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The place of reason - the place of the Metric System.

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This community seeks to promote the International System of Units (SI) and its use around the world. Posts discussing metrology, measurement, the SI system, standardisation and related topics are welcome! Please post jokes, memes and cartoons to metriccrusade

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2023.06.09 16:12 AmorFatiMori Can I convert private loans to public/federal for easier payment terms?

I have about $120K in loans, $25K federal and $95K private. Can I convert it all to federal for easier payment terms like IDR?
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2023.06.09 16:11 AbleCounter9973 My Sugestions for a Better WOTV to New and Old Players

I would like to leave here some points that I think if gumi changed it would attract more players and keep the old ones (which I think is very important)
cote: english is note my own lenguage, and this is ok, because is a "global server, and a global community"
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2023.06.09 16:11 doofin Finally passed my 3rd attempt for a math exam

Took this course last year since I want some challenge as a computer science MSc student. then failed twice due to the lack of pre requisite and my overconfidence. Now I don't worry about losing my diploma due to this incursion haha .

I recommend applying as guest student at another Danish university like that if you want more challenge and don't want to risk your career :
so if you failed the course there then you are not required to pass it (it's not binding)
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2023.06.09 16:10 dbgnihd Having trouble deciding between locations

Hi! For context, I am a 22 year old university student and I am about to graduate and begin my first ever proper job in Spain teaching English. My university degree is Spanish, Catalan and Japanese. I took a year out last year to study abroad in Barcelona and Tokyo.
I have received three job offers from three different companies: one in Madrid and two in Girona, Catalonia. It was pure coincidence that I received two offers for Girona as I only had preference over region (I chose Catalonia).
I originally wanted to live in Barcelona again, but it is hard to find work there, the rent is high and my girlfriend who lives there broke up with me. I then decided that I wanted to try other places and then got offered Madrid. Weeks later, I received offers for Girona, which is roughly an hour away from Barcelona by train.
All three jobs are very similar but with a few crucial differences: Madrid pays more (around 1000€, Girona pays 800-850€), two of the jobs are in private schools and in Madrid it'll be much harder to practice Catalan.
I cannot find too many places to rent in Girona, however there are many in Madrid. I feel bad that I have the opportunity to keep learning both Catalan and Spanish in Girona, but I feel it will be more realistic to move to Madrid. I would have an agent to help me move to Girona and find a place (ideally for myself).
I feel bad because Girona would be closer to the experience I had in Barcelona.
I also need to add that I am able to study Catalan (and Japanese) in Madrid in language schools, however it wouldn't be the same as using it every day in Girona.
The situation at the moment is: I have been accepted into Madrid, on the condition that I get an appointment for my visa (I am nearly done with getting documents, I need them to book an appointment). I also have been given an offer by one company in Girona and awaiting confirmation with the other.
I really don't know what to do, I like both places and both schools sound really nice. I am torn between where to choose.
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2023.06.09 16:10 GeorgeConstanza_ Deck name and subdeck at the top of the card.

Hello! I'm trying to create a type of Anki note that displays the name of the deck at the top of the card, followed by the name of the subdeck below.
For example:
English Subjects
and then the card information would come below.

I researched and found that I should use {{Deck}} and {{Subdeck}}, but it didn't work as I expected. The result at the top of the card was:
English::Subjects Subjects
I would like to know if it's possible to remove the "::Subjects" from the deck name, and only display the name of the main deck. Is that possible?
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2023.06.09 16:09 Past_Ad_3187 Me (F25) and my boyfriend (M27) are in a disagreement on who’s in the wrong

English is not my first language, so please excuse any mistakes. My boyfriend and I have been together for 2.5 years and have been living together for the last year. A few weeks ago, I bought tickets for a concert that my BF wanted to go to. Yesterday, we went and it was great. The only problem was that we were a bit hungry from the beginning of the concert and there wasn't anything to eat. So we said we would go eat elsewhere after the concert ended. After the concert, we headed to a bar near our house that serves nice food. I wasn't that hungry because I was drinking (he was driving), but I had a nice time and didn’t want the night to end, it had been a while since we went on a proper date because we are both students. When we got there, there was a waiting list. My BF didn't want to wait because at this point he was starving, so we headed across the street to another place. They were closing, so my BF headed to Domino's. I told him I didn't want pizza, but he could go ahead and order, and I would just grab something when we got home. He offered to get something else for me that's not pizza, but I didn't want anything. It's worth adding that I was interested in getting something from those previous places because I like the food there. We eat pizza at least once a week because my BF loves pizza, but yesterday I wasn't hungry and just not in the mood for anything from there. When it was our turn to order, my BF ordered a large pizza and a meat sandwich (he is vegetarian, so it was obviously for me). I told him I didn't want anything and I wasn't going to eat it, but he didn't care. So I approached the lady who took his order and told her to cancel it. He told her to keep it, and we went on for an awkward minute. I took a chance and paid for the pizza just to make it over, only for him to place another order for a meat sandwich. I was so frustrated and furious because he was so stubborn and wouldn't listen to me, so I got out and started crying. When he came, he didn't understand why I was like this. I told him to stop thinking that he knows what's good for me better than I know. He said I was making a scene in front of people, that it was childish, and a new side of me that he hadn't seen. I didn't back down, and he said that I was walking on thin ice so I told him to break up with me…It wasn't pretty. We got the pizza and headed home. On the way home, I saw the events without a fight in my eyes, so I calmed down and was ready to talk about it. I don't remember what we talked/fought about when we got home, but it ended with him coming to hug me while I was crying. Today, I had to get up early to visit my parents (it was a planned visit), and we talked on the phone to clear the air. My BF thinks he did nothing wrong. He said that I overreacted and he wanted to do a nice thing for me. He didn't want me to have nothing to eat while we sat together and he ate. He also said that 80% of the time when I say I don't want to eat, I end up having a slice. I told him that it's true, but this was obviously not the same case because I was so clear that I didn't want it, and he could tell that. This is not the first time he has done something like this (I'm not going to get into the previous time, but it has to do with him meddling in my school work. He knows it was wrong on his part, and he took responsibility for it). I told him he was being controlling and toxic. He said that I'm influenced by my parents' relationship and that he is not like this. All he wanted was to give me something to eat, and sometimes in a relationship, people make decisions on their own, and he believed my reaction was way out of proportion. I agreed that it wasn't a big deal on its own, but it built up with all the other things. I wanted to know why he insisted on ordering that sandwich when he had a chance to drop it. I said it looked like he wanted to show me who is the boss, and after I pushed him for an answer, he said that he didn't want to give in in front of people and that it wasn't my place to meddle with his order in the first place because he was the one having the conversation and he was planning on buying it, so I have no say in it. We got to the part where each thinks he is right. He kept telling me to tell the story to an outsider so I can get some perspective. So, what do you think? Who is in the wrong here?
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2023.06.09 16:09 iloveyoux3000 22M - quick! Message me before the Americans wake up!

Okay first of all I have nothing against Americans, I lived in the US for the past 6 years and loved every bit of it, but with big time differences like from CET to PST, it’s always hard. That being said I still love meeting new people and if you want to talk and make a friend, shoot me a message!
I just recently moved to Spain for work and I don’t know anyone here or even in Europe and would like to get to know more people. If you aren’t from Europe and you still wanna chat still shoot me a message! I love meeting new people
A bit about me: - I can speak English Spanish Korean fluently and I can manage with Portuguese! if you speak French or Italian, I beg you pls teach me
That’s it about me! I hope to hear from you soon!
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2023.06.09 16:09 nitroglider Oh My God I HATE Reliance Jio! (A rant.)

(I'm a foreign tourist visiting India.)
I renewed my Jio eSim plan, got the receipts, was assured that my service would continue uninterrupted.
Suddenly, my service stops working.
I trudge to the Reliance Digital store because my Hindi isn't good enough to speak clearly and with nuance on the phone.
The clerks are so nice and really try to help. They must have called 12 different phone numbers trying to help.
Finally, for some unknown and completely mistaken reason, it turns out my plan/phone number was deliberately deactivated because of the erroneous belief that my tourist visa was expired. Dude, my visa is valid for ten more years!
This is explained to at least 5 different "customer care" agents on the phone with the help of the patient clerks.
Basically, I'm told nothing can be done.
I state that because this is JIO'S mistake (obviously, I can produce a valid visa) I should: 1) get a refund or 2) get a new phone number minus the amount of rupees I paid.
I am told over and over again that no refund is possible and that the payment I made cannot be applied to a new phone number. Seriously? Isn't this, like, fraud or thievery or something?
Basically, Jio told me to fuck off, they don't care and are just going to keep my money in spite of their own goddamned error.
At one point, my conversation went like this for about 3 minutes:
"Customer Care": Do you speak English or Tamil? Me: I only speak English. "Customer Care": Do you speak English or Tamil? Me: I only know English. "Customer Care": Do you speak English or Tamil? Me: I'm sorry, I just speak English. "Customer Care": Do you speak English or Tamil? Me: Just English.
The Jio clerks were literally telling me to go to Airtel. Which I guess I will, but ...
Oh My God I HATE Reliance Jio!
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2023.06.09 16:09 Dull-Theory-3657 What are your opinions of come and see?

Ive been wanting to watch it with a friend as well as tarkovsky's stalker. Im afraid i might hate it i have aspergers and tend to overthink stuff even moreso then a reguler person (dosent make me smarter tho) so if its really traumatising it can lead me to stay in bed for an entire week. Either then that ive been told that it has excellent atmosphere sound and a good actor but im mainly intrested in discussing about charcters since most of the time they make or break a movie for me, so is fyora well developed ,flashed out or has an intresting arc? or is the film more about its atmosphere. I also dont know how to puncatuate properly in english so ill appriceate if you'd understand.
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2023.06.09 16:07 milkmanbran Can someone help me verify that I am not being scammed?

Hello all,
I got a job offer and they emailed me a check and want me to cash it with my banks mobile app in order to buy office supplies from a certified vendor. Everything so far has seemed legit, the emails used, the HR process, except for the lack of interview (they asked me typical questions with a time limit to answer which makes sense for the role) . They asked me questions via an app called signal. If it’s a scam they put in a lot of effort to look legit (no spelling errors in their writing, everything was in perfect English and professional). I looked up the company and they are real, they have mostly 1 star reviews on indeed due to incompetent management.
I don’t want to cash the check until I have reasonable assurance this is a legit offer. I called the bank on the check, but they couldn’t verify or deny anything.
What else can I do to verify this? Thank you in advance for any help you can provide
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2023.06.09 16:07 AutoModerator Biaheza's Dropshipping Course (latest)

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2023.06.09 16:07 Gimme_timmies Do we think we need old League points? Or do we convert them all to Serie A?

Do we think we need old League points? Or do we convert them all to Serie A? submitted by Gimme_timmies to FUTMobile [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 16:07 DiGraziaMama Yael vs Yaelle vs Ya'el vs Yaël?

So it's a Hebrew name & is pronounced yah-ell. I'm trying to figure out what spelling will give English speakers the best clues to correct pronunciation.
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2023.06.09 16:06 cuequestions321 Why are genuine tram users punished, but not those who abuse the system?

Today on the tram I saw a ticket inspector ask a young girl for her ticket, which she provided. It was a student ticket apparently, so the inspector asked to see her ID. The girl looked in her bag but couldn't find her ID (though she was very clearly student age) and the inspector asked for her name and address and told her she would be receiving a fine.
The very same inspector, one carriage up, had 3 or 4 men laugh at him and simply ignore him and bad-mouth him when he asked for their tickets. First they played dumb saying they didnt speak english (they were eastern-European I think), and then proceeded to cursing at him. Sure enough at the next stop, they get off, he follows them off shouting after them to no avail, as they just walk away with seemingly zero repercussions.
I was left from this experience feeling that the inspectors end up only punishing those people who actually interact in good faith with them- meaning that they punish the people who are actually trying, and maybe have made an honest mistake, whilst the people trying to evade tickets get off scot-free. What is the point of an inspector if they are able to just be blatantly ignored by ticket evaders?
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2023.06.09 16:06 optimistic_9826 [Hire Me] High-Grade Writing Services, Affordable and Authentic Work!!

Hello everyone. If you are looking for a distinction, then you are in the right place. I'm Crystal, a professional tutor and a superb academic writer with years of experience in English literature, Sociology, Business, Psychology, Nursing, Law and Social Sciences.
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Please refer to my profile for sample work and a copy of my curriculum vitae(CV)
Long-Term partnership and reliability is guaranteed.
Thank you for your time.
Stay Safe!
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2023.06.09 16:06 Araknhak In response to u/BlessedOfStorms and his reply on my post

Here's a link to the comment I'm replying to.

All right, If I'm not mistaken, you're of the sort whose opinions aren't necessarily dependent on any real life facts, someone that no matter what favors the dictations of his own ideological principles over reality. But for the sake of those few people that will read this, I'll respond to your comment, as I think this is an important topic.
I'd be interested to see the statistics.
Well, sure, here's one study that mentions it. And for those reading, here's a short extraction from the study's summary: *In all developed countries, women, especially mothers, work fewer paid hours than their spouses. Which is a kinda silly discussion since it's pretty widely known that women generally choose less time demanding careers than men; take jobs in the scientific field and manager positions, for example (here's a study mentioning this, and here's another). And I mean, logically speaking, if this wasn't the case, tell me who would be home taking care of the children? If you don't understand how much of a challenge it is for women to balance between children's care-giving and their career, then you have some serious self-education to do.
I'm fairly certain that woman are pursuing and completing post-secondary education in greater numbers than men. Again, I'd be interested in seeing you statistics.
[For this comment, I'll borrow from an answer of mine, to some other comment on this post, here it goes.] This is true in the sense that modern western universities are experiencing a larger number of female students, and at the same time a decline in male students. But, which is a pretty relevant but, the majority of women will not pursue 'scientific' careers in the same scale as men do (here's a link to one study where this is mentioned). Not to mention the fact that the majority of women will sacrifice their careers for the sake of spending more time with their children. Those factors combined create the aforementioned pattern of men being more 'scholar' than women, since most women's studies will be of secondary importance to them in relationship to the requirements of their motherhood. A side note is that I probably should've used the word 'scholar' instead of 'academic'; I excuse myself with the fact that english is my third language.
Again, I'd love to see the source for it. I'm not saying it's untrue. But it seems to be the center of your argument.
I already linked studies on this subject. But seriously, if you need a scientific study to explain to you that women's time spent with their children necessarily take away from their pursuits of scholarly endeavors, then I'm not sure what a scientific study can do for you. Do you read a scientific paper relating to the human necessity of taking a dump, before you squat down to do your business, as well? It's funny how it's the most fact-denying people that will be the ones mostly prepared to demand proof deemed by them to be 'scientific', in an argument where they don't have anything other than their ideological rigidity on their sides.
I feel I gave you two examples of characters that well represent motherhood.
I'm not talking about if women are portrayed in a positive or negative light, but rather how realistic their portrayal is. And as I wrote in reply to other comments on this post, motherhood is a sort of 'sideshow' or 'hobby' throughout The Stormlight Archives series. Which isn't a realistic portrayal of real life women. And here's another study for you, mentioning the fact that more women than men deem their families to be the most important aspects of their lives. Which makes motherhood neither a hobby nor a sideshow in women's lives.
I honestly don't understand how youve come to this conclusion. Hesina's character is centered in motherhood. Navani is a mother with grown children. That doesn't make motherhood a hobby or side hustle by any means.
It's hard to talk about Navani and Hesina precisely for the fact that their children are grown up. But when it comes to Navani, for example, it's hardly a good portrayal of women at all, since throughout 2 books and a half, I haven't got a single memory of her acting in a motherly way towards neither one of her children. So where's the motherly character, whose personality is worthy of the aforementioned study? I mean, let me ask you, if you grew up with both your parents, when you were a little child, did your mother spend equal time taking care of and working/studying?
Which one of the female characters is the perfect woman? Which one is meant to be presented as a perfect person? The entire series is about people being flawed.
'Perfect' as a synonym to the word 'ideal'. Although all of his characters have their flaws and struggles, there is definitely a pattern of idealism in the Alethi society, for example, that matches his left-leaning ideology. One simple example is 'logic' and 'scholarship' are ideals of that society. Which clearly is an attempt to show how functional such a society would be: which implicit tells the reader that real world's society's gender specific choices are nothing but a consequence of culture. A claim with very little basis in reality, which clearly goes against the studies I linked to this reply.
Not every woman is a mother, that does not make them less real. All of the women he has portrayed could be considered real. They do not need to be mothers to be real women. Again I would argue that Hesina is a representation of true motherhood.
First of all, I never said that women need to be mothers to be real women, so that's a shameless strawman from your side; and I don't believe it either. But you present exceptions to the rule as if they were the rule. The typical postmodernist reasoning. No, not all women are mothers, but most women are, at some point in their lives. And yes, all women portrayed in the series could be considered real, variation is real, yes. But my problem is the ratio of Sandersons portrayal, when it comes to relevant characters. Sorry but no, most women in real life are not scholars and warriors.
This leaves me feeling like you are just trolling. Motherhood =/= women's true personalities. There are many women who's identity is centered on being a mother and there are many that are not. This idea is you doing exactly what you are accusing Sanderson of. You seem to be projecting your ideals of what being a woman is as the real or true woman.
Once again, you're strawmanning me. I'm not saying that motherhood is women's true personality. What I'm saying is that women generally tend to view motherhood as the most important aspect of their lives. And in the broader context of my criticism of The Stormlight Archive: Sanderson's portrayal of motherhood as a sort of 'hobby' in women's lives, make the series portrayal of women fall short of being realistic. That's all.
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2023.06.09 16:05 DonCaliente My experience as a westerner visiting this sub

My experience as a westerner visiting this sub submitted by DonCaliente to Philippines [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 16:04 throwawayskeet12 Non Colorado resident Nuggets fans…What’s your story?

It’s a great time to be a nuggets fan. The furthest we’ve ever been, with the best player in the world with the best partner we could ask for. Surrounded by a truly championship level team. We built this the right way. No skipping steps. Sticking together. Believing in our guys. Feels so good to be in this position.
But this post is about us out of towners. I’m just curious to know how ya’ll chose the nuggets. Never glamorous, never top dog, but we became fans anyways. How did that come to be for you?
As for me… I grew up in Hawaii, I’m 34 now. I was a bronco fan first thru family but once I came to love watching the NBA, my family wasn’t exactly the basketball watching type and I didn’t know who to choose. We’re surrounded by Lakers (by far)/Bulls(MJ)/and now Warriors fans here in the islands because of course right? But I always just had a deep disdain for the Lakers. Where it came from im not sure. Was it because I wanted to go against the crowd? Yea that’s part of it. But growing up I just didn’t connect with the sensationalism of the superstar basketball of those times.. I always had a like for nuggets since my bronco fandom just lured me towards them, but I didn’t truly have a team. But I did have a hatred, a true hatred for that laker team when they signed Karl Malone and Gary Payton and everyone and their mamas were just so confident the lakers (remember, Hawaii is a HEAVILY weighted lakers spot) we’re gonna easily take the trophy home that year.
And then came those finals, the no superstar Deeeetroit pistons with just nasty D and team wide play absolutely obliterated that first super team in my eyes and I absolutely reveled in it. I was in awe of the way this TEAM destroyed what was thought to be one of the best star studded teams of all time.
I was still young and still hadn’t adopted a team as “mine” quite yet. But that experience made me love the “team” over “stars” phenomenon. Then billups from that team came over that peaked my interest in the nuggets even more so.
It didn’t become a true love though until the season where the nuggets truly had no superstar but a team. A team that just ran roughshod through everyone at home. That 39-3(???) home record team in my high school years really scooped me in. That TEAM play just felt right. Run and gun, depth, no true superstar but still amazing team. Just tickled my pickle and I was hooked.
And this team now, epitomizes that EXACT feeling I had falling in love with those nuggets. A true TEAM led by the ultimate TEAM player. Built the right way thru all the super team bull shit era. I am so proud I chose this team. Sure everything runs thru Jokic Murray two man game, but this is a TEAM. Built not bought. Patience, belief, vision of seeing it come together. It’s all paying off. Whether we complete the full journey, is secondary (sort of nugs in 5). The growth of this team and being where we are is so worth all of the doubt, all the “get back in your place nuggets” type talk, all the bullshit. I can’t imagine how ya’ll lifetime nuggets fans feel, it must be amazing considering the nuggets history..because I already feel vindicated. We knew, we truly knew this core was capable of becoming this. And whether we finish it off or not, it’s so funny to see everyone finally respect us and see we were correct about this team.
Now I’m just rambling because I’m drunk ya’ll. I’m sorry. I had to put this shit down because this team is something special and I had to. Put it down somewhere.
For English, for Thompson, for lever, for Karl, for Danilo, for Faried, for Lawson.
For Gary, for Monte, for Thrill, for Millsap and all those in between.
Bring it in, go nuggets.
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2023.06.09 16:04 Matookie English language books

Anybody know where to get rid of English language books? I don't have many but they are fiction and nonfiction. Fewer than 10 tho. HMU
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2023.06.09 16:04 artemislands Looking for a convertible car seat we can also travel with…

Hi all, we’ll be flying from Toronto to Victoria with our son next month, who will be about 7 months. There’s also some driving involved in our trip. He’s always hated the car seat (Uppababy Mesa), unfortunately, and I’m dreading the almost 2 hour drive on our itinerary. I’ve been thinking about getting a convertible car seat to see if the non “c” shape of the infant seat might help, but now I’m considering the weight and what we’ll be carrying with us on the flight. Anything come to mind that might fit our circumstances? I know there’s probably no perfect car seat… but any suggestions welcome!!
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2023.06.09 16:04 AutoModerator Biaheza - Dropshipping Course (2023)

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