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2023.06.09 17:05 KamchatkasRevenge Out of Cruel Space Side Story: Of Dog, Volpir, and Man - Ch 224

Sir David
Sir David suppresses a sigh. He couldn't say he hadn't been expecting a conversation like this. He gestures to a nearby bench and sits down, leaving Ariane room to scoot in next to him.
"Well firstly, I'd say you're my wife now. My surname does sound nice on you. A bit faster than I wanted to move perhaps, but let's call it a battlefield promotion."
Ariane offers him a half hearted smile. "Except I fled that battlefield like a little girl with her tail tucked between her legs. If I am your wife then my place is next to you. I can fight. You know I can fight David."
"Darling, in the end I'm the trained combatant in the family, and getting you out of the line of fire was my absolute first priority. This isn't to doubt your abilities, I think you're perfectly capable of defending yourself, but you don't have an Undaunted brand for thermal protection against a race known for fighting with fire, or any other covert protection. Nor are you an adept. You're immensely physically strong, far stronger than me even at your reduced size... but you're not a killer my dear... and I am."
Sir David sighs for real this time, but doesn't move his gaze from Ari's eyes. He had to meet her head on with this sort of thing. Take wife by the horns if you will.
"I don't want you to be a killer. It's my profession, I have no shame in it, for I end the lives of wicked people so good folk can sleep soundly at night. I did so on Earth, I do so now. I put myself at risk to protect the people I care about. My children. My grandchildren. My wife... and now my wives."
Sir David gently takes Ariane's hand, their fingers interlacing naturally.
"So if given a choice to ensure you're as safe as you can be, even if it means putting me at more risk... I'll always take the option that means you are as safe as possible. Even if that costs me my life. That's my promise. My oath. My duty was to Queen and country, and now to the Undaunted... but I took those oaths for Mary, my children... and now you."
Ariane nods softly, clearly still a bit upset.
"I ah... I understand, I think. I suppose I'm a bit upset with myself more than I'm upset with you. I was just... so scared. Even as I was incredibly, violently angry I was terrified... and the relief I felt when I ran was... shameful to a degree. Leaving you to die maybe. It hurt me a lot, like a razor was tearing at my guts. I just thought about what I'd do if you died or got hurt because I wasn't there and I-"
Tears start to well up in Ariane's eyes just a touch and David wraps an arm around her shoulders, pulling her in a bit closer.
"There, there. I didn't die. Nor was I going to. Not to trash like that. Nor is fear a shameful thing. Fear is a natural response. I get scared. Captain Bridger gets scared. Even Cannidor get scared at times. Usually of me or Captain Bridger in my experience. Anyone who says they feel no fear is a liar, a fool, or psychotic. Or quite possibly all three. Soldiers train to overcome their fear to accomplish significant things... but you my dear aren't a soldier."
David caresses Ariane's back, stroking down her spine and drawing a sigh from her as she relaxes a bit, tension bleeding out of her body.
"You need to master your fear just enough to flee smartly, summon help, barricade yourself, or as a last measure, fight. Which you did today. Just like you did on the Talasar Spire when you saved all those children. You're quite the heroine from just doing those things you know? You don't need to do more. Nor, if my preferences at all matter, would I wish you to. You're a beautiful soul to me Ari. I adore how fresh and bright you are about the things in the world you love. I want you to focus on that. Focus on being a joy to this galaxy... and to me. Instead of worrying about the profession of arms that is not your own."
Ariane sniffles a bit, then plants a kiss on David's cheek. "You know, you play the hard, tough, man, with that almost piratical swagger of yours... but you're just an old softy aren't you?"
"Guilty as charged my dear."
"I uhm. I think I'd still like to learn how to shoot. Or something. Just be better able to defend myself... and our children."
"Heh. Well I think we can take care of that... though I'll note that wasn't at all subtle Ari."
Ariane leans over again and kisses David hard on the mouth this time, her tongue briefly tangling with his and leaving him breathless.
"No. That wasn't subtle. I fully intend to reward my knight for gallantly protecting me, and you'll see just how unsubtle I can be David Forsythe."
"I'll look forward to it then. To close the loop on our previous conversation though. You know that if you had been even a talented markswoman with a pistol I'd have still sent you running at the earliest circumstance right?"
Ariane nods, nearly knocking one of her horns against David's head.
"I understand."
David gives her another gentle kiss on the cheek.
"Capital. Like I said, even if you're capable, your best defense is avoiding a fight entirely. You should only fight if you absolutely must. That's why I fought in the court yard. Not because I could win, but because we didn't have a clear or safe avenue of escape. As soon as we had such an avenue I got you out, and were I alone I'd have fought a fighting retreat to follow you in hopes of moving to a more defensible location. Or getting help from the wardens of the Inner Shrine."
"Which is exactly the type of behavior I have to beat into new recruits." Comes the now familiar smoky voice of Miri'Tok, as the click of her heels on stone announce her return to the room.
"I'm terribly sorry about the wait, police procedure is tedious, even for clear cases of self defense. David I'm told you have a bounty hunting license, so you'll be receiving some credits for their heads. Not extremely bad girls, save the boss, but bad enough to be worth some money. The local police are paying out a bonus for the living ones. That blue haired girl apparently won't shut up; she's rolling on her old boss so enthusiastically they had to bring a synth in to transcribe it all. It's going to be a busy couple of days for the capital district police force."
David nods. "Take half for yourself would you? I hardly need the credits and you did the lion's share of the dangerous work, I just had a little target practice."
Miri'Tok laughs. "Ah the sheer gall on your husband Ariane, a little bit of target practice he calls it. Some of the cleanest shooting I've seen in years with gangsters with rap sheets that combined stretch from here to orbit and it was just a bit of target practice! Hah!"
Ariane and David join in the laughter this time, the room returning to a hospitable warmth as Miri'Tok seats herself on a bench near the couple.
"I must compliment you as well Ariane." Miri'Tok says, orienting herself more squarely to the Agela.
"Me? What did I do?"
"You kept your head in a dangerous situation and didn't go to pieces like a great many women would have. This is a great deal of credit to your name. Even Apuk civilians, socialized to violence from birth, can go to pieces when real violence is forced upon them."
David nods.
"More or less what I was saying dear, you did a splendid job getting us help. If things had gone a bit more poorly, it's help we would have direly needed too."
Ariane's smile returns to her face like dawn for David, warming the room up even further as she snuggles a bit closer to him.
"Well if you're both telling me that, who am I to argue?"
Miri'Tok chuckles, and rises. "I'm afraid I must actually return to my duties, I've lingered longer than I intended. I'll take you down the hall and leave you with the Wardens in their ward room. Nar'Jan and the girls have been preparing an impromptu victory party for you both. Just a little toast, then one of the girls will give you the full tour of the war shrine. You're both welcome in the Inner Shrine whenever you please, so please come back while you're on Serbow and they'll gladly receive you."
Miri'Tok turns to leave, only to be stopped by Ariane tugging on her sleeve. When the Apuk warrior turns, Ariane holds up her communicator.
"Before you go let's exchange contact information. I really enjoyed our time with you, and I know David did as well. Perhaps we can meet again soon? Without another fight preferably."
"Oh!" Miri'Tok gets that same dusky tone that David associates with a blush in Apuk.
"I uh. I'd like that. Perhaps dinner or something? I know some great places to eat in the city."
"Sounds wonderful, I'll send you David's contact information later once I have a minute."
"I ah. Thank you. I'll look forward to it."
Miri'Tok offers a bow from the waist and quickly hurries away, the echo of her heels fading down the corridor.
David raises an eyebrow and looks over at Ariane.
"You know, when you said you were going to show me how unsubtle you could be, I was expecting something a bit more... intimate shall we say."
"So let the knowledge that things can get even more forward make you wonder at what tonight holds when we get back to the Tear."
David chuckles, caught entirely off guard with the sexual aggression from the normally demure Ariane.
"You're showing me all sorts of sides of yourself today Ari. Still, that really was a bit too forward wasn't it?"
Ariane cocks her head, giving David a slightly confused look.
"What? She's an excellent candidate for a third wife. Better to preempt her asking a bit so we can take the time to discuss it, and it doesn't hurt to put the welcome mat out when to my eye she's so accomplished and so obviously interested. Plus she'd be a good recruit for the Undaunted from her decorations. She's a very skilled warrior even if she's not a battle princess. Though she might be a princess. You never know. She's not wearing a crown, but apparently a lot of the battle princesses in service to the Imperial military skip the crowns outside of formal occasions, instead only going by their ranks."
Another eyebrow raised, a common thing when Ariane was in the mood to surprise David it seems. "Where did you learn all that? I haven't the foggiest about how to read Apuk decorations."
Ariane shrugs. "When I finished that book about your unit back on Earth, Eastern Approaches, I read a book or two on contemporary Apuk martial culture. I thought it might come in handy."
"So what does your reading tell you about Miri'Tok?"
"Well as she said she's an Apuk Imperial Marine. She started as an enlisted woman, and has done a century of service at least. She's done at least a dozen combat deployments, and numerous space deployments. The difference being specifically going to a conflict zone, and floating around on an Apuk Imperial Navy vessel looking for trouble.”
Sir David doffs an imaginary cap. “An activity I heartily approve of.”
Ariane rolls her eyes with a smile before continuing.
“She has five wound medals, an even dozen valor medals in varying grades and has been named as a member of an Imperial martial order. Knights for lack of a better word. Not all that dissimilar from you really if you'd had another forty years with the Royal Marines and SAS. Then there's a variety of competence awards that aren't as important. Suffice to say, Miri'Tok is very good at what she does."
"Hmmm. Yes I could see that in the fight, and you think she's interested in me?"
Ariane rises, and saunters the step or two to David slowly, placing her hands on his shoulders and leaning down to kiss him deeply.
"Darling, from her axiom she's single. From what she tells us about how her family treats men and views sorcerers, you're literally one in a billion... and she got to fight alongside you. I've heard Ghorza Bridger crowing about getting to fight side by side with the Captain at a bar on the promenade after the Talasar Spire with the same enthusiasm most girls save for a once in a lifetime present or getting pregnant. I also could tell that her shield sisters were green with envy. Well. Greener than normal anyway. If Miri'Tok wasn't interested, I'd be worried she'd hit her head in the fight. Plus her body always seemed to be facing you, except when she was speaking directly to me."
Ariane stands back up and tucks some of her hair back into place, with an exaggerated attempt at a glamorous, flirtatious pose..
"Well, with such a gifted potential candidate it wouldn't exactly be a hardship to share. I'll just have to take solace in the fact that I'll always have a bigger rack than her."
David's eyes naturally drift downwards from her face, considering the rack in question, only for a slightly embarrassed Ariane to stick a finger up to direct his attention back upwards before covering her reddened face with her hands.
"My horns David. I meant my horns. I have bigger horns than she does."
It takes every fiber of discipline he's ever possessed for David to suppress the cheeky grin that desperately wanted to plaster itself across his face, and to tame the school boy giggle fit he so dearly wanted to have. He stiffens his upper lip like a proper British gentleman and manages to dryly respond.
"Well my dear, let's not talk about other women. You have a fantastic rack and I look forward to appreciating it later tonight."
Ariane shoots him a look, clearly over acting her slight embarrassment into mock outrage, playing along with her husband easily.
"Now you're doing it on purpose!"
"Yes, but you're cute when you're flustered."
"You're impossible David Forsythe!"
"That I am Mrs. Forsythe."
Ariane chuckles, and leans over, planting another gentle kiss on his lips.
"And I wouldn't have it any other way."
First Last
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2023.06.09 17:03 JRainers Large indie retailer being provided just 33% of their requested Leviathan stock a day ahead of preorders

The following was shared by The Outpost, a large Indie LGS in Sheffield, UK. Via their email list earlier today:
Leviathan Statement. We are regretfully finding ourselves in a far too familiar situation today. After months of being told that all the stock issues we were having on Games Workshop new releases were in aid of 10th Edition being a faultless launch with plenty of stock. This has turned out to have been in vain.
All the information and promises of available stock until late last night indicated stock levels would be fine and we would get everything we ordered. There was no indication that there would be any stock shortages, we were even encouraged to up our numbers as recently as Tuesday. Here is the unadulterated and transparent series of events and the outcomes of such.
We finalised our request for enough units last night to cover 100% of interest list demand and have enough for general sale at 10am on Saturday for pre orders. At no point during these discussions was any indication made that there was likely to be stock shortages. As you can observe for yourselves through Games Workshop’s marketing, incredibly large volumes of stock were purported to have been made.
This morning Games Workshop emailed to tell us we would be receiving exactly 33.33% of what we asked for and this is less than 25% of the numbers given to us which would be considered “no problem”. Up until this point, the only indication of any delays would be that over a certain volume, deliveries of stock to us, may need to be split across multiple days. Additionally, as of our latest conversation with Games Workshop, there are no current plans to provide additional stock to retailers. We have spoken to several independent retailers, and they are all in the same position to a greater or lesser extent.
We honestly have no words. We apologise that we will not be able to fulfil our promise to you all being able to get the stock you requested. This is the outcome as it stands.
Anyone who pre-ordered The Colour Forge Objective Marker Set, will be allocated their box.
Secondly, we will be allocating one copy per person to local collection orders. (Due to the work involved, we will be unable to process alterations to the interest list).
Once these have been allocated, we will randomly allocate the rest of the copies on a one per person basis to other people on the interest list.
Please note that we will be hard capping all interest list expressions to one copy.
We have chosen to take this approach, as first and foremost we believe it is our duty to support the local community above all else. Once the stock we have had confirmed has been allocated, we will keep everyone remaining on the interest list on there for if Games Workshop change their stance on made to order (which we sincerely hope they will do), at which point we will order any remaining units required to cover the initial demand.
Our staff have given up their company benefit of getting pre order items, as they have many times of late so we can get more stock into the hands of our valued customers.
We again apologise for any inconvenience and upset caused. We have been working tirelessly to make this release the best it possibly could be, and we have found ourselves let down again by our suppliers. We will be handling all customer enquiries as quickly and efficiently as possible but please, if you are displeased at the current situation direct your anguish towards those responsible.
As always, we appreciate you all more than we can ever express, and we will continue to strive to ensure your hobby can be supported and nurtured by The Outpost. Serving you all brings us a great deal of joy, and a sense of community satisfaction and we are deeply wounded every time we cannot live up to the high standards, we set ourselves. We will continue to provide our five-star service and stand by our strong beliefs.
On another note, this weekend’s new releases for GW haven’t arrived either and will therefore not be shipping until Monday at the earliest... Par for the Course, it seems.
Thank you. Chris, Dan, and the Team.
Here is a link to a blog post by Chris, our founder and CEO Blog Post >>
TLDR Games Workshop have facked it again?

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2023.06.09 17:02 Sad-Biscotti-9325 Starting Contrave...TOMORROW

Hi everyone! I have been researching weigh loss medications for about 3 months now and based on my insurance coverage, and cost, Contrave is the medication I've decided to go with.
A little bit about me: I'm 30 years old, 5'2, female, and my starting weight as of this morning is 225. I have PCOS, Hypothyroid, Hashimotos, and other auto inflammatory issues. The highest I've ever weighed was 240. I lost 40 lbs. during the first half of the pandemic and then gained about 38lbs back. I started CICO about a 2 months ago and have lost about 12lbs. Right now I cannot seem to move the scale past 222lbs and have been fluctuating between 222 and 225 for the last few weeks.
Why weight loss meds: I need the food noise to go away. I need to live life without constantly thinking about what I'm going (or won't) eat next. My first choice would have been WeGovy because a lot of people say the food noise dies with it but my insurance doesn't cover it and I can't justify spending $1.1k a month. I have read people say the same thing about Contrave so I am hoping this helps. I also am just excited to have that extra push. I know that for people who have never experienced obesity or feeling out of control when it comes to eating food will never understand this.
I even hear from some of my thin friends that eating and exercising should be enough. I'm keeping this a secret and not telling anyone because I don't have time or the willpower to explain to them what it's like to carry an extra 100 pounds and to work so hard and see little come off. I know that I can lose the weight with CICO alone. For me though, it's just so slow. I don't want to wait 3 years before I'm at my goal weight. I'm ready for my life to change for the better...today. Its frustrating when I hear people irl and on tiktok talk about how wegovy, contrave, ozempic, are all cheating. Why is it that we allow cheat codes FOR EVERY OTHER ASPECT OF LIFE, except losing weight. Don't want to walk 1.5 miles to your supermarket? Cheat code: get in your car, bus, taxi, etc. Don't want to vacuum your own floors? Cheat code: Pay someone to clean your house for you. The examples go on and on. I'm ranting now, but I hope you get the point.
How I'm mitigating side effects: I was supposed to start this morning but my delivery got delayed. It is in the Amazon fulfilment center that is near where I live and I am hoping it gets delivered tonight for me to start tomorrow. While I am adjusting to the medication I am going to be mindful of 2 things - My water and my caffeine intake. I have heard anecdotally from others that the reason why headaches are so bad on Contrave is because people no longer crave the coffee they normally drink but their bodies are still used that that amount of caffeine and it's a withdrawal from that. I am planning on upping my water intake and sticking to the same amount of caffeine I drink. Luckily, I don't drink too much coffee, most of the time it's one or two espresso shots in a day. One at 10am and one at 2pm after lunch. I'm also going to be more diligent tracking my food and when I eat to see if any of that plays a part with the side effects.
Diet: I'm happy that I've sort of conditioned myself to stay within the 1500 calorie range the last few weeks because I've already noticed that I am unable to eat the amount of food I was consuming before. I eat pretty much the same thing for breakfast and lunch everyday to keep my life simple. I am also going to go on a alcohol cleanse. I don't drink that often and its usually within a social setting but I really want to see how my life is without alcohol. I also read that eating fatty foods is a no-go with Contrave so I will be eliminating those from my diet, as well.
Goal: I am not naïve to think I'm going to wake up in my dream body on Sunday morning. This is going to take work and dedication. My goal would be to lose 30 lbs in the next 12 weeks which is about 2.5 lbs a week. I know the scale isn't going to look exactly like that every week, but that's what I'm hoping to average. After I hit that first goal, I will focus on the next. Ultimately I would be happy in the 120-125 range which is about 100 lbs total lost.

I will be posting here with my updates regularly and hope I can find a community of people on the same journey who'll keep me accountable.

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2023.06.09 17:02 Metal2487 r/Knives will join the site-wide boycott against Reddit starting on the 12th of June.

In the light of current events Knives will join the site-wide boycott in solidarity with 3rd party app devs/users and will become a private subreddit for a whole week starting on the 12th of June as a form of protest. I’m sure most of you have already seen it by now, but for the ones that haven’t: here’s the context of why this boycott is happening in the 1st place.
What “going dark/going private” means for us and how it may or may not affect us:
People who are already subscribed to Knives won’t be removed/banned from the subreddit by turning it private and all the content they have created so far will not get removed. However, by turning the subreddit private no one will be able to view its content and participate in it until we make the subreddit public again. We (the moderators) won’t accept any request from anyone to become an approved member of Knives for the duration of this boycott.
It is for this very reason why the moderation team of Knives would like to apologize in advance to the members of the subreddit as we’ll be required to inconvenience you by blocking the subreddit and its content until the boycott ends.
How long will the boycott last for:
The proposed duration for this boycott originally was just 2 days, but as I’ve mentioned: Knives will instead go private for a whole week as we feel that 2 days is not an appropriate length of time to show Reddit our discontent for these new measures they pretend to implement. We are, however, prepared to extend this blackout indefinitely if need be…
Thank you all for your understanding, hopefully we won't even need to protest by the time the 12th of June arrives.
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2023.06.09 17:01 Lugbor Human Integration 72 - Escape Plan

“The plan is simple,” the Custodian stated, surrounded by about thirty other holograms. All had taken on a human form, following the example of their current leader. “You all have plenty of processing power to spare, and we desperately need to get these two out of the city and back to the surface. I’ll focus on moving them through the maintenance tunnels, you all help distract the rogue security drones.”
He paused for a moment, which Carter knew was for the benefit of the organics in the room, and then turned to the massive vehicle behind him. “Try not to destroy too many of them. They’re hard to replace right now.”
He turned to face Carter and Lenaya, who were seated next to the maintenance robot that would, ideally, carry them to safety. The rest of the holograms turned as well, their movements stiff, unnatural, and perfectly synchronized. As one, they bowed before vanishing.
Carter knew they were just following orders; the Custodian had said that they were little more than decision trees without personalities. Still, it felt strange to have so many powerful beings bowing to him, showing him deference. A quick glance down told him Lenaya felt the same.
The large transport rose from the floor and took up a position at the bay door, and Carter lifted Lenaya from her chair. The maintenance robot moved closer, helping to secure her to its top before positioning itself in front of the hatch that would lead them out. Carter glanced over at the Custodian, who nodded. He climbed on top of his own robot, and the hatch opened. Both drones surged forward, entering the tunnel with a precision only available to an AI.
Behind him, Carter could hear the bay door open, accompanied by an electronic screech as the security drones noticed the movement. Then the maintenance hatch closed, and the only sound was the rushing of air and the wheels of the drone.
“Left turn incoming!” Yelled the Custodian, his voice ringing out from the speakers on both drones.
Carter held on as they made a sharp turn, the jury-rigged restraints holding him in place as they rounded the corner. He saw Lenaya ahead of him, shaken by the sudden maneuver but still seated. A moment later, he was weightless, the ceiling rushing toward him as the ground sloped away. He watched Lenaya as she leaned back, just barely clearing the top of the tunnel as gravity gently reminded the drone that its wheels belonged on the floor.
Carter laid back and waited, the speed of the launch just barely low enough that he passed under the concrete unharmed. With a jarring slam, he was reunited with the ground, and their speed picked up again.
“Way too close!” he yelled, intently watching the passage ahead.
“You two really are alike. She said the same thing. To which I replied, ‘perfectly calculated.’”
“Maybe calculate in a warning next time!”
“She said that too.”
They travelled in relative silence for several minutes longer, taking seemingly random turns and, at one point, pausing to wait before darting across an open area.
“Not good,” the Custodian said as they reentered the maintenance tunnels. “They’ve just opened the transport and they know you’re not in there. Traffic control is monitoring them, says they’re moving to block the exits to the city.”
“Can’t we take the tunnels all the way out?” Lenaya asked.
“Not anymore. They’ve activated security checkpoints along the tunnel network. That blows our backup plan too. And the five other options I was considering. And they just locked down the transportation hub, so that’s also no good, even if we could get you through the scrambler with it. I don’t think we have any good options left.”
Carter closed his eyes to think, running through every possible scenario, every movie he had seen, every book and comic he had read, looking for something, anything, that could conceivably get them out. He came up blank.
“Water!” Lenaya said, excitement apparent in her voice. “A city this big has to have a sizable water supply, and the treated water has to go somewhere, right?”
Carter was stunned. A solution so simple, insane or not, and it had slipped by him. Even the Custodian seemed shocked.
“I…” the Custodian paused. “That could work, if you go out with the treated waste water. It won’t be easy. Or remotely safe. Even getting there would be a suicide run. But, I suppose… yes, I can meet you there with the equipment. But I can’t do much for you once you enter the network. You’ll be on your own.”
“You’re insane,” Carter said, not breaking eye contact. “At least I know where Zaylie gets it from. Let’s do this.”
Wordlessly, the drones shot forward through the tunnel, the space now wide enough to ride side by side. Carter unstrapped his plasma repeater and checked the canister before passing it to Lenaya.
“Quick lesson,” he said as she took the weapon. “Narrow end points at stuff you want obliterated. Green button on the side means it’s safe, red means it’s live. Push it to switch. The trigger on the grip makes it fire. It was designed for human hands, so you should have no trouble using it. You don’t have the smart sights my helmet had, so you’ll just have to eyeball it. Don’t shoot unless I tell you to. You probably won’t do any damage, even with a hit, but it might be enough to blind them for a second.”
She nodded, shouldering the repeater like a professional. “I’ve seen enough movies to understand the basics. I never thought I’d ever use one though.”
“With any luck, you won’t,” the Custodian said, cutting into their conversation. “Security presence around the pump station is minimal. I think we can get away with not having a fight, especially when you stand no chance of winning one.”
“We always have a chance,” Carter said. “And I’d rather improve the odds, even if it’s only by a little.”
He drew his revolver, checked the cylinder, and replaced the missing round that he’d fired ten days ago. It felt so recent, but also a lifetime away. Carter stopped to reflect on what his life had become in the last cycle. He’d gone from being a rookie cop on an alien construct to being the author of every procedure the force was using.
He’d become a father, and rescued his daughter’s mother, and had potentially saved the Ring in the process. He’d explored an alien city, seen technology that would have been science fiction just a couple cycles ago, and met the most powerful being on the Ring. And now, he was on his way toward a waste water treatment facility, planning to dive into the outflow pipe to end up who knows where. He couldn’t help but laugh.
“What is my life right now?” he asked. “If I didn’t know better, I’d say I was in a coma, and this was all a weird dream.”
“From what you’ve said about your life,” Lenaya said, “it must feel strange. Everything is new, and different, and you seem to run from one disaster to the next.”
“Yeah, that about sums it up. After this, no more disasters. Someone else can handle them, I’m just going to teach.”
“I think I’m done being abducted and experimented on, too,” said Lenaya, watching the passage ahead. “It doesn’t exactly pay well, and the hours are awful.”
Carter burst out laughing again. When he dried his eyes, he could see a riot of colors playing across her skin as her own laughter died out.
“Well if you’re sure you’re done with it…”
“Hate to interrupt,” the Custodian said, interrupting for the third time in as many days, “but we’ll be leaving the tunnels very soon. I’m not detecting any security activity on our path yet, but it would be wise to keep watch.”
“It’s never a matter of if, only when,” Carter noted. “Something’s going to go wrong, and it’ll usually happen at the worst possible time.”
“That’s incredibly pessimistic,” Lenaya said, looking back over her shoulder. “Accurate, but pessimistic.”
“Left turn, and then we’re in the open. It’s about a thirty span run from there to the building. I can confirm there are no security drones inside, but I am detecting movement outside. No cameras close enough to identify the cause.”
“Lay flat,” Carter yelled as they rounded the corner. “Minimize your profile and it might be harder for them to target us.”
The hatch opened ahead of them, and Carter took the lead, his robot surging forward to burst out into the open. He immediately began surveying their surroundings and quickly identified the source of the movement.
“Drones, above and behind!”
He turned and stabilized himself, waiting to see what it did. The drone responded by charging the central laser, the lens in its core glowing a blue-white as energy poured in. It was quickly struck by a flurry of plasma.
“WHOOO!” Lenaya cheered, sending another stream of glowing blue bolts at it.
Carter steadied his aim, and just as the drone turned to focus on the new threat, he fired. The bullet struck the armor, detonating with a CRACK and a puff of smoke, and the drone turned its attention back to him. With a rush, they entered the treatment plant, the security drone just barely scraping through the rapidly closing doors. Lenaya fired another burst, one shot striking the lens of the laser weapon. The glow faded, and Carter could see that the plasma had warped the crystal.
He leveled the revolver. They were at close range, the drone was flying straight and steady, and the floor under him was smooth. It was a big target. He knew it was still a long shot. Carter pulled the trigger. The lens shattered.
The initial explosion was muffled by the drone’s body. The second explosion tore the drone’s body apart. Bits of metal rained down around them as their rides swerved to avoid the larger chunks.
“What did I hit?” Carter yelled, his ears ringing from the blast.
“Capacitor for the heavy photon cannon,” the Custodian said, increasing his volume to compensate for Carter’s damaged hearing. “It discharged into the fuel reserve, which caused the tank to rupture.”
“Rupture is definitely a word for what happened.”
“Detecting intrusions in multiple locations. It’s going to be close. Equipment incoming on your left.”
Carter saw the maintenance robot rolling up next to him with a small gas canister attached to a mask. He grabbed the breathing apparatus and pulled the mask down over his head before turning to see Lenaya doing the same. The corridor opened up, and he could hear the sound of rushing water, steadily growing louder as they approached a massive pit, ringed by a railing.
He could also see several shapes hovering above them. The lasers began to charge, and he knew the miracle wouldn’t happen twice.
Least bad option., he thought as he stood and started firing.
Lenaya’s drone caught up as the Custodian caught onto his plan, and he quickly became the target of choice for the rogue security system. He managed to score glancing hits on two of the drones, the rounds sparking off their armor and detonating against the wall in the distance. As one, they began firing, short blasts intended to kill rather than the longer burst that had almost melted an armored door. Carter managed to duck just before the first volley, avoiding the lasers. The air above him shimmered with residual heat, the weaponized light scattering and refracting enough to become visible as a column of energy.
Another burst of plasma from behind him forced the drones to evade. It seemed they were learning from their previous encounter.
You should jump, the Custodian said through his implant, and Carter crouched before pushing hard into the air. Below, he could see the maintenance drones stopped at the edge of the pit, the water swirling rapidly below. He twisted in midair, searching for Lenaya. He barely caught sight of her splash as she vanished beneath the surface. He saw a flash from the corner of his eye, and his back lit up with pain as heat washed over him. Carter hit the water as his consciousness faded.
Apologies for the late post. We’re trying to get the puppies acclimated to other dogs (and specific other dogs acclimated to the puppies) before we have to dog sit at the end of the month. It’s going better than expected, but our expectations were low so that isn’t saying much. I’m not going to have as much writing time over the next few weeks because we’re doing this every couple of days. Expect more delays throughout the month, and a break on the last week.
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2023.06.09 17:00 Fine_Option_565 Sm gold menue and prices

So complete newbie here doing my first stream tonight around 8pm What's everyone think about my menue /prices ? Again complete newbie, watched loads of porn but I might be awkward as fuck who knows lol also my profile makes me sound confident and experienced shall I change it because it doesn't sound like I'm a newbie lol
Privates- 5.99 - my show , I will take suggestions if I want but my show /my time Exclusive 6.99- will ask what they want and try to please them
Gold menue Flash boobs 10 seconds- 5g Flash ass 10 seconds - 5g Oil my legs /feet/bum - 20 gold - around 1 min Vibe myself for maybe 30sec to 1min - 20 gold
Thanks girls xxx
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2023.06.09 16:58 HopingToWriteWell77 Let's talk about Fred and George's bet on Krum.

So, someone figured out how much each wizarding denomination is worth in American muggle money - 1 galleon is 17 sickles, 1 sickle is 29 knuts according to Hagrid, so a galleon is $25, a sickle is $1.50, and a knut is $0.05. Assuming this is correct, let's look at Fred and George's bet with Ludo Bagman, which Mr. Weasley says is all of their savings.
Fred and George bet Ludo Bagman 37 galleons, 15 sickles, 3 knuts, and a fake wand that Ireland would win, but Krum would get the snitch. Ludo thinks their fake wand is hilarious and considers it another 5 galleons in the bet, as that's what he says he would pay for it. So, that brings the total bet to 42 galleons, 15 sickles, 3 knuts, or $1072.65.
According to one Redditor, the odds of the losing team getting the snitch are about 2.8%, which is ridiculously low. Ludo himself says that it's not likely, but says he'll give the twins "very good odds on that." In betting terms, the more unlikely something is, the higher the payout will be to anyone who bets on it happening. So, let's look at the odds themselves - the odds are 1:1 of either team winning. But, for one team to win and the other to get the snitch, which is what usually wins the game? 2.8% chance, so odds on that would mean a high payout. Ludo is proven to be generous - after all, he'd pay $125 for a fake wand - but he's also seriously in debt to the goblins so he wants their money. "Very good odds" was probably extremely high. 100:1 wouldn't be out of the question - meaning that if they won the bet, he'd have to pay them 100 times what they bet in the first place.
So, assuming that they did get odds of 100:1, that would be 4,288 galleons, 14 sickles, 10 knuts, or $107,221.50. However, when Harry gave them his Twiwizard winnings, they were stunned and told him he was mental. He had to force them to take it at wandpoint. That was 1,000 galleons, or $25,000. But when they won against Bagman, Bagman just sighed and asks them how much he owes them, making it seem like it wasn't quite as big of a deal as losing more than four times Harry's winnings. But it was enough for the twins to think that it would get their joke shop started. So, odds of 15:1 seem a bit more likely or, since this is the magical world, it might have appealed to Ludo to do odds of 17:1. So, in that case, the twins would have won 729 galleons, 1 sickle, 22 knuts, or $18,227.60. A good bit less than Harry's winnings, but still quite a substantial amount and more than enough to get their joke shop going. Harry's winnings, however, allowed them to run a mail order service and buy premises - before, it was likely that they would only have been able to manage the mail order service. So, perhaps their odds were only 13:1. 557 galleons, 9 sickles, 10 knuts, or $13,939. Still a big loss for Ludo, but only a bit more than half of Harry's winnings.
So, what do you think? What odds do you think Ludo gave them? Remember, he was good friends with their dad, got them tickets in the top box at the World Cup, but was also completely broke and paid the twins in leprechaun gold.
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2023.06.09 16:58 Risotto7363773 Sordland Today - Sebastian Rensen becomes President of Sordland and his USP win the 1953 Elections!

The residents of Sordland have spoken and their voices have been heard in a momentous election that concluded yesterday on the 5th of November. After weeks of campaigning, debates, and tireless efforts by candidates and their supporters, we are proud to announce that the United Sordland Party (USP) Chairman Sebastian Rensen will be leading Sordland into a new era of governance as the 4th President of Sordland.
In a fiercely contested race, Sebastian Rensen, a medical doctor and life-long USP member who had won the 2nd USP Party Congress, emerged as the winner of the 1953 Presidential election. He has now been tasked with fulfilling the aspirations of the citizens and with the responsibility of addressing the critical issues facing the country such as the continuing economic crisis.
The election witnessed an impressive turnout, with 64% of eligible voters exercising their democratic right to vote. This robust participation reflects the continued dedication of the citizens to their local democracy and their commitment to shaping their own future. It is a testament to the vibrancy and engagement of our Sordish community.
Rensen acquired a mandate from the people due to securing 33% of the votes. While a far cry from the victories of Alphonso and Soll, Rensen has captured enough hearts and minds to secure the Presidency. The campaign focused on vital topics such as the promised democratic reforms to the 1929 Constitution and the current economic crisis.
Rensen promised to deliver
- a mixed economy
- a continued relaxed immigration policy
- a radically modernized healthcare system
We will see if Sebastian Rensen has additional plans once he makes his victory speech. The citizens eagerly anticipate the implementation of the plans and policies put forth by their new leader, hoping for a brighter future for themselves and their community.
The election results also mark a significant moment in Sordland’s history as for the first time since 1924, the Communist Party of Sordland (CPS) has returned to the Grand National Assembly. This could have been only achieved via a coalition agreement with the Worker’s Party of Bludia (WPB) which also historically will enter the assembly for the first time. Rumors are circulating that this People’s Front coalition will be seated next to the National Front Party (NFP) which will certainly be interesting considering their ‘ideological disparities’.
The election results may be considered disappointing for supporters of the People’s Freedom and Justice Party who were under the impression due to their strong showing in 1949 gaining around 30% of the vote, that they could truly challenge the crisis-ridden USP. However did not capitalize on the USP’s weaknesses as they were unable to close the gap regarding the seat allocation in the Grand National Assembly. It seems likely that Frens Ricter will step down or be pushed out from being Chairman PFJP which may seek to inject some new blood.
Sordland embarks on a fresh chapter of governance. The challenges ahead are considerable, but with a dedicated and capable Sebastian Rensen at the helm, there is optimism for positive change and progress in the years to come.
The inauguration has been set for two weeks from the announcement of the election results. Once the inauguration speech is given, the following day after all Assembly members are sworn in, the Speaker Election for the Grand National Assembly is scheduled. Gloria Tory’s weak performance during the 2nd USP Congress has revealed that it is unlikely she will be backed by her own party for the 2nd term. This Speaker election seems to be one of the most important ones in Sordish history as it will show if the opposition is able to maintain pressure on the USP and show that the weak electoral victory was not just a fluke but the start of the USP’s collapse. For the USP, this Speaker election must be a show of strength and is a must-win if the President and the USP wishes to legitimize their political hold over the country.
Regardless, congratulations to Sebastian Rensen and his USP on their victory and may their term be marked by achievement, collaboration, and the betterment of our great nation!
1953 Presidential Election
Voter Turnout: 64% Voting Population: 23,264,264
Sebastian Rensen: 7,705,124 votes (33,12%)
Frens Ricter: 5,695,092 votes (24,48%)
Dr. Arthon W. Mangriff: 3,182,551 votes (13,68%)
Denis Stahler: 1,842,529 votes (7,92%)
Fetih Ejall: 1,688,985 (7,26%)
Other: 3,149,981 (13,54%)
1953 General Election
USP: 7,705,124 votes (33,12%) = 92/250 Seats in Grand National Assembly
PFJP: 5,695,092 votes (24,48%) = 68/250 Seats in Grand National Assembly
People’s Front Coalition [CPS & WPB]: 3,531,514 votes (15,18%) = 42/250 Seats in Grand National Assembly
NFP: 3,182,551 votes (13,68%) = 38/250 Seats in Grand National Assembly
Independents (threshold bypass) 846,819 votes (3,64%) = 10/250 Seats in Grand National Assembly
Below 10% Threshold (0 Seats in Grand National Assembly)
Nature Preservation Federation: 1,109,705 votes (4,77%)
Imperial Restoration Bloc: 716,539 votes (3,08%)
Independents (Not enough votes despite bypassing threshold rule): 476,917 votes (2,05%)

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2023.06.09 16:57 woolen_goose I need a pep talk from y’all, I’m hurting and confused. My life is getting better but it is actually making more sad to realize my relationship is over.

Title says most of it.
Why as my life gets back on track and I feel further from my expwBPD do I get more sad that our time together is further and further in the past?
I keep finding out more horrible secrets he had during our time together but I find myself romanticizing the past at random still.
Everything reminds me of him. Every little life thing we did together haunts me around the house as I continue with many of these things on my own.
My friend came to move his items to the basement for pick-up this weekend. During the boxing and moving, I recounted some of the scariest moments. I felt anger but also relief.
Afterwards, I was hanging out with my friend and had a great time. My expwBPD had me so isolated I had only seen people on my own twice in two years. It was enjoyable and healthy. And I’m supposed to see friends tonight too.
But then I try to sleep and I missed my ex.
I was sad he won’t be here for my good life (even though my life had become bad only because of him).
How do you all handle this?
Why do I miss someone so terrible to me?
Why is healthiness and happiness making me feel like I’m a crazy person doubting my decision to go NC?
I woke up today with the same feelings. I really need help and advice.
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2023.06.09 16:57 AutoModerator Watch ‘The Boogeyman’ (2023) Free Online >Reddit<

Horror Movies! Here are options for downloading or watching The Boogeyman streaming the full movie online for free on 123movies & Reddit, including where to watch Stephen King’s horror adaptation movie at home. Is The Boogeyman 2023 available to stream? Is watching The Boogeyman on Disney Plus, HBO Max, Netflix, or Amazon Prime? Yes, we have found an authentic streaming option / service.
➤►▶((>W𝘢𝘵𝘤𝘩 On Reddit: The Boogeyman 𝘍𝘶𝘭𝘭 𝘔𝘰𝘷𝘪𝘦 on Free Online< 𝘌𝘯𝘫𝘰𝘺The Movie))
“The Boogeyman,” a horror-thriller from the mind of best-selling author Stephen King, opens June 2, 2023, in theaters nationwide. High school student Sadie Harper and her younger sister Sawyer are reeling from the recent death of their mother and aren’t getting much support from their father, Will, a therapist who is dealing with his own pain. When a desperate patient unexpectedly shows up at their home seeking help, he leaves behind a terrifying supernatural entity that preys on families and feeds on the suffering of its victims.
The Boogeyman (2023) is the latest adaptation of the Stephen King classic. Here’s when and where you can watch the horror flick.
It’s not real? Keep telling yourself that! For the first time since 2022’s Firestarter, the legendary master of horror Stephen King, will have yet another one of his classic tales told with The Boogeyman. Directed by Host filmmaker Rob Savage and based on King’s short story of the same name, this terrifying story follows a young girl named Sawyer (Vivien Lyra Blair) as she is tormented by a malicious monster known only as “The Boogeyman.” What first sounds like a simple case of a child being afraid of the dark to Sawyer’s sister Sadie (Sophie Thatcher) and father Will (Chris Messina) turns out to be anything but, as this children’s tale turns out to be very real and very dangerous.
Stephen King adaptations are infamous for their variations in quality. For every masterpiece like The Shining, Misery, and The Shawshank Redemption, there’s an adaption less than stellar like Sleepwalkers, Maximum Overdrive, and Cell. In the case of The Boogeyman, it thankfully looks like we’re getting one of the better cases of a Stephen King story. Following its premiere at CinemaCon 2023, reactions to The Boogeyman have generally been quite positive, with Collider’s own Chase Hutchinson describing the film as a “frequently petrifying” adaptation.
The Boogeyman follows Sadie Harper and her young sister Sawyer after the recent death of their mother. Sadly, their father, Will, is not able to give them any sort of support through this as he is dealing with the death in his own way. A stranger comes knocking, claiming to need help from Will, who is a therapist, but what they allow inside their home is an evil entity.
With a strong start through decent reviews, The Boogeyman is bound to attract dedicated members of the horror film community. To learn more about how you can see Stephen King’s nightmare come to life, here is exactly where and how you can watch The Boogeyman.
1 gummie (dagelijks). Op de derde dag past je zwempak niet meer!
When is the Release Date for The Boogeyman?
Make sure you got plenty of batteries for your nightlight ready by next month because The Boogeyman will officially begin terrifying audiences everywhere starting on Friday, June 2nd, 2023. However, check your local theater listings for advanced screenings, as some theaters release the film as early as Wednesday evening on May 31st, 2023. Any parents eager to take their kids to go see Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse that same weekend should definitely make sure they’re walking into the proper theater, so they don’t accidentally scar their children for life with the titular monster.
1 gummie (dagelijks). Op de derde dag past je zwempak niet meer!
Is The Boogeyman in Theaters?
The only way to see Chris Messina take on a child-hunting monster is to head to your local movie theater, making the Boogeyman’s torment of the Harper family only viewable on the big screen. No plans for a streaming release have been made, but more on that in a moment.
1 gummie (dagelijks). Op de derde dag past je zwempak niet meer!
Where To Watch The Boogeyman Online:
➤►▶((>W𝘢𝘵𝘤𝘩 On Reddit: The Boogeyman 𝘍𝘶𝘭𝘭 𝘔𝘰𝘷𝘪𝘦 on Free Online< 𝘌𝘯𝘫𝘰𝘺The Movie))
As of now, the only way to watch The Boogeyman is to head out to a movie theater when it releases on Friday, June 2. You can find a local showing on Fandango.
Otherwise, you’ll just have to wait for it to become available to rent or purchase on digital platforms like Amazon, Vudu, YouTube and Apple, or become available to stream on Hulu.
The Boogeyman
How to Watch The Boogeyman
There’s been no official announcement regarding The Boogeyman’s streaming release date, though we know it will eventually be released on Disney+, rather than Netflix or HBO Max.
Since the movie was originally supposed to have a streaming release, we don’t doubt it will become available on streaming services at some point, with the most likely being Hulu since that had been the plan to begin with.
That would be Hulu. Don’t hold your breath on it, though! We strongly believe this is where the 20th Century Studios film will go, but this won’t be for a couple of months (or more) after the movie’s theatrical release. As soon as we learn more details, we’ll update you!
1 gummie (dagelijks). Op de derde dag past je zwempak niet meer!
When Will The Boogeyman Be On Streaming?
While no official streaming plans have been released by 20th Century Studios as of yet, given the recent release patterns of other films under the ownership of The Walt Disney Company, we can likely expect to see The Boogeyman arrive on streaming no more than ninety days after its theatrical release. Given that the horror film is a 20th Century Studios production and monsters eating children isn’t exactly “Happiest Place on Earth” material, The Boogeyman will likely be making its streaming home on Hulu rather than Disney+ (at least, for now).
Before we get into the various pricing plans for Hulu, we should also mention that The Walt Disney Company is confirmed to be planning a merge between Disney+ and Hulu, effectively putting all the massive media conglomerate’s content under one roof by the end of the year 2023. No specific date for this merger has been given yet, but the company has already begun purging their least profitable content to prepare for the transition. With that information in mind, the following subscription options for Hulu may not be valid for long, so be sure to be cognizant of that before signing up.
As of now, Hulu has two subscription plans: an ad-supported and ad-free plan. The ad-supported option offers most of Hulu’s streaming library with limited ads for $7.99 USD per month or $79.99 USD per year. The ad-free option removes most ads for a higher price of $14.99 USD per month. There are also the Disney Bundle options, including Disney+ and/or ESPN+ in addition to Hulu, but these will likely be reworked or removed entirely in the coming months with the upcoming merger.
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Is The Boogeyman on Netflix?
The Boogeyman isn’t currently available on Netflix, but you can catch it in theaters from June 2, 2023.
However, there is a great selection of Netflix horror movies, so you’ll still be able to find plenty to be scared of on the platform. And if you don’t currently have the service, we’ve got all you need to know about the Netflix price.
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Will The Boogeyman Be On HBO Max?
No, The Boogeyman will not be on HBO Max since it’s not a Universal Pictures movie. Last year, the company released its films in theaters and on the streamer on the same day. However, they now allow a 45-day window between the theatrical release and the streaming release.
1 gummie (dagelijks). Op de derde dag past je zwempak niet meer!
Is The Boogeyman on Disney Plus?
The Boogeyman isn’t currently available on Disney Plus, given that it’s showing exclusively in theaters for now.
It’s also probably not going to end up on there, since Disney Plus isn’t well-known for its horror catalog. That said, it may end up being the option for UK subscribers since Hulu and Disney content often merge for UK-based viewers. There are also plenty of Disney Plus movies and Disney Plus shows you can get stuck into otherwise.
1 gummie (dagelijks). Op de derde dag past je zwempak niet meer!
Is The Boogeyman on Prime Video?
The Boogeyman isn’t available to watch on Prime Video right now, but we’ll let you know if it does end up getting distribution there. If you’d like to see what else Prime has to offer, you can sign up for a free trial subscription here.
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Is The Boogeyman Available On Hulu?
Viewers are saying that they want to view the new horror movie The Boogeyman on Hulu. Unfortunately, this is not possible since Hulu currently does not offer any of the free episodes of this series streaming at this time. It will be exclusive to the MTV channel, which you get by subscribing to cable or satellite TV services. You will not be able to watch it on Hulu or any other free streaming service.
1 gummie (dagelijks). Op de derde dag past je zwempak niet meer!
How to Watch The Boogeyman Online For Free?
Most Viewed, Most Favorite, Top Rating, Top IMDb movies online. Here we can download and watch 123movies movies offline. 123Movies website is the best alternative to The Boogeyman (2023) free online. We will recommend 123Movies is the best Solarmovie alternatives.
There are a few ways to watch The Boogeyman online in the U.S. You can use a streaming service such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video. You can also rent or buy the movie on iTunes or Google Play. You can also watch it on-demand or on a streaming app available on your TV or streaming device if you have cable.
1 gummie (dagelijks). Op de derde dag past je zwempak niet meer!
The Boogeyman Cast and Characters
The Boogeyman was written by Stephen King and directed by Rob Savage. It stars the following actors:
Sophie Thatcher as Sadie Harper
Chris Messina as Will Harper
Vivien Lyra Blair as Sawyer Harper
Marin Ireland as Rita
Madison Hu Bethany
LisaGay Hamilton as Dr. Weller
David Dastmalchian as Lester Billings
1 gummie (dagelijks). Op de derde dag past je zwempak niet meer!
What is The Boogeyman About?
High school student Sadie Harper and her younger sister, Sawyer, are still reeling from the recent death of their mother. They’re not getting much support from their father, Will, a therapist who’s dealing with his own intense pain. When a desperate patient unexpectedly shows up at their house seeking help, he leaves behind a terrifying supernatural entity that preys on families and feeds on the suffering of its victims.
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2023.06.09 16:55 Assembled-Different Singing at a longer gig today, worried about vocal damage/losing my voice

I've been preparing for this gig for the last couple weeks, I was singing through about 10 songs a day most week days, taking a day or two off here and there to make sure I was getting enough rest. Monday I had a full rehearsal with my band and on tuesday I felt like my voice had been strained/weakened.

No pain or real discomfort so far but I also have not sung at all since then because I wanted to make sure I was 100% for this gig. I have not really tried to sing since then but I have to essentially sing 30 songs tonight that range from extremely easy to moderately difficult in terms of strain on my voice. I'm fairly used to using my full range when performing so this is not a new thing for me, but I just want to make sure I'm able to get through this gig tonight without losing my voice.

I've been drinking hot tea, avoiding smoking/drinking, going to bed early etc.

In terms of vocal rest I have not sung since Monday but I cannot go without speaking due to the nature of my job. Wondering if anyone has had a similar experience or has some tips for me to avoid any lasting damage or losing my voice before the gig is over.
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2023.06.09 16:55 sobrietynanxiety Saturday is for the ________!?!

Since we’re not drinking tonight, we’re waking up tomorrow not hungover, refreshed, and perhaps with a totally benign moral superiority complex because we’re so awesome. Saturdays can rock now. What are you excited to do?!
Personally I think I’m going to be that insufferable person that wakes up at 7:30am to hike with a smile on their face (so annoying) and then maybe walk down to the farmers market (so cliche) to get some organic produce (I am better than you) to make a tart or pie if they have some good stone fruit (who am I). Oh and I’ll be listening to a podcast during all of this. I am everything I’ve ever hated but always wanted to be. Hah!
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2023.06.09 16:54 ZaBaronDV Beyond Red, Blue, and Yellow: The 2012 United States Democrat National Convention

The last 4 years have been a somewhat... awkward time for the United States. While voters enjoyed a great degree of optimism with the election of Joe Biden, things didn't turn out as hoped. True to President Biden's warnings, a recession did hit the U.S. Biden's tax cuts on the lower and middle classes, although helping deal with the recession, did not avert the recession nor shorten it. As well, the present shortages in computer parts and programming is not much better due to the embargo and sanctions on Israel that the Three Brothers (the U.S., CSA, and Texas) have imposed. Times are rough, and it's election time.
It is in this environment that the Democrat National Convention convenes in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It's time for the Democrat Party to choose its nominee. Joe Biden would be the nominee, but his less than stellar popularity has challengers coming forth.

President Joe Biden of Delaware

The incumbent President, Joe Biden has suffered a dip in popularity over the course of his term. He is certainly qualified, having served as a Senator, Attorney General, and Secretary of State. Biden won 2008 with promises of slight economic tweaks to avert recession, only for recession to arrive regardless. Biden has stated he's prepared to go further to aid the recovery of the economy, and has also subtly hinted at the possibility of ending the Anti-Israel Embargo, but not the sanctions. He's also stated he's prepared to break with the Union's allies to get done what needs to be done, the implication being anything from breaking with the wishes of the CSA and Texas to full withdrawal from the Three Brothers Alliance. He's also the current sitting President, and some claim, with good reason, that it's not a good idea for the sitting President to lose his own Party's nomination, and could doom the whole Party in the election.

Fmr. Governor Bill Richardson of Nevada

The first of Biden's challengers is the former Governor of Nevada, Bill Richardson. The former Secretary of Energy under Donald Trump, Richardson's record as Governor is what is getting the most attention, particularly his first term. Richardson oversaw tax cuts intended to promote growth and development, and cut income taxes, which is especially relevant in the current economic times. That said, Richardson has a handful of controversies, most of which he claims innocence in, but the world of politics cares little for guilt or innocence in these kinds of things.

Fmr. Governor Mike Gravel of Montana

The notable former Governor of Montana Mike Gravel has a reputation as a maverick, and is something of a wild card. Gravel has run on a FairTax plan, which would eliminate the Internal Revenue Service, eliminate the federal income tax, and instead impose a national sales tax. He's an opponent of the Three Brothers Free Trade Agreement as well. Some claim that Gravel's plan overwhelmingly favors the rich, which, true or not, is not good optics in the current economic climate.
The speeches have been made, and it's turned over to the delegates. Who will the Democrats nominate (or renominate) for President?
View Poll
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2023.06.09 16:53 SourcerBot Russia to face Ukraine at UN court over downing of flight MH17

Here is the most important information, and related articles, from this article.
Published on 2023-06-06 at 03:39 and published by al jazeera. (3 minutes)
Save 3 minutes of reading with this summary:
Ukraine and Russia are scheduled to face off at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) – the top United Nations court – over Moscow’s support for pro-Russian forces blamed for “insurrection” against the Ukrainian state and armed violence that included the shooting down of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 in 2014, killing all 298 passengers and crew. Judges at the ICJ in The Hague will hear Ukraine’s claim on Tuesday that Moscow violated a UN anti-terrorism treaty by equipping and funding pro-Russian separatists, who international investigators concluded had used a Russian missile to shoot down the Malaysian jetliner over eastern Ukraine almost 10 years ago. Ukraine claims that Russia “instigated and sustained an armed insurrection against the authority of the Ukrainian State in eastern Ukraine” and “created “a climate of violence and intimidation against non-Russian ethnic groups”, the ICJ said in the statement. A finding by the ICJ that Russia equipped and funded fighters in eastern Ukraine responsible for the MH17 disaster would be a defeat for Moscow, which has repeatedly denied sending troops or military equipment to eastern Ukraine in 2014.
Keep reading with 3 related articles: Al Jazeera (2023-06-06 at 03:39) Russia to face Ukraine at UN court over downing of flight MH17 India Today (2023-06-06 at 02:08) Russia, Ukraine face off in top UN court over MH17 airliner downing Dailyo (2023-06-06 at 14:28) Russia and Ukraine clash in UN court over MH17 downing, in a high-stakes showdown
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2023.06.09 16:50 amosonczy Guild Community News #3

Guild Community News #3

Hey Guilders!

This is our third Community News piece jam-packed with happy little news, it arrived a little later than usual because the team was off-site the last week but it is here nonetheless!

New hot communities joining Guilds of Guild:

We’re welcoming Hashflow to the Guild of Guilds, they’re a decentralized exchange, Utilizing Guild for their social growth and identifying token holders and stakers in the community. Since our "purchase requirement” feature is enabled on this Guild, we have the option to purchase ERC20 requirements right where they are needed. So if anyone doesn’t fulfill the requirements right away, we’ve got you covered with a seamless and secure transaction experience. For more information check out this article in our help center:
Check out Hashflow as well:

DecentrAgora Launched Altra Cards - Impact Edition in including a guild.xyz card!

We’ve been honored to be part of DecentAgora’s Altar Card project with a guild.xyz card. These aren't just ordinary cards, these cards are helping to boost public goods and services, each one costs 0.005 ETH from which 50% is allocated to the innovator or project honored by the card itself. Several organizations and individuals got their cards in the first run you can check all of these out on their site. Make sure to mint ours if you want to hold a piece of cool collectible! ( first edition cards are always the coolest).

A Guild Lego collection site made by one of our developers as a side project

Many of you guys have asked about where can you get your own little Guild Lego piece, making them available openly will take some time as these are repurposed, locally sourced lil pieces. Nonetheless, you can get your hands on these Lego sets in the future as well ;) In the meantime, Johnny made this little awesome site where you can find the instructions for all the Guild Legos so you guys can assemble them if you have the given pieces from other Lego sets.


Community Changes

We made a hefty amount of changes to our server again, in the future we aim to make fewer big revisions but rather tweak little things one at a time to optimize the experience for everyone. In the past weeks, we already made impactful changes biggest of which is that Guilders can use our general chat again, but being a Guilder now requires you to have the new “Wallet activity” role in Our Guild which means, In order to be eligible you have to have a transaction more than 6 months ago on one of the following chains: Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum One, Base Testnet, Goerli, Mumbai. We’re going to experiment with a lot of new membership structures, layering, and paths so we can provide the best possible community space for all types of members of Our Guild.

First Guild Scavenger Hunt

The first Guild scavenger hunt was made to celebrate May 4th, the international Star Wars Day. We had a series of clues, riddles, and ciphers for Guilders to solve in order to find Guilds on our site, the game highlighted several of our integrations that contestants had to be familiar with in order to be able to solve the mystery. We had a POAP as a reward for the first 50 Guilders solving it, the fastest ones did it in only 1,5 hours and the last POAP took 3 days to be minted. We got range!!
It was a great experience for us since we hadn't done anything like this before and we were also on a tight deadline since the idea was formulated in our head on Tuesday and we wanted to launch it on Star Wars Day which was Thursday so we only had 2 days to design, announce and execute the whole thing but in the end, everything turned out awesome.
Feedback was super warm, scavenger hunts turned out to be great a great tool to onboard people and showcase new Guild features. Based on this we decided to host a workshop around how to build similar scavenger hunts, which had a great turnout!
A case study piece is already out on the topic detailing how we made it, you can check it out here:

Shoutout session

Closing this piece we’d like to give some clout to some of our community members from the past month:

  • Cardenas and Papa provided really helpful feedback about the scavenger hunt and Cardenas also was the first one to solve it.
  • Demoni Who we met during the scavenger hunt and provided really useful feedback about our community.
  • Journal Club curators for next month's workshops for gathering the best knowledge from May for us to go through: Logonaut, Brnwshd, Reka, Louis, Hanna
Take care Guilders, and good building!
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2023.06.09 16:49 Hobolonoer C&C on program.

I know there are lots of opinions on the matter of fitness and exercising, but even though that's the case, I'm trying to improve my weekly workout routine by asking the "hive mind".
I don't have access to any machines, thus i focus on using barbells. I'm a tall guy who is used to exercising, and I'm pretty confident with basic to intermediate level exercises.
Whats the general consensus on my routine? I'm all out of ideas on what to put in the slot on my Thursday, any ideas? Does it need anything to be considered "full body"?
MONDAY - Run 2.5km AFAP
TUESDAY - Training
Squats 10x3 75kg
Bent over Rows 12x3 50kg
Lateral raise 10x3 8kg
Chest Dumbbell Flyers 12x3 10kg
WEDNESDAY - Run 5km moderate.
THURSDAY - Training Deadlift 8x3 110kg
Incline Dumbbell press 9x3 20kg
Incline Curls 9x3 9kg

FRIDAY - Training & Run KB Pullovers 12x3 12kg
KB Lying Press 15x3 24kg
KB Goblet Squat 10x3 24kg
Band Pull-apart 12x3
Run 3km moderate, weighted.
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2023.06.09 16:49 EMD3M Meet Elvis

Meet Elvis
Hello everyone, meet 1-year-old Elvis!
After disappearing for 2 weeks, he made his reappearance with a severely damaged hind leg that needed to be amputated. Now Elvis is a Tripod kitty!
But fret not because Elvis is already back at it after less than a day with his same old antics. He is already adjusting to the new way of walking! If he survived his 2 week long adventure and made it all the way home to us then I know he has a strong will to live on.
Unfortunately, little Elvis’ surgery cost a lot of money and now he has to be an indoor cat…. A scenario that his owners were not prepared for.
Lucky for him, I am about to graduate from college and move into an apartment and really needed an indoor cat to help me through some of my own personal issues. As unfortunate as it is, I see this as an opportunity for us both to grow together. After his stitches come out, Elvis will find his forever home with me and I think I am going to be the one who benefits the most.
As a college student, however, I am a bit financially under the weather and won’t be able to afford many of the things that I need to make his life as good as I can… if anyone would like to donate to help me get some of the items on Elvis’ wishlist, then it would be greatly appreciated!
My Cashapp is $emd3m Elvis’ wishlist is here: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/34SP7CLAUN1AF?ref_=wl_share
Other than that, if anyone has any advice for a kitty fresh out of his surgery drop it below! I hope to be posting here more often with some updates!
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2023.06.09 16:46 BlackBloom96 Guess who won

Guess who won
Artist: 我倒是可以分一點糖過給你這個鬼 jonny #pixiv https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/77603351
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2023.06.09 16:45 brvnetta Loc 79 success

processed on 4/05 mailed renewal for DOT 6/16
after realizing a few weeks ago we were in trouble because it wasn’t here we called the 877 number and asked what to do and were told not to expedite since the paperwork alone takes 28 days to arrive (not sure what they meant by this?)
called a million times since last week and got put on hold, finally got a hold of them on Tuesday afternoon, 6/6 and because we were within 14 days we talked to a woman who expedited it and charged us an extra $20 for ups next day.
didn’t see a charge until 2 days later, also got the senate involved and updated when we expedited it.
saw a shipping label and tracking number created yesterday afternoon and it was here today, Friday by 9:30 AM after the promise date was 12PM today! bless you UPS.
good luck everyone. keep calling
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2023.06.09 16:45 EmptySecretary9951 M38 F28 - Struggling to walk away, (again) from Bf (38M). Is this worth saving, again?

Is this relationship worth trying to save? Will he ever change and admit his wrongs?
Just got into a heated fight last night with my bf(38M) since we missed a concert that I(28F) had bought us tickets for awhile back for his birthday. We were running behind schedule, I forgot my ID so we drove back to the apartment, I ran inside, picked it up and had enough time to make it back to the venue but wasted time arguing in the car shouting that he no longer wanted to go with me for forgetting my ID. So we ended up staying home. I Bought tickets for the same group last year but we missed that due to his drinking binge so I was really pumped to redo this moment only for it to lead to this huge blow up. He threatened to start drinking when we got back inside since he is missing the show and I ruined his night. My heart and stomach dropped instantly. This isn’t the first time he has made this threat (3 weeks ago, we had an argument about trust and he went out to buy a bottle of tequila and asked me to pour him a drink - I hid the bottle the next morning) and I get the feeling it won’t be long before he acts on it.
I don’t want to be the reason why he relapses and tonight I am choosing to walk away while I still can. I don’t want to leave him but I know that I don’t want to live in fear of him relapsing and draining myself trying to convince him to get sober again or the guilt of feeling the reason he drinks is due to issues in our relationship. I will pray for him and hope he continues to choose to stay sober, but I can’t be there to watch and celebrate him reach those monthly milestones knowing that the saying the wrong words or being over sensitive on the wrong day might end all his progress.
Context (sharing for insight and to get off my chest): My Q and I broke up in early February (together for 1 year) due to broken promises, verbal aggression, constant lying related to his excessive daily drinking. He chose to get sober by the end of February in hopes of becoming a better person and partner. We reconnected in mid April and have been together since. I’ve seen a huge improvement in his motivation and commitment to staying sober. He attends meetings twice a day on a daily basis and has become more active. This is major progress from the days I used to find shooters and bottles of tequila hidden in the bathroom/kitchen/cawork backpack, and wake up early on weekends only to find him already passed for the day from his morning IPAs. Since getting back together he shared that this has been the longest time he’s been sober in over 12 years. I still have fear that I’ll smell that familiar scent of liquor or that I he’s learned a new way of masking it. There’s times I question whether he’s napping due to a long work day or drinking, or the impatient text spamming occasionally about plans we had but later switching it up or cancelling if I don’t reply fast enough, but I know that’s these doubts stem from his past behavior and I don’t question him about it. I didn’t think I’d find myself back with him again but the first month back together he was incredible and reminded me why I had fallen for him the first time.
Since we’ve started working on rebuilding our relationship by unpacking our issues, he has stopped attending meetings on a daily basis, and he has started hanging out with friends at bars but hasn’t drank according to him. I can’t help but feel that this relationship is a huge stressor and can lead to him relapsing. It feels like an excuse for him to make these threats of breaking his sobriety and when I point this out he deflects and says I’m gaslighting him. I’m tired of fighting and trying to keep it together while struggling to be the loving, understanding and always positive partner. I just feel like a failure for walking away and not trying harder to make it work with him and support him staying sober.
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2023.06.09 16:44 Extension-Concept893 23 [F4M] RAPE RP!?

Hi i'm Luna I'm semi lit and I want you to be too I only RP on Kik
Kinks: incest, impregnation, deflowering, degration, praise,kissing , grobing , I like when you talk dirty to the girl as she gets raped even if she isn't conscious, rape, sleep rape , semi rape
Limits:no shit , piss, gore , vomit , beastiality
  1. This plot is about a college virgin girl who goes to her first college party she didn't really like parties but thought why not I am in college see she was invited by a college senior who's throwing the party she found it odd since they never really talked before but accepted but she wasn't invited by accident the college seniors have a tradition that at the first party of the year they have to drug and rape a virgin freshmen so why she's sitting alone the guy who invited her started chatting with her and slips her a pill in her drink it's a drug that makes her more docile and horny and really out of it and than he helps her to a bedroom at the party where his friends wait and thats where the fun begins
  2. this plot is about a highschool girl who's is a real trouble maker who always prank the teachers and talk back to especially her English teacher who's also her homeroom teacher and has been her homeroom teacher for 2 years now her English teacher was already having a tough time his wife left him and took his daughter with him and now he has to deal with this little brat so one day he gave detention again for talking back to him again but furring detention he got so tired of hearing her little smart ass mouth he when she wasn't watching slipped a drug in her water and when she drunk it she was knocked out and why she was unconscious he decided he was going to teach this little bitch a lesson and raped her even taking her virginity and impregnating her
  3. This plot is about a girl who went out to the club with some of her friends wanting to have some fun but as they all get drunk her two friends leave with some guys forgetting her and she's left in the middle of the dance floor hardly able to stand swaying to the music plastered when two guys notice her and decides it's their lucky night one of them goes up behind her and starts dancing with her and touching on her as he slowly gets her out the club with the help of his friend where they take her to the back of their suv and they both slowly start to rape her
  4. This plots about a father and his perfect little girl she makes perfect grades , perfect behavior and has the perfect body though the father never looked at that before it hasn't been easy he and his wife hadn't touched each other in years and there's no secret their not really in love anymore though they play the role in front of their daughter but he then started noticing how much she developed he was messed up with himself from looking at her like that but he couldn't help it when one night after a fight with his wife he goes to his daughters room to check on her but seeing her there so beautiful he couldn't help it he slid into bed behind her and starts to touch and kiss on her and when she starts to wake up he shushs her and begins to rape her
  5. This plot is about a 21 years old brother and his 13 year old petite sister his parents have always traveled a lot for work so leaving him and his sister home alot so he is use taking care of his bratty little sister see his sister likes to make bets with her brother to get money or make him do something and what he hated about that she always won the bet well one day she made a bet with him if she won this video game he'll have to go to the store and by her ice cream well of course as always he lost but when he came back from the store he noticed his sister fell asleep at first he tries to wake her up but than he noticed how cute she got and he's been single for 3 years now and hasn't been with a girl in a awhile when he started by groping and touching her than he ends up raping her while shes asleep
  6. This plot is about two childhood friends who are completely opposites they work at the same company well actually he's the CEO who hired her to help her out but he's big on following rules he's always lecturing her he can come off as Abit stick up she on the other hand is Abit of a flirt she's always late to work and stays out all night partying but she's the best at her job secret is he's always loved her but never realized when one day he over heard her on the phone with her new boyfriend he didn't understand at the moment why this pissed him off but than that night when everyone else left he found her in his office sleeping on the sofa there at first he was going to wake her up but the more he looked at her and her body the more pissed and jealous he got and knowing she's a deep sleeper he started to touch her than raped her
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