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2023.06.09 15:27 sir-morti hello hi i am feeling like a real person again.

ok. i am out visibly at work now. this is the first time i've been able to be VISIBLY KNOWN AS MY (temporary) CHOSEN NAME. and i am accepted by p much everyone because a ton of my coworkers are lgbtq+ themselves.
how do i be visibly myself?
i've always had to conform to afab ideals of gender presentation, so my hair is about shoulder length and i don't want to cut it because i kinda like it but it doesn't help me pass at all. i want to pass as a guy now. if anything has solidified my identity at all in my life it would be THIS FUCKIN MOMENT BROS. i get to actually be myself. i can even dye my hair. i can go to the men's section and get mens clothes that fit the uniform. but i don't know how to actually let my guard down enough to be more me at work. honestly at this point i don't even know what kinda guy i am, i've spent so long closeted irl that i'm so used to keepin up the "woman" act. so i don't really know at all how to be my actual self.
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2023.06.09 15:25 LifeMammoth1582 Am I (24F) a really a loser like my boyfriend (24m) calls me?

We have been dating for a little over 4 years and when we first started dating I was just finishing up my undergrad, started going to grad school, got a job during my studies, everything was going great, etc. I quit schooling because I felt like I wasn't truly that passionate and I didn't want to waste all the money in my college fund on something I wasn't really feeling and thought it'd probably be better to use that money towards something I really love. I kept working at my job though in the meantime and according to my boyfriend and things I would say, that job made me miserable. After about six months he told me I had to quit or he'd break up with me. But he was also sorta kind about it by putting it under this umbrella of "I will support us while you find something you are passionate about and pursing that". So I quit that job and had no clue what to do for about 6 months. Of course I tackled all the house duties and kept up on my appearance by going to the gym all the time (which I still do). Eventually I decided to use the rest of the money towards a technical school/bootcamp whatever you wanna call it. It's been about 8 months and I'm still doing it (it was supposed to only be a 6 month thing) and honestly the job security when I get out is pretty bad. I guess I've just been so unmotivated and super depressed because I feel like such a failure at my age and basically just pity myself. My boyfriend is super upset by how bad of a job I do cleaning, how I'm still doing this bootcamp when I told him it would take a shorter amount of time, and don't please him enough (sometimes I like to wear baggy clothes, but he's pretty traditional and prefers I try a bit harder everyday). So now I need money and figuring I might just do serving in a restaurant since it's something that can make me money in the meantime and I need to be able to pay rent next month. Anyways, he's started calling me a "loser", a "bum", a "disappointment", someone who just takes advantage of him", a "liar" for not finishing the bootcamp in time, someone who "uses his family" (he comes from a wealthy background so occasionally they take me on trips with them and give me hefty gifts for birthdays and xmas), and jus overall someone who has made his life awful and that he regrets ever meeting me. All this words hurt and feed into my already existing depression which I think makes it hard to do anything. He really has financially helped a lot by paying for all the groceries and buying my gifts from time to time. Am I just feeling bad for myself and is he valid for calling me these things? Am I just too sensitive?
TLDR; boyfriend thinks I am a bum and that I use him, but in reality I'm just trying my best out here and don't know what to do
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2023.06.09 15:24 catscatsscatss Contemplating divorce

25F married to 28M for 9 months. I feel very unhappy, unloved and alone. I was 17 when I met him and he was 20, I have been with him ever since, married him at 24.
To give you some context without writing a novel, he works in finance and travels A LOT for work. I rarely see him and have now grown fond of being alone at home. Because our schedules are so different we really only get the weekends together, and even then he makes plans with his friends or goes golfing, leaving me alone. I don’t think he’s romantic, he even forgot to buy me flowers for my birthday and only did because I cried about it. For Valentine’s Day I had to remind him and tell him what to get me because otherwise he doesn’t get anything. My sex life is completely nonexistent. We haven’t been intimate in months, I can’t even tell you when the last time was probably in the winter. He’s also gained a tremendous amount of weight which has turned me off, as awful as that sounds it just has. I am someone who eats clean and works out everyday. I find health important and he doesn’t care ever since we got married.
I will say I am financially dependent on him, he makes a lot of money, he pays all of our bills. With my teacher salary I would never be able to afford everything we have on my own. So I fear being financially unstable. I also fear being single, starting a new life completely different. I never had the chance to date around or be single since right before him I had a boyfriend in high school. I feel liberated when he’s away, I feel tied down when he’s home. I feel like if I’m feeling bored now 9 months in, I don’t think it will improve.
Please anyone who has gone through a divorce or is going through one, when did you know this was the right decision? How do you know? What can I do to make sure this is the correct decision?
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2023.06.09 15:24 namthedarklord 6950xt or 7900xtx for 25 more dollars or 4070ti for 100 more dollars compared to the 6950xt

Edit: fuck, its 7900xt not 7900xtx. sorry for the confusion.
Like the title said. I know at first look amd but I'm just worried about AMD software as a lifelong nvidia user. Stuff like DLSS being better and frame generation makes me wonder if the hit to the price/performance is worth it. Not only that, I want to get into AI with image generation and nvidia is dominating that field right now. I know AMD has their own alternative to CUDA core but how well is it supported by the developer?
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2023.06.09 15:21 Zolimox [WTS] Capped 10oz bars, 10g plat bars

Main Items:
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Addon Items: if you bin 1 or more main items. I might list these up separately at some future point but not now (unless you want all 4 in which case i'll consider it a main item).
1x - Leopard - 35$ 1x - 2021 Star Wars Grogu (limited mint!) - 42$ 1x - Scottsdale Archangle Michael - 36$ 1x - Royal Mint Maid Marian - 28$
Everything includes the airtites in price (those 10oz caps aren't cheap!). Prices firm, low ballers will be blocked for future sales. Check pictures and videos in album. Cheers.
Shipping: +6$ priority if you bin 1 main item. +5$ priority if you bin 2 main items. Free ship if you bin 3 or more main items.
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General Scammer Alert: I will only reply to a message or chat you send, never reach out to you first. I will respond to your post reply first before responding. See the sticky pin in main for how to protect yourself. Be aware of people impersonating someone via /r instead of /u. You are safe if you click my name and hit "chat" or you click the "message seller" the bot puts at the bottom of every post. As always, review sellers feedback history that the bot also puts at bottom.
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2023.06.09 15:21 mjShazam98 $DFLI Due Dilligence + TA: Deep Dive into

$DFLI Due Dilligence + TA: Deep Dive into
Back in April, $DFLI hit my radar and presented an excellent trade setup, performing beyond expectations. Now it is currently in a spot where it has the potential to do something similar this month. The first part of this post is the DD of the company, and the second half goes into a TA setup that I have might enact on if volume comes into the stock today or this week. I hope you find it informative! I currently do not own any shares YET. I am waiting for increased volume right now.
  1. Company Overview: Dragonfly Energy is a leading player in the green energy storage sector, specializing in the development of lithium-ion batteries. They have gained recognition for their popular Lithium-ion Battery products in the RV and Marine industries under the Battle Born Batteries brand. The company is dedicated to advancing battery technology through unique patented manufacturing processes and boasts a robust R&D department.
  2. Product Focus: Dragonfly Energy focuses on domestically designing and assembling deep cycle LiFePO4 battery packs. They prioritize effective manufacturing processes through automation and extensive quality control measures. Additionally, they integrate batteries with other innovative ancillary components into full energy storage systems, providing comprehensive solutions to their customers.
  3. Market Presence: The company has successfully penetrated various industries through its sales and marketing efforts. Their diverse market focus includes recreational vehicles, marine vessels, and off-grid installations, allowing them to tap into multiple revenue streams and growth opportunities.
  4. Cell Manufacturing and R&D: Dragonfly Energy is involved in cell manufacturing using patented and efficient processes. Moreover, their extensive research and development efforts are focused on developing nonflammable battery cells. They are set to launch a pilot line for this technology later this year, positioning themselves as pioneers in the energy storage market.
  5. Intellectual Property: Dragonfly Energy has a robust intellectual property portfolio, securing its position in the industry. The company holds patents covering various aspects of their business, including chemical composition systems and production processes. This strengthens their competitive advantage and barriers to entry for potential competitors.
  6. Addressing Grid Storage Challenges: With their non-flammable solid-state battery technology, Dragonfly Energy is addressing the challenges of grid storage. Their innovative approach ensures grid stability and resilience in a renewable energy-dependent world, positioning them as a crucial player in the market.
  7. Market Disruption Potential: Dragonfly Energy's solid-state batteries have the potential to disrupt the energy storage market. Being an early mover in this space, the company is well-positioned to capture a significant market share and capitalize on the growing demand for efficient energy storage solutions.
Trade Plan: This stock is back on my trading radar with the current price action of $DFLI. With the price near the bottom of my buy zone, the risk to reward here is too good to pass up. The price is currently at $2.84 and hasn’t had a lot of movement recently. Getting in before the crowd is always some of my more straightforward trades. Looking for the push above $3 with increased volume.
Risk Management: I will implement a stop loss at $2.50, the same stop loss as the last trade setup of $DFLI. If this stop loss were to trigger, this would be a break of solid support, but with the current price, you could move the stop loss lower it is really up to you and your risk preference. My target price for this trade is for the stock to return to $4. I don’t expect this to happen overnight; definitely more of a swing trade. Make sure to take and lock in profits when you see them!
Communicated Disclaimer: Also, remember that swing trading can be risky, and it is essential to conduct your own research and due diligence before investing. Additionally, it is vital to monitor the price action closely and adjust your trade plan accordingly. This is not financial advice, and I urge you to make your own informed decisions.Sources (Stock quote +Info): 1 ,2 ,3 ,4
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2023.06.09 15:20 ZeuxisOfHerakleia How much money have you actually invested in Overwatch?

I bought the game in 2017 for 20 bucks and never invested coin anymore. 95% of my playtime is comp and I dont really care for skins although I have every skin before OW2 came out (I miss lootboxes). I just never saw a reason to spend money to buy anything, and I think most people havent, thus they introduced the battlepass system (I am aware that if everyone was like me, OW1 wouldve died before the 2020's). Now I only wonder how other people have treated the game. I keep reading about people buying skins regularly / discussing if it should be done at the current state of Blizzard, etc. and it just seems to far off my personal experience. I feel like it would add up that the big majority is like me and bought the game once and Blizz is pretty much profiting of those top 1% whales that spend regular money on it.
View Poll
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2023.06.09 15:20 Maximum_Lake Do I want to be with him or be him?

I (afab) have had some kind of crush on this man (ftm) for quite some time now and he also is my first guycrush. In the past I also had only one girlcrush and I admired her so much that I wanted to become kind of like her. Recently, since I got to know him better I thought so so much more about being trans and that I might be ftm. I already thought I might be ftm years ago (I was about to come out but i wasnt ready back then) when I didnt knew him yet, and now I've been going back and forths with 'I am trans and in denial' and 'I'm cis and faking it (so he finds me interesting or I want to be him)'. He is a really interesting person and I really admire him, so now I fear that I just think that I am trans because of him, or talking myself into being transgender. He btw never talks about him being transgender. I hope this is the right place to ask this question, but has anyone experience with this? Can someone help? I'm really confused about myself and about what I want. Thank you in advance :)
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2023.06.09 15:20 Accomplished-Tip-472 I prefer the new yuumi over the old yuumi any day.

First of all I am not a yuumi main or not even a support main, but I would always pick yuumi if I end up on support and want to play an enchanter.
Not a familiar of this subreddit, but I see posts from here time to time and it seems the general consensus is yuumimains hate the rework and not happy that their character was dumbed down.
I like Yuumi more the exact reason some people hate it for: That she is less skill expressive now.
I understand how it might be frustrating for a lot of people who put a lot of time into the old yuumi, but to me it seems like that only represents a small percantage of the Yuumi's playerbase, only ''passionate people about LoL'' and Yuumi OTPs come here and post.
The way I see it, is that yuumi exists to make getting into the game easier for new players AND for casual players who wants to have an easier time playing the game.
I think a lot of people underestimate how hard it is to not suck in this game as a beginner especially if you are new to the gaming in general. I started playing last year and it took me a good couple of months just to not straight up int games.
I would quit on spot if I weren't dedicated to learning it despite having a bad time every single match I played. LoL has a very high entry barrier and requires you to learn a lot of things. And Yuumi allevaites this issue a lot.
It's also the best way to introduce your friends to the game, they can just hop on and play yuumi and have a good time. No new player would want to jump on and off constantly to proc passive when they are trying to learn what buttons to press and how the game works.
This brings me to my second point: Not every champ in the game has to be ''skill expressive.'' I feel like people forget 90% of the playerbase is in low elo playing casually every once in a while. I enjoy the new yuumi for what it is.
I also play ''skill expressive'' champs, my most played three champions are Yone,Akali and Yasuo and have a fair amount of masteries in a lot of ADCs. When I come home tired or not feeling like trying hard, I just open some chill background music and play a yuumi game or two before sleeping.
I test myself to hit every Q I cast. I enjoy shielding my ADC and have a chill match. If I would want to play a skill expressive enchanter I would play lulu or soraka or something, but Yuumi is just perfect when I want to turn my brain off and relax. It seems to me that Yuumi appeals to people like this,
and I don't see what's wrong with it. I am sorry that you don't enjoy your champion now, but I am sure tons of people in this mindset enjoy yuumi a lot more.
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2023.06.09 15:20 thestocksking Cash is taking back its throne

Cash was trash for the past fifteen years, but since the Fed started raising interest rates, the what used to be called king is taking back its throne. Cash is King now and will be for as long as the rates remain high. When rates were zero or close to it, holding cash was basically a way to lose money. Why? Simply because inflation was eating away some of its value. This has changed recently when the Fed started raising interest rates. Now rates are high enough that keeping cash is generating income and beating inflation in some cases. Someone can easily get 4.5% interest on their money these days by keeping their money in a saving or a CD account at the bank. This change will have a huge impact on stocks and the stock market going forward.
When rates were zero or near zero money moved to stocks as it made more sense to invest than keeping the money in the bank and get no interest. This is no longer the case. Money has started moving away from stocks and into savings, CD accounts and anywhere that you are guaranteed a nice return. You can see this in Tech stocks. During the past two years many tech companies have lost half of their values at least. I expect more of this to continue for the next few years. Someone must be very careful and very selective when it comes to investing in the stock market during this period.
Amazon will not hit the skies, neither will TSLA, specially in this interest rates environment. Be very careful where to invest your money for the long term if you decide to be in the market. Having cash these days might not be a bad idea.
As I previously stated in other posts I continue to like the energy and banking sectors for the near and medium terms given that rates will remain at current levels, stabilize and not go even higher. I believe these sectors will be winners for the next few years in this environment.
I will publish some of the stocks I have been buying in future posts. Join my channel @ StocksAvenue to learn more about my moves and what I think is worth buying.
My investment style and approach might not be the right for you or everyone. Always do your own research and consult with your financial advisor before investing.
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2023.06.09 15:20 Past-Introduction364 unsure of what to do in the future

context: currently i’m taking 8 subjects - double sci, comb humans, amath and music. its my o’s this year and i dont know whether to pursue my passion or suck it up and do something else.
i started my musical journey in sec 1 when i joined my school’s band, with no prior exp with instruments. fast foward 4 years and now i major in french horn for o lvl music, passed grade 4 piano with distinction and is preparing for grade 6, band major, experience in arranging, composing and conducting and some other stuff. i can wholeheartedly say that music is my number one passion. i admire classical musicians and ive always wanted to play in an orchestra and play those big big pieces like tchaikovsky and scheherazade.
i know that i would have to commit to the fullest if i were to go down this route of being a musician, and honestly i really dont mind because it’s what i love! however, i am scared of the uncertainty of my future because it’s singapore and i also think it’s quite competitive… im not super confident in my skills but my music teachers have been encouraging me.
i’ve been going back and forth on whether or not i should go to NAFA and major in horn after my o’s, or go to JC/Poly then Uni and get a stable job and kind of give up on my dreams…
i REALLY REALLY want to continue my music journey. it’s really brought me a new life and UGHHH YOU KNOW. how i wish i was a prodigy or started music when i was younger 😭😭😭
right now, my strategy is to open up as many doorways as possible. i’ve applied to 3 JCs through DSA band, and am planning to apply for 3 EAE courses as well… not sure what tho.. which is exactly why i’m lowkey panicking because i don’t want to study what i don’t love. 🥲
i’ve also looked into SNYO….. i really don’t have the confidence but i’m still thinking about it.
my parents spent quite a lot of money on my private lessons so i feel bad if it’s all for nothing. my parents are also worried that i won’t be able to have a stable income if i were to pursue music.
my grades are mediocre and my only other interest is chemistry (not as strong as music tho). i need some advice and opinions because it’s really stressing me out and i feel like i’m running out of time.
long story short, i love music with all my heart and it’s something i want to continue doing in the future. however, i’m worried about the money (i just need enough to survive), and i also have an impression that only the top few talented prodigies have a chance at success in this music world and i’m not them.
thank you for taking the time to read this mess. i would greatly appreciate any opinions and advice 🙏🏻🙏🏻, and probably some life lessons too 😞
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2023.06.09 15:20 Magmafrost13 Looking for episodes where the desert backdrop is used.

Been a hot minute since I've rewatched the show (and I dont have time to do so right now unfortunately) but I need some of the desert scenes for reference purposes and I dont remember where they are. Is anyone able to give me a few episodes it appears in? Im especially after any scenes where Shinobu is in the desert, I feel like there's at least one of those but Im not 100% sure. Thanks
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2023.06.09 15:19 Naila_waffen Not sure if this is the place for me, looking for some help.

Hello, three weeks ago I noticed my husband’s computer unlocked which NEVER happens, so I decided to snoop. He’s always been very private and I’ve never even been on his phone before, (please, don’t call me naive) so I decided this was overdue. On the computer I found Instagram messages of my husband sending nudes to two women. After confrontation over several days here’s all that I found out: He’s been messaging women things like “your eyes are so beautiful!” To get a response. I’d say I found probably 10+ examples of this, where the women didn’t respond. He said he’s spoken to several women on a “platonic” level. I saw one example of this myself, I’d say it was flirty/new relationship type stuff. He admitted to having sexual conversations including nudes with 5 women. This all took place over the course of our 2 year marriage, he claims not before then. I also found some porn images saved on his computer, and found Insta messages of him and a friend sending naked women (as naked as insta goes) back and forth to each other. Now, here’s my question. Do I belong here? My husband claims he’s not a porn addict, and I don’t think he’s a sex addict obviously. When I asked what he struggles with more: porn or talking to other women “platonically”/for fun, he said porn. However it definitely seems like he prefers one on one communication with other women more. The reason why I specifically am looking for some clarity is because I want to help him. He swears until he’s blue in the face this will NEVER happen again. Not the women or the porn. However I learned about the term “pink clouding” and I’m concerned. Obviously every cheater caught says it won’t happen again. I just don’t know how to trust it. He’s not going to take any resource materials I send his way seriously when he doesn’t think he has a “problem.” But obviously he’s unwell if he cheated on his wife for two years. Any advice for moving forward is really appreciated. Thank you for your time.
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2023.06.09 15:19 lenahaus apple cider vinegar for silent reflux

I heard that alot doctors( gastroenterologist) doesnt have knowledge about Laryngopharyngeal Reflux (Silent Reflux). wich is sad because how many of us actually have this.
There is a sucess story in reddit of someone having this and they are know cured. LPR doesn’t cause any symptoms. The contents of your stomach could reflux up your esophagus, into your throat and voice box, and even into your nasal passages, and you might never know it
I remember when doctor gave me medicine for acid reflux(witout a diagnosis they just hand it out) He told me I have too much acid and need medicine too calm it down.
But Now I read that a lot peopel dont have enough acid--too little acid in stomach
For some people, acid reflux/silen reflux may be a result of too little stomach acid. apple cider vinegar might be beneficial because it introduces more acid into the digestive tract. This acid is also effective against several types of bacteria and acts as an antimicrobial agent and antifungal. its also probiotic and have acetic acid bacteria,polyphenolic compounds, lactic acid bacteria.
I read about a person who cured their BB by taking 3 times a day apple cider vinegar(diluted) and he was cured after 3 weeks.He didnt have symtoms Your supposed too take it in a glass of water but google the amount
the problem is peopel dont eat a lot fermented foods(like our ancerster). So maybe our body is lacking

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2023.06.09 15:19 MousseSuspicious930 I'm being gang stalked and I'm fully aware of several of my stalkers. What should I do without flipping out?

First answer: "The best thing you can do is ignore them, and survive to stay alive.
Easier said than done but reacting to what they are doing to you is simply not worth losing your life over. They want a reaction preferably a scared or anger one from you, they want to see you upset because to them seeing those reactions from a t.i? Gives them pleasure knowing they have made you sad, angry, upset. Please don’t give them the satisfaction, because they are scum of the earth.. What you can do though is smirk at them. Like I do when I see my gang stalking group, who try to intimidate me with their pathetic tactics, my tactics are probably more lethal! But they know by me not reacting to their behaviour 24/7 the message I’m sending to them is:
‘I? Don’t care. And basically your all just a bunch of cowards who’ve got nothing better to do but to harass one female in this town. Go and get a LIFE’.
I’m the most despised female in the town i live in, it use to bother me now it doesn’t..
God bless"
Second answer: "I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing this. Gang stalking can be a very distressing experience, it's important to prioritize your safety and well-being.
  1. Document everything: Keep a record of all incidents, including dates, times, locations, and any details you can remember. This can be helpful evidence if you need to report the stalking to the authorities.
  2. Seek support: Talk to someone you trust about what's happening. This could be a friend, family member, or a professional such as a therapist or counselor. They can provide emotional support and help you develop coping strategies.
  3. Take steps to protect yourself: Consider changing your routines and habits to make it more difficult for your stalkers to track you. This could include changing your phone number, using a different route to work, or installing a security system in your home. (Only if you have been physical attack before or you feel like this is currently necessary for your wellbeing).
Here is some additional information:
  1. Understand what gang stalking is: Gang stalking is a form of harassment where a group of people systematically target an individual, usually for reasons that are unclear or irrational. The stalkers may use a variety of tactics, including following the individual, spreading rumors, and vandalizing property. It can be difficult to prove or prosecute, but it's important to take it seriously and seek help.
  2. Know your legal rights: Depending on where you live, there may be laws that protect you from stalking and harassment. It's important to know what your rights are and how to assert them. You may want to consult with a lawyer or legal aid organization for guidance.
  3. Stay safe online: If the stalking involves online harassment or cyberbullying, take steps to protect your digital identity. This could include changing your passwords, blocking the stalkers on social media, and reporting any abusive messages or posts.
  4. Take care of your mental health: Gang stalking can be a traumatic experience that takes a toll on your mental health. It's important to prioritize self-care and seek professional help if needed. This could include therapy, medication, or support groups.
  5. Build a support network: Surround yourself with people who believe and support you. This could include friends, family members, or support groups for stalking victims. Having a support network can help you cope with the stress and isolation of being stalked.
Remember that gang stalking is not your fault and you deserve to feel safe and respected. Taking steps to protect yourself and seek help is an important part of regaining control of your life."
Third answer: "I believe that they are deliberately making you aware of them through their psychotronic weapons, sounds and actions. They want you to pay attention to them and their street shows because this is how they are getting you into their mind control and hypnosis later- through colours, sounds, words etc. Try your best not to watch their street shows and if they keep trying to obviously attack you to get your attention, record them in video and sound recordings. Post them on your blog, save them everywhere email, hard disks, CDs etc. Go do something you enjoy instead like watching movies/ videos, gardening, reading a book etc.
Don’t tell your family members because they can brainwash your family members to calling you crazy then admitting you into a psych facility where it will intensify and worsen. Yes the gang stalkers are evil psychiatrists and their malicious colleagues. Once they admit you into their ward/ unit, you will have a record with them which they can and will use to admit you again and again anytime they want. Then your freedom will be much more restricted.
If you really want, tell a friend who has no power to admit you against your will into a psych facility. Though I would say they have all most probably been brainwashed too even though they pretend not to know at first."
Fourth answer: "Self control is the most important thing. Part of the ganstalkers game is to make you flip out and make an error of some kind".
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2023.06.09 15:19 moneyfink Where to buy cheap Cisco gear?

I had these guys in Florida and NJ that could sell me super cheap Cisco gear. Onur Aksoy, Dave Durden, and Ron Askoy of Pro Network Entities always treated me right. Now they've ghosted me. I got some quotes from other resellers and I'm shocked at how much higher the prices are. Anybody have any leads on somebody who could match the prices from my old buddies?
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2023.06.09 15:19 -Daku- [FS] South FL 33071-$3+ Medaka Ricefish Neocaridina Shrimp Bucephalandra Java Fern Anubias Rotala Cabomba Pennywort Anacharis Cryptocoryne Amazon Sword Moss Hydrocotyle Monte Carlo Baby Tears S. Repens Micro Sword Saggitaria Guppy Grass Red Root Floaters & More!

[FS] South FL 33071-$3+ Medaka Ricefish Neocaridina Shrimp Bucephalandra Java Fern Anubias Rotala Cabomba Pennywort Anacharis Cryptocoryne Amazon Sword Moss Hydrocotyle Monte Carlo Baby Tears S. Repens Micro Sword Saggitaria Guppy Grass Red Root Floaters & More!
Hey all - Daku Aquatics here with my weekly list of aquatic goodness!
New and improved with MORE VARIETY, LOWER PRICES, AND BULK DISCOUNTS on multiple items!
My homebred Gold & Silver Medaka Ricefish are once again available!
I breed and raise these indoors and outdoors in a temp range of 50F to 95F degrees. They are extremely hardy and do well in virtually all conditions I’ve kept and bred them in.
This strain of Medaka breed 50/50 gold and silver. They community spawn by depositing their eggs on plants or floaters in the aquarium. They are great in patio ponds and fish tanks alike!
ALL NEW BUCE IS IN! I have also included macro shots of each variety for your viewing pleasure.
\REDDIT BUCE SALE* -* 20% off ALL Bucephalandra with your order of $50 or more in Buce!
These plants are just as easy as the other epiphyte plants i offer like Anubias - give them a try!
If you are undecided or new to Buce, or don't want full clumps of any 1 variety, let me know and i can suggest some of my favorites and/or put together a custom pack based off your needs and budget!
My UPDATED Buce List with pricing can be found here:
All my Neocaridina Shrimp are homebred in remineralized tap water at:
Temp 73 - 78 PH 6.5 - 7.0 TDS 250-350 GH 8-12 KH 3-5
I am currently offering multiple varieties of high grade shrimp i breed myself!
I also offer multi-color "Skittle" 10+2 packs if you want a mix of colors for your tank! Skittle pack is a mix of Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Black, White, and Jade! You may also request any color and quantity combination for your perfect mix, though my 10+2 packs are currently limited due to heavy sales, trying to let my colonies bounce back!
10+2 packs of ANY COLOR for $36.
Most of the plants in my fish rooms are homegrown by me, and I am now working with a local plant nursery to offer you a lot more popular & easy plants to choose from.
EVERYTHING I offer is grown low tech WITHOUT co2 injection or high lighting. I dose an all-in-one liquid fertilizer once a week to all of my tanks and use low to medium lighting - that's it!
PM if if you're looking for a custom plant pack - We can come up with something nice together!
Invoices via PayPal.
Shipping is $10 for USPS Priority with tracking on all orders.
shipping rates for the continental US only - PM me if you are in HI, AK, or a US territory for a shipping quote.
You can order more than one item for the same shipping rate - Lets fill those boxes up!
Local pick up OK! Shoot me a message if you're in my area.
Orders go out multiple times a week - never wait long for your order to arrive!
Gold & Silver Medaka Ricefish - 5 for $25
Skittle Mix Shrimp 10+2 pack - $36
EASY PLANT PACK (6 Anubias (any type!) & 4 Java Ferns) - $60 each
Java Fern (regular or lace) - $6 each / 5 for $25
Anubias Varieties - $7 each / 5 for $30
Stem Plant Bunches - $6 each / 5 for $20
Cryptocoryne Pots - $5 each / 5 for $20
Amazon Sword Plants - $5 each
Moss Portions - $8 each / Coral & Cameroon - $10 each
Java Moss on 5x3in mats - $15 each / 2 for $25
Hydrocotyle Tripartita on 5x3in mats - $15 each / 2 for $25
Monte Carlo $5 each
Dwarf Baby Tears - $5 each
S. Repens - $5 each
Micro Sword - $5 each
Sagittaria Subulata - $6 for 5 rooted crowns
Guppy Grass - $6 for 10-15 stems
Red Root Floaters - $10 sandwich bag portion
Catappa Leaf (Indian Almond Leaf) - $5 for 10 leaves
Cholla Wood - $5 for 2 logs
*There are snails in ALL of my tanks.
*My floating plants are DUCKWEED-FREE!
[LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE]: In the event of a DOA, I will replace the effected livestock or plants and reship FOR FREE. I stand behind my livestock, plants, and shipping methods, so I do not require you to re-pay shipping fees like most sellers in this industry. It rarely happens, but if it does, please send clear photos of the effected plants or animals in their closed shipping bags within 2 hours of the first delivery attempt and I'll make it right!
Have a great day and thank you for your continued support all these years!
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2023.06.09 15:18 SuperAlex_1998 What should I do with this girl?

Hello, I need some advice, I‘m 25 but I never had a girlfriend and I don‘t have too much experience in dating. I met this girl in my classes. Everything started when I sit next to her and then we started talking. I just saw her as a classmate, but after a few days she asked for my IG, someday she even touched my hands intentionally all of sudden, and I noticed that she approaches me more than the necessary. We laugh a lot and have good conversations together. Obviously, I started liking her, so I decided to ask her out. I did not specify if it was going to be a date or just as friends, basically I invited her to come with me to travel to a famous european city for one day and come back the same day, we live near big cities. She accepted and we traveled, we had a good time. Next weekend the same, I invited her to travel again to another city with me, and she said she would love to. The last time was good as well and we had a good time, but this time I decided to tell her that I liked her and I would like to know her more.
Honestly, I was afraid to lose her as a friend but I just said what the hell, I‘ll do it.
I told her literally that a friend of mine said to me to ask her (the girl I like) out because she looks cute.
Basically, she laughed and told me that WE are already spending time together and going out. This answer surprised me, I did not expect it so after that, I just said that actually I like her. She didn‘t tell me that she likes me back, she just told me thank you, smiling and being nervous. She looked flattered. So she told me that she didn‘t consider our travels in „that way“ until now, but since I told her I like her, she said that now she considers them in that way. And yeah, she would like to continue hanging out more with me. This happened last weekend.
A few days ago I ask her out again in person to travel to another city this weekend but she told me that she needs to talk with her friends because she might have plans with them this weekend. So she would let me know but today is Friday and I haven‘t heard from her. Should I contact her again in case she forgot it?
I‘m so inexperienced on these things, so I don‘t know if she is interesed when she told me those things or she just basically turned me down. What do you guys think?
We don‘t chat via whatsapp too much, most of our conversations happen in person.
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2023.06.09 15:18 bewitching_Roxy I M-18, about a crush on a girl F-18. Opinion on should I hold or move on?

So, it goes back in 11th, where I first fell for her as our classes started. She is a very shy and smart girl who, like me, only hanged out with only a few of her friends.
About me, I was a very shy, not a very outgoing person and avoided interaction. Coming clean, I used to watch too much anime, especially in the lockdown period that my brain had rewired itself to act cold. I had no remarkable achievements, skills, nothing to take note of. Being as pathetic as I was, I picked up a bit of interest in Video Editing, albeit as a AMV editor but it was something. As well started drawing. Be that as it may, I was miserable at doing those both things.
When 11th started, after a few months, till the project works started in school, I didn't interact with her at all. But one day I mustered up the courage to talk her by making a excuse of doing CS project, I asked her whether she'll be my partner in it. She said accepted and we did the project and everything regarding it together. I had some of the best memories I've ever had in those moments. We talked quite a bit, but not enough for anyone to raise suspicion. In the entirety of 11th, I was unable to do anything flirtatious just because how much I treasured being with her and due to the fear of things not being the same afterwards, but as much as I felt that, I felt as if I'm wasting a lot of time. Even if I had told her how I felt and she had reciprocated, realistically there were only 2 years we could've been together, that is 11th and 12th. 11th finished. All the year, I tried spending all my energy into making myself someone one could find attractive, I was revamping my whole personality due to me acknowledging how bad it had become in these past years. Starting 12th, I purposefully tried to drag myself away from interacting with her because it was a very important year for both of us and I would've hated myself if I were to be a hinderance her studies. We talked more or less every now and then, did EVS project together, which had probably been the most lovable memory I've had yet. It hurt me all the time pulling myself away from her, we shared the same interests for movies, art, music. A truly wonderful person I've met. Exams coming closer, we both were despaired by the pressure of boards as well as other competitive exams, and as our school was... Let's say it had a habit of mixing the practical work just before the preliminary examinations. Time was a scarcity but we yet again did a CS project together. It was the last thing we'd ever do, but it had to be a hasty project. I've had learned a lot of about computers due to me doing editing and whatever comes along with it so I was quite well known in class due to my presentations in practicals and whatnot. So I pulled a all nighter and finished the project for both of us. Afterwards, the school gave us holidays to study ourselves before boards, I did not meet her for about a month. Before boards, our school, especially the students demanded that school should hold a farewell party for us, which went through and happened. That day after party, we went to eat ice cream. Be it the last day, I wanted my feelings to atleast reach her so I told her. I was shot down, she said, I was her best friend but she couldn't reciprocate the feelings. Weirdly enough, instead of being depressed about it, I was quite happy that I said it, I may have been shot down but the courage it took for me to say it was something my old self could never have done. She changed me in so many ways, and for the better. I have no resentment towards her, only gratitude. However, it's been 5 months since that incident, but I still haven't been able to move on. We still talk, like nothing happened. I don't know why, whether it is I'm arrogant or I'm unknowingly too damaged for letting myself move on and not believing what happened to the full extent. My college life is about to start soon, I wish to start anew but something doesn't feel right about doing it all alone. I'm sorry about this very big a paragraph but I believe some context was required for you to understand what is going on. As the last favor to myself, I can make a final push to get over her or still pursue her. Responses are appreciated, thank you.
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2023.06.09 15:18 thisismyusername746 Likelihood of Contamination during Fruiting Process with Hazardous AQI?

Two days ago, I took the tub out of the closet, introduced FAE, and now I'm misting the mycelium and waiting for it to fruit. Everything looks good so far, but yesterday the air quality where I live (NYC) was around 300 (hazardous). Today it's lower, but still unsafe. The tub isn't near an open window, and I do have a small air purifier running. I'm not sure how well the air purifier works though, so I'm worried the pollutants in the air are going to contaminate the tub and ruin the progress I made.
What are everyone's thoughts on this? Do you guys think the mushrooms can still grow?
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