmas Con, KC Pride Fest starts; SAT- Legends Outlets movie night, Virgil's Plant Shop; SUN- KC Jurassic Farm, KCPL Negro Leagues discussion, more)

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